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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VJ Vis

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Visage <visagesc@yahoo.com>
    Last updated on 2003.September.11
    This guide was created for a couple reasons; first, I'm a big fan of the
    Twinbee series and I love this game, and second, I couldn't find any
    walkthroughs or guides for it anywhere (well, english ones that is), so I
    decided to write my own.  I'm also looking for someone to provide a better plot
    and dialogue than what I have here.  If you speak more Japanese than I do and
    are willing to help me, please e-mail me.
    Please do not copy any part of this guide and pass it off as your own.  It took
    me a while to write it and I don't appreciate my work stolen.  Since I can't
    actually copyright a guide (especially with someone else's trademarks in it),
    this is all I can do.  If you feel the need to steal my work and I find out
    about it, I guarantee you it will be the last guide I will ever give out to the
    public.  Thank you.
    Note that this guide contains some Japanese text. If this line...
    ...looks like garble to you or you only see question marks, then you need to
    install a Japanese text reader, or install support for the Japanese language in
    your operating system.  Sorry I can't help you with that, as this is a game
    guide, not a language-install-howto.
    Oh and just so you know, I don't speak very much Japanese at all.  I just know
    a lot of the characters in the language (excluding the fifty-bazillion Kanji),
    so I won't be providing a very good plot or anything like that.  I have
    completed the game twice before writing this guide, and I'll be writing it
    while playing through a third time.
    I've split the guide up into chapters.  You'll know when you've completed a
    chapter because you'll get a nifty little eye-catch animation.
    2003.09.12 (v1.0)
      The guide hits v1.0 with a now complete walkthrough of the entire game
    including most of the item boxes.
    2003.09.11 (v0.7 Alpha)
      Walkthrough nearly complete.
      Added almost (if not) all of the Bell Powers and Combined Powers.
    2003.09.07 (v0.2.5 Alpha)
      Added the whole prologue, first chapter, and some basic charts and tables.
      The guide has begun.
    I'm a huge fan of the Twinbee series, so I just had to pick this game up. 
    Although I'm not very fond of RPGs in general, this one is actually worth
    playing.  The 3D models are a bit lacking in the detail department, but the
    nice 2D pictures and eye-catch animations make up for it.  The game itself
    remains colorful and involved from the beginning to the end.  The music is
    upbeat and catchy (much like the rest of the series) and really gets you into
    the game.  I also liked the fact that all of the dialogue in the game is
    spoken.  You probably won't get this game though unless you're a fan of the
    Twinbee series, or are just dying to play another Japanese RPG that never saw
    beyond Japanese shores.  (I'm sure you did pick it up if you're reading this
    guide though.)
       a. Item List
       b. Mixing Fruit
       c. Bell Power
       d. Combined Power
       a. The Battle System
       b. Controls
       c. The Status Screen
       a. Prologue: The Black Fog
       b. Chapter 1: Rescuing Winbee and Pastel
       c. Chapter 2: Rescuing Gwinbee and Mint
       d. Chapter 3: We've found Light!
       e. Chapter 4: Return to the Temple
       f. Chapter 5: Seeds and Salyut
       g. Chapter 6: The Shine Bell and the Dark Bell
       h. Chapter 7: The Black Twinbee
       i. Epilogue
       a. Mini-Games
       b. Music Jukebox
    5. CREDITS
    Below is a (hopefully complete) list of items that you can find in the game and
    what they do
    (Not all the items are listed here.  I'll list more in the next version of this
    みかんジュース      Orange Juice   Restores one ally's HP by 50
    りんごジュース      Apple Juice    Restores one ally's HP by 200
    さくらんぼジュース  Cherry Juice   Restores one ally's HP by 500
    ももジュース        Peach Juice    Restores one ally's HP fully
    フルーツドロップ    Fruit Drop     Restores everyone's HP by 100
    フルーツパック      Fruit Pack     Restores everyone's HP by 200
    フルーツセット      Fruit Set      Restores everyone's HP fully
    ふしぎのしずく      Miracle Drop   Restores one ally's BP by 100
    ふしぎのみず        Miracle Water  Restores one ally's BP by 200
    ふしぎのもと        Miracle Potion Restores one ally's BP fully
    すっきりドリンク    Clear Drink    Removes bad status effects from one ally
    めざまし            Alarm Clock    Revives one ally, but with little HP
    きゅうきゅうしゃ    Ambulance      Revives one ally with full HP
    ブルーベル          Blue Bell     Raises one ally's speed temporarily
    カード              Card          You can save at the various green boxes
    イエローベル        Yellow Bell    Plant in the bell field to grow a bell tree
    赤のこやし          Red Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    青のこやし          Blue Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    緑のこやし          Green Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    紫のこやし          Purple Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the
    bell field
    白のこやし          White Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    スピードのこやし    Speed Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    ボナースのこやし    Bonus Fertilizer Use it on a growing bell plant in the bell
    ミクサーA          Mixer A        Allows you to mix fruit to create items
    ミクサーB          Mixer B        Same as Mixer A, but you can mix more items
    ミクサーC          Mixer C        Same as Mixer B, but you can mix more items
    ミクサーD          Mixer D        Same as Mixer C, but you can mix more items
    ハンマーチップA    Hammer Chip A  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Twinbee's hammer
    ハンマーチップB    Hammer Chip B  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Twinbee's hammer
    ハンマーチップC    Hammer Chip C  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Twinbee's hammer
    リボンチップA      Ribbon Chip A  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Winbee's ribbon
    リボンチップB      Ribbon Chip B  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Winbee's ribbon
    ガラマテリアルA    Rattle Material A  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Gwinbee's
    ガラマテリアルB    Rattle Material B  Give to Cinnamon to upgrade Gwinbee's
    Throughout the game you will be able to buy Mixers, items (a blender actually)
    that let you mix the various types of fruit that enemies drop when you defeat
    them.  Below is a list of the mixers, their cost, and what types of items they
    can make for you.
    Mixer A     1,000  Orange Juice (10 Oranges)
                       Apple Juice (10 Apples)
                       Miracle Drop (5 Apples, 5 Cherries)
                       Clear Drink (5 Oranges, 5 Apples)
    Mixer B     1,400  Everything Mixer A does plus...
                       Alarm Clock (10 Grapes)
                       Fruit Drop (5 Oranges, 5 Apples, 5 Cherries)
                       White Fertilizer (5 Peaches)
                       Miracle Water (5 Apples, 5 Cherries, 5 Peaches)
                       Speed Fertilizer (5 Oranges, 5 Peaches)
    Mixer C     2,700  Everything Mixer A and B can do plus...
                       Cherry Juice (10 Cherries)
                       Fruit Pack (5 Apples, 10 Cherries)
                       Blue Fertilizer (20 Grapes)
                       Green Fertilizer (5 Oranges, 15 Grapes)
                       Purple Fertilizer (5 Grapes, 10 Cherries)
                       White Fertilizer (5 Peaches)
    Mixer D       N/A  Everything Mixers A, B, and C can do plus...
                       Peach Juice (10 Peaches)
                       Fruit Set (10 Oranges, 10 Peaches)
                       Miracle Potion (5 Apples, 10 Cherries, 5 Peaches)
                       Red Fertilizer (10 Apples, 10 Cherries)
                       Bonus Fertilizer (5 Oranges, 5 Apples, 5 Grapes, 5 Cherries)
                       Sweet Bomb (5 Oranges, 5 Grapes, 5 Peaches)
                       Small Bee (10 Apples, 10 Peaches)
                       Medicine of Fero (20 Peaches)
    Magic in the game is called Bell Power (or BP for short.)  You can only use
    Bell Power in battles and it does cost a lot to use it unlike other RPGs, so do
    it sparingly.  Combined powers use no BP so those are preferable to using one
    person's Bell Power by themselves.
    This is a list of all the Bell Powers that characters get in the game and what
    level they learn them at.  Under the LEARN column, "Start" means that character
    starts with that power when you get him/her for the first time.  The same
    applies to the combined power chart below.
    BELL POWER            BP COST  LEARN
      Pico Hammer              10  Start
        Strong physical attack to one enemy
      Shotgun                  20  Lv. 9
        Attacks one enemy with a spread blast
      Heavy Hammer             30  Lv.18
        Attacks one enemy for even more damage
      Chain Gun                45  Lv.24
        Yet another more powerful attack against one enemy
      Metal Hammer             50  Lv.30
        You know the routine :)
      Golden Hammer            75  Lv.35
        300+ damage to one enemy.  Aww yeah.
      Shine Bell Shot          99  Near end of game
        Uses the power of the Shine Bell to kick some ass
      Cure Touch               15  Start
        Restores one ally's HP by a lot (100+)
      Ribbon Attack            25  Lv.13
        Attacks one enemy with ribbon waves
      Cutie Tent               50  Lv.20
        Heals everyone's HP for a large amount
      Pretty a la Mode         60  Lv.30
        Damages all enemies with (I hope it's not) ice cream
      Heartful Siphon          75  Lv.36
        Damages all enemies and heals all allies
      Speed Capsule            20  Start
        Raises one ally's speed (makes their time gauge fill up faster)
      Rattle Grenade           40  Lv.21
        Does a lot of fire damage (200+) to one enemy
      Miracle Voice            50  Lv.30
        Damages all enemies with a really LOUD yell
      Hard Capsule             60  Lv.36
        Raises one ally's defense temporarily
      God Capsule              80  Lv.42
      Healing                  10  Start
        Heals one ally for a moderate amount of HP
      Reflect Aura             20  Start
        Gives one ally a shield that protects against all magic attacks for a short
      Resurrection             30  Start
        Revives one fallen ally but with little HP
      Psycho Cutter            20  Start
        Attacks all enemies with small wind blades
      Daujing                  30  Start
        Attacks one enemy with a strong blast of electricity
      Delta Shot               30  Start
        Fires a delta wave at one enemy
      Rapid Fire               40  Start
        Fires a rapid laser at one enemy
      Bomber                   50  Lv.30
        Rapidly punches one enemy, chance of instantly killing it
      Delta Shot               30  Start
        Fires a delta wave at one enemy
      Barrier                  40  Start
        Protects one ally from physical attacks for 3 turns
      Restore                  50  Lv.30
        Restores one ally's HP by 300
    If at least two people in your party have their time gauge full, you can
    combine their power for greater effects.  Below is a list of the combined
    powers you can do.
