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Secrets FAQ by ruyeyama

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/30/99

Tokimeki Memorial Private Collection (Konami, Misc, PSX)
Secrets FAQ
V1.1  12/30/99

Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best.com)*

* Instances of the letter "y" and the "at" symbol have been removed
  (replaced with spaces) from the above e-mail address in order to prevent
  unscrupulous UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) bot processes from
  adding to the amount of e-mail I already get...

The latest version of this file can be found at:
  Music, graphics, trivia, fortunes told at Kirameki High

Document formatting, organization, and wording Copyright 1999 by Richard 

Permission granted by author to duplicate (unaltered) this document in its 
entirety for non-profit purposes only.  All other rights reserved.  Author 
reserves the right to rescind specific or general permission, if he sees a 
reason (such as loophole abuse) to do so.

Tokimeki Memorial and Konami are registered trademarks of Konami Co., Ltd.  
Tokimeki Memorial Private Collection is Copyright 1996 by Konami Co., Ltd.  
All rights reserved.

Table of Contents:

0. Document History
I. Basic Stuff
   1. The purpose of this document
II. Title Screen and Opening
   1. Title screen, vocalization
   2. Greetings, load-initial
III. Main Menu
   1. Phone numbers, mini-characters
IV. Tokimeki Karuto Pair Quiz
   1. All Clear, extra picture
   2. Perfect game, extra scene
   3. Playing again, after winning
   4. Beach scene, hidden lines
   5. Message bar, extra messages
V. Lucky Check
   1. Title screen, character walking
   2. Birthdays, mini-characters
   3. Fortunes, character chosen
   4. Fortune character, extra line
VI. CG Gallery
   1. CG Poem, extra picture
   2. Library, extra pictures
   3. Zoom in, zoom out
   4. BGM, lotsa music!
VII. Miscellany
   1. Reset, 6-button
   2. No auto-save, auto-load?
   3. .bmp files, Himitu directory!
VIII. Thanks and Stuff

0. Document History

V1.1: 12/30/99
      Title Screen and Opening section added
      Title screen vocalization variation info added
      Load-initial greetings section moved to Title Screen and Opening
      Load-initial greetings codes added
      Miharu phone # added!
      Karuto Quiz "All Clear" group photo info added
      Karuto Quiz message bar extra messages info added
      Lucky Check extra dialogue info added
      Group photo from Karuto Quiz available in CG Gallery
      Minor editing in a couple sections
V1.0: 4/12/99
      Launch version

I. Basic Stuff

I.1  The purpose of this document

     This document is an informational resource for Konami's Tokimeki 
Memorial Private Collection (PSX,J), a miscellaneous collection of 
TokiMemo stuff, including art, music, voices, a fortune telling game, 
and even a trivia game based upon characters and events from TokiMemo.
     In this Secrets FAQ (side note: I'm using "faq" herein with its more 
colloquial definition of "document of organized information", rather than 
its more traditional definition, which implies organizational headings in 
the form of questions...), I'll be covering codes and secrets and other 
such information which may be of interest.  Note that in this document, 
the player will be assumed to have at least some basic knowledge of the 
Japanese language... so as to be able to complete Karuto Quiz mode... and 
enjoy the various bits of amusing dialogue throughout TMPC... ^^

II. Title Screen and Opening

II.1  Title screen, vocalization

     If you're holding the X button (or the right mouse button?) down, as 
the title screen is loading, Yukari will speak the title of the game 
("Private Collection") more normally (for her), and thus will become a bit 
out of sync with the rest of the characters.  Alternatively, if you leave 
the "attract" cycle going, it looks like Yukari will sometimes (every 
third or fourth time the title screen is shown, perhaps?) do this on her 

II.2  Greetings, load-initial

     The character who greets you after the TMPC title screen is normally 
chosen randomly (yes, Miharu and Rei are both in the lineup).  If you hold 
down one of the following, however, you can actually choose a specific 
character for the greeting:

          u+L1     Shiori
          l+L1     Mio
          d+L1     Yuina
          r+L1     Ayako
          u+L2     Saki
          l+L2     Yukari
          d+L2     Nozomi
          r+L2     Mira
          u+R1     Yuko
          l+R1     Megumi
          d+R1     Yumi
          r+R1     Miharu
          u+R2     Rei

     (l+R2, r+R2, and d+R2 seem to yield a random choice, as usual)
     Each character seems to have only one greeting.  Oh, also, the 
default birthday in the Lucky Check section of TMPC will be the birthday 
of whichever character did the load-initial greeting...

