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Reviewed: 08/19/03

Much like the first.......

Hello, today I will be reviewing TokiMeki Memorial 2 for the Playstation game console. This is the second main installment of the popular TokiMeki Memorial series (there has been countless spin-off series for both installments of the game) by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. The game is very similar to the first game and at times it just seems that the second one is just an expansion on the first title. The story almost identical to that of the first as well, you’re a teenager that just moved back into the school system that you used to go to as a child. From there you build your status and date girls to hopefully ask them out at the end of your last high school year.

Gameplay - Much like the first game, this game is easy to play, provided you know Japanese. If not, you’ll be depending heavily on a translation guide. The controls are simple; the game is a menu-controlled game. This game is fairly fun, especially if you like anime. The game features a lot of mini-games as well, such as RPG battles, a fishing game, and four school sport activities.

Story - Well, the story is nice, but it doesn’t differ from the first game very much, you start out as a very young boy, you have a best friend who is a girl. Your family moves away, then you come back years later when you’re in high school to the same town. There you find your old childhood friend your first day back…..and that’s about the whole story, from there your actions determine what happen in the next couple of years.

Graphics/Sound - The CG graphics are beautiful; the 3D images are good, considering the limitations of the Playstation. The sound sticks out more than the graphics. All the dialogue, besides what your character says is beautifully voice acted, and the background music is beautiful as well.

Play time/Replayability - It depends on how long it will take you to complete a game, most of the time, after you get used to the game, you can complete the games once within two days. The game may get old, but if you’re into the game a lot, and try to pursue a different girl each time, you’ll have more fun.

Rent or Buy? - If you like anime life sims, you’ll want to buy this. If you liked the first one, you should defiantly buy it. Being an import, it is expensive, and may be hard to find. This is not a game for everyone, so, it all depends on personal taste.

Rating: 8

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