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Reviewed: 10/08/00 | Updated: 10/08/00

A good idea, developed in a wrong way

When the first Echo Night was released for Playstation some months ago,it was reviewed by gamers and magazines as a game with a good story,but an ugly graphic that can possibly ruin the game.Well,i played it and i agree.But i have to say that it was good anyway..
This sequel confirm the first one:Echo Night 2 has a good atmosphere.Creepy rooms,misterious libraries,dark halls,phantoms,everything is dark.....and there is always a quiet atmosphere.
You don't have to wait for the zombies to fall from the roof or out of nowhere...sometimes you just enter in a room,you see that there is noone and nothing inside,and when you turn back to leave you will see that a ghost was looking at you in silent from a dark corner.
Let's analize the game in a deep way...

The storyline is really nice.In Echo night 2 you find that your girlfriend is misteriously disappeared,and of course you have to search her,and the clues bring you to a creepy mansion.Man,maybe she is inside,and you have to find her,but the house seems to hide some dark secrets....

The game let you encounter some souls.These souls are sad,they can't find peace,and in order to advance in the story, you have to travel the time to different situations of their lives to help them find peace.Their stories are particular and believable,and you probably will help them not only because you have to,but because you want too.There is no innovation from the first Echo Night,and maybe 8 is too much,but anyway is still a nice and original idea.

The gameplay is not great,but i don't think you need more.From a point of view,it's very simple and easy to learn and use,but from another point of view,you maybe judge it as a static,too simple,too poor.more or less it's a little bit of both:yes it's poor and not so good,but yes you don't need more and after some minutes of game you will use it without criticize it anymore.

It's a first personal view,with a cross in the middle that let you understand where you are aiming at,and that become blue when you can interact with something or someone.
Comments on what are you aiming are very poor,our ''hero'' has a limited vocabulary,but you can live with it,because it does not affect the game...anyway a little bit more of comments about the environment would be appreciated for a deepest atmosphere.

There are enemies on Echo Night 2,but you can't engage a fight with them:to be able to go forward in the game,you have to use lights in the rooms,because lights will make the ghosts disappear...or you have to use some objects...or maybe you have to solve puzzles..anything but fighting them(nice.brain instead of force.).That will make you interact with the enemy in a nice way:you have to know who he is,in order to stop him.

Menus are in english,all the other things are in japanese.

Well,it's ''real''.More or less there is no music in the game,you just heard what you would heard if you were living this adventure.steps sound,environment sounds,nothing more nothing less,and you don't need more here(But we finally saw with games like Silent Hill that a right soundtrack can be a key factor)...

It's really a pity...maybe there was no money to spent,or just that FROM SOFTWARE need more experience,but the graphic is ugly.Characters moves in a slowly,unreal way,all things are blocky objects,and it's difficult in a room to understand which is the bed and which is the desk.
You feel like you are able to make the game better,also now that we see how games can be developed on PSX(See graphics like the last Final Fantasies,viii and ix).the graphics ruin the game,it's true,but the story can keep it quite interesting,and maybe you will not suffer it too much,as i did.

Well,maybe you will not play it anymore after the first time,or maybe youh will who knows.But it's a japanese game,so if you play it as an import and you don't understand japanese,maybe you will replay it to understand the storyline better.

A last comment on it?yes 7.besides of the graphics,the poor gameplay,and poor audio,i liked it,and not because i bought it and because i spent money on it i have to say it's not bad just to justify my purchase: i rented the import copy.
If you are a fan of horror adventures,i suggest to play both
Echo Night and Echo Night 2,because of the story and atmosphere.It's a difficult game to appreciate,but it has a potential that sadly was not used in full.
So,be carefull,I's probably a GOOD RENT,but NOT a GAME TO BUY.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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