III. Main Menu

III.1  Phone numbers, mini-characters

     On the Main Menu screen (where you choose between Tokimeki Karuto 
Pair Quiz, Lucky Check, CG Gallery, Music Clip, and Option), if you input 
a character's phone number, a mascot-sized version of that character will 
proceed to walk across the screen (cross r. to l.), at a speed which 
varies according to the character (Yukari walks the slowest, Yumi walks 
the fastest).  Only one character can be on screen at a time.  If you poke 
a character (O button) while she's walking, she'll stop, and utter one of 
her telephone lines (the lines are spoken in a specific order), before 
continuing to walk...
     Here's a chart showing the characters' phone numbers (note: "T" = 
"triangle button", for those unfamiliar with that notation...), and the 
number of telephone lines each one will speak:

       Character       Phone #       # of lines
        Shiori     O X T - X O T O       5
        Mio        X X T - O T O X       4
        Yuina      T T T - O O X O       5
        Ayako      T X O - X O X O       4
        Saki       T X O - T T X X       4
        Yukari     O O O - X T T X       4
        Nozomi     T X X - O X T X       6
        Mira       T T X - O X X T       4
        Yuko       O T O - X T O T       4
        Megumi     O X T - T X O O       6
        Yumi       O O O - T T X O       4
        Rei        O T X - O T X O       11
        Miharu     u u d d - X O T       9

IV. Tokimeki Karuto Pair Quiz

IV.1  All Clear, extra picture

     After you finish Tokimeki Karuto Pair Quiz with everyone (including 
Rei), you'll get a special group photo of all 13 characters.  This group 
photo will also become available in the CG Poem section of the CG Gallery.
It'll be on the last page, so simply click back one page from the default 
(first) page of the CG Poem section...

IV.2  Perfect game, extra scene

     As it turns out, if you win against *all* characters (including Rei) 
without getting a single answer wrong, you'll get a special Rei scene at 
the end, instead of the normal group photo (don't worry, the group photo 
will still become available in the CG Gallery!).
     ** SPOILER WARNING **  Note that if you haven't yet seen the Rei- 
related ending in Tokimeki Memorial, there is a potential spoiler in the 
extra scene you get here...
     After the extra scene, you get kicked back to the main menu, and get 
a special message from Shiori, telling you that you've earned some extra 
pictures in the CG Gallery.  See the CG Gallery section of this faq for 
more information...

     Tips on getting a perfect score:
     The basic tactic is quite simple, really: Abuse the SAVE process.  =)
Play a game, and if you get an answer wrong, reset the game, then LOAD 
your last game.  If you make it through 10 questions without getting any 
wrong, exit from the beach scene, and immediately SAVE.  Repeat for all 12 
(plus Rei makes 13) characters.

     Further tips:
     Since you aren't given an opportunity to SAVE immediately before 
facing Rei (i.e. right after your 12th opponent), you're basically going 
to have to get 20 (!) questions in a row correct.  Thus, I'd probably 
recommend leaving your favorite character (or whichever character you know 
best) for 12th, in order to make this 20-question run a bit easier.

     Some final notes:
     Each character has around 30 questions, I think.  So after playing 
against a character 4 or 5 times, you've probably seen most, if not all of 
that character's questions.  Note that even if you've gotten a question 
wrong, you can still play through the rest of your game before resetting, 
in order to become more familiar with that character's questions...

IV.3  Playing again, after winning

     For a character you've won against, if you select (from the character 
select map) her with the O button, you'll go to that character's beach 
scene.  However, if you select her with the X button, you'll get to play 
Karuto Quiz against her again!
     Note that some of the wrong answers will actually provoke some 
amusing responses... =)  However, do note that if you're trying for the 
extra scene and graphics, these will count against you, even if you 
originally played a perfect game against that character... (so either 
don't SAVE, or wait until after you've earned the extras before trying out 
the wrong answers...)

IV.4  Beach scene, hidden lines

     In a beach scene, if you poke (O button) the screen (anywhere on the 
screen; it doesn't have to be on the character) 101 times, you'll provoke 
a response from the character.  After that first response, you'll only 
have to poke the screen 21 times for each subsequent line...
     Each character has up to three lines, spoken in order, it seems, 
though the characters with only two lines (Yukari, Nozomi, Yuko, and 
Miharu) repeat their second line as their third, before going back to the 
first...  Mio, Ayako, and Megumi have only one line each.  I think most of 
these lines are actually lines from TokiMemo, though they've been ummm, 
taken out of context here...

IV.5  Message bar, extra messages

     Before finishing with 12 characters:
     At the character select screen, if you wait for about 4 or 5 minutes, 
the message bar will start printing messages unrelated to the game 
instructions (interspersed after every two instructions cycles, I think).  
Similar to the electric message bars in trains (in Japan), it will display 
such things as: news briefs, station info, and commercials, as well as 
some other stuff.

