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Guide and Walkthrough by kern

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/2007
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2007

by kern (chriskern99 at gmail)
v1.0 (June 13, 2007)

I. Introduction

This is a combination story summary and walkthrough for SRW F.  I did not 
include gameplay information, seishin translations, or the like -- there are 
other walkthroughs on GF that cover those.

1. The first time a character appears I give his or her full name in all 
capitals, along with the source anime in parentheses afterwards.  The 
romanizations are taken from official English licensed translations when 
possible; otherwise I just used whatever romanization I could find on a fan 

2. For the names, I list them family name first.  My usual way of referring to 
them is however the game refers to them in the speaker tags, whether that's 
personal or family name (or nickname).

3. Pilots with useful seishin (* = F Final unit)

Datsuryoku (Exhaust):
*Mio (Masou Kishin)
*Miyami Asfi (L-Gaim)
Remi Shimada (Goshogun)
Boss (Mazinger Z)

Saidou (Move again):
*Leena Ashita (ZZ Gundam)
Lilith Fau (L-Gaim)
El Fino (Dunbine)
*Gije (Ideon)

Gekirei (Encourage)
*Ryuune Zoldark (Masou Kishin)
Emma Sheen (Z Gundam)
Fa Yui (Z Gundam)
*Rozamia Badeem (Z Gundam)
Iino (ZZ Gundam)
Elle (ZZ Gundam)
*Cecily Fairchild (Gundam F91)
*Schwartz Bruder (G Gundam)
*Rain Miwakura (G Gundam)
Honoo Jun (Great Mazinger)
Mary King (Getter Robo)
Amu (L-Gaim)
Lilith Fau (L-Gaim)
El Fino (Dunbine)
Shiela (Dunbine)
Cham (Dunbine)
Marvel Frozen (Dunbine)
Sara (Dancougar)
*Besu (Ideon)
*Tashiro (Top o nerae!)
Yumi Sayaka (Mazinger)

Level 9 Newtype, Enhanced Human, or Aura Power
*Gato (Gundam 0083)
Kamille (Z Gundam)
Quattro (Z Gundam)
*Puru (ZZ Gundam)
Judau (ZZ Gundam)
*Puru II (ZZ Gundam)
*Haman Karn (Z Gundam)
Amuro (CCA)
*Seabook (F91)
Shou Zama (Dunbine)

4. General comments on some units:

DUNBINE - Although many guides will tell you to ignore Dunbine and put Shou in 
Bilvine, I disagree.  Dunbine has low HP, which makes him a good decoy for the 
enemies.  Upgrade his mobility to the max (and Hyper Aura Giri), and give him 
the best mobility increasing items you can.  The enemies will tend to attack 
him, with 0% chance to hit.

EVANGELIONS - Ignore damage under 4000 (under 8000 if blocking, even higher if 
on terrain) and they have strong, cheap powerful attacks that are not beams.  
All three of them are excellent units.

GUNDAMS - The Gundam units are fairly bad in F.  At the beginning you have to 
use them because you have no choice, but the only ones that are really good 
are the Zeta Gundam, and the Re-GZ (you can get a second one).

HEAVY METAL - The L-Gaim units are not good.

SUPER ROBOTS - These will be your main force in this game since many enemies 
have beam coats.

- Defeating the bosses:
SRW F contains a good number of boss-class units that you do not have to 
defeat (i.e. they retreat after a certain number of turns or damage), but many 
of them  can be defeated.  The standard strategy is to upgrade the 
"finishers" (the strongest weapons) of your Super Robots.  Once in the battle, 
kill as few enemies as possible to raise the Will of your pilots, then have 
someone (Asuka is a good choice) Taunt the boss and move away from your army.  
Once the boss comes in range, use all your best attacks on them and you should 
win in one turn, for the most part.

II. Summary/Walkthrough

This game takes place after SRW 2, 3, and EX.  However, the continuity is not 
particularly strong (nor were the plots of those games particularly well 
developed), so you can easily follow the story of this game even if you have 
not played any others.

(This prologue is translated from the instruction booklet; it's a little more 
detailed than the in-game prologue.)


Professor Bian Zoldark, who had discovered aliens coming from outer space to 
invade Earth, formed the secret group called the "Divine Crusaders" (DC).  He 
attempted to unify the world through force in order to face the coming attack.

But, a league of nations opposed to this idea fought with the DC in the "DC 
War".  Within the outnumbered league there was an independent group called the 
"White Base Unit" centered around Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and the mobile 
suits called Gundams.  At the end of the fight, they were successful in 
defeating Bian.  With his dying words he told the White Base Unit about the 
coming attack and left the future in their hands.

Some months after the DC War, the splintered and weakened DC began to show 
signs of reviving, beginning with guerilla attacks.  In an effort to combat 
this, the countries of the world formed the Earth Federation and aimed for 
peace.  The members of the White Base Group were given a special place as the 
Londo Bell, and entrusted with keeping order.

Only a short time after this, entire armies from the Earth Federation 
disappeared in mysterious incidents.  Londo Bell investigated this, and found 
that it was the work of the aliens whose coming Bian Zoldark had predicted.  
They were thrown into battle with the Divine Crusaders, who had the support of 
the aliens.  They fought hard until the aliens were routed, but at the same 
time they learned the terrible truth.  The group of aliens they had defeated 
was only a small part of their power.  These aliens had judged that Earthlings 
were dangerous creatures good only creating weapons, and they had come to 
earth to investigate for themselves the extent of Earth's technological 

Finally, Londo Bell defeated the aliens.  Because they had come to inspect the 
Earth they came to be known as the "Inspectors".

Four months passed after the Inspector War.  Space dwellers (spacenoids) who 
were opposed to the strongarm tactics of the Earth Federation began 
demonstrations.  There were many destructive and bloody terrorist incidents as 
well.  In the shadow of this was Haman Karn, who had survived the previous war 
and was rebuilding DC.  In order to combat this, Brigadier General Jamitov 
Hyman created the "Titans", a special unit within the Earth Federation geared 
towards protecting the peace.  Given their might, the Titans became a very 
influential voice within the Earth Federation.

During this same period, because Londo Bell had disappeared for a long time in 
the "La Gias incident", they were stripped of the majority of their power and 
status.  Kabuto Kouji, Nagare Ryouma, Haran Banjou and other civilians were 
removed from the unit, and the leader Bright Noa was reassigned.  Char 
Aznable, who fought against DC under the name Quattro Bagina, was chased away 
from Earth by the Federation and is currently missing.

To add to the tense situation, visitors from beyond the solar system called 
Ordona Poseidal use the assassination of their ambassador as an excuse to 
declare war on Earth.  But the Earth Federation, completely engaged in 
fighting the DC and the terrorists, does not deal effectively with the 
Poseidal army and the situation in the Earth sphere falls into chaos.

At the same time, mysterious enemies known as "Angels" appear.  A special 
division of the Earth Federation called "NERV" begins to deal with the threat 
of the Angels themselves.

Increasing numbers of unusual incidents...invaders from outer space...the 
appearance of the Angels...large numbers of mysterious robots being 
developed...within this brewing storm, the members of Londo Bell rise up to 
face their most difficult trial yet.  This is their fated "Final Operation"...

Stage 1 - Enveloped by Dark Clouds
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 7 (Troy Horse, Gundam, Gundam GP-01Fb, NT-1 Alex, Zaku Kai, 
                 Methuss, Gespenst)
Player Reinforcements(1): Gundam Mk II, Guntank
Player Reinforcements(2): Getter Robo

Initial Enemy Formation: Dom II (Gaia)
                         Dom II (Mash)
                         Dom II (Ortega)
                         Zaku Kai x8
Enemy Reinforcements:  Gerbera Tetra (Cima)
                       Musai Kai x1
                       Zaku Kai x3
Events: Turn 3 PP - PR(1)
        Turn 5 EP - ER
        Turn 6 PP - PR(2)

- Your turn count affects nothing in this game except for one optional 
character in F Final (Sayla), so you might as well just sit on Luna II for the 
terrain bonus.
- Try to get Ryou (Getter) up to level 10 so he can learn Lock On -- this will 
make the next few stages a bit easier.  Hayato will also learn Luck, but this 
isn't very helpful in this stage; even Cima'a Gebera Tetra only gives 1200 
- The Musai that comes in will retreat if there is nobody in its attack range, 
so it may be worth moving over there for extra money.

AMURO RAY (Gundam CCA) and BRIGHT NOA (Gundam CCA) are talking on a space 
colony.  Amuro addresses Bright as Captain Bright, but Bright tells him to 
just speak to him like normal; he's thankfully finished with formal duties.  
Bright has come with RING MAO (Banpresto Original).  Amuro asks about her, and 
Bright says that she came with Vice Admiral Corwen's recommendation and 
graduated from the Federation military academy with exceptional grades.  Amuro 
says that's the same school that KOU URAKI (Gundam 0083) went to.

Ring introduces herself to Amuro.  He tells her just to call him "Amuro"; that 
the ranks don't mean much in Londo Bell.  Ring is confused by this, and Amuro 
says that Londo Bell used to contain a lot of civilians who didn't have any 
military ranks.  They were relied upon for their strength but not officially 
recognized by the military.  Amuro then gives new orders to Ring, apologizing 
for springing them on her so quickly after she just arrived.  They have to go 
to Luna II, which is being aimed at by the DC remnants.  Bright comments that 
as usual, the top brass is using their unit recklessly.

Kou wonders why DC just keeps coming back again and again.  Amuro says that 
this time it's because of the way that the Earth Federation is dealing so 
harshly with the colonists.  It's only natural that the DC, which is based 
upon opposition to the Federation, would have the colonists' support.  BERNARD 
WISEMAN (Gundam 0080) says that the large tax put on the colonies has weakened 
their economy.  CHRISTINA MACKENZINE (Gundam 0080) counters that even so, she 
can't accept their terrorist attacks.  Bright says that's why they've been 
dispatched -- they're a unit designed to maintain public order.

EMMA SHEEN (Z Gundam) asks Bright whether the rumor of the Titans' formation 
is true.  FA YUI (Z Gundam) wonders what the Titans are, and Emma says that 
it's another group intended to maintain order, planned by JAMITOV HYMAN (Z 
Gundam).  Bright says that it's composed mostly of people who were in the DC 
before, and says that they've already started their operations.  CHUCK KEITH 
(Gundam 0083) is surprised that they would rely on ex-DC members.  Bright says 
that it was Jamitov's way of killing two birds with one stone.

The group departs to Luna II.  Once there, Amuro says that it doesn't look 
like the attack has started yet.  Bright says that they'll send some troops 
ahead, and tells Ring to help with the escort.

[Switch to battle map]
Ring comments that it's quiet and that it would be nice if nothing actually 
happened.  Just then there's an explosion from Luna II, and Amuro says they 
must have already infiltrated the base.  Bright sends Emma and Keith into the 
base and tells everyone else to be on their guard.  He hopes that the damage 
isn't too bad.

Just then a group of DC soldiers appears.  GAIA (Gundam 0079) isn't surprised 
to see Londo Bell there.  ORTEGA (Gundam 0079) calls them the dogs of the 
federation and wants to kick them around a bit.  Bright realizes that the 
explosion was just a feint and calls to Keith and Emma to return quickly.

[Battle start]
On turn 3, Emma and Keith appear.  Keith says that there doesn't seem to be 
much damage to the interior.  Amuro wonders why he said "doesn't seem to 
be"...didn't they check?  Emma says that they were forbidden from doing a 
thorough investigation.  Bright says that there are a lot of enemies and warns 
your army not to get separated.

On turn 5, CIMA GARAHAU (Gundam 0083) appears with a small force.  She says 
that Black Tri-Stars (Gaia, Mash, and Ortega) are very tenacious; that will 
make her job here easier.  Gaia chides Cima for being late.  Kou recognizes 
Cima's unit (quite a feat considering she hasn't appeared in any previous 
games, but hey...)

On Turn 6, Getter Robo arrives.  NAGARE RYOUMA (Getter Robo) asks if everyone 
is all right.  Bright wonders what they're doing here, and Ryou says he'll 
explain after they beat the enemies.  KURUMA BENKEI (Getter Robo) says he can 
put his training to use...although the powerful Daisetsuzan Oroshi attack 
doesn't work in space.

[Battle end]
Bright welcomes the Getter crew, but wonders if the Saotome Research Institute 
is fine without them.  Ryou says that PROFESSOR SAOTOME (Getter Robo) heard 
something alarming at a conference on robots that he was chairing in 
Stockholm.  It seems that recently, a number of famous scientists involved in 
robot engineering have disappeared, and they were all born in the colonies.  
Bright hadn't heard of this, but Ryou says that's because there hasn't been 
any official announcement -- it might just be they haven't been in touch for a 
while.  At first they thought the scientists were just immersing themselves in 
their research, but the number of them missing is too high for that.  HAYATO 
JIN (Getter Robo) says that they were on their way to Side 7 to meet with a 
colleague of Saotome's when they came across the battle.  Ryou says they have 
to go on and meet the man, and if these disappearances are serious they hope 
Bright and the others will accompany them.

Bright says that he understand, but they can't officially put Getter Robo in 
their unit because Londo Bell has lost its special status.  Amuro says that 
protecting civilians is a good mission for them, and that they can at least 
see the Getter Team to Side 7.  Bright agrees with this, and Ryou thanks him 
for the help.

Benkei is being told about the recent activities with Londo Bell, and Emma 
wonders where Kouji and the others are.  Ryou says that they're in America 
helping out with the research at the Tesla Leicht Institute.  NINA PURPLETON 
(Gundam 0083) wonders who this scientist at Side 7 is.  Hayato says his name 
is RAIZOU KASSHU (G Gundam), and he's done significant work in biotechnology.  
Ryou says that they haven't heard anything from him in a while, though.

Stage 2 - The Stranger
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 3 (L-Gaim, D-Sserd x2)
Player Reinforcements: 10 (Troy Horse + 9)

Initial Enemy Formation: Auge (Nei)
                         Bat-shu (Anton)
                         Bat-shu (Heckler)
                         Graia x6
                         Arorne x4
Turn 3 PP - PR1

- Don't worry about the L-Gaim units alone at the start; they have beam coats 
and shouldn't have much trouble against the grunts.
- Watch out for the Bat-shu's; they have MAP attacks in a straight line that 
are  fairly powerful.  Also, the Bat-shu's and the Auge all have beam coats.
- Defeating Nei's Auge in this mission requires some planning.  She will leave 
the battle at turn 8 if Anton or Heckler is still alive.  The Auge has 9700 
HP, 1600 armor, and a beam coat, so many of your attacks will be ineffective 
-- the best weapon in your arsenal is a Hot Blooded Getter Beam (it helps if 
you have Ryou at level 10 so that he has Lock On), but that alone is not 
enough to kill her.  Unfortunately your other units are rather bad at doing 
damage (Amuro did 54 with a hot blood, critical hit of Gundam's most powerful 
weapon).  You'll just have to keep beating her up with beam sabers until you 
get her down to around 7000 or so.  Don't forget to use Luck; you'll get 11000 

At Side 7, Ryou is annoyed -- apparently they can't get permission to meet 
with Professor Kasshu.  An aide explains that this is an order from the 
military; they don't know the reason for it.  Hayato says they can't make any 
progress here, and Ryou says they should contact Professor Saotome.

They tell Professor Saotome what's going on.  Hayato wonders why the military 
cares about him.  Saotome wonders what's going on in the colonies and tells 
the Getter Team to stay with Londo Bell for now.  Ryou says that would be 
fine, except that Londo Bell can't really take them in.  Saotome says he knows 
what's going on, but that they can tag along if they happen to be going to the 
same place.  Saotome says that they should work to reform the old Londo Bell, 
and that he'll do what they can, but it may be inconvenient for a while.

They tell the rest of Londo Bell what's going on.  Amuro is happy to have the 
Getter Team along.  Emma asks Bright what their next destination is.  He says 
that they don't have any particular mission, so they should go back to 
Londenion (a colony at Side 1) for supplies.

On the way, Fa picks up a strange transmission; one that's not in the common 
language.  Bright listens in and agrees that it's an unknown language, but 
that the tone of voice sounds like a distress call.  Amuro wants to 
investigate, and Bright readies the troops for combat.

[Switch to battle map]
DABA MYROAD (L-Gaim) realizes that he's surrounded (the other two people are 
AMU FANNERIA (L-Gaim) and KYAO MIRAO (L-Gaim)).  Kyao wonders what they should 
do, and says that if they had just stopped, all this wouldn't have happened.  
Amu tells him not to complain about things they can't go back and change. 
LILLITH FUAU (L-Gaim), a fairy in Daba's mech, asks Daba what they're going to 
do.  Daba says they have no choice but to fight their way through.  NEI MO HAN 
(L-Gaim), the apparent commander of the enemy force, is impressed by their 

[Battle start]
On Turn 3, the Troy Horse appears.  Amuro comments that he hasn't seen these 
types of mechs before.  Bright says that they're Heavy Metals -- they're the 
units used by Pentagona, an alien empire that began to open relations with the 
Earth about a month ago.  Emma hasn't heard about this, and Bright says it's 
top-secret until an alliance is reached; only the top brass know about it.  
Christina wonders why they're fighting here.  Bright says that it might be 
some sort of internal squabble; he opens communication channels to see what's 
going on.

ANTON RANDO (L-Gaim) asks Nei what they should do.  Nei says this is perfect 
timing -- they've just declared war, so they can kill them all.  Fa says that 
there's no answer, and Bright wonders what they're going to do.  Meanwhile, 
Daba asks Kyao what's wrong with the translation machine.  Kyao has just fixed 
it; Amu wonders if it's really OK, but Kyao says that this is the machine the 
real army uses as well so it should be fine.  Daba opens a channel and 
introduces himself to Bright; Bright introduces himself as well.  Daba tells 
him that this is an emergency; the Poseidal army has just started an offensive 
against the Earth and that they should deal with them quickly.  Daba says they 
came here to tell Earth about it.  Nei says that Daba is too talkative, and 
Daba seems surprised to see Nei on the battlefield.  Nei confirms Daba's 
information, and Bright demands an explanation for the sudden change.  Nei 
says she has no idea what the people in charge do; her job is to follow orders 
and fight.  It's their bad fortune to meet her.  Bright says they still have 
more to say, but Nei won't respond.  Daba offers help and tells them to fight; 
Bright agrees.

[Battle end]
After the battle, Bright asks Daba to explain the situation in more detail.  
Daba says that they are a rebel army formed against the despotism of Poseidal.  
Hayato wonders if it's really appropriate to call three soldiers an "army", 
but Daba says that most of their troops are back in Pentagona.  Bright asks 
why the three of them have come to Earth.  Kyao thinks they're being treated 
like criminals, and Lillith tells him to shut up.  Bright and Amuro are 
surprised seeing the fairy; Amuro thinks she looks like Cham (from Aura 
Battler Dunbine, who Amuro met in La Gias in SRW EX.  Both Cham and Lillith 
have the same voice actor, and many of the staff on L-Gaim also worked on 
Dunbine so this probably isn't a coincidence).  Daba is surprised to hear that 
they have fairies on Earth as well, and Lillith is happy to hear that.  Amuro 
says that they were from Byston Well, an alternate dimension.  Lillith is 
disappointed but still wants to meet the other fairies.  Amuro says it's 
possible; Byston Well and Earth are somehow connected through people's life 
and death.

Kyao tries to get back on point -- they're not bad people, they want to help.  
He thinks they should be treated with more respect after coming all this way 
from Pentagona.  Bright apologizes for being so formal and strict, but Daba 
says they should apologize for enmeshing Earth in a conflict that should just 
be within their people.  Just then, Fa says she's received the declaration of 
war from Pentagona, and Bright asks her to replay it.

On the transmission, OLDNA POSEIDAL (L-Gaim) says that because Earth has not 
answered Pentagona's righteous desires in the appropriate manner, they are the 
root of evil.  They have confined and then killed Pentagona's ambassador; a 
clear insult towards Pentagona that is tantamount to a declaration of war.  
Pentagona has only one choice for a response.  Amuro can't believe that their 
ambassador was actually killed; Bright doesn't know anything about it, as he 
said, this is a matter only the top officials in the Federation are privy to.  
Posedial continues, saying that given what has happened, their justice should 
be apparent to all.  They will continue to fight until the Earth Federation 
regrets their mistake.

Daba thinks that Poseidal is just using that as an excuse to follow their 
ambition.  He says that based on the information they got, Poseidal wanted to 
take over Earth from the beginning; not being satisfied just as the despot of 
Pentagona.  Amuro thinks that even so, the declaration is sudden -- it takes a 
long time for troops to get from Pentagona to Earth.  Daba agrees; they don't 
have any means of interstellar travel -- he's not sure, but he suspects that 
Poseidal is receiving assistance from someone.  Ryou says that yet another new 
enemy has appeared.

Bright wonders what Daba and the others are going to do next.  Daba says they 
will keep fighting until they overthrow Posedial's tyranny, but they don't 
want to cause any more trouble for Earth.  Amuro asks Bright if they can be 
accepted in Londo Bell, but Bright says that Londo Bell doesn't have the 
authority to do that anymore.  In any case, this is a diplomatic matter they 
can't decide on their own.  Amuro responds that Poseidal will soon be 
attacking Earth, and that they have to prepare for that.  Bright agrees and 
says he will contact Admiral Corwen.

MORA BASCHT (Gundam 0083) is helping resupply the ship; Keith comments on how 
many supplies they're taking on, but Mora says that they don't know when 
they'll be able to fill up again.  Keith wonders if they have enough food, and 
Mora says as long as Keith doesn't overeat they'll be fine.  (You also get 
10000 gold at this point.)

Stage 3 - Shangrila Children
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 4 (Nemo, GM III, Zaku Kai, Guntank)
Player Reinforcements: 13 (L-Gaim, D-Sserd x2, Troy Horse + 9)

Initial Enemy Formation: Bat-Shu (Chai)
                         Bat-Shu (Gablae)
                         Graia (Hash)
                         Graia x9
                         Arorne x3

Enemy Reinforcements: Wing Gundam (Heero)
Turn 3 PP - PR
Gablae defeated - Chai retreats, ER

- Careful of the MAP attacks again.
- If you want to defeat Wing Gundam, save the Getter's seishin points.  Heero 
runs below 50% HP or 5 turns after he appears, but a Hot Blooded Getter Beam 
should be able to take him down.

Christina is talking to Daba, saying that even though they're aliens they seem 
human.  Bernie wonders how they can communicate despite not speaking the same 
language.  Amu tells him about their translation machine.  Kyao then asks if 
he can look at their mechs.  Fa wonders why he wants to do that, and Kyao says 
that he's a mechanic, and wants to see the completely different technology 
used by their mechs.  Fa says that they don't necessarily doubt Kyao, but the 
mechs are military secrets.  Ryou offers to let them look at the Getter, since 
that's not a Federation machine.  Kyao seems happy at this, and goes off to 
the hangar.

Bright and Amuro are talking, meanwhile.  Bright says he can't establish 
contact with the General Staff Office.  Amuro wonders if that's because of the 
chaos caused by the Poseidal army.  Bright says that even though attacks have 
probably started, they should be able to at least establish a communications 
link.  Amuro  wonders if it's like what happened during the Inspector War, and 
Bright says they should assume the worst.  Daba asks what an Inspector is, and 
Emma explains that they're aliens that attacked the Earth about four months 
ago.  Amuro thinks that it's probably the Inspectors who are aiding Poseidal, 
and asks Daba if he knows anything about that.  Daba has no idea.  Just then, 
Fa says that they're receiving a distress call from the Shangrila Colony; it 
seems that Poseidal troops are invading.  Bright gives the order to assist.

[Switch to battle map]
At the colony, two Federation Nemos are being attacked by a Poseidal force.  
Their weapons are ineffective because of the beam coats.  The captain says to 
use normal bullets and not let the Poseidal units pass.  GAVLET GABLAE (L-
Gaim), however, attacks the captain's Nemo and destroys it.  The other Nemo is 
destroyed by HASH (L-Gaim?).  Gablae isn't impressed by the Earth's ability, 
but CHAI CHAR (L-Gaim) tells him not to get cocky; he's just received word 
that reinforcements are on their way.  Gablae acknowledges and tells Hash to 
occupy the enemy base.

JUDAU ASHTA (Gundam ZZ) is pissed off that they're fighting in the colony.  
His sister LEINA ASHTA (Gundam ZZ) tells him to evacuate, but he tells her to 
go on ahead; he's going to try to fight.  INO ABBAV (Gundam ZZ) wonders how 
Judau is going to do that without the ZZ Gundam.  At that point, ELLE VIANNO, 
BEECHA OLEG, and MONDO AGAKE (Gundam ZZ) appear with some old mechs they 
found.  Judau isn't impressed, but Beecha tells him not to be greedy.  They 
got these mechs from some junkyard friends.  Mondo gives him a Nemo, and Judau 
says it's better than nothing.  Leina tells Judau to be careful.  Gablae sees 
the four mechs but doesn't see anything to worry about.  Judau challenges 

[Battle start]
On the third turn, the Troy Horse appears.  Bright notices the scrap units and 
wonders if the Colony's defense force is really that poor.  Judau recognizes 
Londo Bell and calls out to them.  Gablae is disappointed to see 
reinforcements, but Chai doesn't think such a small number can do anything.  
Daba and Amu recognize Gablae, and Daba tells Bright to let him sortie.  
Bright is hesitant, but Amuro says they know how the enemy fights.  Daba, Amu, 
and Kyao all sortie, followed by the rest of Londo Bell.  Gablae is shocked to 
see the L-Gaim.  Daba asks him whether he's ashamed to be working for 
Poseidal, and Gablae retorts that Daba is nothing but a traitor lending his 
hand to aliens.  Daba says that Poseidal is in the wrong, and wonders why 
Gablae can't see that for himself.  Daba tells Londo Bell to be careful of the 
beam coats on the Heavy Metal units (I think we already know that from the 
last mission...); weak beam attacks won't be able to break through.  Judau 
asks Bright who these enemies are, and Bright explains about the Poseidal.  
Judau says that another war is starting.

