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Game Script by residenteevee

Version: EPOCH | Updated: 02/07/2016
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Mizzurna Falls English Script

This English version  of the Japanese script  for the 1998 Human  Entertainment
game "Mizzurna  Falls"  has  been translated   from the  original  Japanese  by
ResidentEevee.  This  game has  never been  localised  and exists  only  in its
original Japanese format. Please  credit the translator  when quoting from this
script. Please do  not use this  content without  permission, reproduce  it, or
falsely claim credit for it.

Mizzurna Falls, Colorado, December 1998

December 25th, around 6:13 am
In a forest located  in the outskirts  of Mizzurna  Falls, a small  town at the
base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado,  a young girl was discovered collapsed
and covered with blood.
The girl, Kathy  Flannery (16) had  wounds all over  her body resembling  those
inflicted by animal claws. It was believed she had been attacked by a bear.
Then, just  after  7am,  Emma Rowland  (18),   a  schoolmate  of  Kathy's,  was
discovered missing by her mother, who alerted the authorities.
The state  police  began investigating   for  any connection  between  the  two
It was Christmas day.
What a tragedy to befall such a small, peaceful town, with a population of less
than 2,000 people...


December 25th, 8:11am

Int. A room. A young man is lying on a bed, fully clothed. The phone rings.

?: Hello?

? Matthew?

Matthew: Winona, is that you?

Winona: Yes.

Matthew: Why are you calling me this early?

Winona: I just got a phone call from Sarah... something's happened to Emma.

Matthew: Winona, calm down.

Winona: Emma's mom called me and said that she doesn't know where Emma is.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Winona: I don't know, but she hasn't seen Emma since last night.

Matthew: Last night...?

Winona: ...Did something happen?

Matthew: No, not really. Anyway, let's meet and talk.

Winona: Emma's been strange lately. I'm worried.

Matthew: It's okay. Don't worry.

Winona: Okay... I'm coming over now. Sarah's  voice was trembling like crazy. I
wonder if something bad happened to Emma...

Matthew looks at a photo on his night stand. 

Matthew Inner Monologue:  This was taken  this summer, when  Emma, Winona and I
had a barbecue.  If Emma  was a normal  kind of  girl Winona  wouldn't be  this
worried about her. Emma doesn't have many friends, and sometimes you don't know
what she's thinking. Just like last night...  Last night Emma seemed different.
When I talked to  her, she seemed  totally spaced  out. But she  was especially
beautiful last night... I wonder what's happened to her...

Matthew checks the photo on the night stand:
She really wasn't her usual  self last night. I can't  exactly describe it, but
she seemed so alone...

Matthew checks the book shelf.
"To be or not to be..." how come it opened at this page?

Matthew checks the radio cassette player:
The secondhand radio  cassette player  I got from  Uncle Nozz. I've  had it for
years but it hasn't broken yet.


Exterior, Captain Nozz's General Store, backyard. Uncle Nozz enters.

Uncle Nozz: Matthew. Come into the store for a moment.


Int. Captain  Nozz's  General  Store.  The   town  sheriff,  Morgan  Stein,  is

Morgan's bio:
Town Sheriff. He's in charge  of keeping the people safe.  His personality is a
little severe, but he has a strong sense of justice and is someone you can rely

Morgan: Good morning Matthew, sorry to bother you this early in the morning.

Matthew: Is this about Emma?

Morgan: It seems like you know about it already.

Matthew: Did something happen to Emma?

Morgan: We received a call from Emma's mother asking us to search for her.  Any

Matthew:  No idea...  I saw  Emma last  night  but she  seemed  different  from

Morgan: In what way?

Matthew: I can't really explain it well, but...

Captain Nozz's bio:
Matthew's uncle and guardian. He runs the  general goods store in town. He lets
his nephew live behind the store.

Nozz: What's all the fuss about? Isn't she just at a friend's place?

Morgan: In Emma's case, it's just a search request, but...

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Morgan: Do you know Kathy Flannery?

Matthew: Flannery... Father Burton's girl?

Uncle Nozz: Oh, that fanatical Father Burton's acolyte? Little Miss Church?

Matthew: We're not in  the same year at  school so I've never  really spoken to
her. Has something happened to Kathy?

Morgan: She was found badly injured in Barrows  Forest around 6am this morning.
Cohen found her  unconscious.  If he'd have  been even a  few minutes  later it
might have been too late.

Matthew: What happened?

Morgan: She seems to have been attacked by a bear.

Uncle Nozz:  A bear!  It must  have failed   to go  into hibernation.  They get
violent when that happens.

Matthew: Hold on a minute. Why was she in  the forest? And what has this got to
do with Emma?

Morgan: Just putting two and  two together. She's missing,  and this suspicious
thing with Kathy...

Uncle Nozz: Hey, Morgan! You need the bear caught, right? Leave it to Nozz!

Morgan: In any case, can you  come to the sheriff's department?  We can talk in
more detail there.

Matthew: Okay. I'm curious about all this, too.

Morgan: I'll be waiting in the car.

Matthew:  Uncle, when  Winona  gets  here can  you tell  her I've  gone  to the
sheriff's department?

Uncle Nozz: Okay. What a mess this all is...


Exterior, Captain Nozz's General Store. Morgan is on the police radio.

Morgan: Yeah. Understood. I'm heading for  the hospital now. Tell Father Burton
to come too. Matthew?  Change  of plan.  Kathy's  regained  consciousness.  I'm
going to Grouver Hospital. Want to come with?

Matthew: Okay.


Exterior, Grouver General Hospital

Morgan: Let me ask you something...  Emma's mother seemed  extremely upset when
she called about Emma this morning. But she couldn't have heard about Kathy yet
? it's on a need-to-know basis only.

Matthew: Well,  Emma's the  kind of  girl where  nobody ever  knows what  she's
thinking.  Sometimes   she just  seemed   completely  deep   in  thought  about

Morgan: Emma?  I never had that impression whenever I saw her.

Matthew: She wasn't  always  like that. I  guess you could  say she was  like a
fragile glass, beautiful to look at, but liable to break at any moment. I don't
really want to say it, but I wonder if she's killed herself...

Morgan: Then  maybe  Sarah's worried  about  that,  too. I wonder  if  Emma was
suffering inside. 

Matthew: Perhaps...

Morgan: Weren't you friends with her?

Matthew: Winona was  her best friend. I'm  a guy, so we couldn't  be friends in
the same way.


Interior, Grouver General Hospital Reception Desk

Morgan: I'd like to see the head doctor. Where is he, please?

Nurse: The head doctor, okay. Please wait a moment.

An old lady, Barbara Holden, rolls up in her wheelchair.

Barbara:  Morgan,   I've  been   waiting  for  you.   Didn't  you  buy  me  any

Morgan: Barbara, I didn't bring you your wretched cigarettes.

Barbara's bio: 
She loves her smokes.  She often says bizarre  things, which  makes others view
her as a weirdo.

Barbara: How thoughtless you are! Life in  this hospital is dull enough without
even being able to enjoy my  cigarettes. What about that  young man there, does
he have any?

Matthew: I'm afraid I'm a minor.

Barbara: Oh,  really. What  a shame,  I had something  interesting  to say,  as
well... You're not one of the people of this town, are you?

Morgan: Yes, he is. We're heading  to Kathy's room, so  save your stories until

Barbara: Kathy... poor Kathy... such a sad thing to happen...

Nurse: Excuse me,  the head doctor  is in Kathy's  room, so please  go straight

Morgan: Perfect! Let's go, Matthew.

Nurse: Kathy's in Room 201.

Barbara: Morgan, next time you come buy me some cigarettes, will you?

Matthew: What illness does that old lady have?

Morgan: Barbara? She's got Ouchy Ouchy Feet.

Matthew: Ouchy Ouchy Feet?

Morgan: She's faking it.


Interior, Grouver General Hospital 2F

Morgan: Matthew, now that I  think about it, I can't let  you inside. Could you
wait here?

Matthew: I understand.

Morgan: How is she doing...?

Samuel: Well, she's regained consciousness... as you can see.

Morgan: ...

Samuel: Her physical  wounds aren't  actually that  serious, but  I'm concerned
about the after  effects of her  going into shock.  It's like she's  not really
here... Just keeps  staring vacantly  at the same  spot. To put  it simply, her
heart is beating but her mind isn't working.

Morgan: Can she hear us?

Samuel: Probably not. It's hard to call this living.

Morgan: She is alive, though, isn't she?

Samuel: She is. In the literal sense of  the word. But how pitiful to spend the
rest of her days like this!

Nurse: Doctor! Please don't say such things!

Samuel: ...

Father Burton,  the town's priest,  walks  down the corridor  towards  Matthew,
accompanied by another doctor in a white coat.

Matthew: Father Burton...

Father Burton bio: 
Priest at the church in town. Many of the  townspeople trust him completely. He
adopted Kathy from an orphanage  and raised her as his  own daughter. He is her
only family.

Burton: It seems she's regained consciousness.

Matthew: But it doesn't seem like she's able to speak.

Burton: I see.

Father Burton knocks on the door to Kathy's room.

Morgan: Matthew? Wait just a bit longer, please.

Burton: It's Burton. Would you permit me to pray?

Samuel: Come in! 

James: ...

Father Burton  and the other  doctor, James,  enter the  room. Matthew  remains

Burton: She's regained consciousness?

Samuel: You can pray, but she can't hear you.

Burton: We do not pray to be heard.

The machine begins beeping rapidly. A scream is heard.

Nurse: Doctor! Kathy is...

Samuel: Wh-What?!

Nurse: Doctor, this is bad!

Samuel: You! What about the sedative?!

Nurse: R-Right away!

Kathy: Noooooo! D-Don't...

The machine flatlines.

Nurse: ...

Nurse: Doctor...

Samuel: What the hell...

Morgan exits the room.

Matthew: What on earth happened?!

Morgan: She's dead...

Matthew: Huh?!

Morgan: I can't believe this has happened...

Morgan: Matthew, I'm going back to the department.

Matthew Inner Monologue: What the hell is happening today!

Matthew checks  the  door: Too  much going  on in  there...  I'd better  follow


Int. Grouver General Hospital 1F corridor.

?: Hold on a moment.

James approaches.

Matthew: Who are you?

James: I'm James, the psychiatric counsellor. You're Matthew, aren't you?

Matthew: Yeah. I've heard about you. You research indigenous tribes, right?

James bio:
A psychiatrist at Grouver Hospital specialising  in counselling. He's an expert
on Western philosophy and logic, and is knowledgeable enough about both to be a
university lecturer  on these subjects.  He is currently conducting  historical
research into the indigenous tribes of this region. 

James: That's just a hobby of mine.

Matthew: How do you know my name?

James: Just a guess. I heard all about you from Emma.

Matthew: From Emma?

James: She came to see me many times for counselling.

Matthew: She did? I never heard anything about that...

James: This case is going to be difficult.

Matthew: What... makes you say that?

James: Do you believe in the supernatural?

Matthew: Like what exactly?

James: For example... Let me  think. Like people having  souls, or supernatural
abilities... That kind of thing.

Matthew: Hmm, I  wonder... I guess  I don't believe  in it, really.  I've never
come across anything like that in my life so far, anyway. What about you?

James: I think I have.

Matthew: So  the world's  split into  the  natural  world and  the supernatural
world, two worlds, right?

James: No, there's only one world. It's our lack of understanding that's caused
us to define them as two different things.

Matthew: ...What does this have to do with anything?

James: This case is humming with supernatural energy.

Matthew: In Emma's  case, was  there anything  psychologically  abnormal  about

James: Abnormal...? It depends on how you define abnormal... She did talk about
a strange  dream  she often   had.  Let's  see, she  was   also having  some...
philosophical doubts. 

Matthew: Philosophical doubts?

James: ￾gAm I truly alive?￾h

Matthew: "Am I truly alive?"... Well, wasn't she?

James: Of course.  But this was  buried deeper in  her psyche. I  think she was
questioning the meaning of life. Perhaps doubting her own existence.

Matthew: I don't get it.

James: Well, it's a  mistake to call that  abnormal thinking.  Humans have been
questioning the meaning of life since forever.

Matthew: I see...

James: That's how it goes.

Matthew: So what about the strange dream she was having?

James: A blue  light,  distorted  space...  celestial  hymns...  Eternal  sleep
welcoming her from within.

Matthew: Heaven? Everyone has dreams like that.

James: It's not just that. Her body melted away, eaten by animals. She enters a
world where she can see and hear nothing. And then she wakes, with a sense that
she is not really herself.

Matthew: Gross...

James: Either way, it's obvious she was  in fear of something, but I don't know
what. She  had worries  she  couldn't  discuss  with anyone.  I  think she  was
struggling mentally.

Tannoy announcement:  Doctor Loloma,  you have a  patient waiting  in Exam Room

James: Oh, I completely forgot.

James: Matthew, I'm concerned about Emma, too. If you find out anything, please
come and see me. I'll be having a drink at Bar Wolves from around 8pm.  

Matthew: Okay.


Exterior, Grouver General Hospital. Winona is waiting by Matthew's car.

Winona: Matthew!

Matthew: Winona, why are you here?

Winona bio:
Matthew's classmate and Emma's  best friend.She was one  of the few people that
the usually closed-off Emma could open herself up to.

Winona: I went to the sheriff's department and heard you were here.

Matthew: Did you see Morgan?

Winona: Yeah. And  I heard about  Kathy, as well.  Morgan's opened  an official
missing persons investigation about Emma.

Matthew: I see...

Winona: Do you think that Emma and Kathy were together last night?

Matthew: I don't know.

Winona: I think... Emma must also be...

Matthew Inner  Monologue:  But, what  did happen  to Emma? So  many things  are
happening, it's too confusing. 

Matthew: I'm sure that Emma is just fine. 

Winona: ...

Matthew: I bet  there's  a lot that  we can do to  help out.  I'm going  to the
Sheriff's Department to see Morgan. Want to come with me?

Winona: I think I'll go to Emma's house. I'm worried about Sarah.

Matthew: I see.

Winona: Thanks for the car, Matthew. 

Matthew: Huh? Oh, right, you came in my car. 

Winona: Uncle Nozz said I could borrow it.

Matthew: I'll drive you to Emma's house.

Winona: No, it's okay. It's not far, and I feel like walking.
Matthew: I see. If anything happens, call my cell phone.

Winona: Okay.

Matthew  Inner Monologue:   The  last words   Kathy  said  as  she  screamed...
"Don't"...What's the connection  between Emma and Kathy?  Something happened to
Emma, no doubt about it. We don't even know if she's still alive.

Day One, December 25th, 1998

Interior, Mizzurna Falls Sheriff's Department

Matthew: There's a map here. Excuse me! There's a map on the floor.

Mary Lou: Still? I thought I picked them all up...

Matthew: It's for the tourists, right?

Mary Lou: You can have it if you want. We've got loads of them.

Matthew: Thanks, I'll take it.

Matthew: Excuse me...

Mary Lou: Oh, Matthew. Did the sheriff call you in?

Matthew: Yeah.

Mary Lou bio:
Sheriff's Department  secretary.  She  fills the  department  with plants,  her
hobby, which annoys Morgan.

Mary Lou: Winona was here a little earlier. She's worried about Emma...

Matthew: Is Morgan here?

Mary Lou:  The chief's  in  the room  on the  right when  you go  through  that

Matthew: Thanks.

Mary: You should really knock  on the door before you  enter. He's strict about
that kind of thing.


Interior, Sheriff's Department, Morgan's Room

Morgan: It's you, Matthew. Sorry for stranding you at the hospital earlier.

Matthew: It's fine.

Morgan: About Emma. I've decided to open an official missing persons report.

Matthew: Yes, I heard from Winona.

Morgan: I'd like to  ask you about last  night again. Let's  go over yesterdays
events again. You saw Emma at the lakeside around 7 in the evening, correct?

Matthew: Yes, I tried to talk to her but  she was totally distant. She said she
wanted to be alone, so I left pretty quickly. I haven't seen her since.

Morgan: I see.

Matthew: Um, about  Kathy...  you said earlier  that what  happened to  her was
something suspicious...

Morgan: Hmm. 

Matthew: Does it have anything to do with Emma?

Morgan: Matthew, this is a job for the police.

Matthew:  I know,  but let  me help  anyway.  I  can't just  sit  around  doing

Morgan: Even so...

Hudson enters.

Morgan: You're back, Hudson. How did it go?

Hudson bio: 
Quiet and stoic,  he is Morgan's  right hand man.  He is responsible  for guard
duty at the department's holding cells.
Hudson: Emma's mother was in shock, not able to talk. 

Morgan: I see...

Hudson: Also, we've  found someone who said  they saw Emma at  around 10pm last

Morgan: Who?

Hudson glances at Matthew.

Morgan: Don't mind him.

Hudson: It's Mel Astin.

Matthew: Mel?!

Morgan: That delinquent, huh?

Hudson: He supposedly saw Emma out walking  while he was on his way to the bar.
He called out to her but she didn't reply, so he he just left it. And he hasn't
been home all night.

Morgan: Where's Mel now?

Hudson: We've got him waiting in the interrogation room.

Morgan: Right!

Morgan: Matthew,  if you want  to know more  about Kathy,  you should  speak to
Cohen. He's the one who discovered her in the forest.

Matthew: Right.

Morgan: I understand you're  concerned about Emma, but  don't get too involved.
If anything happens, contact me immediately.


Int. Sheriff's Department Reception Area

Matthew checks the bulletin board:

Tragedy has struck our  town this morning.  Father Burton's  daughter Kathy has
passed away  after being  found  in the  forest, and  my own  daughter  Emma is
missing. Together with the  official search for my daughter,  I am organizing a
group to sweep the forest. City council members, please gather at the church at
1pm today. 
Steve Rowland

Matthew checks the yellow pages:

The Yellow Pages.  Uncle Nozz  says it's America's  phonebook.  My house  is in
here, too. Where's Cohen's  house? ...Here! Deer Street...  in the west part of
town, near the forest entrance.


Ext. Cohen's Lodge

Cohen: Oh, hello Matthew. What's up?

Matthew: Uh...

Cohen Bio:
The first person  to discover  Kathy. Lives  alone in a  lodge near the  Barrow
Forest. Morgan trusts him and relies on him to oversee the forest.

Cohen: Have you come to ask me about what happened this morning?

Matthew: Yes.  I thought  you might  know something  about what's  happened  to

Cohen: Come inside.

Int. Cohen's Lodge

Cohen: Something to drink?

Matthew: No, I'm fine.

Cohen: Before we talk about this morning,  let me tell you about the woods last
night. I went  out there  like  I do every  night,  but this  time things  felt
strange. There was no wind at all, and it was so silent I felt creeped out. But
then, around 12pm, a strong  wind started to blow out  of nowhere. Then strange
clouds started to roll over the full moon. 

Matthew: And that's unusual?

Cohen: I've lived her for a while now, but  the forest last night was extremely
strange. Then, I woke up with  my heart pounding all of  a sudden, and I headed
off to the forest...

Matthew: Then you found Kathy collapsed.

Cohen: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: Was Emma with her, though?

Cohen: I found Kathy in front of a big tree.  And there were signs that someone
had set a fire nearby.

Matthew: A fire? So Kathy wasn't there alone?

Cohen: It would  seem not. Perhaps  Kathy met someone  in the forest,  then was
attacked by a bear.

Matthew Inner Monologue: If the two of them were together last night, then what
did they go to the forest for in the first place?

Ext. Cohen's Lodge

Matthew: Thank you.

Cohen: First we have  to find out what Kathy  died of. Then  we can worry about
what she was doing in the forest.

Cohen: Matthew? I think Emma is still alive, as well.

Matthew: Uh-huh.


Ext. Emma's House

Steve: Hello Matthew. Winona's here. Come in.


Int. Emma's House

Winona: Matthew...

Steve Bio:
Emma's father  and the town  mayor. He is  deeply regretting  the fact  that he
didn't try harder to understand his daughter.

Steve: Sarah's been like this all morning.

Matthew: I see...

Steve: Why did this have to happen... Why her...

Matthew: Sarah...

Sarah: ...

Sarah Bio:
Emma's  mother.  She  has been  in  a terrible   state  ever  since  Emma  went

Matthew: Sarah,  cheer up.  All we can  do is just  hope that  Emma comes  home

Sarah: Emma... sob...

Steve: Thank you, Matthew. We can't all just descend into despair. 

Matthew: Wherever Emma  is right now, she  might be relying  on us to help her.
I've decided to assist Morgan in the investigation.

Steve: I see...

Matthew: Could you let me take a look in Emma's room?

Sarah: Nooooo! Don't go into her room!

Steve: Sarah...

Steve: Matthew,  I want to help  too, but  could you give  us a little  time? I
don't want anyone going into Emma's room until Sarah calms down.

Matthew: I see...

Matthew: Can I ask you about how Emma was last night?

Steve: Last night, Emma got home around 8pm. And we talked a little. 

Matthew: About what?

Steve: About  how  Christmas  is  such a  sacred  day, so  there  must be  some
wonderful power at work just on that day. 

Matthew: Emma said that?

Steve: Yes. Then  she said that  she was tired and  wanted to sleep,  and after
that she went off to her room.

Matthew: I heard at the police station that Mel saw Emma around 10pm.

Steve: Really? Then she must have snuck out again after that.

Matthew: I guess so.

Steve: Honestly, that girl...

Winona: Matthew...

Matthew: Are you okay?

Winona: Yeah, don't worry about me.

Matthew: What's wrong?

Winona: Matthew... do you... like Emma?

Matthew: Sure I like her.

Winona: I think she liked you too.

Matthew: What's all this about?

Winona: Nothing.

Winona: My dad's put me under a curfew at night. 

Matthew: Can't be helped.

Winona: Yeah, I get how he feels but it's not like I'm a kid.

Matthew: Yeah.

Winona: Hey, Matthew, if you're leaving could you give me a ride?


Ext. Gas Station

Winona: Thanks, Matthew.

Matthew: Are you okay?

Winona: Yeah...

Winona: Yesterday I went to the high school library with Emma.

Matthew: Yesterday?

Winona: Emma was reading this difficult-looking book.

Matthew: Do you remember the title of the book?

Winona: No. But it was on top  of the high bookshelf.  I think it was a book on
philosophy. I saw her fetch it down, so I remember it pretty well. 

Matthew: A philosophy book?

Winona: I feel like there's  some meaning behind Emma's  disappearance and what
she did yesterday. It's like  she's guiding us somehow...  it's like I'm having
the strangest dream...

Matthew: Yeah...

Matthew: Hello, sir.

Robert: Hi Matthew.

Robert: Winona, come on into the store after this.

Winona: Okay, dad.

Winona: Well, thanks again, Matthew.


Int. Mizzurna Falls High School corridor

?: Matthew... it's unusual to see you in the library.

Matthew: Miss Holden...

Liz Bio: A high school teacher who is Matthew and Emma's homeroom teacher. Emma
saw her as a big sister, and  she was one of the few people  Emma could open up

Liz: I heard about Kathy.

Matthew: Do you think that Emma and Kathy were together?

Liz: Who knows... I have no  idea... I wonder if there's  really any connection
with Kathy's case?

Matthew: What do you mean?

Liz: I'm not really sure, but  I think that Emma was troubled  about something,
and that's likely to be why she disappeared...

Matthew: Troubled about what?

Liz: Well... I don't  really understand  myself... I'm sorry...  I can't really
explain. I'm going back to the staff room.
Matthew: Is the main building closed?

Liz: Yes, the principal's had it locked after what's happened.

Matthew: But I want to go in.

Liz: No can do. Besides,  you're not the  type of student who'd  come to school
during a vacation.

Matthew: I guess you're right...

Liz: Poor Winona must be suffering. Try to cheer her up, won't you?

Int. Mizzurna Falls High School Library

Matthew: Where are the books on philosophy?

Librarian: The second bookshelf from the right along the corridor wall. They're
on the top shelf, but I bet you can reach.

Matthew Inner Monologue: Is this the book Winona was talking about? It's titled
'History of Philosophy'.  ...Hmm,  there's a bookmark  stuck between the pages.
"Nothing exists, and  if it did, no one  can be aware of it,  and if anyone was
aware of it, they could not  communicate it to others."  Kinda dark... Did Emma
read this, as well? I could ask James about it...


Int. St. Peter's Church

Matthew: Doctor Samuel... do you have a moment?

Samuel: Who are you?

Matthew: Matthew Williams. I came to Kathy's room earlier with Morgan.

Samuel: Oh yeah, you're the kid Morgan brought.

Matthew: I want to know what happened in her room earlier.

Samuel: When Kathy kicked the bucket?

Matthew: Er... yes... All I  know is that Kathy seemed  to be in a fugue state,
then she screamed, and then she died...

Samuel: Well, to put it simply, the cause  of Kathy's death was shock. You know
that she was attacked  by an animal? What  I think is that Kathy  experienced a
terrible trauma that night. Then, a flashback of that trauma was caused by some
catalyst, and she died of that.

Matthew: What kind of catalyst?

Samuel: That's the question. Maybe some snow suddenly fell off the roof outside
of the window... maybe Morgan's  face was scary, maybe  it was a combination of

Matthew: The only people inside  that room were you, Morgan,  Father Burton and

Samuel: There was a nurse there, too. 

Matthew: A nurse?

Samuel: The head nurse.  She works in the  nurse centre. Are  you finished now?
I'm a busy man, you know.

Matthew: Yes. Thank you.

Robert: All right, Matthew?

Matthew: I'm fine. It's Winona I'm worried about.

Robert: Winona doesn't  like to  let people see  her weak side.  Keep an eye on
her, will you.

Matthew: Yes, sir.

Matthew: Winona said she's not allowed out at night.

Robert: Yes, a curfew.

Matthew: She pointed out that she's not a child.

Robert: She is my child. To a parent, their  kids are always their children, no
matter what age  they might be.  No matter how much  they might  complain about

Matthew: Father Burton...

Burton: Matthew.

Matthew: About Kathy... I...

Burton: Thank you. It's very sad. I doted  on her like she was my own flesh and
blood ever since I adopted her 12 years  ago. The first time I saw her, I swore
to give her a happy  life. Now she's  dead, and  Emma is missing.  God works in
mysterious ways. All I can do right now is pray. What was she thinking when she
went into that forest...? Maybe I didn't really know her at all...

Matthew: When is Kathy's funeral going to be held?

Burton: At the cemetery  at 9:30 am tomorrow.  I'd like her  to be laid to rest
as soon as possible.

Matthew: Are there really bears roaming around at this time of the year?

Cohen: They usually  hibernate at this time  of the year but  occasionally some
fail to gather enough  food stores,  and they go  into hibernation  late. These
ones end up getting stressed  and becoming dangerous.  It's not impossible that
they'd attack a human.

Matthew: If Emma and Kathy were together then maybe that means...

Cohen: Still, bears  don't see humans  as a food  source. All it  did was wound
Kathy. If Emma was also attacked by the  bear, I'm sure we would have found her
nearby as well.

Cohen:  Whether Emma  and Kathy were together  or not, first  we need to secure
that bear.

Morgan: Did you talk to Cohen?

Matthew: Yes. He also thinks Emma might have been with Kathy.

Morgan: It's possible  Emma  and Kathy were  there together,  set a fires,  and
attracted the bear, who then attacked. That hypothesis makes sense.

Matthew: But Emma wasn't found.

Morgan: That's why this case is such a head-scratcher.

Morgan: The  meeting's  about  to start.  Sorry  Matthew,  but  could you  step


Int. St Peter's Church. Meeting begins.

Morgan: Everyone, silence please.

Nozz: So are we talking about a murder here?

Morgan: It's a possibility.

Samuel Bio:
Chief doctor  at Grouver  Hospital.  He  treated  Kathy when  she was initially
brought  in.   He has  a  difficult   personality,   and   occasionally   seems

Samuel: The thing is, the choke  marks on her neck weren't  the direct cause of

Cohen: What was the cause, then?

Samuel: To put it simply, she died of shock.

Nozz: Shock? Wouldn't you die of shock at the moment of terror?

Samuel: Kathy was in a weakened state... We don't know the cause, but there was
something that sparked the memory... the flashback of being attacked.

Nozz: By the bear?

Samuel: Like I've said many  times, we can't be certain  it was a bear. But the
wounds were definitely caused by an animal.

