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Guide and Walkthrough by Viewer_

Version: 1.45 | Updated: 04/24/2001

Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol. 2: Irodori no Love Song Perfect Ending
Genre:		Adventure
Developer:	Konami Computer Entertainment Japan (KCEJ)
Date Released:	March 26, 1998
		November 25, 1999 (Konami The Best)
Version:	1.45
Author:		The Viewer (liewjy@yahoo.com/macross_viewer@zdnetonebox.com)

v1.45   Mio's and Yuina's complete walkthrough, plus minor corrections on main
story                 walkthrough
v1.3    Correct errors on Disc 1 walkthrough
v1.25	'Synchronize' my identity to all FAQs contributed
v1.2	Completed After Class individual walkthroughs on Shiori, Mio, Yuina and
v1.1	Full description of Ayako's ending
v1.0	Started writing this walkthrough with Ayako's walkthrough

The following are the sources that I looked to write this walkthrough:
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan at http://www.kcej.co.jp
Tokimemo Drama Series 2 Perfect Ending at
http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Palace/5508/fever3.html (Chinese website)
This walkthrough contains some chinese characters so use a language viewer to
see them properly.

After writing two RPG game walkthrough, this is my first adventure game
walkthrough. Although this game is three years old but I find that few complete
walkthroughs are posted. I write this just for those who like this game but
does not understand japanese language (how kind am I).

The main male character/hero of the game who is in Year 2 A Group. He is a
guitarist and also the composer and song arranger of a band called Irodori that
is going to take part in a band contest in Kirameki High School's Culture
Festival. For easier reference, I named him as Shujin.

Ayako Katagiri﹝片桐彩子﹞
She is the main female character/heroine in this game. Her personal information
can be reference in original Tokimeki Memorial's game walkthrough. A student of
Year 2 D Group, she like english where her conversion will be a mixture of
Japanese and English (Man, that is like a cocktail conversion).

Shiori Fujisaki﹝藤崎詩織﹞
Same group as Shujin and neighbor since childhood. Pretty appearance, good in
study and also in sports. She definitely the idol of Kirameki High School.

Yuuko Asahina﹝朝日奈夕子﹞
A girl who likes fashion trend and playing. Her best friend is Yukari Koshiki.
However, she and Yoshio Saotome are together since middle school.

Yuina Himoo﹝紐緒結奈﹞
Mad scientist of Kirameki High School and likes to strange research.

Mio Kisaragi﹝如月未緒﹞
Literature Club student who likes reading very much. She also likes stage drama
but her body is very weak.

Kouji Tamura﹝田村康司﹞
The drummer of Irodori and has deep knowledge on music. Shujin asks advice from
him about the new song made.

Yukari Koshiki﹝古式ゆかり﹞
A young girl who speaks very polite but slow. Kniting is her favorite hobby.

Mie Kuribayashi﹝栗林みえ﹞
The image character of Tokimeki Memorial and a DJ of radio station.

Minori Akiho﹝秋穗みのり﹞
A girl who is straight on feelings and admires soccer club manager Saki Nijino.

Rei Ijuuin﹝伊集院レイ﹞
The grandchild of Kirameki High School Director and rival of all male students
where many girls likes Rei's identity.

Suzune Misaki﹝美𤧬鈴音﹞
Keyboard player and the only Year 1 student in the band. Other members' little
sister but she has interest on Shujin.

Takumi Ohsawa﹝大恾巧琔﹞
Irodori's bass guitarist and idol of female student in the school.

Miharu Tatebayashi﹝館林見晴﹞
A girl who likes Shujin and always phone him or writes letter to him without
letting him know who she is.

Yoshio Saotome﹝早乙女好雄﹞
Shujin's classmate and information guy since they entered the school. Besides
providing information about girls, he also plays a role in school's culture
festival planning.