    Twinbee + Winbee          Just before boss of Madora Land
        Twinbee picks up Winbee and throws her at one enemy
    Twinbee + Winbee          Twinbee: Lv.21 / Winbee: Lv.22
        Twinbee and Winbee face each other, then both scream out "Gacchinko!"
    Twinbee + Gwinbee         Twinbee: Lv.22 / Gwinbee: Lv.22
      Big Shot
        Twinbee and Gwinbee charge up and combine to release a huge shot
    Winbee + Gwinbee          Winbee: Lv.35 / Gwinbee: Lv.35
      Curve Laser
        Damages all enemies with a large laser wave
    Twinbee + Winbee + Gwinbee  Twinbee: Lv. 44 / Winbee: Lv.44 / Gwinbee: Lv.??
        Ultra powerful attack by all the Bees
    Molte + Vielen
      Power Flare             Start
        Attacks all enemies with a (not so) powerful flare
      All Healing             Start
        Heals all party members for a small amount of HP (~30 to 40 HP)
      Combined Beam           Start
        Fries all enemies with an ultra-powerful beam
    The battle system is not unlike Chrono Trigger's.  If you don't know that, it's
    where each person has a time gauge that fills up once you perform an action. 
    You can't perform another one with that character until their time gauge is
    full.  If you have at least two members in your party and both of their gauges
    are full, you may be able to do a combination attack with them.  Combination
    attacks can be more devastating to enemies, or can heal you for a large amount
    of HP.  If you get bored with the battle system, you can also put it on Auto,
    where everyone will attack automatically once their gauge fills up.  In Auto
    mode however, characters will not use their combination attacks, nor will they
    use their Bell Powers (magic.)  You can cancel Auto mode at any time by
    pressing the X button.
    Twinbee will explain the basic controls once you rescue him near the start of
    the game, but for those of you who can't read any Japanese, here's the controls:
    D-Pad:         Walk in the given direction
    Square Button: Jump
    X Button:      Dash (hold while pressing the d-pad in any direction)
    Triangle       Switches camera views from overhead, close-behind, and
    far-behind views
    SELECT:        Opens up subscreen with status, settings, etc.
    START:         Opens up the settings menu where you can adjust the map
    position, sound, vibration, etc.
    L1:            Rotates the camera left
    L2:            Tilt the camera down (to an eye-level view)
    R1:            Rotates the camera right
    R2:            Tilt the camera up (to an overhead view)
    Circle Button: Confirms command
    X Button:      Cancels command (go back to previous menu)
    START:         Pauses the game
    The title screen has two options which should be fairly obvious even if you
    don't read Japanese:
    はじめから: Starts a new game
    つづきから: Loads a saved game
    When you start a new game, you're given another menu with the following options:
    振動: Turns controller vibration ON or OFF
    サウンド: Sets the sound output to be either STEREO (ステレオ) or MONO
    メッセージスピード: Sets how fast the messages are displayed in the dialogue
    boxes.  The choices are:
    はやい: Fast
    ふつう: Normal
    おそい: Slow
    Once you've set that up, move down to the pink OK button to start the game!
    The scene opens with Warumon in a giant flying machine fighting with Twinbee,
    Winbee, and Gwinbee.  Warumon says that they're pretty good, but he's still
    better.  He then orders his henchman Zakobee to attack.  Warumon's machine
    fires, but Twinbee and Gwinbee dodge the shots, however, Winbee is hit.  Pastel
    yells for Light to help her.  Light agrees and orders Twinbee to
    attack.  Twinbee acknowledges and uses his hammer attack just as the scene
    The TV changes to snow as you hear someone call for help amongst the static. 
    This is followed by a voice saying "Help, please help..."  You will then see
    the goddess Melora trapped in a blue energy sphere.  She explains that she is
    Melora.  Twinbee is missing and Donburi Island is in peril.  Before she can do
    anything, she asks your help in freeing her from her prison.  Just choose the
    bottom option three times and Melora will be free.
    Melora will then ask for you to input your name (like all RPGs do), and then
    she will ask for your help in locating Twinbee and freeing Donburi Island from
    danger.  If you agree (the top option), she will thank you and transport you
    inside your TV set to the world of Twinbee.  You get a really cool opening
    cutscene here accompanied by the traditional anime opening music.  At the end
    of the video you will see your character (in red energy form) descend into
    Melora's temple.
    Once you arrive and are returned to human form, Melora will ask you if you want
    to save.  You will then exit the temple and two researchers will notice you. 
    They will wonder how you got inside (and out) of the temple, since the entrance
    is solid rock.  If you speak to them, they will ask what you're doing here.  It
    doesn't matter what you pick, as they will tell you if you're loooking for
    Twinbee, you should head to Dr. Cinnamon's lab.  When you leave they will call
    to you and tell you're crazy if you're going there on foot.  Just then, a
    mysterious grey fog will appear and the researchers will pass out.  You however
    are unaffected.  Once the mist clears, head down the path away from the temple.
    You will meet up with Molte and her smaller sister(?) Vielen.  They will talk
    to you for a bit, then leave.  You will automatically board the transit system
    (sorry, you can't take the item box yet.)  Once you get off the tran, exit the
    station and you'll see Twinbee lying on the ground, passed out.  Walk up to him
    and you'll hop inside him.  Twinbee then wakes up and is a little confused
    (hence the yellow swirl above his head.)  He wonders how long he's been passed
    out, then does a quick systems check and says that everything is at 100%.  Now
    he'll explain the basic controller settings to you and have you perform them. 
    When you do each one, you'll get a little bell sound telling you that you did
    it right.  He then notices you aren't Light, his usual pilot, and wonders where
    he could be.
    Twinbee will then escort you to Dr. Cinnamon's laboratory.  Upon entering,
    Cinnamon will be glad Twinbee has returned safely and will lower the barrier
    around the lab to allow you to enter.  He will ask where you were and Twinbee
    will give him a super long explanation of how things went.  Basically while
    fighting Warumon's machine, the mysterious fog appeared and the bees decide to
    split up and investigate.  Light stops at a village and gets out to
    investigate.  Twinbee warns him not to wander off as the fog might be
    dangerous.  Light agrees and is about to head back when he hears someeone call
    for help.  He goes to find out who it is, but can't see because the fog is so
    thick.  Twinbee calls for him to come back but Light can't find his way in the
    fog.  He tells Twinbee to go ask Cinnamon for help.  Twinbee begs Light to
    return to the cockpit now before he passes out from the fog, but it's too
    Twinbee then heads up in the sky to fly off to Cinnamon's lab just as a barrier
    closes to keept the fog from spreading.  He then explains this and flies off. 
    Upon arriving at Cinnamon's lab, he tries to break through the barrier with no
    success.  Twinbee then uses all of his strength to push through the barrier,
    but gets knocked out and lands in front of the tran station where you found him.
    Cinnamon then asks if Light is okay also, and Twinbee opens up the cockpit,
    revealing you.  Cinnamon is a little shocked that Light isn't inside and tells
    Twinbee he shouldn't let just anyone pilot him.  Twinbee says he was a little
    confused at the time and Cinnamon agrees and says that maybe you can help
    locate Light.
    Cinnamon then notices Winbee on the radar and says you should head there and
    talk to Pastel about what's been going on.  Twinbee wonders what could have
    happened to Light.  He heads out anyway to go look for Winbee.
    - 500 yen x2
    - Alarm Clock
    These next two chapters are split up into two parts, the first being where you
    rescue the bee, the second where you rescue his/her pilot.
    You start off in front of Cinnamon's lab.  Twinbee is still a little confused
    so you can't hit SELECT to check the subscreen yet.  Note that you can enter
    the lab and talk to Cinnamon to save your game.  Next to the lab is a log
    cabin.  Inside is a shower where you can go to replenish your HP and BP. 
    Inside the cabin is an item box which contains 500 yen.  Behind the lab is an
    item box which contains another 500 yen.
    You can break rocks with your hammer too, but only the smallest ones for now. 
    Later on you will get Hammer Chips which Cinnamon can use to upgrade your
    As soon as you head out, you will get in your first (and unavoidable) battle
    with a Radi.  Just use Twinbee's normal hammer attack and he should die within
    two hits.  Scattered around the area are a handful of Radis and Karos, the
    latter of the two being a bit tougher.  Don't try to fight Karos unless you're
    at around level 3.
    Once you defeat the first Radi, the yellow swirl above Twinbee will be gone and
    you can now check the menu screen using the SELECT button.  Twinbee will feel a
    bit better now and ask who you are.  You tell him your name is (whatever you
    entered) (the top option) and he will introduce himself to you.
