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Why didn't anybody review this game?

When BeatMania 3rd Mix was released, there was a lot of excitement (in Japan) about the game. There were all sorts of BeatMania 3rd Mix items such as Zippo lighters and T-shirts. Yet there is still not one review (in English) that I can find on the Internet.

BeatMania 3rd Mix is the sequel to 2nd Mix, which was released at the end of 1998. The original was an overnight success, so everybody expected a lot from the sequel. The Playstation game BeatMania 3rd Mix is not a stand alone game, it’s an append disk, so you will need the either BeatMania 2nd Mix, BeatMania featuring Dreams Come True, BeatMania: The sound of Tokyo (I hear it’s terrible!) or BeatMania Best Hits to run BeatMania 3rd Mix. I personally find append disk to be a pain in the ass. Even though they cost less then stand alone games, if you have an American system; you have no hopes of playing them. The ONLY way you can play Append disk is to have a Japanese console.

BeatMania 3rd Mix features some new songs, as well as some old ones too. If you liked the music from the original BeatMania, you will feel at home with the newly added songs. “Wild I/O” sounds similar to “20 November”; “Le Bossanova de Fabienne” is basically a remixed “Papayapa Bossa” from the last game. There are a lot of songs from the last game including: “Do You Love Me?” “Stop Violence”, “Love So Groovy”, “20 November” etc. the music range is pretty good, there are a lot of different genre’s to pick from. There are 2 particularly difficult songs that are bound to give you trouble (among a few others). “Luv To Me third mix” and “Tribe groove” are particularly difficult to the point of being frustrating. There is nothing more annoying than getting through the entire song of “Luv To Me” in passing zone, then suddenly fail the song because you didn’t hit the last 3 keys. BeatMania is not a forgiving game at all. Overall though, the songs are not too difficult. If you could pass “Acid Bomb” from the previous game, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with D.J. F.X.’s new song “Attack The Music”. Some of the songs will remind you of other songs from your everyday life. One song called “Find Out” reminds me of “The Cosby Show” for some reason. “Believe Again”(80’s J-pop version) and “Luv To Me third mix” remind me of the old 80’s anime “Dirty Pair”. Most of the music is good, and you will find yourself humming and singing the songs a lot. However, there is usually 1 song or genre that you just can’t stand. I personally hate Drum and Bass music in BeatMania, but “Deep Clear Eyes” deserves a particular dishonorable mention. The song sounds sloppy and doesn’t really have a rhythm to it; therefore it is hard to pass the song because you can never quite get a “feel” for the song. Some people like that type of music though; you will have to try it for yourself. Overall, this is a solid game. Being Konami’s second attempt at an append disk (the first is bundled with the original BeatMania) the game is really not too bad, but it really shows it’s dated age when you compare it to the newer BeatMania games. A perfect example would be the limited amount of animations shown in the songs. Although it really has very little to do with the actual game play, you get very tired of seeing the same silhouette of a dancing girl in about every song.

Game play: 10
The game play is very deep in this game. I played the game for days to finally be able to play “Luv To Me” (I still consider this one of the most difficult BeatMania songs next to “Hell Scraper” out of GottaMix. The game play is very deep in this game, but I would highly recommend that you buy either a DJ MAN or a DJ Station Pro controller to play the game with. Playing the game with a standard controller is very difficult and playing with the first model BeatMania controller is not much better. You should invest in either one of the 2 controllers mentioned above. Although you can pass “Luv To Me” with a standard controller, it’s very difficult, and not very fun either. Without the right controller, the game play would get about a 6 out of 10; it really makes that much difference.

Sound: 7
There are a lot of good songs in BeatMania 3rd mix, but the music is about 10 times better in BeatMania GottaMix. If I had not played GottaMix when I reviewed this game, I would have given the sound a better score. Plenty of good songs are still in this game though and just about every single one of them besides “Love So Groovy” and “Deep Clear Eyes” are good. You may play this game just to hear a favorite you have in the game, this adds to the replay value as well.

Graphics: 5
I really hate to be too hard on this game considering it’s age, but the animations are extremely limited in this game, I thank there are about the same amount as the previous BeatMania, including some borrowed ones from the last game. You really shouldn’t look too far into the graphics in BeatMania 3rd mix anyway; because there is a lot of deep game play to be found in 3rd mix.

Replay: 8
Although this is going to largely depend on how much you like the music in this game, you will more than likely find a few songs you like here. Playing the game to hear a favorite song is always fun too.

Overall, this is worth a purchase, especially considering the price tag that this game carries because it is an append disk. The music in the later BeatMania games really is better sounding, but if you do not have 3rd mix, you should not overlook this because it is old. You can still find it at just about any import game store. I would recommend you get BeatMania Append Gotta Mix before you get this game though.

Rating: 7

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