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    Monster Steal/Drop Guide by DeeBlackthorne

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "ARC THE LAD 3"                                    Specifications
    Monster Steal/Drop Guide                             File Size:  60.0K
    by Dee Hill                                          Version:  1.6
      deeblackthorne@blogasm.net                         Courier New [10pt]
      http://deeblackthorne.blogasm.net                  MS Word, Notepad/Wordpad
    I have drafted this guide to show which items Lutz can steal using his Steal 
    technique.  Lutz acquires the Steal magic when he reaches Level 7, and players
    can use it to secure valuable items, weapons, armor, and synthesis items.
    VERSION                  DATA
    -------                  ----
    1.0                      First walkthrough.  Completed the game and
                             a list of all monsters and awards.
    1.5                      Lutz can steal from Wanted Monsters repeatedly.
    1.6                      Updated contact information and spacing issues.
    I have arranged the monsters alphabetically according to their area of 
    settlement as it proceeds through the game.  I will begin in Eteru Isle, make 
    my way to Forestamore, then North Sularto, and so on.  
    Because Wanted monsters resemble their in-the-field counterparts but are more
    powerful (hence, why Alec receives Merit Points and Goz for dispatching them,
    they will be separated accordingly under the Wanted Monsters heading for each
    For the purposes of this guide, it is safe to assume that monsters will drop
    the same things that Lutz can steal from them, unless indicated otherwise.
    Also, as the game progresses, some monsters live in multiple areas.  I only 
    list the NEW monsters you will encounter and steal from.  For example, 
    Sidewinders populate Eteru Isle and Forestamore, but I will only mention 
    those creatures in the location they make their first appearance.
    Remember:  This guide is a work in progress.  I highly doubt I will find 
    everything on the first run through the game, so don't be surprised to find 
    some blanks.
    NOTES   \
         Sometimes Lutz can steal two different items from a monster.  The [rare]
         item is usually the more powerful/valuable item of the two, but by no
         means are they unattainable.  Fighting the same monster over and over
         again will eventually result in procuring the [rare] item.
         Monsters can [drop] the following item after defeating them.  Usually, 
         monsters will drop the same item that Lutz can steal from them, and in 
         some cases, monsters can drop [rare] items too.
    Contributed by Deny Winarto [dni17@yahoo.com]:
      Wanted Monsters drop the best items in the game.  If you would like to load
      up on their wares, have Lutz steal from them then move one of your allies
      to the red squares to escape the battle.  Once your party escapes, return
      to the battle site; if you encounter the Wanted Monster again (it will show
      up eventually), you can steal the item again.
      You can return to the site as many times as you want to collect items. 
    ETERU ISLE   \
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Apprentice                        Nothing
    Cave Bat                          Herb
    Corpse                            Memory Plant
    Earth Dragon                      Recovery Tonic
    Flash Hider                       Earth Fragment, Fur Cape [rare]
    Ogre                              Herb
    Ogre Lord                         Magic Apple
    Opossum                           Nothing
    Pit Scorpion                      Gravity Nut
    Poison Mushroom                   Gravity Nut
    Sidewinder                        Herb
    Slime                             Nothing
    Slumber Flower                    Mint
    Stone Gel                         Gravity Nut
    Swordsman                         Bronze Sword
    Tengaron                          Fur Cape
    Viper                             Herb
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Alphaium                          Soothing Ring
    Calamitos                         Herb
    Gahveone                          Super General Tonic
    Garius                            Magic Apple
    Odyessa                           Insomnia Card
    Phreakar                          Diablo Edge
    Razorback                         Magic Apple
    Shiverall                         Life Fruit
    Strike King                       Mind Smasher
    Terminus                          Iron Knife
    Will Sapper                       Vitality Fruit
    Winky Hugger                      Slumber Blade
    MONSTER                           STEAL                    
    -------                           -----                    
    Cockatrice                        Yellow Talisman
    Crimson Roc                       Harmony Needle
    Dandelion                         Rue's Medicine
    Kerberos                          Amazing Herb
    Phoenix                           Rue's Medicine, General Tonic [rare]
    Poison Slime                      Vigor Seed
    Polar Bat                         Amazing Herb, Water Fragment [rare]
    Rainbow Gang Bandit               Nothing
    Roc                               Gravity Nut
    Rootlytus                         Nothing
    Wild Dog                          Nothing
    Wyvern                            Nothing
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Aurora                            Life Fruit
    Backbiter                         Platinum Robe
    BTL-DK                            Mysterious Ore
    Buzzcutter                        Bomb
    Glint                             Magnetic Belt
    Hellspawn                         Red Talisman
    Howlers                           Fur Cape
    Nibbler                           Rad's Reagent
    Rotmonger                         Steel Armor
    Seedinator                        Magic Apple
    Temptropla                        Amazing Herb
    Vorforea                          Wind Fragment
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Abyssar Gargoyle                  Swift Armlet
    Academy 1 Fighter                 Super Amazing Herb
    Bishop                            Nothing
    Cannon Trap                       Light Alloy
    *Danger Dome Participants         Nothing
    Desert Devil                      Gravity Nut
    Dragoon                           General Tonic
    Earth Dragon                      Recovery Tonic, Yellow Talisman [rare?]