If you defeat Gablae, Chai retreats.  However, just when you think the battle 
is over, a mysterious mobile suit appears -- the Wing Gundam piloted by HEERO 
YUI (Gundam W).  He identifies Londo Bell as his target and moves to attack.  
Kou thinks that the machine looks like a Gundam, and asks Nina if she's ever 
seen it before (Nina hasn't).

If you destroy the Wing Gundam, Heero says that as he thought, he won't be 
able to beat Londo Bell via a direct attack, and leaves.  Bright and Amuro 
wonder who that was.  (If you reduce Wing Gundam's HP to 50% or below, Heero 
says that after taking that much damage he should withdraw for now and 
reconsider his plan.)

[Battle end]
Leina is happy that everyone is OK.  Beecha asks Bright if another war is 
starting, and Bright responds that it looks that way.  Emma says that their 
foes are very mysterious; they don't know their goals or anything about them.  
Judau curses the fact that another war started during this peaceful time, and 
says that if they want to fight they should do it somewhere else.  Leina 
chides Judau for being rude to Bright, and she asks Bright to become a member 
of Londo Bell.  Judau tells her that war isn't a game, and Leina tells him to 
shut up.  Judau says that they should just leave the wars to adults.  Leina 
says that if that's the case, why did Judau fight before?  Judau answers that 
it was to protect Leina.  Leina says that she doesn't want Judau to only 
protect her, but anyone who is suffering from war.  Elle says that Leina wins 
this round, and Beecha and Iino agree with Elle.  

Bright says he is happy that they agree, but he can't send kids like them out 
on the battlefield.  Beecha says that they all fought before (in SRW 3) and 
that he shouldn't number them with the novices.  Elle says she's confident in 
her piloting skills.  Mondo adds that it looks like Londo Bell could use some 
additional hands.  Bright finally gives in, and Beecha says that the money is 
much better than the junkyard.  Leina can't believe they're doing it for 
money.  Amuro urges Bright to accept them, saying that they're all Newtypes 
and that they people with combat experience.  Beecha says that yeah, they're 
Newtypes.  Amuro then yells at Beecha not to be cocky -- Newtypes aren't 
supermen.  Bright accepts, and Judau agrees to go along with them as well, to 
end the war as quickly as possible.  But he says that Leina has to stay in 
Shangrila, for her safety.  Elle retorts that being with Londo Bell is 
probably safer, because they haven't lost even a single battle yet (easy to do 
with quicksave...).  Judau reluctantly agrees.  Amuro and Bright brace 
themselves for the usual Londo Bell atmosphere again.

Stage 4 - Cold-Hearted Terrorist
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 13 (Troy Horse + 12)

Initial Enemy Formation: Wing Gundam (Heero)
                         Galluss-J (Mashymre)
                         Zssa (Gottn)
                         Marasai x2
                         Zssa x2
                         Dom II x6
                         Zaku Kai x2

Enemy Reinforcements:  None
Events: None

- Once again, Heero will run away at 50% HP, so take him down with Getter 
- This stage is welcome after the last two; you can just sit on the colony and 
take all the enemies out without too much trouble.

Bright says that they still can't reach the General Staff office so they'll 
just have to go there in person.  Amuro agrees; if they don't know how the 
battle is going they can't really plan any strategy.  Ring asks if that means 
they're going to Earth, and Bright answers that they will head for Jaburo.

As they near Earth, Daba and Amu comment on how beautiful Earth is.  Kyao says 
that it's just like Koam (their home planet).  Daba then notices that Lillith 
is gone, but Kyao says she's just helping with the cooking.

In the kitchen, Leina asks Lillith to hold some tube, but Christina says she 
can't take her hand off something else (I'm not sure exactly what's going on 
here).  Afterwards, Leina asks Lillith to taste the food, and Lillith says 
it's missing something.  Ring then comes in to see what they're doing.  Leina 
asks her to taste it as well, and Ring says she doesn't know anything about 
food; it's all the same.  Leina says she wouldn't have expected that, and Rin 
says that people used to laugh at her for putting mayonnaise on curry.  
However, Leina says that shows exceptional sense -- Ring tells her she doesn't 
have to make fake compliments.  She says that she shouldn't be so cooking-
ignorant forever, though, and says that she wants to learn to cook as well.  
Leina is surprised that Ring doesn't know how to cook.  Ring says she hasn't 
needed to know up to now because there have always been other people to make 
it for her, but a soldier should be able to cook her own food.  Leina agrees 
to show her how.

After dinner, Keith comments on how much better regular food is than C 
rations.  He then notices that Kou is staring at his carrots, and tells him to 
just buck up and swallow them in one bite.  But Leina thinks he should build 
up to it gradually, starting with carrot cake.  Nina says they're all just 
babying him.  Kyao is mumbling something, and Amu scolds him for talking with 
his mouth full.  Beecha wonders why Elle didn't help with the food, and Elle 
snaps back she was helping Nina and Mora with the mech repairs.  Beecha didn't 
mean to be rude, he just wanted to eat Elle's cooking.  But then he changes 
the subject and asks Judau why he's being so distant; Judau is worried about 
the colony.  Iino says that Shangrila seemed to be the only one that got 
attacked, and wonders why that is.  Amuro agrees that it's odd -- there's no 
military base in Shangrila or anything like that.  Ryou says that in any case, 
they don't seem to have their attentions on the colonies at the moment; it's 
the Earth that's in danger.  Bright then says that they'll be entering the 
atmosphere soon so everyone should make their preperations.  However, just 
then Fa says that there is an unidentified enemy approaching.

[Switch to battle map]
Bright is surprised to only see one unit (the Wing Gundam); Amuro recognizes 
it as the same mech from before.  Heero says that this time, for certain, he 
will destroy Londo Bell.  Nina then says that the radar is picking up 
interference, and a number of DC units appear.

MASHYMRE CELLO (Gundam ZZ), the leader of the troops, tells Londo Bell to 
prepare themselves for defeat in the name of HAMAN KARN (Z Gundam).  GOTTN GOH 
(Gundam ZZ) interrupts him to point out the Wing Gundam's presence.  Gottn 
wonders if it's a new Londo Bell mech, but Mashymre doesn't think so because 
it's not sending out the right signal.  Gottn thinks that in any case it looks 
like a Gundam, so it's probably an enemy.  However, Mashymre is sure that it 
is a stalwart young man who supports the ideals of DC, and has come heroically 
to fight the Londo Bell -- it must be due to Haman's radiant influence.  He 
introduces himself to Heero and praises him for his adherence to their 
glorious ideals and his bravery for fighting Londo Bell.  If they work 
together, they will beat the enemies for Haman's glory! ...Heero doesn't 
answer.  Mashymre thinks that he has been stunned into silence by his moving 
speech, but then Heero tells them to get out of his way and leave.  Mashymre 
isn't sure he heard right.  Heero repeats it again -- get lost.  He has no 
time for DC grunts; his target is Londo Bell.  Mashmyre is incensed; even 
though he's just a kid, Mashymre will destroy him.  Gottn isn't sure, but 
Mashmyre reminds him of what Haman said -- that today's youth need strict 

Meanwhile, Torres says that it doesn't look like the Wing Gundam is in the DC 
forces, since they're having an argument.  Bright says that no matter what, 
they're both enemies.

[Battle start]
When you defeat Heero, he says that he'll still have a chance later, and 
leaves (or blows up).

[Battle end]
Kou says that the DC have no sense attacking them when they're at war with 
Poseidal.  Amuro says that they seem to have forgotten that the original 
purpose of DC was to defend Earth from aliens.  Bright tells everyone to get 
in their places; they're entering the atmosphere.  

Meanwhile, Heero tracks their movement and sees that they're going to Jaburo.  
He sets his course to follow them.  However, there are alarms and he gets 
attacked by air defense systems.  His 5th thruster is disabled, and it throws 
off his reentry.

On Earth, RELENA DARLIAN (Gundam W) sees Heero's falling unit and thinks it's 
a falling star.  There's a shake, and Relena sees that it fell nearby.  Her 
butler PAGAN (Gundam W) asks what's wrong, and when he learns about the comet 
he tells her to evacuate.  Relena says it's fine because it fell in the sea, 
but Pagan is worried with all the strange happenings and the Poseidal attacks.  
He wants her to go to a safe place immediately.  Relena says that her father 
told her not to leave the place until he returned.  She then sighs at another 
war happening, and she wants to live in a peaceful world.

Stage 5 - Heero and Relena
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 12 (Troy Horse + 11)

Initial Enemy Formation: A-Taul V (McTomin)
                         Arorne x5
                         Graia x12

Enemy Reinforcements: None 

- The A-Taul V has a MAP attack like the previous L-Gaim bosses.

The next day, Relena is out walking on the beach.  The day is so nice it seems 
hard to believe a war is starting.  She notices an unconcious person (Heero) 
on the beach and tries to wake him up.  He comes to, and Relena thinks he has 
a strange look in his eyes.  Heero doesn't want to be seen by Relena and runs 
away.  Relena calls after him to stop because he's hurt, but he keeps going.  
She introduces himself to her as he runs away.  Then Pagan comes and brings 
her back inside, telling her that something has happened with her father.

Meanwhile, on the Troy Horse, they've reestablished connection with Jaburo.  
The operator asks Bright why Londo Bell is on Earth, when they are supposed to 
be protecting order in the colonies.  Bright says that following the 
declaration of  war from Poseidal, they wanted to contact headquarters.  The 
commander says that control of the military has passed to Jamitov, and that 
Bright should talk to him instead.  Bright is surprised, and wonders what 
happened in Jaburo.  The commander says that the General Staff office has been 
paralyzed by the sudden attack of Poseidal.  He cuts off the transmission for 
fear of it being intercepted.  Amuro says that this is bad news.  Ring says 
that Jamitov doesn't like Londo Bell very much (to say the least), and Bright 
concurs.  Amuro says that even given that, they can't afford to just go off on 
their own.  Bright agrees and contacts the Titans headquarters in Adelaide.

Jamitov agrees to let Londo Bell do what they want.  He says that right now, 
the most important thing is to defeat the Poseidal invasion.  However, they 
can't help with resupplies; the entire military is having trouble.  After the 
transmission, Emma thinks that they're being treated like paraiahs, but Ryou 
says that it's good to have the same freedom they did before.  Benkei is happy 
that they can be official members of Londo Bell again.  Daba wonders if it's 
OK that Bright didn't say anything about them.  Bright answers that he should 
have reported them, but that with the Titans controlling things and the whole 
situation right now, it's too dangerous.  Daba apologizes for causing trouble, 
but Amuro says they're used to it.  He then asks Bright what they're going to 
do next.  Bright wants to go to the Tesla Leicht research institute to meet up 
with Kouji (and Sayaka).  Ring doesn't seem happy to go there because her 
father works there, and she's uncomfortable around him.  Apparently her father 
wants her to get married and have a kid soon, but Ring has no intention of 
doing that any time in the near future.  Amuro laughs and says she'll just 
have to try to avoid him.  Ring answers that this isn't a laughing matter.

On the way to the institute, Nina picks up a report that fighting with 
Poseidal has begun in California.  Bright says that's so close that they 
should just quickly contact Tesla Leicht and go to California.  Ring is happy 
that she didn't have to see her father.

[Switch to battle map]
Three Federation units are fighting against a Poseidal troop.  They're 
wondering when reinforcements will arrive.  The force is lead by MAPH MCTOMIN 
(L-Gaim).  He says that for a member of the Elite 13 (he's #8), this was too 
easy and that he didn't have to bother coming out himself.

Londo Bell arrives, and Bright asks if the civilians have been evacuated yet.  
Nina answers that they have.  McTomin notices Londo Bell and can see they're 
more worthy opponents.  Daba notices the A-Taul V and recognizes it as 
McTomin's unit and warns Londo Bell that he's a dangerous opponent.  Amuro 
tells the Federation Nemos to retreat and let them take care of the situation, 
which they do.

[Battle start]
On turn 4, KABUTO KOUJI (Mazinger Z), YUMI SAYAKA (Mazinger Z), and BOSS 
(Great Mazinger) appear as support.  Sayaka says that they were at Tesla 
Leicht and heard about the attack, and came to help.

[Battle end]
After the battle, Kouji says that another war is starting, and that they've 
had trouble on Earth as well.  Sayaka says that it looks like they're focusing 
their attention on military installations.  Ryou says that Jaburo seems to be 
in particular trouble.  Sayaka wonders if her father in Japan is fine.

Meanwhile, Relena is preparing to go to school, and Pagan tells her that she 
doesn't have to go in this situation.  Relena says that it's fine; her father 
told her so.  

At school, some female classmates are talking about someone with mysterious 
eyes.  They see Relena come up and say good morning, and tell her about a new 
transfer student to their class.  They start to describe him but then he 
appears -- none other than Heero Yui.  Relena recognizes him from before.  She 
walks up and introduces herself.  He doesn't respond, and she asks him how his 
injuries are.  

Heero: I will kill you.

Heero leaves, and the girls ask Relena if she knew him before.  Relena is too 
stunned to answer, though.

Later, Heero is working on a computer.  He can't discover where Londo Bell's 
next destination is, but he is able to get money to pay for tuition, room, and 
board at school.  One of the female students hears him, but he hides before 
she can spot him.

Stage 6 - An Angel Appears
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 15 (Troy Horse + 14)

Initial Enemy Formation: Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                         Calvary Temple (Leccee)
                         Bat-Shu (Hash)
                         Graia x12
                         Arorne x6

Enemy Reinforcements: Third Angel Sachiel
Events: After enemies gone - ER

- Defeating either Leccee or Gablae will cause the rest of the units to flee.  
I recommend defeating Gablae because his unit is worth more money (don't 
forget Luck).  You don't have to worry about Leccee's unit because she doesn't 
have any MAP attacks, but beware of the Bat-Shu and Ashura Temple.
- The Angel that comes out after the enemies are gone will run after the first 
attack, no matter what the result.  The best way to deal with it is to have 
someone with flash near the water who can attack him, but as long as you make 
sure there are no really weak units in its range, it should be fine.  It's 
impossible to kill it without cheating.

Relena is wracking her brains trying to figure out what Heero is up to.  She 
decides that he wants to kill her because she knows his secret.  Pagan thinks 
she's reading a suspense novel.

Meanwhile, Bright decides that Londo Bell's next destination will be Japan.  
They need the help of the Nambara Connection (the lab where Combattler V was 
built).  Kouji wonders if AOI HYOMA (Combattler V) is doing well; Sayaka says 
there's nothing to worry about.  Nina cuts in and says that the radar is 
picking up Poseidal units.  Bright orders everyone to combat positions.

[Switch to battle map]
Londo Bell appears, and Gablae recognizes them as the people that defeated him 
before.  He vows to beat them this time.  GAW HA LECCEE (L-Gaim) teases Gablae 
about being defeated.  Gablae says he's particularly upset because there was a 
traitor in the enemy units.  Leccee wonders if that's Daba Myroad.

[Battle start]
After the first player turn, Relena is watching from the window of a building.  
Pagan is trying to get her to evacuate.  Wing Gundam appears, and Relena 
recognizes it as Heero's mech.  Heero identifies Londo Bell as his target, but 
then notices Relena.  Just then the building Relena is in gets hit by enemy 
fire, and Heero rushes in to save her.  He can't believe he's actually doing 
it, though.  Relena is surprised that Heero is helping her, and she calls out 
to him.  She asks why he helped her instead of killing her.  Heero leaves the 
battle without answering, and Relena calls out to him not to run away.  After 
he leaves, Relena realizes that the shooting star she saw was actually Heero's 

When you defeat either Gablae or Leccee, the rest of the units retreat.  Nina 
then says that something else is coming.  Bright wonders if it's enemy 
reinforcements, and Nina says that she can't identify the signal.  A strange 
being appears in the water.  Bright wonders what it is, and Nina says they 
can't even venture a guess from their computer.  Kou says that it looks more 
like a living thing than a mobile suit.  Kouji says that's his specialty.

After the Angel's first attack, Kouji says that the attack didn't work and 
wonders what the strange barrier is (this happens even if you blocked or 

At that point, a familiar mech appears on the map -- it's SHU SHIRAKAWA (Masou 
Kishin) and his Granzon.  He tells Londo Bell that they would be better off 
just leaving the Angel alone; they have no way of attacking it.  Kouji wonders 
what he means, but at that point the being runs away.  Emma asks Shu if he 
knows what the thing was.  Shu says that all he knows is that it's called an 
"Angel"; beyond that he has no idea.  Amuro doesn't believe him; it sounds 
like Shu knows more than that.  Shu says that after seeing them fight, he 
knows about the AT Field that the Angel has, and that it's closer to a living 
being than a machine.  He tells them that if they want to know more, they 
should go to the NERV headquarters in Japan.  Bright recognizes the name NERV; 
it's a special branch of the Federation.  Shu says that NERV will begin to act 
soon -- they have to deal with the Angels quickly before they become a major 
threat.  Amuro says that he doesn't trust Shu, given that Shu betrayed them 
once before (in SRW 3).  Shu says he understands, but that he has no reason to 
consider Londo Bell enemies the way he is now (perhaps referring to the events 
of Shu's route in EX).  Bright says that they will consider his advice.  Amuro 
asks Shu why he came above ground.  Shu says he's not sure -- his memories 
still aren't fully returned yet (he lost them after being resurrected in EX).  
He then leaves.  Bright says that he had heard about Shu's revival but it's 
still strange to see him in person.  He must be planning something.

[Battle end]
Bright says that now they have another good reason to go to Japan.  Judau asks 
what NERV is.  Bright says it's an organization that was associated with the 
United Nations, but now is part of the Earth Federation.  Its operations are 
top-secret.  Sayaka says that she heard they are building something in Tokyo-2 
(located at Hakone).  Beecha wonders what kind of organization they are.  
Bright says that he doesn't know either, but that a huge amount of money is 
allocated to them each year.  The rumor is that they're developing some kind 
of new weapon.  Ryou says that one time Professor Saotome tried to exchange 
research data with them, but couldn't get anywhere.  They don't even know what 
kind of research is being done.  Bright says that it's obvious they're not 
just a normal military branch, but after seeing that Angel they can't ignore 
it.  They should at least try to contact them.

Meanwhile, Leccee is pissed off that Gablae didn't inform her better about the 
strength of the enemy.  Gablae says that he filed a report, but it was quashed 
by Chai.  Gablae says Chai was probably trying to blame him for the failure of 
the previous attack, and that otherwise he wouldn't have been stuck fighting 
them again.  Gablae says that in any case, their mission is to chase Londo 
Bell, so they need to find some kind of plan.  Leccee says that they should 
try infiltrating their ship and destroying it from inside.  Gablae says that's 
a good plan, but wonders if Leccee can really pull it off.  Leccee says that 
she's one of the Elite 13, so of course she can.

Also meanwhile, Relena is still wondering about Heero.  She yells out to Heero 
to come and kill her.

Stage 7 - Evangelion, Move Out
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 1 (Eva Unit 01)

Initial Enemy Formation: Third Angel Sachiel

Enemy Reinforcements: Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                      Bat-Shu (Hash)
                      Graia x9
                      Arorne x8 
Events: Sachiel is defeated or runs - ER

- Apparently it is possible to beat Sachiel without letting the Unit 01 go 
berserk if you keep resetting until you get criticals and dodges -- I'm not 
sure how this works since even standing on the building Sachiel had a 100% 
chance to hit me.
- Defeating Gablae causes all the L-Gaim enemies to retreat, so try to beat as 
many as you can -- remember to watch out for Gablae's MAP attack; don't put 
all your guys in a line.  However, defeating enough of the grunts also causes 
everyone to flee, so kill as many as you can and then take down Gablae.

Kyao is helping with the mechs, and Nina and Mora are impressed with his work.  
Mora is worried about supplies, though.  Keith says that can't be helped given 
that the military isn't helping them.  Ryou says that they might be able to 
get something from the Saotome research institute but there's a limit.  Nina 
says that this is worrying Bright as well.  Ryou says that if worse comes to 
worse they can always ask for help from the Haran Zaibatsu but it might cause 
problems for HARAN BANJOU (Daitarn 3).  Benkei comes in to tell them they've 
almost arrived in Japan, and Mora tries to get him to help -- even Keith is 
helping (Keith doesn't like that "even"...)  Benkei says that he'd better not; 
he's more skilled at breaking things than fixing them.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a soldier (at NERV) is reporting that something has 
broken through the second defense line and is approaching at the same speed.  
A general says that the regular weapons won't work at all.  FUYUTSUKI KOZO 
(Evangelion) recognizes it as an AT field.  IKARI GENDO (Evangelion) agrees 
that it is useless.  Just then, a transmission from the Federation HQ arrives.  
It informs the general that Gendo has been given full responsibility for 
dealing with the situation -- however, he has to remember that they need 
strength to fight against Poseidal so he shouldn't use more force than 
necessary.  Gendo says that he understands; that's the purpose of NERV.

KATSURAGI MISATO (Evangelion) is on her way to NERV with IKARI SHINJI 
(Evangelion) and introduces herself.  Shinji wonders what kind of place this 
is that his father works in.  She gives him a pamphlet that explains things.  
They arrive, and Misato explains that it's underground.  They take an 
elevator.  Shinji asks what he's supposed to do here.  AKAGI RITSUKO 
(Evangelion) meets them there, and apologizes for making Misato get Shinji.  
She verifies that he is the Third Children.

In the compound, Shinji sees a giant robot with a face, which Ritsuko explains 
is a fighting machine called an Evangelion, a "constructed human".  This is 
Unit 01.  Shinji asks if this is what his father is doing, and Gendo comes up 
and says that it is.  They haven't met in a while, apparently.  Gendo 
immediately tells Shinji to sortie in the Unit 01.  Misato says that the Unit 
00 is in cold storage, and can't believe that they're actually going to try 
the Unit 01.  Ritsuko says there's no other way.  Misato says that with 
AYANAMI REI (Evangelion) still unable to move, they don't have a pilot.  
Ritsuko says that Shinji will be the pilot.  Misato says that it took Rei 
seven months to get the proper synchronization with the Eva; it will be 
impossible for Shinji to do it when he just arrived.  Ritsuko tells him to 
just sit in the cockpit; they don't expect any more than that -- with the 
Angel attacking right then, they need to put somebody in the Eva, even if they 
can only manage even the slightest synchronization.  Misato agrees.  Shinji 
asks Gendo why he called him here, and Gendo says it's exactly why he thinks.  
Shinji is upset that Gendo didn't want anything to do with him until now.  
Gendo says that the only reason he called Shinji was that he needs him -- it's 
impossible for anyone else to do this.

Shinji: It's impossible....there's no way I can do something I've never seen 
or heard of before!

Gendo says he has to accept the truth, and Shinji says again that he can't 
pilot the thing.  Gendo tells him that he either needs to get in the Unit 01, 
or go home.  Just then there's a quake, and Gendo realizes that the Angel has 
found them.  Ritsuko and Misato tell Shinji that there's no time.  Shinji 
doesn't want to.  Misato asks why he came all this way, and tells him that he 
can't run from his father or himself.  Shinji understands, but he can't do it!  
Gendo tells Fuyutsuki to wake up Rei.  Fuyutsuki wonders if she can do 
anything, and Gendo says she probably won't die, at least.  Gendo tells the 
injured Rei that the spare isn't going to work and that she'll have to do it 
again.  Rei agrees to do it, and Ritsuko begins to have the specifications of 
the Unit 01 changed to Rei.  Shinji thinks that in fact he's completely 

Just then the Eva Unit 01 starts to move by itself.  IBUKI MAYA (Evangelion) 
reports that the unit has torn off the restraints on the right arm.  Ritsuko 
says it shouldn't be able to move given that there's no entry plug in the 
unit.  Misato says that it's reacting with no interface -- or perhaps it moved 
to protect Shinji.  He can do it!  Rei is gasping, and Shinji notices the 
blood and her wounds.

Shinji: I can't run away...I can't run away, I can't run away, I can't run 
away, I can't run away!!

Shinji says that he'll pilot the Unit 01.  Ritsuko changes the language of the 
thought interface to Japanese, and reports no problems with the initial entry.  
Maya reports that Shinji's initial synchro rate is 41.3% -- an incredible 
number.  The harmonics are all normal, and there's no problem.  Ritsuko sees 
that this is going to work, and Shinji launches.  You now get to see the scene 
of Shinji launching in the Eva taken directly from episode 1 of the NGE anime.

[Switch to battle map]
The last restraints on the Eva have been removed, and Shinji is ready to go.  
Ritsuko tells him to work on just walking first.

[Battle start]
When Unit 01 is defeated, HYUGA MAKOTO (Evangelion) reports the great damage 
to the Eva.  Maya says that there is no reponse from Shinji.  Misato calls out 
to him, but no response.  Makoto says they have no idea if he's dead or alive.  
The Unit 01 is completely quiet.  But then there's a flash, and Unit 01 starts 
to move.  Ritsuko and Misato recognize that it's going berserk.  Fuyutsuki 
says they've won, and Gendo watches stone-faced.

Unit 01, now controlled by the Dummy Plug, attacks Sachiel and damages it 
severely; it retreats.  Gendo says that it was a superb test.

