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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Super Retro 70's Robot Heaven!!!

Remember way back when you watched shows like Voltron, Macross, and Voltes V? Well maybe you don't but Super 70's Robot: Geppy is pure bliss for all you retro animerobot fans. If you don't know what I am talking about then you would do yourselfgood if you checked out the anime mentioned above. While I am not sure if Geppy X and later Geppy XX were ever in syndication in the United States he sure was inJapan. But enough talk, let's get to the review. Geppy X is a not so average side scrolling shooter which is somewhat a cross between R-Type and the CapcomClassic Section Z with colorful sprite and polygonal based characters and enemies.The in game cinemas are a combination of old original and new anime cut scenes alongwith beautiful CG rendered movies. Taking it a step further the game is even setup like a TV show, after the introduction segment and a cinema you are plunged intoa gameplay segment, after completing that you are treated to more cinemas and eithera commercial break(yes that's right) which showcases vintage footage of Geppy Xmerchandise. ONce you complete the the "episode" the credits role and then you aretreated to "scenes from the next episode" which is what comes next. All in All thiscreates both a nostalgic gameplay and entertainment experience. Now for the gameplayJust as mentioned above Geppy X is like a cross between Section Z and R-Type.You control 6 different robots dependent on the scenario. Each one has a main weapon which can be charged up and made more powerful, a secondary weapon whichis more of an assist weapon, and each robot is capable of a super attack whenyou powergauge fills up. Like most shooters progression through the game is basedon fast reflexes and memorization of bss patterns. What makes this game stand outamong most playstation games though is the fact that it is completely 2-D all the backrounds, enemies, and robots are all 2-D all except for the wonderfullymodeled bosses which are made of polygons but they are so detailed that the only wayyou an tell is by their movemens. This is very refreshing especially for those wholike old school games or are tired of all the games with polygons. However thisis not a game for the masses. To face the sad truth, most people today don't go for 2-Dgames anymore and that have never relly heard of anime and refer to it's presencein video games as that(and this is a quote from somebody I heard)"Chinese Cartoonstuff". However, there are always those diehard Otakus that play videogames forgameplay besides the fact that they are 3D or have pretty graphics that will pickup this game and enjoy every moment of it. But, for me this game was wonderfully thought out and is one of the jewels in th playstation game library. If youfit the criteria mentioned above then this game is definitly for you.

Rating: 10

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