Morgan: Everyone, the main points here are that Kathy was attacked by an animal
in the forest, and now Emma, the mayor's  daughter is missing. We've decided to
search Barrows Forest, and we would appreciate  everyone's help and assistance.
All men please convene at the forest hut this afternoon at 3:30pm. It should be
safe until it gets dark. 

Morgan: Mr. Mayor...?

Steve: Right now my daughter may be suffering somewhere. Everyone...

Morgan: ...

Steve: Sob... I know... I know that Emma is alive... Sob...

Morgan: Everyone,  listen up. According  to Doctor  Samuel, It's  highly likely
that Kathy has been attacked  by a bear. Also...  it's  possible there may be a
killer involved, unthinkable  as it is.  Keep your children  inside after dark.
That is all.

Matthew:  Choke   marks  on  her  neck?!    Is  that  what   Morgan  meant   by


Int. Heinz Diner

Matthew: You seem busy.

Rolein: Not as much as usual.

Rolein Bio:
Waitress at the diner.  She's straight-talking  with everyone,  and has a frank
personality. She's dating  Mel, but they  don't seem to get  along often. Maybe
they're suited to each other.

Rolein: I heard Emma's gone missing?

Matthew: Rolein, do you know Kathy?

Rolein: The  girl who's  a friend  of God?  I don't,  really.  She's always  by
herself, anyway. 

Matthew: I think  there's bound  to be a connection  between  Kathy and  Emma's

Rolein: Were they friends?

Matthew: Who knows... As far as I know, they weren't.

Rolein: But they were actually kind of similar, weren't they?

Matthew: In what way?

Rolein: Not in any specific way. Just that  you could never tell what either of
them was thinking.

Matthew: ...Yeah.

Mel enters the diner and takes a seat.

Rolein: What's wrong with you? You look grumpy.

Mel Bio: 
He's the only son of Mizzurna's most influential  man, Dennis. He's made a name
for himself in the town as a bad boy. He's always causing trouble.

Mel: Nothing's wrong, don't nag. Rolein, finish up here and let's go drink.

Rolein: I can't, my dad's not  here today. I have to take  care of the place by

Mel: It's your place, so just close up early, what's the big deal?

Rolein: I can't do that. If you want to talk, let's talk here.

Mel: Jesus, everyone's pissing me off today. 

Rolein: What happened?

Mel: This morning I got interrogated by  that fatass, thinks I've got something
to do with the Emma thing.

Rolein: Morgan?

Mel: Yeah, that fat pig. So what if I was the last person to see Emma?!

Matthew: Where did you see Emma?

Mel: Huh?

Matthew: I said, where did you see Emma?

Mel: Hey jerk, what makes you think I have to tell you?

Matthew:  I  saw Emma  last   night,  too.  I want  to   know  where  she  went

Mel: Jeez, you're annoying. 

Rolein: I want to know, too. Just exactly when and where did you meet Emma last

Mel: What are you thinking?!  I didn't meet her. I just saw her in passing!

Rolein: So, where?

Mel: Jeez... It was on Cockland Peak. Just where you come out of the tunnel.

Matthew: Did you speak to her?

Mel: Not really. But she said she was goin' to the church. 

Matthew: The church? Was she alone?

Mel: Hey jerk, that's  enough. I  don't have to  be interrogated  by you two as

Rolein: Are you leaving?

Mel: I can't stay here. It's suffocating me.

Mel leaves.

Rolein: Urgh, what a dick..

Matthew: Aren't you two going out?

Rolein: Yeah, well. Everyone's got something good in them.

Rolein: Perhaps Emma was going to the church to see Kathy?

Matthew: I think you could be right.

Rolein: I bet that's it. It's likely the two of them were together, then.

Rolein: I wonder if there's another demonstration  going on at Astin Farm again

Matthew: Demonstration? What demonstration?

Rolein: Don't you know?  It's a demonstration  to convince Dennis  to refurbish
the farm workers' lodgings. 

Matthew: Dennis? As in Mel's father?

Rolein: Yeah. You know, the  farm workers' lodgings are  on the top of Cockland

Matthew: Oh, yeah. They're pretty run-down. 

Rolein: Dennis should just do the decent thing and refurbish them. Astin Farm's
rolling in money after all.


Ext. Barrows Forest Entrance

Deputy: You want  to go into the  forest? Haven't  you heard? It's  off-limits.
There's a bear, you know.

Matthew:  Mel  was complaining   about   you.  Said  you  treated   him  like a

Morgan: Haha, I see.

Matthew: Mel said Emma said she was going to the church.

Morgan: That makes it likely Emma and Kathy were together last night.

Matthew: Do you think Mel was with them, too?

Morgan: I wonder... Mel's definitely hiding something.

Matthew: Does he have an alibi for last night?

Morgan: He says he was at the bar.

Matthew: The bar? Bar Wolves?

Morgan: He didn't want to admit  he was there, so I don't  think he's lying. At
any rate, for now his alibi holds up.

Matthew: What's this about choke marks on Kathy's neck?

Morgan: ...

Matthew: Is that what you meant by suspicious?

Morgan: Yeah...

Matthew: Is there a murderer on the loose?

Morgan: Not sure. According  to Samuel, the choking couldn't  have directly led
to her death. But it's true, she definitely had bruising on her neck.

Matthew: Yeah, but...

Morgan: Matthew,  we don't have  any proof that  this was an attempted  murder.
Don't make a big deal of it.

Matthew: I know, but...

Morgan: Matthew, the forest is off-limits.

Matthew: Are you searching it now?

Morgan: Yeah.

Matthew: Let me join the search.

Morgan: I can't  do that.  The bear  might be around.  I can't  let a child  be
exposed to such danger.


Ext. Mel and Dennis's House

Protester: President! Please, listen to us! 

Protester: What do you  think we workers  are?! We demand that  our lodgings be

Protester: President Dennis won't listen to us at all. Damn it... I had no idea
he was such a cold hearted person. 

Matthew: Are the buildings that dilapidated?

Protester: That's not  all! The water's  always going dry, and  the electricity
goes off almost every day!

Protester: The place is over 30 years old,  patching up the cracks won't cut it
any more. President! We demand refurbishment! 

Dennis Bio:
As the owner  of Astin Farm,  which  powers the  local economy,  he's the  most
powerful man in town. He's the father of Matthew's peer, Mel. 

Dennis: Enough of this! I'm always shelling out to fix that place!

Protester: President! That won't do any longer! The place needs rebuilding from
the ground up! I've worked for your company for decades... 

Dennis: Rebuilding on that  spot is too complicated, and  there isn't any other

Protester: Why? It's too dark there at night,  and there are suspicious persons
lurking about.
It's no place for people to live!

Dennis: As I've said, it's  more complicated than you  think. But I'll consider
it. Now please leave.

Protester: Really?!

Dennis: Yes. 

Protester: Thank you!

Dennis: Jeez... What?  You got something  you want to complain  about, too? I'm
not interested.

Dennis: What do you want?!

Matthew: Uh, is Mel home?

Dennis: Mel? I don't know where he is. His room's around the side. What else do
you want?! I'm busy here!

Matthew: With the farm workers' lodgings?

Dennis: None of your business. If you want Mel, check his room, but don't knock
on my door again!

Dennis: Sick of everyone hassling me!


Int. Mel's Room

Matthew: Hmm,  what's this?  It says "9pm,  Motel." Did  Mel get a room  at the

Matthew: ...Motorbike! It's Mel! I've got to hide!

Mel: ... I said all right, already! I've  dealt with the Emma problem. And I've
got it with me, so stop  worrying about  it! Yeah... At 9pm  on the 26th. Don't
keep saying the same  thing over and over.  Just meet me at  the cemetery then,
got it?! All right, all right. I'll keep my promise. Let's just talk then. 

Mel: ...Jeez, what a nagging jerk...

Dennis: Hey, Mel! Come here!

Mel: Huh?

Dennis: I said come here, now!

Mel: Jeez, shut up you old fart...

Dennis: Get here, now!!!

Mel: All right, all right!


Ext. Farm Workers' Lodgings

Matthew: Mel? What are you doing here?

Mel: Huh? It's none of your damn business what I do.

Matthew: Looks like  Dennis is unsure whether  or not to refurbish  this place.

Mel: I don't give a damn what my dad does.


Ext. Captain Nozz's General Store

Nozz: Matthew! There  really was a bear  in the forest! We found  some huge paw
prints! Can't wait for tomorrow! 

Matthew: Are you going to do another search tomorrow?

Nozz: Yeah, but  Cohen's suggested  we go with fewer  people tomorrow.  He says
it's best to use a small team when tracking a bear. 

Matthew: What time are you going in? 

Nozz: We're meeting at the forest entrance at 7am tomorrow morning.

Matthew: Can I join, too?

Nozz: Sorry, I can't bring you with me. Morgan'll wring my neck. 

Matthew: Couldn't you please let me join?

Nozz: I don't  mind, but Morgan...  believe  me, I'd be  totally fine  with you
coming, but... 


Int. Heinz Diner

Rolein: Some of the farm workers were just here. 

Matthew: Were they talking about refurbishing?

Rolein: They were just bad-mouthing Dennis.

Matthew: It's true the place is worn-down,  though. And it's got a creepy vibe.
Dennis should rebuild. 

Rolein: Mel said there's some reason why they can't.

Matthew: What kind of reason?

Rolein: I don't really know,  but it doesn't seem to be just about money.

Rolein: Mel's such a jerk...

Matthew: What's wrong?

Rolein: Mel's been such a grouch today. All he does is complain.

Matthew: Seems like he didn't like being questioned by Morgan.

Rolein: Who knows.


Int. Grouver Hospital Reception Desk

Matthew: I want to ask you about the bruising on Kathy's neck.

Samuel: Bruising?

Matthew: Yes, bruising like she'd been choked.

Samuel: What about it? Though that wasn't the cause of death, you know.

Matthew: But...

Samuel: Oh, I get it. You're saying someone tried to kill Kathy that night?

Matthew: Morgan doesn't seem to be taking that hypothesis very seriously...

Samuel: Maybe  in New  York, but  this is  a small,  rural town.  That  kind of
thing's unthinkable here.
If you ask me, someone definitely choked Kathy that night, though.

Matthew: From the bruises, can you determine what time the choking occurred?

Samuel: I think  within 24 hours  of the time  she was discovered.  But  I'm no
expert. I may be hot stuff,  but even I can't say for  sure. Someone definitely
choked her, though. And it had to be a man.

Matthew: Why?

Samuel: It's obvious from the size and shape of the bruising.

Matthew: I thought you said you're not an expert.

Samuel: It's just intuition! I put a lot of faith in my hunches.

Matthew: Sigh.

Samuel: Listen,  Kathy was  probably  messing about  in the  woods with  a guy,
lighting campfires and so on. And then maybe  the guy got a little bit mean and
tried to feel her up or something. And then she was like no, and the guy choked
her a bit. And then  by coincidence she  happened to get mauled  by a bear soon
after. The guy  ran away,  and Kathy  was left all  alone. What  do you  think?
Sounds perfect, huh?

Matthew: I wonder about that? Kathy didn't seem the kind of girl to play around
at night.

Samuel: Hmm, well...  you never can tell  what today's youth  are thinking. You
don't even know what kind of girl Kathy was, do you?

Matthew Inner Monologue: True, I don't know  anything about Kathy. What kind of
girl was she, any way? 


Int. Grouver Hospital, James's Room

Matthew: About Kathy's cause of death...

James: It was shock, wasn't it?

Matthew: Yeah, but it  doesn't quite make  sense. Is that really  what she died

James: You have certain  memories too, don't  you? The ones  that pop into your
head after years and years of having forgotten them. Vivid and clear. 

Matthew:  But doesn't  the  catalyst  for   remembering  something  have  to be
something connected with the memory itself?  Kathy was attacked by a bear. What
could remind her of that night in the woods?

James: Something clearly did. Something  strong enough to bring back the terror
of the woods.

Matthew: What could it be...?

James: No idea. Only Kathy could tell you.

Matthew: Are you busy right now?

James: Not really.

Matthew:  "Nothing  exists, and  if it did, no one  can be aware  of it, and if
anyone was aware  of it, they  could not communicate  it  to others."  This was
written in a book I think Emma was reading...

James: You're quite the detective. That sounds like Emma all right. 

Matthew: Don't mock me, please.

James:  All right,  all  right.  That's   a  quote  from  Gorgias,  an  ancient
philosopher. I think  that quote  expresses Emma's  current mental  state quite

Matthew: It's sad. It sounds  like being all alone, trapped  in your own world,
unable to escape.

James: There was a side of Emma you never  knew. But then again, I think Emma's
taken a step into territory I doubt most people could understand.

James: Are you going to the bar?

Matthew: You mean Wolves? I'm underage.

James: Emma often went there.

Matthew: What?!

James: Wolves  is where I got  to know Emma  in the first  place. It seems  she
caused a bit of trouble there, though. Got a bit of a name for herself.

Matthew: I don't believe it...

James: You only knew one side of her. You might see the other side if you come.
Maybe even the key to finding her.


Int. Grouver Hospital 2F Nurse's Station

Matthew: Excuse me... are you the head nurse?

Nurse: Yes, that's me... do you need something?

Matthew: Were you the one in the room with Kathy?

Nurse: Yes. Poor child...

Matthe: Doctor Samuel said that Kathy's cause of death was shock caused by some
sudden catalyst.

Nurse: A catalyst... that could be true.

Matthew: Do you have any idea what it could have been?

Nurse: It was right  when Father  Burton entered.  I leaned in to  Kathy, and I
said... "Kathy,  don't worry...  Father Burton  has come  for you..."  And then
Kathy's eyes rolled  over towards the Father,  and I thought...  everything was
going to be all right... 

Matthew: But...?

Nurse: Just when I started to relax, Kathy screamed... 

Matthew: ...

Nurse: I wonder if seeing him  was too much of a relief  for her...  Anyway, in
the end things took a tragic turn...

Matthew: Where is Kathy's body?

Nurse: It's in operating room 2 in the basement.  There's a lot of examinations
they needed to do, so she'll be resting there until her funeral.

Matthew: When is the funeral?

Nurse: I don't know... I haven't heard yet. 


Int. Grouver Hospital Barbara's Room

Liz: Oh, Matthew.

Matthew: Miss Holden! Why are you here?

Barbara:  Why not?  What's   wrong  with  a granddaughter   visiting  her  sick

Matthew: Granddaughter? Then...

Liz: Yes, this is my grandmother.

Matthew: I see...

Barbara: If  this is your  student,  does that mean  he's in  the same year  as

Matthew: You know Emma?

Liz: Emma used to visit granny.

Barbara: Emma was a nice girl. Poor thing.

Matthew: It's not like she's dead.

Liz: That's right, granny, she's not. 

Barbara: I see, I see.

Matthew: Did Emma visit often?

Liz: Yes, Emma had an interest in hearing granny's tales of the olden days.

Matthew: Tales of the olden days?

Barbara: Not nice tales for the telling.

Matthew: ...

Liz: Truly, they're not.

Matthew: I see...

Barbara: Maybe I'll tell you... if you come and see me sometimes.

Liz: Granny, not that again...

Matthew: Miss Holden, do you know what kind of girl Kathy was?

Liz: Kathy?  Well, I've  spoken to her,  but...  I don't really  know. But  she
didn't seem like a very cheerful girl. 

Matthew: According  to Burton, she  was introverted  and didn't  associate with
people much.

Liz: That  sounds like  the case...  maybe  she had  something  in common  with

Matthew: Like what?

Liz: Like nobody could  ever tell what they  were thinking about.  Perhaps this
isn't appropriate for me to say as a teacher... 

Matthew: Isn't there anyone who knew Kathy well?

Liz: I think her homeroom teacher would know much more.

Matthew: Who's that?

Liz: Holly. She's usually in the staff room from 2pm.

Matthew: I see.


Int. Sheriff's Department Reception

Matthew: Were Kathy and Emma close?

Burton: Who  knows?  Kathy  was introverted   and didn't  associate  with  many

Matthew: Emma was going to the church on the 24th.

Burton: Around what time?

Matthew: 10pm.

Burton: There's nobody at the church at that time of night.

Matthew: Well I thought maybe she came to see Kathy?

Burton: I see... then maybe after that they went to the forest together. Still,
I can't quite believe  it. Kathy knew she  was not allowed out  after dark. She
must have snuck out without my knowledge.


Int. Sheriff's Department, Morgan's Room

Matthew: How did the forest search go?

Morgan: Well, there's a bear in there for  sure. And no doubt it's the same one
who attacked Kathy... 

Matthew: What about Emma?

Morgan: We have no leads on Emma.

Matthew: Seriously...?

Morgan: Listen, Matthew...  there's no proof Emma and  Kathy were together that
night. They may be totally unrelated. Let's just think positively. 

Matthew: I heard from my uncle that you're  going back into the forest tomorrow

Morgan: Yes. Damn Nozz... that was supposed to be a secret.

Matthew: Can't you take me with you?

Morgan: It's dangerous, we'll be carrying guns. I can't let you join.

Matthew: I know how to use a gun. My uncle taught me.

Morgan: What the...  that damned  Nozz... Look,  even if you know  how to use a
gun, we're talking about  a ferocious bear  here. Just because  Nozz taught you
how to pull a trigger, doesn't mean we can take you with us. 


Int. Sheriff's Department Reception

Nozz: Did Morgan let you join the bear hunt?

Matthew: No.

Nozz: Didn't you tell him I taught you how to shoot? Is he saying my gun skills
aren't good enough? I can shoot  better than Morgan even  if I was blindfolded!
That's it! Matthew, come to the forest tomorrow! We'll catch that bear and make
Morgan eat his words!

Matthew: I don't think Morgan will let me.

Nozz: Leave it to me. I'll  think of something. Just come  to the forest at 7am
tomorrow. Make sure to wake up bright and early.


Ext. Cohen's Lodge

Cohen: There  really was  a bear in  the forest.  We're going  to hunt it  down
tomorrow morning at 7am. Nozz is going to join us, too.  

Int. Bar Wolves

James: Matthew! Over here. Hello, Detective. How goes the investigation?

Matthew: Stop with the detective thing.

James: Just a little fun. So, how goes it?

Matthew: Not great...  I'm sure  you know  more about what  's going on  than I

James: You sound jealous.

Matthew: ... Why aren't you sitting at the counter?

James: I don't like  Wolf very much. The  owner. He knows everything  about the
nightlife in this town. Maybe you could get some info out of him. 

Matthew: Excuse me...

Wolf: ... Why don't you take a seat? Want something alcoholic? 

Matthew: No...

Wolf Bio:  Owner of  Bar Wolves.  Knows  everything  about the  town's  regular
patrons and the night life here.

Wolf: Don't you know anything?  If you sit at the counter,  you need to order a

Matthew: Then, a glass of milk.

Wolf: Milk! Haha! Well, whatever.

Matthew: How much?

Wolf: It's on the house. Drink that and get lost.

Matthew: Do you know Emma Rowland?

Wolf: ...Emma?

Matthew: You know her?

Wolf: She comes here often.  She turned a few heads, on  account of her being a
beauty and all. 

Matthew: Did anything specific happen?

Wolf: One time this guy was  being real persistent, so  Emma stabbed him in the
thigh with a fork. Of course, the guy was  in the wrong, so nothing was made of

Matthew: Emma really did that?

Wolf: After that, everyone started to think of her as this crazy girl.

Matthew: Did she always come here alone?
Wolf: Yep. Oh, except once time she did bring another girl with her. 

Matthew: What did she look like?

Wolf: You're a bit keen to know about this. I don't even remember.

Matthew: I see...

Matthew Inner Monologue: Maybe Kathy...?

Mel: What? Didn't know a kid like you came to this bar...

Matthew:  It seems  you  come here  often.   Is it  ok for  you to  be drinking

Mel: Shut up! I only drink milk here.

Mel: Shit... where the hell has Emma gone...

Bonehead: Yo, Mel! Aren't you Mr Popular this evening.

Mel: Shit...

Bonehead: Remember this ? a man always keep  his promises. If you can't even do
that, what you got left, huh?

Mel: Shut up. I said I got it already.

Bonehead: No wonder Emma got away from you.

Mel: Say what?!

Bonehead: Know what  I think? I think she's  hiding somewhere  to get away from
you, you persistent jerk.

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Bonehead: Didn't you know? This guy brought  Emma here plenty of time to try to
put the moves on her. They were always arguing...

Mel: Shut up! Mind your own business!

Bonehead: Just keep up your end of our agreement!

Mel: What? Something you wanna say?

Matthew: What have you done to Emma!

Mel: Huh? What are you...

Matthew: Do you have something to do with her disappearance?!

Mel: Whatever's between me and Emma is none of your business! Now get lost! You
shouldn't be in here.

Matthew punches Mel. They fight.

Mel: Shit! I don't have time to play with you... 

Matthew: Did Mel and Emma often argue?

Wolf: Yeah. Don't know what about. But Emma seemed to know his weak point.

Matthew: It wasn't the other way round?

Wolf: Dunno. But since Emma went missing, Mel's seemed agitated.


Phone call from Winona

Winona: Matthew?

Matthew: Winona?

Winona: I'm at the park right now. Could you come here?

Matthew: At the park? What are you doing?

Winona: Just thinking about stuff...

Matthew: Okay, I'll come now.

Winona: Okay, I'm waiting.


Int. Riverside Park

Winona: Matthew...

Matthew: I thought you had a curfew?

Winona: I snuck out...

Matthew: Something bothering you?

Winona: ...

Matthew: Is it Emma?

Winona: ...The Emma thing has been a shock... 

Matthew: For me, too.

Winona: No... I think it's different for me... 

Matthew: In what way?

Winona: I always  had the feeling  that one  day Emma would  leave, and  go far

Matthew: ...

Winona: One time Emma brought me along to Wolves.

Matthew: To Wolves?

Matthew Inner Monologue: So the girl Wolf mentioned was Winona?

Winona: Emma was wasted...  I was... shocked...  I tried to  take her home, but
this creepy guy  was there... and  Emma went off  with him... Then  she said to
me... "Winona, this isn't a place for you..." Isn't that messed up?

Matthew: ...

Winona: That's when I realized... there's another Emma I don't know... Though I
tried so hard... 

Matthew: ...

Winona: When we said goodbye that night...  Emma said... "Is it fun, being with
me?"...  And I said...  sure...  then Emma   said...  "Would  you  be sad  if I
disappeared?" ... and I said  of course... why would you  even ask that... then
Emma laughed... and said good night... 

Matthew: Winona...

Winona: I should have been able to help her...

Matthew embraces Winona.

Winona: Matthew...?

Matthew: Don't blame yourself.

Winona: ... Okay.

Matthew:  Probably  Emma  didn't  want to  get you  involved  in  whatever  was
troubling her.

Winona: Thank you, Matthew... I guess I showed you my vulnerable side...

Matthew: Try to relax a little more. You take on too much by yourself.

Winona: You could  be right...  Thank you,  for listening  to me. My dad'll  be
worried about me ? I should head home now. Matthew, you'll drive me back, won't

Matthew: Yeah.


Ext. Gas Station

Winona: Thank you...

Matthew: Good night.

Winona: Matthew! Thank you for... everything. Good night.


Day Two, December 26th, 1998
Int. Matthew's Shed, 5:45 am

Matthew's cell phone rings.

?: Matthew?

Matthew: Winona? What's up?

Winona: Today's Kathy's  funeral, isn't  it? I'm thinking of  going. What about

Matthew: I'll go too. Shall I pick you up in my car?

Winona: It's all right, I'll walk there. Let's meet at the cemetery.

Matthew: All right.

Ext.  Barrows Forest Entrance

Deputy: Mornings  are  so cold...  I need  to take  a leak soon...  Ugh...  Not

Deputy: Nope, can't  hold it... You! The  forest's off-limits!  Please leave at

Matthew walks away.

Deputy: Well, no one's around anyway, so...

The deputy walks behind the car. Matthew runs past.

Deputy: Hey! You!

Matthew runs across the bridge to where Morgan and Nozz are talking.

Nozz: Matthew!

Deputy: Pant... pant... Hey! I told you it was off-limits! 

Matthew: Morgan, let me join the hunt, too!

Morgan: Matthew, we know for a fact there's  a bear in the forest. And a really
violent one, at that. I can't bring you into such a dangerous situation.

Nozz: Matthew can use a gun. I taught him, so no worries!

Morgan: Nozz, that's  not good.  I can't bring a  child into a dangerous  place

Nozz: He's showed up, he wants to do it. Why not bring him along?

Morgan: ￾c

Matthew: I won't cause any trouble.

Morgan: ￾c

Morgan: Persistent  fellow...  All right,  but don't go  doing anything  crazy,

Nozz: I'm here. Nothing to worry about.

Int. Forest Cabin

Cohen enters the cabin where Nozz, Morgan and Matthew are waiting.

Nozz: Cohen, what's the situation?

Cohen: I sense it. It may be close by.

Morgan: What should  we do? We should search  the forest together,  all four of

Cohen: No, four's  too many.  There's a risk  we won't be  swift enough  at the
critical moment.  We should  split into   groups  of two and  sweep the forest.
Morgan and Nozz, and Matthew and me.

Matthew: Give me a gun, too.

Morgan: Matthew, I can't permit you to have a gun.

Nozz: Hey, Morgan. Isn't it more dangerous if he doesn't have a gun?

Cohen: It's all right, he'll be with me.

Ext. Barrows Forest

Cohen: Let's meet back  here in half an  hour. If you spot the  bear, fire your
gun. Our objective isn't  to kill it, but  to drive it further  into the forest
where it can live in peace.

Morgan: Nozz, we'll start over by the falls.

Nozz: Now's the time to test my skills!

Nozz and Morgan walk off.

Cohen: Matthew, stay close behind me. And  listen. Don't go losing your cool if
you spot the bear.
Got it?

Cohen: Let's go!

Matthew follows Cohen into the trees.

Cohen: We don't have time for sightseeing, Matthew. 

Cohen stops.

Matthew: What is it?

Cohen: Don't you feel that?

Matthew: Feel... what?

Cohen: Never mind...

Cohen: If we don't strike first, he'll be the one hunting us.

Matthew spots footprints nearby.

Matthew: Cohen! Over here!

Cohen: Tracks!  And  fresh ones...  No doubt  about  it... these  are  from the

Cohen: Let's go.

The two follow the tracks to a large tree.

Cohen: This is where I found Kathy.

Cohen: Now I think about it... when I found  her here... it looked like... some
ancient altar...

Cohen: Yes... there was a ring of fire all around the tree... with Kathy as the

Cohen: The tracks disappear into the woods.

Cohen: If we go closer, we may find more clues. Let's look!

Matthew examines the tree.

Matthew: There are scratches on the trunk...

Matthew: Are these the marks of the bear's claws?

Cohen: ...Yes. Probably from when Kathy was attacked.

A rustle in the trees shocks both Cohen and Matthew.

Cohen: ?!

There is the sound of a gunshot.

Matthew: A gunshot!

Cohen: It's close! Morgan and Nozz...?

Cohen: Matthew, follow me!

Cohen runs into the  trees. Matthew follows.  The two come across  the headless
corpse of a deer.

Matthew: Urgh...

Cohen: It's a fawn. It's been dead only a few minutes.

Matthew: Its neck is...

The fawn's head is suddenly flung in front of them from behind.

Cohen: ?!

Matthew: The... head...

They turn to see the bear towering  behind them. Cohen  gets off a shot, but is
whacked to the ground by the bear's paw.

Matthew: Cohen!

Cohen: Ugh...  Matthew... run... 

Cohen pants.

Cohen: He's distracted by me... now's your chance! Escape back to the cabin!

The bear turns to roar at Matthew.

Cohen: Hurry! ...Run!
Matthew runs away and escapes into the cabin.

Int. Forest Cabin

Matthew picks up a shotgun.

Matthew: No shells! Where are the shells?

Matthew checks the cabinet nearby.

Matthew: Shells! Damn... it won't open!

Matthew smashes the glass in the cabinet with the butt of the shotgun. Quickly,
he loads the gun.

Matthew shoots the bear repeatedly until it keels over, dead.

Morgan: Are you hurt?

Matthew: I'm all right. I'm more worried about Cohen...

Morgan: Nozz took Cohen  to the hospital.  His injuries don't  seem serious. No
need to worry, really.

