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Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/06/2001

Last updated : September 5th 2001 (Australian Time)
DC's Dance Dance Revolution 2nd (Re)Mix Guide                    v1.0

                 [Insert cool ASCII Art Here]

Legal Stuff
This entire FAQ is copyright DC 2000-01. The only sites that can
use this without asking are:


If you want to use it on your site, please e-mail me at

The latest version can always be found from


Note, that if you've asked me for permission but don't see your site
on the list above, don't worry about it, as it's a real pain to
update each time everyone asks me to use this guide on their site. So
as long as you've asked me, yes, you can put it up on your site. The
sites above are the ones that don't have to ask to use them.

DDR is copyright Konami 1998-2001?. Please do not leech any of this
to make your own FAQ out of it. Unless you have MY permission DO NOT
take anything at all from this guide. Don't edit, don't do anything
to it and submit it without e-mailing me with permission first. You
can print it out, but only for personal use, no selling this! Summing
it up, do anything for your own personal benefit (apart from reading
it) without asking me, AND YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!!!!!

To get in touch, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au
My ICQ# is 34601221
My webpage is http://www.dcmagus.com
My MSN contact is dcmagus@hotmail.com, but any email sent to that
   address will most likely be ignored, as I don't check that
My AIM name is dcmagus

Be warned that I'm only on the net twice a week, don't expect replies
from me which are ten minutes after you've sent the mail. Here's some
guidelines about sending me mail:

1.Make sure you put the title of the game you're asking about in the
  subject. I've made a fair few FAQs, and it's a bit hard to work
  things out sometimes.

2.If it's an FAQ, make sure that it's not already in the guide!!! If
  it is, I'll do my best to ignore it.

  If it's not in there, make sure that the details you provide
  are, well, DETAILED, and not sketchy. Examples are "Hi need to know
  how to get past this part, i'm in a room and stuck", I need to know
  where you are, etc.

3.Ask nicely. So far, most people have, but if your mail goes along
  the lines of "Hi, need code for B2, reply within the next hour
  otherwise I'll bomb you" will not get you anywhere.

That's it. Sorry for being a pain, but it had to be said.

Version History

v1.0 - First version! Yeah! Got all Song Tips done, Basic Info bar
       the Edit and Paint menus, Techniques need updating, Misc. does
       too. However I do hear the 3rd and 4th mixes calling my


2)Basic Info
  i)   Introduction
  ii)  How To play?
  iii) Songs and Difficulty
  iv)  Playing at Home
  v)   Menus (2nd [Re]Mix) [Need to Finish Edits,Paint]
  vi)  Codes and Secrets
4)Song Tips


Ah, the gloriously addictive DDR. Your life will never be the same
again =) I decided to start this FAQ as no-one (bar Gurty) else's FAQ
had really detailed tips on how to pass each song, so I'm gonna try
my best to provide a FAQ that actually does! Happy reading.

2)Basic Info


If you went to this FAQ by your own will you probably most certainly
know what DDR is. If not then I'll have to explain to you. Ever been
to the arcades and seen people dance around on some machine, most of
the time looking like absolute gimps? That's what DDR is, no, don't
run away yet. It may seem extremely weird at first but when you start
playing it, sure as hell will you be addicted.

The arcade DDR machines have one panel, with (usually) two sets of
four arrows on it (Up, Down, Left, Right). This will be for most
normal mixes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. If you're playing one
player mode, you will be using only one set of the arrows. The other
set is for another player, or for those people who want to play with
all eight arrows.

You might also see some machines with six arrows. These machines are
of the Solo variety, either Solo Bass, Solo 2000, or 4th Mix (I don't
know if there are 5th Solo Machines. Anyone?)

 ii)How To Play?

The object of the game is to be the best dancer, and that can be
achieved by hitting the arrows in accordance to what is shown on the
screen. There are four greyish arrows at the top of the screen, and a
whole lot of arrows will scroll up from the bottom. You have to hit
the arrows on the panel at the same time in which the arrows that are
scrolling up from the bottom go underneath the greyish arrows at the
top. Doing it perfectly will result in a "Perfect" step, almost
perfect will result in a "Great", just okay is a "Good", completely
out of time is a "Boo", and missing it altogether results in a
"Miss". At the end of the song, you will be judged from E-SSS,
depending on how well you danced. The grading system changes in each
mix. The 2nd (Re)Mix grading system works like this :

SS : This means you max comboed the song, you only got Perfects and
S  : This means that you got Perfects and Greats but there were too
     many Greats.
A  : This means that you got did pretty well, but there were a few
     Goods/Boos/Misses here and there that prevented you from getting
     the S.
B  : This means that you did reasonably well on the song, but you
     couldn't keep your combos up (meaning that you got quite a few
     Goods and Boos/Misses)
C  : Average rating, meaning that you did enough to pass well
     (more Goods, Boos and Misses than the Perfects and Greats,
     I think)
D  : You just survived.
E  : You choked. Or failed. Blame it all on the little kids who were
     shadowin ya...oh wait, you were playing at home? Geez...

There is a scoring system, but I have absolutely no clue to how it
works. If anyone knows, dc3131@yahoo.com.au, thanks =)

 iii)Songs and Diffculty

There are tons of songs in DDR, and they are ranked in difficulty by
feet. Yes, feet. On 2nd (Re)Mix, the number of feet that the song is
ranked will appear at the bottom of the screen. This can range from
the easy 1 footers to the crazy 9 footers (there's also some 10+ feet
edit data, but no need to worry about that yet). Songs can also fall
into one of three difficulty groups, Basic (which is what people will
usually dance to, if they are beginning), Another/Trick (slightly
harder), to Maniac/SSR (the experts). With the foot ratings, each
different number of feet is given a different rating :

1 : Simple       (e.g Let Them Move Basic)
2 : Moderate     (e.g Boom Boom Dollar Basic)
3 : Ordinary     (e.g Butterfly Basic)
4 : Superior     (e.g Brilliant 2U Basic)
5 : Marvelous    (e.g Boom Boom Dollar Another/Trick)
6 : Genuine      (e.g Paranoia Basic)
7 : Paramount    (e.g Trip Machine Another)
8 : Exorbitant   (e.g Dub-I-Dub Maniac)
9 : Catastrophic (e.g Dead End SSR/Maniac [This is not in 2nd (Re)Mix

Most of the songs in DDR are made by Konami's music studio people, so
don't expect to be dancing to any of your chart favourites. There is
a wide variety of songs though, ranging from (ugh) J/Euro Pop, to
your usual dance music, and it dabbles in techno here and there (TaQ,
yeah!). You can't add your own songs in, however you can make Edit
Data, which is basically changing the steps that appear in the song.
Usually it's used to make songs harder, or if you want to freestyle
to a routine at the arcades, whack your edits onto a memory card, and
slot it in your arcade machine to play.

 iv)Playing at home

What else...lemme see...you don't need to have the mat to play this,
a controller will do but it's not as fun. I'd recommend playing with
a controller every now and then to sharpen your skills on songs. If
you're looking for a mat to buy, of course, Konami's are the best,
but they can be 'expensive'. You can get cheap third-party mats from
about AUS$10 and up (check places like Malaysia, and especially Hong
Kong. If you know of a place near you where there's a lot of "Asian"
stores, and electronic ones, check there. For those in Melbourne,
Australia, I'd recommend going down to Box Hill, coz you can pick up
a mat for around $20 and also have a shot on 5th Mix =) If you look
around on the web you might also find hard panel mats, which are like
the real stage, but they're not metal. The price (not to mention the
importing part of it all) may be a bit hefty though.