Walkthrough - Aya-chan (Disc 1)
The walkthrough will be in diary form where the story goes in days, from
September 25, 1997 to October 11, 1997.
September 27
In Kirameki High School's school hall, a band is practising with some girls
watching it. The band is called Irodori that consists of Shujin, Takumi, Kouji
and Suzune. Before the practice, the girls are surrounding Takumi, asking him
about the song that the band will perform. After a while, the band starts
Guitar beat matching
The mini game like where player presses L1 + directional pad and circle button
to match the note displayed. Different comments given by Takumi after each
practice based on the accuracy of the keys pressed.
After some practices, the members decide to go home. Before they leave, Takumi
goes to see his friend. Shujin asks who is she and Suzune tells him that girl
is called Ayako Katagiri, Takumi's classmate and an Art Club member. Later the
four of them return and Kouji and Takumi leave Shujin and Suzune together. The
two of them then walk together back to home.
At this moment player can talk to her but remember one thing, talk to any girl
with Shujin can give some good impression.
If Shujin keeps quiet or talk to Suzune while walking, she will talk to him
about the band's matter and she accidentally says something about her feelings
on Shujin. However, Shujin does not realize.
At Shujin's bedroom, he thinks about afternoon's event before going to sleep.

September 26
(Noon Break)
Shujin composes the song for the contest
To finish the song quickly, the rhythm will be P3, P2, P1, P2
(After class)
Yoshio comes over to Shujin and talks something. Later Rei interrupts and says
the Ijuuin is the organizer of the consert contest and let Shujin and Yoshio
feel annoyed. At the same time Shiori joins the conversation and Yoshio lets
them alone. Later on he is free to go anywhere before going to practice ground.
As soon as Shujin leaves the classroom, a girl bumps on him.
As Shujin passes the mid-court of the campus, he will meet Minori.
At the practice session, Shujin plays the song for other members to listen and
Kouji gives some advise.
After the practice, Shujin can either go home alone or with Suzune where she
will ask him.

September 27
From this day onwards to the end (except holidays and weekend), the routine of
Shujin will be rooftop, band practice and go home.
(Noon Break)
Shujin is writing the song and Ayako comes up. After knowing the song rhythm,
Ayako thinks it is no meaning of writing the song if it is impersonating other
people's song. This makes Shujin depressed and his mind is uncertain about it.
(After class)
After yesterday's event, Yoshio comes by and encourage Shujin to participate
the contest. When Shujin begins his normal routine, the girl that was bumped
into him yesterday bumps him again.
After the classroom event, if Shujin immediately goes to the practice ground,
Suzune will be there and she is happy with Shujin arrives first before Takumi
and Kouji arrives.
************************************************************************************************** During the practice session, Shujin mentions about the impersonating other people's song and everyone says it is fine.
On the way home where Shujin and Suzune are together, Shujin feels very
depressed about Ayako's word and Suzune gives him courage. However, she
suddenly cries.

September 28
The members are gathering at the studio for practising with Suzune and Shujin
arrive first, then Kouji. For Takumi, he will be late and after Shujin has
finished the song.
To get the correct rhythm, once Shujin completes any parts of the song,
approach Kouji for advise.
After Takumi has arrived, the members enter the studio for practising. Once
every three practising, the band will take a break before continue. Later they
decide to go home.

September 29
(Noon Break)
Yoshio asks Shujin to get Takumi's signature at the canteen and Shujin has to
help him. At the same time, Shujin see Ayako with a bread on her hand, walking
out from the crowd.
After that, Shujin comes up to the rooftop and practise the song. Ayako comes
up later but Shujin notices her appearance and stops. She then leaves.
(After class)
Yoshio introduces Yuuko Asahina and Yukari Koshiki to Shujin.
After this event, Shujin can go to Yuuko's classroom and tennis club.
At the practice session, Ayako and her friend pass by and Takumi approaches
her. He invites Ayako to become the band's vocal but Ayako declines and leaves.

September 30
(Noon Break)
It seems like Ayako feels shame to go to rooftop and Shujin is alone,
practising the song.
(After class)
If Shujin visits Yuuko's classroom, he will meet Yuuko at the corridor and she
says she is busy then leaves. Later Shujin either continue going to Yuuko's
classroom or go somewhere else.
After the practice session, Shujin can go home alone or with Suzune or any girl
he has spoken before or just go home alone.