Londo Bell arrives, and Bright wonders if that was the same Angel they fought.  
Benkei is also wondering about the strange robot.  Meanwhile, Gendo gives the 
order to recover Unit 01.  Fuyutsuki says that a troublesome group has 
arrived.  Maya reports that Londo Bell is trying to contact them, and wonders 
if she should connect.  Gendo orders the connection, and Bright introduces 
himself.  He asks for an explanation of the Angel.  Gendo says he's not 
required to answer; responsibility for dealing with the Angels rests with NERV 
alone.  He cuts off the transmission.  Bright tries to press further, but 
Poseidal troops are coming, so it's time to sortie.  Fuyutsuki asks Gendo 
whether they should help, even just as a show, but Gendo says he'll leave the 
alien fighting to Londo Bell.

The Poseidal unit led by Gablae arrived.  Gablae wonders what that thing (the 
Angel) was, and Hash thinks it might be infighting.  Gablae says that's to be 
expected from Earthlings.  Once you beat Gablae, or enough of his units, they 
all retreat, and Gablae hopes that Leccee is able to carry out her plan.

[Battle end]
Eva Unit 01 has been salvaged and put in cold storage.  Shinji's heartbeat and 
brain waves are fine, but he's still unconcious.  Meanwhile, Bright is trying 
to convince Gendo to tell him about the Angels, but he refuses.  Gendo tells 
Bright that if he wants to find out about the Angels he should investigate on 
his own, and ends the connection.  Fa says that they've picked up some wounded 
people from the city that will be taken to hospitals.  One of the "wounded 
people" is Leccee, who has snuck on to the Troy Horse.

Back in the US, Relena is trying to find Heero, but doesn't see him.  Her 
friends tell her that Heero transferred to a different school.  Relena wonders 
why he transferred away so quickly and what he's up to.

Stage 8 - Introducing the machine beast team
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 4 (Eagle Fighter N, Land Cougar N, Land Liger N, Big Moth N)
Player Reinforcements(1): 3 (Mazinger Z, Aphrodai A, Boss Borot)
Player Reinforcements(2): 1 (Shining Gundam) [as NPC]

Initial Enemy Formation: Flying Fortress Ghoul (Ashura)
                         Mechasaurus Bird x2
                         Machine Beast Garada K7 
                         Machine Beast Dabruss M2

Enemy Reinforcements: Flying Fortress Ghoul (Brocken)
                      Mechasaurus Saki x2
                      Marasai x2
                      Machine Beast Toros D7
Events: Turn 3 PP - PR(1)
        Turn X EP - PR(2), ER

- When you defeat Brocken, all the other units will flee.

Considering that they can't get any information on the Angels, it's a waste of 
time for Londo Bell to stay in Tokyo-2 anymore.  Kouji doesn't like NERV very 
much.  Sayaka suggests that they go to the Photon Research Lab for 
resupplying, and Bright agrees.

Meanwhile, Leccee is looking around the Troy Horse to find out what kind of 
firepower they have.  Kou finds her snooping around, but when he figures out 
it's a woman he loses his guard and she hits him.  Kou tries to call out for 
help dealing with the spy, and Daba comes to assist.  Leecee recognizes Daba, 
and Daba realizes that the woman must be from the Poseidal army.  Amu comes in 
also, but Leccee grabs her as a hostage and threatens to kill her if they 
move.  Amu recognizes who Leccee is, and Daba tries to appeal to her to stop 
attacking Earth -- they haven't done anything.  Leecee isn't going to listen 
to a traitor, though.  Daba asks her if  she actually believes Poseidal is 
doing the right thing -- isn't this nothing more than an invasion?  Leccee 
responds that Daba should be ashamed to say that, and not to forget that she 
has a hostage and controls the situation.  She begins to leave, but Daba tries 
to convince her again to leave Poseidal.  She tells him to drop his weapon and 
tell her how to get to the hangar.  Daba does so, and tells her to release 
Amu.  But Leccee won't do it unless Daba gives her the key to the L-Gaim.  Amu 
tries to get Daba not to listen, and at this point Kyao and Lillith comes in.  
Lillith throws tear gas at Leccee, and Daba tries to grab her.  He 
accidentally touches her breasts, and then she's able to get free and start to 
run away.  Kou tries to shoot her as she's running, but Daba stops him, and 
she gets away.  Kou is mad at Daba for letting her get away, and Amu can't 
understand it either.  Daba says that he doesn't think she's a bad person -- 
she could have killed him at any time, but didn't.  Amu thinks it's just 
because she didn't have the chance.  Kou says that he understand his feelings, 
but he'll have to report this to Bright.

Daba tells Bright that he'll accept whatever punishment they give him.  Bright 
says that even though he never agreed to follow the military rules completely, 
his action affected other people, and it's suspicious that the person he let 
go is also from Pentagona like him.  To avoid any further suspicion Bright 
wants to  confine him to his quarters for two or three days, but Daba doesn't 
have to follow that order.  Daba agrees, as long as they don't do anything to 
Amu or Kyao.  Amuro tells Bright that he thinks Daba is hiding something.  

Kouji and Sayaka have made contact with PROFESSOR YUMI (Mazinger Z), Sayaka's 
father; they're ready to provide supplies.  Londo Bell heads there, but on the 
way, their second engine fails.  TORRES (Z Gundam) says it's just because the 
ship is old.  Kouji says that he'll go ahead to the research lab; they wanted 
to do some maintenance on the Mazinger Z anyway.  Boss and Sayaka follow.

[Switch to battle map]
Kouji compliments SEWASHI (Mazinger Z) on his work with the Mazinger.  Kouji 
says that all it needs now is the Jet Scrander (so he can fly) and it will be 
perfect.  But Professor Yumi says it's not yet fixed, and Kouji says he 
understands (Sayaka is surprised he's so nice).  Boss appears and tells Kouji 
that there's a fight to the east.  Yumi verifies the information and tells 
Kouji to go there.

At the battle, a DC troop headed by BARON ASHURA (Mazinger Z) is fighting the 
Dancougar team, although they're in their separate mechs.  YUKI SARA 
(Dancougar) is yelling at FUJIWARA SHINOBU (Dancougar) for getting them 
surrounded.  Of course Shinobu just wants to go in and beat up the DC.  
SHIKIBU MASATO (Dancougar) doesn't think they can do it given that they can't 
combine their mechs.  SHIBA RYO (Dancougar) agrees and wants to wait for Londo 
Bell to come and give them backup.  Shinobu reluctantly agrees.  Ashura gives 
his troops the order to finish off the units before Londo Bell arrives.

[Battle Start]
On the third turn, Kouji and the rest of the Mazinger team show up.  Ashura 
recognizes Kouji and vows revenge.  The Dancougar team is happy for the 
assistance, but Ryo tells them not to let up their guard; there are still a 
lot of enemies.  Sayaka asks them who they are, and Shinobu introduces them as 
the 13th Special Armored Unit of the 12th division of the Far East force -- 
they're known as the Cyber Beast Force (Kouji snaps back that their name is 
too long).  Shinobu hopes the rest of Londo Bell will show up soon, and Sayaka 
says they'll be there before too long.

On the X turn, COUNT BROCKEN (Mazinger Z) shows up to help Ashura.  Ashura 
doesn't want the help, but Brocken was ordered by DR. HELL (Mazinger Z).  
Sayaka and Kouji are worried about the number of units.  Suddenly, DOMON 
KASSHU (G Gundam) comes in on the communicator; he's not in a mech.  He asks 
them if they've seen someone (he shows a picture); Kouji says he hasn't.  
Domon then tries to ask Brocken and Ashura, but they just get pissed off.  
Brocken tells him to leave or he'll get killed, and Domon interprets that as a 
challenge which he accepts.


Domon tells Brocken that if he wins the fight, Brocken has to tell him 
everything he knows.  Kouji asks the Cyber Beast Team if they know who this 
is; of course they don't.  Kouji says he'll ignore him as long as he doesn't 
get in the way.

When you defeat Brocken, the rest of the units retreat.  Domon gets angry and 
goes after him.  At that point Londo Bell arrives; Kouji says the enemies were 
no problem.

[Battle end]
Shinobu introduces himself to Bright and says that he's joining Londo Bell.  
The rest of the team introduce themselves as well, and Sara says that SHAPIRO 
KEATS, their leader, should be along soon.  Bright congratulates them on their 
victory in the previous fight, and Shinobu says the enemies were no problem 
(although he has to correct himself because he doesn't speak politely at 
first).  Amuro laughs and says Shinobu doesn't have to do that; that's 
probably one reason he was transferred to Londo Bell.  As usual, Londo Bell 
doesn't really care about formality.  Shinobu likes the sound of that, but 
thinks that when Shapiro shows up that might change (Sara doesn't like the way 
Shinobu talks about Shapiro).

Amuro is looking at something (apparently a video of Shining Gundam) and asks 
Nina if she knows what it is; Nina says she has no idea.  Kou says that thanks 
to Amuro and Kamille, Gundam types are very popular and they're building them 
all over the place.  Nina says that another unknown Gundam showed up earlier, 
and that she would have to get rid of her Gundam Otaku title if this kept 
happening.  Ryo asks for the video to be replayed.  Ryo doesn't recognize the 
robot, but he recognizes the movement style -- when he was in Hong Kong on 
training a while back he saw a school of martial arts that was just like it.  
The guy in charge had a name something like MASTER ASIA (G Gundam).  Amuro 
says that a mobile suit's programming can't handle a martial arts fighting 
style, but Nina says that it actually can, and she remembers a bunch of Gundam 
type units like that.  They have some trace system that allows the movements 
of the pilots to be mapped directly onto the Gundam's actions.  Bright wonders 
if a pilot could actually make use of that in a battle, and Ryo says that as 
long as the pilot was very skilled at martial arts he could.

Stage 9 - Deadly Combat in the South Sea
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 14 (Troy Horse, Eva Unit 02 + 12)
Player Reinforcements: 2 (Tallgeese, Aries)

Initial Enemy Formation: Sixth Angel Gaghiel

Enemy Reinforcements:  Liege Geios (Zebris)
                       Auge (Nei)
                       Bat-shu (Anton)
                       Bat-shu (Heckler)
                       Bat-shu x2 
                       Calvary Temple x3
                       Graia x6
Events: Gaghiel is defeated/flees - ER
        Next PP after that - PR

- Watch the levels of your units -- in a few stages you will have the chance 
to defeat the Leige Geios, but only if the levels of Ryou, Kouji, Amuro, 
Judau, Shou (you don't have him yet), Daba, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka are all 
below 20.  On the other hand, if you don't want to fight him, you can get them 
above that.
- Gaghiel can be defeated, but it takes some planning.  Upgrade Getter 3's 
Daisetsuzan Oroshi at least two levels.  The first thing you should do is move 
the Troy Horse forward and recover the Unit 02.  Meanwhile, raise Getter 3's 
morale to 110 and move him next to the island.  Your goal is to get Gaghiel to 
move right next to the shore.  Then put Unit 02 there, and surround Gaghiel 
with Shinobu's flying jet and the Troy Horse.  Put both of your healing units 
next to Getter 3.  You'll have to use all the Hot Blood from both Getter and 
Asuka, but you should be able to defeat him when he's just about to flee.  If 
you can, use Luck because you'll get 20000, but it might not be possible if 
you have to kill him with a counter.
- Don't even try to fight the Leige Geios in this mission; Zeb will leave 
- And of course, as always, watch the MAP attacks on the Bat-Shu's (however, 
if the units are in the water, it will only do 10 damage.)
- The Poseidal units are not very good in the water, so as long as you let 
them come to you and block up all the shore spaces so they can't get onto 
land, the fight shouldn't be that bad.

Bright thanks Professor Yumi for the supplies, and prepare to leave.  They get 
a transmission from the Far East headquarters of the Titans.  JAMAICAN 
DANNINGHAN (Z Gundam) gives them an order but says that they'll send the 
details as a coded message.  Fa decodes the message; it says that they should 
go to Hawaii and protect a Federation transport ship.  The destination of the 
ship is NERV headquarters in Tokyo-2.  Units from NERV will travel with them; 
battle is expected.  Kouji comments that he doesn't like NERV.  Bright doesn't 
like the fact that NERV is co-opting their unit when they should be dealing 
with the Poseidal army.

The "units from Nerv" turn out to be Shinji and the Unit 01 (which Ritsuko 
tells Bright is not a robot).  For some reason Bright is surprised that Shinji 
is so young (and Ritsuko rightly points out that Londo Bell already has a lot 
of young pilots).  Shinji starts to say that he's not piloting the Eva because 
he wants to, but Misato cuts him off.  Bright asks Ritsuko if it's true that 
only the Evangelions can hurt the Angels.  Rather than telling him that any 
attack doing over 4000 points of damage is effective, she goes with show canon 
and tells him that only the Evas can break the AT fields the Angels have 
(unless you have a great energy source).  Amuro asks what an AT field is, but 
Ritsuko refuses to answer.  Bright wonders if their presence on the ship means 
that another Angel is going to appear, but Ritsuko refuses to answer that too.  
Misato says that even they don't know everything about the Angels.  Bright 
finally wonders if they can at least say what cargo they're going to be 
protecting.  It's the Eva Unit 02 and its pilot.

Near Hawaii they meet up with the transport ship.  Misato asks if the cargo is 
all right; at that point SORYU ASUKA LANGLEY (Evangelion) recognizes her voice 
and wants to come over to the Troy Horse to see Unit 01.  

Once on the Troy Horse, Misato introduces her to everyone as the Second Child 
Soryu Asuka Langley.  Asuka isn't impressed with the look of Londo Bell, but 
she wants to see the Third Child.  Misato introduces her to Shinji, and she 
thinks he looks dull.  Misato tells her that Shinji got over 40% synchro rate 
on his first try in the Unit 01, which does impress Asuka.  With her is RYOJI 
KAJI (Evangelion), whose presence flusters Misato.  Misato wonders why he's 
here, and Kaji says he was escorting Asuka.  At that point Torres picks up a 
signal from the radar that's like the Angel from before.

Asuka: Chance!

[Switch to battle map]
Misato confirms the being as an Angel.  Bright says the Eva units should be 
sent out, but Shinji seems to be gone.  Torres says he left with Asuka -- 
Asuka is making him get in a pilot suit and forces him into the Eva 02 with 
her.  She says that they're going to destroy the angel!

The Eva 02 unit sorties.  Asuka is having problems with the thought interface 
because Shinji is thinking in Japanese and it's interfering with the German 

Asuka: You..you're thinking in Japanese, right?  Think in German!
Shinji: Uh, OK.  Bamu...Bamu Kuhen [a type of cake]

Asuka switches the language to Japanese, and then tells Misato she'll show her 

[Battle start]
After the first turn, Misato tells Asuka to get back to the Troy Horse to 
reconnect the cable.

When you defeat (or cause to flee) the Angel, a Poseidal force led by Nei 
appears.  She isn't dissuaded by Gablae's defeats; surely she can do better 
than that.  To the south, a mysterious man named ZEBRIS FORSCHWA (Banpresto 
Original), "Zeb" for short, watches the battle.  Nei tells him not to get 
involved in the battle.

The next turn after that, ZECHS MERQUISE and LUCREZIA NOIN (Gundam W) appear 
as support.  Zechs tells them that he is from the Titans and has been ordered 
by REIZE KHUSHRENADA (Gundam W) to reinforce Londo Bell.

After a few turns, Zeb is satisfied with what he's seen of Londo Bell and 
realizes caution is necessary in dealing with them.

[Battle end]
Zechs doesn't think that their help was even needed, but Bright thanks him.  
Amuro apologizes for asking such a bold question, but wonders why Zechs is 
wearing a mask.  Zechs responds that he won't take off his mask for a certain 
reason, and apologizes if it bothers Amuro.  Amuro says that it just reminds 
him of a certain person.  Zechs says he must be talking about Char Aznable, 
once the top ace pilot of DC -- he's aware of Char but didn't intentionally 
copy him.  Noin and Zechs leave to go back to the Titans' base.

Daba asks Kyao about the strange unit that was in the Poseidal army -- it 
wasn't a Heavy Metal type.  Kyao agrees that it wasn't a Heavy Metal, and Daba 
says they should tell Bright.

They report to Bright that they are not familiar with that mech.  Bright says 
that it must belong to the mysterious group allied with Poseidal, and reports 
it to the headquarters.

Meanwhile, Asuka is proud of her performance against the Angel, although 
Shinji says it wasn't Asuka who destroyed it (Getter 3 destroyed it; the 
dialogue is different if Unit 02 destroyed it or if it ran away).  Asuka says 
that without her, it wouldn't have been defeated at all.  Bright and Misato 
try to calm them down, and Asuka wonders where Kaji is.  Torres says that he 
went ahead to the NERV base saying he had to deliver something.

Meanwhile, in space, BASK OM (Z Gundam) is contacting Jamitov about the fall 
of Dakar.  Bask says that if things continue like this, the whole Earth sphere 
will fall under control of the Poseidal forces.  Jamitov responds not to 
worry, he has a plan -- by giving Londo Bell free reign, they've made them a 
target for Poseidal, so that they can have time to plan a counterattack.  It 
turns out Londo Bell does have a use after all.  But, he's concerned about a 
runaway faction of the government that's looking for peace -- they can't show 
Poseidal their weak side at this point.  In any case, after they've escalated 
the war to this point they need to make as good use of it as possible.  Once 
the Titans show their true power to the Federation, they'll start following 
the Titans' orders and there won't be any need for peace.  Bask says he'll 
start putting that into motion, but Jamitov says he's going to leave it to 
Treize.  Bask objects, but Jamitov says he's aware of Treize's connections to 
the Romefeller Foundation.  Just leave it to Treize; if he succeeds, that's 
good, if he fails, he can take all the responsibility.

On one of the colonies, Relena has visited her father DARLIAN (Gundam W).  He 
goes out on business and leaves her at the hotel.  Relena is thinking of 
Heero; how he came from the colonies -- she still wants to know what his goal 
is.  Just then there's an explosion from the direction of where her father 
went.  She runs over to see if her father's all right and finds him dying on 
the ground.  With his dying words, Darlian tells Relena that he's not her real 
father -- her real name is Relena Peacecraft, and she's the daughter of a 
family of complete pacifists.  Darlian served their kingdom before, but when 
the kingdom was destroyed, he took her as his daughter.  Relena protests that 
it's not true.   Darlian tells her to beware the Titans, and dies.  A man 
named GILLIAM YEAGER (Banpresto Original) runs up and says he was too late, 
and then tries to get Relena to safety.  She asks who he is, and he briefly 
introduces himself, but says they need to get away before the Titans find 
them.  Relena realizes that it was the Titans that killed her father and 
starts to leave, but Gilliam stops her from going by herself.  Relena says she 
doesn't care if she dies as long as she can get revenge.  Gilliam tries to 
stop her again, but Relena pulls a gun on him (I'm not sure where she got it) 
and threatens to shoot him if he moves.

She keeps running and eventually runs into DR. J (Gundam W).  She says she 
wants to meet Heero (randomly), and Dr. J wonders if she's talking about Heero 
Yui.  Relena is of course surprised to learn that Dr. J knows who Heero is.

Stage 10 - Betrayal
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 16 (Argama + 15)

Initial Enemy Formation: Leige Gheos (Zeb)
                         Leige Gheos (Seti)
                         Garoika x15

Enemy Reinforcements: Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                      Bat-Shu (Hash)
                      Calvary Temple (Leccee)
                      Bat-Shu x2
                      Arorne x5
                      Graia x6
Events: Turn 8 EP: Guest units retreat, ER comes

- The Garoikas are worth a decent amount of money, so try to beat as many of 
them as you can before they retreat.  Don't even try to engage either of the 
Leige Gheos, and be very careful to stay outside of their weapons range.
- You can use the same strategy against the Poseidal units as last time; get 
them in the water and they're sitting ducks. 
- You will get Leccee at the end of this battle no matter what, but if you 
persuade her with Daba during the battle, her Calvary Temple will have four 
levels of upgrade, so make sure you do that.

On the colony, Dr. J and Relena are talking.  He introduces himself as a 
(poor) scientist.  He's the one that sent Heero to Earth; he trained Heero as 
an assassin from childhood, and taught him various fighting styles -- all in 
the name of peace, of course.  Relena objects that murder will never result in 
peace, and Dr. J says that the enemy is a group of demons trying to gain 
profit from war.  Relena wonders if he means Londo Bell.  Dr. J says that 
Londo Bell is just the tip of the iceberg.  The true enemy is deep within the 
Federation, calling itself the Titans.  Relena asks why Heero is attacking 
Londo Bell.  Dr. J replies that Londo Bell's power is too great -- even though 
they claim to be acting independently, they follow their superiors' orders to 
the letter.  They're supposed to protect order in the colonies, but actually 
they just represent a great threat.  But why Heero?  Dr. J says that somebody 
has to do it.  Relena wonders why Dr. J is telling her all of this.  Dr. J 
responds that she has the same gentle eyes as Heero -- Heero is actually a 
gentle person.  Relena says she knows that, but Dr. J warns her not to get 
close to Heero because nobody can stop him.  Someone is coming for Relena, and 
Dr. J doesn't want to be seen, so he leaves.  Gilliam finds Relena and escorts 
her back to Earth.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Bright gets a transmission from HENKEN BECKNER (Zeta 
Gundam), who has come back to Earth.  Henken tells Bright that he's finally 
gotten permission from the superiors to give him a new ship -- well, actually 
it's the old Argama.  Bright is thankful, and surprised that Henken was able 
to get Jamitov's permission.  Henken says they didn't care about it because it 
was about to be scrapped; he would have rather brought the Ra Cailum.  
Instead, he's been able to get some mobile suits and pilots -- thanks to 
Shapiro, the leader of the Cyber Beast Team.  Shapiro introduces himself.  
Shinobu isn't very happy to see him.  Shapiro apologizes for any trouble the 
Cyber Beast Team may have caused, and says that he's coming to the Argama as a 

Shapiro arrives on the Argama.  He's curious about the unidentified mech in 
the previous battle -- specifically, how does Bright know it's not a Heavy 
Metal type?  Bright reveals that he has people from Pentagona on the ship, but 
he hasn't notified the superiors.  Shapiro agrees that was a wise move -- the 
way the Federation is now, their decision-making power is basically 
nonexistent.  Shapiro wants to see whatever information they have on the 
unidentified mech, and Fa shows him to the archive room.

Bright is surprised that Shapiro was so quick to criticize his superiors, 
although he can't really disagree with the conclusion.  Sara says that Shapiro 
has always spoken his mind to the top brass about the aliens, but that this 
time he's been silenced -- he no longer trusts them now.  Shapiro is impressed 
with the specifications of the mech -- they seem to be far beyond what Earth 
technology is capable of.

The pilot Henken gave to Argama is BIRGIT PIRJO (Gundam F91), who fought with 
SEABOOK ARNO (Gundam F91) before and was very impressed by his performance -- 
he was able to pilot the F91 very well on his first try; it must be because 
he's a Newtype.  Judau says that he, Amuro, and Kamille did the same thing.  
Birgit understands why Londo Bell is supposed to be so powerful.  Judau wishes 
they had brought one more Re-GZ; the other one is for Amuro to use.  Birgit 
says he shouldn't complain about a Jegan -- it's better than a Nemo.  Torres 
picks up an enemy signal, and Bright orders the mobile suits to sortie.

[Switch to battle map]
There are a bunch of unidentified mechs, and Bright recognizes the Liege Gheos 
from before (although this time there are two).  JUSTINE CHAFROISE, or Seti 
for short (Banpresto Original) can tell that Londo Bell is different from the 
other Earth squads they've fought.  Zeb agrees that they shouldn't 
underestimate them.  Seti decides that it's time they introduced themselves.  
Zeb wonders if that's OK, and Seti says that Commander TINIQUETTE ZEZERNAN 
(Banpresto Original) told them not to let the Poseidal army do everything.  
She opens a communication to Londo Bell.  She begins to introduce themselves 
but forgets what they're supposed to be called -- Zeb reminds her they're 
called "Guest".  Seti tells Londo Bell that the Guest are declaring war on 
Earth to support their ally Pentagona.  Bright recognizes the name Guest; they 
are a group of aliens that made contact with Earth three years ago.  For some 
reason that data was deleted from the official records, though.  Seti 
apologizes; they're going to have to destroy Londo Bell.  Kouji yells at her, 
and Seti says they're just a bunch of barbarians.  Zeb says he's somewhat 
reluctant to attack them, and the battle begins.

After eight turns, Seti says they've learned what they need to know and that 
further fighting is pointless.  All of the Guest units retreat.  They are 
immediately replaced by a Poseidal group led by Gablae.  Gablae tells Leccee 
they absolutely must win this time.  Leccee notices Daba and thinks about him, 
but she has to focus on the battle.

During the battle, you can persuade Leccee with Daba.  Leccee chides him for 
acting too friendly.  Daba tries to make her understand that what she's doing 
is only strengthening the despotism of Pentagona.  Leccee says she has no 
choice, but Daba tells her not to reject her potential.  But Leccee thinks 
that joining up with aliens would be going against the pride of her race.  
Daba wonders if Leccee really thinks this is right; if being from different 
planets is enough of a justification for a war.  Leccee asks if Daba *really* 
plans to overthrow Poseidal, and wonders what she should do.  Daba tells her 
to join him, or at the very least stop aiding Poseidal.  Leccee finally 
acquiesces and joins your side.  Gablae is shocked, and Leccee says that she's 
just picking the better man.

