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Reviewed: 10/23/01 | Updated: 10/23/01


The long-awaited sequel to Tokimeki Memorial is finally here. But how does it turn out? Find out in my review:

Story: 6/10

Being the first to review this game, I think I should explain about it. Like in TM1, you are a high school guy trying to win the heart of one of many lovely girls. And, of course, there's one girl in particular who is the main center of the game: in this case, it would be cute red-head Hikari Hinomoto. You two have known each other since you were children, and when you were around 8, you moved away. But now you're back together again in high school, along with all the other close friends (like Kasumi) and no-so-close friends (everyone else, pretty much) you knew 7 years ago. And in high school, you even make MORE friends, like Takumi Sakaki, who gives you info on girls, and Jyun, who acts a lot like Muza from Thousand Arms (y'know...embarrassed around the girl that he likes. In this case, it's Hikari's Japanese-influenced friend Kotoko). Well, that's about it. You have 3 days to win the girl you want to win, but the selection of girls is more varied than the first game's, so you might have a harder time choosing, because there's someone for everyone:

Miyuki: The kawaii, unlucky ditz who more than a little represents a certain meatball-headed female figure...
Miho: A quiet girl who carries around a stuffed frog nearly everyone. She can also tell people's fortunes.
Kaori: Sad, depressed girl who's very quiet and secluded from the rest of the world.
Homura: She holds up the tough girl image of the game. She's a fan of video games and anime.
Mei: Bratty sister of Rei Ijyuin from TM1.
Akane: VERY poor child who had to get a job just to go to school.
Kasumi: She was your baby-sitter in the past, but now she's your teacher! Wait, can you even date your teacher?! I don't remember anyone saying you could...
And a bunch of others.

Gameplay: 4/10

It plays a lot like the first game...which is the game's biggest flaw. There'a nothing really new or different to seperate this from the first game. You still raise parameters, there's still the dating function, there's still too many pointless conversations (it's even worse this time around), and because of the giant disc size (5 compared to TM1's one), that means the game takes even longer to beat than TM1 does. And if you win a girl you didn't WANT to win, you're out of luck. This is especially a pain after you win the girl's ending and her picutres. You see, after you win a girl, you get to keep pictures of her from the dates you went out with her on and get her ending confession, which you can see anytime from the options menu. Unfortunately, though, after the 1st time, there's no reason to win the same girl again. So if you're after Kaori but win Hikari instead anyway, don't be surprised if you scream at the PS. Speaking of winning girls, good luck if you can't read Japanese...this game has a TON of it. You really got to know your Japanese before attempting to play this.

Graphics: 7/10

Big improvement over the original, but things still rarely move. Also, there are less dating spots and background this time around, and even then with few exceptions they look pretty average. Cute character designs and the opening animtions, though, help make up for this. Just don't except anything revolutionarly and you'll be OK.

Sound: 5/10

Voices are everywhere in this game, but some are very annoying. Miyuki, for example, will grate your ears the first time you hear her (''KKKKOOOONNNNNNNNIIIICCCCHHHHHIIIIIWWWWAAAAAAA!!''), but for the most part the voices are very nice (although why 15 year-old girls sound like they're 10 might disturb a few of you). The SFX are MIA like the first game, and the's nothing special. Despite being a 5 CD game, Konami decided to put less music in this game than the first. It wouldn't be so bad if the music was better than TM1's, but I found that it wasn't. You might tend to disagree, though.

Control: 7/10

Easy for the most part, but some of the mini-games take a while to get used to, plus if you use analog, you might click a box you didn't want to click. Still, though, the controls shouldn't give you TOO hard of a time.

Reaply: 8/10

There are many girls to win, many events to see, many mini-games to play. This game is HUGE, and it will take a very long time before you get bored...unless you didn't like TM1.

Overall: 7/10

A nice sequel to TM1, but somehow it doesn't capture the magic the first game had. If you can play it, though, do, but it won't be easy to find...

Rating: 7

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