You may realize though, that with the third party mats, they will 
wear out quite quickly. And then you can't dance (the down arrow on
my mat doesn't work, but by the time you read this, I'll hopefully 
have a new one). There are a couple of things you can do to a)prevent 
slidage, and b)prevent holes and rips in your mat. For an extra what,
AUS$10-$30, you can modify your mat a little. Line the bottom with 
cardboard (thick preferably), and tape the mat down with duct tape,
even masking tape would do. Or, you can splash out and get some nice, 
hard wood, wrap the mat in some sort of protective plastic, nail it 
down and tape it for good measure. How far you want to go to preserve 
your mat is up to you =)


'Bout time I shut up and got onto the game itself. On first loading 
up the game you'll see a couple of options, Arcade Mode, Training,
Edit, Records, Option, Information, Bonus Track and Disc Change.
Later on you can unlock Event Mode, Endless, Non Stop Order, Non Stop
Revolution, Paint Mode, and Extra Track. Details on how to unlock 
these will be in the 'Codes and Secrets' section.

         The main beef of the game. If you're playing by yourself and
Arcade : want to just play normal, select this like you would any
Mode     other menu, but if you want to play double mode, hold down
         O/X as you select it. If you're at the arcade then you'll
have to hold down the left and right buttons on the machine, and then
press 'start'. A menu will pop up and you can pick from Single,
Versus, Double or Couple Mode.

Note that you have three 'speakers' in front of you, Easy, Normal and
Hard. Picking Easy lets you have 1 song and you can't fail. However,
they are all under 3 feet so it's kinda pointless. Normal lets you
play normally, where you get 3 songs (or whatever the default is) and
every round there are different, harder songs to choose from. Same
for Hard Mode but it's harder to survive. Note the four or five
arrows on top of the Hard Mode speaker. If you keep pressing right on
the panels on the dance stage, you'll unlock all music mode when the
arrows are no longer. This just means that you can select any song
you want instead of waiting for it to come up in rounds. There is no
step battle/roulette yet, you have to unlock them.

One more thing before you select your song; you can choose your
difficulty level by using the arrows on the dance stage. If you want
to play in Basic mode, leave it as is, if you want to play Another
mode, press down twice, and if you want to play Maniac mode, press
down another two times. You'll see what difficulty you're on coz it's
indicated on the gauge thingy.

Once into your preferred mode, spin the wheel and pick a song, it's
dead easy mate. There is one more menu you can fiddle around with
though, on the arcades, it's not so much of a menu but some code
inputting, and on the PS, you press Select to bring up the "effects"
menu in which you enter your code. These codes can be found in the
'Codes and Secrets' section, but I'll detail what each one does:

Basic/Another/Maniac - Your difficulty rating, of course.

Left/     These affect the steps. Left turns all the steps in the
Right/  - song 90 degrees left, Right turns all the steps in the song
Shuffle   90 degrees right, and Shuffle randomizes the step
          positions. I'm not too clear on just exactly Shuffle works
but I think it just changes e.g all lefts into ups, all downs into
rights, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Little - Gets rid of all offbeat steps (halves, quarters, eighths).
Good to 'recover' stamina, but don't cheat yourself by thinking that
you can pass an eight-footer when you're really doing a three-footer.
That's about it for Arcade Mode.
        Just about the same as Arcade Mode but it's All Music Mode,
Event : and after every song you have the opporunity to continue or
Mode    exit. Oh, and you can't fail. Very handy for party situations
        or if you're not too good at the harder songs.
           Pick your options, Single/Double, level of difficulty, any
Endless  : effects that you want turned on, the brightness, and away
Mode       you go. The songs don't stop until you stop dancing, that
           is, fail a song. You do get the chance for a break every
five songs, and it can be up to five minutes. The songs here are
looped, they start on one song and then go around, not coming back to
the first song again until every other song has been played. Note
that you can get some 999+ combos here, and your score can go into
the gazillions =) If you want to see proof of a real psycho dancer,
go to www.roarvgm.com/gg/ and click on the screenshots section.
           Very useful, for my FAQ work anyway. You can play songs in
Training : here as usual, but you can't fail, there's no fancy
           backgrounds, and you can do some analysis on your dancing.
First, choose your song, then difficulty and effects, then the speed
you want to dance at (5 is normal, 1 is slow), what bar you want to
start at, and what bar you want to finish on. Then you go and dance,
and after you finish you'll get a little menu with Check/Again/Menu.
Check shows you how well you did on each arrow by making each a
different colour (Perfects are yellow, Greats are Green, Goods are
Blue, Boos are pink, and Misses are red. If you're smart you'll also
know that these are the colours that the words are in, when you play
normally). Scroll down and check out your skills. Again lets you
dance again, and Menu takes you back to the menu.
       The mode to keep you busy once all the songs are finished.
Edit : This mode lets you create your own steps for your own songs.
       Ideally it should be used to make songs more of a challenge
but it is also used to make a routine to freestyle to, not to make
songs easier! There's a lot of instructions in Japanese, so let me
tell you what each button does.
If you want to create New Data, go to New Data. If you want to edit
edit data saved on your memory card, go to Memory Card and load it
through there.
When you've picked New Data, choose the song that you want to edit
steps for. Then pick the mode (Single/Double/Couple) you want to make
steps for, and then you'll get some Japanese asking you if you want
to build your data on the steps that already existed. If you choose
Yes, then pick the difficulty rating of the steps you want to use as
a base. I suggest using Another or Basic so that you can get your
steps to blend in with the music.
You'll get to the edit screen. There's some controls down the side
that are pretty easy to work out. But the actual editing controls
might take you a while.

Up/Down - Move up or down

Square/Circle/Triangle/X - Place an arrow, Square is Left, Triangle
is up, etc. Press it again to remove it

L1 - Keep pressing this to change from on beat steps (red), half beat
steps (blue), and quarter beat steps (yellow)

L2 - Highlight an area

R1 - Move up and down bars by holding this and using up and down

R2 - Delete whole line

Select - ?

Start - Edit area (L2)

Those are the basics, I'll get more info on this section later.

        All I know is that you can make your own icons to replace
Paint : arrows. More on this later when I actually bother to figure
        it out.
                 This mode is used to create Nonstop Data for the
Non Stop Order : Nonstop Revolution section. Nonstop Data is just a
                 list of songs (3-5 of them), with difficulty and
effects so that you can play them literally nonstop in NSR mode. If
you have some Edit Data that you'd like to use in Nonstop mode, you
can do that too. You can also edit Nonstop Data to be used on 3rd Mix
machines at the arcades.
                      Make use of your Nonstop Orders. You'll pick
Non Stop Revolution : your play mode, and then select which Nonstop
                      'course' you want to dance to. If you want to
dance the full five stages though, remember to go to the Options Menu
and change the Nonstop song setting to 5.
Records : View your records on all the songs.
         Plenty of options to customize DDR to the way that you want
Option : to play it. Some options may take you into new menus,
         otherwise, you can change options using the left and right
buttons. Changed options are in green, defaults are in white. You can

Sound - Stereo or Mono

Vibration - Button (When pressed)/Miss (If you miss a step)/No Use
            Double Play (If you want it on during Double Mode)

Key Config - Double Mode (Set how you want to play Double Mode,
             either with 2 controllers or by the L1/R1/L2/R2 buttons)
             Dance Play Setting (If you want to be able to use the
             O,X,Square and Triangle buttons on the mat. It makes it
             harder as you might be accidentally holding one down,
             making it impossible to press one of the arrows)

Memory Card - Save
              Auto Save (Saves after you get any records or unlock
                         anything, it saves on the black screen
                         before the title screen)
              Edit Play (Enables you to play Edit Data)
              User Support (Unlocks all the stuff in the original
              Dance Dance Revolution. You will need a DDR memory card
              file to do it)

Game Level - 1-8 (How harshly missing a step is judged)

Max Stage - Easy
            Normal   (How many stages you play in one of these modes
            Hard      before being returned to the title screen)

Time Limit - Whether or not you have a time limit for choosing songs.