    You've probably noticed the small field near the lab, and if you examine it,
    Twinbee will say that it is a field where they grow bell trees.  From now on,
    if you have any bells, you can plant them hear and in time, they will sprout a
    tree with random colored bells on it.
    Continue fighting several Radis and Karos until you reach level 5.  By that
    time, you should be able to kill Radis in one hit and Karos won't be able to
    damage you very much.
    If you go up the huge hill near the lab, you can find another item box which
    contains an Alarm Clock (revives one ally with partial HP.)
    There's a spot near the tran station (by the trees) where three Karos attack
    you.  You may not want to fight that enemy group until you're at level 4 at
    WHen you're satisfied with your level collecting, head to the tran station
    where you first met Twinbee.  Look at the tran station sign and it will say
    you're currently at Nikoniko Mountain.  From here, you can choose to go to
    Tanpopo Town or stay here.  If you go, it will cost you 100 yen, which should
    be nothing compared to the 2000+ you should have by now, so choose the top
    option and you'll hop aboard the tran.
    On the tran, you get a short scene.  Molte and Vielen are also aboard the Tran
    and will notice you.  Molte will introduce them, and you will introduce
    yourself as (whatever you named yourself earlier.)  Vielen will say they are
    looking for Pastel and Madoka.  Twinbee will say he knows Madoka and she runs a
    restaurant in Tonpopo Town.  He asks if you want to head there because maybe
    she knows where Pastel and Light are.  Molte says they are also heading to
    Tonpopo town and maybe you could join them in their search for Pastel.  You can
    choose whether you want to talk to Madoka first or find Pastel on your own.  It
    doesn't matter what you pick, so I just chose to talk to Madoka first.
    - 10 yen
    - Miracle Drop
    - Green Fertilizer
    When you arrive at the town, you will get off the tran and hop inside Twinbee. 
    If you chose to talk to Madoka, then Molte and Vielen say they will wait for
    you at the Reese Recording Studio up on the hill.  They won't join you to talk
    to Madoka.  If you have them in your party and attempt to walk to the town from
    the tran, they will leave you and say the same thing as well.  For now just
    leave them and head to the town to talk to Madoka.
    When you head down the hill from the tran, there's an item box on the way which
    contains an Apple Juice (restores 200 HP to one person.)  There's also a
    vending machine near the hotel that you can use to buy Orange Juice (refills
    one person's HP by 50), Alarm Clocks (revives one ally but with partial HP),
    and Miracle Drops (restores one person's BP by 100.)  Buy some if you
    want..you'll probably need them for the various enemies and of course the boss
    at the recording studio in a bit.
    Inside the hotel, you can rest for free (since the clerk is passed out from the
    fog) and also save your game if you need to.  In the back room there's an item
    box which contains a Miracle Drop.
    Around town, it looks like everyone is passed out from the fog so you can't
    talk to any of them yet to find out what's been going on.  Look around in the
    various houses including the warehouses down by the docks for items if you want
    to.  In the house next to Madoka's place, there's an item box containing Green
    Fertilizer (needed for the Bell field back at Nikoniko mountain.)  In the third
    warehouse (the one on the right) on the docks, there's an item box containing a
    lowly 10 yen.  There's another box behind the lighthouse (just go straight down
    the boardwalk) which contains an Orange Juice.
    Unfortunately the accessory shop's clerk is passed out so you can't buy any
    accessories yet...
    Watch out when fighting Woodmen (tree stump looking enemies) as they can do a
    bit of damage to you (more than anything else).  By themselves they're not a
    problem, but if you face three of them by yourself, prepare for a pounding.
    Head down to the water area by the docks and find Madoka's restaurant (it's the
    building with the coffee cup sign in front of it.)  Head inside to talk to her.
    When you enter Madoka's place, you see her talking to herself about the news
    reports of the fog and various other things.  She also says a bunch of other
    stuff I can't read, but it's not important.  She'll notice you and Twinbee and
    ask who you are.  Twinbee will introduce you to Madoka.  Madoka will ask where
    Light is, and Twinbee will say "Well, it's like this..." and then the scene
    fades as he explains it all.  Madoka will nearly freak out at Light's
    disappearance and will offer to join you to help locate him.  Not only does she
    make excellent food, but she's also a (not very good) mechanic.  She says to
    wait a minute while she goes in the back room to change.  While she changes,
    you should take the item box behind the counter.  It contains 500 yen.  Take it
    now because once you trigger the next cutscene you can never get it again.  If
    you go up to the door where Madoka is changing, she'll yell at you for trying
    to sneak a peek at her (you naughty perv. :))  So just try to leave out the
    front door and Madoka will come out from the changing room wearing a very pink
    robotic suit she made (notice the spiffy oldschool Twinbee music played.)
    Once you both head outside, Madoka will test out her powered suit on the nearby
    Hopper.  You might be wowed at her stats (level 99 and over 500 HP and BP), but
    it doesn't matter what attack you do (normal or special) on the Hopper, as
    she'll just trip and explode, killing the Hopper in the process.)
    Afterwards, Twinbee will ask if she's injured at all.  Madoka will say that her
    powered suit failed for some reason, and that you'll have to go search for
    Pastel and Winbee by yourself.  She suggests going up to the recording studio
    on the hill by the tran station, so head there.
    - 500 yen
    - Miracle Drop
    - Orange Juice x3
    - Yellow Bell
    When you arrive by the front entrance, Molte and Vielen will be there and will
    join you in searching for Pastel.  Before you head inside, head up the stairs
    on the right side to the roof of the studio and you can find a box which
    contains another Miracle Drop.  The stairs on the other side lead to a box
    which contains an Orange Juice.  Get them both and head inside the front door.
    Once inside the studio, a crate will fall and hit Vielen on the head, knocking
    her out.  Molte will rush over and heal her.  She will then wonder what could
    have caused the accident and says you should look around some more.  Go up to
    the second floor first before you head to the basement.  Upstairs you'll find a
    box which contains another Orange Juice.  Head back downstairs and enter the
    door opposite the stairs and entrance.  Head to the back of the recording booth
    and get the Orange Juice from the item box.  Now head back to the main room
    with the stairs and go down the small flight of stairs.
    Head into the first door on the left and take the 500 yen from the box on top
    the crates (jump and hit the action button in the air if you can't get it
    normally.)  Then exit, go further down the hall, and enter the door at the end.
     In this hall, ignore the small room with the table as there's nothing in
    there, and head into the next door at the end of the hall.
    In this large room, head to the section opposite the yellow tiled floor first
    to get an item box which contains a Yellow Bell.  When you're ready, head over
    to the yellow tiled section and talk to Winbee who is passed out in the corner.
     As soon as you do, a large enemy will approach from behind and attack.
    Recommended Level: 8
    Just have Twinbee use his Pico Hammer bell power until you run out of BP, then
    just attack.  Molte and Vielen should keep using their combined "All Healing"
    to restore everyone's HP.  Do this even if no one is injured, as the boss can
    take off quite a bit of HP (especially from Vielen since she's the weakest.) 
    As long as you keep healing with Molte and Vielen, and attacking with Twinbee,
    the boss shouldn't be a problem.
    After you defeat Puppeton, a short scene will play in which some of the
    townspeople regain consciousness.  Now go talk to Winbee to wake her up as
    well.  Winbee will frantically wonder where Pastel is.  She will then go off to
    look for Pastel on her own.  I think I also got the "Hammer Chip A" around this
    point.  I was playing a bit further into the game and noticed I had it in my
    inventory but don't remember getting it anywhere.  Can anyone confirm where you
    get this item?
    Go back up to the ground floor of the studio and head out the front door.  Head
    back to the hotel to replenish your HP and BP if you need to (Molte will ask if
    you want to stay for the night, and she will also ask if you want to save your
    game.)  Once your're done with that, head over to Madoka's place again and talk
    to her.  She will say that you should check out Dessert Junior High School
    (it's the large building with the fenced entrance and green grass around it),
    so go there now.
    - Alarm Clock
    - Clear Drink x2
    - Fruit Drop
    - Orange Juice
    - Yellow Bell x2
    Before you head inside, go around back to where the shed and fountain are. 
    Behind the shed there's an item box containing a Yellow Bell.  If you go back
    around front and head up the stairs, you can get a Clear Drink inside a box. 
    Now head inside the school.
    On the ground floor, you can find item boxes containing an Orange Juice (near
    Peach, the Nurse), and a Fruit Drop (in one of the classrooms.)  When you've
    got those, head up to the second floor.  Here you can find a Clear Drink
    (water?) (which cures status.)  You can also find a Yellow Bell next to the
    stairs leading down to the Gym, but don't go there yet as that's where the boss
    is.  Instead, head up to the third floor.  Up here there's an Alarm Clock in
    the item box, but some enemies attack you when you try to go for it.  When
    you're done up here, head back to the second floor and take the stairs leading
    to the Gym.
    Fight your way through the enemies and head over to where Pastel is passed out.
     Grab the Alarm Clock in the item box if you want it, and when you try to wake
    her up, a large boss sneaks up behind you and attacks.
    Recommended Level: 10
    Use the same strategy you did to beat Puppeton.  Have Twinbee use Shotgun (you
    should have it by now) while Molte and Vielen use their combined All Healing
    power.  If Twinbee's BP runs out, as it most definitely will, either use
    regular attacks with him, or have him use a Miracle Drop to restore his BP. 
