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Reviewed: 02/04/03 | Updated: 02/04/03

Before you buy! This is a reissue of Shienryu

If shooters weren't such a fanatical niche market, the reissue of an old saturn shooter wouldn't be much of an issue--especially one that was never released in the US. Yet, let's be honest; shooter fans are fanatical. They treat their saturn with more care than a new born babe, and they don't like to get tricked into paying twice for the same game.

I've previously reviewed this game for the saturn and so if you are looking for a FULL review, you might be best reading other's here, or checking out the saturn reviews of the same game.

Story: N/A

Graphics: 5

Very nice, classic backgrounds (much akin to layer section) with enemies that could have been done quite easily on the SNES. That isn't a bad thing though. What were you expecting? Ikaruga? The graphics match the age of this game (eh? 95 or so?) and have a great nostalgic feel to them. Other's have praised the explosions, and they certainly aren't bad, but given that you could be playing DOA Xtreme Volleyball, no, the graphics aren't going to wow you.

Another detriment--the 'sidebars' are just what's left of the title screen. It is extremely ugly and shows very little care in presenting this title.

Controls: 8

Ship feels a little sluggish, and for some reason the hitbox seems HUGE, but perhaps I'm getting spoiled by modern shooters--after all, your ship in Layer Section filled up seemingly an 8th of the screen and moved like a cow. So the controls are pretty average for a shooter, which is to say they are actually pretty good. Shooters with bad controls are simply intolerable.

On one other note (and I don't know if this really belongs under 'controls'); I found no way to actually reset the game during play other than rebooting the system. In fact, I couldn't even find an option menu. Whether Shienryu is a great game or not, it just seems enormously clear that...uh...this is a $10 reissue.

Sound: 4

It seems a SNES or Genesis could have handled the music and sounds. Again, I'm not sure this is a bad thing, but you will not be impressed.

Gameplay: 7

Well, Shienryu was always sort of a Raiden knockoff and nothing has really changed in the course of the years. Of course, there is 2 player mode which should be a lot of fun; and the game itself sure aint bad. There is nothing terribly exceptional nor hideous about the game. It is really the AVERAGE shooter.

Meaning that it's a lot of fun for $10

Replay: 8

Well, for one thing, shooters are simply a lot of fun to replay. But...D'oh! This game doesn't let you save your scores. Ouch! On the other hand, it includes about half a dozen extra modes, though not all of them will hold your interest. On the whole it is an interesting repackaging of the game, but not enough to warrant a second purchase (even for $10).

Final take:

If you haven't played Shienryu the first time round, Gekioh is a fine purchase, especially considering the 2P option. It captures that classic, raiden-esque feel and let's you totally blow the crap out of things. It also provides a decent amount of challenge with a high fun factor. That's a lot to ask for a $10 game.

What you shouldn't be fooled on though is that Gekioh is NOT a new game, nor will it really impress you in any department. Actually, the most impressive thing is just that it's seen a reissue--and I think that DOES need rewarding.

Buy or Rent: The people who need to buy this game know who they are. The rest should stick to playing GTA3.

Total Score (not an average for average game)=7

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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