Game Over - Arcade or 2nd ReMIX (Arcade, if you fail, the song will
            stop. 2nd ReMix, the song will finish even though you've

BG Effect - Whether backgrounds are on or not. Some may make you
            trippy, so you might want to turn them off =)

Ending - The screen you get if you finish the game.

Character - Pick one of four Models. More on this later in 'Codes and
              Here you can play one of two 'Trial' songs that Konami
Bonus Track : will put (and have put) in 3rd Mix. They are the first
              two songs to appear by Captain Jack, who are all over
4th Mix, unfortunately. They're The Race and In The Navy. There's
only one difficulty level as it is just a trial.
              You get to play the song that comes up once you've
Extra Track : beaten Arcade Mode. It's not very hard but it's kinda
              cool nonetheless. I don't know what it's called though,
but if you do, e-mail me. I bet it's just one of the lyrics from the
              Here you get to view information on the different
Information : modes, what you've unlocked, etc. Good luck if you
              can't read Japanese though, which is probably why
you're reading this FAQ.
              Switch to other versions of DDR. Never tried it and
Disc Change : never will, coz there's not much point in my eyes. If
              you can prove me wrong, just e-mail me.

 vi)Codes and Secrets

Unlocking Stuff

If you have a copy of DDR 3rd ReMix on PS, then you can go to 
Options > User Support to unlock everything. Much better than having 
to beat 200 songs!

Extra Songs

20, November, DDR Version - Beat Arcade Mode once

Keep On Movin' - Beat Arcade Mode (Hard?) five times

Think Ya Better D - Beat any 50 songs

Trip Machine ~Luv Mix~ - Beat any 100 songs

Love This Feelin' - Beat any 200 songs

Step Battle in All Music Mode - Beat Step Battle 10 times

Roulette in All Music Mode - Beat Roulette 20 times

Extra Modes

               Get all the Extra Songs (basically, beat 200 songs),
Endless Mode - get Event Mode (choose All Music Mode 15 times),
               and get the Nonstop modes (clear Normal 50 times or
               Hard 200 times).

Event Mode - Clear All Music Mode 15 times.

              Go to Options and set the ending as '2nd ReMix'. Then
Extra Track - beat Arcade Mode and you'll get to dance to a song
              during the credits. SS this song and you'll be able to
play it in the Extra Track from now on. To access Extra Track, push
SELECT on the title screen and it will replace Bonus Track mode.

             I don't know, but I used the 'User Support' option in
Paint Mode - 3rd ReMix to unlock it. To access Paint Mode, push
             SELECT on the title screen and it will replace Edit

Other Options and Codes

Unlock Ending - The '2nd ReMix' ending can only be accessed once the
                song 'Think Ya Better D' is unlocked.

Unlock Models - Models 3 and 4 can only be accessed once Event Mode
                is unlocked.

Effect codes - These codes have to be entered in the Effects menu on
             the song select screen. The codes are :

Hidden  : Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down
Left    : Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left, Left,
Little  : Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Up
Mirror  : Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
Right   : Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right,
Shuffle : Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left

         You may have heard me rambling on about Models, and what
Models - they are in the end are the characters that represent your
         on-screen dancing. You can make one of these characters your
default or they can be chosen before each mode, by holding down
either left or right (on the dance pad) as they select the mode. 
Experiment around as there are 4 sets of Models, and in each set 
there are 2 for both players ie. Player 1 won't have the same model 
as Player 2.


There are many ways to play DDR, and many techniques that you can use
to pass songs. While I'm not saying that the techniques that I use
are the correct ones needed to play properly, it's just a guide to
help beginners get started.


The first thing all beginners should learn to do. From what I've
noticed (by observing not only others, but myself as well) is that 
beginners tend to think that the centre panel in the middle of the
four arrows is a haven. After every step, I'd return my feet to the
centre square. LEARN NOT TO DO THIS! It's a habit that you'll kick 
quite quickly though. Instead of keeping your feet on the centre 
panel, try leaving it on the left or right arrow. For example, take 
Let Them Move Basic. For the parts where it goes U,R,D,L, place a 
foot on the left arrow (this is your anchor), then tap U,R,D with
your right foot, and then hit L with your left foot (start to lift it
as soon as you hit down with your right foot).

Another good example of anchoring, this time with two feet, is on 
everyone's favourite song, Boom Boom Dollar =) This time anchor left
foot on left and right foot on right. This way, when the L-R steps 
arrive, all you need to do is lift a foot up and back down again,
almost like you're doing a sumo stomp. Not with the same amount of 
force though, because you'd possibly end up screwing the arrows and 
have the other DDR players chase after you.


Once you can do the anchor pretty well, it's time to move on to the
spin. Take the same set of steps, U,R,D,L. You'll have probably
guessed by now that by spinning, you'll turn a full circle while
hitting all of the steps. Do this by facing left, then hit U with
your right foot, R with your left, turn and face away from the
machine, hit D with your right, and turn back to face the screen and
hit L with your left. That's it. Don't do it too many times otherwise
you'll end up quite dizzzy =) Remember that not all spins have to
consist of U,R,D,L, they can go in reverse (U,L,D,R), or start on a
different arrow (D,L,U,R). Good in performance routines =) Try this 
on Let Them Move, then Think Ya Better D, and see how you goon Stomp 
to My Beat.


This is what you should start doing once you get up to the harder
songs. Basically you don't have a designated anchor foot, you just
flow with the steps. The main idea is never use the same foot to hit
two different arrows, e.g L-U, use left foot on L and right foot on
U. This way you're less likely to get caught out in the long step
sequences of Trip Machine Maniac and Dub-I-Dub Maniac, etc. There is
an exception to that rule, of course, if they are really slow steps
and there's nothing before/after them, by all means do whatever you

Same goes with spins, I don't think it's quite safe to spin on
fast songs, especially if the spin is made up of half-beat steps.
What I suggest to do if you can't spin it, is to go U - left foot, R
- right foot, D - right foot, and L - left foot. That's the easiest
way to attempt it without being dizzy.

One more thing - turn your body with the steps. In some cases you may
not need to but it will help you a lot with harder songs in the
future (for you 3rd Mix players, Dead End and End Of The Century SSR
stick out in mind).


