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Get on Track with Winning Post!

The horses are in the gate, all bets are placed and the race is about to begin. As the owner of a top thoroughbred, years of breeding and training have come down to this race. Will your horse have what it takes to win?

The year is 1997 and horse racing has become big business in Japan. As a race horse owner, it's up to you to run a first class stable where the horses are of the highest pedigree. Hire breeders, trainers and jockeys that know their business and can help you win. Bet on the ponies, both yours and the competition to raise the cash needed to maintain your business and breed an exceptional thoroughbred. Afterall, it will take a magnificent race horse to dominate the popular races in Japan and eventually win the French Grand Prix in Paris. Horse racing is more than a sport, it's big business!

- As a thoroughbred owner, enter your horses in Japan's most popular races
- Select from 240 of Japan's top races with the ultimate goal of winning the French Grand Prix in Paris
- Instruct trainers, breeders and jockeys on how to maintain and race your horses
- Build up your profits by placing bets on your ponies or the competition
- Convenient on-screen glossary defines important horse racing terms
- Compatible with the Sega Saturn Mouse (optional)
- One player excitement

Review your ponies before entering a race
Breed only the finest horses for the French Grand Prix
Train your horses to race on 9 different tracks
Full screen graphics bring the race scenes alive

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