    Again, not a very difficulty boss.
    When you beat the boss, the school children will start to wake up.  Talk to
    Pastel to wake her up as well.  She will say "Thank you big brother", but then
    realize that you aren't Light.  She asks where Light is, and thanks you anyway.
     You introduce yourself again (isn't this getting a bit repetative?)  Pastel
    then tells you that she and Mint got seperated and she wound up here.  Then
    Pastel notices Molte and Vielen and asks who they are.  Molte introduces them
    and Pastel thanks them as well for saving her.  Pastel asks where Winbee is and
    Twinbee tells her that she went back to the lab for repairs (I'm guessing
    here.)  Everyone then climbs inside Twinbee (it must be cramped in there) and
    now you can leave the school.
    Before you leave, head back to the ground floor and talk to Nurse Peach to wake
    her up.  SHe'll thank you.  Just then a student comes in and Peach heals him. 
    He thanks her and leaves.  Peach then tells you to go look for Mint next, but
    where is he?  You can now leave the school.  First, stop over at the item shop
    and buy a Mixer (Mixer A for 1000 yen) so you can make your own healing items. 
    Then head over to the accessory shop next door and buy an item or two if you
    want (they raise certain stats while equipped.)  When you're done, talk to
    Madoka, then head back up to the tran station.
    Molte and Vielen will get out, then thank you, and leave.  Use the tran (100
    yen) to head back to Nikoniko Mountain.
    Head up to the bell field if you want (I believe you can plant a yellow bell
    here now that you have one and the green fertilizer.  Confirm this someone?),
    then head into the lab.
    Inside, Cinnamon will welcome you back.  Pastel will get out and Cinnamon will
    say that Winbee is repaired.  Then everyone discusses what to do next.. go
    after Mint or find Light.  Pastel says she knows where Mint might be and asks
    if you will go there.  You agree and then more conversation follows that I
    can't read.  Cinnamon notices that you also have a Hammer Chip.  He says he can
    use it to upgrade Twinbee's hammer.  Twinbee agrees and Cinnamon upgrades it. 
    Now you can smash some bigger rocks. :)  After a bit more talking, Cinnamon
    will also give you a Card which you can use at the various greenish-colored
    boxes scattered around to save your game, then the chapter will end.
    - 50 Yen
    - Alarm Clock x2
    - Apple Juice
    - Clear Drink x3
    - Green Fertilizer
    - Fruit Drop
    - Miracle Drop
    - Yellow Bell
    You'll start outside the lab and you'll have Winbee in your party now.  She
    acts as the healer for the party.  Anyway, the first thing you should do is
    break the rock by the signpost behind the log cabin that you couldn't break
    before.  Don't bother dropping down there yet though, because you don't have
    Gwinbee and Mint yet.  If you do happen to drop down, there's a springboard at
    the bottom that will propel you back up if you jump on it.
    Head back to the tran station and go back to Tonpopo Town (if you didn't spend
    all your yen yet.. If you did, just kill Radis and Karos again to get the
    necessary 100 yen.)
    When you get off the tran, head toward the recording studio again, but go down
    the stairs to the sandy part with the three rocks.  You can now break them
    thanks to your upgraded hammer for an alternate way into the town.  Now head to
    the docks and switch Winbee to the front of your party so you can use her jump
    rope to snag the item box at the end of the warehouse docks.  The box contains
    a Clear Drink.
    After getting the item, return to the tran and go to Chiruko Town.  After
    hopping off the tran, grab the item box for another Green Fertilizer.  Follow
    the hill down and go across the bridge.  Continue following the green path
    around until you get to another item box which contains a Clear Drink, and a
    large open area.  Head up the steps to the dance hall (the gigantic
    building..you can't miss it.)  Go behind the building and get the Alarm Clock
    from the item box.  Now enter the dance hall.
    Inside on the first floor, get the Fruit Drop on one side of the stairs, and
    the Clear Drink on the other side.  Down near the back doors down the side that
    had the Clear Drink on it, the item box contains an Alarm Clock.  After you get
    all these goodies, head up to the second floor from the main entrance and go in
    either door next to the vending machines (buy fruit drinks from them if you
    want.)  Gwinbee is in here, but he's passed out and you can't help him yet.  In
    the center control booth you can find an item box containing a Miracle Drop. 
    On the side of seats opposite Gwinbee there's another item box containing an
    Apple Juice.  Once you have these, head out the way you came in and go back
    down the stairs.
    Head into either door in front of the main entrance to get to the main seating
    area of the hall.  You can attempt to talk to Mustard in here, but he's passed
    out also and not much help.  There are two item boxes in here also.  One
    contains 50 yen (by the stage), the other contains a Yellow Bell.  When you've
    gotten these, exit out one of the side doors and enter the door next to the one
    you entered to reach the stage and the underside of it.  There's nothing
    underneath the stage, so just head up onto the stage to face the next boss...
    Recommended Level: 15
    I seriously hate this boss every time I fight him.  He has annoying attacks. 
    Plus when you drop his HP below half, he starts using an attack almost every
    other round that steals about 45 of your HP and gives it to him.  He can also
    use a shield on himself which reduces physical damage.  The only thing I can
    say is keep your HP up with Winbee and keep attacking with Twinbee's best Bell
    Power that you have.  Also having a lot of fruit juices and Miracle Drops helps
    too, as you'll need to keep your BP up to use those Bell Powers.
    After you defeat Terobert, you'll get a Ribbon Chip A.  Now head to the left or
    right side of the stage and head back into the main theater room.  Go talk to
    Mustard to wake him up.  He'll say that he was in the middle of organizing a
    dance contest.  He then runs off to finish the planning.  Now go back to the
    main entrance and head up the stairs, into the balcony, and wake up Gwinbee.
    Gwinbee wakes up and Twinbee asks him where Mint could be.  Gwinbee panics, as
    he doesn't know, and he runs off to look for Mint on his own.  Now leave the
    dance hall.
    When you're outside, Gwinbee will notice the phone next to the entrance with
    some kind of code taped to it.  Winbee thinks it was left by Mint.  Just then,
    Molte and Vielen will arrive.  Pastel greets them but they seem depressed, so
    she asks them what's wrong.  Vielen says she knows where Mint is.  Gwinbee begs
    her to tell him.  Vielen says that they saw Mint at Madora Land, the amusement
    park up on the hill.  Gwinbee immediately runs off.  Pastel thanks Molte and
    Vielen for the information, and your party heads off as well, but Molte seems
    Save outside the front entrance.  You don't want to have to fight that annoying
    boss over again.  Go back to the tran station and Head back to Nikoniko
    Mountain.  Return to Cinnamon's lab and talk to him to upgrade Winbee's ribbon
    with the Riibon Chip.  Now go back to the tran and back to Chiruko Town.  Go
    back to the dance hall and head to the main town area which is opposite the
    stairs on the hill that you came up from.
    - Apple Juice
    - Purple Fertilizer
    Not surprisingly, everyong in Churiko Town is passed out as well, so you can't
    buy items or accessories.  If you want the item box surrounded by the fence
    next to the house, switch to Winbee and use her jump rope again to grab it. 
    You'll get an Apple Juice.  If you go near the hill, you can press the red
    button to get rid of the gate blocking the hill, but don't bother going up
    there yet because up ahead there's another gate you can't pass without Winbee
    and Mint.
    Instead head down into the lower town area where more enemies await.  In the
    yard of one of the houses you can obtain a Purple Fertilizer from an item box. 
    By now you're probably wondering why the difficulty of the enemies got cranked
    up a lot..me too.  Head all the way back up to the upper part of town and then
    head into Madora Land.
    - 500 Yen
    - Alarm Clock
    - Apple Juice
    - Clear Drink
    This part of the game had me stuck for ages when I first played, and you'll
    find out why soon.  The enemies in here are also no picnic, so watch out.
    When you first enter, you'll see a dog man waving at you to follow him.  For
    now, let's wander around the park and get some items, because if you keep
    following the dog, you'll eventually fight a boss, and we can't have that
    unless you're stocked up right?  From the front entrance (facing away from it),
    head right over to the item box by the vending machines, which contains an
    Apple Juice.
    If you take the left way around from the main entrance (facing away from it
    again), you'll reach the game center.  More on this in the Bonus Section below.
     For now, keep heading around until you get to the saloon shooting gallery. 
    Outside on the porch is an Alarm Clock.  If you head inside you can get 500 yen.
    Keep heading around this way and you'll eventually come to the gondola booth. 
    Behind it is an item box containing a Clear Drink.  From here, head over to the
    main circular part where the purple enemy is (you can see him from here.)  From
    the main circular fountain (and with the game center to your left), head up and
    to the right past the castle building entrance (with the two people standing in
    front of it) to the pink colored path with the set of enemies on it.  You
    should see the dog man wave at you again to follow him.  When you regain
    control, head down that path, killing the three enemies.  You'll eventually
    reach the gondola booth and you'll see the dog man again off to the very left
    of your screen walking in the distance.
    Go along the path by the water past the gondola and follow the path up until
    you reach the saloon again.  You'll see the dog man wave at you again.  Follow
    the path around some more until it splits with a large tree in the middle and
    the dog man will wave at you some more (isn't this getting annoying?)  Now
    here's the part of the game that had me stumped for hours if not days.  Go to
    the game center and walk toward the large fountain.  The dog man will walk up
    to you then walk away again.  (He won't appear like that unless you are coming
    directly from the game center path to the big fountain.)