Morgan: So this is the beast that attacked Kathy...

Matthew gazes at the bear.

Morgan: What's up?

Matthew: I just... I killed it...

Morgan: Couldn't  be helped.  It's kill or  be killed, those  are the  rules of

Matthew: I know... But... it fought so hard to live...

Morgan: Animals kill  each other in order  to survive. It's  only we humans who
kill for stupid reasons.

Matthew: If Kathy  died after being  attacked by  this bear, maybe  it attacked
Emma too... is that what you mean by the rules of nature?

Morgan: ￾c

Morgan: That's why we fight, too. In order to protect our own lives.

Morgan: Well, anyway...

Matthew examines the bear.

Matthew: I killed it...
Matthew: Huh? It's got something caught in its claw.

Matthew: ? I can't quite get it...

Matthew: ?! Got it!

Morgan: What's up?

Matthew inner  monologue:  A necklace?   Weird...  isn't this  a native  tribal
design? Was this Kathy's?  Or Emma's? I  don't think it's Emma's...  she always
hated necklaces. Can't be hers...

Matthew: This took a lot to get hold of.

Morgan: Hmm... I'd better take that. I can ask Burton if it was Kathy's. 

Morgan: Perhaps I'll leave the bear disposal to Nozz. He seems like the kind of
guy who'll know what to do with it.

Matthew: So I guess the forest's no longer off-limits?

Morgan: Guess so. I'll  post a sheriff on  sentry duty, but  he'll let you pass
freely enough.

Morgan: I'll stick around here a little  longer. If you're worried about Cohen,
why not go check on him at the hospital?

Morgan: Good job, Matthew. I've revised my opinion of you.

Int. Grouver Hospital Lobby

Barbara: Matthew Williams!

Matthew: ?!

Barbara: What are you doing gawping?!

Matthew: The sudden low voice startled me.

Barbara: Young people these days have no guts.

Matthew: So what do you want?

Barbara: You've got my cigarettes, right?

Matthew: I told you, I don't smoke.

Barbara: Yes, I've figured out that much for myself.

Matthew: Then...

Barbara: I'm asking you if you bought ME any cigarettes.

Matthew: ...I haven't bought you any.

Barbara: Jeez, you're useless.

Matthew: Heavy smoking will lead to an early death.

Barbara: You're annoying. I've lived a lot longer than you have.

Matthew inner monologue: I don't think I like this old lady...

Matthew turns to go.

Barbara: Hey, you?

Matthew inner monologue: Just ignore her...

Barbara: HEY!

Matthew: ￾c

Barbara: Matthew Williams!!!

Matthew turns back around.

Matthew: What?!

Barbara: It's my birthday on the 28th.

Matthew: Oh, that's nice. Happy birthday.

Barbara: My party  starts from the  evening, so  make sure you come  to my room

Matthew: Thanks for the invitation, but I'm busy.

Barbara: You want to know about Emma, don't you?

Matthew: You mean your tales of the past?

Barbara: If you want to know about Emma,  come to my room on my birthday. But I
don't let just anybody in empty-handed.

Matthew: Fine, whatever.

Barbara: On the tv soap I always watch there's  a young man who looks just like
you. It ISN'T you, is it?

Matthew shows Barbara Mel's memo.

Barbara: Motel? The Lakeside Motel?

Matthew: Yeah.

Barbara: The old guy who runs  the place doesn't have  much to do. Nobody comes
to visit this town in the winter. 

Matthew: That's true.

Int. Grouver Hospital Director's Room

Matthew: So it was that bear who attacked Kathy?

Samuel: Yes, Kathy's wounds match the bear's claws.

Matthew: Can you tell from the bear if it attacked Emma?

Samuel: From the bear? How?

Matthew:  Uh...  I don't  know...  like,   checking  its  stomach  contents  or

Samuel: Are you suggesting  we'll find Emma's dead body  in the bear's stomach?

Matthew: I guess you're right...

Samuel: The bear didn't attack Emma. If it had, her dead body would have popped
up by now. Unless the bear was a criminal mastermind, that is.

Matthew: Where's the bear's body?

Samuel: We're done checking it. I gave what was left to Nozz. 

Matthew: I see.

Samuel: Hey, isn't that old coot kind of  creepy? He was smirking at the bear's
dead body. 

Matthew: Er... Uncle just likes hunting and survivalist stuff.

Samuel: Yeah, I wonder.

Matthew: I'm sure that's all it is...
Int. Grouver Hospital, James's Office

James: I don't mind you coming  here if something important  happens, but don't
bother me at work for nothing.

Matthew shows Mel's memo to James.

James: 9pm, Motel? What's this about?
Matthew: Well, this seems to belong to Mel...  I don't really know any details,

James: Hmm, I see. Maybe you should ask the old fellow at the motel to show you
the guest book.

Matthew: That's a good idea.
Ext. Mizzurna Falls Cemetery

Winona: I wasn't friends with Kathy, but I still feel sad.

Burton: It's a sad thing,  but we have to  keep on living. I'm  concerned about
Sarah... I pray that Emma is safe.

Liz: It's so sad... A child, so full of hope, going before the rest of us...

Kathy's funeral begins.

Morgan: Well then, everyone...

Morgan: We  are gathered  here  today to  see Kathy  Flannery  safely  into the
kingdom of heaven. Heavenly father, may  you bless and keep this child. May she
rest in peace. Amen.

Winona: Matthew, do you know that girl?

Matthew: No... isn't it a friend of Kathy's?

Winona: We might be able to ask her friends about Kathy.

Matthew: Is that why you came here?

Winona: No, of course not...  I just think there's some  link between Kathy and
Emma. Something we don't know about...

Winona: Um...

Loretta: What?

Loretta: You two weren't Kathy's friends, were you?

Winona: No...

Loretta: Thought so. That girl didn't have any friends. Or anyone to trust.

Matthew: How did you know Kathy?

Loretta: It's not like I knew her well or  anything. I just gave her someone to
talk to.

Father Burton walks over.

Loretta: I'm going... don't like early mornings...

Winona: Wait...

Burton: Winona, you should stay away from that girl. She's a bad sort, who goes
out partying night after night.

Winona: But she seemed to know Kathy well...

Burton: Did she? As far as I knew, they had no connection at all.

Matthew: What's her name?

Burton: Loretta. No idea where she lives.

Burton: Matthew, Winona, thank you for coming today.

Burton: If Kathy had had friends like you  while she was still alive, she might
have been a happier girl.

Winona: I'm worried about Sarah... I wonder  if she's herself again yet. I want
to think, so I'm going to the park.
Int. Heinz Diner

Rolein: Matthew, have you seen Mel?

Matthew: Nope.

Rolein: He's been weird since this morning... Kind of on edge...

Matthew: He's always on edge.

Rolein: That's true...

Rolein: Jeez...

Matthew: What's up?

Rolein: I can't get in contact with Mel. He must be out walking somewhere.

Matthew shows her Mel's memo.

Rolein: What, Matthew? You're  renting a room at the motel?  I thought you kind
of lived on your own. What do you need a motel room for?

Matthew: It's not for me. I think Mel rented a room there.

Rolein: Him? Why would he need to rent a motel room? 9 pm? In the evening? Just
exactly who was he meeting with at that time?

Int. Captain Nozz's General Store

Matthew inner monologue: Cigarettes  should do for Barbara's  birthday present.
Which ones should I  choose... 'Blue in  the Face'... yes, these  are a popular
brand. Let's go with these.

Nozz: I didn't know you smoked.

Matthew:  No, I'm  still a  minor. There's  this  persistent  old  lady  at the
hospital. These are for her.

Nozz: Oh, Barbara? She's a heavy smoker.

Matthew: You know her?

Nozz: Yeah, well. I kinda feel sorry for  her. Have to make allowances for her,

Matthew: Why, what happened to her?

Nozz: I shouldn't be gossiping. It happened over forty years ago, after all.

Matthew: Forty years ago?

Nozz: Pretend I didn't say anything.

Matthew tries to take a lighter.

Nozz: Don't tell me you want a lighter! Do you actually smoke?

Matthew: I just want one.

Nozz: But not to smoke, right? Over my dead body!

Matthew: All right.

Int. Mizzurna Falls Sheriff Department

Matthew checks the bulletin board.

Bear that attacked young woman euthanized. On December 26th at 8:40am, the bear
which attacked Kathy Flannery  (16) yesterday was located  and shot by the town
committee members. At the same time, committee member Cohen Strasbourg (55) was
brought to hospital with injuries sustained during the incident, but is said to
be recovering well. 

Town Talk
We, the workers of Astin Farm, are lobbying for our lodgings to be rebuilt. The
current buildings have  issues with drainage  and electricity  outages, amongst
other issues. They  are not fit  for human inhabitation.  Please  support us in
petitioning  the  company   president,   Dennis  Astin,  for  a  better  living
environment for us all. Astin Farm Workers.

Steve: I was interested  to hear  about the bear  hunt. Did you  find any clues
about Emma?

Mary Lou:  Wow,  Matthew!   You're  something   else!  Killing   a bear  all by

Matthew: No, not at all...

Mary Lou: But I feel for the poor bear...

Matthew: Yes...

Mary Lou: I'm sure it didn't want to be stuck wandering the forest at this time
of year, either.

Matthew: It would have  been good if we  could have just driven  it deeper into
the forest.

Mary Lou: Well, it can't be helped. It's easy enough to say what if.

Matthew: That's true.

Mary Lou: Oh yes, Matthew! You did your best!

Matthew shows Mel's memo to Mary Lou.

Mary Lou: What's this? 9 pm, motel? My goodness, are you inviting me?

Matthew: No, I...

Mary Lou: I'm a married woman, you know.  I'll accept your feelings, but that's

Matthew looks at the plant on the counter.

Mary Lou: Isn't it nice? Having plants in the workplace helps you feel at ease!
Do you like plants?

Matthew: I guess I don't hate them.

Mary Lou: Oh, I  just love them!  I have to see  greenery when I  wake up, or I
can't relax all day.

Int. St Peter's Church

Morgan: Dear holy father...  grant the child  peaceful sleep...  Lord... please
forgive the sinful child... and please forgive me...

Matthew: Father Burton.

Burton: I was confessing my sins to the lord.

Matthew: By child do you mean Kathy?

Burton: Yes.

Burton: We humans live under the burden of our own sins. By dying, she has been
released from this burden,  and will never  sin again. When  I think of it that
way, it seems like it was a blessing she died.
Matthew: How can you say that?!

Morgan: From our birth until our death,  we must choose our own way to live. To
live purely, or  to rack up sins.  That child...  No... never mind...  it's too
complicated for you.

Matthew: Okay...

Int. Captain Nozz's General Store

Matthew inner monologue: There's some lighters here. Uncle's not around... They
might come in  useful. I'll  take one. I'll  just leave  the money in  the cash

Int. Emma's House

Matthew examines Emma's photo.
Matthew inner monologue: This  is a photo of Emma taken  at the Full Moon Party
that happened at the start of December.

Matthew: Sarah... Kathy's funeral's over.

Sarah: Yes. I heard from Steve. ￾c Poor Father Burton...

Matthew: He said he's praying for Emma.

Sarah: ￾c

Matthew: Sarah...  I can't find  any proof  anywhere that  Kathy and Emma  were
together. I think the reason  Emma's missing may not be  connected after all. I
think we should focus on finding out what the real reason could be. 

Sarah: I see... It's just as you say... we should do everything we can... 

Sarah: Matthew... let's go  to Emma's room. I think I  should take another look
at it now I'm calmer. 

Sarah: Sorry to have worried you. I'm all right now.

Matthew checks the sink in the bathroom.
Matthew inner monologue: Hmm?  Something's stuck... It's  a ring... The initial
"I" is carved into it. Was this Emma's? 

Matthew: This was stuck in the sink. Is it Emma's?

Sarah: I've never seen that before.

Matthew: Can I borrow this?
Sarah: Sure.

Matthew checks a vase in Emma's room.
Matthew inner monologue: It's  a vase. There aren't any  flowers in it. There's
something in the bottom of the vase. A key...?

Matthew: Sarah, do you know what this key is for?

Sarah: ￾c I don't know. I don't think it's one of the house keys.

Matthew: Mind if I borrow this key?

Sarah: Okay... I don't mind. Any ideas?

Matthew: No...  but  I just feel  like I've   seen  this type  of key somewhere
before. Anyway, I'll hold onto it for now.

Int. Mizzurna Falls Sheriff's Department

Winona: I don't think I'm being  much use... I'm so worried  about Emma I can't

Matthew shows Winona the key.
Matthew: Winona, do you have any idea what this key is for?

Winona: It's a locker key, isn't it?

Matthew: What locker?

Winona: The lockers at school.

Matthew: ...Oh, right! I knew I'd seen it somewhere before.

Winona: What's with the key, anyway?

Matthew: I  found it  in Emma's  room and  just borrowed  it.  If we check  her
locker, we might find some clues. 

Winona: Really! Then, I'll go with you!

Winona: Oh,  but actually,  can we do  it later?  I have stuff  going on  right

Matthew shows Winona the ring.
Matthew: This ring was at Emma's house.

Winona: Is it Emma's?

Matthew: I don't know. There's a letter I on it.

Winona: A letter I... who could that be...

Winona: I don't know anybody whose name starts with I.

Matthew shows Winona the cigarettes.
Winona: Gross, Matthew. How long have you been a smoker?

Matthew: I don't smoke.

Matthew shows Winona Mel's memo.
Winona: What's this?

Matthew: I found it in Mel's room and just kind of hung onto it.

Winona: 9pm, Motel. Was Mel staying at the motel?

Matthew: I don't know. But  I feel like this is some sort  of hint about Emma's
location. That guy makes me suspicious. Since Emma's gone missing he's been all
over the place. 

Winona: Yeah...
Int. Mizzurna Falls High School

Matthew finds James in the library.

James: Hello Matthew.  What are you doing  here? Is the world  ending tomorrow?
Haha, just a joke.

Matthew shows James the ring.
James: What's this?

Matthew: I wonder if it was Emma's...?

James: I never saw Emma wearing a ring like that.

Matthew: It's got the letter I on it. Any ideas?

James: ...No.

Matthew shows James the cigarettes.
James: What the hell, Matthew. A ridiculously good boy like you, smoking?

Matthew: ...I don't smoke.

Matthew talks to Liz in the staff room.

Matthew: Can I get into the main building?

Liz: No, the principal's had it locked, because of what's going on. 

Matthew: But I want to go in.

Liz: Nope, sorry. And anyway, Matthew... you're not the type of student to come
to school on a vacation day...

Matthew: Yes, well...
Int. Emma's House

Steve: Matthew, I'd like to discuss something with you, if that's all right.

Matthew: Sure.

Sarah: I'll just go and check Emma's room.

Steve: All right.

Steve: Thank you, Matthew... thanks to you, Sarah's doing much better.

Matthew: Yes, she does seem to be.

Steve: Still, I'm concerned about her refusing  to leave the house... excuse me
for changing the subject, but did you know Kathy?

Matthew: I've seen her at church, but never  spoken to her. I don't really know

Steve: Do you think she and Emma were acquainted?

Matthew: Who knows...  there's no proof  they were together.  And I'm sure Emma
would have mentioned  it to either me or  Winona if the two  were acquainted in
some way.

Steve: I see...

Steve: But you know, I've seen that boy Mel with Kathy before.

Matthew: Mel?! Where?

Steve: In front of the bar. I was surprised, to be honest. She didn't seem like
the kind of girl to play around at night. 

Matthew: That's true.

Steve: Now I think about it, perhaps Emma and Kathy were quite similar... 

Matthew: ￾c

A scream, from upstairs.

Steve: !

Matthew: Are you all right?

Sarah: Yes. I think I've calmed down now.
Steve, to Hudson: Thank you.

Morgan: There's no sign of any break-in in the room.

Steve: I see...

Morgan: Possibly the stress over Emma has made her neurotic. You should talk to
your wife.

Steve: I will.

Morgan: I'm going back to the department. Call me if anything comes up.

Steve: All right. Thank you.

Matthew: Are you all right?

Sarah: Yes... thank you...

Matthew: You said... there's been a break-in?

Sarah: I didn't really see the burglar...  but I could sense someone's presence
in Emma's room... and the window was open a little.

Matthew: Is anything missing?

Sarah: I don't know...

Steve: Emma hated us going in her room.  We don't really know what it's like in

Matthew: Can I take a look?

Sarah: Yes. I'll go with you.

Winona: A  burglar...  how scary.  Does   it have something  to do with  Emma's

Matthew checks the desk.

Matthew inner monologue: This desk... 

Matthew: Sarah, wasn't this desk closed before?

Sarah: ￾c Oh, yes! It was definitely closed.

Matthew: Is anything missing?

Matthew inner monologue: It's empty.

Sarah: Matthew... that drawer...

Matthew: ?

Sarah: That drawer is usually always locked!

Matthew: What's in it?

Sarah: Her diary! One time I tried to open that drawer, and Emma blew up at me.

Matthew: So her diary's missing?

Matthew: We should discuss this with Morgan.

Sarah: You're right... but why take her diary...?

Ext. Emma's House

Woman in Grey: I heard there was a break-in at the Rowlands'? 

Matthew: Yes.

Woman in Grey: Then the one Mr. Perry spoke about might be the culprit...

Matthew: Huh?!

Woman in Grey:  Old Man  Perry was saying...   that  he saw someone  suspicious
climbing out of the Rowlands' second floor window.

Matthew: Really?

Woman in Grey: Well, Old Man Perry does say some strange things sometimes.

Matthew: Where does Mr. Perry live?

Woman in Grey: Just behind the Rowlands.  But he usually spends his time at the

Woman in Grey: The mayor, burglarised. What is this town coming to?

Ext. Riverside Park

Matthew: Excuse me... Mr. Perry?

Old Man: Huh?

Matthew: Are you Mr. Perry?

Old Man: Say what?

Matthew: Are you Old Man Perry?!

Old Man Perry: Yes, I'm Old Man Perry.

Matthew: I heard you saw someone suspicious leaving the Rowlands'.

Old Man Perry: Oh! You saw him too?

Matthew: I didn't, but... do you remember what he looked like?

Old Man Perry: Yes, I remember well.

Matthew: So?

Old Man Perry: Hmm... he was dressed like someone in a movie I once saw... what
was it called? You know... the one with the killer? Wore a mask? 

Matthew: A hockey mask? I've seen that one... it's famous... 

Old Man Perry: Yeah, yeah, Jason. He was dressed like him, wasn't he?

Matthew: I just said I didn't see him.

Old Man Perry: Jason must live at the Rowlands'!

Matthew: Huh?

Old Man Perry: I've seen Jason's motorbike outside the diner many times.

Matthew: Huh...

Old Man Perry: How nice.

Matthew: This is no good... this old guy's in a twilight world of his own...

Int. Mizzurna Falls High School

Matthew checks the poster.

Matthew inner monologue: It's a poster for the Full Moon Party that happened at
the start of December. Isn't anyone going to take it down?

Poster: Party Committee Members, please contact us at ****. Committee Chief.

Matthew: Miss Holly? Are you Kathy's homeroom teacher?

Holly: Yes, and who are you?

Matthew: I'm Matthew  Williams.  Uh, I'd like to  ask you some questions  about
Kathy, if that's all right. 

Holly: Oh my, surely Kathy never had a boyfriend like you. Am I right?

Matthew: Yeah. What kind of girl was Kathy?

Holly: I'm not sure she had anyone you could  call a friend... I never once saw
her talking happily with anyone.

Matthew: So you mean she avoided others?

Holly: But it's not like she was just shy.  She seemed to deliberately distance
herself. She often seemed intentionally  cold. I tried to talk to her, told her
she ought to try to make friends,  that being with others  is fun. And you know
what she said? "I have the lord, and my father." 

Matthew: That's kind of creepy.

Holly: But her words  didn't strike  me as genuine.  I think she  was deceiving
herself on some level. 

Matthew: So Kathy was always alone at school?

Holly: Well, one day she joined  the Full Moon Party planning  committee out of
the blue.

Matthew: The party that was held back at the start of December?

Holly: I was shocked, too. But of course, I was all for it. 

Matthew: So did that go well for Kathy?

Holly: Who knows? She ended up quitting  soon after. And after that, she was no
different. Not that she would have been. Such a mysterious girl.

Matthew: I see.

Holly: If you find anything out, please let me know.

Matthew phones the party planning committee.

Committee Chief: Hello! Who's calling?

Matthew: Uh, did you work on the dance party committee?

Committee Chief: Dance party? The one this month? Yep.

Matthew: May I ask, was Kathy also a member of the committee?

Committee  Chief:  Kathy  Flannery?   Yes,  she joined,   but she  wasn't  very

Matthew: How did she seem to you at the time?

Committee Chief: Are you her friend?

Matthew: Uh... sure...

Committee Chief: She  joined, but she basically  did nothing.  When I asked her
why she bothered to join, what do you think she said? "I'm rebelling against my

Matthew: What do you mean?

Committee Chief:   I don't know,  either. But she  said something  like a party
celebrating the full moon is like worshipping the devil... or something... what
a weirdo. But  she also said  there's a wall  painting in  the basement  of her
house showing the devil worshipping the full moon.

Matthew inner monologue: What the hell?

Committee Chief:  Anyway, she was  tough to figure  out. That's  all I remember
about her.

Matthew: Thanks.

Committee Chief: See ya.

Int. Heinz Diner

Rolein: Hey, that's impossible!

Mel: It's the only option.

Rolein: What are you thinking? I never expected you to say this to me!

Mel, spotting Matthew: Tch...

Mel: I'll come back later. Just think about what I said.

Matthew: Something happened?

Rolein: ...No... it's nothing.

Matthew: It seems like he was being a jerk as usual.

Rolein: ￾c

Rolein: I heard there was a break-in at Emma's?

Matthew: Yeah.

Rolein: Was anything taken?

Matthew: I don't know for sure. But Sarah said Emma's diary is missing.

Rolein: Emma's diary? Why would something like that go missing?

Matthew: No idea, but maybe it's linked to this case.

Farm Worker: Dennis  is being  such a jerk.  I'm gonna bombard  him with  phone
calls in protest. Every  morning I'm gonna  call him. What's  his number again?
Er... let's  see...  it  was ****...  Okay...  now  we attack  him  with  phone
Int. Sheriff's Department

Matthew: About the necklace from the bear's body... was it Kathy's?

Morgan: Oh, that. Apparently Burton gave it to Kathy. 

Matthew: Huh?

Morgan: But according to Burton, someone took that necklace from Kathy. 

Matthew: Really?

Morgan: Still, the bear must have gotten  the necklace caught in its claws when
it attacked Kathy. It's the only hypothesis that makes sense.

Matthew: Yeah...

Ext. Cemetery

Matthew: It's Mel! I need to find a place to hide...

Bonehead: You're punctual.

Mel: ￾c

Bonehead: Hey, did ya hear? Someone broke into Emma's house.

Mel: ￾c I know that!

Bonehead: Haha! Well, no need to worry about Emma.

Mel: You didn't call me out here to talk about that kind of crap!

Bonehead: Yeah, well.

Bonehead: So? When are you gonna return the money?

Mel: Tomorrow. Around noon, I'll be coming into some major cash. 

Bonehead: Major  cash? Hey,  hey. You  got a goldmine  somewhere  I don't  know

Mel: Whatever, look, I'll return it tomorrow. Then we're done, right?

Bonehead: Heh... well, as long  as you return the money,  I don't care what you
do. Just make sure this ends tomorrow. He won't wait any longer. 

Mel: ￾c

Bonehead: He ain't  as lenient as  I am. Can't guarantee  what might  happen to
Mel: All right, all right. Anyway, tomorrow.

Bonehead: Looking forward to it.

Bonehead walks away. Mel flips Bonehead off.

Ext. Heinz Diner

Voice: Are you really going to actually do this?!

Voice: In a hick  town like  this full of  morons, what's  gonna happen  to me,

Voice: ￾c

Voice: You've got insurance, you won't suffer any loss.

Voice: Listen, all you  have to do is keep  the customers calm  so nothing goes

Voice: It's not going to go well.

Voice: Stop worrying! It's all right... come here...

Ext. Bar Wolves

Matthew: About the necklace the bear had. Did you give it to Kathy?

Burton: Hmm, the necklace...

Matthew: Isn't it a native tribal design?

Burton: I found it in the church basement. She took a shine to it, so I gave it
to her. Looking back on it, that necklace brought her nothing but bad luck. 

Matthew: What do you mean?

Burton: It was worn by the devil...

Matthew: Huh?

Burton: Nothing... an old legend... still... she was never without it... 

Matthew: But someone took it from her?

Burton: Yes, it was a while back. She said she gave it to someone who needed it
more than her.

Burton: But if the bear  had it, I suppose  she must have been  wearing it that

Matthew: Yeah.
Int. Bar Wolves

Wolf: There's a girl who knew Kathy. She comes here to drink sometimes.

Matthew shows the ring to Wolf.

Wolf: ￾c What's with the ring?

Matthew: I found it in Emma's room.

Wolf: In Emma's room...? Do you know anything about that ring?

Matthew: No...

Wolf: Well,  no need  for you  to know.  But  don't go  around  flashing  it at

Matthew: Why not?

Wolf: That ring is worn by bad guys.

Matthew: Bad guys?

Wolf: Yeah, they come in here, causing trouble.  I don't really know much about
it, but that ring seems to be how they identify their fellows.

Matthew: I see...

Matthew shows Wolf the cigarettes.

Wolf: You giving these to me? Blue in the Face? I don't smoke that brand.

Matthew: What's the difference?

Wolf: There's a huge difference! Only old farts and old bags smoke those!

Matthew shows Wolf Mel's memo.

Matthew: Why would someone rent a motel room in the town they live in?

Wolf: Probably for something dodgy.

Matthew: Like what?

Wolf: Like something dodgy!

Rolein: Did you come to see  Isabella? Her bodyguard is  pretty strict, I doubt
you'll get to speak with her. If you're that obsessed with her better catch her
on her way home.  I've seen  her leave the  bar by the back  entrance  at 12:30

Isabella: Everyone, thank you for being her at Bar Wolves tonight.

Stalker: Isabella!

Isabella: Thank you.

Isabella: I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid I can't perform this evening.

Stalker: Wh-wh-what?

Isabella: I'm very sorry, I have some personal business to attend to.

Isabella: I think I'll be able to sing tomorrow night... I'm very sorry...

Stalker: I'll c-come again t-tomorrow...

Isabella: ￾c


Day Three, December 27th, 1998
Ext. lake side, beach

Winona: When I look  out across  the river, I feel  calmer. Somehow  the winter
shoreline seems so desolate... like Emma's heart...

Robert: Matthew, you came to  look at the shoreline, too?  Can you try to cheer
Winona up a bit?

Ext. Boat House, pier

Winona: The Emma I always saw wasn't the  real Emma at all. I wish I'd realised
that sooner...

Matthew shows Winona the key.

Winona: Let's go to the High School, then.

Matthew: OK!

Ext. Mizzurna Falls High School

Winona: Is the main building locked?

Matthew: Let's go to the staff room.
Int. Mizzurna Falls High School

Liz: Hmm? What are you both doing here?

Matthew: We want to get into the main building.

Liz: Matthew, it's off-limits.

Winona: Um, I left my notebook in my desk drawer. I really need it...

Liz: ￾c

Winona: I can't get it?

Liz: Well, Winona, since it's you... I can trust you.

Matthew, shrugging: ￾c

Liz: You can take  the key on the  rack over there.  But please  return it once
you're done.

Winona: Thank you.

Matthew: Hmm, which key...

Winona: There's the key to  the main building and the  classroom. We'll have to
return them quickly or we'll get in trouble.

Winona:  If  we check   the  main  building   we  might  find   out  why Emma's

In front of Emma's locker:

Winona: Hurry and open it!

Winona: So? Is anything inside?

Matthew: A disposable camera. And... a floppy disk?!

Winona: A disk? Why would Emma have...

Matthew: There's nothing else in here.

Winona: We can get the  camera's pictures  developed at the  camera shop in the
central square.

Matthew: But what about the disk? I don't think Emma even had a computer...

Winona: Maybe it's not meant to be used in a computer, but something else?

Matthew: We'll find out if we try putting  it in a computer, I guess. Where can
I find a computer?

Winona: Let's go to the classroom.

