Review by Doggiesfan

Reviewed: 07/05/06

Jonah Lomu Rugby. Is there anything it cant do.

Saying this is the best rugby game for playstation isn't saying much, as this is the only rugby game for the PSX. But it is a great game. If you like rugby to any extent, and have a play station, you have to get this game.

Graphics: 7/10

While not as pretty as other sport games, it does the job. But one annoying feature is the fact that there are no numbers on the jerseys. The only way to tell players apart is by height, skin colour, and hair colour.
Although like I said it is hard to tell apart, pretty much every player has their own look.

Sound: 9/10

Not much to say, except there is a lot of crowd cheering in the background and the commentary, like most sport games, is horrible. Its limited to a couple of sentences that are always said at the wrong time. For England they sing swing low. Although they sometimes get the sentences wrong, they mostly get it right.

Game play: 10/10

Now to the meat of the game. The game is incredible. Rucks, mauls, scrums, lineouts, the game has it all. The controls take a while to get used to, but you catch on after a while. The dummy is the most effective part of it. That is if you know how to use it. The palm is also very affective but unrealistic as you can fend off about eleven pepole at a time. The side step is also good but hard to get used to as it is hard to remember wich way to step and wich way not to step.

Overall: 8/10

The best rugby game so far ever created. The graphics are up to standard for and old playstation game. The sound is entertaining and such as so for the commentary. The gameplay is better than any rugby game in the world that will ever be created.

My suggestion. BUY IT. If you are not shore about, it rent it first. After that I guarentee that you will buy it and it is not a waste of money.

My overall rating is 10 out of 10.

Rating: 10

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