Like roaming/flowing, but this applies to most triple half-beaters. 
Take for example L-D-R. The safest way to attempt this would be to
turn left and go L - right foot, D - left foot, R - right foot.
However there are many situations where doing this would leave you in 
a precarious position to complete the next step(s), and this is where 
dragging/sliding comes in handy. Instead of turning left, face the
screen and hit L with your left foot, D with your right, and
drag/slide your right foot across quickly and hit R. This can be hard 
to pull off in some cases but once you have it mastered it will prove
invaluable. If you can, practice keeping your foot flat on the ground
and try to slide it over without it leaving the ground (or you can
lift your heel to add a touch of Michael Jackson. Good luck with that
comeback =). It looks pretty cool and it takes skill to execute
properly (sometimes the step won't register).

Any tips you want to send in? Want to correct or add to mine? The
address is dc3131@yahoo.com.au

4)Song Tips

I am not the world's greatest DDRer but I'll try my best to help. If
you've got a helpful suggestion, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au,
and I'll probably put it in the guide.

Boom Boom Dollar by King Kong and D.Jungle Girls

|Basic   : //       |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : Mostly singles but the the thing that beginners will need
          to learn is the L-R stomp/step thing, which happens a lot
          in this song. To get these parts easily, place one foot on
          L and one foot on R, and lift and press when needed. No
          need to return to the centre!

Another : Adds some half-beat sequences such as U-L-D-R-D-L-U. The
          trick here is not to use the same foot in a row for two
          different arrows, unless you're either really good or
          looking to try and impress. Turning your body with the
          steps helps as well. Watch out for the ending, because you
          might get those half-beats confused with jumps...

Maniac  : Longer half-beat patterns, it's the above pattern repeated
          twice. Nasty if you're a Maniac novice. You'll know how to
          do it but most likely you'll either trip over yourself or
          get tired =) Towards the end there are triple half-beats
          with jumps beginning, after, and in between! e.g D-DR-D,
          L-DL-L. If you're having trouble with getting the jump, why
          not treat it as a triple half-beat jump? Sounds easier to

Bad Girls by Juliet Roberts

|Basic   : //       |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : /////    |

Basic   : Seems quite easy (for beginners) for the first half of the
          song. Then double steps kick in the part where the trumpet
          thingy plays, and there are a few spins if you look hard.
          Watch out at the end for the spins that end in jumps,
          otherwise, it's mainly all basic single steps. Good to
          practice on.

Another : Quite harder than Basic, it starts with parts like D, D+L.
          To avoid getting mixed up, identify these parts early. With
          the trumpet parts in the middle, the two halfbeat steps are
          on different arrows, so get ready for them. Has a few
          tricky sequences towards the end (L-L,U-U,R-D+R), so just
          be careful.

Maniac  : As usual, harder compared to the two earlier version.
          Starts with triple halfbeat sequences with jumps
          after/preceded by halfbeat steps. One sequence in the
          middle of the song is all half-beaters, and to get them
          all, just remember that you shouldn't be using the same
          foot to hit two arrows in a row (what I like to call
          roaming). There's spins a plenty.

Boys, by Smile.dk

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : It's your basic Basic song for beginners. A few jumps here
          and there, and a few spins here and there.

Another : Just adds a few more jumps to the Basic steps, and there's
          quite a few diagonal jumps here and there. Also adds in
          some double half-beat taps.

Maniac  : Quite good for getting introduced to Maniac mode. Contains
          lots of triple half-beat stpes followed by jumps, some
          off-beat steps, and lots of rapid step sequences. They
          usually go from one diagonal to another (e.g R-DR-D-L-DL).
          Good for practising to get those steps that just come out
          of nowhere after jumps.

Put Your Faith In Me, by Uzi-Lay (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : Introduces some half-beat triple step sequences, but
          beginners should be able to deal with the speed of them.
          Not a bad song to develop a routine to as there are spins,
          reverse spins and lots of diagonal jumps.

Another : Just a larger dose of what Basic presents. There's more
          half-beat triples, diagonals, and a few more spins. The
          jumping is more frequent though.

Maniac  : Steps are much more constant, most being half-beaters, so
          essentially the song is twice as fast. There are tons of
          annoying sequences like (U-D-R-D-L-D-D), in which you'll
          have to turn 90 degrees to hit the D-R-D-L-D parts (keep
          one foot on down and move the other back and forth to hit R
          and L). There's a nice diagonal jumping section tucked away
          in there as well.

Put Your Faith In Me ~Jazzy Groove~, by Uzi Lay
                                        (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : It's a lot like Put Your Faith In Me Another, the triples
          are more constant but there's no diagonal jumps.

Another : Steps are faster and furiouser, if there's such a word. Has
          jumping sequences that will lead you around the place
          (UD,UR,LR). Also features long sequences of half-beat steps
          (U-R-D-R-U-D-L-U-L-D-L). Just remember to roam and you'll
          be fine. Not a bad song to practice jumping around and also
          to get these flowing steps downpat.

Maniac  : Lots of annoying sequences in this song. There's plenty of
          halfbeats for you to play around with, including the sort
          that precede jumps and that come out of almost nowhere
          after jumps. Lots of sliding is recommended for those step
          sequences, but it's not necessary. Just remember, don't use
          two feet in a row for two different arrows and you'll be

Brilliant 2U, by Naoki (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : Rather easy, there's a few jumps thrown in amongst mostly
          single steps. There are a few half-beat triples in there,
          but it's the easy sort. There's many rapid R steps at the
          end, if you're having trouble, remember that they are all
          halfbeat steps, so don't just lash out at them. Rapid toe
          tapping seems the way to go. If you're having trouble, this
          is the ideal song to practice for like sequences in say,
          Paranoia, Dead End SSR, etc.

Another : Throws in a lot of jumps, mostly diagonals that are
          followed by triple half-beaters to annoy you. Good song for
          learning quick diagonal jumps. The rapid steps at the end
          have changed so that they're on different notes,
          L-D-L-U-L-R. Use your left foot on L and your right foot
          for anything else.

Maniac  : Much harder, as you'd probably expect. Triple half-beat
          steps and diagonals are much more constant, including
          triple half-beat jumps (DL-DR-DL). You can do this by
          pretending you're doing a slalom (DL - left foot, right
          foot, DR- right foot, left foot, DL - left foot, right
          foot), or if it's more convienent, put one foot on down and
          just move the other left or right. Or if you want to be
          fancy you can do a funky little spin. Up to you. Also watch
          out for more more tricky sequences, such as U-D-U-L-R-D,
          and R-L-R-L-D-R. These parts are right in the middle and
          they follow the instrument solo. Not all of the steps are
          half-beats, there is a quarter step thrown in there
          somewhere. Just remember to roam. The last section has
          changed as well, it is now U-D-D-L-U-L-R. Start with your
          left foot on U, right foot on D, then right on D again,
          left on L, right on U, left on L and right on R. Simple.

Brilliant 2U ~Orchestra Groove~, by Naoki (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Kinda easy, just a harder version of Brilliant 2U. Has your
          usual triple half-beats and diagonal jumps. Other than that
          it's more of the same, nothing you couldn't do if you've
          passed other songs on this difficulty, and also Brilliant
          2U Basic. The rapid step section at the end is altered a
          tiny bit, there's a left arrow thrown in so that you can't
          weight yourself all the way over to the right. Stick to
          rapid toe taps.

Another : Just a lot more jumping and a few more not-too-confusing
          rapid step sequences in here. If you can do Brilliant 2U
          Another, this is passable.