In front of Emma's desk:

Matthew: What's wrong?

Winona: It feels like so long ago since Emma last sat here...

Winona: Did you hear about the rumour that someone strangled Kathy?

Matthew: Yeah, it might be a murder.

Winona: Hearing  that rumour only  made me more  convinced that  Emma and Kathy
were together that night...  One girl gets  killed, and the  other goes missing
the same day... that can't be a coincidence...

Matthew: Winona...

Winona: I'm sorry... Here I am getting all depressed...

Matthew: Even  if Kathy was  murdered, we  have to keep  believing that  Emma's

Winona: Yeah...

Matthew: And anyway, I can't  find any correlations between  Emma and Kathy. If
they were acquainted, then why wouldn't you or I know about it?

Winona: That's true... shall we head back now?

Matthew: Did you get your notebook?

Winona: Huh? Oh,  heh heh. That  was obviously a  lie! I'll just  say it wasn't
where I thought it would be.

Matthew: And I thought you were supposed to be so trustworthy.

Liz: Did you find your notebook?

Winona: It wasn't there. I must have left it somewhere else...

Liz: ￾c Oh, well.

Winona: Sorry... here's the keys back.

Liz: It's all right. But you can't go back  into the main building again, okay?
Off you go now.

Winona: Okay. Matthew, let's go!

Liz: I understand  you  two are  both worried  about  Emma,  but don't  get too
involved. Just leave the investigation up to the police.

Matthew: ￾c

Winona: What should we do about the camera and the disk?

Matthew: I'll take the camera  to the photo shop in the  central square. As for
the disk, well,  I'll investigate. If I find anything, I'll call you.

Winona: Okay. I'm curious about something so I'm going to see Father Burton.

Matthew: All right.

Winona: Bye, then. Make sure to call me.

Int. Sheriff's Department

Matthew: You seem busy.

Morgan: I'm up to my eyeballs. We don't have enough manpower.

Matthew: Can't I join?

Morgan: What, you?! Haha! That's crazy talk.

Matthew: But then I could help with the investigation.

Morgan: All right, all right, tell you what. I'll think about it.

Morgan: Aw man, I'm hungry. Think I'll head to the diner for a burger today.

Matthew shows Morgan the camera.

Morgan: What's with the camera?

Matthew: Actually, we found it in Emma's locker.

Morgan: What?

Matthew: It might be able to tell us something about why Emma's disappeared.

Morgan: Right! Let's get it developed at once.

Matthew: I'll do it.

Morgan: Bring the pictures to me as soon as you've done it.

Morgan: Here's some money to pay to have them developed.

Matthew: Thanks.

Matthew shows Morgan the floppy disk.

Morgan: What's that?

Matthew: Any ideas?

Morgan: What? You don't know what it is?

Matthew: No, tell me.

Morgan: I'm not the best with technology...

Morgan: Hahaha, why not ask Mary Lou?

Matthew shows Mary Lou the floppy disk.

Matthew: Can you tell what kind of data is on this disk?

Mary Lou: Hmm? Give it here a second. I'll check.

Mary Lou: This looks like digital sound data.

Matthew: Sound data? You mean like music?

Mary Lou: I don't know if it's music or not.

Matthew: Can't you listen to it?

Mary Lou: Not on this.

Mary Lou: It's  not for  a computer.  I think it's  for a special  keyboard  or
something like that.

Matthew: A... keyboard?

Mary Lou: Yeah,  like an electric  organ.  There's loads  of devices like  that
around these days.

Matthew: Thanks.

Mary Lou: You should ask around to see if anyone has an electric organ.
Ext. Central Square

Photoshop attendant: Oh, hey Matthew. I  heard about Emma. But don't worry. I'm
sure she's fine.

Matthew: Uh-huh.

Photoshop attendant: Hmm? Did you want something? What's up?

Matthew: Er, I'll come back later.

Photoshop attendant: You know, I might not look busy but I really am!

Matthew hands over the disposable camera.

Matthew: I'd like to have this camera's pictures developed.

Photoshop attendant:  Okay!  We have a lot  of different  printing options.  Is
Normal okay?

Matthew: That's fine. How long will it take?

Photoshop attendant: We're  quite busy right now, but  I can have it done in an
hour. We require payment up front. Is that all right?

Matthew: How much is it?

Photoshop attendant: 9 dollars 50 cents.

Matthew pays.

Photoshop attendant: Thanks! Come back in an hour.

Int. Emma's House

Matthew shows the floppy disk to Sarah

Matthew: Sarah, do you know anything about this disk?

Sarah: A... disk?

Matthew: I found it in Emma's locker.

Sarah: It might be for the electric piano.

Matthew: Emma's piano?

Sarah: I think I've seen her putting a disk in it before.

Sarah puts the disk in the piano.

Matthew: Do you know how it works?

Sarah: Yes, this should do it.

A ballad begins to play.

Matthew: What's this song...?

Sarah: Emma was always playing this... the title is "Eternal".

Matthew: Eternal...

Matthew: It's a beautiful song.

Sarah: Yes, it is.

Matthew inner monologue:  I wonder how Emma  was feeling when  she used to play
this... I wonder if James might know something about it...

Sarah: Emma...

Int. Grouver Hospital, James's room

Matthew shows James the disk.

Matthew: Have you heard of "Eternal"?

James: Eternal?!

James: What? What's this Eternal?

Matthew: Apparently it's a song Emma often played.

James: A song...

Matthew: It's a really beautiful song. Kind of... ethereal.

James: So Emma liked that song?

Matthew: I'm asking you...

James: Go to the bar tonight. You might hear that song.

Matthew: The... bar?

James: Yeah, around 10pm.

Matthew: What's this about?

James: You'll find out if you go.

Matthew phones the sheriff's department.

Morgan: Hello,  this  is the  sheriff's   department.  Oh, Matthew?  How  about
grabbing lunch together? Come to the diner.

Matthew: All right.

Morgan: They got some mighty fine burgers at the diner.

Int. Heinz Diner

Rolein: ...

Matthew: Rolein?

Rolein: Matthew?! Don't startle me! What are you doing here?!

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: Rolein, you look pale.

Rolein: Do I? I'm fine.

Rolein: Geez... I never thought Mel was this stupid...

Matthew: Have you finally figured that out, then?

Rolein: Matthew! Don't startle me!

Matthew: Rolein, you're acting kind of weird today.

Rolein: ￾c

Morgan: Hey! Did you come for a hamburger too, Matthew?

Morgan: Rolein, Matthew will have the same.

Rolein: ...Huh?

Morgan: Weren't you listening?

Rolein: Uh, a coffee refill? Sure thing...

Morgan: What's with her?

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: Did you find out anything about the burglary?

Morgan: Oh, that. It seems Emma's diary was stolen.

Matthew: Yeah.

Morgan: We're investigating.

Morgan: Why not take a seat?

Masked robbers: Nobody move!

Rolein: ?!

Morgan: What the!

Matthew: ?!

Blond Robber: Hey! The pig's here!

Brown-haired Robber: Shit! Never mind that.

Brown-haired Robber: Nobody move a muscle!

Morgan: What do you think you're doing?!

Blond Robber: Don't  move! Freeze! Try anything  crazy and someone's  gonna get

Morgan: Gah!

Brown-haired Robber: Put the money in the bag!

Rolein: But...

Brown-haired Robber: Just do it!

Morgan: Stop this foolishness this instant!

Blond Robber: Shut your mouth! Unless you want to die!

Matthew: Morgan!

Morgan: Stay back, Matthew. Don't give these jerks an excuse.

Brown-haired Robber: Let's get out of here.

Blond Robber: This guy's gonna pay up, too!

Brown-haired Robber: Forget them! Let's go!
Morgan: Just do what he says, Matthew.

Morgan: Do you hear me?!

Blond Robber: You, hand over all your money.

Matthew: No way!

Morgan: Matthew!

Rolein: Do what he says!

The guy pistol-whips Matthew.

Matthew: What makes you think you can hide from the police in a small town like

Blond Robber:  Are you mental?  Haven't you  figured out  the situation  you're

Morgan: Matthew!

Rolein: Please! Just do what he says!

Rolein: Matthew, that's a real gun! Just hand over your money!

Morgan: Do what he says, Matthew.

Matthew pays up.

Blond Robber: Should have done that from the beginning!

Blond Robber: What? That's all you got?!

Brown-haired Robber:  Forget it!  No way that kid  would have a  lot of cash on

Brown-haired Robber: Quit jerking around! Let's get out of here!

Blond Robber: Shit...

Morgan: Do you know how much was taken?

Rolein: I don't...

Rolein: But all the takings from yesterday were in there. I'm sure it's quite a

Morgan: That's quite a problem.

Morgan: Well?

Hudson: We haven't  found the  getaway car.  All we can  be sure of is  that it
hasn't left town.

Morgan: I see...

Morgan: I'm going back to the sheriff's department.

Matthew: This must be very troubling for you.

Rolein: ￾c

Matthew: Any idea who did it?

Rolein: What? What do you mean? How should I know?

Rolein: I'm not on friendly terms with any masked robbers!

Matthew: How come yesterday's takings were still in that cash register?

Rolein: I was tired last night. I just left them there overnight.

Matthew: Do you know anything about guns, Rolein?

Rolein: I've never held a gun in my life.

Matthew: Then how did you know that robber's gun just now was a real one?

Rolein: ￾c

Matthew: You did say that,  didn't you? When that guy  had his gun drawn on me,
you said "that's a real gun".

Rolein: That was... I...

Matthew: You know something, don't you?

Rolein: ￾c

Matthew: The culprit... is...

Rolein: But  I was against  the whole  idea!  I said  it wouldn't  go smoothly!
Yes... he did it...

Matthew: ￾c

Rolein: He's such an idiot...

Rolein:  He must  be laying  low  somewhere  right  now.  I don't  know  where,

Matthew inner monologue: Hmm, now which way did the car go?

Ext. Farm Workers' Lodgings

Blond guy: Hmm? You?

Matthew: What?

Blond guy: Tch... What the hell? You want something with me?

Matthew: Not really.

Blond guy: If you don't want anything, get lost!

Int. Farm Workers' Lodgings

Matthew knocks on the bathroom door.

Someone: I'm in here! Just hold on, I'll be done soon!

Matthew peeks through a hole in the other door.

Matthew: Mel?!

Mel: I never thought that pig would be there at the time.

Bonehead: This is a big problem.

Mel: No, it's fine.

Bonehead: If you say so. But if you get arrested, don't you dare blab about our

Mel: I know, I know. I know what you'd do to me if I did.

Bonehead: You're not as dumb as you look.

The blond guy comes out of the bathroom and catches Matthew peeping.

Blond guy: What the hell are you doing here?!

Bonehead: Hey!

Mel: Matthew?! You jerk, what are you doing here?!

Bonehead: Mel... were you followed?

Mel: Huh? How should I know?!

Blond guy: It wasn't me!

Mel: Who else was it, then?  You moron, you brought him  right into the goddamn

Blond guy: Just hold on!

Mel: You better deal with this situation!

Blond guy: Fine...

Blond guy: Put 'em up!

After the fight:

Bonehead: Gimme a break! You're gonna lose to this guy?

Bonehead: We gotta get rid of this kid somehow before he tries to be a hero.

Mel: Are you... gonna do it?

Bonehead: No other choice.

Matthew: ...

Bonehead pulls his gun on Matthew.

Bonehead: This is how it is. Sorry,  but you're gonna have to die now.

Mel: H-Hold on...

Police sirens can be heard outside.

Mel: ?!

Matthew: Morgan!

Bonehead: Tch!

Bonehead: Now look what's happened!

Mel: Hey! What about me?!

Bonehead: You take care of you!

Bonehead leaves. Mel goes to follow him, but Matthew grabs him.

Matthew: Hold it!

Mel: What?!

Morgan dashes in.

Morgan: Matthew!

Mel: Shit! Get off me, you pig!

Ext. Farm Workers' Lodgings

Mel and the Blond guy are arrested and taken away.

Morgan: Matthew, are you all right?

Matthew: Yeah... but how come you're here?

Morgan: We got a call from Rolein.

Matthew: I see...

Morgan: Matthew, I TOLD you not to get involved in this case.

Morgan: Well... never mind. As long as you're all right.

Matthew: What about Mel and the other guy?

Morgan: We'll put them in the cells for  now. What a stupid thing to try to do.
What about the other guy you mentioned? The bald one?

Matthew: He seemed like he was the ringleader.

Morgan: Hmm...

Hudson: We didn't find anything incriminating inside the cabin.

Matthew: Nothing? What about the money?

Morgan: The bald guy must have disappeared with it.

Morgan: Did you seal off the cabin?

Hudson: Yes, chief.

Morgan: All right, then... I guess I'll  head back to the station and deal with
the delinquents.

Matthew: Morgan...

Morgan: Hmm?
Matthew: Did you find Emma's diary?

Morgan: Not yet. No clues, even.

Matthew: I see...

Morgan: Well, I'm going back to the sheriff's department.

Int. Mel's Room

Matthew finds a diary on the shelf.

Matthew Inner  Monologue:   A diary...  It's  Emma's diary...   So Mel was  the
burglar! I have to give this to Morgan!

Emma's Diary

December 21st (Thursday)
Liz doesn't understand how I feel. I don't  know what's right and what's wrong.
What are we even alive for?  Whenever I think about it,  my head hurts. I'm all
alone... Winona seems worried about me.  But if she knew the real me... No... I
don't want to think about it... 

Matthew Inner Monologue: It's  just like James said...  there was a whole other
Emma I never knew... I had no idea how she was feeling... 

December 22nd (Friday)
Isabella seemed so sad today. Her singing  fills my heart with both sadness and
joy... But there's no light in her life.  She's being controlled by that man...
Isabella needs help... 

Matthew Inner Monologue:  Isabella... There  has to be some  connection between
her and Emma's disappearance... Isabella  needs help... what on earth does that

December 23rd (Saturday)

I feel depressed when I think about how  I have to meet Mel at 9:00. Kathy says
she needs it, but I  don't want to be dependent  on that kind  of thing. I just
want to feel some sense of relief... 

Matthew Inner  Monologue:  So Emma and  Kathy WERE  connected!  They knew  each
other! But what's this thing  that Kathy needed? And they  both met Mel at 9:00
on the 23rd? But... where?

Int. Sheriff's Department
Morgan: What's this?

Matthew: It's Emma's diary. I found it in Mel's room.

Morgan: ￾c

Matthew: The burglar  who broke into Emma's  room must have  been Mel. It seems
the two of them had some sort of secret...  Mel must have been afraid that Emma
wrote about it in her diary. 

Morgan: ￾c

Matthew: Mel must know something about Emma's whereabouts.

Morgan: Crazy kid...

Matthew: You mean Mel?

Morgan: No... you!

Matthew: Because you told me not to get involved?

Morgan: No... that was my mistake. Nothing I say seems to be able to deter you.
And now you bring me a piece of vital evidence... 

Matthew: Well, then?

Morgan: Then... I suppose  I'll permit you  to assist in the  investigation. In
return, I'll have to ask you to join the department once you graduate from high

Matthew: Uh...

Morgan: Just kidding. 

Morgan: If you need new info, check out  the whiteboard in the conference room.
Mary Lou's keeping it updated with new developments. But just make sure to call
me immediately if you find yourself in any danger, like just before. 

Morgan: Oh, right. Take this.

Matthew: What's this?

Morgan: It's my old badge. 

Matthew: Am I gonna need this?

Morgan: No...but  think of it  as proof you've  been allowed  to assist  in the

Matthew: Thank you very much.

Matthew shows Morgan Mel's memo.

Morgan: So Mel wrote this?  He used the motel, huh...  Still, that's not enough
to go on. There's nothing I can do with this. It would be different if you knew
which date he used it on. 

Int. Sheriff's Department

Matthew: Father Burton.

Matthew: Were you seeing Mel?

Burton: I came to hear his confession, but he's not showing any remorse for his

Matthew: There's  no way he'd confess.  He never  takes any responsibility  for
what he does. He doesn't think he's in the wrong.

Burton: He's no the only one. Today's youth have no moral compass. That's how I
see it. How shameful. How sinful. 

Matthew: ￾c

Burton: Matthew,  you have such  innocent eyes.  Please, continue  to live in a
pure manner. 

Matthew: Er, I don't really...

Burton: If you're  ever  tempted to  sin, just remember  that  you will  suffer
eternal damnation. 

Matthew: Okay...

Int. Sheriff's Department Holding Cells

Mel: What are you doing here, you jerk?!

Matthew: Showing no remorse,  I see. Didn't you want to  let Father Burton hear
all your sins?

Mel: Ha! Don't make me laugh. Remorse?

Mel: Who wants to hear sermons from a dirty old masturbator like him?

Matthew: He said that those who sin will  suffer eternal damnation. I wonder if
he's right.

Mel: Are you completely freakin' nuts?!

Mel: I'm only in here because your meddling distracted me and I got arrested by
that pig! There's no divine intervention there!

Matthew: I never said I believed in the power of God.

Mel: Oh, yeah? Well,  what kind of priest  hangs around outside  a bar at night
trying to lecture people?

Matthew: At the bar?

Mel: Oh, didn't you  know? With a father  like that, it's no  wonder Kathy went
off the rails. 

Matthew: Kathy? What do you mean?

Mel: Mind your own business, you do-gooder! I ain't telling you!

Matthew: What did you call me?

Mel: Shut up! I don't want to look at your annoying face! Get lost!

Ext. Central Square

Staff: Huh? Matthew, didn't you meet up with Winona?

Matthew: Huh?

Staff: She already came by to pick up the photographs.

Matthew: What, Winona did?

Staff: Yes... she said you'd asked her to...  oh no... should I not have handed
them over?

Matthew: No, it's fine if it was Winona. 

Staff: Sorry about that...

Matthew Inner Monologue: I've got to find Winona...

Ext. Lakeside Inn Motel

Clerk: Would you like to stay? We have rooms available.

Matthew: No... I'd like to ask something.

Clerk: What?

Matthew: I want to know who stayed here  on the 23rd at 21:00. Can I check your
guest register?

Clerk: What? No! We have to  protect our guests' privacy!  I can't just show it
to you!

Matthew: Please, I just need a name.

Clerk: ...Just the name? Let's see... the  23rd, huh...  23rd, at 9pm... first,
room 1... Linda Ronstadt...  seemed to be a widow, rented  a room alone... Hmm,
kind of sad... perhaps a heartbreak relief trip... yes, no doubt that's what it

Matthew: I see, who else?

Clerk: Who  else? Let's  see...  room 2  was empty...  and in  room 3...  Kathy
Rowland... oh yes, her!

Matthew: Kathy Rowland?! That's Emma and Kathy's names combined! No doubt about

Clerk: Oh, are you friends with this girl?

Matthew: Yeah, well...

Matthew Inner Monologue: He doesn't seem to know what Kathy looks like...?

Clerk: Oh, good. Actually,  she hasn't checked out yet.  As long as she pays, I
don't care, but  it doesn't seem  like she's even  using the room.  And since I
don't even have a spare key for the room,  I can't even get in there and clean.
Can you tell her to hurry up and check out, please?

Matthew: Sure...

Matthew Inner  Monologue: If  Kathy was the  one who rented  the room,  the key
might be at the church... 

Clerk: Thanks.

Int. St Peter's Church

Matthew: On the  night of the 23rd,  it seems that  Kathy rented  a room at the
motel. Do you know anything about that? 

Burton : ?! Kathy...? It's true that she  did come home late on the 23rd... She
was at the motel...?

Matthew: Yes, and it seems that she didn't  check out. I thought you might have
the key to her room, or something?

Burton: I see... Wait here a moment.

Burton: This key  was in Kathy's  bedroom. I didn't  know what it  was for, but
it's got the number 3 on it. It must be a motel key. 

Matthew: No doubt about it. I'll just borrow  this. The old fellow at the motel
asked if I could return it. 

Burton: Hold on a moment.  You'll need money  to check out.  Please, take this.

Matthew: I don't think that's necessary. 

Burton: I insist. It's for your trouble.

Matthew: All right. 

Int. Lakeside Inn Motel, Room 3

Matthew Inner Monologue: The bed hasn't  been made... is the room exactly as it
was when Kathy used  it on the 23rd?  So Mel, Emma  and Kathy were  all here...
They might have left behind a clue... 

Matthew finds a message written in blood on the bathroom mirror:  "EPOCH"

Matthew finds a hole in the floor.

Matthew Inner Monologue: There's  drugs here... it says  "Epoch" on the packet.
Epoch means a new era... what kind of drugs are these? I'll ask Samuel to check
them out... 

Int. Gas Station

Winona: Matthew!

Matthew: I was looking for you. You've got the photographs, right? 

Winona: Sorry about that... I just couldn't wait to see them... 

Matthew: Eh, it's all right. So it was just the one shot?

Winona: There was one more, but it didn't  come out properly. It was all black.

Matthew: This is... the No Entry sign at Barrows Forest... isn't it?

Winona: Yeah... why take a picture of that, though?  

Matthew: Do you know what's beyond that sign?
Winona: I heard there's some native tribal thing there.

Matthew: Why's that place been marked no entry, anyway?

Winona: I wonder?

Matthew: I guess I'll ask Morgan... can I take the photo?

Winona: Sure.

Int. Grouver Hospital

Matthew shows the photo to James.

James: The No Entry sign in the forest?  No, I don't know why it's been blocked
off. But there's actually a native tribal  wall painting in there. I got Morgan
to let me take a look at it once.

Matthew: I see.

James: It's not exactly properly blocked  off. You could jump over the fence if
you wanted to. 

Matthew: Yes.

Matthew shows the photo to Barbara.

Barbara: Emma was in there, wasn't she.

Matthew: I don't know that for sure.

Barbara: No, no doubt about it. I just know it. She was in there. 

Matthew: What are you saying?

Barbara: This painting was  painted by people long ago.  The world shown in the
painting... it's a remnant  of a time when  people had to live  with so much of
the world still unexplained to them. 

Matthew: Have you seen the painting before?

Barbara: ￾c

Barbara: Matthew, how long do you think I have left to live?

Matthew: Please don't ask me strange questions.

Barbara: I might die tomorrow.  I might live to a hundred.  But one thing's for
sure, I'll die some  day. No matter how  much I might not want  to. That's just
nature. That's how I see it.
Matthew shows James the drugs.

James: What pills are these?

Matthew: I thought I could find out here.

James: I could test them, but I'm a bit busy. Ask the hospital director.

Matthew shows Barbara the drugs.

Barbara: Giving drugs to me, a hospitalized lady?

Matthew: No, that's not what I'm...

Barbara: I won't take drugs. They're not  natural. They shouldn't be put in the
body. Illness can be overcome by the power of the mind. 

Matthew Inner Monologue: What's this old lady even doing in hospital...?

Matthew shows the drugs to Samuel.

Matthew: Do you know what these are?

Samuel: Hmm? What's this?

Matthew: Aren't these drugs from this hospital?

Samuel: All our drugs have the Grouver mark on them. 

Matthew: Can you find out what they are for me?

Samuel: Huh? That's not so easily done, you know... 

Matthew: Please...

Samuel: Can't be helped, huh... I guess I'll ask James or Keith.

Matthew: Is James knowledgeable about pharmaceuticals, too?

Samuel: He used to be a pharmacology specialist.

Matthew: Is that so?

Samuel: Well, if I find anything out, I'll let you know.

Int. Sheriff's Department

Matthew: I read  Emma's diary entry  for the 23rd,  and it seems  that Emma and
Kathy were connected. 

Morgan: Yes, they definitely  met on the 23rd. But according  to Mel, they were
together on the 24th as well. 

Matthew: I think so, too. But what's this thing that Kathy "needs"...?

Morgan: No idea, but that certainly seems like a key sentence.

Matthew: It doesn't sound like Emma wanted to meet Mel. What did Mel say? 

Morgan: He said  that they planned  to meet on the  23rd, but in  the end, they

Matthew: That's obviously a lie!

Morgan: I think  so too, but there's  no proof.  The diary only  says that they
planned to meet. That doesn't mean they did.

Matthew: Yeah, but...

Matthew Inner Monologue: Some proof... Mel, on the 23rd...

Matthew shows Morgan the photo.

Morgan: What's this?

Matthew: I developed  the camera in Emma's  locker and this  was the photo that
came out.

Morgan: This is Emma's photograph?

Matthew: It's the no entry sign at the forest. What's behind the sign?

Morgan: A native tribal wall painting. 

Matthew: A wall  painting? Does  that need  to be blocked  off with a  no entry

Morgan: I'm the  one who put  up the sign,  but I was ordered  to do so  by the

Matthew: By the government?! Is it that important?!

Morgan: How should  I know? I was simply told to put up the sign. 

Matthew Inner Monologue: Did Emma go beyond that sign...?

Matthew: Is the painting on a wall in a cave, or something?

Morgan: I wouldn't  call it  a cave, but there's  a little  hollow in  the rock

Matthew Inner Monologue: That makes sense,  the second picture didn't come out,
because it was too dark, but I bet it was a picture of the wall painting!

Morgan: At any rate, if Emma took this photo, then I should check out the cave.

Matthew: Can you let me go inside, too?

Morgan: ￾c

Matthew: I'm sure Emma went inside. I want to know why. 

Morgan: Well... all right.

Matthew: Can we go right now?

Morgan: No, not right now... Let's see...  meet me in front of the waterfall in
2 hours from now.

Matthew: Got it.

Ext. Barrows Forest, in front of the Mizzurna Falls

Morgan: There you are, Matthew. Did you wait long?

Morgan: Did you know? The native tribe worshipped this waterfall. 

Matthew: Did they.

Morgan: Shall we go?

Morgan: The painting is inside this cave. Let's go!

Int. Cave

Matthew: This... is... 

Morgan: It seems really ancient, doesn't it?  Doesn't matter how long I look at
it, I can't figure out what it means.

Matthew: I wonder if this is meant to be the sun.

Morgan: It probably shows that the ancient peoples worshipped the sun. 

Matthew: They don't really look like they're worshipping it, though.

Morgan: Indeed.

Matthew: I wonder what this painting meant to Emma.

Morgan: I don't think this painting is related to the case.

Matthew: ￾c

Morgan: Matthew, have you seen enough?

Matthew: I guess... what's up?

Morgan: I don't like the atmosphere in here.

Matthew: Ha ha, I see.

Morgan: Let's just go!

Ext. Barrows Forest, in front of the Mizzurna Falls

Morgan: Cohen!

Cohen: So, did you find anything?

Morgan: Nothing.

Matthew: What are you doing here, Cohen?

Morgan: I've entrusted Cohen to patrol the forest for me.

Matthew: I see.

Cohen: Ha ha, just helping an old man still feel useful.

Morgan: Matthew,  I'm leaving. You  should ask James  if you want  to know more
about that cave painting. He's the expert on these things. 

Matthew: Okay.

Morgan: Cohen, what about you? 

Cohen: I'll patrol the forest a little longer.

Int. Bar Wolves

Wolf: I wasn't on especially friendly terms with Emma. As a matter of fact, she
seemed to hate me. Not that I need a woman who's so hard to read.

Matthew: Do you know something about that wall painting in the forest?

James: Wall painting? You saw it? In the area that's blocked off?

Matthew: Yeah.

James: It  seems to  be around  a thousand  years  old. It depicts  an  ancient

Matthew: There were  people lying on the  ground underneath  what looked like a

James: No, it's not a sun. It's something  else... and those people aren't just
lying down. They're dead.

Matthew: It's a ritual to mourn the dead?

James: No, the opposite... it's a ritual  to bring the dead back to life again.

Matthew: Bring them back to life?

James: Yup. So, why are you asking about the painting? 

Matthew: I think  Emma went to look  at it too.  I wanted to know  why she'd be
interested in something like that.

James: I see...

James: I told you Emma was having doubts about the meaning of life, right? 

Matthew: Yeah...

James: Well, I don't think  it was about that at all.  I think she was worrying
about death. To ponder life is to ponder death, after all. 

Matthew: What does that mean, then?

James: According to my research the native tribes were able to die whilst still

Matthew: What does THAT mean?

James: The ritual  shown in  the painting...  it's known  as the Death  Journey
Ritual. It involves killing a person and then bringing them back to life. 

Matthew: I wonder if Emma wanted to experience the world of death...

