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    FAQ by Rock

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "The Rock" <rocky_bottom@hotmail.com>
    Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 16:55:54 PDT
                        Tenchu Shinobi Gaisen
    Version 1.0
    3:explanation of translation
    1:Hi. This is version 1 of my Tenchu Shinobi Gaisen faq. I will let 
    anyone use this faq only if they give me full credit . If anyone 
    wants to contact me, e-mail me at rocky_bottom@hotmail.com  If i am 
    missing something in this faq, or if something in the faq is wrong, 
    or if you find out something that i dont have in this faq, please e-
    mail and i will put it in the faq and give you full credit for 
    whatever it is. Now on to the faq:
    2: translation faq:
                              TITLE SCREEN
    There are 4 choices on the title screen. Here they are from top to 
                           Start Game
                           Training mode
                           Special Modes
                           Options Menu
    There are 2 columns of options in the options menu. here they  are in 
    the correct order:
    1:High scores                         6:controller config
    2:difficulty:ez,normal,hard           7:vibration:on,off
    3:sound:stereo,mono                   8:mem card:load game,save game
    4:music/sound volume                  9:auto save:on,off
    5:music/sound test                    10:language:japanese,english
                          Special modes
    There are 4 options on the special modes screen. here they are in the 
    correct order:to choose  any of these options, press circle.
    1:time Attack mode
    2:level editor
    3:modify created level
    4:exit to title screen
                          Time Attack menu
    This is pretty self explanatory. all you have to do is press the 
    circle button to pick whichever level you want to play and thats it. 
    and if you want to go back a screen, press the X button. Please note 
    that different time attack levels have different requirements in 
    order to beat them.
                           Level Editor {1st screen}
    there are 6 choices on this screen. press the X button to go back, 
    press the circle button to select something, and press the start to 
    go to the next second screen
    1:Name level
    2:Input your name
    3:Type in password
    4:Select level background
    5:Select the goal of level
    6:enable stealth mode
    {i explain all of these options in detail in the explanation section}
                            Level Editor {2nd screen}
    there are 6 options on this screen. You must press the select button 
    to access this menu. if you dont press select, you will not see this 
    1:go back to the previous screen
    2:place down structures in level
    3:place down enemies in level
    4:run test mode
    5:save level
    6:save level and quit
    {i explain all of these options in detail in the explanatory section}
    3:Explanation faq:
    ook. This is the part where i explain the things that are hard to 
    understand. if you are wondering why i didnt translate the main game 
    option or the training mode option, it is because i felt that it was 
    a waste of time because all you have to do is go to the options menu 
    and go to the very last option in the lower right hand corner and 
    when you select the 2nd option, the story mode and training is all 
    translated to english. there are more languages but they are in the 
    secrets part.
    as far as the options screen goes, everything is pretty self 
    explanatory but if you are still having problems with that, just e-
    mail me at rocky_bottom@hotmail.com and i will answer you.oh and if i 
    were you, i would always have auto save set to on.
         Time attack mode:
    when you first boot up your game, there are only about 6 or 7 stages 
    to choose from in time attack mode. but everytime you complete a 
    level in story mode, that level becomes selectable in time attack 
    mode. the rest is pretty self explanatory.
        Level editor {1st option}:
    ok. here we go. the first option is simply there so you can give your 
    level a name. they included the alpahabet in 4 different languages so 
    you shouldnt have a problem
    the second option is there so you can put in your name. so when 
    everyone sees that level, they will know that you created it.
    the 3rd option is there so you can put in a password. this is a nifty 
    little feature they included. it is mainly there so that nobody can 
    go behind your back and go to the level you worked so hard to create 
    and screw it up. the only way they can mess with your level is if 
    they know your password. but they dont need a password to play the 
    level though. so i advise that you write down your password after 
    putting it in and dont tell anyone what it is.
    the 4th option is where you select what the level background will be. 
    when you first boot up your, there will be 0 levels to choose from. 