October 1
(Noon Break)
Yoshio asks Shujin to go to canteen to buy bread. As they approach staff room,
Ayako comes out from the staff room. Seeing Shujin at the corridor, she turns
her head away but tears dropping from her eyes. Shujin wonders why and Yoshio
feels odd of Shujin.
At the rooftop, Shujin keeps recalling the scene in front of the staff room and
decides to go to the art room later.
(After class)
When Shujin leaves classroom, he sees Shiori is putting up poster on the wall
and amazed that she has to do 30 posters sticking.
After band practice, Shujin goes to the art room. When he is watching a paint,
Ayako appears and asks how is the paint. Shujin then express his concern about
the afternoon's event. It seems like Ayako is fine and they introduce
themselves. Shujin and Ayako then leaves the school together to the park near
their houses. They sit on a bench and watch the sunset. Ayako then asks Shujin
about the sun and he unable to catch her answer. He then recalls back how he
began to join band performance and the singer who inspired him. As his mind
returns to reality, Shujin watches the sun goes down and discovers that Ayako
has felt asleep. He then thinks back what everyone said and suddenly an
inspiration of new song comes across his mind. Shujin immediately writes down
the rhythm and Ayako wakes up. She is happy that Shujin has new inspiration of
a new song. Later, they
go to a fastfood restaurant. At there, the two have time to understand each
Besides talking various topics, the way Shujin calls Ayako is also important.
To change the addressing from Katagiri San, talk about her name and there will
be a topic on which kind of addressing she prefers. After that, starts another
conversion and there will be a topic of the way calling her name. Select
Aya-chan so that she will feel not formal.
Before they leave each other, Shujin has something to say and he asks whether
they can see each other again. Aya-chan promises they will see again and gives
a fly kiss before going home.
If player misses this event, it can be triggered on the next day.

October 2
(Noon Break)
Shujin begins writing the new song at rooftop
Shujin must complete the song as soon as possible in order to get the good
ending. The first part of the song will be P3, P3, P2, P1
(After class)
When Shujin goes around before heading to practice session, he will meet Shiori
and she brings him to outdoor stage where it is a huge stage. However, Rei
approaches Shujin and shows off how the stage is, together with the equipments.
During the band practice, Shujin decides to use the new song he inspired but
Takumi does not like and has some disputes. However, Kouji is willing to give
advice and Suzune likes any new songs that come across.
After the practice, Shujin goes to find Aya-chan and invites her to go home
together. Talk more than three topics and a random event appears.
The random events are triggered based on the conversion topics' order and I
decided to remove them until I get the official walkthrough.

October 3
(Noon Break)
Aya-chan comes up to the rooftop and watches Shujin continues his song writing.
She asks Shujin for a date on October 5.
If player got the first part correctly, Shujin will start with the second part
and rhythm will be P2, P2, P1, P1
Besides writing the song and practising the tune, player has the opportunity to
talk with Aya-chan to build up relationship.
(After class)
Shujin asks Aya-chan to go home together.

October 4
(Noon Break)
Same as yesterday.
If Shujin has finished the second part of the song, the next part will be P2,
P2, P1, P3
(After class)
Same as yesterday.

(Disc 2)
October 5
The first date with Aya-chan. Comment her dress before proceed to various
spots. The couple goes to art gallery and sees the paintings. Shujin then finds
out Aya-chan likes horror drawings they talk about. Later Aya-chan wants to go
to the coffee shop and there the couple want ice cream. After little chatting,
they leave the gallery and go to the plaza outside where there is photograph
contest but they do not have camera. After borrowing a camera, they search a
good for taking photographs.
To make the couple wins the contest, go to the tree area. However, if player
takes 2 photographs or more, the last one taken will be selected.
Seeing the result will be announced later, Shujin and Aya-chan return to the
art gallery and go to the commercial paints. There are paintings which are
nearly identical but one of them is the original.
Actually this is a "Spot the Differences" where there are 5 different spots. As
a whole, there are 3 sets of paintings in the room.
After seeing the paintings, Aya-chan is anxious about the photography result
and they return to the plaza. After winning the champion, the couple is given
free entrance to in-house pool. However, Aya-chan does not like water and she
is a bit reluctant to go there but she still goes with Shujin.
Mini Game
Talk to Aya-chan about swimming across one side of the pool to another side.
Player will have a 100-meter swimming but the game is very tough, as player
hits the X and CIRCLE button quickly, Shujin will loss his air rapidly. If
player fails, Aya-chan will laugh at Shujin.
After a long day of dating, the couple decides to go home.