[Battle end]
Ritsuko wonders why Londo Bell is trusting the aliens (Daba, Leccee, and the 
others) so easily, especially since their enemy is Pentagona.  Misato says 
that one of Londo Bell's good points is their generous nature.  Ritsuko 
doesn't seem to agree.

Bright says that the Guest represent yet another dangerous enemy.  Amuro 
wonders if there's any information on them, but Bright says they can't get 
anything at their access level.  Captain COWEN(?? GUNDAM 0083) might be able 
to help, but he's been cut out of the loop so they don't want to bother him 
too much.

Ring comes to talk to Bright.  She has some information about Guest, relating 
to some special research being done at the Tesla Leicht institute (where her 
father works).  She remembers seeing the name Guest in a top secret file while 
working there; maybe the institute would be able to help.  Bright doesn't 
think that civilians would be able to access that research, but Amuro says 
that it's happened in the past so they shouldn't be too dismissive.  
Apparently the institute is partially funded by the Haran Zaibatsu, so they 
might be able to get help from Banjou.

Meanwhile, Shapiro comes to see Sara.  He tells her he can only speak frankly 
with her, and tells her that he's abandoning the Earth.  The people of Earth 
keep rejecting him, and he'll never live up to his potential here.  He has no 
plans to cling to this pathetic planet; rather he'll go into space and show 
the entire universe his power.  Sara asks if he's going to join with Guest.  
Shapiro laughs and says that's only a foothold; to be truly fulfilled he will 
some day take over the entire galaxy.  Shapiro asks Sara to come with him.  
Sara reluctantly agrees, and Shapiro says this is their perfect chance since 
the Guest units shouldn't be too far away.

Shinobu is looking for Sara.  Masato says she's with Shapiro.  At that point 
someone opens the hatch, and two craft leave.  Torres tries to figure out who 
they are, but there's no answer.  Kyao suspects that Leccee is running away, 
but Shinobu thinks it's Shapiro and Sara.  Masato doesn't think they would do 
such a thing, but Shinobu is convinced, and leaves the ship.

Shapiro and Sara catch up with the Guest units.  Seti wonders why they came, 
and Shapiro says they're not enemies.  He wants to lend his power to Guest, or 
more rightly, he wants Guest to pay him for his strength.  Seti responds that 
they're not going to trust him that easily; he'll have to prove himself first 
by breaking through their defense line and reaching Seti's unit.  As Sara and 
Shapiro start to break through, Shinobu shows up and calls Shapiro a traitor.  
Shapiro chides Shinobu for his narrow thinking and wonders how long Shinobu is 
going to be a child.  Shinobu tries to talk to Sara, but Sara tells him this 
has nothing to do with him.  Shinobu grabs Sara's unit, and she can't get 
away.  He disables her craft and then goes after Shapiro, but Shapiro is too 
fast.  Shinobu takes Sara back to the Argama.  Everyone wonders what Shapiro 
is up to.  Bright says he'll ask Sara once she recovers.

Stage 11 - An Angel, Again
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 17 (Argama + 16)
Player Reinforcements: 2 (Evangelion 0, Evangelion 1)

Initial Enemy Formation: Auge (Nei)
                         Ashura Temple (Anton)
                         Ashura Temple (Heckler)
                         Bat-Shu x3
                         Calvary Temple x2
                         Graia x9
                         Arorne x3

Enemy Reinforcements: Fourth Angel Shamshel
Turn 4 EP - ER, PR

- When you defeat Nei, all the Poseidal units retreat.  The Poseidal units 
also will retreat on EP X, so try to defeat Nei before that if you can.
- As usual, watch out for the MAP attacks of the Poseidal units (but you 
should be used to this by now).
- The Angel will retreat when taken down to about half health.  The easiest 
way to do this is with a Hot Blood Getter Beam.

Bright tries to get Sara to explain what happened.  Sara says that he went and 
left her behind.  Bright asks if he's going to betray the Earth; Sara replies 
that men are all like that -- they're not content controlling one woman, they 
have to control everything.  Bright puts Sara under lockdown for a while.  
Sara wonders why they don't execute her since she was going to go with 
Shapiro.  Bright says that in the end she didn't go; that's all that matters 
(even though it was just because Shinobu stopped her).

Daba later tells Sara that lockdown isn't so bad.  Sara says it's ironic that 
Daba betrayed Pentagona to come to Earth, and Sara tried to betray Earth to go 
with Shapiro.  Daba says that he never intended to betray Pentagona, he just 
doesn't think that what Poseidal is doing is good for Pentagona.  Sara says 
it's that kind of belief that drew Leccee to him.  Sara isn't that kind of 
person; she's not fighting for an ideal or belief.  That's why she was able to 
betray Earth.  Daba doesn't think he has much of an ideal; everyone has their 
own reason for fighting.  Sara wonders what her reason is.

Back in Japan, the Argama delivers the Evangelion 2 to NERV.  Bright tries to 
ask Gendo about the Angels, but Gendo refuses to say anything and tells them 
to leave.  Amuro later asks Bright what he was able to find out, and Bright 
says they have no way of getting any information.  They should focus on 
Poseidal and Guest instead.  At that point, enemies arrive.

[Switch to battle map]
Poseidal is attacking again (the force is led by Nei).  Bright verifies the 
evacuation of the civilians, and then orders everyone to sortie.  He then 
sends a message to NERV asking for help if they get into trouble.  Maya asks 
Gendo what to do about the request, and Gendo decides to help them if the need 
comes up.  Shinji wonders why they're not going to the battle, and Misato 
tells him to wait for orders.  Shinji asks Rei if she's OK; Rei has recovered 
from her injuries.  Asuka wonders if she should go see Kaji, but Rei 
reprimands her.  The battle begins.

On the fourth turn, an Angel shows up.  Gendou orders Evangelion 0 and 1 to 
battle.  Nei wonders if the Angel is some new Earth weapon.  Anton can't find 
any information on it, and Nei says to destroy it if it gets in the way.  
Asuka is annoyed that she doesn't get to fight, but her mech is still being 
worked on.

The Angel retreats when you take him down to half health or so.  After that, 
Shu appears in his Granzon, and compliments you on your work.  Gendo and 
Fukutsuki seem to know who he is.  Kouji asks Shu what he's doing here, and 
Shu says that he's visiting NERV and has no business with Londo Bell.  Gendo 
welcomes Shu, who says that it's been three years.  Gendo asks what he's 
doing, and Shu says that Guest has declared war on Earth.  Shu cryptically 
says that if the Guest commander is that person from three years ago, then 
they have a chance to get back at him.  If they can get that thing, there's no 
reason for Gendo to follow his schedule.  Gendo agrees, and Shu leaves, saying 
he has his own preparations to make.  Gendo tells Bright to come see him.

[Battle end]
Bright returns after talking to Gendo, and says that the Evangelions and their 
pilots will be going with Londo Bell.  Amuro wonders why so suddenly, and 
Bright says it must have something to do with what Shu was talking about.  
Apparently NERV is connected to the Guest incident in some way, but Gendo 
wouldn't say anything about that.  It also seems that everything dealing with 
the Evas and their maintenance will be done by NERV staff.  Amuro says it's at 
least a little better for them to be able to participate in the attacks on the 

Ritsuko is watching Misato packing up, commenting that Misato has too much 
stuff.  She even wants to take Penpen, her penguin.  Misato is pretty happy 
about leaving, but is worried about an Angel attacking NERV in their absence.  
Ritsuko says that won't happen; now all the Angels will attack Londo Bell 
instead.  Misato is confused; aren't the Angels aiming for Central Dogma in 
NERV?  Or was that just a lie?  Ritsuko says it's not a lie, just that the 
main objective of the Angels has changed.  She doesn't know the full details, 
though, just the little bit she heard from Gendo.  Misato thinks that Ritsuko 
just doesn't want to tell her, and Ritsuko doesn't respond.

Once they board the Argama, Misato introduces herself (and Rei) to Londo Bell.  
Kaji is there too, but Misato doesn't know why he had to come.  Kaji says that 
Londo Bell has a lot of pretty girls.  Maya, Shigeru, and Makoto have also 
come along.

Later, Shinji asks Misato if he really has to fight the aliens.  Misato says 
that he'll just have to get used to controlling his mech.  Shinji's worried 
about the people in the Heavy Metal units, though.  He doesn't want to fight 
against other humans.  Misato tells him not to worry; all the Heavy Metal 
units have escape pods (according to Daba), so they can escape unless they're 
really unlucky.  But Shinji is still worried about killing someone.  Misato 
says that's what fighting is.  Asuka gets pissed off and yells at Shinji -- 
the enemies are going to attack him no matter what, so it's either kill or be 
killed.  Would he rather just be killed?  Shinji has no response, and Misato 
tells him not to think too much or he'll die.

Stage 12 - Huge Pinch!  Combattler V Can't Combine!?
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 3 (Battle Crasher, Battle Tank, Battle Craft)
Player Reinforcements: 13 (Argama + 12)

Initial Enemy Formation: Flying Fortress Ghoul (Ashura)
                         Hambrabi x2
                         Bazam x2
                         Fighting Beast Oberius
                         Fighting Beast Gratonius
                         Garus J
                         Fighting Beast Jenova M9 x2
                         Fighting Beast Spartan K5 x2
                         Mechasaurus Zen II
                         Mechasaurus Saki x2
                         Fighting Beast Dablas M2
                         Mechasaurus Bado x2
                         Fighting Beast Toros D7
                         Mechasaurus Zuu
                         Fighting Beast Garuda K7

Enemy Reinforcements:  
Turn 3 PP - PR

- This battle isn't too tough; just sit on the good terrain.  This is a good 
opportunity to let some of your weaker guys catch up in levels, because the 
machine beasts are easy to hit without seishin.

Londo Bell gets a transmission from PROFESSOR YOTSUYA (Combattler V) at the 
Nambara Connection.  He heard about Londo Bell's difficulties and wants to 
help them out with supplies, and he also offers to have the Combattler Team go 
with them.  This is what the Combattler was made for, after all.  So Londo 
Bell heads out for the Nambara Connection.

Meanwhile, at the Connection, AOI HYOMA (Combattler V) is happy that they'll 
be travelling with Londo Bell again.  He tries to tell everyone, but they know 
already, since Hyoma was sleeping when Yotsuya gave them the news.  (The rest 
(the girl), and KITA KOSUKE (the nerdy-looking kid).)  Juzo says that the 
Poseidal Army sounds fairly strong, but Daisaku says there's nothing to worry 
about once Combattler V joins the team.  ROPET (Combattler V) the robot comes 
in and says there's danger.  GENERAL GARUDA (Combattler V), who had apparently 
died in SRW 3, is back, and he wants Hyoma to have a one-on-one fight with 
him.  Hyoma wants to accept even though Chizuru says it's a trap.  He demands 
to know the details; Garuda says to meet him on Hell Plain in an hour, and 
they will fight with swords.  Ropet and Chizuru try to stop Hyoma from going, 
but he leaves anyway.

[Switch to battle map]
Hyoma and Garuda show up at the appointed time; Garuda starts talking but 
Hyoma tells him to shut up and start fighting.  Garuda chains his arm to 
Hyoma's (so neither can run away) and they begin the fight.  They fight back 
and forth for a while, but Hyoma eventually overcomes Garuda.  MIIA 
(Combattler V) sees from the ship that Garuda is in danger and flies over, 
shooting Hyoma with a lightning bolt.  Garuda gets angry at Miia -- this was 
supposed to be a man-to-man fight between representatives of Planet Campbell 
and Earth.  An android like her shouldn't have interfered.

The rest of the Combattler team shows up.  Juzo accuses Garuda of playing 
dirty.  Garuda leaves, telling Hyoma that they can try their fight again later 
without any interference.  His ship leaves.  Hyoma has been seriously hurt by 
the shot from the ship; apparently he has broken both his arms.  Hyoma tries 
to say he's fine, but he obviously is not.

Just then, DC units show up led by Ashura.  Ashura says they've arrived at the 
perfect time; since Hyoma is hurt, Combattler V can't combine.  It's time to 
repay them for the humiliation of the last battle.  The rest of the team urges 
Chizuru to take Hyoma for medical care, and she reluctantly leaves.  Ashura 
orders the troops to take out the rest of the Battle Machines.  Juzo tells 
everyone not to waste their lives, and they try to think of a way to break 
through the enemy line.

On the third turn, the Argama shows up to assist.

[Battle end]
Hyoma's injuries aren't life-threatening, but his arms seem to be broken and 
his chances for recovery are poor.  Misato tells Yotsuya that NERV might be 
able to help out, since they've been studying clone technology.  Yotsuya 
thinks that should help.

Ritsuko is upset that Misato divulged top secret information to outsiders.  
She doesn't think Gendo will give permission anyway.  Misato says they won't 
know unless they try asking.

She contacts Gendo and explains the situation.  She asks Gendo if they can use 
the clone facilities to restore the use of his arms.  Gendo is silent for a 
minute and Misato is sure he'll refuse, but he offers to send over medical 

Fuyutsuki is surprised, but Gendo says that right now they need to increase 
Londo Bell's power so that they'll be able to draw "them" in (probably the 
Angels, but this could be Guest also).  Fuyutsuki is worried about what SEELE 
is going to say about all this, but Gendo doesn't care what they think.

Afterwards, Yotsuya thanks the medical staff, but it seems that the Combattler 
Team still can't aid Londo Bell until Hyoma has had some time to heal.  
Yotsuya will contact Bright when they're ready.

Stage 13 - Surfacing
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 1 (Dunbine)
Player Reinforcements: 17 (Argama + 16)

Initial Enemy Formation: Swass (Burn)

Enemy Reinforcements(1):  Gea Gring (Bishott)
                          Doramuro x15

Enemy Reinforcements(2): Gundam Deathscythe (Duo)

Enemy Reinforcements(3): Biares (Todd)
                         Biares (Da)
                         Biares (Galamity)
                         Biares (Newt)
Turn 3 PP - PR, ER1
Turn 5 EP - ER2
Turn 7 EP - ER3

- Duo will attack the other enemy units as well as your forces.  You have to 
be careful here.  One option is to kill him immediately, but he can help you 
out by destroying some of the Aura Battlers (you will lose about 2800 money).  
If you leave him alive, he can kill most of your characters in one hit, so 
make sure you leave a hurt Aura Battler there every turn for him to kill.
- You can persuade Todd with Shou; he won't join until F Final.  You must 
persuade him here to get him to join there, though.
- The Aura Battler units set a new level of annoyance as they have both a 
beam-resistant coating, and they fly.  This renders the majority of your 
attacks ineffective.
- Killing Bishott's unit is virtually impossible; he runs at a very high level 
of HP.  When you defeat him, the rest of the units flee.

Sayaka asks Kouji whether he's gotten in touch with MASAKI ANDO (Masou Kishin) 
yet; he could be a big help now.  Kouji says that the transmitter Masaki gave 
him broke.  He had tried contacting Masaki before, but Masaki never showed up.  
Sayaka thinks that Masaki got lost -- he's probably at the South Pole by now.

Masaki is actually in northeastern Russia.  KURO and SHIRO (Masou Kishin), his 
cat familiars, complain about the cold.  Masaki tells them to be quiet and 
hurry up fixing the navigator.  Shiro says that it's already been two weeks 
since Kouji sent the message; it's probably too late now.  Kuro says they've 
been around the world ten times without finding Japan.  Masaki tells him to 
help out instead of talking -- this really is a situation where you even want 
to borrow a cat's paw ("to even want to borrow a cat's paw" is an expression 
that means you're busy).

Meanwhile, there seems to be something alarming on the news.  Nina wonders if 
it's Poseidal, but it's actually an Aura Battler.  Amuro explains that it's a 
fighting machine from a place called Byston Well; Amuro met them during the La 
Gias incident.  Ryou confirms that it's an Aura Battler.  Amuro wonders why 
the Byston Well armies have come up to Earth.  He says they could be 
dangerous; there are some friends among them, but others were greedy and 
ambitious, and it can't be good news if they're on Earth.  Kouji comes in and 
tells them to change the channel; they see SHOU ZAMA (Aura Battler Dunbine) 
and his unit, the Dunbine.  Sayaka says that if Shou or MARVEL FROZEN 
(Dunbine) are there, they'll probably join Londo Bell.  They go to Shinjuku to 
help out.

[Switch to battle map]
Shou is alone in his Dunbine, wondering what that flash of light was.  CHAM 
HUAU (Dunbine), his fairy companion, realizes they're back on Earth.  Shou 
doesn't want to cause trouble for anyone and looks for another place to hide.  
However, BURN BUNNINGS (Dunbine) appears.  He feels lucky to meet the Dunbine, 
and challenges Shou.  The battle begins.

On the third turn, BISHOTT HATE (Dunbine) appears.  Shou is surprised that 
even Aura Ships have come up to Earth, and tells Bishott not to start a fight 
on Earth.  Bishott says that all he cares about is defeating Shou, and he 
dispatches his troops.  Burn tells Bishott to let him fight alone, but Burn 
doesn't listen to him and attacks Shou.  Cham asks Shou what they should do 
about all the enemies, and he says he's thinking.

The Argama appears, and Cham thinks they're in even deeper trouble.  Kouji 
asks whether it's Shou or Marvel in the Dunbine, and when Shou answers 
everyone recognizes him.  LOUSER (Dunbine) asks Bishott what they should do, 
and Bishott says it's a good chance to see what the power of the Earth forces 

On the fifth turn, DUO MAXWELL (Gundam Wing) appears in his Deathscythe 
Gundam.  He was looking for Londo Bell, and says they'll all die.  Nina is 
surprised to see another new Gundam.

Duo: "Die...anyone who sees me dies!"

On the X turn, TODD GUINNESS (Dunbine) shows up, apologizing for being late.  
GALAMITY (Dunbine) announces that everyone will know the power of the Three 
Red Knights of the Ku Kingdom.

If you persuade Todd with Shou, Shou just yells at Todd to no effect (you 
can't get him to join here).

After the battle, they tell Bright about Byston Well.  Shou thinks that if 
Bishott is here, then DRAKE LUFT (Dunbine) and SHOTT WEAPON (Dunbine) probably 
have their armies here as well, and they'll probably all be aiming for Londo 
Bell.  Shou says that the Gulan Gulan and the Graon are probably on Earth too, 
so EL HAMM and SHIELA LABARNA (Dunbine) should be allies.  Amuro says they'll 
watch the news.  Bright sees Cham and thinks she looks like Lilith, and at 
that moment Daba comes in with Lilith.  Lilith asks if Cham is a Mirari, but 
she responds that she's a Mi Feario.  Shou thinks that even their names 
resemble each other.  Cham says she's the prettier one.  Lillith tries to make 
friends with Cham, and Cham says that's fine -- Mi Feario have to stick 
together.  [Cham and Lilith are both played by Maria Kawamura, and it is 
probably not a coincidence that they are almost the same character since the 
same production teams worked on Dunbine and L-Gaim.]

Daba tells Bright that it's not a good idea for Amu and Leccee to be in the 
same quarters.  They don't dislike each other, but they get into arguments 
easily.  Bright says he'll take that into account.

Misato tracks down Judau and asks him if Amuro has a girlfriend.  Judau 
wonders why Misato wants to know that.  Misato says that Amuro has a nice 
voice, and sounds like he would come save her if she were ever in a pinch, so 
she thought he seemed attractive.  [This is another voice actor joke -- Misato 
is played by Kotono Mitsuishi, who was Sailor Moon.  Amuro's seiyuu (Furuya 
Tohru) was Tuxedo Mask in the same anime.]  Judau says he actually has two 
girlfriends.  Misato is surprised and wonders if they are on the ship.  Judau 
says they're not, but they probably will be at some near point.  Anyway, 
doesn't Misato have a boyfriend?  Misato says no, and Judau wonders about 
Kaji.  Misato gets angry.

Stage 14 - Save the Graon
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 1 (Graon)
Player Reinforcements: 16 (Argama + 15)

Initial Enemy Formation: A-Taul V (McTomin)
                         G. Roon (Wazan)
                         Calvary Temple x3
                         Bat-Shu x3
                         Graia x9
                         Arorne x3

Enemy Reinforcements:  Leige Gheios (Zeb)
                       Groika x3
Turn 2 PP - PR
Turn 11 EP - ER

- If Amuro, Ryouma, Judo, Kouji, Daba, Shinji, Rei, Asuka, or Shou's level is 
20 or above, the Guest units will retreat the next turn after they arrive.  
Otherwise, Bright will give you the option to retreat every turn (first option 
is leave, second is stay).
- It is possible to defeat the Leige Gheios, but difficult.  The only attacks 
you have that will do any significant damage to it are Mazinger's Breast Fire, 
Getter's Getter Beam, and Dunbine's Hyper Aura-Giri (if you chose the Super 
Robot main character, that will work too).  Everything else either does too 
little damage, can't attack air units, or the pilot has no seishin to help 
hit.  So upgrade those three to max (the EN of all three should be at max too, 
and then get Dunbine's Mobility up as high as you can).  Give Dunbine the best 
items you have to increase Mobility.  Before the Guest units show up, stay out 
of the range of the non-moving Poseidal units and build up Will by killing the 
grunts.  Make sure Shou gets to 130 Will.  Once the Guest units appear, do not 
kill any more units (that will increase Zeb's Will).  Use Asuka's taunt 
seishin and then have her keep away from the Leige Gheios' range.  Have Boss 
lower Zeb's morale.  Do not use any Hot Blood seishin.  For Kouji, use Lock-On 
and take the hit (he can survive) then heal up.  Getter should use Lock-
On/Flash.  For Dunbine you just have to use Concentrate and then reset until 
you hit and Shou bushins LG's counter.  Even with all this he still may be too 
strong for your forces, but you have a chance.
- Even if you don't beat LG, you can still taunt him away from your forces and 
then defeat the other four Guest units; they're a decent source of money.
- Do not retreat from the battle unless you are really being outclassed; you 
miss a lot of money if you do.

Sara's punishment has ended, but when she goes to the hangar to work on her 
Land Cougar, Shinobu is rude to her.  He says they can't let her in the hangar 
because they don't know when she's going to betray them again.  Masato tries 
to defend her, but Shinobu says that when they're fighting for their lives, 
they can't work with an untrustworthy person who does their own thing.  He 
tells Sara to leave; Masato will work on her craft.

After Sara leaves, Masato is angry at Shinobu.  Shinobu says he was just 
trying to test whether she's still attached to Shapiro, and he didn't like the 
results -- when he said that Masato would handle the repairs, her expression 
changed.  It was like she didn't trust them.  Ryo says that she doesn't trust 
anyone now after Shapiro left her behind, but they'll never be able to combine 
into Dancougar like this (even if they get permission).

Cham asks Shou if Marvel is on Earth.  Shou thinks that Marvel is probably in 
America since that's where her home was.  Cham wants to go find her, but Shou 
says America is too large and too far away; they'll have to wait for better 
information.  Kouji comes in and says that Aura Ships looking like the Graon 
and the Gulan Gulan have showed up on the news.

Shou goes to look at the images, but because of Minovsky Particle 
interference, it's hard to tell.  Shou thinks he can identify the Gulan Gulan 
and the Graon, though.  One is in the Amazon, the other is in Kiev, Russia.  
You are asked to choose which one to meet up with.  I'm picking Graon (the 
first option).

Amuro says that the Amazon is near Jaburo base, so the Graon is in danger.  
They head off for the Amazon.

[Switch to battle map]
The Graon is being attacked by Poseidal forces.  El (thinking they are Earth 
forces) is trying to talk to them, but EIB (Dunbine) says they're not 
responding.  El wants to avoid any conflict with the people of Earth.

On the Posiedal side, WAZAN (L-Gaim) asks McTomin what to do about all these 
attempts at communication.  McTomin says to ignore them; the ship invaded 
their area so they should just shoot it down.  Wazan says that this is an 
unknown type of ship; they shouldn't attack recklessly.  McTomin says they can 
find out by attacking.  Eib tells El that they need to start preparing for 
battle since the other side isn't going to listen.  El wonders why the evil 
aura is increasing, and orders battle stations.

On the second turn, the Argama arrives.  El and Eib are happy to see an Aura 
Battler arrive.  Shou says he's come to help.  McTomin wonders how Londo Bell 
was able to get this far in; this is Chai's fault.  Wazan says that before 
blaming other people, he should find out what to do -- Londo Bell won't go 
down by ordinary means.  McTomin says they have resources too, that's why they 
have the Guest units as backup.  Wazan contacts Zeb.

On Turn 11, Zeb appears with a few Guest units.  He's annoyed that he had to 
go back to work instead of resting.

After the battle, El thanks you for saving her.  Cham and Shou have a reunion 
with El.  She says she has no idea what's going on except that all the Aura 
Machines have suddenly gone up to Earth.  Shou wonders if it could be JACOBA 
AON (Dunbine)'s doing.  El says it's definitely possible given her spiritual 
power.  Eib says that there's no prior instance of an El Feario having contact 
with the common world.  Shou says that when he last met Jacoba, she had 
promised to eliminate all the Aura Machines in Byston Well, but the fight with 
Drake had gone on too long.  She must have expelled all the machines from 
Byston Well.  El thinks this is her fault, that if she had just beaten Drake 
faster this wouldn't have happened.  They have to take down Drake as quickly 
as possible.

Shapiro has reported information on the Federation's bases to Guest.  Seti 
says that it's very different from the data they collected, and wants proof 
that his data is correct.  Shapiro tells her to attack Lhasa, or Dakar, or 
Adelaide and see if the resistance is just like he outlines.  Seti says she'll 
relay the information to Zezernan, with dire consequences for Shapiro if it 
isn't true.  She thinks to herself that she doesn't understand Shapiro at all.

