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Reviewed: 06/24/01 | Updated: 06/24/01

A Japanese Classic!

Just a year ago or so, I never even knew about Cotton. I never saw it in the USA, nor have heard about it in Magazines, websites, etc. But this game is a classic, a Side-Scrolling shooter that is, about a small witch girl named Cotton and her adventures with wierd fairy's and her favorite snack, Willows. This game is out for a lot of platforms, and it spawns many sequels, and other things. The game, Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams, is a direct port of the Arcade version, now on your PSX. It's a pretty funny and cute game that turns out pretty entertaining in the end.

Gameplay- 7/10

The controls in this game are responsive, it's not either slow or too loose. I like the vibration function too, which I thought was pretty neat. There is a lot of power-ups in this game and should keep you playing. The game goes harder and harder as you progress, and the power-ups go stronger as long as you don't get hurt. The fun rating in this game is average. It seems to depend on your mood, because there is some days you just hate this games guts and there is some days that you just sit down and play it, so overall it turns out average.

Story- 4/10

I also own the unofficial translation of the game which can be found on the internet, so thats my way of figuring out whats happening. The story is pretty weird and dumb if you ask me. Cotton finds her favorite snack, Willow. Then a overally-breasted fairy comes up to you and to help her and talks to you about things, but the main point is that she tells her if Cotton waits a while, the Willow can become a great big Willow. But Cotton is always so anxious to eat it.

Audio- 6/10

It is a port of a late 80's/early 90's game. The sound is a little wierd, and some of the voices in the game are funny. Especially the voice when you die, it does'nt sound like anything really, not a kind of sound you would hear when somebody dies. It just sounds like a whole bunch of mumbleing. The music is cute but kind of repepative. Average stuff here.

Graphics- 7/10

The characters are drawn in a Anime/Manga style, and in comedy parts of the game Cotton turns SD. Its just a port of a old arcade game, so don't expect anything new. But the graphics are bright and ok, and the enemies are pretty cool looking, but the characters themselves are strange. Overall the Graphics are what you would find in a Super NES game.

Replayability- 3/10

Yikes, heres the bad part. You would'nt want to play this game any time soon after you beat it. The next time you want to play this is either on a rainy day or if you have short-term memory and you forgot that you played it in the first place. But it is still a fun game, but not after you beat it.

Buy/Rent? Buy

Why? Because this game is a classic, and if you are a person that likes to import games like me this game is a must have. Anyways, I doubt that you would find Cotton in your neighborhood BlockBuster or Hollywood Video.

Rating: 7

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