October 6
(Noon Break)
Aya-chan will come up to the rooftop as usual, except that she brings paper to
write something. She wants Shujin to continue with his thing without being
distracted by her. Later she finishes writing but a strong wind blows her work
away but manages to get all back. Shujin helps picking one piece of the paper
and discovers Aya-chan is actually writing a poem that is suitable for the new
song's lyrics.
(After class)
Shujin as usual hanging around the campus and attends the band practice.
When Shujin asks Aya-chan to go home together, her cheek will a bit red, i.e.
near tokimeki (bluishing) state if shujin and her relationship is very good.

October 7
(Noon Break)
Aya-chan comes to the rooftop as usual and she asks Shujin about his past.
Later she wants him to sing his idol's song but Shujin does not want to sing.
After Aya-chan's begging, Shujin sings the song. After Shujin finishes,
Aya-chan stands and ready to sing. She want Shujin to play out the tunes and
she then sings. When she finishes singing, Shujin is impressed and understand
why Takumi wants her to become the band's vocal.
To have this event, Shujin and Aya-chan's relationship must be very good.
(After class)
The controversy of having new song replacing the current song rises again.
Shujin insists that the song he created is totally different and he can writes
this song because of Aya-chan. This makes Takumi very upset and the two are
arguing. Takumi then loses his mood and cancels the practising after the first
After the unhappy practising, Shujin and Aya-chan go home together. However,
she keeps quiet when Shujin talks to her. After a while, she starts to say it
is embarrassed walking home together and then leaves Shujin.

October 8
(Noon Break)
Yoshio approaches Shujin and asks him to accompany him to the canteen. At
there, they meet Aya-chan and both Shujin and her are surprised seeing each
other. To avoid any embarrassement situation, Aya-chan leaves.
At the rooftop, it seems like Aya-chan does not want any rumors from other
people and she does not appear at the rooftop.
(After class)
At the practice ground, when the band starts, Takumi losses concentration and
stops. Shujin asks why and the two guys starts arguing. Suzune cannot stand
anymore and stops them. She then leaves the ground. Takumi immediately chases
her, leaving Shujin and Kouji. Shujin feels so sudden and Kouji tells him that
the three of them having problem in love where Takumi likes Suzune but she like
Shujin. At the same time, Shujin likes Ayako. Due to this reason, conflict
At Shujin's bedroom, his mind keeps thinking of what have happened during
daytime. Thinking of Suzune has feelings on him, Shujin decides to see her. At
Suzune's house, she feels surprise that Shujin visits her. They go to nearby
playground and Shujin keeps quiet. Suzune tells Shujin things before she join
the band. Later she asks Shujin why he likes Aya-chan and is she only little to
him. Shujin tells her the truth and Suzune feels disappointed of Shujin does
not understand her feelings. Suzune slaps Shujin and tells him that she is
regret of joining Irodori Band before she leaves.

October 9
(Noon Break)
Shujin goes up to the rooftop and keeps thinking of everyone said to him. He
has no mood of doing the band's matter and waits until the break is over.
(After class)
At the practice ground, only Shujin and Kouji arrive. They wait until sunset
but Takumi and Suzune have not showed up for the practice. They decide to go
home but Shujin sees Aya-chan drawing in the art room. Seeing her concentrate
on the drawing, Shujin and Kouji leaves the school.
In Shujin's room, Aya-chan phones him and asks him for another date tomorrow.

