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Reviewed: 12/23/02 | Updated: 01/07/03

A difficult shooter that's fun to play..

I bought this game on a whim, only because of its genre. I'm a huge fan of shoot-em ups (shmups) and this one satisfies my appetite. Let's get onto the review..

They're not bad, but they're entirely fantastic either. The FMVs definitely appear a bit grainy, from the only one I've seen. Besides that, I must say that the amount of detail in the levels is pretty good. There is a good amount of variation among the enemy sprites. One thing I noticed while playing was a bit of slowdown during the great hectic moments on screen. Sometimes, you'll notice little scraps of ships you destroy fall down into the scenery below. I thought that was a little something extra nice in the game.

This is where most shmups shine and this one is no exception. This game has a total of NINE different modes, that range from the insane Stingy and No Mercy modes to the fun Comical mode. You'll always find something to do with this shooter. Each powerup has a different special attack, so there is a strategy, of sorts, as to which weapon you'll want to use in any given situation.

****SOUND & MUSIC****
Who has time to listen to music in a shooter? I certainly don't, since I'm concentrating on not getting my ship blown to bits. But if you're persistent on listening to the music in the game, then you'll find that the music isn't that bad. The sound effects are not bad, but they're lacking the full effect that I expect from a shooter. Your weapons don't make too much noise, but the explosions you make do.

Wow, I love difficult shooters and this one ranks up there with some others though there is some fluctuation in some of the modes. While the game gets very difficult later on, the fact that you can have unlimited continues by pressing SELECT makes this game a little easier. With all the game modes, this shooter has a little more replayability than most other shooters. Of course, one thing a shooter has is the fact that you can just pick it up and play it for a short bit without having to get too involved.

With all the game modes and the catchy $9.99 price tag, I might recommend this game. If you're a fan of shoot-em ups, then this game would please you greatly. I'd say this game is definitely a BUY considering the price tag.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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