Stage 15 - The Target is Londo Bell
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 4 (Eagle Fighter, Big Moth, Land Cougar, Land Liger)
Player Reinforcements(1): 13 (Battleship, Evangelion 0, 1, 2 + 9)
Player Reinforcements(2): Zeta Gundam

Initial Enemy Formation: Leige Gheios (Shapiro)
                         Groika x6

Enemy Reinforcements(1): Third Angel Sachiel

Enemy Reinforcements(2): Auge (Nei)
                         Ashura Temple (Anton)
                         Ashura Temple (Heckler)
                         Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                         G.Roon (Hash)
                         Calvary Temple x3
                         Bat-Shu x3
                         Arorne x3
                         Graia x4

Enemy Reinforcements(3): Wing Gundam (Heero)
                         Gundam Deathscythe (Duo)
3 PP - PR, ER(1), Initial enemies all leave
5 EP - ER(2)

- There are a lot of bosses in this level.  They divide basically into bosses 
that you can hurt with your beam weapons (Wing, Deathscythe, the Angel) and 
those you can't (the L-Gaim enemies).  It's the first few turns that are 
crucial; try to have the angel and the two Wing enemies defeated before the L-
Gaim bosses reach you.  If you can get Shou up to 130 Will from the grunts, 
you should be in good shape.  Shou can be a very useful decoy in missions like 
this if you buff up his mobility, but not his HP.  The enemies like going for 
- If one of your Evas gets hurt in the fight against the Angel, leave it hurt 
-- the enemies like to attack weakened units, and if you defend with your Eva, 
even the strongest attacks of the enemies won't be able to get through the AT-
- Shapiro's Leige Gheios is one of the few enemies in this game that is 
literally impossible to beat without using a cheat device; even the game over 
trick wouldn't help you here.

Londo Bell heads to Russia to save the Gulan Gulan.  When they are over 
Europe, the radar picks up unidentified units 400 kilometers to the northeast.  
Bright orders everyone to battle stations, but Sara is already leaving the 
ship in the Land Cougar.  The rest of the Dancougar team follows in pursuit; 
Bright says the rest of Londo Bell will catch up.

[Switch to battle map]
Sara is out in the battlefield facing some Guest units.  Shapiro is there in a 
Leige Gheios, and she recognizes Sara.  Sara is surprised to see Shapiro 
there, and she gets mad at him for suddenly appearing.  Shapiro asks why Sara 
didn't follow him before.  Sara says that Shinobu got in the way, but Shapiro 
doesn't think that's a very good reason.  Sara says that she'll never let 
Shapiro get away with doing as he wants.  Shapiro says those are the words of 
a person with no power.  He will take every chance he can to work towards 
controlling the entire galaxy.  He gives Sara one last chance to accompany 
him.  Sara says that Shapiro doesn't understand her at all, and Shapiro says 
that Sara has become his enemy.

The rest of the Dancougar team shows up.  Shapiro laughs at seeing his former 
subordinates.  Shinobu suspects that Sara was trying to join him again, but 
Sara tells Shinobu to shut up and fight the enemies.

On the third turn, Londo Bell shows up.  Shapiro tells his units that it's not 
the right time to fight, and orders a retreat.  Bright is surprised to find 
out Shapiro was there.  Sara thinks to herself that she didn't mean to talk to 
him like that, she just wanted to say one thing...

The radar shows that an Angel is approaching.  Bright orders the Evangelion 
units to sortie, and everyone else to battle stations.  Shinji is nervous 
about fighting again.

Next turn, a Poseidal fleet shows up.  Nei warns Gablae not to get to cocky, 
and to avoid that "Angel" thing.

On turn 9, Heero shows up again, aiming for Londo Bell.  Immediately after 
that, Duo appears in the Deathscythe.  Duo thinks that Wing Gundam looks a lot 
like his Deathscythe, and wonders what's going on.

The next turn, Kamille appears in his Z Gundam.  Bright is surprised to see 
him; isn't he under the leadership of the Titans now?  Kamille says that 
something terrible has happened, but that can wait until after the battle.

After the battle, Henken tells Bright that most of the important bases of the 
Federation have been taken over by the enemies.  Bright is surprised; most of 
the bases are camoflauged very well, and he didn't think they would be able to 
find their location so easily.  Henken says that somehow they were able to get 
information on exactly where each base is.  Sara says that Shapiro must have 
told them.  Bright wonders what the Federation is doing.  Henken says that 
luckily, most of the Titans escaped to space, avoiding total disaster.  
Jamitov is also fine.  Shinobu says it would have been better if he had died.  
Henken says that the Titans are fighting to protect the Earth.  Bright says 
that even so, the strength of Earth's enemies has suddenly increased.  Henken 
says that the Titans seem to be preparing a plan for counterattack, but it's 
not going well.  It's pretty much up to Londo Bell.  To Judau it sounds like 
they're saying "We gave you a mech or two, now go to work".  Misato is 
surprised at how coldly Londo Bell is treated.  Henken says it's not all bad; 
he can now give them more freedom to act, and better access to supplies.  
(Kouji is happy; apparently food has been running low.  Sayaka makes fun of 
him for eating so much.)  Henken says that ROSS IGOR (Dancougar) will be 
helping to plan strategy (Igor used to be the commander of the Dancougar 
team).  Shinobu likes him better than the Titans.

Henken seems troubled.  Mora asks him what's wrong.  He's apparently looking 
for someone (Emma, of course).  He stammers that he's just checking on the 
supplies, and Mora tells him that Emma is in the training room.  He tries to 
protest that he's not looking for Emma, but Mora doesn't believe him.

Stage 16 - The Miraculous Devil Gundam
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 3 (Dunbine, Getter 1, Gulan Gulan)
Player Reinforcements(1): 14 (Battleship + 13)
Player Reinforcements(2): Shining Gundam

NPC Units: Byalant (Jerid)
           Byalant (Lila)
           Byalant (Kacricon)

Initial Enemy Formation: Will Wipps (Drake)
                         Leprechaun (Jeril)
                         Leprechaun (Allen)
                         Leprechaun (Fuei)
                         Bastole x3
                         Drumlo x9                         

Enemy Reinforcements:  Devil Gundam (Kyoji)
                       Flying Fortress Ghoul (Brocken)
                       Flying Fortress Ghoul (Ashura)
                       Beast Machine Abudora U6
                       Beast Machine Spartan K5
                       Megazaurus Shig
                       Megazaurus Dai
                       Fighting Beast Oberius
                       Fighting Beast Gratonius
                       Gira Doga
                       R Jaja
                       Megazaurus Saki
                       Megazaurus Zu
                       Megazaurus Zai
                       Beast Machine Jenova M9
                       Lion X1
                       Beast Machine Toros D7
                       Megazaurus Bado
                       Zaku Kai
                       Dom II 
4 PP - PR
Will Wipps reduced to 50% or so HP - initial enemies retreat, ER, PR(2)

- I was not able to defeat the Devil Gundam even with a hot-blood, full 
upgrade, 150 Will Hyper Aura-giri, so it may not be possible.
- This is another good opportunity to catch up some of your weaker guys in 
levels.  Try to beat the Dai and the two Ghouls with Bless for increased 
- After this stage, you get the Bilvine for Shou.

The Argama gets a transmission from a special strategy meeting being held at 
Lunar Two.  Corwen tells him that Igor is there serving as the strategy 
leader, and introduces him to Bright.  Igor recognizes Shinobu, and Masato 
asks Igor if they have permission to combine into Dancougar yet.  Igor says 
that because of Shapiro's betrayal, they'll have to wait a bit longer.  
Shinobu curses Shapiro.

El wonders if Shiela is fine.  Shou says that they won't know until they reach 
the Gulan Gulan.  Cham is sure that she's fine.  Shou wonders if he could get 
Bright's permission to go out ahead on his own; the Dunbine should be faster 
than the Argama.

Shou asks Bright, who says that if Shou is fine with it he doesn't have a 
problem.  In fact, Bright was wondering what to do about all the time this was 
taking.  Ryou offers to accompany on the Getter, which is as fast as the 
Dunbine.  They head off for Russia, and find the Gulan Gulan -- apparently 
involved in a fight.

[Switch to battle map]
CAPTAIN KAWASSE (Dunbine) is telling Shiela that the Gulan Gulan can't hold on 
for much longer.  It seems that all of their Aura Battlers have been 
destroyed.  Sheila wants Kawasse to order everyone to evacuate.  They'll soon 
be taking attacks from Will Wipps (Drake's battleship).  Kawasse refuses to 
leave.  Drake is surprised that Shiela held up this long, but wants to finish 
them all off before the Earth armies arrive.  JERIL KUCHIBI (Dunbine) is ready 
to go; she feels like Earth has increased her aura power.  ALLEN BRADY and 
FUEI (Dunbine) agree, saying that even Dunbine would be no match for them now.

Dunbine and Getter arrive.  Shou asks Sheila if she's all right.  Kawasse 
responds that the Gulan Gulan has taken a lot of damage and asks for backup.  
Shou and Getter come to the defense.

At that point, three Titans units show up.  LILA MILLA RILA (Zeta Gundam, and 
yes that's really her full name) recognizes them as the Byston Well armies 
(she and the others were in the La Gias incident).  JERID MESSA and KACRICON 
CACOOLER (Zeta Gundam, and yes that's really his full name) agree.  Ryou 
recognizes the Titans and tries to talk to them, asking for help fighting the 
Byston Well armies.  Lila says that is their orders and so they'll fight, but 
under their own command.  Ryou thanks them for their help.

The rest of your guys show up on turn 6.

Once you take about half of the Will Wipps HP away, Drake leaves, not wanting 
to waste any more resources on this battle.  The Titans go as well.  But as 
soon as they leave, an unidentified unit appears.  Kamille and Amuro both feel 
an ominous aura.  Sheila can also feel an evil aura.  Just then, Brokken and 
Ashura appear.  Ashura says that they need to defeat Londo Bell first, and 
then recover the Devil Gundam.  A DC force appears.  Amuro wonders if the 
Devil Gundam is somehow connected to the Divine Crusaders.  Ryou thinks he's 
seen it before.  

Domon appears in his Shining Gundam, apparently hunting the Devil Gundam.  
Kouji yells at him, but Domon says that this has nothing to do with them.  
RAIN MIKAMURA (G Gundam), who is apparently standing near the Shining Gundam, 
tells Domon not to yell at Londo Bell, and Domon tells her to get away.  Ryou 
recognizes Rain's voice; apparently she was one of Raizou Kasshu's helpers.  
Rain says she'll explain later, and asks for help chasing the Devil Gundam.  
Domon wants to do it alone, but Rain says that it's already gotten away too 
many times.  Domon reluctantly lets them help.  Bright agrees.

Once you do some damage to the Devil Gundam, a mysterious mobile suit appears 
and goes after the Devil Gundam.  The Devil Gundam runs away with the 
mysterious suit chasing it.  Domon has no idea what that was.

After the battle, El reunites with Sheila.  Sheila says that both the power of 
the Aura Battlers and Drake's ambition have grown since arriving on upper 
Earth.  Shou thinks that with all their enemies up on Earth, they will quickly 
turn the whole place into a battleground.  Bright asks if Sheila will join up 
with Londo Bell, and she agrees.  Judau reprimands Bright for not calling her 
"Lady Sheila".  Bright is surprised to find out that Sheila is also a queen 
(and also at her archaic way of speaking).  Kawasse tells Shou that he can use 
the Bilvine if he wants. 

Ryou asks Rain to explain what's going on, and that maybe Londo Bell can help.  
Rain asks if Ryou knows about the "Ultimate Gundam" that Professor Kasshu 
designed.  Hayato says that he saw it; it was an excellent blend of machine 
and nanotechnology.  He heard it was working on the restoration of the 
environment.  Rain says that project was almost complete when KYOJI KASSHU (G 
Gundam) stole the mech and came to Earth.  Ryou is surprised that Kyoji would 
do such a thing, and Rain doesn't understand it either.  He even killed 
Minoki, his mother, in an attempt to flee the military pursuit.  Raizou was 
blamed for this and put into cryogenic suspension as punishment.  Domon yells 
at Rain, telling her not to get other people involved.  This situation with 
his father is his to deal with.  Ryou is surprised to find out this is 
Raizou's son.  Ryou asks about Raizou's other son.  Rain says he was away from 
home for a long time, when he suddenly came back and all this happened.  Ryou 
sees why they couldn't contact him earlier.  Hayato realizes that the Devil 
Gundam was actually the Ultimate Gundam, but in a changed form.  Rain says 
that either Kyoji reengineered it, or some sort of accident happened to make 
the nanomachines go crazy.  Domon yells again at Rain and says they have to go 
or they won't catch up.  Ryou says that the person in the Ultimate Gundam is 
Domon's brother, and Domon says that person is no brother of his anymore, and 
that the Ultimate Gundam no longer exists.  It is now the evil Devil Gundam.  
Domon leaves, and Rain goes after him.  Ryou tells Rain to contact them if 
they need any help.

Stage 17 - Break through the enemy's ambush!
Goal: Destroy all enemies or take the battleship to the right side of the 

Player Units: 14 (Argama + 13)

Initial Enemy Formation: Leige Gheios (Seti)
                         G.Roon (Chai)
                         Arorne x4
                         Graia x5

Enemy Reinforcements: Auge (Nei)
                      Ashura Temple (Anton)
                      Ashura Temple (Heckler)
                      Calvary Temple
                      Arorne x3
                      Graia x3
Turn 5 EP - ER

- This stage has an easy and a hard way out.  The easy way is just to take the 
Argama to the right side of map, upon which you win.  The hard way is to 
destroy all the enemies; the enemies have upgrades in this mission that makes 
them hard to deal with, plus you have to deal with the reinforcements and the 
Leige Gheos.  However, you get some items as a reward so it's worth trying.
- The reinforcements will appear south of your starting location, in the 
- To defeat the Leige Gheios, try to kill as few enemies as you can (each one 
gives Seti 2 morale).  Use Boss' Exhaust, get Shou up to 130 morale, and then 
use Taunt with Asuka.  When she comes close, hit her with fully upgraded 
Getter Beam, Breast Fire, Hyper Mega Launcher (Z Gundam), Hyper Aura-Giri, and 
the Re-GZ's Mega Beam Cannon.  You should be able to take her down on the 
second turn.
- After the Leige Gheios is defeated, you still have to deal with all the L-
Gaim enemies.  The Evangelion units are your best friends here.  It's unlikely 
that you will have enough energy and seishin left to do much with your other 
- If you want to keep everyone alive you have to be careful.  Don't be afraid 
to put someone back in the ship when they're no longer useful.  Watch out for 
the MAP attacks.

Bright explains that the majority of the federation bases have been taken over 
by Guest and Poseidal.  They basically control the federation's army at this 
point.  The reports from space are not clear, but it seems that the colonies 
and the moon are still fine.  The enemy seems to be focusing on Earth for now.  
Amuro says they shouldn't count on the colonies because of the economic 
problems.  Bright says that the Earth will soon be completely under the 
control of the enemies.  Shinobu says that this is all the work of Shapiro.  
Emma says they should choose between trying to fortify and fight a long war, 
or going all out in a blitzkreig.  Kamille doesn't like the long war, because 
too much damage will be inflicted on civilians.  So there's no choice but to 
try to attack the bases directly.  Bright says he will sound out that idea 
with Jamitov, but the federation seems to be mostly favoring a long war -- 
this is because it would do less harm to the military.  They can also wait for 
the civilians to start doing guerrila tactics.  Beecha doesn't like the idea 
of using the civilians like that.  Bright says that they will use their 
freedom to fight their own battle in their own way.  Their mission now is to 
capture Earth's bases back from the enemies.  Bright says it will be a 
difficult battle.

Bright sees that Shinji is depressed.  Amuro understands that he doesn't want 
to fight, but he has no choice.  Shinji says that if Asuka and Rei fight, he 
doesn't need to.  Kouji gets pissed off that he would let women go into battle 
and hide behind them.  Shinji tells Kouji to stop yelling, and Kouji storms 
off.  Bright tells Shinji that they won't force him into battle, but they need 
his power.

The Argama receives a transmission from the Photon Research Lab.  Professor 
Yumi tells Kouji that the Jet Scrander and the Diana A are ready to go, so 
they should come pick them up (it's too dangerous to try to send them to Londo 
Bell).  They set off for Japan.

The course they are taking will pass them over Lhasa, which is one of the 
enemy bases.  You are given the choice to go around (first choice) or to go 
straight through (second choice).  I am picking the second choice here (if you 
pick the first choice, rejoin this walkthrough at stage 19).  Bright decides 
to go through so they don't lose any time.  Kouji says they can beat up all 
the enemies.  Bright says it would be useful to take away some of the enemy's 

[Switch to battle map]
There is a Guest/Poseidal force.  Chai tells Londo Bell they were pretty 
stupid to come here.  Seti says the same thing.  Bright says the enemies are 
stronger than he expected.  Amuro says that they should try to get out of here 
instead of taking the chance of being completely destroyed.  Bright orders 
everyone to go east, and the battle starts.

Once you beat all the enemies, Kouji is pretty happy, but Bright says they 
should retreat while they have the chance.  After they escape, Bright says 
that the enemy's strength around their base was high.  Sayaka feels like they 
went into an unnecessary battle, and Misato agrees.  

Kouji remembers a long time ago when they used a booster to go into space from 
Lhasa (during the DC War in Super Robot Wars 2).  Kouji remembers that they 
also rescued Four, and suddenly wonders where she is.  Kamille says she's 
living happily in Brussels, and won't be used by DC anymore [Yeah, suuure....]  
Kouji wonders if she'll be OK now that a new war has started.  Kouji suggests 
that Londo Bell go get her.  Kamille doesn't want to involve her at all.  
Kouji says that Londo Bell can do more than fighting, and points to Leena as 
an example.  Sayaka says that it would be safer to have her with Londo Bell.  
Kamille finally agrees to contact Four.  Kouji says to be careful of Fa, 

Stage 18 - Jet Scrander in danger!
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 3 (Gespenst, Diana A, Mazinger Z)
Player Reinforcements(1): Goshogun
Player Reinforcements(2): 13 (Ship + 12)

Initial Enemy Formation: G.Roon (Chai)
                         G.Roon (Wazan)
                         Bat-Shu x3
                         Calvary Temple x3
                         Arorne x3
                         Graia x6

Enemy Reinforcements(1): Wing Gundam (Heero)
                         Gundam Deathscythe (Duo)

Enemy Reinforcements(2): Leige Gheios (Seti)
                         Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                         G.Roon (Hash)
                         A-Taul x2
                         Calvary Temple
                         Arorne x2

PP 2 - PR(1)
EP 3 - ER(1)
PP 4 - PR(2)
EP 6 - ER(2)

- If you defeated the Leige Gheios in the last map she brings more 
- Defeating the Leige Gheios on this map is very hard.  She runs at 50% HP or 
so, so you have to do a huge amount of damage in one attack.  If you want to 
try, have Shou with the highest mobility you can give him and a fully upgraded 
Hyper Aura Giri.  Get him up to 150 morale, and kill as few units as possible 
once Seti appears.  Taunt her with Killy (from Goshogun) to draw her in.  You 
need to get her as close to fleeing as you can, then get a critical hit with a 
hot-blood Hyper Aura Giri.  It's highly luck-based, so if you don't feel like 
wasting your time, just get her down to half as quick as you can so she runs 
- You do not have the Evangelions in this episode, so don't waste any of your 
non-beam strong attacks against Wing or Deathscythe.

Bright is worried they wasted too much time in the last fight, but they set 
off for Japan.

At Japan, Ritsuko asks if they can stop by NERV momentarily to pick up some 
supplies they need.  Bright agrees, and Kouji says he'll go ahead to the 
Photon Research Lab.  Ring and Sayaka go too.

At the Photon Lab, SALLY POE (Gundam Wing) is telling Professor Yumi that the 
repairs on the Jet Scrander went quicker than expected.  Yumi says that's due 
to the things Sally brought with her.  Sally says they were just sitting 
around in the warehouses.  One of the researchers notices that the D-12 camera 
is broken, but Yumi doesn't think anything of it.

Meanwhile, Heero is setting something for ten minutes on the Jet Scrander.  
Morimori comes in and hears something, but Heero hides and Morimori doesn't 
find him.  Heero finishes what he is doing and leaves.

Kouji arrives at the lab and wonders where the Jet Scrander is (Sayaka tells 
him to be more polite).  He's anxious to be able to fly again.  Yumi says 
they're ready to try some tests.

[Switch to battle map]
Sayaka has been given the Diana A, which has been repaired well.  Kouji tells 
Professor Yumi to quickly launch the Jet Scrander.  Meanwhile, Sally is hoping 
everything goes well.  She sees Heero climbing around and yells at him not to 
fall.  Sally is surprised it's just a kid.  At that point there is an 
explosion that engulfs the Jet Scrander.  Sally wonders what happened, and 
Heero leaves, saying his mission is complete.  He apparently jumps out of a 
high something (it's hard to tell because of the way SRW does the story) and 
Sally is surprised that a kid is doing all this.  

Just then, a Poseidal force shows up.  Chai says they must have come at the 
right time since there appears to be some kind of accident.  Wazan notices 
that Londo Bell is not there.  Chai says that if they attack, Londo Bell will 
soon appear.  Sayaka is worried because the Jet Scrander blew up and their 
friends aren't there.  But Yumi tells Kouji to get ready to dock with the Jet 
Scrander.  Apparently because the Jet Scrander is made of Super Alloy Z, it 
didn't get destroyed [can't Heero do anything right?]  Now you see a demo of 
the Jet Scrander launch.  Afterwards, Kouji yells about how everyone will see 
the Mazinger's true power now.

On the second turn, some new mechs appear over the sea near the enemies.  It's 
the Good Thunder team.  Kouji thinks they're strange, but then recognizes REMY 
SHIMADA (Goshogun).  SHINGO HOJO and KILLY GAGLY (Goshogun) are there as well.  
Kouji wonders where the Goshogun is.  Remy says that as a special service, 
they will show their combination sequence (which shows as an anime sequence).  
Kouji says they're wasting a lot of time during a battle.  Remy says there's a 
promise not to attack during a combination sequence.  Shingo says to leave 
everything to them.

The Wing Gundam shows up on the third turn, with Heero vowing to fix his 
mistake with his own hands.  Duo appears as well, wondering why Heero has the 
same type of machine and targets as he does.

The next turn, Londo Bell finally arrives.  Bright wonders what the mech is, 
and Amuro recognizes it as Goshogun.  Shingo has heard of Bright, and says 
they've come to help.  Remy adds that as heroes of justice, they can't 
overlook the aliens' attack.

In a few turns, Seti shows up with some additional units (more if you defeated 
her in the last mission).  Gablae is with her (he doesn't like the way she is 
speaking to him).

After the battle, Morimori is trying to remember where he's heard of the 
Goshogun before.  The other scientists want to know about it as well.  Finally 
he remembers; it's a robot that PROFESSOR SANADA (Goshogun) made.  Nossori 
says that he died a long time ago.  Sewashi asks the Good Thunder team how old 
they are; Remi doesn't want to answer.  Shingo says that because of the power 
of the Beamler (a mysterious energy from outer space), they've travelled to 
various time periods.

Kouji wonders where the Evangelions went.  Amuro says that they're back at 
NERV being retooled.  Kouji wonders what to do about Shinji's depression; 
Bright thinks he resembles the old Amuro.  Amuro says that Shinji is still 
just a kid, so he can't help it.  Bright says that in the current situation, 
Shinji has to buck up and fight, even if it seems cruel.  Amuro says he'll try 
talking to Shinji.

Heero wakes up and finds Duo nearby.  Duo tells Heero he's not an enemy; he 
saved Heero's life.  Heero says he doesn't remember asking Duo for help.  
Heero gets up looking for his Gundam, but he's still hurt.  Heero pops in a 
dislocated shoulder himself, which surprises (and impresses) Duo.  Heero asks 
Duo again where his Wing Gundam is.  Duo says it's hidden nearby, and 
introduces himself, but Heero won't even tell Duo his name.

Stage 19 - Attack on NERV
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 2 (Evangelion 2, Evangelion 0)
Player Reinforcements(1): 17 (Ship + 16)
Player Reinforcements(2): 2 (Re-GZ, Evangelion 1)

Initial Enemy Formation: Fourth Angel Shamshel

Enemy Reinforcements: Gerbera Tetra (Cima)
                      Drysen (Ortega)
                      Drysen (Mash)
                      Drysen (Gaia)
                      Hambrabi x5
                      Garus J x3
                      Zssa x2
                      Bazaam x2
                      Marasai x3
PP 2 - PR(1)
EP 2 - ER
PP 4 - PR(2)

- This battle isn't too bad.  Shamshel doesn't run, so if you send one or two 
of your strong units down there (I used Mazinger and Getter), you can whittle 
his HP down and then use Bless to double the money.  Shamshel cannot attack 
flying units.

At NERV, Ritsuko are looking for Shinji, but Misato hasn't seen him.  Ritsuko 
says that she told him they would be doing a harmonics test on the Eva.  She 
chides Misato for not looking after Shinji better; she's supposed to be his 
guardian.  Misato says she can't watch him all the time, and they go to search 
for him.