James: Who  knows...  Perhaps  it's  natural  to  want to  understand  life  by
experiencing death, just once. 

Matthew: There's nothing natural about that!

Matthew: By the way, since the painting's off-limits, how did you see it?

James: I asked Cohen to let me in.

Matthew: Cohen? Morgan said that the government's in charge of it.

James: Oh, don't you  know? Cohen used to  be a colonel in the  military. So he
has a bit more freedom than the average joe. 

Matthew: Cohen...?  I didn't  know that...  so that's why  Morgan's having  him
patrol the forest.

James: Precisely.

James: Do you know Barbara, who's staying at the hospital in a room meant for 3
people? Emma came often to visit her. It  seems she was interested in Barbara's
tales of the olden days. 

James: Hey!

Matthew: Do you come here every day?

James: Well, alcohol is the elixir of life.

Matthew: What the...?

James: I'm talking about whisky. Since ancient  times, humans haven't been able
to live without alcohol.

Matthew: I wonder if that's true.

James: It liberates the soul and guides us to a higher plane of existence.

Matthew: That's drunk nonsense.

James: Haha, indeed.

A woman in a long blue dress emerges from the side room.

Isabella: ￾c

Isabella: Everyone... thank you for coming to Wolves again tonight.

Stalker: Isabellaaa!

Isabella: Thank you.

James: Oh, she's about to begin!

Matthew: Who is she?

James: Isabella. This bar's resident singer.

Isabella, 27.  The resident  singer  at Bar Wolves.  She often  sings the  song
"Eternal" which was inspired by a dream she had long ago.

James: Listen closely.

Stalker: Isabellaaaa!

Isabella performs "Eternal".

James: What do you think? Phenomenal, isn't she?

Matthew: Yes.

James: It's a marvellous song.

Matthew: How long has she been singing at this bar?

James: She came recently. Around a month ago. She just appeared one day, like a
mysterious musical goddess.

Stalker: Isabellaaa!

Stalker: I-Isabella! Go out with me tonight! P-Please!

Matthew: ￾c

Stalker: Wh-What are you lookin' at?!

Matthew: Nothing in particular.

Stalker: What, are you tryin'  to get Isabella, too? Y-You  should forget about
it! Isabella would never go for a kid like you!

Matthew Inner Monologue: You're just a kid too...

Stalker: Wh-What's that? You wanna fight?

Matthew: No...

Stalker: What, you can't even fight? I got  business with Isabella! D-Don't try
to get in my way!

Matthew: It seems like you're bothering her.

Stalker: Don't  talk like  you know  anything, kid!  Y-You're  stinkin'  up the

The Stalker takes a swing at Matthew, and they fight. Matthew beats his ass.

Stalker: Sh-Shit!

The Stalker disappears.

Isabella: Thank you, you saved me.

Matthew: Does this happen often?

Isabella: Recently, yes...

Matthew: Um...

Matthew: Do you know Emma Rowland?

Isabella: Emma...

Matthew: It seems she came to this bar often.

Isabella: Yes, I've met her, but...

Isabella: Sorry, I'm going backstage... I want to rest...

Bodyguard: This door's off-limits.

Matthew: I'd like to speak with Isabella.

Bodyguard: No! Too many weird customers lately!

Matthew: Do they come just to speak to Isabella?

Bodyguard: Figure it out yourself.

James: All right?

Matthew: Yeah.

James: Isabella's got a lot to deal with.

Matthew: She seems to know Emma.

James: Well,  it's  no doubt   true  that  Emma took   a liking  to  Isabella's

Matthew: Yeah.

James: This is my take on it.  In a few words, you could  sum up Emma as a girl
struggling with an anxious  soul. Isabella's  songs could be  like some drug to
her that brings her a sense of peace. 

Matthew: ￾c

James: Considering Emma's personality,  she must have  made the effort to reach
out to Isabella personally. 

Matthew: It looks like I can't have a rational conversation with Isabella.

James: Yeah, she's pretty well-guarded at this bar. Why don't you try following

Matthew: Following... her?

James: I've seen her  get in a car from  the back entrance.  She seems to leave
around just after midnight. 

Matthew: Just after midnight, huh...

Matthew: Hmm?

Stalker: Wh-What? I've got nothin' else to say to you!

Matthew: Are you thinking of stalking Isabella again?

Stalker: W-Watch what you're callin' me!

Matthew: You're always scribbling stuff down. What are you writing?

Stalker: N-None of your business!

Matthew: Show it to me.

Matthew: Hmm? ****... is this Isabella's phone number?

Stalker: N-No it ain't!

Matthew: You're bothering her with nuisance calls, aren't you?!

Stalker: N-No, I'm not! It ain't Isabella's phone number...

Rolein: Today was horrible. That idiot, he's messed up everything. 

Ext. Bar Wolves

Man: Hey old man, you're pissin' me off! We don't need no advice from God!

Burton: You young people shouldn't  be coming to a place  like this. Cease your
sinning and return to your families. 

Man: Mind your damn business!

Burton: It is my business. God says-

Man: Shut up!

He punches Father Burton to the ground.

Matthew: Father Burton!

Man: Stay out of it, kid!

Man: What's with you?!

Man: Come on, let's just go.  The night's wastin' while  we're stuck talking to
this jerk.

Man: Don't ever try to lecture us again!

Matthew: Hey! Wait!

Burton: Matthew, it's all right! You mustn't go after them. 

Matthew: But...

Burton: Violence doesn't solve anything. Only God, and his chosen ones, can get
through to them... 

Matthew: Are you all right?

Burton: Yes. But never mind that ? do you often come to this sort of place?

Matthew: No, not really...

Burton: Never mind. I won't ask you about it right now. I'll be at the cemetery
every night just after 9pm. If you have any worries, please come to see me. 

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: Should I drive you home?

Burton: I'm fine. You should go home, too.

Int. Apartment Building "The Ruins"

Nozz: Who is it?! What time do you think it is?!

Matthew: Uncle, are you awake?

Nozz: Matthew?

Nozz: What on earth do you want at this time of night?

Matthew: I'm sorry...

Nozz: Oh, it's all right. 

Matthew: Uncle, do you know Isabella?

Nozz: Isabella? Don't know her. 

Matthew: I think she lives in this apartment building.

Nozz: In this wreck? Hmm, who do I know who lives here... 

Nozz: Oh! You mean that beautiful lady?

Matthew: So she DOES live here!

Nozz: So her name's Isabella...

Matthew: Do you know what room she's in?

Nozz: What room?  Yes, I think I  saw her going  into the furthest  room at the
other end of the corridor once. But...

Matthew: Doesn't she live here?

Nozz: I don't know...

Nozz: What do you want with that lady, anyhow?

Matthew: Uh...

Nozz: Oh, I SEE! Well, you've finally reached that age, huh.

Matthew: Huh?
Nozz: Hmm, young men like you do tend to be drawn in by the older ones.

Matthew: That's not really...

Nozz: Still, I think you ought to give up on that lady.

Matthew: Why?

Nozz: I can't say for sure, but I've seen a lot of dodgy-looking men coming and
going from her apartment.

Matthew: Dodgy looking men?

Nozz: One tall guy with mean-looking eyes,  and he brought what looked like his
henchman with him.

Nozz: Those guys are up to no good, no doubt about it.

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew Inner Monologue: I wonder who that was...

Nozz: I'm sleepy, you know...

Matthew: I'm sorry...

Nozz: If this is gonna take a while, could we do it tomorrow?

Matthew nods and leaves.

At Isabella's door, Matthew knocks and receives no answer.

Matthew Inner Monologue:  So this is Isabella's  room..? There's  no reply... I
can see inside through the keyhole... Isabella?

Isabella's bodyguard appears and knocks Matthew out cold.

Bodyguard: Hey... you know this kid?

Isabella: Yes...

Bodyguard: He was peeping into your room... shall I just dump him somewhere?

Isabella: No! You mustn't!

Bodyguard: ￾c Well, if you say so.

Bodyguard: He's lucky it was me who spotted him and not Wolf, that's all.

Matthew Inner Monologue: Ughh! My head's  pounding... Where am I...? Right... I
was peeking  into  Isabella's  room  and I got  knocked  out...  So... is  this
Isabella's room? 

Matthew picks up a framed photo on the table.

Matthew Inner Monologue: Isabella and a  guy, smiling happily... this guy... he
looks familiar... 

Isabella emerges from the bathroom wearing only a towel.

Isabella: So you're awake.

Isabella: You shouldn't peek into people's rooms.

Matthew: Sorry...

Isabella: I'm not angry or anything. Just, don't do it again.

Isabella: Something much worse could happen to you...

Isabella: You're Emma's friend, right?

Matthew: What about Emma?

Isabella: It's  not like  I knew her  well or anything...  Just...  she  took a
liking to my singing... 

Matthew: I see.

Isabella: You're looking for her?

Matthew: Yes. But I just don't know what was going on in her head...

Isabella: I think I sort of understand how she was feeling.

Isabella: She reminds me of me, two years ago...

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: Losing the will to live... not able to ask anyone for help... feeling
so alone...

Matthew Inner Monologue: Isabella...?

Isabella: ￾c

Matthew picks up the photo again.

Isabella: That photo's from two years ago. I was living in Denver then.

Matthew: Who's the guy in the photo with you?

Isabella: He was my husband.

Matthew: Was?

Isabella: He died. Two years ago, in a car accident.

Matthew: How come you're living in this town?

Isabella: Doesn't he resemble someone? My husband.

Matthew: He looks like Dennis, maybe?

Isabella: How  come you  mention Dennis?  I've got  nothing  to do with  him at

Matthew: But you know Dennis?

Isabella: ￾c Well, yes... he's  the big man in this town.  He often comes to the
bar, too... So you really can't guess?

Matthew: He looks like Emma.

Isabella: I understand  you're worried about  Emma, but she  and I weren't that
closely involved. Don't go suspecting me.

Matthew: He looks a bit like Wolf. Are they brothers or something?

Isabella: That's right. He was Wolf's younger brother.

Isabella: Two years ago, after  I lost my husband, I was  all alone. Wolf's the
one who saved me... gave me somewhere to perform my songs... 

Matthew: You mean Eternal?

Isabella: That's the name Emma gave it. It originally didn't have a name.

Matthew: Emma named it?

Isabella: Two  years ago,  I was in  the car with  my husband  when we had  the
accident. But I was the only one who survived.

Isabella: At that moment, I temporarily died.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Isabella: I wonder if I had a post-death  experience. Medically speaking, I was
definitely dead. The dream I had, while I was at the hospital, unconscious... I
was enveloped  in a brilliant  white light...  and when  I listened closely,  I
could hear a beautiful melody...  I wrote Eternal using  that melody, the one I
heard in my  dream... when  I told this  story to  Emma, she  cried... and  she
said... "That's so wonderful..."  she said...  "It makes me  feel like I'm in a
world where  there's no  need to worry  about life  or death  ever again."  And
that's when she named the song "Eternal". I liked the meaning of the word, so I
changed the lyrics slightly to incorporate it. 

Matthew: I see...

The phone begins to ring.

Isabella: Stop it...

Matthew: Huh?

Isabella: Stop it! Please! I'm begging you, make that noise stop!

Matthew picks up and hangs up the phone.

Isabella: It was a huge mistake to ever trust him...

Matthew: ...Isabella?

Isabella: Could you please just go home?

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: Don't come here again...

Matthew: But...

Isabella: No! You mustn't! I'm saying this for your own good...

Outside her apartment, Matthew knocks on the door again.

Isabella: ￾c

Matthew: Can I come in?

Isabella: I told you not to come here again.

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: ￾c It's open.

Matthew: Emma wrote about you in her diary.

Isabella: What did she say?

Matthew: She said you need help.

Isabella: ￾c

Matthew: Perhaps I could help you.

Isabella: Don't talk so foolish! What could YOU possibly do to help?!

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: I'm sorry... But...

The phone starts to ring again. Isabella answers it.

Isabella: It's all right. Everything's the same as normal.

Isabella: Yes... All right.

Isabella hangs up.

Isabella: I have no freedom... it's just the same as if I was imprisoned...

Matthew: Isabella...

Isabella: I made  a deal with  the devil in  exchange for  some relief  from my

Isabella: When you make a deal with the devil, the devil always consumes you in
the end...

Isabella: I want to be alone...

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: Please... don't bother about me any more...

Matthew: You seem to be suffering a lot.

Matthew: I want to help you.

Isabella: Don't you get it?! A boy like  you shouldn't ever set foot in a world
like this...

Isabella: And she shouldn't have, either...

Matthew: Please, speak to me... Isabella...

Isabella: ￾c

Isabella: Foolish child...

Matthew: I don't know what's troubling you, but I can't just walk away.

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: ￾c Thank you...

Isabella: I still haven't asked you your name.

Matthew: Matthew.

Isabella: Matthew... that's a kind name...

Isabella: Matthew... I'm all  right. You can go home for  tonight. I'll contact

Matthew: All right.

This English version  of the Japanese script  for the 1998 Human  Entertainment
game "Mizzurna  Falls"  has  been translated   from the  original  Japanese  by
ResidentEevee.  This  game has  never been  localised  and exists  only  in its
original Japanese format. Please  credit the translator  when quoting from this
script. Please do  not use this  content without  permission, reproduce  it, or
falsely claim credit for it.

Day Four, December 28th, 1998

Ext, Matthew's shed

Matthew checks the postbox.
Matthew: Hmm? There's a letter. It's from Isabella.

Letter: Matthew, thanks for the other night. Your kindness has restored some of
my humanity. Don't worry, I  can take care of myself somehow.  I've included my
song with this letter. I wonder why Emma liked the song so much... anyway, have
a listen. I  don't know  if there's  any connection  between  the song and  her
disappearance, but...  Also, don't  come to my place  again. I'll  contact you.
Matthew... it's been so long since I've felt any human kindness...

Matthew: Isabella...

Matthew gets a phone call from Winona.

Winona: Matthew?

Matthew: Winona? What's up?

Winona: I just heard. Mel's going to be released.

Matthew: Released?! Why?

Winona: Dennis posted the bail money.

Int, Sheriff's Department

Mel: Jeez, shut up!
Dennis: What did you say, you  moron?! Who do you think  got you out of there?!
Wanna go back inside?!

Mel: Fine! Thank you soooo much!

Dennis: You're a pain in my ass!


Mel:?! Matthew, you jerk...

Dennis: Get a move on and stop jerking around! I'm a busy man!

Mel: Tch...

Mel: Don't forget!

Mel and Dennis leave.

Matthew: Are you sure it's ok to release him so soon?

Morgan: Can't be helped.

Matthew: He's hiding something important about Emma!

Morgan: Just leave it to me. I'll find some proof, don't you worry.

Morgan leaves and Winona enters.

Winona: Hey Matthew, get this. Hudson said  that flowers speak to him! I didn't
realise he was such an unusual person. 

Int, Sheriff's Department, Morgan's Office

Matthew: So you were in the military? I had no idea.

Cohen: I haven't  been  in the  military  for more  than five  years now.  It's
ancient history. 

Matthew: But you were a colonel...

Cohen: And now I'm a forest custodian.

Matthew: So you came here after you quit the military?

Cohen: Yup. It's quiet  here, and the people  are friendly.  A nice town. Until
this case happened, that is...

Matthew: ￾c

Cohen: That day, when  I discovered Kathy  in the forest...  her body was still
warm. If  only I'd  gotten  there sooner...   I might  have been  able to  save

Matthew: Don't say that...  if you hadn't found her, she'd  have died there all

Cohen: I know. But it's not fair that an  old codger like me gets to linger on,
while a sixteen year old girl has to die.

Matthew: Yeah...

Matthew gets a phone call.

Matthew: Yes.

Samuel: Is that Matthew Williams?

Matthew: Yes, what is it?

Samuel: It's Samuel. About those drugs you  asked me to identify. Where did you
get them?

Matthew: Where...?

Samuel: Well, never mind. Just  come to the hospital director's  office as fast
as you can.

Matthew: All right...

Grouver Hospital, 2F Hospital Director's Office

Morgan: Oh, there you are.

Matthew: Morgan? What are you doing here?

Morgan: Samuel asked me to come. I just got here.

Matthew: Why?

Samuel: I explained about the drugs, right?

Morgan: Yes. You said Matthew asked you to identify them.

Samuel: Well, I checked them out... don't be shocked, now...

Morgan: Just spit it out.

Samuel: Whoever  takes that  drug will   experience  a powerful  hallucinogenic

Matthew: ?!

Morgan: Hey! What's the meaning of this?

Samuel: I could explain, but I doubt you'd get it. It's "Epoch", a drug popular
on the west coast in the latter half of the sixties.

Morgan: What I want to know is what something like that is doing here!

Samuel: Ask Matthew. I want to know myself, actually.

Morgan: Matthew! Where did you get this?!

Matthew: Well...

Fade to black as Matthew explains.

Samuel: I see...

Morgan: What the hell... this Epoch... in this town!

Morgan: I can't  believe it... What  the hell is  going on... This  is Mizzurna
Falls, for crying out loud!

Samuel: Looks like Kathy and Emma were into  some deep stuff. I guess we're not
talking about bears anymore.

Matthew: I bet it was Mel's! Then he needed money, so he robbed the diner! 

Morgan: Yes, his  behaviour  is all starting  to make sense  now. Why  he stole
Emma's diary, why he robbed the diner...

Matthew: Let's just arrest Mel!

Morgan: I can't believe this is how Kathy and Emma were linked...

Morgan leaves.

Matthew: What happens if you take Epoch?

Samuel: Hmm, let's  see. Small hills  start to look  like mountains...  the sky
starts to feel  incredibly close...  you feel  touched by  the divine  force of

Matthew: ...Is that bad?

Samuel: Listen. That's the best case scenario  for taking Epoch. But it doesn't
always have the same effects.

Matthew: So what if it's a bad trip?

Samuel: You see the devil.  Everything around you seems  to be trying to devour
you. And by the end, you doubt your own existence.

Matthew: ￾c

Samuel: Well, I've  never taken  it myself. And  it's not like the  effects are
always the  same. Anyway,  it  lets you  experience  a world  that you'd  never
normally be able to.

Samuel: You can say it. Don't be shy. You really respect me, don't you?

Int, Mizzurna Falls Sheriff's Department

Matthew: What's happening with Mel?

Mary Lou: We've issued  an arrest warrant,  but we haven't been  able to locate
him yet. He must be hiding out somewhere. 

Matthew: What about Morgan?

Mary Lou: He's  doing everything  he can to  find Mel. He's  about to  blow his

Matthew: I see...

Mary Lou: If you see the sheriff, tell him to calm down some, okay?

Int, Mizzurna Falls Sheriff's Department, Morgan's Office

Matthew: Haven't you been able to find Mel yet?

Morgan: No...  he must be hiding  out somewhere.  But there  can't be  too many
places for him to hide in this town...

Matthew: What about the farm workers' lodgings?

Morgan:  Even Mel's  not  that stupid.   He wouldn't  hide  in the  same  place

Matthew: I see... although, he IS pretty stupid.

Morgan: Well, he can't hide forever. And he must be in contact with someone. We
just have to wait.

Matthew inner monologue: Someone Mel's in contact with...

Int, High School, Library

Matthew: Did you find Mel?

Winona: No... What's he done now?

Matthew: Actually...

Winona: Epoch...

Matthew: But I don't think Emma took any.

Winona: But...

Matthew: We have to believe in her.

Winona: Yes... you're right... we have to  believe in her... so Mel was the one
who gave them both the Epoch?

Matthew: It's the only explanation that  makes sense. Mel was scared Emma would
tell someone about the Epoch. That's why he's been so weird ever since she went

Winona: I wonder if Mel was in the forest as well on the night of the 24th?

Matthew: I wonder... but if he WAS there, he wouldn't have told the police that
he saw Emma at 10pm that same night. 

Winona: That's true.

Int, Heinz Diner

Matthew: Have you seen Mel?

Rolein: I have no idea where he could be.

Matthew: I think of all people you would know.

Rolein: Look, I'm looking for him myself! But...

Matthew: ￾c

Rolein: Oh,  jeez...  he's such  an idiot...  and  he's dragging  me down  with

Matthew: How long has Mel been doing drugs?

Rolein: I  want you  to believe  this.  I've  never heard  anything  about  Mel
possessing Epoch.  If he  HAS been doing  drugs,  he must have  started  really

Matthew: What about the robbery?

Rolein: He never said anything to me about buying drugs. He just said he needed
a large amount of cash...

Matthew: Anyway, I bet anything that Mel will contact you at some point.

Rolein: I hope so...

Matthew inner  monologue:   ￾c I feel  like Rolein  might   try to  do something

Int. St Peter's Church

Burton: Matthew, did you hear about the motel?

Matthew: Yes.

Burton: It's shocking... her... drugs...

Matthew: Really, though? Emma and Kathy, doing drugs?

Burton: I know, but  we can't live in denial.  She truly was  a sinful child...
She was...

Int. Grouver Hospital, James's Office

James: Epoch, huh?

Matthew: Yeah, it's unbelievable...

James: So after everything, Emma was doing drugs.

Matthew: I don't know. In her  diary, she said that she  didn't want to rely on
something like that. I'm sure she never actually took it.

James: Her diary, huh... what else did she write?

Matthew: She  said that  Kathy  said she  "needed  it". Oh,  right! If  she was
talking about Epoch, then that means that Kathy wanted it. But what for...?

James: Probably to escape from reality.  Perhaps she thought she could get some
relief from her troubles by using it. But  the issue is where she got the Epoch

Matthew: I think it must have been Mel?

James: Well in that case, where did Mel get it from?

Matthew: I don't...

James: Listen, I think Emma is still alive. What if she's being held captive by
these Epoch dealers?

Matthew: Who could have given Emma Epoch...? Him! That bald guy...!

Int. Grouver Hospital, 2F Corridor

Matthew knocks at the door.

Barbara: Yes?

Matthew: It's Matthew...

Barbara: Matthew? You're not empty-handed, are you?

Matthew: No, I've got them. Don't worry.

Barbara: Excellent. Then, enter.
Int. Grouver Hospital, Barbara's Room

Matthew: Here. Happy birthday.

Barbara: So you went with cigarettes in the end?

Liz: Grandma!

Matthew: It's all right. I did bring cigarettes.

Barbara: Right, cigarettes are the price of entry.

Liz: Oh for goodness' sake...

Barbara: Are you leaving already?

Liz: I think I'll stop by one more time before I go home. 

Barbara: I see. Take care.

Liz: Excuse me, Matthew. I'm just going to the cemetery for a bit.

Liz leaves.

Matthew: What's up?

Barbara: It's the anniversary of her parents' passing.

Matthew: I see... it was a car accident, wasn't it?

Barbara: To live is to overcome many personal  hardships. I wanted to tell that
to Emma, too.

Matthew: To Emma?

Barbara: That girl was interested in so  many strange things... Like... "what's
gonna happen to me after I die?" And she was fascinated by things that happened
years and years ago...

Matthew: You mean the incident 40 years ago?

Barbara: You know about that?

Matthew: No... I...

Barbara: Has it really been 40 years...

Matthew: So, what happened, then? 40 years ago?

Barbara: ￾c

Matthew: I don't mind if you don't want to talk about it.

Barbara: Could you go home now? I'm a little tired.

Matthew: If you want me to leave, I will.

Barbara: Thanks for the cigarettes.

Matthew inner monologue: She seems strange...

Barbara: Matthew, I  don't know why Emma  took an interest in  what happened 40
years ago. But it's painful  for me to talk about. Ask  Liz if you want to know
about it.

Matthew: Thank you. Get some good rest.

Ext. Cemetery

Liz is standing in front of a headstone.

Liz: Matthew.

Matthew: Is this your parents?

Liz: Yes. Today's the anniversary.

Matthew: I see...

Liz: Time  flies...  it's now  10 years  since  Mom and  Dad died  in that  car

Matthew: It must be hard...

Liz: It was hard, back  then, but I'm okay  now. You have to  forget about your
pain in order to go on living.

Liz: Matthew, do you believe in life after death?

Matthew: No, I don't.  I think that  once you die,  that's the end.  What about

Liz: I don't believe  in it, either. But  I think Emma did.  She was fascinated
with post-death experiences, and celestial spirits and all that. 

Matthew: I wonder why she was interested in that stuff.

Liz: Life is hard. It's natural to want to escape. I was the same...

Liz: But actually living life is the important thing. Not whether or not angels
exist. Once you're dead, that's the end.  So you'd better live every day to the

Matthew: That's true.

Liz: Well then Matthew, I'll be off now.

Liz leaves.

Grouver Hospital, Barbara's Room

Matthew: What's this incident 40 years ago that Emma was so interested in?

Liz: What did Grandma say?

Matthew: She said to ask you.

Liz: I see...

Liz: There was a murder in this town 40 years ago.

Matthew: A murder?

Liz: Grandma's little sister was killed.

Matthew: I see... why would Emma be interested in something like that?

Liz: It was a very... unusual case. The murderer killed his victim as part of a
ritual to  worship the  devil.  Emma wanted  to know  what kind  of person  the
murderer was.

Matthew: Who was the murderer?

Liz: It seems he killed her in the forest...  if you want to know more, you can
look at the old newspapers from back then by using the computer in the library.
It happened on December 31st.

Matthew: Got it.

Liz: Silly Grandma... sorry, Matthew.

Matthew: Haha...

Int, Mizzurna Falls High School Library

Matthew sits at a computer.

Matthew: I can look at newspapers from 40 years ago with this.

Matthew: I'll just input the date, and...

Matthew: Here it is! The newspaper says...  on December 31st, 40 years ago... A
youth living at  the church,  who went by  the name Cougar,  murdered  someone.
Cougar, who was 24 at the time, attempted to perform the "Death Journey Ritual"
once carried out by the indigenous peoples of the area, using Barbara's 18 year
old sister as a sacrifice. Cougar killed the girl, then attempted to revive her
as part of the ritual. However,  the girl was unable to  be resuscitated... "By
dying once and coming back, one can gain  eternal life"... Cougar used the girl
as a guinea pig in his lust  to obtain eternal life for  himself... In the end,
Cougar was hunted down into the forest where  he took his own life, hoping that
he would be resurrected as part of the ritual... 

Matthew: Eternal life...

Matthew: I should ask James about the ritual...

Int, Grouver Hospital, James's Room

Matthew: Do  you know about  the murder  that happened  in this  town 40  years

James: ￾c

James: Yes, I know of it.

Matthew: Why was Emma interested in that case?

James: This is the first I've heard of that. Still, if Emma knew about the case
I'm not surprised if she took an interest in it.

Matthew: The ritual that Cougar  performed is the same  one that's shown in the
cave painting, right?

James: Yes. He used a young girl to do the Death Journey Ritual.

Matthew: What the hell is all this about  doing the Death Journey Ritual to get
eternal life?

James: It seems he believed that those who  succeed at the Death Journey Ritual
are granted eternal life for completing such a dangerous journey.

Matthew: That's insane!

James: Yes, well. Eternal life might be stretching it, but apparently some have
lived for 400 years or more.

Matthew: 400 years?! That can't be right!

James: You're as thick-headed as ever.

Matthew: But  that doesn't  make  any logical  sense.  I can't  believe  Cougar
honestly believed that...

James: No matter  how much humans  attempt to apply  logic to things,  we still
have a tendency  to believe in things  beyond the  realms of science  or common

Matthew: ￾c I wonder if Emma believed in the ritual, too...

James: That's what I think.

Grouver Hospital, Barbara's Room

Barbara: So you heard about Cougar.

Matthew: Yes...

Barbara: Don't look so glum. It happened 40 years ago, after all.

Matthew: What kind of person was Cougar?

Barbara: He was an acquaintance  of the priest from back  then. He lived at the
church and helped out  there. The priest  was Burton's father.  Cougar was very
quiet and introverted,  but otherwise  a  normal  person. But  deep inside  was
something none  of us could  ever understand.  He used my  sister as a  tool to
confirm the  existence of  the ritual.  To get some  proof of  a divine  force.
Matthew, I don't give  a damn if there's  a divine force or  not. We can't lose
track of reality by obsessing over whether  there's something there or not. Our
lives here on earth are all we have. 

Matthew: Yeah.

Barbara: But you  know... Emma just  wouldn't understand  that.  Guess what she
said? "If there's no divine force out there, then how can there be a me to want
to see it?"

