Review by mijihon

Reviewed: 04/05/05

Amazing game, best of the series.

I was deprived as a child, and the first console I ever had was a Playstation, yeah, thats right, no sonic or mario for me.
That being said my first game for the Playstation and my first football game was Actua Soccer 2.
I spent hours playing it and still see it as one of my favourite games.

Gameplay 9/10:
Probably the best and most realistic gameplay in a football game on the Playstation. Beats fifa and ISS hands down. The players AI seems to be spot on and the game has that realistic feel to it, like your playing real players rather than computer 'bots'.
Everything has been tweaked and passing, shooting, tackling all seem a lot easier to master and execute. The new free kick system is also a dream and makes scoring free kicks simpler, though not easier, so your still filled with that satisfying feeling when one hits the back of the net.

Controls 9/10:
Take a bit of time to get used to, but once you get going it'll feel like you were born with a natural touch for the game. It seems that everything has been given a complete make over from the original and the mapping of the control system seems a lot easier to use.

Graphics 8/10:
Nothing special when compared to todays games like Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Fifa 2005. But what you have to remember is that this game is a Playstation game. It seems that Gremlin have created the game and given it graphics to the full potential of the Playstation. Superb. Along with unique motion capture sequences provided by Michael Owen, your sure not to be disappointed.

Sound 10/10:
Still the best around in my opinion, even in the latest football additions (Pro Evo, Fifa) commentating is always a weak point, but in Actua Soccer 2 its as close as it gets to being spot on perfect. Trevor Brooking and Barry Davies provide a wide variety of match comments which never seem repetitive. The only flaw in the commentating is when Trevor Brooking starts commentating on himself whilst he's playing.

The in match sound is also great with realistic crowd chants and cheers for their supported team, along with nice little touches for the training ground like birds chirping, etc.

Overall 9/10:
Even with todays gaming standards this is one of the best football games produced. Its far superior to it prequel (Actua Soccer) and sequel (Actua Soccer 3) and should be in any football fans top 3 favourite footy games.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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