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Reviewed: 09/07/02 | Updated: 09/07/02

Actuay better then the original!

The original Actua Soccer game was as good as it got, for its time anyway. As soon as it came out, the half sequel, Actua Soccer Club Edition came out, which was actually a version of Actua Soccer, nbut with British premiership teams such as Liverpool, Leeds, Chelsea and Manchester United. This game, Actua Soccer 2 is a full on sequel to Actua Soccer, however is it as good?

On the 'ed son!

Unfortunatly, Gremlin, the good old british company did not rename its series Actua Football, It would have being great for them to stick to their british ways and not used the american term for the wonderful game. The name alone does not make the game bad in anyway of course, nope, not one bit!

This time the game is better, faster, better looking, back with better commentry from none other then Barry Davies and his friend, Trevor Brooking. The two commentators give their views on the teams as well as the game in hand, expect a few 'HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!' per game though. Barry Davies and Trevor Brooking (I would have settled for Murray Walker myself, oops, wrong sport) are not the only stars of the game, one of the players you get to control was Michael Owen, the young star from 1998 and... still the young star of Svens squad today.

How does the game shape up in all that matters then? Well I can tell you that the game is faster, no more slowdown. The characters handle a lot better, taking a corner, goal kick and free kicks has never being easier then this. Passing has been made a lot easier as well as all other important skills, such as shooting and giving the oposing team a good tackle.

There are many more teams then the original Actua Soccer had. The teams from the previous is still there, England, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, slong with some new ones including under dogs, Nigeria, Paraguay, Austria and Croatia. Sasly, there is not enough difference between the teams, with the exception of shirts, shorts, skin colour, hair and a few minor attributes.

The graphics are a lot better, there is much more detail. On the side of the pitch you can see adverts for Gremlin (the developers), McDonalds and Umbro. The pitch is detailed very well, as with the players, you can see the shirts much better in this sequel.

Actua Soccer 2 has a better multi-Player this time too. There is no slow down, and the game is just as fun with two players, it feels really good to boot the ball in the net sixteen times against a new person to the game. Very harsh, yet very, very fun!

Like Actua Soccer, the sequel is very cheap, I have seen it in the United Kingdom shops for £3, which is a bargain, considering the prequel is £1 cheaper. You can't go wrong with this game, it surpasses just about everything from the original game.


- Suceeds the original in just about every content
- Better then the last by miles
- A Right laugh in multi-player
- A very cheap game
- Owen and 2 commentators


- If you were to get all the actua games, it would cost a fortune


Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Multi-Player: 10/10
Enjoyment: 8/10
Lifespan: 7/10
Challenge: 4/10
Overall: 8/10

Alternatives: You could try the first Football game which was good, Soccer for SNES, Another Actua Soccer or sports game, This is Football, ISS (International Superstar Soccer), Fifa (especially Fifa 95 or 98) and if you are a Megaman fan, Megaman Soccer, if you are a Disney fan, try the lastest football game, Disney Soccer. Please... Enough 'Soccer' and more 'Football'!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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