Meanwhile, Ikari Gendo is talking to SEELE.  SEELE is criticizing Gendo for 
sending the Evas out with Londo Bell; that's not on the schedule.  Gendo says 
he already explained the reason for that.  SEELE agrees that Londo Bell is 
important, but that's not Gendo's job.  The plan cannot be delayed.  Gendo 
replies that they are on schedule.  SEELE asks about the A Plan, and Gendo 
says that all the plans are connected, and if you look at the whole picture, 
the mistakes are being corrected.  SEELE says that's just the way the results 
happened to work out, and they don't like Gendo's reckless methods.  Gendo 
says he's just choosing the best course of action.  SEELE says they won't 
pursue this matter any further, but they remind Gendo that there is no need 
for him to create a new scenario.  Gendo says he will indeed follow SEELE's 
planned scenario to the letter.

Later, Fuyutsuki talks to Gendo.  He says that even though they expected 
interference from SEELE, this will make things harder.  Gendo says not to 
worry; they hold all the trump cards.  SEELE is powerless.  Fuyutsuki replies 
that they don't want to upset SEELE any more than necessary; if SEELE starts 
to act, that would cause many problems.  Gendo says again not to worry.

Shinji is still nowhere to be found.  Kaji says that Shinji left the compound; 
there's a record of his access card.  At that point, they get an alarm -- an 
Angel is attacking.  Kaji sends Misato back to the command center and goes to 
look for Shinji himself.

[Switch to battle map]
Rei and Asuka are already out in their Evas.  Misato tells them to hold off 
the enemy until Shinji gets there.  She then sends to Londo Bell for help.

Londo Bell arrives the next turn.  Nina spots somebody running around outside, 
despite the evacuation warning.  It's Shinji.  Bright orders him to be 
retrieved immediately, and brought up to the bridge.  Shinji doesn't say 
anything, and Bright yells at him.  Isn't he the Evangelion's pilot?  Shinji 
says he never wants to pilot it again.  They can beat the Evas without his 
unit, so there shouldn't be any reason for him to have to fight [this is more 
true here than in the anime!]  Bright said himself that Shinji wouldn't be 
forced to fight.

You know what's coming...BRIGHT SLAP!

Shinji says that even his own father never slapped him (this is a quote of 
Amuro's line when Bright slapped him in the original Gundam series).  Bright 
continues to yell and criticize him -- he's just running away.  Shinji wonders 
if it's bad for him to run.  Bright asks him to think of the situation -- what 
would be gained by running away from his mission?  Shinji says he never asked 
for this mission.  Bright asks if that's an excuse for him to leave.  Hasn't 
he ever piloted the Eva on his own will?  Even though people forced him at 
first, he shouldn't quit once he's decided to do something.  Amuro tells him 
that if he really doesn't want to pilot the Eva, he should talk to NERV after 
this fight.  But before that, he should think hard about his experiences in 
the Eva so far and his reasons for fighting.  Shinji agrees to try again, and 
Amuro says that for now he should fight, whether he's going to quit or keep 
going afterwards -- fight for everyone's sake.  Amuro takes Shinji to NERV.

The next turn, a DC force lead by Cima appears.  Cima is eager to pay Londo 
Bell back from before.  Bright asks Cima what DC is doing; Cima says they're 
doing exactly what it looks like -- attacking back at Londo Bell.  Judau yells 
at her that they shouldn't be fighting during the Poseidal-Guest conflict.  
Cima says that Londo Bell and Poseidal-Guest are all just enemies to DC; they 
can fight them all at the same time.  Kamille wonders if they can at least 
have a cease fire until the Poseidal-Guest situation is dealt with.  Cima says 
that HAMAN KARN (Z Gundam), the leader of DC, would not agree to that.  They'd 
sooner die.

Shinji and Amuro come out a few turns later.

After the battle, Misato asks Shinji where he went.  Amuro interrupts her and 
asks Shinji what his decision is.  Shinji says he needs more time to think.  
Amuro says that he'll listen to Shinji any time.

Later, Shinji is wondering why he has to pilot the Eva.  Asuka tells him that 
he's making such a dumb face that he looks even more like an idiot than usual.  
Shinji asks Asuka why she pilots her Eva.
Asuka: Isn't it obvious?  I want to show the whole world my power.
Shinji doesn't seem to accept that, and he asks Rei the same question.
Rei: Because of ties.
Shinji asks what ties she's talking about.
Rei: I have nothing else besides that.
Shinji still doesn't understand.  At that point, Kouji comes in and wonders 
why they're all sitting around with such gloomy expressions (Ryouma is with 
him).  Asuka says that's just Shinji.  Shinji asks Ryou why he pilots the 
Getter.  Ryou says for justice.  Shinji wonders what justice is, and Ryou says 
that's too philosophical a question.  Ryou says it's the goodness in his 
heart, but it's different for different people.  Shinji wonders what happens 
if you make a mistake.  Ryou says that you just have to deal with that when 
you get to it -- it's exactly because you might be mistaken that you can't 
just sit around doing nothing.  Ryou says that if you know everything in the 
world you can understand justice, but only God can do that.  People just have 
to do what they can.

Shinji then asks Kouji why he pilots the Mazinger.  Kouji answers that it's 
cool.  Asuka thinks that's a dumb answer, and Kouji challenges her to say that 
one more time (which she does, of course).  Kouji says if she keeps going, he 
won't forgive her even though she is a girl.  Asuka says it doesn't matter if 
she's a girl or not; now she understands why they say Japan is a feudalistic 
society.  Ryou stops Kouji from doing anything, and Shinji tells Asuka to stop 
fighting as well.  Asuka says it's his fault for asking a stupid question in 
the first place.  At this point Amuro comes in and wonders what's going on.  
Kouji tells Amuro to talk to Asuka, and Amuro wonders what's going on.

Shinji explains what happened to Amuro.  Amuro thinks that both Kouji and 
Asuka are in the wrong.  Kouji says he can't let his pride get injured like 
that.  Amuro doesn't think Kouji has grown up at all.  Kouji says that Amuro 
has gotten too old; he's talking like an old man.  Amuro tells Asuka not to 
demean other people so much to protect her own pride; Asuka thinks that Kouji 
is reading her mind with his Newtype powers or something like that.  Amuro 
says that Newtypes aren't mindreaders; he just has the wisdom of age.  If you 
see the value in other people, that doesn't mean devaluing yourself.

Stage 20 - Docougar's Ambition
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 14 (Ship + Goshogun + 12)

Initial Enemy Formation: Kernagul Ship (Kernagul)
                         Kuttner Ship (Kuttner)
                         Bundle Ship (Bundle)
                         Machine Beast Jenova M9 x3
                         Lion X1
                         Mechazaurus Zai
                         Garus J
                         Mechazaurus Zu
                         Bazaam x2
                         Mechazaurus Bado x2

Enemy Reinforcements: Machine Beast Jenova M9 x3
EP 4 - ER

- All of the enemies retreat when you defeat one of the boss ships.  Bundle's 
is worth the most money (12000 with Bless), so kill all the enemies but the 
boss ships and then finish him off.  Alternatively, you can attempt to kill 
them all with a map weapon.

Amuro asks if Bright has contacted Banjo (the pilot of Daitarn 3).  Bright 
says he's completely forgotten with all the chaos that's been going on.  He 
contacts GARRISON (Daitarn 3), Banjo's butler.

Garrison greets them warmly.  He says that he's heard about the problems 
they've been having.  Unfortunately, the Haran Zaibatsu is in the middle of a 
huge crisis and he doesn't think they'll be able to help out at all.  Bright 
asks about the crisis; Garrison says it's somewhat embarassing, but the entire 
zaibatsu is facing financial ruin.  The venerable Romefeller Foundation is 
attempting to take over all of the Haran Zaibatsu's holdings.  Amuro says that 
the Romefeller Foundation is rumored to be backing the Titans.  In addition, 
recently, the Docougar Syndicate has been suddenly attacking their holdings.  
Shingo is surprised that Docougar came to this time period.  Garrison 
recognizes the Goshogun, and Kouji comments that all the old people seem to 
have heard of it.

Shingo asks whether this Docougar Syndicate is headed by three people -- 
Garrison confirms that, and adds that according to his information, they're 
allied with the Divine Crusaders.  Bright sees how DC has been able to finance 
their operations lately.  Garrison says that because of this, Banjo has had to 
work hard to fix things by himself.  Bright says he understands, and tells 
Garrison to wish him good luck (he also apologizes that they can't help with 
financial matters).  Garrison says he'll get back to Londo Bell as soon as 
things change.

Bright comments that they need supplies badly.  Amuro says that in the 
previous fights they've gotten a lot of financial support from the Haran 
Zaibatsu, so things are tough without their help.  Bright says they also need 
the fighting power of the Daitarn 3, but right now the monetary help would be 
even better.

Killy and Remi are mildly annoyed to hear about Docougar's reappearance.  
Shingo says that if Bundle is around, he'll definitely say "Madomoiselle Remi.  
This must be fate".  She doesn't like this, but Killy thinks she likes it more 
than she says.  Apparently they are playing Mahjong (Remi has just won), and 
Shinobu joins in.  Masato tells him this isn't a good idea (he apparently lost 
to Sara before).  Shinobu says that was just bad luck.  Remi is happy to play 
with someone like Shinobu.  But just then the alarm sounds, so they have to go 
out.  Apparently the Saotome Research Institute is being attacked.  Shinobu 
doesn't want to leave the game, but Masato looks at his hand -- apparently he 
was trying to go for a really difficult high scoring hand, but everyone else 
was ting-pai.

[Switch to battle map]
Michiru and the professor are happy to see Londo Bell...actually, so is 
Docougar.  They seem to want to repay Londo Bell for their defeat in the La 
Gias incident.  The Goshogun team recognizes the Docougar Syndicate's ships.  
Bright gives them permission to go into the battle.  Docougar is even happier 
to see that Goshogun is with them.
Bundle: Madomoiselle Remi.  This must be fate.
Shingo laughs that they predicted his words.  Bundle says that he has a 
special tune for them to celebrate their reunion.  Killy recognizes it as the 
Flight of the Valkyries from Wagner's Ring of the Nibleung, part 3 [it's 
actually in the second opera of the cycle, in act 3], conducted by Georg 
Solti.  Kernagul thinks that since Goshogun is there, they should send out 
their secret weapon.  The others don't seem to know what he's talking about.  
He sends out a second Goshogun (which he calls the Gonagul).  Killy says to be 
careful of counterfeits, and Bundle doesn't think it looks good.

All the enemies retreat when you defeat one of the ships.  

Remi explains that the Docougar Syndicate may seem stupid, but they have huge 
financial power.  Their main holdings are in military supplies, but they even 
run a fried chicken restaurant chain.  The DC's power will grow now.

Saotome has good news for the Getter Team.  He's just gotten word from the 
Tesla Leicht institute that the Getter Robo G is repaired, and will be sent 
immediately.  They also have to send the old Getter to Tesla Leicht for 
research (it doesn't matter because nobody else can pilot it anyway).  The 
Team is happy.  

Duo and Heero meet up again in a new school; Duo says that Heero's idea of 
being a transfer student is good, because it's not suspicious at their age.  
Heero says he's just choosing the best methods to complete the mission.  Duo 
asks Heero what his name is again, and Heero says to look at his school ID, 
which has "Amuro Ray" on it.  Duo recognizes that name as the Londo Bell 
pilot, and Heero responds that he doesn't need a name.  Just then, a pink 
Rolls Royce pulls up to the school.  Duo can see that there are even mounted 
guns on it.  Relena gets out of the car (Heero recognizes her).  She comes up 
to Heero, leaving Duo surprised that he knows her.  Relena says she wanted to 
meet Heero.  Heero says once again that he has to kill Relena.  Relena tells 
him that she met Dr. J.  This surprises Heero, and Relena says that he's been 
surprising her so much since they met, it's about time she was able to 
surprise him.  Relena says he didn't want to die without knowing anything 
about him, but now she understands his determination to fight.  Relena says 
she's fighting him too, even now.  Heero doesn't understand, and Relena 

Duo tries to ask Heero who that girl is and how she knows about them, but 
Heero doesn't say anything.

Stage 21 - Invasion of Jaburo I
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 14 (Ship + 13)

Initial Enemy Formation: Auge (Nei)
                         Ashura Temple (Anton)
                         Ashura Temple (Heckler)
                         Bat-Shu x3
                         Calvary Temple x6
                         A.Taul x2
                         G.Roon x2
                         Graia x6

Enemy Reinforcements(1): Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                      G.Roon (Hash)
                      Bat-Shu x2
                      Calvary Temple x3 

Enemy Reinforcements(2): Gundam Shenglong (Wufei)
Less than 11 enemies left, on the next EP - ER(1)
Turn 15 EP, or all enemies defeat - ER(2)

- This is the first two-part mission.  Any units you use in the first part 
will be fatigued in the second part and start with lower Will.  However, this 
fatigue only happens to units over 100 Will.  So if you want to get around 
having to use two different parties, you can just leave one enemy alive, put 
everyone back into the battleship over and over until their Will is at or 
below 100.  The formula is 200 - Will, with 100 being the highest possible.  
So just make sure everyone is below 100 when you finish.  (This works for any 
two/three part battle in the whole game).  You can also level up Boss here; 
it's very helpful if he has over 100 seishin points so he can cast two 
- Nei runs if she is the only unit left; she has a Minovsky Craft, one of the 
better items in the game, so don't let that happen.
- The items carried by Gablae and Hash will be better if there are no enemies 
left when they come.  To do this, you pretty much have to kill enemies until 
there are 11 units left, then get everyone down to low HP, then use both the 
EP (counterattacks) and your next PP to kill them all.  The extra item is a 
High Performance Radar.

The Argama receives a transmission from HQ, from Eagle.  He gives them the 
mission to retake Jaburo, which has been captured by the enemies.  Bright 
wonders if their unit alone is enough to take on the enemy force.  Eagle says 
that in return they can resupply Londo Bell.  Shinobu doesn't like the sound 
of that exchange.  Eagle tells him not to complain; even if they are a free 
unit, they can't fight without supplies.  Shinobu means that he doesn't want 
to get bossed around by the likes of Jamitov.  Eagle tells him that orders 
from the top are absolute.  Bright stops Shinobu, and tells Eagle that Londo 
Bell will head for Jaburo.

As the arrive at Jaburo, Bright reminds them that this will be a long fight, 
so they'll have to choose the members carefully.  Since the fight will wear on 
the bodies and wills of the pilots, they will have to choose other members for 
the next section.  Everyone will get a chance to fight.  [See the above Note 
for the game effects]

(Switch to battle map)
Nei is surprised that they're attacking Jaburo with such a small force.  Anton 
says that even if they are Londo Bell, Poseidal will teach them a lesson.

After turn 15, TROWA BARTON (Gundam Wing) appears in the Heavyarms.  He says 
he's completed his first task, now it's time to complete the second.  Nina 
notices that he looks like the other Gundams they've seen before this.  He 
doesn't answer any attempt to communciate.  Two other units appear -- WUFEI 
CHANG (Gundam Wing) is looking foward to fighting Londo Bell, a worthy enemy, 
but he is surprised to see two other units looking like his.  QUATRE REBABA 
WINNER (Gundam Wing) also realizes this and asks what's going on; neither 
Wufei nor Trowa say anything.  Quatre wonders if attacking Londo Bell is 
really the right thing to do.  Trowa says he doesn't care; it's orders.  Wufei 
is just happy to fight some strong opponents.  Quatre leaves.  Wufei asks 
Trowa not to get in the way, and Trowa leaves as well.  Wufei calls them all 

After you defeat the enemies, it's time to enter the base.

Stage 22 - Invasion of Jaburo II
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 16 (Ship + 15)
Player Reinforcements: Cybuster

Initial Enemy Formation: Leige Gheios (Zeb)
                         Grashidu Ryu x3
                         A.Taul x3
                         Bat-Shu x2
                         Calvary Temple x2
                         Graia x4
                         Arorne x2
                         Lestrail x2

Enemy Reinforcements: A.Taul V (McTomlin)
                      Ashura Temple (Rockley)
                      Bat-Shu x2
                      A.Taul x3
                      Calvary Temple
10 EP - ER

- The Leige Gheios retreats on EP 14.  You get a Minovsky Craft for defeating 
him, so try not to let him escape.  Have someone Taunt him early in the fight, 
and until you beat him try to only kill enemies to raise the morale of your 
super robots.  When he arrives, hit him with everything you have and it 
shouldn't be too tough.  It helps a lot if you can use three Exhausts.
- The reinforcements appear at the bottom right side of the map, so don't get 
caught unaware.

Bright tells everyone to prepare for entering the base itself.

[Switch to battle map]
Zeb is surprised that they got into the base, and wonders whether it's because 
the outside force was too poor, or Londo Bell is too strong.

On the second turn, Masaki appears in the Cybuster.  He apologizes for taking 
so long but says he finally got there.  Kouji wonders if he lost his way, and 
Masaki cuts him off and says to concentrate on the fight.  Kuro tells him not 
to overdo it, since he can't use Cyflash.

After a few turns, reinforcements come in led by McTomlin and ROCKLEY RON (L-

Once you beat the enemies, Jerid and some other titans appear.  Jerid 
congratulates Londo Bell (Kamille recognizes him...)  Amuro wonders what 
they're doing showing up after the battle is over.  Kacricon says that Jaburo 
is to become the Titan's HQ.  Jerid says that in other words, their job is 
over -- get out of here.  Kouji starts to yell at him, but Lila says that this 
is an order from the top; don't get upset.  Bright acknowledges the order.  
Judau wonders if this is really OK, but Bright says that they can't be 
fighting among allies right now, since the enemies still control some of the 
bases.  Jerid praises Bright's wisdom, and says they can resupply Londo Bell.

Outside the base, Masaki is pissed off -- who are those guys?  Kouji says he's 
upset at them too.  Masaki says that while he's been absent, Londo Bell has 
turned into a pathetic bunch; letting losers like that boss them around.  
Amuro says that he's right, they couldn't protest at all.  Even though they 
are a free unit, they still have to answer to the military.  Masaki says they 
should have gone more on emotion.  Amuro says that the federation army is 
mostly gone, and only the Titans are left.  They were once just a peacekeeping 
force, but now they have most of the power of the federation.  Londo Bell 
can't escape their influence.  Masaki wonders if that means they have to take 
second stage to the Titans in fighting the Poseidal-Guest alliance.  Amuro 
asks Bright if the Titans have openly fought P-G up to now.  Bright says there 
have been some small skirmishes, but no large-scale attack.  Most of the 
Titans are in space anyway.  Masaki says he's not going to listen to the 
orders of a bunch of people that don't do anything themselves.  Amuro says 
that it doesn't make sense, when you think about it -- how did the Titans gain 
so much power so quickly?  And why are they conserving their strength and not 
fighting?  Amuro thinks there's something going on behind the scenes.  Amuro 
says he isn't sure, but it does seem like the Titans only act to serve their 
own interest.  It would be nice if that were just coincidence.  Bright says 
that Amuro is overthinking things.  Masaki says that Guest tried to contact 
Earth once before, didn't they (he knows about this through his involvement 
with Shu)?  It's possible that the high-ranking officials in the federation 
actually did make some deal with Guest at that time.  Amuro says they should 
investigate this.

Stage 23 - Awaken, Super Machine God!
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 1 (Dancougar)
Player Reinforcements: 13 (Ship + 12)

Initial Enemy Formation: Gerbera Tetra (Cima)
                         Garus J
                         Machine Beast Jenova M9
                         Bazaam x2
                         Mechazaurus Bado x3
                         Hambrabi x3
                         Gira Doga

Enemy Reinforcements:  ? (Ral)
                       Dreisen (Mash)
                       Dreisen (Ortega)
                       Dreisen (Gaia)
                       Garus J x5
5 PP - PR

- There is no reason to answer "no" to the lover question unless for some 
reason you really don't want an extra unit.
- Saving all three of the transport ships gets you a lot of money, items, and 
a few extra mechs.  It may seem impossible at first, but the key is to 
separate the Dancougar back into the four original machines.  Get Shinobu's 
flying plane up there near the third transport; he has fewer HP so the enemies 
will attack him instead.  If you give him a repair kit and armor it makes it 
easier, but just make sure you don't raise his HP over 4000.  Don't even worry 
that much if one of the Dancougar units dies; the money you make will more 
than cover the cost, and you don't need the Dancougar to win this mission.  If 
you're still having trouble, give any movement+ items you can to the Methuss; 
it can heal the transports (you can also put a pilot like Amuro in there).  
When your LB reinforcements show up, send out Rei.  She has the migawari 
seishin which lets her take a hit in place of any unit, which you can use on 
weakened transports if you need help.  The DC reinforcements show up near the 
transports, so watch out for that.  Boss and Remi can taunt the enemies to 
draw their fire and buy you some more time.  It may take some trial and error, 
but it is possible to do.
- This is what you get from the transports:
Left: 50000 money, Re-GZ, Megabooster
Center: 20000 money, High Performance Radar, Psycho Frame, Hybrid Armor
Right: 30000 money, Jegan, Apogee Motor
The Re-GZ is a good fit for Judau until he gets the ZZ Gundam in FF.

Masaki introduces himself to Ring.  He is surprised that Londo Bell has gotten 
so many new members since he was last there.  Kuro agrees that it's brimming 
with excitement.  Ring wonders who just talked, and Masaki introduces Kuro and 
Shiro.  Ring yells, and Kuro says that's natural for humans to be surprised 
that they can talk.  Actually she was yelling because they're cute.  Ring asks 
if they are Masaki's pets.  Shiro says they're familiars, not pets.  Ring asks 
if she can pet them.  Kuro says this is the first time they've gotten this 
response.  At that point, Kouji comes in.  He wants to talk to Masaki since 
it's been so long, and he asks where RYUUNE ZOLDARK (Masou Kishin) is.  He 
thinks it's odd that Ryuune's not with him, since she's his girlfriend.  
Masaki gets mad and yells that Ryuune's not his girlfriend, and then asks 
about Sayaka (who he calls Kouji's girlfriend).  Kouji gets mad as well.  
Masaki asks Ring if she has a boyfriend.

You have a choice -- you should pick the top one (yes).  Ring says that she 
doesn't like to talk about it much, but she does have a boyfriend.  Kouji asks 
what his name is.  The default is IRMGULT KAZAHARA (Irm for short).  Kouji 
asks what he looks like, and Ring pulls out a picture (choose whatever face 
you want).  Masaki asks where he is, and Ring says she hasn't heard from him 
lately.  Kouji tells her she should grab on to him more tightly.  Masaki says 
he's in no position to talk, and they start fighting again.

The Argama gets a communication from Igor.  He congratulates them on their 
successful mission.  Regarding the supplies the Titans mentioned, they're on 
their way.  The meeting point is around the Panama Canal.  Igor is about to 
end the communication, but Bright asks him about the Titans' recent activity.  
Igor asks why he wants to know that, and Bright says that he just wants to 
coordinate their movements.  Igor says that it's all top secret, and that he 
can't even tell Londo Bell.  He adds that they should just focus on their 
mission and not worry about unnecessary things.  LB sets out for Panama.

On the way, Masato is switching in for the evening watch.  Shinobu yells at 
him for being too slow and says that even so, his craft is horrible at doing 
that job.  Sara says that he's just being full of himself because his unit can 
fly.  Shinobu says that even units that can't fly can move well, like Getter 
2.  Masato thinks it's good that Sara is so full of energy.  The Dancougar 
team all goes out of the Argama to take the watch.

It seems that the resupply convoys are under attack, so Bright sends the 
Dancougar team ahead and the Argama goes at full speed.

[Switch to battle map]
The transport ships are being attacked by a DC force.  Cima orders them to 
destroy the ships.  MATILDA AJAN (MS Gundam) is in one of the ships.  One of 
the other ships is lagging behind, but should still be able to make it.  
Professor HAZUKI KOTARO (Dancougar) is in another ship, and he says that it 
will take some time before Londo Bell gets there.  Matilda apologizes for 
putting him in danger.

The Dancougar team shows up.  They recognize Hazuki in the ship.  Shinobu 
wonders what he's doing on the resupply ship, and he says he received special 
permission to travel with LB and help out the maintenance of the Dancougar 
machines.  Masato wonders if they've received permission to combine.  Hazuki 
says not yet.  Shinobu says they can't take on all these enemies without it, 
and begs Hazuki to let them combine.  Hazuki says he doesn't have the 
authority himself, but Shinobu says they can't let the resupply ships be 
destroyed.  Now you see a combine scene (Hazuki gives them the permission).

After some turns, reinforcements show up, let by Ramba Ral.

After the battle, Matilda thanks Londo Bell for saving the transports.  With 
them is ROUX LOUKA (ZZ Gundam), who makes fun of Bright for being old.  Also 
Irm is with her (assuming you answered "yes" to having a significant other).  
Ring calls him "stupid Irm", and he calls her "my beloved Ring."  Ring acts 
cold towards him.  Irm says that's part of why he likes her.

Matilda and Amuro catch up.  Amuro says that Matilda was supposed to get 
married, and asks what happened.  She says she had to put that off until after 
the war, and wonders herself about Amuro.  Amuro says he has no desire to 
marry yet.  Judau threatens to tell BELTORCHIKA IRMA (Z Gundam) and CHAN AGI 
(Char's Counterattack) about what he said.  Amuro says that he should worry 
about Roux rather than Amuro's love life.  Matilda says they're both 
inexperienced and that they should start from the beginning.