Maniac  : Fast and furious. The whole song is basically all triple
          half-beat steps with diagonal jumps scattered here and
          there to confuse you. Watch out for the long step sequences
          (L-D-R-D-U-R-D-LD). Just turn your body with the steps and
          you'll be fine. Once again, the end section has changed,
          this time to U-R-D-L-U-D. You can incorparate these moves
          into a spin and maybe kneedrop the D arrow if you're fast
          enough, and if you're out to try and impress.

Smoke, by Mr.Ed Jumps The Gun

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : Could be challenging for beginners. First section of the
          song pretty much follows the lyrics, so you should be safe
          if you know the song. Overloads on the triple half-beats
          and jumps for beginners though (don't recommend this as an
          "easy" song for beginners, I told my friend so and he
          failed quite miserably).

Another : The jumping in this song is more constant. Much more very
          constant =). There is some triple steps thrown around in
          here but the jumps outnumber them.

Maniac  : Lots more jumping in this song but this time you've also
          got rapid step sequences to deal with. There's one part
          that goes U-DR-L-D-L-L, you just have to be alert for the
          U-DR part as it sometimes can be awkward, so try to read
          ahead if possible. There are quite a few spins and
          opportunities for performance moves in this song if you
          know where to look =)

Make It Better, by Mitsu-O! (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Nice and slow...but you've got to be careful of your
          timing. Usually going from speed songs to slow songs will
          screw up your timing a little, so the less I say about
          Jam Jam Reggae the better! Consists of jumping, which is
          usually from one corner to another (UL, UR, DL) and some
          triple half-beaters, but with the song being slow there
          shouldn't be too much trouble with them. Sometimes the
          halfbeat steps come out of nowhere (watch out when you've
          got that fat down arrow sequence) but usually they just
          follow the jumping.

Another : More of the same but there are lots of really big and
          confusing half-beat step sequences (e.g U-R-R-U-R-R-D-L-D-
          R-D-L-R-D-D-LR). Turning your body with the steps helps
          quite a bit. There's also tons of sequences where you have
          about six or seven half-beat steps all on the same arrow,
          remember that toe tapping is the best thing for it.

Maniac  : This is quite hard. Wherever they can, the steps follow the
          trumpety thing in the background or they follow the words
          (this applies to the start of the song). There's lots of
          half-beats leading to jumps and things like that, and you
          really have to read if you want to get all of the steps.
          There's things at the end like (L-DL-D-DR-R-UR-UL-DL-D-D-
          LR). It's times like these that you wish you had Vivid
          mode, so if you're not playing in 3rd Mix mode this song
          can be a real biatch. Also at the end is a whole lot of
          jumps involving the left arrow, I believe.

Make It Better ~So Real Mix~, by Mitsu-O! Summer
                                 (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   : This is just Make It Better Basic with different jump
          sequences and just a few more half-beat triples. The jumps
          like to take you on a holiday (UL, UD, DR). Otherwise, no
          real struggle, even for beginners.

Another : Basic mode with more relatively incomplex rapid step
          sequences. Watch out once you get to those jumping
          sequences in the middle, because some of the steps there
          aren't even jumps! Mwahaha, sometimes if you don't look
          closely you'll still think they're jumps, especially if
          you're playing on Flat mode. They've just changed to half-
          beat steps, all of them.

Maniac  : Possibly the hardest song in 2nd ReMIX? I'd say so myself
          as I have only just passed it after going at it since
          February 2001 =) Well, I don't pick it often, because when
          I started out playing Maniac mode I thought this would be
          nice and easy...my arse... There's some triple half-beat
          diagonal jumps, and just more jumping sequences in all. The
          end is what will kill most people here. There's two
          sections, the lead-up and the true end. The lead up (all
          half-beats) goes a little something like (LR-R-DR-D-UD-U-
          UL) which can be a pain to read so quickly. Those arrows
          make me dizzzy, egh. Then the ending is a psychotic (LR-L-
          UL-U-UD-D-DR-UL-DL-UL-DL-UR-UD-LR). Lots of jumping, lots
          of quick fire reading. This one will test your skills if
          you haven't played it before.

If You Were Here, by Jennifer

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Pretty easy, mainly just single steps and jumps until you
          start nearing the end. Some triple half-beat sequences come
          in and then it starts going step-jump-triple half-beat, and
          it matches the music kinda closely.

Another : Just more triple half-beaters thrown in. Nothing truly

Maniac  : Plenty of rapid half-beat steps everywhere, but all you
          have to do is learn to read them early and then start to
          flow with them. Watch out for half-beats preceding jumps,
          and the like where the jumps are followed by half-beats as
          they can really get you off guard. It's very easy for its
          rating, I believe.

Dub-I-Dub, by Me and My

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Dead easy, only single steps and a few jumps. Towards the
           middle, you'll get some half-beats that match the
           "Dub-I-Dub" vocal parts, and there is a longish jumping
           sequence as well.

Another :  Much harder than Basic. It's basically all rapid steps
           plus the now mandatory jumping sequences...To get the hard
           sequences at the start, use your left foot on the left
           arrow and right foor for everything else, and then when
           the arrows switch, switch yourself (!) as well so that
           your right foot hits the right arrow and your left foot
           hits everything else. In the parts after the chorus,
           you'll get steps like U-L-U, L-D-L, all half-beats. These
           steps do go in circles and back again, and possibly the
           only way you'll get them without falling over your own
           feet is to memorize the direction of these and then spin
           all of them, e.g left foot on left, right on up, U-L-U,
           then turn away from the screen, left foot on left, right
           foot on down, L-D-L, etc. It may make you dizzzy but I
           believe it's the most effective way to get the steps.

Maniac  :  Quite hard, but a good challenge. Has lots of sequences
           that have half-beats immediately before a jump
           (e.g D-R-DR). Also has more of the rapid step sequences
           but this time the steps are all kinda random, but if you
           turn your body with the steps you should have no troubles.
           Look carefully at the long jumping sequences as some do
           hide so half-beaters in between, like the sequences at the
           end, so just read ahead and be careful.

Stomp to My Beat, by JS16

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Just a thought, but how cool would it be to have the JS16 mix of
Uprockin' Beats by the Bomfunk MCs on DDR? I reckon it'd be a great
song to freestyle to =)

Basic   :  Good song to perform to if you know how to look for the
           spins and whatnot. Mostly single steps and jumps, with
           some triple half-beaters thrown around here and there, no
           real big deal.

Another :  Lots more jumping (mostly in the diagonal sense) and in
           the middle there is quite a fat rapid step section. Spins
           are still scattered around, but probably nothing you can't
           handle if you've passed other songs at the same difficulty

Maniac  :  Does the old halfbeat-jump trick again. Plenty of
           half-beaters to keep you busy, with jumps stuck in
           between. The rapid step sequences mostly go back and
           forth, e.g L-D-U-R-R-U-D-L. Once again, a decent song to
           perform on if you know how to.

Hero, by Papaya

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   :  Fast-ish song that's made up of single steps and somewhat
           confusing jumping sequences for the average beginner. They
           go from diagonal to opposite diagonal, you'll see what I
           mean. Couple of spins if you look, but a good song for
           beginners to lead them into Another or Maniac mode.

Another :  Much the same until the chorus, we a few L-L-L triple
           half-beaters kick in, as well as DL-D-D, which has the
           half-beats coming straight after the jumps now. When you
           get to the "la-da-di-da-da, you are my hero" vocal
           section, there's a sequence of 5 steps which match the
           syllables exactly. Quite easy to get if you just flow with
           the steps.