    Now from the large fountain, go to the castle entrance where the two people are
    waiting.  Gwinbee will run up and start shouting for Mint.  He'll run off in
    the direction of the saloon shooting gallery and you'll automatically follow
    him.  Once inside, you'll see the mysterious dog man and Mint.  The dog man
    will attempt to take Mint hostage, but Twinbee will throw Gwinbee at him and
    knock him out.  You'll also learn that combination attack.  Gwinbee will ask if
    Mint is alright.  Mint says he is fine (in baby-speak) and Pastel asks him if
    he knows where Light is.  Mint says he doesn't know.  He then asks who you are,
    since you're obviously not Light.  Gwinbee introduces you (this game is very
    polite I guess.)  Once you all get aquainted, you'll head outside, only to be
    stopped by the dog man.  The dog man will reveal his true form and then attack
    Recommended Level: 20
    Since you now have Gwinbee in your party, you can put a little more hurt on
    this boss.  Unfortunately, he can also hurt you a lot, sometimes doing more
    than 100 damage per hit, so keep your HP up.  You can also use Twinbee and
    Winbee's combined power if you want, since it will do about 130 damage to the
    boss each time, but since Winbee is your healer, you may not want to waste her
    turn to heal someone who really needs it.  Using Gwinbee's "Speed Capsule" Bell
    Power is good also, so your gauge will fill up faster.  Why this boss also has
    less HP than the last one, I don't know.  I guess when he can do more damage to
    you, he can afford less HP.  Also, he can heal himself when his HP gets low
    enough, but you should be able to do way more damage to him than he can heal by
    now.  All in all, an easy boss.
    Once you defeat Gabriel, you'll get a Rattle Material A, and more townspeople
    wake up, including those at the amusement park, then the chapter will end.  As
    usual, save your game if you want to.
    The scene will open with Dr. Cinnamon calling you on his long range radio, thus
    testing it out in the process.  Answer however you like, it doesn't matter.  He
    wants you to come back to the lab for some important uh...stuff.  Before you do
    though, head up that hill back in town, switch to Gwinbee, and have him use his
    rattle to hit the botton that's behind the gate to make it vanish.  Now you
    have another route down to the lower part of town.
    There's not much else to do, so return to Dr. Cinnamon (you should know the way
    by now.)
    Back at the lab, Cinnamon welcomes everyone back.  He then talks to you for a
    bit, then notices you have another weapon upgrade.  He'll now upgrade Gwinbee's
    rattle.  Just then, he gets a call from Dr. Warumon.
    Warumon says he knows where Light is, but he wants Twinbee to come alone. 
    After the call ends, Cinnamon says Warumon is up to his old tricks as usual. 
    The group discusses what to do and decides they better go check it out anyway. 
    Just then you get another call, this time from Madoka.  She wants you to come
    to her restaurant.  Better go check that out too.  When everyone leaves,
    Twinbee wonders what Madoka could possibly want...
    - Bonus Fertilizer
    Now you're outside the lab.  Take the tran to Tanpopo Town and go to Madoka's
    restaurant.  It turns out that Madoka only wants to go on a date with you at
    Madora Land.  You both go there alone without Pastel and Mint or the Bees. 
    While you're there, you're given a couple conversation options with Madoka.  It
    doesn't really matter what you pick.  When you're back at the restaurant,
    Madoka will now sell you some food items that restore health and stats and
    things.  You might want to buy these instead of the regular healing items,
    because her prices are a little better than what the vending machines and the
    normal item shops charge.
    When you're done having fun, leave the restaurant and head over to the section
    of town where the three rocks were at the bottom of the stairs.  If you follow
    the path away from them and head along the cliff wall, when you get almost
    directly under the stairs that led to the recording studio, you can see a box
    you couldn't get before.  Now that you have Winbee's upgraded jump rope, snag
    it for a Bonus Fertilizer.  Now head back by way of the tran to Nikoniko
    - 2,500 Yen
    - Blue Fertilizer
    - Gun Parts A
    - Medicine of Fell
    - Mixer B
    - Miracle Drop x3
    - Miracle Water
    - Sweet Bomb
    - White Fertilizer
    Head back to the lab and save if you want to, since you're about to fight a
    boss.  Head over to the cliff next to the log cabin (with the arrow signpost
    and the fence by it.)  Smash the rock there if you haven't yet, and drop down
    the cliff.  At the bottom, head along the path and notice the gate and the
    yellow button.  Since you have Gwinbee's upgraded rattle, use it to hit the
    button to make the gate disappear.  As soon as you head into the nice little
    resort area, Warumon confronts you.
    Warumon talks about some stuff, then you get to see Seeds and Salyut for the
    first time.  After they fly away, Warumon will talk some more.  Twinbee says
    they came here to find Light, but Warumon says he tricked you into coming here
    (like you didn't see that coming.)  Pastel says they have better things to do
    than fight Warumon right now and they start to walk away.  Warumon says to wait
    a minute, and then you get some options to pick from.  I just picked the top
    one, and when you do, Warumon runs up to you and attacks.
    Recommended Level: 21
    Just like Gabriel, Warumon's MK-III can do a large chunk of damage when it hits
    you.  Keep your HP up and use Gwinbee's Speed Capsule Bell Power here again to
    give you a bit of an edge.  For attacking purposes, either use Twinbee's "Heavy
    Hammer" Bell Power or Twinbee and Winbee's combined power Throw.  Yeah he does
    have a lot of HP, but your attacks can also do a lot to him.  I once had
    Twinbee's "Heavy Hammer" do over 300 damage..wow.  Oh yeah, if you bothered to
    grow some bells from the bell field by the lab, you should use those to make
    the battle more in your favor as well.
    When you beat it, Warumon's machine will explode.  Zakobee will say that
    Twinbee's pilot is very skilled.  Then there's some more dialogue that goes on.
     I can't read what it says, but I swear Zakobee is gay. :)  Anyway, collect the
    two item boxes (one's on the beach) which both have Miracle Drops in them. 
    Once you've gotten those, head back up the stairs from the resort and go up the
    mountain path opposite from where you entered.  There's more enemies in this
    area, so be careful.
    Once at the top, head to the other side of the cliff opposite the three rocks
    (you can't break them yet) and you'll get a very cool Fruit Pack item (restores
    everyone's HP by 200.)  Head back down to the ramp where the path split.  If
    you head down it, you should see a dark brown section leading down.  It's kind
    of hard to spot if you're not looking for it, but go there.  Once you reach the
    entrance to the town, a man will approach and says you should come with him.
    The man leads you up a hillside into a little shack.  There, on the floor is
    Light (about damn time.)  The man says that Light hasn't woken up yet and they
    don't know how to cure him, but they've been taking care of him here.  He also
    says stuff about the accessory shop that I can't read.  You're then free to
    explore.  Leave the hut and head down the grey path.  When you get to the
    bottom, do a 180 turn and talk to the little kid at the edge of the cliff by
    the two palm trees (where you can see the beach below.)  Choose the second
    option, then the first one, and he'll give you the Gun Parts A, which Cinnamon
    can use to upgrade Twinbee's gun weapons.
    Around the town there are a couple item boxes.  Behind one of the houses is one
    containing a Miracle Drop.  Next to a house, you'll also see one stuck on top
    of a platform.  Use Gwinbee's rattle to knock it off and you'll get a very cool
    Miracle Water (restores one person's BP fully..save this!)  Now head to the
    accessory shop.  The shop is very cool here, because you can buy some stuff you
    really need, like a Mixer B, and a Hammer Chip B.  Wander around town some more
    and you'll see another one of those little platforms with an item box on it. 
    Do the Gwinbee rattle thing again and you'll get a White Fertilizer.  If you
    want a Sweet Bomb, look for the cliff part that you can drop down where there's
    beach below.  Jump up the little rock platforms to get back up.  Now head all
    the way back to Cinnamon's lab.
    Back at the lab, everyone discusses how to cure Light.  Unfortunately I can't
    read all of what they say, but I do know that you're supposed to go back to
    that area of Nikoniko Mountain you were just at, so that's our next stop.  When
    the cutscene is over, talk to Cinnamon again to have him upgrade Twinbee's
    hammer and gun weapons so you can break even bigger rocks now.  Leave the lab.
    You can actually go a couple places now, so let's go get some more goodies.  On
    the grey platform where the rock is that you couldn't break before, break it
    now and head across.  Before you go to the other side though, turn around and
    grab the item box for a Blue Fertilizer.  Now continue on to the mountain. 
    There's a save card slot just before it here if you want to use it.  Waste the
    annoying bird enemies nearby and climb the mountain.  The path goes around in a
    huge spiral and along the way you'' notice a cave.  Ignore it for now and
    continue climbing up.  At the very top in a little niche, there's an item box
    containing the Medicine of Fell.  Now climb all the way back down to the bottom.
    Now go to the village where Light was, and when you get down the brown ramp
    into the village, head right (while facing away from it) and you'll see two
    rocks you couldn't break before.  Do so and go past them.  There's enemies over
    here too by the way.  Follow the path along and you'll see an item box
    containing 2,500 yen..woo hoo.  Keep going this way, and use the springboard to
    get up the cliff.  Fight the enemies here if you want, then continue along and
    climb up the hill.  Smash the rocks at the end and follow the path until you
    get to the hill that originally led down into the village.  If you need to do
    more shopping there, go for it.  Otherwise just head back to that cave in the
    cliff I told you to ignore earlier.