Stage 24 - Miia's Decision
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 1 (Combattler V)
              18 (Ship + 17)

Initial Enemy Formation: Magma Beast Demon (Miia)
                         Magma Beast Garmuth

Enemy Reinforcements: Great General of Darkness (Dr. Hell)
                      Machine Beast Jenova M9
                      Megazaurus Dai x2
                      Machine Beast Spartan K5
                      Machine Beast Adler U6
                      Fighting Beast Oberius
                      Fighting Beast Gratonius
                      Megazaurus Shig
                      Gira Doga
                      Megazaurus Bado
                      Machine Beast Toros D7
                      Machine Beast Garada K7
                      Machine Beast Dablus M2
                      Garus J
                      Lion X1
Miia defeated - ER
Several turns later - PR


The Argama gets a communication from the Nambara Connection.  Bright asks 
Yotsuya how Hyoma's wound is doing.  Yotsuya says he just recovered 
completely, and so the Combattler team is ready to fight again.  Londo Bell 
heads out for Japan to pick them up.

Meanwhile, somewhere near Australia, OREANA (Combattler V) is talking to 
Garuda (her son).  He apologizes for all his failures, but she says there's no 
use in blaming himself.  She tells him to return to his room and rest.  He 
protests (calling her "mother"), and she tells him not to call him "mother" 
since she is just an image in the computer and he is a real being.  After he 
leaves, she laughs at him and calls him stupid for thinking he is real.

Garuda asks Miia if the lava demon is complete yet.  Miia answers that it is, 
and Garuda says he's going to sleep for a while.  After he falls asleep, Miia 
tells him that she loves him even though she's just a Halfroid and he is flesh 
and blood.

Oreana contacts Miia and tells her that when Garuda wakes up, she should 
notify him that he's been fired.  His handling of the commander position is 
too weak.  Now that Londo Bell and the Combattler Team are back in action, he 
can't be allowed to lead things.  Miia thinks to herself that Garuda's pride 
is so high, he won't want to live anymore.  Miia begs Oreana to allow her to 
fight Londo Bell in the magma beast, and defeat Londo Bell.  In return, allow 
Garuda to keep his position.  Oreana agrees.  Miia has to hurry before Garuda 
wakes up.

At the Nambara Connection, Chizuru asks Hyoma how he's doing, and Hyoma says 
he's fully recovered.  The other members of the team are happy.  The attack 
siren sounds -- magma beasts have appeared.

(Switch to battle map)
There's a whole lot of voice acting here as Yotsuya checks that everyone is 
ready and then the Combattler Team combines (and you get an anime scene).  
Miia vows to protect Garuda.

When you first attack Miia, she vows to destroy you in the name of Garuda, and 
Hyoma is surprised to see she's making a kamikaze attack.

After you defeat Miia, she apologizes for failing Garuda as she blows up.  
Garuda then appears in his ship and wonders why Miia went out on her own.  He 
sees that Miia is still alive, and goes to save her.  When he comes close to 
Hyoma, Hyoma challenges him.  Garuda focuses on saving Miia and tells Hyoma 
that their duel will have to wait.  Garuda picks Miia up and leaves; Hyoma 
yells at him for running away.  The rest of the magma beasts retreat as well.  
Kosuke says that he put a bug on the ship, so they can figure out where the 
Campbellian hideout is.  But just then, more enemies show up.

The new enemies are led by DR. HELL (Mazinger Z), also known as the Great 
General of Darkness.  Hyoma says that chasing Garuda will have to wait; they 
need to fight the DC units now.

A few turns later, the Londo Bell shows up, and after a cheerful reunion, they 

After the battle, Amuro says he's surprised that Hyoma recovered so quickly.  
Hyoma says it's all due to NERV's clone technology that he's back to normal.  
He thanks Misato for her help.  Yotsuya says that Combattler is ready to join 
Londo Bell, although they probably regret that they haven't settled the score 
with the Campbellians yet.  Kosuke says that the bug he planted has discovered 
their location, and Yotsuya says that they should go as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Garuda has taken Miia back to the base, where she was created.  He 
looks through the data to try to find something that can help him bring her 
back to life, but then he screams in surprise as he finds something...

Stage 25 - The Tragedy of Great General Garuda
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 5 (Battle Jet, Battle Marine, Battle Tank, Battle Crasher, 

Initial Enemy Formation: Oreana
                         Magma Beast Garmuth x3

Enemy Reinforcements:  

- This is almost a plot mission, but you do have to be careful.  Save your one 
Chodenji Spin for Garuda; Garuda will do most of the work beating Oreana for 
you (don't let him kill her!)

...it's a robot that looks just like him, that he's never seen before.  A 
voice begins to talk about the various Garuda clones/robots and how they each 
failed and were destroyed.  Garuda yells at it to shut up, and wonders whether 
he really is just another robot his mother created -- told that he was a 
Campbellian but actually just a cyborg.  He tells Miia that he's just like 
her; a puppet of his mother.  He vows that he won't forgive Oreana for this.

Kosuke has found the Campbellians' lair, somewhere in the Solomon Islands.  
Londo Bell heads off for the base.  Kamille recognizes a mountain that should 
have been destroyed due to a colony drop, and that's where the signal is 
coming from.  There's a suspicious darkness from the inside.  Hyoma asks them 
to let him go in alone.  It may be selfish, but the battle against the 
Campbellians should be fought by Combattler V alone.  Everyone agrees, and 
Bright tells Hyoma to contact him if he has any trouble.

(Switch to battle map)
Oreana is waiting in the base.  She introduces herself to Hyoma and then tells 
him he will die.  Some magma beasts appear, and Oreana fires a bolt of energy 
at the Combattler, separating it.  Oreana laughs, and Kosuke says they won't 
be able to combine again until they recharge.  Chizuru tells Hyoma to contact 
Londo Bell, but he doesn't want to do it.

On the second turn, Kosuke still can't combine.  But on the enemy phase, 
Garuda appears.  Oreana orders him to destroy Combattler V, but he attacks her 
instead.  She wonders if he's gone crazy, and Garuda says robots can't go 
crazy.  He vows to destroy Oreana and then beat the Combattler to avenge Miia.

On the third turn, Combattler gets the energy necessary to combine.  Chizuru 
wonders what will happen if they get hit with that energy again, but Kosuke 
says he's analyzed it now, and he's modified the barrier to protect against 
it.  Kosuke says that it used a lot of energy, though, so he doesn't know if 
they can manage a Super Electromagnetic Spin.  On the enemy turn, Oreana tries 
to get them with the weapon again, but the barrier protects them.

Once you defeat Oreana, Garuda talks to his robot, saying that they are both 
machines and that they will work together to defeat Combattler.  He tells Miia 
that if he had only known earlier he was a robot, he might have returned her 
love a bit.

Once you defeat Garuda, he congratulates Hyoma and says he has nothing else to 
regret.  Hyoma congratulates him as well.

The Combattler team return to the Argama.  Hyoma says it was a long fight, and 
Chizuru tells him not to get distracted, since the Poseidal-Guest alliance may 
be an even longer fight.  Hyoma says he understands, but wants to be allowed 
to forget fighting for just a little longer.

Bright contacts Yotsuya later and gives him the news, and asks how things are 
going.  Yotsuya says that for now, the PG have ceased their attack on Japan, 
but the Divine Crusaders are making strange movements.  It seems that Dr. 
Hell's machine beasts are gathering in Sendai City, after taking the place 
over.  Most of the civilians were able to escape, but what could they be 
planning?  However, they're not making any overt attacks now.  However, 
earthquakes have been increasing recently, and it seems like a bad sign.  
Bright says that LB will return to Japan and investigate.

Meanwhile, in Sendai, Ashura is asking Dr. Hell if they can trust "that 
person".  Dr. Hell says they have to if they want to get back at Londo Bell.  
Even so, Ashura is surprised that Dr. Hell gave him all those machine beasts.  
Dr. Hell says that's their only choice, and that it will be over soon.  Once 
they get "that thing" in hand, the person won't be useful anymore.  They just 
have to endure until then.

Stage 26 - His name is Toho Fusai
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 2 (Domon, Master Asia)
Player Reinforcements: 18 (Ship + 17)

Initial Enemy Formation: Machine Beast Toros D7
                         Machine Beast Garada K7
                         Machine Beast Dablus M2

Enemy Reinforcements: Flying Fortress Ghoul (Ashura)
                      Mechazaurus Zen II
                      Mechazaurus Shig
                      Mechazaurus Dai
                      Machine Beast Abdora U6 
                      Machine Beast Spartan K5
                      Machine Beast Oberius
                      Machine Beast Gratonius
                      Lion X1 x3
                      Machine Beast Jenova M9 x3
                      Gira Doga x3   
                      Kempfer x2
                      Mechazaurus Zu
                      Mechazaurus Zai
                      Mechazaurus Saki

Initial enemies defeated - ER, PR


Kouji wonders what Dr. Hell is up to.  Sayaka says that he must be DC's 
commander on Earth.  It seems like they're planning something big in Sendai.  
Ring says that the threat of DC is not as great as Poseidal-Guest, but it's 
not small enough to ignore either.  Irm wonders why Ring looks so gloomy, and 
Ring tells him he doesn't have to worry (she calls him "kisama", geez...)  Irm 
says that he has a great worry -- why did God put so many beautiful women on 
earth?  Life is too short to know them all.  Ring tells him to worry to 
himself, and LB heads out to Sendai.

Domon and Rain are at Sendai, looking for the Devil Gundam; they believe it's 
here.  Some DC units appear, and Domon calls for his Gundam, but a man tells 
him to wait.  The person is MASTER ASIA (G Gundam), who Domon seems to know 
(he calls him "teacher").  Now there's an anime sequence where they join 
together.  Rain wonders if this is really the former King of Hearts (Domon is 
the current one).  Master Asia tells Domon it's time to beat these enemies -- 
without the Gundam, just with his fists.  

Londo Bell arrives, and Bright wonders what they're aiming at.  Makoto sees 
the people on the ground and orders everyone to battle, but Master Asia tells 
Bright not to send any forces out, since he can handle them alone.  He 
destroys one of the machine beasts.  Asuka is surprised at his unusual power 
(this is a line from the Eva anime).  Now the battle starts, with LB as NPCs.

Once you beat all the enemies, Master Asia congratulates Domon and says that 
he is worthy of being the King of Hearts.  At this point more DC units come 
out, led by Ashura, who curses Londo Bell and vows to kill them.  Master Asia 
says that this time he wants to watch the famous Londo Bell fight.  Domon 
agrees.  Rain says this is the first time she's seen Domon so serious.  Master 
Asia tells LB he leaves the fight to them, and Bright orders everyone to 

Once you beat the enemies, Master Asia congratulates Londo Bell.  Domon asks 
why MA is there, and MA says he is chasing the Devil Gundam.  Domon wants to 
go, but MA says they have to talk to Londo Bell first.  The Devil Gundam is 
too strong, so they may need Londo Bell's help.

Master Asia explains the situation to Londo Bell and then asks for their help.  
Bright agrees (Kouji thinks to himself that Master Asia doesn't need help).  
MA says that the Devil Gundam is close, and that they will have to defeat it 
to free Sendai City.  Bright wonders if DC and the Devil Gundam are connected.  
MA says that they are trying to use the DG's power, but they probably haven't 
found it yet.  They should strike while DC is still looking.  Bright agrees.

Later, Domon explains to MA everything that happened with his brother and the 
Ultimate Gundam.  Rain comes by during the talk, and MA sees that Rain wants 
to talk to Domon.  He leaves.  Rain comments that Domon seems to like MA and 
that she's jealous of their relationship -- she can never have that kind of 
relationship.  Domon says that she should become one of MA's disciples -- 
women fighters aren't that rare.  Rain gets mad at Domon for misunderstanding 
her; of course he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Later, Rain sees MA walking at night and wonders where he's going.  She 
follows him for a while and he disappears into a cave.  She follows him and 
hears him talking to Ashura.  MA says they were luckily able to buy time so 
that LB didn't appear too early.  Ashura wonders if using this many machine 
beasts is worth it.  MA says they need a lot of energy to revive the Devil 
Gundam.  There's a shake, and Rain cries out.  Master Asia sees her and tries 
to run, but a soldier tries to catch her.  A mysterious ninja man comes out to 
save her, and she runs away.

Stage 27 - The Divine Crusaders' Plot
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 2 (Shining Gundam, Gundam Spiegel)
Player Reinforcements: 18 (Ship + 17)

Initial Enemy Formation: Flying Fortress Ghoul (Ashura)
                         Mechazaurus Dai
                         Mechazaurus Shig
                         Lion X1
                         Machine Beast Spartan K5 x2
                         Fighting Beast Gratonius
                         Fighting Beast Oberius
                         Mechazaurus Zen II
                         Machine Beast Abdora U6 x2
                         R Jaja
                         Machine Beast Toros D7
                         Machine Beast Jenova M9
                         Assimar x2
                         Garus J
                         Mechazaurus Saki
                         Gira Doga x2
                         Mechazaurus Zai

Enemy Reinforcements: None
4 PP - PR

- Not a hard battle.  Gundam Spiegel doesn't join you, so don't overuse him.

Asuka and Shinji are talking about Master Asia.  Shinji thinks he's cool.  
Asuka wonders why Shinji idolizes the man.  Shinji says it's not like that, 
and asks Rei what she thinks.  Rei says she doesn't care.  Misato comes by and 
gathers them to go to the strategy meeting.

At the meeting, Master Asia shows up late.  The meeting starts to talk about 
how to deal with the Devil Gundam.  Master Asia says their only choice is to 
look in every little suspicious spot.  He'll start to the north (going alone).  
Bright sends out Shou, Kamille, Kouji, Getter, and Combattler to search the 
rest of the places.  Domon wonders where Rain is, but nobody has seen her.

Domon asks MA to take him along, and MA agrees.

(Switch to battle map)
Domon and MA don't see anything, but then a DC force shows up.  Master Asia 
and Domon both start making attacks.  They both think there are too many 
enemies, and they use a special attack (with an anime video).  It destroys all 
of the DC units.  Just then there is an earthquake, and the Devil Gundam 
appears.  Domon says that this time he won't let it escape.  MA tells him that 
they need to combine their power; it's too strong to fight alone.  

Just then, Rain appears.  She tells Domon not to be fooled; Master Asia is 
allied with the Devil Gundam.  Domon starts to protest, but Master Asia 
attacks him.  MA says that if he had a little more time he could have 
persuaded him.  Is he so stupid he hasn't realized MA's true form yet?  He 
changes into the Master Gundam.  Domon can't believe that MA is working with 
the Devil Gundam.  MA says he's right to be surprised, but this is the truth.  
Is he sad or scared?  If Domon will only trust him longer, he'll show him the 
true path.  Domon will become much stronger if he joins with MA and his 
brother.  The masked ninja warns Domon that he's being hypnotized, and MA 
shoots at them.  Mr. Ninja saves them, and Rain thinks that he seems familiar.  
He tells MA that he is SCHWARZ BRUDER (G Gundam).  Domon then tells MA he 
won't forgive him, and attacks.  MA calls him stupid, and Domon says shut up 
-- he's going to defeat him.  Domon uses Shining Finger, but MA uses Darkness 
Finger to counter it.  Schwarz calls in his mech, Gundam Spiegel, and attacks 
MA.  MA retreats afterwards, and the Devil Gundam disappears as well.

After this, Domon is in shock at what has happened.  But more DC units show 
up, surrounding them.  Ashura doesn't like being used to buy time, but he has 
to follow orders.  Schwarz tries to get Domon to fight, but he's in too much 
shock.  Rain gets in the Shining Gundam instead (another anime scene).  
Schwarz tells Rain not to overdo it; Londo Bell will be there soon.

When LB shows up, they are surprised to see Rain in the Shining Gundam, and 
Rain says she'll explain afterwards.

After the battle, Rain tells Bright about what's going on.  Domon is still in 
shock, and Schwarz tries to snap him out of it.  Domon tells Schwarz he 
doesn't understand, and Schwarz says he hasn't changed at all since then.  
Domon gets angry, and Bright wonders who this is.  Rain explains that Schwarz 
saved her life.  Bright doesn't like that he hides his face, and Kouji asks 
him about it.  Schwarz says he has his reasons, but he won't say them.  Rain 
feels like he knows a lot more than he's letting on.  Schwarz says he's 
leaving to search for the Devil Gundam, and Domon wants to go too.  Schwarz 
tells him he could never win against Master Asia now; he needs to wait and 
build his skill.  He should travel with Londo Bell for a while.

Meanwhile, Duo is trying to talk to Heero.  Duo says he should be more 
friendly, since Duo is trying to repair Heero's Gundam for him.  Heero says 
that nobody but him can touch his Gundam.  Duo says that without replacement 
parts he's not going to be able to do anything.  Heero is silent, and Duo says 
that Heero is barely human.  Heero tells Duo to be quiet.  Just then there's 
an alarm, and Heero says that the Titans are heading for Adelaide.  Their 
mission is to go there tomorrow.  Duo says that there's no way he can fight 
with his machine in that condition, and Heero says it's possible for him.

Stage 28 - The Recapture of Adelaide I
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 18 (Ship + 17)
Player Reinforcements: Bochun

Initial Enemy Formation: Spriggan (Shott)
                         Bubly (Musy)
                         Leprachaun x6
                         Biares x3
                         ? x3

Enemy Reinforcements: A-Taul V (McTomin)
                      G.Roon (Wazan)
                      A-Taul x4
                      Calvary Temple x4
                      Bat-Shu x8
                      Graia x6
3 PP - PR
Spriggan reduced to 70% HP or Bubly defeated - IEF retreat, ER

- You can beat Spriggan, but he doesn't have an item or that much money.  The 
Bubly at least gives you a Booster.  Be careful when you beat them; the 24 
reinforcement units will come out and probably completely surround your force.  
Use every seishin and attack at your disposal to whittle down the units 
- This is another two part mission, so either create two squads or get 
everyone's morale down to 100 or below before the end of the mission.

The next day, Heero's Gundam has apparently been repaired, and he takes off.  
Duo is surprised, but his surprise turns to anger when he finds out that Heero 
stole parts from the Deathscythe to repair Wing Gundam.

Meanwhile, in the colonies, high ranking Titans are talking.  Jamitov comments 
that Londo Bell's strength is increasing.  Bask thinks that they'll become 
more and more dangerous if they're allowed to keep operating.  Jamitov says 
that this is the only way they can get their bases back, since they have to 
conserve their power.  Londo Bell has already been given a new mission; to 
take back Adelaide.  Jamitov hopes that both LB and Poseidal-Guest will waste 
their strength in this fight.  Bask wonders what to do about Treize, who 
appears to be acting on his own.  Jamitov says to let him do whatever he wants 
right now; they can use him.

LB has received its mission.  Amuro says that Adelaide is of less value than 
Jaburo, but it's better than doing nothing.  Bright says that Titans 
reinforcements will be coming, but Judau just thinks they're going to show up 
after the victory again.  Leena says that's fine, since LB isn't fighting for 
glory.  Judau says that even so it pisses him off.

LB reaches Adelaide, and it seems that an attacking force has already come out 
to meet them.  

(Switch to battle map)
It turns out that it's actually a Byston Well army.  Shou recognizes the 
Spriggan, piloted by SHOTT WEAPON (Dunbine).  Shott doesn't like seeing 
another Earth army, and he doesn't want to underestimate them.  MUSY POE 
(Dunbine) asks him what they should do.  Shott replies that they don't want to 
waste too much of their strength, but they shouldn't retreat without fighting 
either.  Bright wonders why a Byston Well army is in Australia.  Shou says 
that Shott was born in Australia, so maybe just as he appeared in Tokyo, Shott 
appeared in his birthplace.  Shiela says that she feels an evil aura; they 
will have to fight.

A few turns later, Marvel Frozen shows up.  She and Shou recognize each other.  
Masaki also greets her and asks for her help.  Shou tells her about everyone 
coming to Earth, and requests her help.  She agrees.

The Aura Battlers retreat once you destroy the Bubly or take the Spriggan 
below 70% HP.  At that point, a bunch of Heavy Metal units appear.  Wazan says 
that the Earthlings are fighting amongst themselves.  McTomin says that even 
so they have to destroy LB.

Once you beat all the Heavy Metal units, Misato says it's time to enter the 
base proper.  Kouji thinks that Misato sounds cool.

Stage 29 - The Recapture of Adelaide II
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 17 (Ship + 16)
Player Reinforcements: 3 (Tallgeese, Aries, G Defenser)

Initial Enemy Formation: Zeidram (Rof)
                         Lestgrunch x3
                         Calvary Temple x6
                         Grassidow Ryu x3
                         Calleyzed x3
                         Bat-Shu x5
                         Garoika x3
                         Graia x2

Enemy Reinforcements: Wing Gundam (Heero)
5 PP - PR
  EP - ER

- Rof retreats on the next enemy phase after his first battle.  This 
effectively means that you have to kill him in one turn.

You enter the base.  The Poseidal-Guest unit inside is led by GROPHIS LACREIN 
(Banpresto original), who is eager to test the strength of Londo Bell.

In a few turns, some backup units show up to support your force (Zechs, Noin, 
and Katsu -- Katsu only if you are playing the Real route.)

Heero shows up in a few turns as well.

After the battle, Amuro is surprised that KATSU KOBAYASHI (Z Gundam) is there.  
Katsu reminds Amuro that he's a real member of Londo Bell.  Amuro wonders if 
HAYATO KOBAYASHI and FRAU BOW (Gundam), his foster parents, know about this.  
Katsu doesn't need their permission, though, he's an adult (Bright says he 
sounds like a kid when he says this, though).  Kamille reminds Katsu not to 
get too eager.

In space, Treize is speaking to Jamitov.  He thinks that it's a perfect time 
to start Operation Reconquista now that Adelaide has been recaptured.  Jamitov 
wonders if it's a bit too soon, but Treize thinks that they have to move 
quickly or Londo Bell's work will be wasted; can't Jamitov see that?  Bask 
yells at Treize for his disrespect, but Jamitov authorizes the plan.  Treize 
praises Jamitov for his wise decision.

Afterwards, Bask wonders if it's OK to leave things in Treize's hands.  
Jamitov says that with the Romefeller Foundation behind Treize, they can't 
afford to do anything hasty.  Jamitov has plans to deal with the Foundation 
eventually; for now they'll just let them do as they please.

Heero has returned to Japan, and Duo chides him for getting shot down again.  
He says that he can help, and Heero blows him off.  Duo says that Relena 
transferred schools because of some family problem.  She seems to have gotten 
tired of Heero pretty quickly.  Heero wants to know what Duo is talking about 
-- Duo can't believe Heero didn't notice Relena's obsession with him, despite 
Heero telling her he would kill her.  Duo is even jealous of him for that.  
Heero wonders to himself why Relena is so interested in him.  Duo says it 
would have been more romantic for them to run away together, and starts to 
tell Heero where she went, but Heero isn't listening.

Stage 30 - Operation Reconquista
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 17 (16 + Ship) [The Nel Argama is there as a NPC unit]

Initial Enemy Formation: Will Wipps (Drake)
                         Zwarth (Jeril)
                         Zwarth (Allen)
                         Zwarth (Fuei) 
                         Leprechaun x7
                         Drumlo x7

Enemy Reinforcements: Auge (Nei)
                      Ashura Temple (Gablae)
                      G.Roon (Hash)
                      Ashura Temple (Heckler)
                      Ashura Temple (Anton)
                      Ashura Temple (Ryukurei)
                      A.Taul x2
                      G.Roon x2
                      Calvary Temple x6
                      Bat-Shu x8 
Enemy Reinforcements(2): Grassidow Ryu x3
                         Lestgrunch x3

(See Notes) - ER(1)
(See Notes) - ER(2)

- The first set of reinforcements shows up when you either reduce the Will 
Wipps to 70% HP or lower, or defeat all but 10 of the initial enemies.  I am 
not sure about the second set of reinforcements; for me they showed up on turn 
10 with 1 HM enemy left.
- If the Nel Argama gets destroyed, it's game over, so be careful.  However, 
despite Nei's order, the AI seems to be just as normal.
- Be careful of the second reinforcements; they appear to the upper left of 
the screen near the Nel Argama.

Zechs explains to Bright that Operation Reconquista is a large-scale plan 
drawn up by Treize.  Using the chance offered by Londo Bell's retaking of 
Adelaide, they will try to retake all of Earth's bases in one fell swoop.  
Shinobu is surprised that the Titans are finally moving their big butts; after 
he says this he apologizes to Zechs (who is in the Titans).  Zechs 
understands, though, he wouldn't have even been able to assist LB if it 
weren't for Treize's actions.  Noin says that Treize will soon come to Earth 
to command the operation himself, and Londo Bell is requested to defend him.  
He is coming down near Bombay in India.

At Bombay, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, but the Minovsky particles 
are so dense that they don't know for sure.

Treize contacts LB and thanks them for allowing him to move forward with his 
plan.  He tells Zechs to stay with Londo Bell for awhile, to allow him to get 
information about things that he wouldn't see just sitting with the Titans.  
However, this is not an order, it's just a request from a friend.  Zechs 
agrees, and at that moment, enemies attack.

(Switch to battle map)
The enemies turn out to be Aura Battlers led by Drake in the Will Wipps.

Once you beat some of the enemies, Drake realizes that the Earth forces are 
stronger than he thought, and retreats.  Shou wonders what Drake is up to, and 
Shiela comments that Drake was just testing them.  Marvel thinks that fighting 
above ground is tough because of resupply problems.  Just then, another force 
shows up -- this time Poseidal units.

Gablae tells Nei that they should attack while LB's strength has been sapped; 
Nei doesn't appreciate Gablae telling her what to do.

After the first turn, Gablae notices that Londo Bell is trying to protect the 
Nel Argama -- this time Nei is more accepting of Gablae's advice and orders 
the troops to attack the Nel Argama.

Some time after that, Zeb shows up and leaves some Guest units for LB to fight 
(Zeb himself leaves).