Maniac  :  The main problem in this version of the song is trying to
           recognize what are jumps and what is a step-gap-quarter
           beat step! Look closely and read ahead. You can pretend
           that they are jumps and land with one foot later than the
           other, but I prefer just to "step" them like normal. Other
           than that there shouldn't be many other tricky factors.

Get Up 'N Move, by S&K

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Nice and easy triple half-beat steps litter this song. Not
           too many jumps but there are a few stepping sequences that
           go UD-L-D, which can be tricky if you attempt the jump
           with the wrong feet. When the guy doing the vocals says
           "Get Up 'N Move!" the steps kinda follow the drum beat.

Another :  As with above, the steps follow the drum beat a bit more
           closely (R-L-U-L-D, with the first L being an quarter step
           in between the R and U). The rest is mainly just some
           off-beat steps that follow a section of the music.

Maniac  :  Toasty. A good warmup for AM-3P Maniac and the like. Steps
           basically don't stop, so just keep turning your body so
           that you don't get caught out. Don't use the same foot for
           two different arrows and you'll be safe as well. Watch out
           for halfbeats follow up by jumps, and if you're having
           trouble getting a sequence such as R-LR, treat it as LR-LR
           and you might find it easier. Plenty of half-beat spins as
           well =) Try it and you'll get really dizzzy!

I Believe in Miracles, by Hi-Rise

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  The steps follow the easily recognizable instrument that's
           prominent throughout most of the song. Maybe it's not an
           instrument, just a sample repeated over and over again.
           Anyway, rest of the song is easy single steps that you can
           shuffle, spin, headbutt, etc.

Another :  Just more jumping. There's about two full bars of jumps
           near the end.

Maniac  :  Ow. Half-beats are much more constant. There's rapid
           sequences everywhere, and you don't really get a chance to
           stop until the long succession of left arrows halfway
           through. Once you get past the second section of that
           sound blaring, the pattern for the steps is step-step-
           step, step-step-step, until the next instalment of the
           sound arrives. From there on it's rapid steps, and after
           the big lot of left arrows, you'll get sequences like
           L-D-R-D-L-D-R etc. To get these you'll have to turn 90
           degrees, use one foot on down and move the other back and
           forth to get the left and right arrows. After this section
           it's a fat lot of right arrows but this time they've
           thrown in some left arrows here and there, and there are
           good stomping times to be had! Not. I'm pretty sure it
           goes L-R-LR-L-R-LR. And for the final display, the steps
           totally match the pattern of the sound that's trumpeting
           through. It goes stepstepstepstepstep-stepstep-step-step.
           Hope it helps, otherwise, just stomp your way through it

AM-3P, by kTz (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : /////    |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Very funky song if you ask me. Simple stuff if you're
           ready fot this level, you've got a few jumps and steps at
           the start, and then a few off beat steps that match the
           song after the initial jumping section. Apart from the
           abundance of jumps (I sure hope that means that there are
           a lot of them =), you have a couple of spins and reverse
           spins. Lovely for performance play...do the robot!

Another :  Less jumps but more half-beat steps. There's also
           half-beats followed by jumps and some halfbeat sequences
           that are pretty easy to get, just turn your body and learn
           to flow with the steps.

Maniac  :  Great fun! You'll probably think that the steps at the
           start are undanceable, but believe me, I've seen a few who
           get past the first part but conk out on the rest of the
           song, which IMHO is quite harder as it's not all in a
           "pattern". All you have to remember for the first section
           is that they are all halfbeats and you shouldn't need to
           use the same foot for two different arrows in succession,
           unless you're playing with only one foot. Pretend you're
           "jogging" the steps, but just be careful when the patterns
           change. After the halfbeat section (it will seem like
           ages) you'll be lead into a world of offbeat steps and
           more weirdo step patterns. It mainly follows the music and
           the digitized voice, I think. There's a few quick spins in
           there as well. Watch out for the ending, there's two
           half-beat jumps (thanks to GurtyGurt for this tip, because
           before I was just stomping them as if they were quarter
           steps =)

Trip Machine, by De-Sire (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Pretty simple, a few jumps and triple half-beat steps, and
           that's it. You shouldn't have much trouble with this at
           all. At the end, the steps follow the drum beat.

Another :  This just throws more half-beat sequences and jumps your
           way. The section at the end still follows the beat but the
           steps have changed so that they're on different arrows.
           You can try and spin this section if you want.

Maniac  :  Your reading skills will have to very sharp if you're
           planning to hit all of the steps here. Half-beats aplenty,
           and they can be quite hard to get if you're not prepared
           for them. What I'd do, and usually do, is just turn my
           body with the steps and I don't get stranded too often.
           Look closely for jumps as well, and some quick spins if
           you're really opportunistic.

SP-Trip Machine ~Jungle Mix~, by De-Sire (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Pretty simple if you've passed the original Trip Machine.
           It's almost the same, just a different song.

Another :  Once again, almost the same, just that the sequences are

Maniac  :  Almost like Trip Machine Maniac but the rapid sequences
           are harder and there is more jumping.

Paranoia, by 180 (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Aah, good ol' Paranoia. The 'gateway' to becoming a real
           DDRer. This song contains all the moves you'll need to be
           able to pull off to get anywhere further, spins, jumps,
           triples, etc. Most of the steps follow the music, like the
           LR, UD, L, D-D-D parts. Then you have a part that goes
           L,D,R,D,L,D,R etc. For these parts you can either turn 90
           degrees and deal with them that way, or you can do what's
           known as the shuffle (thanks GG). Hit L with your left
           foot, D with the right, R with the right, D with the left,
           L with the left, and repeat. Basically hit two arrows in a
           row with each foot and you'll be doing a little shuffle.
           Not a big crowd pleaser, but it does get some of them.
           Listen for when the music stops and the trademark bass
           section hits, as it features in all Paranoias. After this
           section is a more rapid shuffle section, then there's your
           rapid R-R-R and L-L-L steps which I've seen some beginners
           fail on because they try too hard to get the steps. Take
           it easy, toe tapping is cool. The last 2 bars can be spun
           if you wish.

Another :  If you can beat Paranoia Basic safely then this shouldn't
           be much trouble. There's more jumps thrown in, plus more
           half-beat steps. The first shuffle section has been
           'changed' to the up arrow (it uses the up arrow instead of
           down). With the rapid L and R steps near the end, the
           second time around it will be nonstop (6 half-beats in a
           row). Whether this makes it harder or easier all depends
           on you, some may prefer the break, others may like it non-

Maniac  :  Pretty chaotic. Half-beats are more plentiful and furious.
           Just flow with the steps and you'll be fine. Watch out
           after the bass part in the music because that's where the
           steps really start getting crazy. Oh, and watch out for
           those jumps! =)

Paranoia MAX ~Dirty Mix~ (Red Banner) by 190 (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : //////// |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  Fast. You shouldn't have much trouble if you can pass
           Paranoia Basic relatively easily. The steps themselves are
           basically a hybrid of most steps for other songs, e.g
           Dub-I-Dub's jumping section, Hero's diagonal jumping, Boom
           Boom Dollar's L-R stomping, etc. Watch out for the steps
           at the end, if you don't turn your body with them the
           half-beats will win.

Another :  Ouch, this song once again recycles the steps used in
           previous Another mode songs. The main thing here is the
           jumping, and learning to recognize when it's actually some
           half-beat sequence. This song does it a lot, especially
           after the part where the bass kicks in. Watch out for
           Dub-I-Dub Another's rapid step sequence, because here,
           it's much faster.