    - 300 Yen
    - Ambulance
    - Apple Juice
    - Engraved Stone
    - Miracle Drop
    - Small Bee x2
    WHen you enter, head left (facing away from the entrance) to the next room,
    killing the enemies along the way.  In the next room, when you enter the room
    that has the grey stone tile on the wall, there will be a short scene and then
    you'll get the Engraved Tablet.  Go around the corner past the blue pool and
    don't step on the tiled floor or it will collapse.  Instead jump around the
    edges of the room and get the Ambulance (revives one person with full HP) from
    the item box.  Go back into the room where you got the Engraved Stone and head
    through the hard-to-see door opening in the near corner.  In here, use
    Gwinbee's rattle to hit the switch and you'll hear a noise.  Exit this room and
    go into the now open door next to where the star looking enemies are.  In here,
    examine the pressure switch to open the door that was previously locked in the
    lever room before.  Go back there now and carefully jump across the chasm to
    the other side, then enter the door.
    In this big room, look in the little side rooms to get two more items, a
    Miracle Drop and a Small Bee (I don't know what else to call these.)  Head into
    the room beyond now and you'll be back outside for a second.  Follow the short
    path around and head in the other cave to emerge in a cavern with a red floor
    and weird white looking wall.  In one of the dead ends in here you can find an
    Apple Juice, but you'll be attacked before you get it.  Go along the white wall
    and you'll be outside again with an item box containing 300 yen.  Go back
    inside and go down the path that's next to the one you originally entered this
    cave from, and you'll get a short scene where Pastel talks and you'll find a
    mysterious light bell.  Notice that the other pedestal on the opposite side is
    empty (hmm...)  Get the item box for another Small Bee and head back out. 
    You'll automatically leave the cave and the chapter will end.
    You get a cutscene right away involving Pastel and Mint in the log cabin
    bathhouse.  They're talking about what's been going on, when you walk up to
    hear also.  When you walk up however, you'll notice Dr. Cinnamon is already
    looking in the window (pervert :)).  You can choose to listen in here or not,
    and it won't matter.  Pastel will tell Mint to be quiet because she hears
    something outside.  She goes to the window to open it and Cinnamon is staring
    her right in the face.  She screams REALLY loud (it's hilarious.)
    Now you're back in the lab and Pastel is angry at Cinnamon for peeking at her
    while she's bathing.  She also wants to know if you were in on it as well.  You
    can choose whatever you want, it doesn't matter.  I chose the bottom option
    (tell her you were at fault also) and she gets mad at you too..hehe.  Anyway,
    after that, everyone discusses how to cure Light, and someone (I think Twinbee)
    suggests that you go see the goddess Melora..maybe she would know.  So that's
    where you gotta go next, back to the temple where you started the game.  When
    you're outside again, head to the tran station and choose to head to the
    Eternal Cape where Melora's Temple is located.
    Onboard the tran everything is going fine, but then an alarm sounds and you
    wonder what's going on.  The operator announces that they have to make an
    emergency stop in Tulip Town because the tran has broken down, so you're forced
    to get off early.
    - 1,000 Yen
    - Ambulence
    - Fruit Drop
    - Mixer C
    - Speed Fertilizer
    - Sweet Bomb
    When you arrive at the town, grab the item box with the Fruit Drop in it, head
    right (with the tran entrance behind you) and follow the path down until you
    reach the edge of the water with the two item boxes.  Inside them you get a
    Sweet Bomb and an Ambulance.  Go back up and return to where you started, but
    this time take the other path.  Stay at the inn and rest if you want, since
    there's a boss coming up right away.  Past the inn, if you go down to the
    grassy area and go in the large (supposedly haunted) house at the end, you can
    get 1,000 yen in an item box in the room behind the stairs on the first floor. 
    Exit and go back to where the inn is.  Take the original path that you took to
    get the two item boxes, but this time go down to the beach.  Another boss
    awaits you there.
    Recommended Level: 23
    Is it just me or is Konami getting lazy with these bosses?  Use Twinbee's
    Chaingun Bell Power that you should have by now, and have Gwinbee use Speed
    Capsule on everyone.  Winbee should heal as necessary as well as restore
    Twinbee's BP (since Chaingun costs so much.)  He still takes way less time to
    beat than Warumon's machine if you ask me.
    Now the townspeople will be freed (as usual) and some kids will get attacked by
    a spider enemy.  Your party will run up and you'll get into a very easy battle
    here.  After that's over, head to the item shop and buy a Mixer C.  Go back to
    where the inn is again and in the house farthest from the beach in the back
    you'll meet the fortune teller.
    The fortune teller will talk about Molte and Vielen (I have no idea what she's
    saying.)  Afterwards, go down to the beach and get the Speed Fertilizer, then
    head back to the tran which is fixed now.  You'll automatically board the tran
    and head out just as Molte and Vielen will arrive.  They talk for a bit, and a
    cat comes up to Vielen but she shouts at it angrily and it runs away.
    - 500 Yen
    - Ribbon Chip B
    You can now take that item box by the entrance that you couldn't take at the
    start of the game.  In it is 500 yen.  Continue along the path.  When you get
    to the narrow part, you'll be attacked by yet another boss.  Apparently even
    Melora's Temple has been overrun with monsters (isn't it always that way in an
    Recommended Level: 25
    You should have at least Chain Gun for Twinbee by now, as well as some decent
    combination attacks.  Use Gwinbee's Speed Capsule as usual, and as long as your
    HP is high you could try using Twinbee+Winbee's "Gachinko" to damage him, or
    else use Twinbee+Gwinbee's "Big Shot".  The boss only has a couple of attacks. 
    One is a whirlwind which does about 150 damage to one person.  Another is a
    flame breath attack that does around that much also, and will leave your
    character smoking (I don't know if this is sort of a poison attack or not.) 
    Anyway he's still a really easy boss.
    When you defeat the boss, go talk to the researchers that you met at the
    beginning of the game to wake them up.  They will both thank you, and the
    second one will give you a Ribbon Chip B.  Head back to Cinnamon's lab now if
    you want to upgrade Winbee, otherwise head up to the temple entrance.
    The entrance is blocked still, and the Bees wonder how they can get in.  Just
    then you hear Melora's voice calling you.  She will create a portal that you
    can enter through.  Twinbee dives in, but Winbee and Gwinbee stay behind, so
    you're on your own for this area.
    - Ambulance
    - Clear Drink
    - Fruit Pack
    - Miracle Potion
    - Peach Juice
    With the entrance behind you, head forward and take the left path to eventually
    enter a small room with some wraiths (bat-looking enemies) and an item box
    containing a Peach Juice.  Continue onward to get an Ambulance.  Head back to
    the main room and take the right path this time to get an item box with a Clear
    Drink inside (you'll be attacked by a Wraith before you can get it though.) 
    Continue down the hallway.  The item box in the middle of the blue-tiled floor
    contains a Miracle Potion.  The item box at the end of the hallway contains a
    Fruit Pack.  Now head back to the main section of the temple and go through the
    big doorway opposite the entrance.
    The altar lights up and Twinbee approaches.  Melora welcomes you to her temple.
     She says that some kind of evil force is causing the fog (not surprising.) 
    You can ask her different things if you want, like about the fog, and how to
    cure Light (sorry but I don't know what they're saying here also.)  Afterwards,
    she tells you to go to Leng Island, but Twinbee says he can't because of the
    barrier.  Melora says she will teleport you to Leng Island instead.  While
    doing so, she is hurt by some unknown force..  The chapter ends.
    - 1,000 Yen
    - Ambulance
    - Small Bee
    - Speed Fertilizer
    After arriving, you get a call from Pastel asking where you are.  Twinbee says
    he's all the way out at Leng Island.  Pastel asks how you got all the way out
    there.  Since they can't join you where you are because of the barrier, Winbee
    says they will head back to Cinnamon's lab.
    When you finally land on the ground, you're attacked by an enemy.  Waste him,
    and Twinbee will walk further inland.  Suddenly someone throws a rock at him. 
    Twinbee looks around for who did it.  A kid comes walking out and throws
    another rock at Twinbee, saying he is a monster.  Twinbee says no he's not,
    he's Twinbee from Donburi Island.  The kid then asks how he got beyond the
    barrier around Donburi.  He says you should talk to Seeds.  He also says the
    one responsible for making everyone unconscious was a Black Twinbee...  The kid
    introduces himself as Lapis.  Lapis tells you the story of what happened to all
    the people in his village.  He then breaks down and cries.  There's more
    conversation here and then he will fall asleep.  During the night, another
    enemy attacks, but he's no problem for you.  The next morning, Lapis wakes up
    and talks to you some more.  You're now free to walk around.
    Walk up the stone steps to the upper level of the village.  Outside yo can get
    a Speed Fertilizer.  Inside the house next to the item box, there's another one
    containing an Ambulance.  Head back outside and go down the steps.  There's a
    large open path on the opposite side of the village from where you are.  Head
    there.  Oh yeah, there's enemies here too.
    Kill the enemies and follow the path.  Take the left side (with the three red
    enemies on it.)  Get the Small Bee by the lone shack, then head up the hill. 
    Before you head in the cave, head to the side of it and you can get 1,000 yen
    from an item box.  Now head in the cave.