     After "All Clear":
     Instead of the game instructions, you'll get a congratulations 
message, followed by the game credits (each of which is accompanied by a 
short (or not so short) comment).  The credits, btw, take quite a while to 
get through, if you want to see them all...

V. Lucky Check

V.1  Title screen, character walking

     The character walking across the Lucky Check title screen is, I 
believe, chosen randomly.  Yes, Miharu and Rei are in the lineup...

V.2  Birthdays, mini-characters

     If you choose a character's birthday as the Lucky Check birthday (oh, 
btw, note that the default b-day will be the b-day of whichever character 
greeted you when you loaded TMPC...), a mascot-sized version of that 
character will appear next to (to the left) of the birthday.  Poking (O 
button) the mini-character will give you the character's telephone 
     Here's a list of character birthdays, in case anybody's interested:
         Shiori      5 27
         Mio         2 3
         Yuina       7 7
         Ayako       9 30
         Saki        1 13
         Yukari      6 13
         Nozomi     12 3
         Mira       11 15
         Yuko       10 17
         Megumi      9 5
         Yumi        5 16
         Miharu      3 3
         Rei         8 23

     Yoshio's b-day (4/4) doesn't seem to do anything special...
     Interestingly, Shiori's b-day, which is variable (chosen by the 
player) in TokiMemo, has been assigned to May 27th...  Hmmm... =)  In
case anybody's wondering, 1994.5.27 was the release date for the PC Engine 
version of TokiMemo (the original!).  Similarly, the default checkday 
(1996.4.26) was the release date for TokiMemo Private Collection...

V.3  Fortunes, character chosen

     The character chosen to read your fortune seems to be random (Miharu 
is included).  Except that I think Rei is reserved for reading the bad 
fortunes... ^^;

V.4  Fortune character, extra line

     After your fortune has been told, click (O button) on the character 
(who read your fortune) 27 times, and she'll say something extra to you.

VI. CG Gallery

VI.1  CG Poem, extra picture

     If you completed all 13 characters in Karuto Quiz mode (whether you 
perfected them or not), you will have unlocked one extra picture (the 
group photo) in the CG Poem section of the CG Gallery.  It's on the last 
page, so simply click back one page from the default (first) page of the 
CG Poem section...

VI.2  Library, extra pictures

     If you perfected *all* characters in Karuto Quiz mode (see the 
Tokimeki Karuto Pair Quiz section of this document for more information), 
you will have unlocked two extra pictures in the Library section of the CG 
Gallery (note: the same spoiler warning as for the extra scene in Karuto 
Quiz mode applies for these extra pictures...).  They're on the last page, 
so simply click back one page from the default (first) page of the 

VI.3  Zoom in, zoom out

     When viewing a picture in the CG Poem or Library section of the CG 
Gallery, if you press the O button, you can zoom in for a closer view.  
Pressing the X button will zoom you back out to the normal view, or exit 
you from that picture, if you're already in normal view.  The d-pad can be 
used in either mode (zoom or normal) to move your field of view around.

VI.4  BGM, lotsa music!

     Note that the BGM in the CG Gallery will change every once in a while 
(there's a *lot* of music it can cycle through... =) ), if you stay there 
for long enough.  The CG Poems, however, seem to each have a specific BGM 
assigned to them, so playing a CG Poem, I think, will automatically change 
(or reset) the music to that BGM...

VII. Miscellany

VII.1  Reset, 6-button

     If you press R1+R2+L1+L2+SELECT+START, you can reset TMPC back to the 
Konami logo.  Note that this *will* reset anything you may have done 
during your session, and so you *will* have to reload from your memory 

VII.2  No auto-save, auto-load?

     TMPC doesn't seem to have an auto-save process.  Nor does it 
auto-load from your memory card.  Thus, you'll have to manually LOAD or 
SAVE, every time you want to do either...

VII.3  .bmp files, Himitu directory!

     If you view your TMPC game CD on a computer, and look in the "Himitu" 
directory, you should find 19 TokiMemo .bmp files there!  =)

VIII. Thanks and Stuff

Thanks to:
   Kasahara Yasuhiko's PlayStation Secrets Room
      (http://www.na.sakura.ne.jp/~kasa0/PS/secret/), for mentioning the
      main menu mini-characters, the beach scene lines, and how to get the
      omake graphics (perfecting Karuto Quiz mode)...
   Ray's Tokimeki Memorial Page
      (http://www.nijino.ne.jp/~ray/tm/), for mentioning the title screen
      vocalization variation, the load-initial greetings codes, the Karuto
      Quiz message bar train messages, the Lucky Check extra dialogue, and
      of course, for Miharu's phone #!

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