    Fire Dragon                       Recovery Tonic
    Gun Trap                          Shimmer Stone
    Hunter Aura                       Nothing
    Lady Rogue                        Nothing
    Lifesucker                        Earth Fragment
    Night Caller                      Dark Fragment
    Ninja                             General Tonic
    PA-200                            Nothing
    Paladin                           Nothing
    Prowler                           Water Fragment
    Robber                            Amazing Herb
    SA-100                            Bomb
    Shade                             Herb
    Shotgun Trap                      Shimmer Stone
    Sleeping Gust                     Vigor Seed, Mint [drop]
    Stun Smog                         Flame Fragment
    Suzaku                            Nothing
      * : Lutz cannot steal anything from the Danger Dome combatants, but
          on occasion, they will drop something.
    -----------------------           ----
    Ringleader                        Adventurer Vest
    Robber                            Amazing Herb
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Celluloid                         Shimmer Stone
    Deudas                            Super Alloy Spear
    Flegrocapella                     Magic Apple
    Gohran                            Fur Cape
    Pestario                          Mint
    Psychonitor                       Shimmer Stone
    Razorbeak                         Nothing
    Rehith                            Tough Alloy
    Screamer                          Red Talisman
    Spooky Slot                       Antipersonnel Bomb
    Soulizar                          Recovery Tonic
    Vamp Spore                        Emblem of Lark
    Secret Path          \
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Ghost                             Herb
    Ghoul                             General Tonic
    Golem                             Magnetic Belt, Tanzanite [rare]
    Golem Master                      Amazing Herb
    Paralyze Ooze                     Rue's Medicine
    Phantom                           Memory Plant
    Skeleton                          Steel Sword
    Skull Warrior                     Steel Armor
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Academy Spec Ops                  Magic Apple
    Armor Tortoise                    Tough Alloy
    Bomber Fly                        Wind Fragment
    Cassowary                         Nothing
    Chaos Arms                        Nothing
    Crustacean                        Nothing
    Crystal Golem                     Light Fragment
    Demon God                         Nothing
    Dwarf Behemoth                    Soul Herb, Calm Nut [drop]
    Gunner Pod                        Bomb
    Fighter                           Nothing
    Hell Guardian                     General Tonic
    High Ninja                        Nothing
    Hunter Fly                        Green Talisman
    Interceptor                       Nothing
    Iron Golem                        Tough Alloy
    Marionette                        Gravity Nut, General Tonic [rare]
    Master Golem                      Light Fragment
    Ninja Master                      Nothing
    Ogre Mage                         Magic Apple, Dark Fragment [drop]
    Rifle Hunter                      Nothing
    Skull Knight                      Nothing
    Sphere                            Nothing
    Sword Hunter                      Nothing
    Stone Tortoise                    Earth Fragment
    Talking Tina                      Hybrid Magic Apple
    Treasure Hunter                   Nothing
    Wild Hemo-Ji                      Power Jelly, Light Fragment [rare]
    Will-o-Wisp                       Amazing Herb
    Wonderful Hemo-Ji                 Power Jelly, Light Fragment [rare]
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Anamagone                         Soul Herb
    Cackler                           Super Potent Apple
    Grief Wing                        Vlad Wand
    Hellman                           Dark Spear
    Lurker                            Black Talisman
    Marrowdral                        Silver Sarissa
    Nellister                         Super Amazing Herb
    Teraster                          Emblem of Lark
    Tordriad                          Earth Fragment
    Underkill                         Yellow Talisman
    Whisperfall                       Hybrid Magic Apple
    Zueego                            Insomnia Card
    JIHARTA   \
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Alba                              Nothing
    Alraune                           Amazing Herb
    Amaidar Monk                      Amazing Herb, Hybrid Magic Apple [rare]
    Armor Eater                       Tem's Root, Magic Apple [drop]
    Attack Dog                        Harmony Needle, General Tonic [rare]
    Assistant Chief                   Nothing
    Belga                             Nothing
    Cliff Gigantor                    Nothing
    Crystal Gargoyle                  Protection Armlet