    - Ambulance
    - Cherry Juice
    - Fruit Pack
    - Miracle Water
    - Rattle Material B
    When you enter and walk forward a little bit, you'll see Seeds and Salyut
    attacking an enemy.  Afterwards, they'll notice you and Seeds will ask you to
    help them.  At first Salyut objects, but Seeds says that Twinbee can help them.
     It's up to you if you want to go along with them (I just picked the first
    option.), and they'll join you if you say yes.
    After you get rid of the enemies, climb the hill to get the Fruit Pack from the
    item box.  Jump up the rocks in the middle of the room to get a Cherry Juice
    from another item box.  Now head into the small entryway opposite where you
    came into the cave.
    Watch your step in here.  Follow the path around and very carefully jump across
    the rocks on the top of the waterfall.  The item box contains a Miracle Water. 
    Continue onward.  Just before you reach a large open room, you'll see an item
    box in a small dead end.  It contains an Ambulance.  Head past the big room
    now.  You'll come to another doorway so go through it.
    You're now very high up in the first room of the cave.  Whatever you do, do NOT
    fall here otherwise you will have to do this whole area over again.  Jump
    carefully across the rock and fall down to the lower cave that you can see.  In
    here, a boss attacks you.
    Recommended Level: 29
    Have Seeds and Salyut use their Combined Beam until the little helper enemies
    die.  Meanwhile, Twinbee should keep using his best Bell Power until you run
    out of BP, then have someone else restore your BP.  Keep your HP up as usual,
    and hope you have some Fruit Packs and Fruit Drops, because his fire breath
    will damage everyone for about 200 HP.  Don't hold anything back when fighting
    After defeating the dragon, you'll get a Rattle Material B, and exit the cave. 
    Lapis will thank you for saving everyone in the village.  Talk to Seeds and
    Salyut and Twinbee will say that he still needs their help to cure Light. 
    Unfortunately you can't get beyond the barrier to reach Donburi Island yet, so
    you'll have to look for answers around Leng Island.  The chapter ends.
    - Ambulance
    - Hammer Chip C
    - Lottery Ticket x4
    - Mixer D
    - Peach Juice
    - Small Bee
    - Speed Fertilizer
    There's a barrier around the city here too, but Seeds and Salyut have a plan. 
    They use their Combined Beam to punch a hole through the barrier, then you all
    quickly fly through it before it closes.
    WHen you get control again, head around the corner away from the three enemies
    and get a Speed Fertilizer.  Oh yeah before I go on, let me say that you should
    stay away from the sunken in part of the city (the octagonal area in the wide
    open space) as that's where you'll fight the next boss, so don't go near there
    until you're ready.
    Anyway, go around town collecting the item boxes.  On the white docks part near
    the water, there's a Lottery Ticket.  Next to the Pit Inn, there's a Peach
    Juice.  Near the western bridge to Donburi Island, there's an Ambulance in an
    item box between two buildings.  When you're done with the item collecting,
    save your game if you want at the Pit Inn, then head to the sunken-in area of
    the town (the big open octagon area.)  Before you can take the item box
    however, you're attacked by yet another boss.. or rather bosses...
    Recommended Level: 31
    This time you must beat two bosses together.  The battle is still easier than
    Dragon Hez, but it will take some time.  The fight doesn't really get easier
    either until you take one of them out.  I recommend taking out Natasha first,
    as she can heal Paison and also use raise their attack power (nevermind that
    they can already do almost 250 HP damage per hit now.)  This fight will take
    you a while and it is very hard.  Make sure you use Salyut's "Barrier" to block
    their physical attacks.
    After you beat them (if that is), get the Small Bee from the item box.  Now the
    people of the town are woken up, so you can buy stuff here.  I recommend going
    to the item shop and buying a membership card (for 12,000 yen) for the Night
    Spot Bee night club (it's worth it, because it's the only way to get a Mixer D
    inside.)  Go underneath the set of huge stairs now and you'll see Apple, a
    woman with green hair that's passed out.  Talk to her a couple of times to wake
    her up.  Apple will thank you and she'll ask Twinbee who you are.  As usual,
    the introduction happens, and then she asks about her lotto tickets (I'm
    guessing she lost them.)  You can find some laying on the ground.  They're
    really hard to spot and look like blue and white dots.  There are four total,
    scattered around the city.  Find all of them and go talk to Apple.  Give her
    the tickets (top option) and she'll win a Hammer Chip C for you.  Take it back
    to Cinnamon to get your hammer upgraded to the best one in the game..oh yes.
    Okay to proceed onward (and I got stuck here for a while too), you're supposed
    to rest at the City Hotel.  Once you do, go back outside and you'll get a call
    from Dr. Cinnamon.  He now talks about how you can fly around the world map and
    go anywhere you want.  Anyway, the two bridges to Donburi are open now.  Take
    the smaller blue one to go back to Tonpopo Town.
    (They both lead there actually.)
    - 1,000 Yen
    - Peach Juice
    - Sweet Bomb
    Grab the Sweet Bomb next to the red bridge exit, 1,000 yen next to the large
    cliff, and Peach Juice near the water.  You can't get out from here yet, so use
    your ??? that's in your inventory and you'll automatically fly back to the lab.
     There's a long cutscene here in which some sort of recording is played back. 
    It talks about a Shine Bell and a Dark Bell (the usual light and darkness stuff
    that's in every RPG.)  It says Melora holds the Shine Bell powers, but who
    holds the Dark Bell?  So just as Twinbee is the hero of Donburi Island, there
    is also a Black Twinbee...
    Pastel asks your help in the continuation of the search for a cure for Light. 
    Seeds and Salyut thank you for your help and then leave.  The chapter ends.
    Warumon has built a small shack at the Temple in the Sky as a base.  He's also
    searching for the power of the Dark Bell (what evil scientist wouldn't?)  I'm
    not sure what him and Zakobee are talking about.  I'm guessing it's about just
    using Twinbee until they get the Dark Bell and then they'll rule the world..
    Anyway after some conversation with Cinnamon, you'll head above the clouds to
    the Sky Temple also.  For now though, just leave and head to Cinnamon's lab, as
    we're going to tie up some loose ends.
    You have the Rattle Material B, so Cinnamon will upgrade Gwinbee's rattle.  Now
    you can hit blue buttons.  First stop, Tonpopo Town.  Go to the area where the
    two bridges are and hit the blue buttons with Gwinbee's rattle to make the
    gates vanish.
    Okay, you no longer have to pay to go where you want to go now.  To go to the
    world map, hold down the square button until an exclamation mark "!" appears
    over Twinbee's head and the screen fades out.  Now you can choose the spot
    where you want to
    warp to.
    - 5,000 Yen
    - Ambulance
    - Fruit Pack
    - Medicine of Fero
    - Miracle Potion
    - Purple Fertilizer
    - Small Bee x2
    Head to the inn outside of Madora Land and use Winbee's ribbon to reach the
    other side.  The item box contains a Purple Fertilizer.  Climb up the hill and
    do the ribbon thing again.  Snap the box for a cool 5,000 yen.  Now head across
    the next gap the same way (it's hard..you'll have to do it from an angle.)  The
    final two item boxes contain a Small Bee and a Miracle Potion.  There's nothing
    else here so leave.
    Also now that you have the best hammer in the game (you did get Hammer Chip C
    from Apple didn't you?)  You can get some more item boxes.  Head to the village
    where you found Light and from the dark brown ramp that led into the village,
    there should be a rock which you broke earlier nearby next to some trees.  If
    you didn't break it yet, do so now and follow the path.  Take the spring board
    up and break the super huge rock nearby.  Don't fall down yet when you get the
    chance.  Keep going straight and you can get an item box on top of the tran
    station which contains an Ambulance.  Hop back down to the light green area
    where the enemies are and just past the large open area you're in, there's a
    small sandy area with three item boxes ready for the taking.  Inside them
    you'll get a Fruit Pack, Small Bee, and a Medicine of Fero.  Nothing else to do
    here, so whenever you're done taking care of business, fly to the very top left
    of the world map to the Sanctuary of Greed.
    This is the final area of the game.  You can leave also.. just head to the
    bottom of the steps and you'll be taken back to the map again.  Anyway, start
    by climbing up..and up...and up...and up a lot more until you reach the branch
    heading further along, or to the right.  Take the right branch first as it
    leads to a small circular area with a ton of wisps.  If you talk to some of
    them, they will allow you to rest (like an inn, including the save), buy items,
    and buy accessories.  The accessories are very good here, boosting some stats
    by 20 points, but they're also expensive, costing above 2,000 or 3,000 yen. 
    Buy some if you feel like it.  When you're done, continue climbing up to the
    very large circular area.
    I'm not going to give a walkthrough of this area, as there's not a whole lot to
    it.  Just keep going around and around.  The object is to reach the very center.
    When you reach the center, there will be a short scene where you'll talk about
    Melora.  Thwn you'll notice Molte and Vielen are there as well.  Vielen opens
    up a black portal in the center.  It looks as though she's possessed by
    something or someone.  Vielen then notices the Bees and attacks you...
    Recommended Level: 35
    Well, they get all their old attacks they had while in your party near the
    start of the game, plus some new ones.  Vielen's Daujing will do a bit over 250
    damage, so watch out for that.  Generally in the fight, Vielen is the attacker
    and Molte heals her and casts support powers like Barrier and such.  Raise your
    speed before you do anything, and also it wouldn't be a bad idea to use some
    bells (green and red work pretty well.)
