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Reviewed: 10/23/01 | Updated: 10/23/01

Wai! This game is great!

As one of the few girl fans of this game, I feel obligated to review!

Story: 8/10

You are an 8 year old boy, when we begin. THe girl next door, Hikari Hinomoto, is your best friend. However, you move away, and Hikari is very sad (heart-wrenching anime sequence...)
But before you move, you meet an array of other girls, who are close and not so close friends!

Onna no ko Miyuki: Purple haired girl, who is run over by a dog and drops her candy...
Onna no ko Miho: An adorable little pink haired girl praying for a prince.
Onno no ko Homura?: A little girl you mistake for a boy, because of her tomboy appearence.
Onna no ko Akane: A cute little girl you help with the groceries.
Onna no ko Mei: An adorable little girl wanting a friend to play with.
Onna no ko Kasumi: A teenager who likes your company.
Onna no ko Maeka: A busy teenage girl with many jobs.
And, of course;
Onna no ko Hikari: Your best friend and a dreamer.

You can meet these girls and have events with them in the first few days of the game... But be warned, some girls appear on certain days (Like Mei, for instance).

As I said, you move from your hometown of Hibikino, but move back come High School time.
While looking at the class list, who should run into you but Hikari, your childhood friend?

Thus the plot thickens.

Along the way, you meet the girls from your past and girls that are new;

Miyuki Kotobuki: A klutzy girl who hates bad luck and loves fortunes. She is best friends with Miho.
Miho Shirayuki: Possibly too much of a romantic for her own good, always wishing with a child like manner. She is also very good at telling fortunes. Her best friend is Miyuki.
Kaori Yae: A sad girl, who's appearence simply invites an interest. Be warned, if you meet her she can ultimately quit school if you ignore her. Her best friend (only friend?) is Kaedeko Sakura.
Kaedeko Sakura: A friendly girl, cherubic in appearence and very conscience about her weight. She moves about a year and a half into the game, but stick with baseball and she's yours. Her best friend is Kaori Yae.
Hikari Hinomoto: Our heroine, and track team member. Her best friend is Kotoko Minazaki.
Kotoko Minzaki: AH! The least popular girl (personally, I lover her!). Kotoko dislikes Weternism, and is very protective of her best friend, Hikari.
Mei Ijuin: Ijuin Clan member. Aiya. She demands respect, so give it to her! Mei doesn't have many friends aside from you and her butler.
Homura Akai: Mei's enemy, and a spunky girl not afraid to make a point. Watch out. She kicks. Her best friend is Akane Ichimonji.
Akane Ichimonji: A very sweet, disciplined girl... She's also very strong and very responsible, and... very broke. She is friends with Homura.
Kasumi Asou: The only 'older' girl in the game's history (or so you think...). She's a teacher at your school second year, and long time friend. Hard to impress. She's close friends with you and Hikari.

That's it, if you don't get into secret girls ^~
Each girl has a primary focus, usually eaither sports, appearence/sociability or academics (sometimes all three).

The point to meeting each girl is to get one to confess their love for you under the High School's bells, which ring under true love...

Not as original as TM1's, but still quite good ^~

Graphics: 9/10

The 3-D are only half rate, but the girls themselves (our main focus) are simply precious! Konami went all out for this ^~

Music: 10/10

What's not to like? The theme song, bg music, and Sumire's song (she's a hidden girl) are so cool!

Sound (voices): 10/10

Each girl has a great voice! I especially love Kotoko's, Miyuki's and Mei's... They are perfect!The only complaint is that Akane has a slightly annoying accent.

Reply Value: 10/10

Must beat the game with everyone to understand ^~

Overall: 9/10

The only thing keeping it from a 10 is the originallity. TM1 just has a much thicker, basic feel to it, and this... This is much like the first game, hence the 1 point drop. A definate buy if you loved teh first game, but be warned; It's 5 disks, and can cost up to and including 80 bucks.

Rating: 9

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