Maniac  :  Very, very, nasty. Tons of rapid step sequences, possibly
           too many? The real killer here is after the part where the
           bass hits. The steps are nonstop and will grab you by the
           nuts. Turn your body with the steps, flow with them and
           you should be safe. This is great for improving fast

Paranoia MAX ~Dirty Mix~ (Brown Banner, Roulette Version) by 190
                                        (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   :  See Paranoia Basic tips, just faster.

Another :  Paranoia Another, just faster.

Maniac  :  Paranoia Maniac, just faster.

Make A Jam!, by U1 (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Slow song that has a few half-beats that follow the music. 
          The most prominent of these is probably the L-R-L-R part.
          Your Boom Boom Dollar skills will come in handy here =) A
          couple of jumps and the rest of the song is single steps.

Another : As with most other Another songs, there's just more
          half-beats and jumps. There are quite a few spins to be
          found in this song, even in the disguise of U-U-R, D-D-L.
          It's a "delayed" spin.

Maniac  : Once again, more half-beat steps and the jumping is more
          rapid and furious. There's some parts in this song that are
          likely to trick you into thinking that the half-beat steps
          are actually jumps, so read ahead and be careful.

Paranoia ~KCET Clean Mix~, by 2MB (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   : Watch out because this song starts off almost immediately.
          Consists of fast singles and jumps. The speed will probably
          be the only thing that you'll be a bit iffy on. This song
          also borrows from other Basic mode steps, and you'll need
          to be careful when the Dub-I-Dub spin kicks in, because
          it's fast and it will either make you dizzzy or trip over
          yourself. Try not to do either otherwise you'll be stuffed
          for the rest of the song =) The spin (U-L-U, L-D-L, D-R-D,
          R-U-R) appears in each difficulty level of this song.

Another : Not that much harder than the Basic version. As usual, more 
          half-beats and jumps but nothing that will catch you
          completely unaware.

Maniac  : Ouch. Hardest song along with Paranoia MAX and Make It 
          Better ~So Real Mix~? Lots of long half-beat sequences that
          are not made easier by the speed of the song. Turn your
          body with the steps and you'll survive...if you're fast
          enough. Watch out for the extremely evil set of steps of
          about 6 or 7 in a row that are all on the same arrow (a la
          Dead End SSR, or Paranoia Another). These can really finish
          you off if you're tired.

Tubthumping, by Chumbawamba

|Basic   : ////     |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : //////   |

Basic   : Slow slow song that shouldn't pose any problems. Mainly
          jumps and there are some double half-beat steps in there,
          but like I said, shouldn't pose a problem if you've beaten
          songs like Boys and Bad Girls and the like.

Another : Easy, slow steps, there are some jumps and triple halfbeats
          nearing the end of the song.

Maniac  : The triples and jumps are more constant here, you'll be on
          your toes a lot more than you would have in Basic or
          Another mode. Still very easy.

Love, by Sonic Dream

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : /////    |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Very easy song with singles, some jumps and spins. There
          are quite long breaks in between some steps, so you can
          have a good nap.

Another : Some more jumps and some steps that match the music.

Maniac  : More constant jumping, and the steps match the music much 
          more closely. A good introduction to Maniac mode.

El Ritmo Tropical, by the Dixie Gang

|Basic   : //       |
|Another : //////   |
|Maniac  : ///////  |

Basic   : Quite a few jumps and spins, and there is some L-R stepping 
          a la Boom Boom Dollar style.

Another : Some wacky sequences of half-beats that follow the music
          (the dun-dundun, dun-dundun parts) and more jumps.

Maniac  : Steps follow the dun-dundun part, and they are quite quick.
          Some sequences in here so look ahead, and turn with the

Keep On Movin, by N.M.R  (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : /////    |

Basic   : Mainly single steps, some spins, a jump or two, it's
          beginners' stuff. There are a few half-beat steps but they
          match the music so it's easy to follow.

Another : More half-beats steps and jumps, nothing drastic.

Maniac  : More of the same. Has half-beats following jumps and 
          preceding jumps, and some half-beat sequences but they
          shouldn't pose much of a problem if you can deal with 5

Let Them Move, by N.M.R (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : /        |
|Another : //       |
|Maniac  : ////     |

Basic   : One foot? Oh this must be hard =) The real beginner's song.
          Consists of everything a beginner should know, single
          steps, left-right steps, spins, and uh, that's it. Have

Another : More spins and single steps. I think there might be a jump 
          or two.

Maniac  : Much harder! More jumps and there's even some triple 
          half-beat steps. They appear around the chorus (that awful
          lady singing "Let them move") but that's it, it's more of
          the same stuff everywhere else.

20, November, DDR Version, by N.M.R feat. DJ Naguero
                                          (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : /        |
|Another : ///      |
|Maniac  : ////     |

Basic   : Another real beginner's song. This one introduces you to 
          half-beat triple steps, albeit being all on the same arrow.
          Other than that, easy single steps.

Another : Spins can be found wherever you look, well, almost. There's 
          more half-beats as well.

Maniac  : I think this is a little harsh four a four foot rating.
          More than a few hard sequences if you're not up on this
          level yet, half-beats followed by and preceding jumps, etc.
          If you haven't done a song yet with rapid half-beat
          sequences, turn your body with the steps and you'll be

Think Ya Better D, by sAmi (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : ///      |
|Another : ////     |
|Maniac  : /////    |

Basic   : Just single steps and jumps, and there are some half-beats 
          that follow the music. There's plenty of spins in the song
          as well,  and watch out as it the steps start right away.

Another : More half-beat steps, jumps and spins. In the chorusy part, 
          where the music goes dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun -
          etc. the parts are spinnable (U-R, R-D, D-L), if a bit
          delayed. Since the steps match the music they should be
          easy to memorize though.

Maniac  : More of the usualy, but there are longer half-beat sections 
          that can be quite tricky. The steps follow the music pretty
          closely though, and if you flow and turn your body with the
          steps you'll have no trouble.

Trip Machine Luv Mix, by 2MB (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   : Pretty easy for a six footer if you ask me. The half-beat 
          steps are quite easy to get if you've done five footers and
          the like, there's not too many jumps, but you have just be
          careful of those steps that follow the beat but don't
          really seem to match anything. Maybe it's just me but just
          be careful.

Another : There are more half-beats in this song, and there's even a 
          triple quarter step in the middle (around the parts where
          the steps die off and the voice goes "5,4,5,4,3,2,1") that
          goes L-R-L, gotta be quick for that one! There's also some
          half-beat spins that will make you very dizzzy if

Maniac  : Yowch. Forget what I said about Paranoia Clean and Max
          being the hardest bar Make It Better ~So Real Mix~, this
          might just beat them both. This is one song where the
          "don't use the same foot for two different arrows in a row"
          doesn't apply... From the start you get what appear to be
          easy triple half-beaters, but once you hit the first one
          (using the DUTSFFTDAIAR method [if you don't get that
          acronym, look in the inverted commas above]), you'll be
          stuck when it comes to hitting the next triple half-beat
          sequence, as you'll either have to a)hit them all with the
          same foot, b)use your hands, or c)break your legs. So what
          I recommend is the "sliding/dragging" technique, where you
          hit the first arrow with one foot, and then the next two
          with your other foot. It may kill but it saves you from
          spinning around and possibly off the stage. The steps will
          lead you everywhere so be careful. The killer part is at
          the end, where the steps will go everywhere. They have some
          sort of pattern which involves the L,U and R arrows, and in
          between every step section is a halfbeat spin (which is
          when that de-duh-de-duh-duh sound is played) and that is
          the thing that will most likely throw you off balance. You
          can either spin it (it'll be tough, and you'll probably
          have to memorize what's coming up after the spin as well)
          or you can try to slide it, which is what I do. Just keep
          going at it and you'll get through it eventually. This is a
          great song to get you onto the 9 footers of 3rd Mix and up.