    After the fight, Vielen falls to the ground and the party realizes she was
    carrying the Dark Bell (obviously that's what made her nuts.)  Molte then
    explains how they got it from the Nikoniko Mountain cave and about how it
    slowly made Vielen a violent person.  There will be some more conversation here
    as you try to take the Dark Bell but it pushes you away.  Then it floats up in
    the air and takes Vielen's spirit, and finally disappears into the temple's
    The sky will then turn very dark.  Suddenly you get a call from Cinnamon saying
    Light has just woken up and you should come back at once.  You do so and all of
    a sudden Light starts going crazy.  It seems he's being controlled by the Dark
    Bell too.  He takes a couple of swings at Pastel.  Cinnamon tries to stop him,
    but Light just tosses him aside.  Just then, Seeds and Salyut arrive and Seeds
    tosses you a gun.  He tells you he will hold Light while you shoot him.  Just
    aim the cursor until you get a red rectangle area showing up and press circle
    to fire.  Pastel screams and Seeds tells her not to worry, it was only a
    tranquilizer (MEDS!)
    Cinnamon tells you maybe the Shine Bell you found at Nikoniko Mountain can stop
    the Dark Bell.  You then learn the best Bell Power in the game for Twinbee, the
    Shine Bell Shot.  After some more talking, you'll leave the lab.
    Well, you can now complete the game if you want.  Head to the Sky Temple and go
    back to the very center where you fought Molte and Vielen.  Molte will say that
    Vielen is all right.  She will also heal you for free and save your game.  When
    you're ready, head into Greed's Palace.
    - Ambulance x2
    - Fruit Set
    - Miracle Potion
    - Peach Juice
    Here's the final small area, and it's really short.  Go straight ahead and
    notice the force field.  Check one of the sides and Twinbee will use his Shine
    Bell Shot power on it to get rid of the force field.  Now fight your way past
    the annoying star-shaped enemies and enter the door beyond.
    Sigh.  Why oh why did Konami have to pull a Capcom here and make you fight all
    those bosses over again?  Ugh.  Well, approach the center of the
    octagonal-spoked platform and let's get to it.  Oh yeah, just so you know,
    you'll pretty much have to fight the bosses one after the other, although there
    will be a break in-between each one where you can heal if you want to.  Listed
    below is the order you fight them in.
    After you beat each boss, a door will open.  Enter it and find the red switch. 
    Jump up and press the action button to toggle the switch to blue.  When you
    leave the room, the next boss will be waiting for you.  Continue this until all
    the bosses are defeated.
    PUPPETON     (~2,000 HP)
    LANDSABER    (~2,200 HP)
    TEROBERT     (~2,400 HP)
    GABRIEL      (~2,600 HP)
    NEPTUNE      (~2,800 HP)
    FIRAL CROW   (~2,800 HP)
    DRAGON HEZ   (~3,000 HP)
    DEMON ZUTEIL (~3,500 HP)
    Recommended Level: 46
    Use the same strategy as you did with their former selves.  They all have more
    HP this time, but if your level is high enough you shouldn't have a problem
    until the later bosses.
    After you defeat all eight bosses, the center platform decends with you on it. 
    After you reach the bottom, head down the hallway, defeating enemies as you go.
     When the path forks, keep going straight and get the Peach Juice from the item
    box.  Now head down the set of stairs into the purple-colored storage area with
    boxes.  There's three item boxes in here.  They contain a Miracle Potion, a
    Fruit Set, and an Ambulance.  Head back out and go into the large room with the
    green carpet on the floor.  The item box has an Ambulance inside it.  Now just
    defeat both sets of enemies in here, and the big door will open.  In the next
    room, you'll probably need to beat all the enemies to even walk around in here,
    but it's always good for some last minute item-mixing.  Head through the dark
    doorway at the end and keep following the lighted path.  Get ready, 'cause it's
    final boss time.
    There's a lot of talking here.  Not too much to say as it's the usual RPG big
    boss speech.  You know, "you will die", and "I can't believe it's not butter." 
    Anyway, Greed says that with the power of the Dark Bell and his Soul Armor,
    he's invincible.  He then summons Natasha and Paison and
    GREED: ?,??? HP / NATASHA: ~3,000 HP / PAISON: ~3,000 HP
    Recommended Level: 46
    This fight is actually the harder of the two final boss fights, as you've got
    three people attacking you instead of just Greed in the next round.  Don't
    bother attacking Greed directly here too.  Instead, concentrate your attacks on
    Natasha and Paison.  Once you drop both of them, the fight ends.
    Greed just laughs and says you're wasting your time.  With the power of the
    Dark Bell he can create as many henchmen as he wants to fight you.  Just then,
    Seeds flies in and knocks the Dark Bell off of Greed's armor.  Seeds tells you
    to hurry up and finish off Greed.  The next phase of the battle begins...
    BOSS FIGHT: GREED (~3,000 HP)
    Recommended Level: 46
    You can now use the Shine Bell Shot power to lay down some serious hurt on
    Greed.  Do so if you've got the BP for it.  There's not really much strategy in
    these last couple fights except to keep your HP up and keep attacking.
    When you defeat Greed, his armor breaks off and you can see a little green man
    inside piloting the huge spider shell.  Greed screams, then attacks you again.
    BOSS FIGHT: GREED (~3,200 HP)
    Recommended Level: 46
    Here in this form, Greed will repeatedly use the black fog to damage you and
    sometimes cause random status effects.  This battle isn't too hard either..just
    keep attacking.
    After you defeat Greed tbis time, his Soul Armor breaks complete and you get to
    see his true form.  Now he's REALLY pissed off at you.  The final battle
    FINAL BOSS: GREED (~4,000 HP)
    Recommended Level: 46
    Remember just because he is really small doesn't mean he can't hurt you much. 
    He is the final boss after all.  Use everything that you have at your disposal
    to waste him.  Use your Shine Bell Shot power in this battle to seriously mess
    him up.  Good luck!
    Once you've finally defeated Greed, he explodes in a bunch of light rays (and
    what final boss wouldn't?)  Then the whole sanctuary begins to crumble while
    the Bees escape.
    Outside, Molte wonders what's going on.  Vielen's spirit gets returned to her
    (thanks to Greed's defeat.)  Twinbee tells her the whole place is going to
    collapse, so she and Vielend climb inside him and the Bees fly off.  Then you
    get a short cutscene in which all the peoples' souls are returned to them, then
    the chapter ends.
    Everyone lands safely back on Donburi Island and Pastel asks if Seeds is okay. 
    He says he's fine and asks about you.  Just then Cinnamon calls and asks if
    everyone is alright.  Salyut arrives and surprise, she has Light with her. 
    Pastel runs to him and is thankful he's all right now.  Light thanks you for
    everything you've done in his absence.  Then Light says Salyut brought him here
    and it was kind of sexy having two people ride in the same cockpit like
    that..hehe.  Pastel gets angry and calls him the "king of perverts."  She hits
    him repeatedly and Light says he's sorry.  Just then Mint notices an image of
    Melora.  Pastel notices too...
    Then Warumon appears in his machine and laughs.  He says now that everyone is
    together, he'll take you all out at once.  Pastel asks what's the matter with
    him.  Zakobee explains that while the Bees were fighting Greed, Seeds knocked
    the Dark Bell off of his armor and Warumon took it.  He's now controlled by the
    Dark Bell (as if he wasn't evil enough already.)
    Light has an idea.  He takes the Shine Bell and throws it at Warumon's machine.
     The two bells cancel each other out and the machine (along with the bells)
    explodes.  Molte says that now the bells are gone, peace should return.  Light
    says everyone should go back to the lab, so they do.
    Back at Cinnamon's lab, Pastel notices the image of Melora outside again. 
    Melora has come to take you back to the real world.  Talk to everyone if you
    want, they all thank you.  Now leave the lab.
    The scene changes to Warumon and Zakobee on a raft.  Warumon says that although
    that plan failed, he'll keep trying.  He curses Twinbee in the usual mad
    scientist way.
    Now you're free to wander wherever you want in the world.  To finish the game
    however, head back to the Eternal Cape where Melora's temple is.
    Walk toward the temple when you arrive.  When you reach the narrow part, you
    get a short scene where Pastel arrives and thanks you once again for
    everything.  She's sorry to see you go, but knows you can't stay in their
    world.  The gate opens and you walk through it into the temple.  You hear
    Melora's voice calling you so you walk toward the spot where you started the
    game.  Melora turns you back into spirit form and thanks you also.  She then
    says a final goodbye and send you back to your world.
    After the credits roll, you'll get to see the ending of the Twinbee show you
    were watching at the beginning of the game.  I won't spoil how it ends or what
    happens after that.
    If you go to Madora Land, you can go to a place called the Game Spot where you
    can play various mini games.  One of these is a small Twinbee shooter called
    "Twinbee Pierrot."  It's a galaga-style game where the object is to eliminate
    all the enemy waves to move on.  You get powerups and health also.
    I'll provide more info on the rest of the mini games if I make it back there
    and actually bother to update this guide.
    Buy a membership card in the metropolis area (where Apple is) and head into the
    Bee Night Spot club.  There's a jukebox in here which you can use to listen to
    all the tunes you've heard in the game.  Note you must actually hear the song
    first before it will be unlocked in the jukebox.
    Guide written by Visage <visagesc@yahoo.com>
    Twinbee RPG is (C)opyright 1998, Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo (KCET)
    I hope this guide has helped you...I had a lot of fun writing it too.

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