    which means that in order to start making levels, you have to beat 
    the story mode. everytime you complete a level in story mode, you can 
    use that background in the level editor. so i advise that you at 
    least beat the game before you start making levels
    the 5th option is kinda hard to explain but i will try the best i 
    can. ok, there are 5 options to choose from. each one changes the 
    goal of your level. here they are in the correct order:
    1:locate master
    2:find and kill the boss of level
    3:find and kill all enemies
    4:excort princess kiku to her father
    5:locate flower to save princess
    so in other words, if you select option, you goal will be to simply 
    find your master, if you select the 2nd one, your goal will be to 
    find and kill the boss, if you select the 3rd one, the goal will be 
    to locat and kill all the enemies in the level. if you select the 4th 
    option, your goal will be to excort princess kiku to her father{you 
    must also make sure she stays alive because gaurds will try to kill 
    her}. and finally, if you choose the 5th option, the goal will be to 
    find the flower to save rincess kiku.
    the 6th option is simply a level modifer. this option is used if you 
    want to make a stealth mission where if you are spotted even once, 
    the game is over. the default position is off but if you move it to 
    the right, the option will be on.
                   Level editor {2nd screen}
    ok. this is where you actually make the level.here is the explanation 
    in the correct order:{keep in mind that you must press select to 
    access this menu}
    1st option:this is used to go back to the subscreen.the one where you 
    named the level and did other stuff}
    2nd option:when you select this option, you will see structures at 
    the bottom of the screen such as trees and lamps and stairs and other 
    stuff. use the L2 and R2 buttons to scroll them. you can also scroll 
    past the edge of the screen. to put down a structure, simply choose 
    the place where you want to place it and press the circle button. if 
    you wanna remove a object you already put down, simply put the square 
    over that object and press the X button.
    3rd option: this option can be a little tricky but here goes. when 
    you select this option, you should see some enemies at the bottom of 
    the screen, if you dont see them, then select the option one more 
    time and you should see them. the first character should be rikamaru. 
    you can place him anywhere you want him to be. the enemies vary 
    depending on what background you are using and which goal you are 
    using. but you can place dwn enemies the same way you put down the 
    structures. after you are done putting down your enemies on your 
    level, press select to access the menu and select the third option 
    again. this time you shouldnt see any thing at the bottom of the 
    screen. now this is where you can choose your enemies walking 
    pattern. select a enemie by pressing L2 or R2 and press the circle 
    button to start. if you are doing it right, you should see a arrow on 
    their head. now you can simply move the arrow in any direction. keep 
    in mind that where ever you move the arrow, thats where that enemie 
    will walk. if you want to delete a arrow, press the x button. and if 
    you want your enemie to stop and pause in one spot for a little 
    while, press the circle button. you should see a number one on the 
    head of the enemy. that represents one second. keep pressing the 
    circle button to go up in the seconds. you can make a enemie stand in 
    one spot for up to 9 seconds. and than they will start to walk again. 
    if you want your enemy to just stand in one spot for the whole level, 
    then disregard the above directions after you have chosen where you 
    want your enemy to stand.
    SPECIAL NOTE: if you wanna  use the goal where you must guide 
    princess kiku to her father. then you must use the above directions 
    and you should see princess kiku. you absolutely MUST manually make a 
    path from princess kiku to her father. if you make the level so that 
    she just stands in one spot, then the level will never end because 
    she would never make it to her father. so you must construct a path 
    for her so she can get to her father.
    4th option: this is just a test mode. when you select this option,you 
    can test the level you are currently making
    5th option:pick this to save the current level {circle to confirm and 
    x to go back.
    6th option:pick this to save level and exit level editor.
    7th option: just pick this to cancel the current window.
    Special Note: if you ever want to acces modify your created level in 
    the future, you must go to the option that i stated earlier that is 
    called modify created level. when you go there, just simply choose 
    the level you want to modify and you will be asked to enter the 
    password that you put in when you first made the level. if you 
    successfully put in the password, you will be able to modify your 
    ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTE: if you are wondering how to play your created 
    level, just go to time attack mode and scroll all the way to the 
    bottom of the screen and you should see your level.
    2030 ad: to access this level, simply beat the game with rikimaru and 
    you should see this level under time attack. you will also be able to 
    select this level under the level editor. this level is set in the 
    spanish and french dialogue: after beating the game, go to the 
    options menu and when go to the option that i labeled language. you 
    should see 2 more lanuguages which are french and spanish
    Carry up to 30 items: at the item select screen, hold triangle and 
    press L1,R1,Up,Right, Down Left
    increase item stock by one: Hold triangle L1, R1, up, down, right, 
    this is the end of my faq. more updates will come in the future. if 
    you have any questions or comments concerning this faq, feel free to 
    e-mail me at rocky_bottom@hotmail.com

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