After the battle, Treize thanks Londo Bell and says that Operation Reconquista 
will start as promised.  Bright wonders if LB should help, but Treize says 
that it's time for the Titans to actually do something -- LB doesn't have to 
participate.  Zechs isn't sure Jamitov would agree with that, but Treize 
responds that the Titans are not Jamitov's private army.  Right now the most 
important thing is to repel the Poseidal-Guest invasion.  Jamitov is just 
watching the changing era.  Zechs hopes Jamitov agrees, and Treize wonders 
when Zechs became such a worry-wart.  Zechs has changed since seeing the 
Titans for himself.  Treize tells him not to be concerned; the Titans are in a 
transition phase right now, and everything starts now.

Stage 31 - The Colonies Rebel
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 18 (17 + Ship)

Initial Enemy Formation: Org Baryu (Zeb)
                         Beautrifa (Seti)
                         Grassidow Ryu x3
                         Callyzed x6
                         Garoika x6

Enemy Reinforcements: Lestgrunch
                      Grassidow Ryu
                      Lestrail x2
                      Callyzed x6
Turn 9, if Seti is still alive - ER
Turn 10 - Seti, Zeb retreat

- Seti and Zeb retreat at turn 10, but that's no fun.  This is your last 
chance in SRW F to take the Guest leaders down.  Defeating them both takes 
some planning and careful SP management.  Taunt Zeb right at the start, and 
only kill enough units to get your super robots to their powerful attacks 
(plus their own kiai seishin).  You should have three Exhausts; use one on Zeb 
and then take him down.  Taunt Seti around turn 5; wait until turn 9 so that 
she can call reinforcements (for money), and then use your other two Exhausts 
and take her down.  If you manage your SP right you can use an Awaken to get 
two turns (Awaken + 2 sure hits would do more damage than hot blood + sure 
hit).  Unfortunately you get no items, but if you use Bless on both of them 
you'll get around 45000 gold.

Treize reports to Londo Bell that Operation Reconquista is proceeding.  They 
are to go to Dakar, where enemy resistance is at its strongest, and protect 
Treize in the process.  Kouji wishes the Titans would just deal with that 
themselves.  LADY UNE (Gundam Wing) yells at Kouji for his impudence, but 
Treize says that since Kouji is not in the military, they are just two people 
talking.  Kouji likes the sound of that.  Treize tells him that the Titans are 
also contributing a lot of units to this operation, so there aren't enough 
left for his personal defense.  Bright agrees, and they set off for Dakar.

At Dakar, the fighting hasn't started yet.  Treize is talking personal command 
of this mission, so they were awaiting his arrival.  Just then, enemies 

(Switch to battle map)
A Guest fleet is there.  Seti seems to have correctly predicted Londo Bell 
would show up, which impresses Zeb.  Seti is a bit worried that all the bases 
are being attacked, and Dakar is in danger as well, but Zeb doesn't think that 
concerns them at all -- that's up to Poseidal.  Seti is eager to test their 
new mechs, though.

After the battle, Treize thinks that the presence of the Guest units is proof 
of how strong Dakar's defense is.  Une wonders if they're going to stop the 
plan, but Treize says they'll continue as is.  He foresaw this level of 
resistance, and if they can take out Dakar, that should help defeat the other 
bases as well.  At this point GADY KINZEI (Zeta Gundam) from the Titans 
contacts Bright; it seems that the reinforcements have come and it's time to 
start the plan.  Treize thanks Londo Bell for their help.  Lady Une and Treize 

Amuro is somewhat suspicious of Treize, but Bright doesn't think he gets along 
with Jamitov very well.  Just then, Maya reports some alarming news -- the 
colonies have declared independence.  Everyone is surprised at this.  The news 
says that the colonies have joined together into something called the Allied 
Colonies, and have declared their independence from the Earth Federation.  
Bright can't believe they chose this time to do it.  Amuro wants to try to 
find out more specific information about this, but Maya is unable to get 
through to the Federation HQ to ask them.  However, a transmission from KAI 
SHIDEN (Gundam) comes through on a private line (Kai was in the military in 
SRW 3, but he has since quit and become a journalist).

Bright wonders what Kai wants.  Kai has information on the colony rebellion, 
and he wants to meet Londo Bell at a nearby location.

At the location (wherever it is), Kai comments on the large number of new 
people in Londo Bell.  Kai says that it all begins with QUATTRO BAJINA (Zeta 
Gundam), who was driven away from the military (in SRW 3 you could convince 
Char and get him on your side as Quattro).  Kai wonders if Bright has heard 
about AEUG -- the organization that has formed around Lieutenant Quattro.  
It's an organization that is formed of people working against the Earth 
Federation.  Kai doesn't know the full details, but it seems that there are 
even people within the Earth Federation that are part of AEUG.  Amuro says 
that this revolution must be Char's doing, but Kai says it's not that simple.  
Apparently within the AEUG, there are two factions -- one that wants to attack 
quickly, and another that wants to defend their position.  The former faction 
wanted to immediately declare independence, while the latter wanted to wait 
for the perfect time.  Quattro was one of the people who wanted to wait, but 
it seems that those from the attack faction were able to get this declaration 
of independence out.  The reason for this was that Operation Reconquista drew 
the Titans (who were oppressing the colonies) away from space, giving them the 
perfect opportunity.  

Bright is impressed with Kai's information, but Kai says he has to be able to 
do this kind of work to be a journalist.  Amuro knew from a while back that 
there was unrest in the colonies, but he didn't think that things would go 
this far.  Kai says that he feels the action of the colonies is strange as 
well, and he spent time searching out the reason why they took such a hardline 
stance and why their military force was able to expand so quickly.  They must 
have some secret financial backing working in the shadows -- some group that 
would profit from the colonies' independence.  From what he has been able to 
find out, that group is the Divine Crusaders, led by Haman Karn.  She has 
apparently planned all this to aid the revival of DC, and supported it with 
money and troops.  Amuro says that in the end, this "Allied Colonies" group 
will simply become part of DC.  Kai says that the only thing standing in the 
way of that is Quattro and his faction.  Unfortunately, both Quattro and BLEX 
FORER (Z Gundam), the formal representative of the faction, have both gone 
missing; apparently driven away by Haman.  Bright wonders if Kai has any proof 
of this link between DC and the Allied Colonies.  Kai was not able to get 
that, but if things continue this way, it's going to be a second DC War.  
Bright can't believe that this is all coming in the middle of the war with 
Poseidal-Guest.  Amuro suggests that they go to space to see if they can 
figure anything out for themselves.  With the Titans' intevention in the P-G 
war, that frees Londo Bell up to do that.  Misato points out that it's because 
of those same Titans that the colonies are in such chaos.  Kai says that he'll 
try to find out more information, and contact Londo Bell again if he finds 
anything out.

Stage 32 - Londo Bell, to space
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 20 (19 + ship)

Initial Enemy Formation: Great General of Darkness
                         R. Jaja x2
                         Hammer Hammer
                         Light Wave Beast Pikdron
                         Mechazaurus Shig
                         Machine Beast Spartan K5 x2
                         Machine Beast Abroda U6
                         Machine Beast Oberius x2
                         Machine Beast Gratonius x2
                         Draisen x3
                         Gira Doga
                         Garus J
                         Mechazaurus Zen II
                         Mechazaurus Dai
                         Lion X1 x2
                         Machine Beast Jenova M9
Enemy Reinforcements: Gundam Deathscythe (Duo)
                      Gundam Heavyarms (Trowa)
                      Gundam Sandrock (Quatre)
                      Shenglong Gundam (Wufei)
6 EP - ER

- Watch out for the Pikdrone at the bottom right; it has 30000 HP and can do 
some damage.
- The Gundam Wing boys will attack the enemies as well, so if you don't care 
about losing a little money it can be useful to leave them alive for a turn or 

Treize contacts Bright and reports that the operation was a success; all the 
bases captured by Poseidal-Guest are falling under the Titans' control.  The 
enemies have retreated are gathering at their base at A Bao Qu.  
Unfortunately, they now have this matter of the colonies' rebellion to deal 
with.  However, the Titans still have to work on cleaning things up on Earth, 
and there are a number of suspicious things about what's going on in the 
colonies.  It's too early for them to move against the colonies without 
knowing the full nature of the situation; a wrong move would only cement the 
colonies' position.  Treize wants Londo Bell to investigate what's going on.  
Bright agrees, saying they were already going to do that anyway.

Judau wonders why Bright didn't tell Treize about what Kai had said, but 
Bright says they have no proof yet, and something about Treize bothers him.  
Londo Bell heads for Gibraltar to go into space.

At Gibraltar, things have been prepared for their departure.  Bright has also 
requested small vernier engines and an escape pod, which he doesn't explain 
the reasons for.

It turns out the engines are for the Aura Battlers, and Maura and Ino put them 
on.  Shou thanks Maura for her help.  Nina is surprised that the Aura Barrier 
still works in space, but Shou says they need the verniers to move at all.  
Ritsuko apparently had already prepared the Evangelions for space combat 
beforehand in the event this might happen.  Ritusko is looking for Masaki, but 
he's not there.  He went to the Gran Galan for some reason.  

After she leaves, Maura wonders why she's so interested in Masaki lately.  
Cham says that Ritsuko likes Masaki's cats.  Maura is a little disappointed; 
she just thought Ristuko was interested in younger men.  Boss comes in 
wondering if his Boss Borot will be ready for space as well.  Maura thinks he 
should just scrap it and start over from the beginning, but Boss says all he 
needs is a vernier and guts.  Maura gives in.

It's 30 minutes until takeoff, and of course, enemies attack.

(Switch to battle map)
It turns out to be a DC force headed by the Great General of Darkness.

After some turns, Quatre shows up.  He wonders why Londo Bell doesn't really 
feel like an enemy, even though they're supposed to be the enemies threatening 
the colonies.  Duo, Wufei, and Trowa all appear as well.

After the battle, everything's ready to go, so it's off to space.  Cham asks 
Shou what outer space is like, and Shou says that it's like when they travel 
the Aura Road and see the blackness with specks of light.  Cham is surprised 
that there's no atmosphere, but she says she can just hold her breath.  Shou 
realizes they'll have to make a little space suit for her as well.  Lilith and 
her make them together.

Meanwhile, at the Guest base (probably), Zezernan is talking to Shapiro about 
the failures on Earth.  Shapiro tells him that they can't continue their 
takeover of earth -- ironically, their presence seemed to unite Earth to 
fight.  Zezernan asks what Shapiro's plan is.  Shapiro says that the Earth 
Federation was not always so monolithic; they have friction with the colonies 
and they also are now embroiled in conflict with the armies from Byston Well.  
If they withdraw, Earth will fall into conflict among themselves.  The proof 
of this is the recent colony rebellion.  Zezernan thinks that they'll have a 
hard time convincing their troops and those of Poseidal.  Shapiro thinks 
Zezernan is the best one to do that.  Shapiro's plan is the best, considering 
the final goal.  Zezernan decides to send Shapiro as an emissary to the Earth 
Federation, and also tells him to talk to Poseidal.  After Shapiro leaves, 
Zezernan wonders what the best way to use Shapiro will be.

On Earth, Lady Une and Treize are talking.  Une has informed Treize about 
something (presumably the Guest/Poseidal withdrawal), and Treize realizes that 
Jamitov is just using the whole war for his personal political advancement.  
Lady Une asks what Treize is going to do, and Treize says nothing.  This 
surprises Une, but Treize tells her that the negotations with P-G will 
succeed, although this is just the beginning of bigger trouble.  Treize just 
wants to see how things go from here on out.

Stage 33 - Establishing Peace
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 4 (Bilvine, Zeta Gundam, Gespenst, L-Gaim)
Player Reinforcements(1): 3 (Big Moth N, Cybuster, Shining Gundam)
Player Reinforcements(2): 13 (12 + Ship)

Initial Enemy Formation: Doven Wolf (Lakan)
                         Hammer Hammer (Mashmyre)
                         Draisen (Gordon)
                         Mechazurus Dai
                         Mechanical beast Abdora U6
                         Gau x2
                         R Jaja x2
                         Draisen x6
                         Belga Giros x3
                         Mechazaurus Shig
                         Mechazaurus Zen II
                         Mechanical Beast Spartan K5
                         Mechanical Beast Jenova M9
                         Lion X1
                         Ashmar x2
                         Hambrabi x2
                         Galus J

Enemy Reinforcements: Wing Gundam (Heero)
                      Gundam Heavyarms (Trowa)
                      Gundam Sandrock (Quatre) 
PP 2 - PR(1)
PP 6 - PR(2), ER

- This battle requires a different approach than the ones up to now.  Your 
units at the upper right should be fine, but Domon, Masaki, and Ryo are going 
to be in trouble.  You may have to simply take the Big Moth as a loss.  The 
Wing Gundam neutrals appear right next to the starting position of your top-
right units, so be careful there as well.

Ring wonders where Londo Bell is going next.  Bright says that they should go 
to Rondeon, where the influence of the Colony Alliance should be low; they can 
get information from there.

On the way to Rodeon, they open a connection with the colony.  They ask about 
the condition of Earth, and then get down to business.  Bright wants to dock, 
and the person tells him that only docks 1 and 2 are available now.  Bright 
asks if anything is wrong, but the man says that the conflict seems like a 
separate world.

After closing the connection, Amuro and Bright realize something is wrong, and 
Bright orders everyone to be ready for battle.  Misato wonders what's wrong, 
and Amuro tells her that Dock 1 is crumbling into ruin and is no longer in 
use, but they were told on the transmission they could use it.  That probably 
means that Rondeon has been taken over by the enemies, and probably an ambush 
lies in wait.  It may be that they simply explode the dock after Londo Bell 
arrives.  Amuro wonders what to do; Rondeon is an important source of 
supplies, so it's not good for it to be in the hands of DC.  Bright thinks 
they should try to recapture it, but it could be difficult if there are 
hostages.  Amuro comes up with a plan -- send only a small number of crack 
pilots in there.

The members are apparently Ryo (from Dancougar), Masaki, Domon, and Ring.  
Masaki wonders why Ring is there; apparently Ring won a gold medal in 
shooting.  Ring wonders what Masaki is good at, and Masaki tells her he does 
boxing and karate.  Shou says that everyone has a special talent, except for 
Cham and Lilith.  Cham gets angry at Shou and reminds him about her Special 
Kick Move; she threatens to hit Shou with it.  They arrive at Rondeon, and 
enter in through a disused hatch and meet again inside the colony.  Kamille 
tells Masaki to follow close behind him so he doesn't get lost.

Inside the colony, LAKAN (ZZ Gundam) wonders what Londo Bell is up to.  He 
wonders if the man told Londo Bell anything he shouldn't have.  Mashymre gets 
mad at Lakan, wanting to face Londo Bell head on in a fair fight, like Haman 

Cham brings news back to Londo Bell (Daba mistakes her for Lilith, though).  
It does seem to be DC, and DC has hostages.

Inside the colony, Kamille wants to distract DC while others free the 
hostages.  Masaki, Domon, and Ryou are nominated to get the hostages.  Kamille 
says that it will be fine with Domon and Ryou there; Masaki starts to get mad 
but the cats calm him down.

(Switch to battle map)
Lakan is surprised that Londo Bell is starting a fight in the colony.  
Mashymre decides it's time to fight LB, and frees the hostages so that they 
can fight without being hampered.  Lakan tries to stop him, but Gordon goes 
after Lakan.  Lakan threatens Mashymre with a court-martial, but Mashymre 
tells him to wait until after the fight to say that.  Lakan realizes there's 
no choice but to go to battle.  The units come out, and Mashymre challenges 
Londo Bell.

After the first turn, Domon and Masaki realize the hostages are already gone.  
But the operator finds them and tells them that Mashmyre let him go for some 
reason.  Masaki is upset that they couldn't do anything, but when they look 
out the window they see the fighting has started.  Masaki tells the man to 
make contact with Londo Bell.  They tell Kamille and the others about the 

After a few turns, Londo Bell shows up.  Unfortunately, some of the Wing 
Gundam boys appear as well.  Quatre wonders what all his work has been for, if 
the colonies were just going to dissolve into fighting.  Heero thinks that the 
colonies chose to fight without the proper resolve, and Trowa says their 
mission will be over soon.  At the same time, Londo Bell receives alarming 
news -- the Earth Federation has agreed to a cease fire with Poseidal-Guest.  
Bright is surprised it happened so quickly.  There's more -- the Federation 
has declared their opposition to the independence of the colonies, and war has 
started between them and the Colony Alliance.  Bright is incensed; both P-G 
and the Federation are just a bunch of people working in the shadows and using 
war for their own political gain.

After the battle, Amuro wonders what they're going to do.  The situation 
between the Earth Federation and the Colonies is extremely volatile, and they 
could get caught in the middle.  Judau declares that he will leave LB if they 
fight against the colonies, even if DC is controlling them from the shadows.  
Bright says that getting embroiled in a war with the colonies is exactly what 
Poseidal-Guest is hoping for; they're just waiting for Earth to fall into 
civil war so they can use that opportunity.  The Earth federation does not 
want to fight a two front war, so that explains the cease fire.  Kouji 
suggests going after DC.  Misato doesn't think it's that easy; the distrust 
the colonies have for the Federation runs deep, and it's not just the DC they 
would have to fight.  Bright decides to contact Jamitov, and see if there is 
some way to avoid a head-on, all-out conflict with the colonies.  However, at 
that point they receive a transmission from Gilliam Yeager.  Nobody knows who 
he is, although he identifies himself as AEUG.

Gilliam tells Londo Bell that Quattro would like to meet with them.  Quattro 
is in a certain colony, and he wants Londo Bell to come there.  Bright agrees, 
and Gilliam says he will come lead Londo Bell to where Quattro is.  

Bright thinks this will be the perfect opportunity to find out the exact 
relationship between DC and the colonies.

Back on Earth, Treize calls Lady Une into his room.  He wants Une to go into 
space.  The way the Titans are handling things now, war with the colonies 
seems inevitable, but he thinks Une might be able to avoid that.  He thinks 
Earth and the colonies are in grave danger right now, and wants Une to get 
more experience.  He wants her, if nothing else, to stop an all-out conflict.  
Une agrees, and Treize tells her to do everything elegantly.

Stage 34 - Reunion in the Cinq Kingdom
Goal: Destroy all enemies

Player Units: 18 (Ship, Gespenst Mk II + 16)
Player Reinforcements: Hyaku Shiki

Initial Enemy Formation: Quebeley (Haman)
                         Doven Wolf (Arias)
                         Hammer Hammer (Iria)
                         Doven Wolf x3
                         Draisen x3
                         Gau x4
                         Assmar x2
                         Belga Giros x4

Enemy Reinforcements: [unknown]
4 PP - PR
10 EP - If Haman is alive, ER, Haman retreats

- You can convince Haman with Quattro, but it has no effect.  You can still 
get her in FF even if you do not convince her here.
- Haman will retreat at turn 10 (after calling reinforcements), but that's no 
fun.  She is definitely the toughest (in terms of stats) boss in SRW F with 
51000 HP and high armor (plus double move), but if you have prepared well and 
set your guys up in the right places you can take her down in one turn.

Bright welcomes Gilliam.  Ring notices that he arrived on a Gespenst, and 
Gilliam seems to know her name.  Gilliam says that he's known her father for a 
long time, and he got the Gespenst Mk II from him.  It's a test unit.  Bright 
interrupts and tells Gilliam that they have to meet with Quattro as soon as 
possible.  Gilliam says that Quattro is in a colony in Side 6 called the Cinq 
Kingdom.  Both Zechs and Noin seem to know this name, and Bright thinks he's 
heard of it before.  Gilliam says that there was a colony of that name 13 
years ago.  They were a constitutional monarchy that declared themselves 
complete pacifists, and separated from the United Nations.  Noin completes the 
story: the king was suddenly assassinated, and the kingdom disappeared.  
Gilliam says that now the kingdom seems to have been reborn, and has declared 
pacifism again.  Bright thinks that's a tough position to take, given the 
current situation.  Gilliam responds that in the current chaos, they just come 
off as one small country doing something bizarre, and escape notice.  But they 
may face a harsher trial in the future.

On the way, Daba wonders why Poseidal was so easily convinced to retreat.  
Leccee agrees that it's hard to understand, but it sounds like just a 
temporary withdrawal.  Daba agrees, but if that's the case, they have to look 
differently at this alliance between Poseidal and Guest.  Up to now he's been 
assuming that they were equal partners in this alliance, but the cease fire 
doesn't feel like something that Poseidal would agree with.  Leccee agrees, 
and says that from what she could see, it was Guest that was controlling the 
strategy.  This cease fire is probably very bitter for them.  Amu doesn't like 
the stuck-up way Leccee speaks, but Daba agrees with Leccee.  It's been mostly 
the Poseidal troops that have been on the front lines of this fight, and to 
have this cease fire suddenly declared makes their deaths seem to be in vain.  
They must have been very reluctant, and the fact that they even agreed to the 
cease fire means that either Guest is exploiting some weak spot, or there must 
be something deeper going on behind the scenes.  Amu doesn't think there's any 
need worrying about what they don't know.  Daba agrees; right now they need to 
help out Earth, and they can deal with Poseidal later.

Londo Bell nears the Cinq Kingdom.  It seems that there is a DC force there, 
and everyone goes to battle stations.

(Switch to battle map)
The DC force is led by Haman, who suspects that Londo Bell is coming to the 
Cinq Kingdom to meet Quattro (who is a former LB member, after all).  Judau 
recognizes Haman's Quebeley, and Bright can't believe they ran into her so 
suddenly.  Amuro thinks this is the perfect chance; if they can kill Haman 
here, they can destroy DC and stop the colonies' rebellion.

Quattro soon appears in his Hyaku Shiki and challenges Haman.  Gilliam wonders 
if it's OK for Quattro to come out himself.  Quattro answers that he is 
responsible for this fight, so he can't just sit by and do nothing.

If you convince Haman with Quattro, he asks what she's trying to do by using 
the Zabi Family name.  Haman tells him to shut up; Quattro is the one who 
betrayed her.  Quattro tells her that this is not the time for Earthlings to 
be fighting amongst each other, but Haman vows to kill Quattro and end all of 

After the battle, Quattro reunites with Londo Bell.  Bright wants Quattro's 
help to prevent the disaster brewing between Earth and the Colonies.  Gilliam 
says that first they should meet the representative of the Cinq Kingdom, who 
said that she wanted to meet Londo Bell.

The representative turns out to be Relena, who Zechs seems to know.  After the 
introductions, Relena praises Londo Bell for their exceptional effort, which 
she was able to see for herself.  Given the pacifist position of the Cinq 
Kingdom they cannot assist directly, but she hopes for their success.  Solving 
problems with weapons just breeds more evil, but she will not try to force 
that view on anyone.  She is not going to run away from this ideal with 
convenient excuses, no matter how hard it becomes.  A declaration of complete 
pacifism would have no meaning without that resolve.  She does have a reason 
for speaking to Londo Bell, though -- she wants them to help somebody.  
Namely, Heero Yui, who has been fighting for the colonies but is being 
betrayed by them.  Pagan hands over the information on Heero, and Bright 
recognizes him.  Relena says that although he has fought Londo Bell many 
times, he is not a bad person, and he is in danger from the action of the 
colonies.  She thinks LB are the only ones that can save him.  She recognizes 
it will be difficult, but asks them to do it if they have the chance.  Bright 
agrees, but asks what sort of relationship Relena has to Heero.  Relena 
responds that he saved her even as he tried to kill her.  She learned so much 
from him, and would never have become queen of the Cinq Kingdom without him.

Zechs is worrying about Relena.  Noin tries to ask him about it, but he feigns 
ignorance.  She wishes that he would open his heart more.

Pagan voices suspicions Relena about a certain recent transfer student, who is 
related to Duke Dermail of the Romefeller Foundation.  Considering how much 
the Foundation dislikes the pacifism of the Cinq Kingdom, he is sure there 
must be some hidden plan here.  She told Relena, however, that she wanted to 
come to the Kingdom because the Foundation wants to learn about the 
educational system of the pacifist kingdom.  She tells Pagan that nothing good 
will happen from doubting everyone, and plus, this will be a good chance to 
show everyone that the Cinq Kingdom is not hiding an ulterior motive.

She meets this transfer student, DOROTHY CATALONIA (Gundam W), introducing 
herself as Relena Peacecraft.  Dorothy is surprised that Relena is running the 
school as well as ruling the Kingdom.  Relena responds that she can't do 
everything herself yet, and that she still has plenty to learn.  Dorothy is 
very curious about what the Kingdom is going to do if any of the hostile 
forces in all this chaos come to attack.  If that were to happen, and all the 
beautiful landscape disappeared, one could lose their idealistic heart, and 
what could you do other than hand the Kingdom over?  Relena responds that 
there are no fools in the world, and that everything can be solved by talking 
and understanding each other, which is the true road to peace.  Dorothy says 
that she is a fool that loves war, and she'll surely get in the way.  Relena 
tells her that the Cinq Kingdom is a perfect place to have discussions like 
that, and she looks forward to talking to Dorothy a lot.  Relena wants Dorothy 
to just call her Relena (instead of "Relena-sama"), but Dorothy says no -- 
Relena is a heroine that Dorothy looks up to.

Afterwards, Dorothy chuckles to herself.  Londo Bell is there, and DC is 
inciting the colonies to action.  It looks sure to become interesting.

Dorothy: Hurry up and start, war!


III. Credits and Legalese
Thanks to:
mahq.net and the official Bandai site for name romanizations
Orochi Kusanagi on SRWG.org for support and Guest romanizations

This FAQ Copyright 2007 to Chris Kern. Redistribution in any form,
including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
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