Matthew: ￾c

Barbara: Poor child...

Matthew: The newspaper said that Cougar killed himself...

Barbara: Yes. In the  end, he chose to do  the ritual on himself,  and took his
own life.  I was  very angry.  How  dare  he take  my sister  and  then  escape
punishment by killing himself. But ever since he died, the church has been very
good to me. 

Matthew: It sounds  like the church  was the one  trying to atone  for Cougar's

Barbara: Yes, the church  were very helpful  with the murder  investigation. In
the end, it seems  they were  working with  the military  on investigating  the
ritual, though.

Matthew: The military were involved, too?

Barbara: It was too  much for the sheriff  back then to handle.  This is only a
small town. 

Liz: Thanks so much for coming to Grandma's birthday party, Matthew.

Ext. Heinz Diner

Matthew attempts to enter the diner. The  blond guy in the yellow jacket leaves
and walks past Matthew. Matthew catches up to him.

Matthew: You got a minute?

Blond guy: Huh? You? I've got nothin' to say to you!

Matthew: Listen, jerk...

Blond guy: Shit!

The blond guy starts to run. Matthew catches up and grabs his jacket.

Matthew: Hey! You're  the one who was with  Mel at the farm  workers' lodgings!

Blond guy: You're the one who followed me!

Matthew: You know where Mel is, don't you!

Blond guy: Shut up! I still owe you one for what you did!

The two fight.

Matthew: Hey! Where is Mel?!

Blond guy: I don't know... He just asked me to give a message to Rolein, that's

Matthew: Message? What message?!

Blond guy: ￾c

Matthew: Fine. I guess I'll just have to bring you to Morgan.

Blond guy: I'm waiting at the room at the Lakeside...

Matthew: The lakeside? Is that all the message said?

Blond guy: Yeah. Ask Rolein if you wanna know more.

Matthew pictures the motel in his mind.

Matthew: Hmm, there?

Matthew: Oh, he ran away.

Int. St Peter's Church

Matthew: Father  Burton, do  you remember  the incident  that happened  here 40
years ago?

Burton: What's this about, all of a sudden?

Matthew: I'm curious about something. Just doing some research.

Burton: The Cougar incident,  huh. I remember. You can't  forget something like
that, no matter how hard you try.

Matthew: About this Cougar guy...

Burton: Matthew.  That boy...  he was  the devil.  I don't want  to talk  about

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: Uh... Did Kathy... did Kathy know about the incident?

Burton: ￾c

Burton: Hmm, I wonder. If so, she certainly never heard about it from me. 

Matthew: I see.

Nun: May I trouble you for a donation to the church?

Matthew pays.

Nun: Oh, thank you.  I've been here  a long time,  but I've never  known such a
good, upstanding young man like yourself.

Matthew: A long time? So, do you know about  the incident that happened here 40
years ago?

Nun: 40 years  ago?  You mean  Cougar? Yes,  I know  it well.  He lived  in the
basement of this church. 

Matthew: In the basement? Is that where he did the ritual?

Nun: No, it happened in front  of the big tree in Barrows  Forest. That's where
he did it. 

Matthew inner monologue: The big tree? That's where Cohen found Kathy.

Nun: Way back, I heard  this from the priest.  He said that  the big tree gives
the power of life. It was worshipped by the indigenous tribespeople. 

Matthew:  Kathy,  and   the incident  from   40 years  ago...   it  can't  be a
coincidence... The big tree in the forest, huh...

Nun: In front of the tree... he... Young man, are you listening to me?

Matthew: Huh?! Sorry!  Um, are there  any documents  or anything  from Cougar's
research into the ritual still in this church? 

Nun: Father Burton burned everything long ago.

Matthew: Thank you very much.

Int. Gas Station
Matthew: What's up? You don't seem very cheerful.

Winona: No,  I'm fine. Just...  whenever  I think  about what  happened  in the
forest that day...

Matthew: Yeah, about that...

Winona: ...So, Kathy and Emma did the ritual that day?

Matthew: I don't know... But Kathy was found  in the same place Cougar used for
the ritual.

Winona: Yeah... but just how do you perform this ritual?

Matthew inner monologue: Yeah...  maybe I should check  out the forest one more

Ext. Lakeside Motel, Room 2

Matthew knocks.

Rolein: Matthew...

Matthew: Mel's in there, isn't he?

Rolein: No, he isn't...

Matthew: You're lying! Don't you know what he's up to, Rolein?

Rolein: ￾c

Matthew: Just let me see Mel!

Rolein: He's an idiot, yes... But even so... 

Matthew: I know he's hiding something huge to do with Emma and Kathy!

Matthew: Let me see Mel, I... huh?

Matthew turns to see Mel dash around the side of the motel. 

Matthew: Mel! He's getting away!

Matthew drives after Mel in his car as Mel attempts to escape on his motorbike.
Matthew runs into Mel, knocking him off his bike.

Int. Sheriff's Department

Winona: Matthew!
Matthew: I'm all right.

Winona: What about Mel?

Matthew: Morgan's processing his arrest.

Morgan enters.

Matthew: Morgan! What's going on with Mel?

Morgan: He spilled his guts.

Morgan: Let's talk in there.

They move to the side room.

Winona: So, it was Mel....

Morgan: On the night of the 23rd, Mel went  to the motel room with the Epoch he
bought. There, he met Emma and Kathy. 

Matthew: Where did he get the Epoch?

Morgan: Apparently, from a dealer known  as Bonehead. According to Mel, Kathy's
the one who introduced him to Bonehead.

Matthew: Kathy...?

Morgan: It's like this.  Mel met Kathy at  the bar, and heard  about Epoch from
her. Kathy was interested in the drug, and  she knew who she could get it from,
but she was too scared to make the buy herself. So, she asked Mel. 

Morgan: Then, after Mel bought the drugs, they gathered at the motel room Kathy
rented for that particular purpose. 

Winona: And what about Emma?

Morgan: It seems Kathy brought Emma along.

Matthew: What about the 24th?!

Morgan: Mel says the last time he saw Emma was at 10pm that night.

Matthew: So, he wasn't involved in whatever happened on the 24th?

Morgan: So it seems. But Kathy  apparently said something  curious on the night
of the 23rd. 

Matthew: What did she say?

Morgan: "It feels like the night before a festival."

Matthew: The night before a festival? Then, on the 24th, in the forest...

Morgan: No doubt about it.

Matthew: Then Mel must have been there, too!

Morgan: No. According to Mel, he was told his presence wasn't required.

Morgan: It seems Kathy met with someone else on the 24th.

Matthew: Do you know where this Bonehead guy is?

Morgan: Mel says that Bonehead was always the one who contacted him. He doesn't
know where the guy lives.

Matthew: Can I talk to Mel?

Morgan: Sure. He's in the cells.

Int. Sheriff's Department, Jail

Mel: You jerk! What the hell did you come here for?

Matthew: I want to ask about Bonehead.

Mel: I ain't got nothin' else to say. I told the pig everything.

Matthew: Bald guy, right?

Mel: ￾c

Matthew: You're still hiding something, aren't you?

Mel: I ain't hidin' anything!

Matthew: How do you set up meetings with him?

Mel: What  the  hell  are   you  thinking?  Stay  away   from  that  guy,  he's

Matthew: You know something, don't you?

Mel: Shit... What I know is that he was working as Isabella's driver.

Matthew: Isabella?! She's involved in this, too?

Mel: It seems that Kathy heard about Bonehead from Isabella.

Matthew: What the hell...!

Mel: Hey! I'm not saying this because I  give a shit about you or anything. But
you shouldn't get involved with those people. 

Matthew: Those people...?

Mel: I've said all I can. Now get lost!

Int. Bar Wolves

Matthew: Where's Isabella today?

Wolf: Isabella? She's exhausted herself. She's taking some time off. 

Matthew: I see...

Matthew inner monologue: I wonder if she's at home...?

Wolf: What do you want with Isabella?

Matthew: Nothing in particular.

Wolf: Are you the creep who was peeking into her apartment?

Matthew: ...What makes you think that?

Wolf: Heard about it from Isabella's driver.

Matthew: Her  driver? Now  you mention  it, do you  know her  old driver?  Bald

Wolf: Bonehead. I don't know the guy well, or anything. 

Matthew: I'd like to meet with him.

Wolf: And do what?

Matthew: ￾c

Wolf: Not saying this because  I give a shit about you  one way or another. But
you shouldn't get involved with him. 

Matthew: What do you mean?

Wolf: He's connected to some pretty dangerous people.

Matthew: What dangerous people?

Wolf: Scary folks.

James: Haven't  seen Samuel  here in a while.  Did you know?  The chief  doctor
comes here to put the moves on women. 

Int. Apartment Building

Matthew knocks on Isabella's door.

Matthew inner monologue: No response... has something happened to Isabella?

Nozz: What's up, Matthew? What are you doing here at this time of night?

Matthew: Have you seen Isabella recently?

Nozz: What? Are you still chasing after that young woman?

Matthew: It's not like that.

Nozz: Now you mention it, I  haven't seen her recently.  No one's been going in
or out of her place. 

Matthew: I heard she's suffering from exhaustion. Her apartment's locked...

Nozz: If you're worried about her, why not sneak into her apartment?

Matthew: How?

Nozz: This building's  old. Maybe  you can get in  through the air  duct in the
empty room next door?

Matthew: The air duct? Is it ok for me to do that?

Nozz: Of course not.

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew sneaks into Isabella's apartment through the air duct.

Int. Isabella's apartment

Matthew: ?!

Matthew: What happened here?

Matthew finds a photograph on the floor, showing a small cabin.

Matthew inner  monologu: I wonder  where this  cabin is?  The forest?  No, it's

Matthew leaves Isabella's  room  to find her stalker  lurking outside.  Matthew
chases him outside and grabs him outside the building.

Stalker: Shit! Get off me!

Matthew: You! You're that stalker from the bar!

Stalker: Who are  you? What the  hell were you doing  coming out  of Isabella's

Matthew: Do you know where Isabella's gone?

Stalker: Shut up! I'm not telling you!

Matthew grabs the stalker by the throat.

Matthew: What did you say?!

Stalker: Ugh... Ouch...

Matthew: You know something, don't you?!

Stalker: I'm looking for her myself!

Stalker, gasping: She's  not been on stage  recently. I'm the  one who wants to
know where she is most of all!

Matthew: You're  a stalker, aren't  you? You must  have some idea  what kind of
place she'd go to?

Stalker: Don't call me a stalker!

Matthew: Whatever! I'm sure Isabella doesn't just go back and forth between the
bar and the apartment building. 

Stalker: ...I've seen her coming out of the junkyard once before.

Matthew: The junkyard? The one on the west side?

Stalker: Yeah. I don't  know what business  she could have had  in a place like
that, but... anyway! That's enough, right? I'm going home!

Matthew: The junkyard...

Matthew pictures the junkyard in his mind.

Matthew: So, there, huh?
Matthew: Oh, he ran away.

Ext. Junkyard

Matthew finds a junked schoolbus  and goes inside. Written  on the floor of the
bus are the words  "Make me  Innocent" in  red. Matthew  checks the bloody  bus

Matthew: This... this is blood, isn't it?  Hmm? What's with this seat? ...I can
pick it up...  What's  this? ...It's Epoch!  Why is there so  much of it?! Does
this mean Isabella has  something to do  with Epoch? There's  too much of it to
take with me... I need to report this to Morgan straight away. 

Matthew leaves the bus to find  a dog sitting outside.  He tries to pat it, but
the dog snaps at him.

Matthew: Whoah! What's with this guy?

The dog chases Matthew, and he escapes out of the junkyard.

Onscreen text: Matthew  reported what he  found on the bus to  Morgan. One hour
later, in front of the junkyard...

Deputy: You can't go in yet.

Matthew: I want to talk to Morgan.

Deputy: No, no. The sheriff is busy right now.

Matthew: If you knew my name I think you'd let me in.

Deputy: Who are you?

Matthew: I'm Matthew Williams.

Deputy: ...Never heard of you. Only police are allowed to enter.

Matthew shows him his police badge.

Deputy: Huh? What's this?

Matthew: It''s the sheriff  badge Morgan  gave to me. Show it  to him and he'll
tell you to let me in. 

Deputy: Listen here,  you're not a sheriff.  There's no way  I can just let you

Matthew: Please.

Deputy: No can do!

Just then, Hudson walks up.

Hudson: What seems to be the problem?

Deputy? Huh? Haha! This  kid wants to get  inside, and he's  being a pain in my

Matthew: ￾c

Hudson: He's got a badge, doesn't he? There's no problem.

Matthew: What he said.

Deputy: Well, if YOU say it's okay, Hudson, then, fine. Go on in.

Matthew: Thanks.

Hudson: ...

Matthew returns to the bus to find Morgan inside.

Morgan: Matthew! How did you get in here?

Matthew: With that badge you gave me.

Morgan: Oh, that. Haha, so it was useful after all.

Matthew: Did you find anything besides the drugs?

Morgan: No, nothing else. You said you came here looking for Isabella?

Matthew: Yeah...

Morgan: Hmm, somehow I don't think she was  dealing Epoch. But there's no doubt
she knows something. We'd better find her. 

Matthew:  I think  her old  driver,  Bonehead,  was the  one dealing  Epoch  in

Morgan: After we heard about him from Mel, we've been looking for him, but he's
covered his tracks well.

Hudson walks up.

Morgan: Oh, Hudson. Find anything?

Hudson: Yes. Dennis is the listed owner of this junkyard.

Morgan: Dennis...? Is there any land left in this town he doesn't own?!

Morgan: All right! First bring Dennis in for questioning. 

Hudson: Yes, sir.

Matthew: Dennis? So the Epoch belongs to Dennis?

Morgan: Hmm... the way I see it, this place is just empty land. It's be hard to
tell if anyone was  sneaking in  here. Anyway, I'm  going back to  the station.
There's nothing else we can do here. 

Matthew: Are you gonna question Dennis?

Morgan: Yep. And that badge isn't going to help you anymore.

Matthew: I know that.


Day Five, December 29th, 1998

Int. Sheriff's Department, 7am

Matthew tries to get in to see Morgan.

Mary Lou: Matthew, you can't go in there right now.

Matthew: Are they busy questioning Dennis?

Mary Lou: Oh, you know about it.

Matthew: Well, yeah.

Mary Lou:  That man...  every  time  he comes  here he's  in a  bad mood  about
something. I don't like him!

Matthew: Dennis is always angry like that.

Mary Lou: Oh? Really? I wonder if he's getting enough vegetables.

Morgan and Dennis come out into the reception area.

Dennis: Jeez, you need to give me a break. I'm a busy man! 

Morgan: Don't talk to me like that.

Dennis: You just think I own too much land in town. Isn't that right?

Morgan: Just make sure you keep an eye on your own land. So something like this
doesn't happen again.

Dennis: I will. I don't have time to deal with stuff like this, either.

Dennis leaves.

Morgan: Sigh...

Matthew: What did Dennis say?

Morgan: About  what I was expecting.  He hasn't  used that  land in years,  and
wouldn't even know if someone was sneaking in there. 

Matthew: What about the Epoch?

Morgan: Naturally, he denied knowing anything about it. But when I showed it to
him, all the colour drained out of his face. 

Matthew: Well, then!

Morgan: But, that's all. We have no other proof. There's nothing we can do.

Matthew: Why not search his house? Perhaps...

Morgan: I get how you feel. But it's not as easy as that. Right now, we need to
find Isabella. If we can just talk to her, it'll clear everything up.

Morgan: Mary Lou. Write up the recent developments on the board in the strategy

Mary Lou: Oh, but my green  whiteboard pen ran out. It  won't look very pretty,
but shall I use yellow instead?

Morgan: I don't care!!! Do what you like!!!

Mary Lou: Then, the junkyard will be yellow.

Mary Lou goes into the strategy room, then returns.

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew enters the strategy room and examines the board.

Mary Lou's whiteboard text:

Diner: A robbery occurred on the 27th at  noon. The robbery was orchestrated by
Mel Astin. Rolein was involved against her will. Mel says he simply needed some
spending money, but according  to Rolein's testimony,  he was in dire need of a
large amount of cash.

High school:  The school  both  Kathy and   Emma attended.  Currently  the main
building is off-limits.  The two were in  different grades,  and didn't seem to
interact while at school. Kathy, who had few friends, joined the party planning
committee for the  Full Moon Party  held at the  beginning of this  month. Does
this have some connection with her going to the forest on the 24th?

Apartment building "The Ruins": The apartment  where Isabella, who may hold the
key to the Epoch  mystery, lives.   It's  an  old building  and local residents
refer to it as "The Ruins". I didn't realise  that anyone actually lives there,
but apparently Mr. Nozz lives there too.  This building is also owned by Dennis
Astin. Honestly, it's like he owns half the town. 

Bar Wolves: As the name suggests, the bar is run by Wolf. It's the town's night
hotspot. It seems Emma went there regularly. 

Farm Workers'  Lodgings:  Land  owned by  Astin Farm,  where  the farm  workers
reside. The  buildings  are  quite old,  and  recently  the workers  have  been
lobbying for  refurbishments.  However,  it appears  Dennis  is disinclined  to
acquiesce to their  demands. An  empty building  was used as a hideout  for Mel
after he fled the diner robbery. Is there  some connection between Mel's use of
this building and Dennis's reluctance to refurbish? 

Church: The church where the  late Kathy lived. Father  Burton adopted Kathy as
an orphan, and raised her as his own daughter. 

Emma's house: On the 26th,  around 3pm, Mel broke into  Emma's room. It appears
that Emma's diary was stolen. 

Grouver Hospital: On the 25th, Kathy was brought in grievously injured, but she
passed away at 9:24 am. Kathy's  cause of death was not  the injuries inflicted
by the bear attack,  but actually  shock.  There was also  bruising located  on
Kathy's neck,  which  means  there is  a  possibility  that this  was a  murder

Barrows Forest:  On the  25th at around   6am, Kathy  was discovered  seriously
injured. She  was found  wounded  in front  of the  large tree  in the  forest.
According to  Cohen's testimony,  there  were signs  of fires  having been  lit
nearby. We can postulate that Kathy was with someone else that night.

Junkyard: A large quantity  of Epoch was found in this  junk yard. According to
the land's owner, Dennis Astin,  he has not used this  land in some years. It's
possible that the owners  of the drugs were  using the land  without permission
for their own devices. The junkyard has been placed off-limits.

Mary Lou enters.

Mary Lou: Oh, so you were in here?

Mary Lou: I wrote a lot, huh?

Matthew: Yes. You've quite an eloquent way with words.

Mary Lou: Really?

Matthew: For example, what it says about Dennis....

Matthew:  ...Hmm?  Hold  on... The  farm  workers'  lodgings,  The  Ruins,  the
junkyard... all of the locations connected with the Epoch belong to Dennis!

Mary Lou: ￾c?

Matthew: Mary  Lou. What other  land does  Dennis own, besides  what's  written

Mary Lou: Mr. Astin? Hmm...  let's see... Oh! I think  he owns the little cabin
on the opposite shore of the lake, too.

Matthew: On the opposite shore? On the beach there? ...Right! That cabin in the
photo in Isabella's room... it's the one on the opposite shore!

Mary Lou: What about the cabin?

Matthew: Nothing... thanks.

Mary Lou leaves.

Int. Boathouse

Matthew sits down at the counter.

Matthew: I'd like to rent a boat.

Boathouse  owner: A  boat? No  can do. Not   many customers,  so the boats  are
undergoing maintenance right now.

Matthew: Isn't there at least one boat that's useable?

Boathouse owner:  Nope, can't use  any of them.  I'm thinking of  quitting boat
rental altogether for the winter season.

Matthew: But I have to get to the opposite shore.

Boathouse owner: The opposite shore?! Then... you, too...?

Boathouse owner: Nope... Sorry, but can't do it.

Matthew: If you know something about Isabella...

Boathouse owner: Isabella?  ...Look, just accept that  I'm not gonna rent you a

Matthew gets up and goes out onto the deck. His phone rings.

Matthew: Yes?

Voice: Matthew...?

Matthew: ?! Isabella! It's Isabella, isn't it! Where are you?

Isabella: My... my ring... if you show it...

Matthew: What?! I can't hear you! What about a ring?

Isabella: Matthew... please...

Matthew: Isabella! ￾cShe hung up... What's this about a ring?

Matthew goes back inside, sits at the counter,  and shows the guy the ring with
the letter I.

Boathouse owner: What the hell is that?

Boathouse owner: ?! So, you're with them...

Matthew: Them? What are you talking about?

Boathouse owner: Huh?! So you're not?

Matthew: Isabella's on the other side of the lake, isn't she?!

Boathouse owner: No...

Matthew: It's too late, quit bluffing!

Boathouse owner: Sigh... all right. Those  guys... showed up and told me not to
rent out any boats. Man, what a pain...

Matthew: Rent ME a boat. I promise it won't get you in any trouble.

Boathouse owner: I don't think you should  go. Those guys... they seemed pretty

Matthew: I don't care! There's no time!

Boathouse owner: ...You can use the boat on the end.

Boathouse owner: You should really give up on this... seriously...

Matthew goes outside.
Matthew's phone rings.

Matthew: Who is it?

Winona: It's Winona. Can you meet me now?

Matthew: Sure, but what's up?

Winona: Let's talk in person. I'll be at the boat house. Can you come?

Matthew: All right. I'm on my way.

Matthew  goes into  the  boathouse  and   out onto  the deck  where  Winona  is

Matthew: Winona? What's wrong?

Winona: The last time you saw Emma was by the lake, wasn't it?

Matthew: Yeah.

Winona: I wonder what Emma  was thinking about, as she  was gazing out over the

Matthew: ￾c

Winona: I asked Liz to let me back into the school.

Matthew: What for?

Winona: I thought I might find some clues in Kathy's locker.

Matthew: Something in there?

Winona: Yeah. In the locker, I found this....

Winona hands Matthew a note written on the back of a Wolves flyer.

Matthew: A note? The 24th, with Emma, at the forest?

Winona: Yeah...

Matthew: So they really did meet in the forest that night.

Winona: ￾c

Matthew: Hmm? Looks like something's been erased. 

Matthew: I'll hold onto this.

Winona: Okay.

Winona: Matthew... Emma IS alive, right?

Matthew: Yeah...

Matthew calls the phone number written on Kathy's memo.

Voice: Yes! This is the hospital director's office.

Matthew: Huh? The... hospital director's office...?

Voice: Yes, but Doctor  Samuel is away from  his desk at the  moment. May I ask
who is calling?

Matthew inner monologue: Grouver Hospital?!

Voice: Hello? Can you hear me?

Matthew: Oh, sorry...

Voice: Is there something I can help you with?

Matthew: N-no... it's fine... I'll call back later.

Matthew: Why did  I get through  to the hospital  director's office  at Grouver
Hospital? Is there some connection between Kathy and Samuel...?

Matthew gets on the boat and rows to the opposite shore. In front of the cabin,
he picks up a barrel and places it under the window. Standing on the barrel, he
peeks inside to see Isabella and a bearded man.

Sandman: What? You not gonna eat at all? Don't blame me if you starve to death.

Isabella: Never mind that. How long do you intend to keep me prisoner here?

Sandman: That idiot Mel got himself arrested.  He's bound to squeal that you're
involved with Epoch. 

Isabella: It's got nothing to do with me!

Sandman: Hey, hey, what do you think you're  saying? You're the one who brought
Emma and Kathy along, ain't ya? And they were such sweet girls, too.

Isabella: No! I didn't...

Sandman: Whatever the reason,  you're involved, no doubt  about it. Too late to
deny it now. 

Isabella: No... I never thought this would happen to them...

Sandman: At any rate, I can't let you go outside.

Isabella: ...You're just going to kill me anyway, right?

Sandman: If it was up  to me, I'd have killed  you already.  But he told me not
to. Man, I've got my hands full babysitting the both of you.

Isabella: The both of us?! Who else do you mean?

Sandman: A girl you know all too well.

Isabella: I can't believe it... she's alive!

Sandman: Yeah, well. It's none of your business anyway.

Sabdman: Shit, it's getting late. Past time  for us to change shifts. I'm gonna
go check outside. Don't even think about escaping, now.

Isabella: Where am I supposed to escape to?

Sandman: Yeah, true.

Sandman leaves.

Matthew: Isabella!

Isabella: ?! Matthew!

Matthew: Are you all right? I'm coming in!

Isabella: Don't, he'll come back!

Matthew: He went to the shore.

Isabella: ￾c

Matthew enters the cabin.

Matthew: Are you hurt?

Isabella: I didn't think you'd actually come...

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella: Thank you... So much...

Matthew: Let's hurry up and get out of here before he comes back.

Isabella: ...No. I can't leave.

Matthew: What are you saying?!

Isabella: If I leave, you'll be in danger. They won't kill me as long as I stay
in here, it's all right.

Matthew: Don't be stupid!  They might not  kill you, but they'll  probably hurt
you. I don't care about me, let's just leave, together!

Isabella: ￾c All right.

The two of them leave the cabin.

Voice: Hey!

Sandman appears.

Matthew: Shit...

Sandman: Isabella. Too bad, just when your saviour's arrived. 

Isabella: Wait! He's got nothing to do with this! Leave him alone!

Sandman: Can't do that. I'm a perfectionist, ya know.

Isabella: Please, don't!

Matthew raises his fists.

Sandman: Haha! You wanna fight?

Isabella: Matthew, stop it!

Sandman: I've been bored,  cooped up in  this cabin. It's your  lucky day, kid.
I'll go one round with ya.

They fight, and Matthew wins.

Sandman: Ugh...

Matthew: Isabella, let's go!

They run to the dock.

Isabella: Matthew, wait!

Matthew: Let's just run! We can talk later!

Isabella: But it's important! Listen. Emma is alive.
Matthew: What?!

Isabella: Emma is...

Sandman lifts his head and shoots Isabella.

Matthew: ?! Isabella!

Sandman, gasping: I told you... I was a perfectionist...

Matthew: Isabella! Are you all right?!

Isabella,  gasping:   Matthew...   I got  her involved...    Matthew...   I got

Matthew: It's all right! Don't talk! Shit... I need to hurry...!

Back at the boathouse, an ambulance drives away. Matthew, Morgan and the Deputy
stand on the porch.

Morgan: So Emma is alive...

Matthew: We need to get to Dennis! He's got Emma too, I know it!

Morgan: Calm down. Hudson's on his way to Dennis's now.

Morgan gets a phone call.

Morgan: Huh. Dead line.

Matthew: Excuse me.

Deputy: Yes?

Matthew: What happened to the guy in the cabin?

Deputy: There was no one in the cabin. Seems your guy ran away.

Matthew: ...I see.

Deputy: Give his description to the sheriff.

Matthew: All right.

Morgan rejoins them.

Matthew: What's happened?

Morgan: Dennis is dead.

Matthew: Dead?!

Morgan: Shit! What the hell is happening to this town?!

Matthew: What do you mean, he's dead?! Did someone kill him?

Morgan: He shot himself with his own gun. It was suicide.

Matthew: Suicide?!

Morgan: I have to get over to Astin Farm. We'll talk later.

Ext. Astin Farm, Dennis's House

Matthew: Morgan!

Morgan: Check out the warehouse. I'll head over to Grouver hospital. 

Hudson: Yes, sir.

Morgan: Sigh...

Matthew: Did Dennis really kill himself?

Morgan: Yeah. He was still  holding the gun when we found  him. And there was a
suicide note. 

Matthew: What did it say?

Morgan: He admitted  dealing Epoch. He must  have gotten scared  after we found
the stash at the junkyard.

Matthew: What about Emma?!

Morgan: It didn't say. We'll check all the  places in town Dennis is associated
with for her. 

Matthew: So Dennis was behind everything. 

Morgan: Probably. If Isabella pulls through, she might be able to confirm.

Morgan: I'm going to the hospital. Can you come to the station later? There's a
lot I want to discuss with you.

Matthew: Okay.

Ext. Cemetery

Matthew: Father Burton.

Burton: Humans can redeem themselves from their sins by dying.

Matthew: ￾c

Burton:  This child always closed her ears to the word of God, and lived a life
of sin. Everybody dies, but  not many ever live a true  life. Not just her, but
all young people these days...  I believe that Emma will  face God's judgement,
as well. 

Matthew: Emma's not dead yet.