    Dark Fog                          Gravity Nut
    Enea                              Nothing
    Fungus                            Mint
    Galdo                             Nothing
    Harzan                            Nothing
    Ice Golem                         Nothing
    King Hemo-Ji                      Power Jelly, Inferno Powder [drop]
    Maneater                          Tem's Root
    Myconid                           Rue's Medicine
    Pen-Pen Plant                     Herb
    Shuternelle                       General Tonic
    Tulip                             Memory Plant
    Vampire Bat                       Nothing
    Water Dragon                      Recovery Tonic
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Axelay                            Earth Fragment
    Big Firebird                      Flame Fragment
    Doppler                           Dark Fragment
    Grief Lord                        Hybrid Magic Apple
    Heaven's Hell                     Hyper Alloy Rod
    Impostinal                        Tem's Root
    Molten Wing                       Wind Fragment
    Old Tree King                     Super General Tonic
    Pistulation                       Litch Ring
    Thunder Giant                     Hyper Alloy Rod
    Tree Giant                        Earth Amulet
    W. Plantanator                    Dark Vest
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    A-Class Criminal                  Adventurer Vest
    Cobra                             General Tonic, Harmony Needle [drop]
    Copper Dragon                     Recovery Tonic
    Crypt Rat                         Potent Herb
    Dark Knight                       Nothing
    Doommonger                        Super Potent Apple
    Dragon                            Recovery Tonic
    Dragon Fly                        Wind Fragment
    Dryad                             Harmony Needle
    Flame                             Herb
    Dungeon Mouse                     Potent Herb
    Ghost Warrior                     Nothing
    Hell Hound                        Amazing Herb
    Illusionist                       Nothing
    Intruder                          Big Bomb, Bomb [drop]
    Mage Hemo-Ji                      Power Jelly
    Mandrake                          Tem's Root
    Prestidigitator                   Herb
    Red Death                         Nothing
    Robber                            Rad's Reagent
    Shaman Hemo-Ji                    Magic Apple
    Sniper                            Adventurer Vest
    Steingraff                        Nothing
    WANTED MONSTER                    STEAL
    --------------                    -----
    Diablios                          Hunter Cape
    Drifter                           Light Alloy
    Fissius                           Falcon Statue
    Grodos                            Tem's Root
    Hubrisacor                        Antipersonnel Bomb
    Icaruss                           Dark Fragment
    Largos                            Wind Fragment
    Neros*                            Dark Protector
    Skanktum                          Soothing Ring
    Spartacus                         Tough Alloy
    Starius                           Nothing
    Valdimos                          Recovery Tonic
      *  Note:  To unlock Digarte Woods where Neros awaits, complete Job
                #81, "Find the Eternal Steel."
    RAGNARK  \
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Academy 3 Fighter                 Nothing
    CAA-5                             Bomb, Light Alloy [rare]
    Fear Crimson                      Nothing
    Gas Cloud                         Nothing
    Litch                             Hybrid Magic Apple
    Nether Ghost                      Potent Herb
    Zombie                            Recovery Tonic
    Ragnark      \
    MONSTER                           STEAL
    -------                           -----
    Beast Master                      Nothing
    Bishop                            Nothing
    Dark One                          Nothing
    Death Bringer                     Magic Apple
    Death God                         Hybrid Magic Apple
    Death Lord                        Wisdom Tablet
    Doll Master                       Nothing
    Gold Dragon                       Dark Amulet
    Healer                            Nothing
    High Priestess                    Nothing
    Killer Dog                        General Tonic
    Mage                              Nothing
    Mortality Shadow                  Wisdom Tablet
    Necromancer                       Nothing
    Poltergeist                       Magic Apple, Blue Talisman [rare]
    Priestess                         Nothing
    Seville                           Nothing
    Shaman                            Nothing
    Skull King                        Black Talisman
    Venom Hound                       Dead Bud, Vitality Fruit [rare]
    Wizard                            Nothing
    Wyvern Slave                      Nothing

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