Love This Feelin', by Chang Ma (Konami Original Remix)

|Basic   : //////   |
|Another : ///////  |
|Maniac  : //////// |

Basic   : Starts off very very slow. Bloody slow. However that
          doesn't mean the steps are slow...there's plenty to keep
          you company. A few spins as well, but they're mainly
          offbeat steps. The L-R-L-R-L-R steps are not jumps, but
          Boom Boom Dollar like steps,only faster. After the U-D
          steps, you'll have a break for a few bars, in which the
          song speeds up like crazy...an almost Drop Out like
          crazy... There's lots of spins but they're a bit too fast
          to attempt. It's mainly single steps, some offbeats and a
          few jumps. The speed will take getting used to =)

Another : More or less the same, just more jumps and spins. Add some
          half-beats to the list as well. Speaking about jumps,
          there's a fat jumping sequence in the middle that goes from
          corner to corner and back again. Same with the spins, they
          usually go back and forth.

Maniac  : Ouch. The start has changed, and while the "steps" 
          themselves are the same, the "arrows" that they are on are
          different, if you get my drift. Then there's more halfbeat
          steps in the faster section of the song and a few more
          jumps I think.

Trial Songs

These songs can be found under the 'Bonus Track' menu. They only have
one difficulty level. Get used to seeing these Trial songs. If 
"successful" they will be released in the next Arcade version of DDR
(e.g these songs were released in 3rd Mix, 3rd Mix trials in 4th and
so on).

The Race, by Captain Jack

|Trial : ///        |

Trial : Too easy, even for a three footer. Some spins and jumps
        amongst the single steps.

In The Navy, by Captain Jack

|Trial : ////       |

Trial : Kinda hard for a four footer, in contrast to The Race. There
        are more than a few triple half-beats but they're not hard,
        just there's lots of them for a four footer. Some jumps, and
        that's it.

5)Song Difficulties

Difficulty Chart
|Song Title                        |  Basic  |  Another  |  Maniac  |
|Boom Boom Dollar                  |    2    |     5     |    6     |
|Bad Girls                         |    2    |     4     |    5     |
|Boys                              |    3    |     4     |    7     |
|Put Your Faith In Me              |    3    |     4     |    6     |
|Put Your Faith In Me              |    4    |     5     |    6     |
|                   ~Jazzy Groove~ |---------|-----------|----------|
|Brilliant 2U                      |    4    |     5     |    6     |
|Brilliant 2U                      |    5    |     6     |    7     |
|               ~Orchestra Groove~ |---------|-----------|----------|
|Smoke                             |    3    |     4     |    6     |
|Make It Better                    |    4    |     5     |    7     |
|Make It Better ~So Real Mix~      |    5    |     6     |    8     |
|If You Were Here                  |    5    |     6     |    7     |
|Dub-I-Dub                         |    4    |     6     |    8     |
|Stomp To My Beat                  |    5    |     6     |    7     |
|Hero                              |    4    |     5     |    6     |
|Get Up 'N Move                    |    5    |     7     |    8     |
|I Believe In Miracles             |    5    |     6     |    8     |
|AM-3P                             |    5    |     6     |    8     |
|Trip Machine                      |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|SP-Trip Machine ~Jungle Mix~      |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|Paranoia                          |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|Paranoia MAX ~Dirty Mix~          |    6    |     8     |    8     |
|Paranoia MAX ~Dirty Mix~          |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|               (Roulette Version) |---------|-----------|----------|
|Make A Jam!                       |    3    |     5     |    7     |
|Paranoia ~KCET Clean Mix~         |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|Tubthumping                       |    4    |     5     |    6     |
|Love                              |    3    |     5     |    7     |
|El Ritmo Tropical                 |    2    |     6     |    7     |
|Keep On Movin                     |    3    |     4     |    5     |
|Let Them Move                     |    1    |     2     |    4     |
|20, November                      |    1    |     3     |    4     |
|Think Ya Better D                 |    3    |     4     |    5     |
|Trip Machine ~Luv Mix~            |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|Love This Feelin'                 |    6    |     7     |    8     |
|The Race    ******TRIAL****** |                 3                  |
|In The Navy ******TRIAL****** |                 4                  |


Err...anyone got any suggestions for this section? I reckon some
freestylin' tips wouldn't be too shabby. Um, if I find any wacky info
I'll dump it all in here. Oh hey, what about my profile? That might
fit (idea stolen from GG once again, haha)!

Name : DC (meet me in person and I'll tell you mah real name)
D.O.B : 06/06/86
Been playing DDR for how long? : Since Feb 2001
Fav. Songs : 2nd [Re]Mix - Brilliant 2U OG, Strictly Business, Trip
                           Machine ~Luv Mix~, AM-3P
             3rd [Re]Mix - Wonderland, Dead End, Follow The Sun.
                           Dynamite Rave, Luv To Me ~AMD Mix~
             4th Mix - Holic, .59, Era ~nostalmix~, Leading Cyber,
                       Trip Machine Climax, Furuhata's Theme
             5th Mix - Ecstacy, iNSERTiON, Electro Tuned
             (Note that I can't any 9 footers bar Hypnotic Crisis,
             heh. The songs are still cool to listen to)
Hates : Any Eurotrash/J-Pop/most Captain Jack stuff. That's why I
        don't like 4th Mix PS awfully too much, however, the presence
        of Taka and TaQ make up for it.
Playing Level? : Can pass any 8 footer bar Drop Out Maniac, and End
                 of The Century Maniac, I think =) Only 9 footer
                 completed is Hypnotic Crisis but I am working on
                 Dead End, ouch.
How often? : I don't play DDR much at home coz my mat's stuffed.
             Usually play at the local arcade twice a month (I know, 
             not often at all), coz I don't have a part-time job and
             therefore not much money. I'm only in secondary school,
             and all these places that are supposedly "hiring" youths
             are not when I hand in an application form. Bleah.

So, wish to contribute anything, it'll go here.


Konami - Why else?

Ken  - For being one of the only people I know that's game enough to 
play DDR with me! And you're good at it too, bonus! Matrix walks 
anyone? =)

GurtyGurt - For being a "mentor" of some sort. I just like to annoy 

Planet Earth - Forest Hill Chase, Forest Hill, 3rd Floor, Melbourne, 
Victoria - One of the best damn arcades around, and with 3rd Mix 
Korean at $3 for 10 songs, you can't get any better.

Coming soon...
*Double Mode will feature soon, don't you worry!
*Freestyling tips? Anyone?
*Songs that were in DDR but not in 2nd Remix? Strictly Business,
 Butterfly, My Fire...Let me find a copy.
*Reader contributions?
*Gameshark codes?
*Other than that, a 4th Mix FAQ is on the way. Or is that a 3rd? Let
 me ask myself.

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