Burton: ...Indeed.

Burton: I should have been more strict... 

Int. Grouver Hospital

Matthew shows Kathy's memo to Samuel.

Matthew: Have you seen this piece of paper before?

Samuel: Huh? What's this? I don't know anything about this.

Matthew: This is  your office number  written here.  This was found  in Kathy's

Samuel: Huh?!...

Matthew: Why would she write your number here?

Samuel: Uh... That's...

Matthew: Do you know something? About Kathy?

Samuel: Oh, all right... It's no big deal, really... I saw Kathy and her friend
at the bar a while back... everyone was drunk... I just gave her my number. 

Matthew: Kathy and her friend? Who was she with?

Samuel: A girl called Loretta.

Matthew  inner   monologue:  Loretta?   That's   the  girl  we met   at Kathy's

Samuel: I didn't do anything to her. We  just enjoyed some drinks together then
left separately.

Matthew: Do you know anything about this Loretta?

Samuel: Her? I was wasted. I don't really remember. Hmm... I think... Oh! Yeah,
yeah. She's the taco girl!

Matthew: Huh? Loretta? Taco girl?

Samuel: I don't mean she's a taco girl.  I mean she's the taco girl. ...Wait...

Matthew: ￾c

Samuel: That's not what I mean. She works at the taco van in the afternoon. You
know, the van that sells tacos. 

Matthew: Tacos...

Samuel:  Matthew,  I'd appreciate   it if  you kept  me   approaching  Kathy  a

Matthew: Why?

Samuel: It doesn't  make me  look good, that's  why! I'm  the director  of this

Matthew: Then you shouldn't have approached her in the first place...

Samuel: Come on! I'm begging you.

Matthew goes to see James.

James: So, Dennis committed suicide.

Matthew: Yeah. I can't  believe he's the  one who brought Epoch  into the town.
Too many unbelievable things are happening. 

James: Kathy getting attacked  by a bear, Emma going missing,  the town getting
flooded with  drugs,  Isabella  getting  shot.  This seems  like  such a  nice,
peaceful town, but a hell of a lot's been going on in the shadows.

Matthew: Isabella said  that Emma is alive.  And Dennis was  involved in Emma's

James: You  mean,  Dennis   was holding  Emma prisoner   like he  was doing  to

Matthew: No doubt about it.

James: That may  be so, but I doubt  finding Emma  is going to be  as simple as
looking in Dennis's house or the Astin Farm warehouse.

Matthew: ￾cI guess you're right.
Matthew: But now  that Dennis is  dead, there's  no reason for Emma  to be kept
alive any more. We have to hurry and find her...

James: I wonder. I mean, they haven't killed  her yet. Maybe there's some other
reason they haven't killed her, unlike with Isabella.

Matthew: What reason?

James: I don't know.  Just, I don't  think they're  keeping Emma  prisoner just
because she bought some Epoch.

Matthew shows James Kathy's memo.

James: Hmm. So the two of them  went to the forest together.  But the important
thing is, what did they go there for? And it's essential to know if it was just
the two of them, or if someone else was there, too.

Matthew: Yeah.

James: I  believe  Emma  is alive.  However,  until  we  can answer  those  two
questions, we don't stand a chance of finding her.

Matthew goes to try to see Isabella on the second floor.

Deputy: Isabella is  in here, but she's  badly injured, and  in no condition to
have visitors.

Int. Sheriff's Department, holding cells

Morgan approaches Mel's cell and shakes his head. Mel runs up to the bars.

Mel: Wait a minute! You're kidding, right? He killed himself?!

Mel: No... He's... my father killed himself...

Morgan:  His body's   at  the hospital.   Hudson,  take Mel   to the  hospital,

Mel: Hey! You seriously think he killed  himself?! There's no way a coward like
him would have the guts to do that!

Mel pounds on the bars. Matthew and Hudson exchange glances.

Morgan: I understand how you feel, but there's been no mistake.

Mel: ...Not him... I don't believe it...!

Morgan: Mel, you need to go to the hospital. Hudson!

Both leave.

Matthew: It didn't seem like they got along, but I guess it must be painful all
the same.

Morgan: That's parents and kids for you.  Mel's going to have a hard time of it
on his own from now on.

Matthew: Has he been released?

Morgan: I was actually going to release him earlier, but Dennis said to let him
stew in there a while longer.  Still, I'm worried about  him. I hope he doesn't
do anything stupid.

Matthew: Yeah...

Morgan: Phew... to be honest with you, I'm really tired.

Matthew: What about Emma?!

Morgan: Finding her isn't that simple.

Matthew: But she's  alive, and being  held prisoner  somewhere!  No doubt about

Morgan: Yes...

Matthew: Bonehead! It must be him who's holding her captive!

Morgan: Matthew. Calm down. Panicking won't get us anywhere.

Matthew: But...

Morgan: On the 24th, Emma and  Kathy took the Epoch they  bought to the forest.
There, they were both attacked  by a bear.  Kathy died,  and Emma went missing.
The two obtained the Epoch through Mel.  Mel purchased the drugs from Bonehead,
Isabella's former driver. 

Matthew: Do  you think  Mel knew  that Dennis  was  the one  who processed  the

Morgan: I don't know... I guess maybe not. If Mel did know about it, there's no
reason for Dennis to have had Isabella held captive once Mel got arrested. 

Matthew: Yeah... If Mel knew everything, he wouldn't have mentioned Isabella or
Bonehead's names so freely.

Morgan: Anyway, Isabella's the key to everything. All we can do is wait for her
to recover.

Ext. Street outside Taco van

Loretta: Welcome...?

Matthew: Loretta?

Loretta:  Yeah...  oh, I've   seen  you somewhere  before,   haven't  I?  Well,

Matthew: I want to talk about Kathy. Do you mind?

Loretta: ...Kathy?

Loretta: There's nothing really to talk about.

Matthew: I think Kathy was in some sort of trouble.

Matthew: You know a side to Kathy that we don't. Don't you?

Loretta: ￾c

Matthew: Is it something that's hard to talk about?

Loretta: Yeah, well. At any rate, I can't  talk here. You never know where that
priest's lurking.

Matthew: Priest? You mean Father Burton?!

Loretta: I'm at work. Tell me your phone number. I'll contact you later.

Matthew: Thanks.

Int. Sheriff's Department

Matthew: ? Wolf...

Wolf: ￾c

Wolf leaves.

Matthew: Were you questioning Wolf?

Morgan: Yes,  about  Isabella.  Isabella's   late  husband  was  Wolf's younger

Morgan: Wolf had Isabella  move to this  town so he could take  care of her. He
got Dennis to rent her a room at The Ruins. That place wasn't taking in any new
tenants, and apparently Dennis was quite against it at first. However, he had a
sudden change of heart. For a price, that is.

Matthew: What do you mean? What price?

Morgan: Well,  it's like this.  Dennis allowed  Isabella  to have the  room, in
exchange for her working as an Epoch dealer.  Then, Isabella and Bonehead would
deal with the  clients that  Isabella brought  in. Dennis  is also the  one who
decided Bonehead would be Isabella's driver. 

Matthew: There's no way Wolf  didn't know about Isabella  being involved in the
drug dealing.

Morgan: Of course,  he seems to  have known. But  Isabella's performances  were
going down  very  well.  And   perhaps  he  thought  that   Dennis  could  help

Matthew: No... Isabella seemed to be really suffering with that kind of life...
Wolf was just being selfish!

Morgan: Of course, I think so too. Wolf seems to be regretting his actions now.
He said that once Isabella's better, he's going to take care of her himself.

Noticeboard at the police station:

Popular bar singer shot
Isabella, 27,  a performer  at Bar Wolves,  was  shot by the  cabin on the  far
shore. She received  serious injuries  and was taken  to hospital  by ambulance
where she is said to be in a stable condition.  The shooter fled from the scene
and has yet  to be  apprehended.  It  was also  discovered  that  Isabella  was
involved with  the dealing of  Epoch, and  the police are  said to be  eager to
question her once she recovers.

Town Talk:
I keep seeing  dodgy  looking  people  going  in  and out  of that  ruined  old
apartment building!  It's so creepy I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to
be haunted! 

Int. St. Peter's Church

Matthew inner monologue: Hmm? Those guys...

Matthew inner monologue: They're the guys who beat up Father Burton outside the

Burton: Yes.

Matthew: Why are those guys here?

Burton: They have finally seen God's light. It is a true wonder.

Matthew: But...

Matthew: I can't believe this...

Burton: Matthew. The young people have taken  responsibility for their actions.

The two men start to walk past.

Matthew: Hey! What the hell? You just felt like coming here to pray?

Burton: ￾c

Guy: N-Not really...

Other Guy: You'd understand  if you learned  to live decently,  too. Not that I
could persuade you.

Matthew: What are you talking about?

Burton: Matthew,  it  is all right.  All  that matters  is that  they  are here

Matthew: ￾c

Other Guy: Hey! Let's leave, already.

Guy: Oh... okay...

Matthew: What's with those guys?

7:46 pm, Matthew's phone rings

Matthew: Hello!

Voice: ...Matthew?

Matthew: Yeah, who's this?

Loretta: It's Loretta. Do you have time now?

Matthew: Yeah, sure.

Loretta: I'm at Wolves. Come here.

Matthew: All right.

Int. Bar Wolves

Matthew: Do you come here often?

Loretta: Yeah, well.

Matthew: I heard Samuel approached you here, before.

Loretta: Samuel? 

Matthew: The head doctor at Grouver Hospital.

Loretta: Oh, that old pervert? Ugh, what a creep. 

Matthew: Was Kathy with you then?

Loretta: ...Yeah.

Matthew: What about you and Kathy?

Loretta: I met her here.  We started talking,  and instantly  had a connection.
Life was hard for her, too.

Matthew: The Kathy I knew wasn't the kind of girl to go out late at night...

Loretta: Everyone  thought she was  like some kind  of saint. But  she was just
sixteen, you know. She wanted to have fun just like everyone else, I think. But
she had to be careful of that father of  hers. Since he raised her when she was
an orphan with nobody else. 

Matthew: It's true that Father Burton can be quite severe.

Loretta: She must have been  raised to constantly worry  about his disapproving
eye. She couldn't handle the pressure of being the daughter of a church family.

Matthew: I see...

Loretta: You  know, when  I was here  with Kathy  one time,  that priest  came.
Kathy was terrified. 

Matthew: Terrified?!  Don't you just mean,  it was uncomfortable  for her to be
found out...?

Loretta: Yeah, I thought that at first, but later I started to really feel that
it was terror. Anyway,  after that, Kathy  never showed her  face here again. I
wasn't expecting to see her here again myself, either...

Matthew: When was the last time you saw her?

Loretta: On the night of the 24th.

Matthew: The 24th?! What time?

Loretta: I think it was around 9pm. I can't forget the look on her face. It was
like she was dead inside. I called her name over and over, but she just... When
she finally  heard  me...  you know  what  she said  to  me?  ...No.  It's  not
something for me to say, not now.

Matthew's phone starts to ring.

Matthew: Just a moment, please.

Matthew answers the phone.

Matthew: Yes.

Voice: Matthew, where are you?

Matthew: Winona?

Winona: I was curious  about something to  do with Kathy, so  I was thinking of
going to see Father Burton... 

Matthew: Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now...

Winona: I see... never mind, then. Bye.

Matthew: Wait a minute... Winona!

Loretta: Is something wrong?

Matthew: She said  she was curious  about something  to do with  Kathy, and was
going to the church... 

Loretta: You should stay away from that priest.

Matthew: I know he's a bit overly zealous, but he's not a bad person.

Loretta: That's  because  you've never  seen him  with that  look in his  eyes!
Looking down on  people with his  cold, dead eyes,  like they're  scum! This is
what Kathy said to me that day: "My father killed me..."!

Matthew: ?! What are you talking about?!

Loretta: I don't even know! But I do know that he did something to her!

Matthew: ...Kathy had bruising  on her neck, like she'd  been strangled. Do you
know anything about that?

Loretta: ?! I didn't know that! Then...

Matthew: Oh my god! I have to go to the church!

Loretta: Wait! Then Kathy... 

Matthew inner monologue: Shit... I have a really bad feeling about this...

Loretta: Didn't  your friend  say she was  going to the  church?! What  if that
priest is the one who strangled Kathy?!

Matthew: Winona!

Int. St. Peter's Church

Matthew: Winona!

Matthew inner monologue: No one around, huh...

Int. Kathy's room

Matthew checks the desk.

Matthew inner monologue: Is this a letter? The envelope's been opened.

Matthew: What  is this? There's  a date and  signature.   December 24th,  Kathy

Matthew: Maybe this is Kathy's final message!

Kathy's Letter
I hope that whoever reads this letter will  understand just a little of how I'm
feeling. Today,  the most horrible  thing of my  whole life happened  to me. My
father strangled me and tried  to kill me. Someone, please,  tell me. Was it so
wrong for me to have gone against my father's  wishes? The image of my father's
face as he was choking me is  burned into my mind. I feel  like nothing in life
has any meaning to me anymore. I'll never again...
Tonight, I'm going  to the forest  with Emma. Even  if nothing good  happens, I
don't even care anymore. No matter what happens, I can't imagine anything could
be more terrifying than what I felt in that moment...

Matthew: Father  Burton strangled  her... the paper's  all crumpled...  did she
write this while crying? 

Father Burton suddenly appears behind Matthew. The screen goes white.

Int. Basement

Matthew wakes up tied to a chair.

Matthew: Ugh... Where am I...?

Burton: Are we awake?

Matthew: Father Burton?

Matthew inner monologue: Ugh... I'm tied up...

Matthew: Father Burton! Why have you done this...?

Burton: ￾c

Matthew: Father...?

Burton: Did you read Kathy's letter?

Matthew: Yes... it said you choked her.

Burton: She was  a sinful child.  She befouled the  life she should  have spent
walking alongside God by using drugs. She went against my guidance.

Matthew: But, even so!

Burton: On the night  of the 23rd,  I saw them all  at the motel,  out of their
minds on drugs. That's  when I received  my holy orders. Telling  me not to let
them get away with it. 

Burton: No! Even if I forgave them, God never would!

Matthew: Isn't it your job to hear and forgive people's confessions? So why did
you do such a horrible thing?!

Burton: You're trying to preach to me?

Matthew: ￾c

Burton: That's what I intended to do, at first...

Burton: But that child  gave herself up  to the devil! Do you  understand?! She
went against not only me, but God himself!

Matthew: The devil?!  What devil?!  What about Emma?  Did you try  to kill her,

Burton: ￾c

Matthew: In her letter, Kathy  said she couldn't stop  thinking about your face
as you choked her... You weren't doing God's  work then, were you? You were the
devil himself!

Burton: Shut up!

Matthew: Who  gives a crap  about God's  word?!  Does it tell  us to live  like
Kathy, a prisoner in her own life?!

Burton points his gun at Matthew.

Matthew: Uhh...

Burton: It's  just as you  say. I have  sinned,  again. I forgot  myself  in my
anger. I strangled her.  But I couldn't kill her... 

Matthew: ￾c

Burton: Our way of thinking has been shaped  by a long history of morality. But
even so, are you not going  to act based on emotion? Emotion  rules us, whether
we want it to or not.  But, if we only act  based on our emotions,  then all we
are is animals who eat and breed. God is morality. And morals are God... 

Father Burton puts the gun to his head.

Matthew: Father Bur-

Father Burton shoots himself.

Matthew: Father Burton...

Matthew inner monologue: I have to get out of here somehow... This rope... if I
just wriggle a little more, I can get it off!

Matthew escaped his bonds and falls off the chair.

Matthew inner monologue: Where am I, anyway?

Matthew examines the painting on the wall.

Matthew picks up the box, brings  it over to the crates,  climbs on the crates,
then goes through the ceiling hatch to the church's ground floor. He heads into
the hallway.

Winona: Matthew!

Matthew: Winona! Thank god! You were all right...

Winona: I just got here... has something happened?

Matthew: Yeah...

Outside, an ambulance takes Father Burton's body away.

Morgan: I see... So, it was Burton who choked Kathy...

Matthew: Yes...

Matthew: Burton said  he couldn't forgive  Kathy for messing  with drugs. So he
tried to murder her with his own hands.  But in the end, he wasn't able to kill
her, and couldn't cope with the guilt. Then he killed himself.

Winona: How sad...

Winona: I wonder if  Father Burton was in  the forest with Kathy  and Emma that

Morgan: No, according to Matthew's  story, Burton choked  Kathy before she went
to the forest. That day, Kathy, who had given up the will to live, took Emma up
on her offer and  went to the forest...  bringing  the drugs that  Mel got her.
Then, a bear attacked Kathy, and Emma vanished.

Winona: But, why did they go to the forest?

Morgan: That's the question...

Matthew: So it was just the two of them at the forest?

Morgan: I don't know? All we  know is they went there  with the Epoch, in order
to do something.  It's possible  Burton  was there,  too...  but if he was,  he
wouldn't have just left them there. 

Winona: Oh my...

Hudson walks up and speaks to Morgan.

Morgan: Winona, we'll take you home. Robert is worried about you. 

Winona: Okay...

Morgan: You've got  your car, right,  Matthew? Go  home for today.  We can talk

Morgan drives off.

Matthew inner monologue: It's  probably just as Morgan  says... but... what did
they go to the forest for? And was it really just the two of them...? Why can't
I find the answers? 

Ext. Cohen's Lodge

Cohen: Hi, Matthew. What's up?

Matthew: Um...?

Matthew: Is something wrong?

Cohen: I'm just not feeling too good at the moment.

Matthew: Are you all right?

Cohen: Yes. But I'm  feeling uneasy about  the big tree in the  forest for some
reason... well, I'll rest for today.

Matthew: The big tree... is there something about it?

Cohen: Hmm...

Cohen:  Anyway, what did you come for?

Matthew: Oh, it's nothing. I'll come another time. Take care.

Ext. Barrows Forest, big tree

Matthew: I wonder  if the  two of them   performed  the "Death  Journey Ritual"

Matthew: If so, that would mean Emma knew how to perform it.

Matthew: Eternal life... ridiculous.

Matthew: Hmm, come to think of it, Cohen  said the forest was unusual that day.
I wonder if that has anything to do with the ritual...

Int. Cohen's Lodge

Matthew tries the door.

Matthew inner monologue: Hmm? It's open...

Matthew goes inside.

Matthew: Cohen!

A sound of glass breaking upstairs.

Matthew: Upstairs?

Matthew goes upstairs and onto the balcony. He looks through the glass into one
of the rooms to see Cohen collapsed on the floor.
Matthew: Cohen?! Cohen!

Matthew: It's no good, it's locked!

Matthew: Can't I bust it open somehow?

Matthew finds a toolbox on the other end of the balcony.

Matthew: Is there something I can use in  here? A crowbar! I can break the lock
with this!

Matthew uses the crowbar.

Matthew: It opened!

Matthew: Cohen! Wake up!

Int. Grouver Hospital Nurse's station

Matthew: How is Cohen?

Samuel: It's all right,  he's just got a  touch of exhaustion.  Seems he hasn't
been sleeping lately.

Matthew: Can I speak with him?

Samuel: No, he's resting  now. Come back  later. I plan to keep  him here for a

Matthew: But you said it's just exhaustion...

Samuel: Well, yes, but he's  an old man. We have to consider  the needs of each
patient carefully.   What on  earth has   he been  doing to  have made  himself
collapse like that...?

Nurse: Opening hours are until 8pm only. Please go back to the first floor.

Matthew: Oh, okay.

Matthew goes down the stairs.

Nurse: It's almost 10, so please go home now.

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: No good, guess I'd better leave.


Day Six, December 30th, 1998

Barrows Forest, 8am

Deputy: The forest has been placed off-limits.

Matthew: Huh? Did something happen in there?

Deputy: No, it's not that. But the Sheriff told me to close it off.

Matthew: What, Morgan said that? But why close it again?

Deputy: Maybe another bear's prowling around.

Morgan: I feel like there's  something in the forest.  But I don't think it's a
bear, unlike Nozz. 

Morgan: I knew it, the forest IS strange. You should go and ask Cohen about it,

Grouver Hospital

Matthew: How's Isabella's condition?

Samuel: She's still not regained consciousness.

Matthew: Will she really be all right?

Samuel: She'll be fine. She'll wake up, don't worry.

Matthew: I see.

Samuel: Still, it's hard to believe that nice woman was dealing drugs.

Matthew: It wasn't  really Isabella  who was dealing  them. She  was just being
used by Dennis. 

Samuel: Hmm.

Matthew: Still... how did Dennis get hold of the Epoch?

Samuel: It's not that complicated. I doubt it was some huge operation.

Matthew: Really?

Samuel: A drug like  that, anyone  with pharmacology  knowledge  could make it.
Dennis probably had an acquaintance with those kind of skills.
Matthew: Easy to make, and then to make a lot of money with, I guess.

Matthew: Do you have a minute?

James: Sure. What is it this time?

Matthew: We know  that Emma  and Kathy met  at the forest  on the night  of the
24th.  But what we need to know is what they did there.

James: You're wondering if they did the ritual or not.

Matthew: Yeah.

James: Yeah, no doubt about it.

Matthew: But how would Emma know how to perform it?

James: Hmm, true. I've never spoken to Emma about the ritual.

Matthew: The specifics  of the ritual weren't  reported in any  newspapers from
back then.

James: Maybe it wasn't Emma, but Kathy who knew how to do it? She was raised in
the church. It wouldn't surprise me if she knew all about Cougar.

Matthew: But in her letter, Kathy said that Emma's the one who invited her.

James: Still, maybe Kathy knew  about the ritual, but  wasn't too interested in
performing  it. But  then, Emma  got interested.   After all,  Emma was  really
interested in the case from 40 years ago, right?

Matthew: I see...

Matthew: Are you all right?

Cohen:  Matthew, thanks for saving me.
Matthew: I'm afraid I broke the lock on your window.

Cohen: Haha, never mind about that.

Matthew: Morgan was really worried.

Cohen: Oh yes, he gave me a lecture on taking better care of my health.

Matthew: Uh, why has the forest been placed off-limits?

Cohen: Oh, that...

Cohen: The forest is strange right now. It feels like something bad is going to
happen there. Not a good answer?

Matthew: What do you mean by something bad?

Cohen: That, I don't  know. But  it's the same feeling  as on the  night of the

Matthew: What are you overseeing the forest for?

Cohen: Hmm... 

Matthew: ￾c

Cohen: Matthew, I have a favour  to ask. There's an envelope  on the desk in my
room. Could you go and get it?

Matthew: An envelope? Sure, I don't mind.

Cohen: It's  very  important.  Bring  it to me,  and I'll  tell  you about  the

Cohen: That's the key to my lodge.

Matthew: All right.

Cohen: Thanks.

Cohen: I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't found me.

Cohen's Lodge

Matthew inner  monologue:  Is this the  envelope  Cohen was  talking about?  US
Military... the top sheet reads "Project Mizzurna"... Mizzurna...

Grouver Hospital

Matthew: Is this the envelope?

Cohen: Thanks. You've been a big help.

Matthew: It says Project Mizzurna. Mizzurna means it's got something to do with
this town, right?

Cohen: ￾cYes. Did you look inside?

Matthew: No, I had the feeling I shouldn't.

Cohen: I see.
Matthew: Does this have something to do with you overseeing the forest?

Cohen: ￾c

Matthew: If it's a military secret, I understand.

Cohen: No, it's not really something that  needs to be a secret anymore. It was
a long time ago.

Cohen: You know I was in the military until five years ago, right?

Matthew: Yes, you were a colonel.

Cohen: Back then, I was assigned  to Los Alamos, New Mexico.  By coincidence, I
saw this file.  When I read  it, I realised  it was a report  of the case  that
happened here way back when.

Matthew: You mean 40 years ago, the murder committed by Cougar?

Cohen: You know about it?

Matthew: Yeah, he killed someone to perform the Death Journey Ritual.

Cohen: Right.

Matthew: Barbara said that the police back  then were overwhelmed, and that the
military did all kinds of investigations. 

Cohen: They weren't just investigating the  murder. They were investigating the
ritual itself. I got interested in the case.  After my assignment was finished,
I decided to find out for myself what happened in the forest here.

Matthew: So that's why you're investigating the forest.

Cohen: The entire Cougar case hinges on this town's forest.

Matthew: You said before,  that when you  found Kathy, there  were signs nearby
like perhaps a ritual took place. So, was that the Death Journey Ritual?

Cohen: That's what I thought. But there's  no proof. Nothing left that could be
connected to the ritual.

Matthew: Something connected to the ritual...  what about the necklace that was
caught in the bear's claws?

Cohen: Necklace?! You found something like that? I didn't know about that!

Matthew: Yeah, like a native tribal design. I think it was Kathy's. 

Cohen: That's the Priest's necklace.
Matthew: What's the Priest's necklace?

Cohen: The dead person who  takes the death journey needs  a priest to show him
the way. 

Matthew: So, that  would be  the guy who's   standing up  on the wall painting,

Cohen: Right.  The "priest"  puts on  the necklace,  and he  then receives  the
life-force of the earth. 

Matthew: So then, Kathy and Emma DID do the ritual that day!

Cohen: So  it would  seem. ...No,  in fact,  there's  no doubt  about  it. They
performed the ritual,  but as a complete  coincidence, they  were attacked by a
bear in the middle of it.

Matthew: They... they did the ritual...

Cohen: Matthew, go and tell all this to Morgan, and ask him to come here.

Matthew: Okay.

Matthew: About this Project Mizzurna...

Cohen: What about it?

Matthew: Why is it called Mizzurna, and not Mizzurna Falls?

Cohen: It is said that he who does the Death Journey Ritual shall meet with the

Matthew: The Mizzurna?

Cohen: In the native  language,  it means "the great  one" or "the  truth". The
name of the project was taken from that. 

Matthew: I see.

Matthew puts the Eternal tape into Cohen's cassette player.

Matthew: How about some music?

Cohen: What kind?

Matthew: It's a wonderful song.

Cohen: ?! This song...

Matthew: Do you know it?

Cohen: ￾c

Cohen: Why do you have this song?

Matthew: It's a song by Isabella. She's in the next room to you.

Cohen: ...Her...?

Matthew: Is there something strange about this song?

Cohen: When I was in the military, I heard that melody.

Matthew: What, this song? What do you mean?

Cohen: ...I said before  how the military  was investigating  the Death Journey
ritual, right? 

Matthew: Yeah.

Cohen: Why do you think they were doing that?

Matthew: Because it was part of the murder investigation, right?

Cohen: No, the opposite.

Cohen: Back then, the  military were running  all sorts of tests  on post-death

Matthew: Post... death experiences?

Cohen: Yes.  Placing a person  in a  state of death,  then reviving  them  with
electric jolts. 

Matthew:  That's...!  That's  exactly  the   same  thing  as the  Death Journey

Cohen: Yes.  The ritual  Cougar was  experimenting  with, was  no different  to

Matthew: Then...?

Cohen: I was involved with the case for 20 years...

Matthew: So, then... the experiments didn't go well?

Cohen: No, they went very well.

Cohen: The test subjects indeed  died and were brought  back to the land of the

Matthew: And they really experienced a world beyond death?

Cohen: Of that, there can be no doubt...

Cohen: I know, because I was one of the test subjects.

Matthew: ...You?

Cohen: Yes. It was... such a strange world...

Cohen: So warm... so vast... and everywhere, a beautiful melody playing...

Matthew: And that melody, is the one from the song, right?

Cohen: ...Yes.

Matthew: Isabella also had a near death experience, and she said that she heard
this melody while she was under, and made it into a song.

Cohen: Is that so...

Matthew: Is there... really a world after death?

Cohen: Maybe this  song is the song  of God... or  maybe it's just  part of our
DNA. Some memory left over from long ago.

Matthew: Is it really so important to see this world beyond death?

Cohen: I wonder...

Cohen: I think it was something beyond the scope of our experiments.

Cohen: Many test subjects died.

Cohen: Maybe we were no better than Cougar.

Matthew: But... Cougar believed he could  get divine power. Even though there's
no evidence of that at all!

Cohen: It's  all the  same. We  believed  in science.  He believed  in  ancient
traditions. In the existence of the divine.

Matthew: ￾c

Sheriff's Department

Matthew: Morgan, do you know about the Death Journey Ritual?

Morgan: What's that? It sounds terrible.

Matthew: Well...
Morgan: I see, I see... so  you're saying that on the  night of the 24th, Kathy
and Emma performed this ritual.

Matthew: Yeah.

Morgan: How suspicious.

Morgan: I guess I'd better speak to Cohen.

Matthew: About the necklace  the bear had in its claws.  Could I take a look at

Morgan: That? Oh, I lent it to James.

Matthew: To... James?

Morgan: Yes, he said he wanted to examine it.

Grouver Hospital

Matthew: I heard from  Cohen that people  who do the Death Journey  ritual meet
with the Mizzurna. 

James: Yes, they meet with, and become one with the Mizzurna, and then they are

Matthew: What IS this Mizzurna?

James: ...Mizzurna, huh?

James: Come to  my house tonight.  I'll tell  you everything  I know about  the
Mizzurna and the Death Journey Ritual.

Matthew: What time should I come?

James: Come to my house around 11:30pm.

Matthew: All right.

Matthew: About the necklace found on the bear. Do you have it?

James: Yes, I just borrowed it from Morgan so I could examine it.

Matthew: So, it's the Priest's necklace?

James: No doubt about it.

Matthew: Could you show it to me again?

James: I'm wearing it around my neck. Go ahead and take it.

Matthew: Why are you wearing it?

James: I was wondering if it would give me any strange powers.

James leans forward, and Matthew attempts to take the necklace off him.

Matthew: ?!

Matthew: You've got a huge wound back here... what happened?

James: ?! Oh! Yes... that wound... it's already old...

Matthew inner monologue: It looks like a scratch... 

Matthew: Got it!

Matthew removes the necklace.

Matthew: Can I borrow this?

James: ...What for?

Matthew: Well... I just feel like if I keep it, I'll be able to see Emma...

James: Liar.

James: You think there was someone else involved in the ritual besides Emma and
Kathy, don't you?

James: And you think that person still needs the necklace.

Matthew: Why are you...

James: I jumped to the same conclusion you did.

Matthew: ...Yes, it's like you said.

James: Well, whatever.  Just  promise you'll  give it back  to me if I  need to
examine it again.

Matthew: Sure.

St. Peter's Church

Matthew enters the basement to find James examining the wall painting.

Matthew: ?! James...

James: Hnn?

James: ...Matthew?

Matthew: What are you doing here?

James: I thought there  might still be some  clues here from  when Cougar lived

James: Who would have thought I'd find something like this here.

Matthew: What is it?

James: This is a painting of the Death Journey  Ritual. Cougar probably painted

Matthew: What's this... round thing?

James: It's the full moon.

James: And underneath is the dead person.

James:  Yes...  so,  a  full  moon is  necessary   in order   for  the dead  to

Matthew: A full moon... wasn't there a full moon on the 24th?

James: Yes. And the next one will be the night of the 31st.

Matthew: The 31st...

Matthew: Aren't there any other clues?

James: No papers left at all. I heard Father Burton burned them all. 

Matthew: I guess he couldn't erase this.

James: Guess not.

James: I'm going now. See you.

James leaves.

James's House, 11:30 pm

Matthew knocks on the door.

James: Is that you, Matthew? Just come on in.

James: Just a sec.

Matthew: You've got a lot of books. Have you read them all?

James: Ah, here it is.

Matthew: What's that?

James: This is a book  I'm reading, written  by a scholar who  investigated the
ritual a long time ago. It  says that to perform the Death  Journey Ritual, one
must put on  the Priest  necklace, take   a certain  drug, and  enter temporary
death. It says that the presiding  one must place the  sacred necklace upon the
one who enters death,  and watch over their  journey. The one  who enters death
will encounter many strange  and never-before experienced  things, and finally,
the Mizzurna will descend and  enter their soul. The dead  person, now one with
the Mizzurna, will be reborn with full knowledge of the world of the dead.

Matthew: Is that round thing on the wall painting the Mizzurna?

James: Oh, good guess!

Matthew: What does it mean... the Mizzurna will descend?

James: To the natives, the  Mizzurna was like their god.  It represents meeting
God. God will descend  from the  heavens, to be  one with their  soul. The very
meaning of the name  of this town  is "the Mizzurna  that descends"  ? Mizzurna

Matthew: It's not named after the waterfall?

James: That's no doubt become  part of it, too. But the  true, original meaning
is quite different.

Matthew: I don't quite get it.

James: What don't you get?

Matthew: Just, why people would want to  have anything to do with anything like
that. I don't believe in the supernatural.

James: Why do you  think humans  have evolved with  these concepts  of god, the
devil, and miracles? One reason is because  we have to live here on this planet
which we still  know so  little about.  Another  reason, is  that all of  those
things exist, in some shape or form.

Matthew: You're saying the Mizzurna exists?

James: I don't know  exactly what it is,  but yes, I want to  see this Mizzurna
for myself.

Matthew: Then why don't you go and do the Death Journey Ritual?

James: If I ever get the chance, I will.

Matthew: I'm going home. The  more I talk about this,  the more I feel like I'm
losing my mind.

James: Haha.


Day Seven, December 31st, 1998 (Final Day)

Matthew's shed, 7:33 am

Matthew's phone rings.

Matthew: Hello!

Nozz: Hi, Matthew. It's me. Nozz.

Matthew: What's up?

Nozz: I've got an unusual customer. Doctor James. Anyway, come to the store.

Captain Nozz's General Store

Nozz: Matthew, you're  home, are you? Doctor  James has come  especially to see

James: Hey. Sorry to just turn up unannounced.

Matthew: James... is there something you want with me?

James: No, nothing in particular. I just  thought I'd lend you that book on the

Matthew: I see. Let's go to my room.

James: All right.

Matthew's shed

James: I'll put the book here.

James: Hmm, aren't you reading some quite difficult books, here?

Matthew: I'm not particularly interested  in history. My father bought them all
for me.

James: I like history.

Matthew: I see.

James: Your sense of values is very modern.

James: However, modern values are built upon the values of yesteryear.

James: And the values of yesteryear,  were built upon  values from even further

James: By educating oneself on human history,  you can enjoy the knowledge of a
thousand lifetimes.

Matthew: You're as difficult to understand as ever.

James: That's because I think difficult thoughts.

Matthew: Anyway, how's Isabella?

James: She still hasn't regained consciousness.

Matthew: I see.

James: Isabella...  I think that  whoever comes  to visit her, will  be someone
vital to this case.  If I was the criminal,  I wouldn't let  Isabella linger on
without finishing her off.

Matthew: I guess you're right.

James: Well, there's a deputy on guard outside her room, so I'm sure there's no
need to worry.

James: I guess I'll go back to the hospital. See you then.

Matthew: Thanks for the book.

5pm. Matthew phones Winona's house.

Robert: Hello, this is Ringwald's  Gas Station. Matthew,  if you're looking for
Winona, she should  be at the hospital.  I'm worried  about how  much this case
seems to be affecting her... Could you go and keep her company?

Grouver Hospital

Winona: Matthew.

Matthew: How's Isabella's condition?

Winona shakes her head.

Matthew: I see...

Wolf: You're keen.

Matthew: ?!

Wolf: Hasn't she regained consciousness yet?

Winona: No...

Wolf: If  she doesn't  hurry  up and  get better  soon,  the bar's  gonna  lose

Matthew: How dare you. You're partly responsible for this happening to her, you

Wolf: I know. It was a joke.

Wolf: Guess I'll come back later.

Wolf leaves.

Winona: Isn't that the bar owner?

Matthew: Yeah...

Matthew: He just watched Dennis manipulate Isabella, and didn't do anything.

Winona: When I went to the bar with Emma that one time, I told you some guy was
hitting on her, right?

Matthew: Yeah.

Winona: Well, that guy saved her.

Matthew: What, Wolf did?

Matthew: Hmm, well, I guess it is his bar. He probably had to step in.

Winona: But,  he was  sort of  weird about  it. Overly  concerned  with  Emma's
health. Like she was a precious thing he didn't want damaged...

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: Is Isabella in this room?

Deputy: Yes, but she's still very ill.

Samuel comes out.

Matthew: How's Isabella's condition?

Samuel: Relax.  She's still  unconscious, due to blood  loss. But we've removed
the bullet, and there shouldn't be any complications.

Matthew: That's a relief... How much longer should she be out?

Samuel: Hmm, a few hours at the least. At  most, a few days. It's hard to tell.
Still, time will reveal all.

Ext. Grouver Hospital

Matthew inner monologue: Wolf?!...

Matthew inner monologue: Bonehead?! It's him!!! I knew it was him!

Wolf and Bonehead get into the same car and drive off.

Matthew inner monologue: I bet they're going to Wolves...

Bar Wolves, 8pm

Mel: Hey! Aren't you gonna say somethin'?!

Matthew: Mel!

Winona: Matthew! You have to stop Mel!

Matthew: What on earth is going on?

Wolf: If you've got a problem with me, I  don't really care. But keep it out of
my bar!  

Bodyguard: You heard him! Now get the hell out!

Mel: Answer the damn  question! Where is  he? Where is Bonehead  hiding? I know
you know!

Bodyguard: That's about enough!

Mel: Shut your face!

Bodyguard: That's enough!

Mel: You jerk!

Mel grabs the bodyguard by the throat.

Winona: Matthew! You have to stop Mel!

Morgan enters.

Morgan: That's far enough!

Wolf: Thank god. Hurry up and get this kid out of my bar.

Morgan: Mel, you want to go back behind bars?

Mel: Come on! What are you doing?! This guy is...

Morgan's phone starts to beep.

Morgan: Huh?

Morgan: Morgan here.

Morgan: What?! Isabella's awake?!

Wolf: ?!

Morgan: I'll stop by the station and be right there!

Matthew: What's this about Isabella?

Morgan: It seems she's regained consciousness.

Wolf: Mr. Sheriff, you don't intend to let this kid stay here, do you?

Morgan: Mel! You come with me.

Mel: Why? I won't do anything else! Just leave me alone.

Morgan: Stop talking, and come along.

Mel: Shit...

Mel and Morgan leave.

Winona: Matthew, let's go go to the hospital, too!

Matthew: Yeah.

Grouver Hospital

Matthew and  Winona walk  into the lobby  to see  a male orderly  lying  on the

Matthew: ?!

Matthew: He's... dead!

Winona: Why?

Matthew: Isabella!

Winona: We have to tell Morgan!

Matthew: Yeah...

Matthew calls Morgan.

Matthew: ￾c

Matthew: It's no good, no one's picking up...

Matthew: Winona! Take my car, and go and get Morgan!

Winona: Okay... but what about you?!

Matthew: I'm going to Isabella's room.

Winona: No, it's too dangerous!

Matthew: I'll be all right. Just get Morgan, quickly!

Matthew reaches  the second floor  and finds the  Deputy lying in  the corridor
outside Isabella's room.

Matthew: ?!

Matthew: Are you all right?!

Deputy, gasping: Wh-Where did he go?

Matthew: What on earth happened here?!

Deputy, gasping: Isabella... is... guahhh!

A woman's scream can be heard.

Matthew: ?! From downstairs!

Matthew enters the basement room.

Matthew: ?! Isabella!

Isabella is tied to a chair.

Isabella: Mmmph mm!

Matthew: Thank god, are you're all right?

Isabella, shaking her head: ?! Mmmph!!!

Bonehead appears behind Matthew and punches him to the ground.

Matthew gets to his feet.

Matthew: Ughh...

Bonehead: Jesus, what  a pain in the ass.  How many of you people  do I have to

Matthew: Bonehead! You're the one who...

Bonehead points his gun at Matthew.

Bonehead:: No, no. Don't move.

Matthew: ￾c

Bonehead: Sorry about this, kid, but you're about to be dead.

Bonehead:  Unlike  with  Dennis,  I don't  have  time to  make it  look  like a

Matthew: Dennis! Then you're the one who killed him...!

Suddenly, Bonehead is shot in the arm from behind.

Bonehead:  ?! ...Ugh...

Matthew: James!

Bonehead: You! You creep!

James points his gun at Bonehead again.

Bonehead: Shit!

Bonehead sidesteps out of the room.
Matthew: Wait!

James: Matthew, don't follow him! We have to focus on Isabella.

Matthew: Isabella, are you all right?

Isabella, gasping:  Matthew...

Matthew: James, let's take her back to her room.

Isabella: Emma's going to be killed!

James: ?!

Matthew: Emma?!

Isabella, gasping:  Matthew...  it was Wolf,  controlling  everything  from the
shadows... he's the one who's been keeping Emma hostage...

Matthew: Wolf... he's the one?

Isabella: He takes  people he  likes and makes  them his  slaves...  I  was the
same... and Emma knew that Wolf was dealing Epoch!

Matthew: Emma knew about Wolf?

Isabella: I... introduced her to Wolf. It's all my fault...

Matthew: ￾c

Isabella:  He said  he's going  to kill  her  at Astin  Farm...  that it's  too
dangerous to keep her alive any longer...

Isabella: Ugh...

Matthew: Isabella!

Isabella: It's  all right...  never mind me...  you have  to save Emma!  If you
don't hurry...

James: You said Astin Farm, right?

James: Matthew, let's take my car.

Matthew: All right.

Isabella: Hurry!

Ext. Astin Farm Warehouse

Matthew: So this is where Emma is...

James: Matthew, let's split up and search.

James: I'll check this building. You check the warehouse.

Matthew: Got it.

James: And take this.

Matthew: ?! A gun?

James: I borrowed the deputy's.

Matthew: ￾c

James: Listen to me. When the time comes, don't hesitate. Pull the trigger. 

Matthew: Okay.

James: All right, then...

Int. Astin Farm Warehouse

Bonehead is pouring gasoline. Wolf is standing over Emma, who is tied up.

Matthew: ?!

Bonehead: Hey hey, what do you want?

Matthew sees Emma.

Matthew: ?! Emma!!!

Emma: Matthew... Matthew, it's you...

Matthew: Emma, are you all right?

Bonehead: Don't get too chatty, kid. She's all tired out.

Matthew: ￾c?!

Wolf: Don't ruin their touching reunion scene.

Matthew: Wolf! You're the one who did this!

Wolf: Yep. I was behind everything. Now, aren't you satisfied?

Matthew: You're the one who was behind Dennis's murder, too!

Wolf: ...You squealed?

Bonehead: ...Whoops.

Wolf: Your tongue couldn't be any looser.

Matthew: Why have you done this to Emma?!

Bonehead: She  was going to  ruin us, threatened  to squeal  on us for  dealing
Epoch. Jeez, we should have just killed her in the first place. 

Wolf: Would have been a waste. A waste just to kill her.

Wolf: When I came  across her  stumbling along  the road  that night,  I was so
happy I could have cried. 

Matthew: That night? The night of the 24th?

Wolf: Hey kid, what does it  matter now, anyway? Both  you and her are going to
be dead in a minute.

Bonehead: As soon as I put a match to this  gasoline, you two will be burned up
along with this warehouse.

Matthew pulls his gun on Bonehead.

Matthew: Stop!

Wolf: ￾c.Ah!

Bonehead: Hey, this kid's pointing a gun at me.

Matthew: Give Emma to me!

Wolf points his own gun at Emma.

Wolf: You want her?

Emma: Matthew...

Matthew: Emma!

Bonehead: Throw the gun away!

Matthew: Damn it...

Bonehead: Wolf, let me handle the kid.

Wolf: Do as you wish.

Bonehead: I have to pay you back for that stunt you pulled in the hospital.

Matthew: ￾c

Bonehead: Don't worry, kid, I'll take you on hand-to-hand.

Bonehead: Now come at me!

They fight, and Matthew wins.

Bonehead: Guhhh...

Wolf: Hey! What the hell are you doing, losing to a kid?!

Bonehead:  Gahh...

Wolf: You useless idiot! You couldn't kill Isabella, and now this!

Bonehead: You shut your face...

Wolf: What did you say?!

Bonehead: Shut up... just shut up!

Wolf: Say it one more time. I dare you.

Bonehead: I said shut up!

Bonehead: If you had just killed her in  the beginning, none of this would have

Wolf: ￾c

Bonehead: This whole thing has been mishandled every step of the way!

Bonehead: I knew things were off when that jerk betrayed us...

Bonehead: I was the only one who didn't know...

Wolf shoots Bonehead.

Matthew: ?!

Wolf: Shut up.

Matthew: ￾c

Wolf: Jesus... this is taking up too much time...

Wolf: Killing her should be easy...

Bonehead lifts his head and shoots Wolf in the shoulder.

Wolf: ?! Bastard!

Bonehead: Heh... serves you... right...

Wolf: You're dead! Eat shit!

Wolf  shoots Bonehead repeatedly, igniting the gasoline.

Matthew: ?!

Sirens can be heard outside.

Matthew: Morgan?

Wolf, continuing to shoot: Bastard!

Matthew: Emma!

Wolf lifts Emma to her feet.

Wolf:  This way!

Matthew picks up his gun and runs after Wolf and Emma.

The entire warehouse is ablaze.

Wolf turns and fires  at Matthew. Matthew  chases Wolf onto  the roof, avoiding
his gunfire, and the gunfire of his henchman, Black Hand.

Matthew: What's wrong?

Wolf, gasping, draw  his gun on Matthew  and pulls the trigger  repeatedly. The
gun is empty.

Wolf: Shit...

Matthew: Out of bullets..?

Wolf: ...Back!

Matthew: ?!

Wolf: Stay back! The Epoch... it's wearing off...  Quickly.. .

Wolf pops  a pill.

Matthew: ?!

Wolf: What's wrong? Didn't you come here to save Emma?

Matthew: ?!

Wolf: If it weren't for this, I'd have ended up a loser. 

Wolf: You should get a taste of it too. Then you'd see how wonderful it is.

Matthew: I'm not interested in something that'll make me lose myself!

Wolf: Yourself? Don't make me laugh! What's a self? Something like that doesn't
even exist in this world!

Matthew: What are you saying?! I know that I am who I am!

Wolf: You don't get to decide who you are. God decides that.

Matthew: God? God again!? Who gives a damn?!

Wolf: Don't  misunderstand  me. I'm  not talking  about the  Christian God,  or
Buddha. I'm talking  about the force  of nature  that controls us  all from the

Matthew: I'm not controlled by anybody! I act of my own free will!

Wolf: Pitiful...

Wolf: He throws  a stone,  and  thinks he  can take  the credit  for making  it

Wolf: Like a drop of  rain falling in the  ocean, I can become  one with God by
taking this.

Wolf: Come, then! Just try taking Emma from me!

Wolf pulls out a knife, and attacks Matthew. Matthew wins the fight.

Wolf: Ugh...

Matthew: Emma...

Emma: Matthew?

Wolf: Give her here! Ugh!

Wolf is shot.

Wolf: ?! ...You bastard...

Emma: Ughh... My... my body...

Matthew: Emma!

Wolf: Too late for her... she's already addicted to the wonders of God...

Matthew: You drugged her!

Emma: Matthew... it hurts...

Wolf is shot again, and falls off the roof.

Ext. Astin Farm Warehouse

Hudson: The fire's almost completely out.

Hudson:  Wolf   and Bonehead's   bodies  are   being  transported   to  Grouver

Morgan: Got it.  Hudson, you  head to the  hospital, too.  I'm concerned  about

Matthew is talking to a nurse oustide Dennis's. Morgan walks up.

Morgan: Are you all right?

Matthew: Yeah... I'm more worried about Emma.

Morgan: James is taking her to the hospital right now. No need to worry.

Matthew: James is taking her?

Morgan: Yes, he says her condition isn't life-threatening.

Matthew: I see...

Winona: Matthew!

Matthew: ...Winona....

Winona: Oh, thank goodness...

Morgan: I can't believe you got out of that without a scratch on you.

Matthew: I thought I was done for at the end, there.

Matthew: If you hadn't shot Wolf, I'm not sure we would have made it.

Morgan: Shot him? I didn't shoot anyone.

Matthew: Huh?! Then, Hudson or somebody?

Morgan: None of us shot anyone. There's been no reports of that.

Matthew:  But at  the end,   Wolf  was definitely  shot.   And he  said,   "You

Matthew: What if he's got another accomplice?!

Morgan: Really?

Matthew: I'm worried about Emma! We have to get to the hospital... Ouch!

Winona: Matthew! What's wrong?!

Morgan: Don't stress yourself. I sent Hudson to the hospital.

Matthew: ￾c

The deputy runs up.

Deputy: Sheriff!

Morgan: What is it?

Deputy: We just got a call  from Hudson at the hospital...  the ambulance never

Morgan: What?!

Winona: ?!

Matthew: Emma and James must be in trouble!

Morgan: All right... I'm heading to the hospital!

Morgan drives off.

Matthew inner monologue:  So... where is  the ambulance Emma  was riding in...?
Not... the ritual... Barrows Forest! It's got to be there!

Ext. Barrows Forest

Cohen: Matthew?!

Matthew: Cohen! Why are you here?!

Cohen: I've got a real bad feeling! The forest feels wrong!

Matthew: I think Emma is here somewhere!

Cohen: What?! Then... the ritual?!
Matthew: We have to find her now!

Cohen: The big tree! If anyone's gonna be doing the ritual, that's where they'd
do it!

Matthew: Let's go!

The two find Emma collapsed underneath the big tree.

Matthew: ?! Emma!

Matthew: Emma! Wake up!

Cohen: It's all right! She's just unconscious.

Cohen: It seems we've prevented the worst-case scenario.

Matthew: Who was trying to do the ritual?!

Cohen is suddenly shot.

Matthew: ?!

Voice: You weren't part of my plan.

Matthew: You... No... James?!

James pops an Epoch pill, grunting.

Matthew: ?!

Matthew: You were... going to do the ritual...

James: That's right,  detective! I'm the  bad guy! I'm the one  who synthesised
this drug for use in the ritual.

Matthew: No! Then...

James: Yeah, I'm the one who sold it to Wolf.

Matthew: But why... you helped me so often...

James: I did, didn't I? See, I was actually also looking for Emma, myself.

Matthew: What do you want with her?!

James: That day, we all came here together to perform the ritual.

James: But then, in an unbelievable  stroke of bad luck,  we were attacked by a
bear. I barely escaped with my life.

Matthew: That wound on the back of your neck!

James: Yes, that's where the bear slashed me. That's when I lost sight of Emma.
I never thought that Wolf of all people would betray me. Look how I've suffered
due to that oversight. 

Matthew: Wolf betrayed you...? So, it was you who shot him on the roof?!

James: He was an idiot. He held Emma prisoner, and hid it from me.

Matthew: Why do the ritual...?

James: Hey, hey. Don't misunderstand, now. It's not like I forced Emma or Kathy
into anything.  I was  simply  trying to  save them,  two such  weak girls  who
weren't strong  enough  to face  up to the  harsh  realities  of life.  Emma in
particular said she'd be delighted to join in my plan.  Of course, I was really
only in it for the eternal life.

Matthew: You fool!  What's the point  of something  like that?!  Did you really
think you'd actually be able to get eternal life?!

James: Hmm, who knows...

Matthew: Then, why?!

James: You just  don't get  it. It's  human nature  to want  to experience  the

Matthew: You know Cougar ended up with nothing!

James: Cougar's  flesh may have  died, but his mission  was passed  down to me.
"Eternity is truth!"

James: Our entire lives are but a speck of dust, compared to the history of the

James: We  humans live  our whole  lives   with a curiosity  that can  never be

James: I want to know... everything, everything  to do with this world. Life is
so short...

Matthew: So  you were willing  to risk  both Emma  and Kathy's  lives just  for

James: Who cares if they live or not? Neither of them had any strong reason for

Matthew: How can you say that...?

James: Enough talking. How about handing it over?
Matthew: What?

James: The Priest's necklace. I was waiting  for you to show up and bring it to

Matthew: ￾c

James: You want to say something?

Matthew: I could destroy it.

James: Don't be a fool! Hurry up and hand it over!

Matthew: You could shoot me, but it would still be destroyed.

James: ...What are you gonna do?

Matthew: I'm taking Emma, and we're going home!

James: ...I guess you got me.

Matthew: Emma...

James shoots Matthew in the arm.

James: Did you forget how sound my marksmanship  is already? It was easy as pie
for me to shoot you in just your right arm.

Matthew: Guhhh!

James: Well, then, Mr. Detective...

James: Aagh!

Cohen lifts his head and shoots James.

Emma awakens and screams.

Matthew: Emma!

Emma turns and runs away.

Matthew: Emma!

James: Emma! Shit! The effects must have worn off!

James begins to run after Emma.

James: Wait!

Cohen: Matthew...

Matthew: Cohen!

Matthew: Are you all right?

Cohen: Take my gun!

Cohen: You can't let him perform the ritual...

Matthew take his gun and runs to the waterfall, where Emma is crouched down.

Matthew: Emma!

Emma: Matthew...

Matthew: Are you all right?

Emma: Matthew, I... I don't know where I belong in this life...

Emma: I was so afraid...

Matthew: Emma...

Matthew: You don't have to say anything right now...

James is lying on the snowy ground near the riverbank, gasping.

James:  Epoch...  it's...

Matthew: What's wrong?

James gets to his feet, panting.

James: I made it too strong...

James pops another pill.

Matthew: James...?

James turns around, a maniacal look on his face.

James: Hahahaha!

James:  This drug, man...

Matthew: ?

James: You should try it. You can overcome death with ease.

Matthew: That's a hallucination. ALL humans WILL die!

James: Die?! What's  the point of dying?!  When you die, whoever  you are, that
gets lost! It's the same as if you'd never even existed at all!

Matthew: No, you're wrong!

James pops another pill.

James: Humans are tools for experiments!

James: Take a good look at me!

James: Don't you dare see me as a human!

James: You're not looking at a human, but a concentration of pure instinct!

James: Not going to protect yourself...?

James: I will consume you!

They both shoot at the same moment.

James falls backwards into the river. Matthew crumples into the snow.

Matthew rolls onto his  back and looks up  at the night sky,  and the full moon

"Eternal" plays over  the ending credits,  as a blue glow spreads  out from the

Several scenes play behind the ending credits, showing what happened next.

Morgan drives up to Grouver Hospital in his sheriff's cruiser, and gets out.

In the next scene, he  walks into a hospital  room where Matthew  is sitting in
bed in a hospital gown, talking to Winona who is sitting beside him.

Doctor Samuel is seen speaking to Emma's parents by the nurse's station. Emma's
mother shakes his hand.

Captain Nozz is seen showing Rolein some of his fighting moves in the diner.

Isabella is seen  leaving her apartment  building  and shaking hands  with Mary
Lou. Carrying a bag, she gets into a dark car and drives away.

Cohen stands in front of the  Mizzurna Falls waterfall  for a few moments, then
turns and walks away.


Bad Ending:

At the end of the final day, Matthew receives a phone call.

Matthew: Hello?

Morgan: Matthew?

Matthew: Yes, Morgan?

Morgan: Where are you now?

Matthew: What do you mean... what's happened?

Morgan: We... we found Emma.

Matthew: ?! Emma is...?!

Matthew: Is Emma all right?!

Morgan: Can you just come to Barrows Forest, right now?

Matthew: Yes! I'll be right there!

Emma is shown lying against a black screen. 

Text reads: 
December 31st, 11:41  pm, Emma's  dead body was  discovered in Barrows  Forest.
Time of death:  11:30 pm. According  to  Morgan,  she was  discovered collapsed
against the big tree, her expression  peaceful. The post-mortem  revealed that,
prior to her death,  she had taken a drug  with hallucinogenic  properties. Her
neck showed signs of strangulation. The  state police are treating her death as
a homicide and have requested the intervention of the FBI. 

Emma was alive the whole time, but I wasn't  able to save her... Who could have
strangled her?  Now  I feel like everything  I tried to do was  pointless...  I
wish I could go back to the 24th  again... to the last time I felt her close to

The credits roll over an instrumental of "Eternal" and a black screen.

Finally, text reads:

Game Script complete.
Visit me at  projectmizzurna.tumblr.com

This English version  of the Japanese script  for the 1998 Human  Entertainment
game "Mizzurna  Falls"  has  been translated   from the  original  Japanese  by
ResidentEevee.  This  game has  never been  localised  and exists  only  in its
original Japanese format. Please  credit the translator  when quoting from this
script. Please do  not use this  content without  permission, reproduce  it, or
falsely claim credit for it.

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