October 10
As they meet, Suzune's words come out from Shujin's mind and distracts him a
bit. The couple then enter the cinema for a movie but Shujin keeps thinking of
what Suzune has said. Suzune's words has going around Shujin's mind until
Aya-chan reminds him that the movie has finished. At the coffee shop, Aya-chan
notices Shujin has something disturbing him but he hides away from her.
At the park where they sat the bench before, Aya-chan gives Shujin a present,
which is a drawing of Shujin playing guitar. Shujin feels surprised that
Aya-chan has drawn a picture of him and she tells him that she like the way he
concentrates on the music. Later, Aya-chan leaves but Shujin feels something
wrong and calls her. It seems like Aya-chan does not want leave him and her
tears come out from her eyes. Aya-chan cannot hold her emotion and turns back
to hug Shujin. Shujin feels too sudden of Aya-chan's behavior. After a while,
Aya-chan runs away, leaving Shujin alone.
At night, Shujin recalls what has happened and later he decides to finish the
remaining part of the song.
At this point, there is a variation of ending song where player is given 3
selection of rhythm phases to fill in. The phase that I selected is phase 2 and
the ending song is Tomorrow ~Beside You~

October 11
Kirameki High School Culture Fest. Shujin is running around the campus to find
Takumi. When he finds Takumi, he tells him that he has finished the song to be
performed but Takumi ignores him. At the practice ground, it seems like Suzune
does not mind what has happened on night of October 8 and she ready for the
performance. Shujin gives the notes to her and Kouji. Seeing Takumi will not
come, the members decide to carry on with three persons. Suddenly, Yoshio comes
by and says Aya-chan will leave Japan to Paris. This makes Shujin in a dilemma
where he has to stay down for the performance and leaves the band to go to the
airport. However, Shujin does not want to leave the band but Yoshio keeps
pushing him. Later, Takumi comes and looks at the notes. Takumi urges Shujin
that if he likes Aya-chan, he must go to the airport or else he will regret. He
promises Shujin that they can handle without him. Seeing everyone wants him to
go to the airport, Shujin rushes out the campus and takes a cab to the airport.
Inside the cab, Shujin finds a letter on his guitar bag and reads it. It is a
letter from Aya-chan. She expresses her dilemma of dreamming going to study in
Paris and fear of leaving Shujin alone. Aya-chan also feels happy the days with
him and the reason why she gave the drawing to him. Finally she wishes Irodori
band wins the contest with the keyword that is said during graduation day.

When Shujin arrives the airport, the flight to Paris has departed. Shujin feels
disappointed and go to the rooftop of the airport. Seeing the airplane takes
off, he takes his guitar out and plays the song of his idol. Suddenly, someone
sings the song...

Who sings the song? AYA-CHAN? She did not board the plane. Shujin feels
surprised that she stays down. Aya-chan says she is too silly to go to Paris
now because she can go there after the graduation. Aya-chan then takes the
letter left on Shujin's guitar bag and asks whether Shujin has read the letter
or not. Shujin pretends he did not look the contents of the letter. Suddenly a
strong blows the letter away...

Both of them feel pity of unable to perform the new song and Shujin is going to
confess his love but someone is calling Shujin. It's Rei! Rei is in a large
chopper hanging a big stage that is built on the campus (Tycoon's child always
has the priority). Rei asks why Shujin left the contest organized by the Ijuuin
and everyone is waiting for the performance (the whole scene is broadcasted
live in a large display at the Kirameki School campus). The chopper actually
leaves the stage besides the airport where the airplane loads/unloads the
passengers.  Shujin and Aya-chan shocks with Rei's arrangement and the members
of Irodori Band are ready to perform except the guitarist and vocal. Shujin
asks Aya-chan does she want to be the vocal and she accepts.


Other Girls' Individual Walkthrough (After Class)
Shiori Fujisaki

September 26
She apporaches Shujin when he is talking with Yoshio. The two of them talk
about Shujin's band and Cultural Fest but Rei interrupts their conversion and
says something that annoys Shujin.

September 27, September 29, September 30
Before Shujin leaves the class, he can talk Shiori by calling her on the seat
in front of the class.

October 1
When Shujin leaves the classroom, he will find Shiori is posting posters on the
wall. He finds incredible that everyone must post at least 30 posters.

October 2
During Shujin is walking around the campus, he meets Shiori and she brings him
to the outdoor stage. Shujin is amazed with the stage but Rei appears again and
shows off and Shujin can't stand the attitude.

October 3
Shujin comes to the outdoor stage and sees Shiori. They talk about the
committee work progress then the things Shiori minds. There are three student
gangsters come by and Shiori tells Shujin these people recently did the
vandalism on the posters and paper publishing. Seeing someone is on Shiori's
side, the gangsters start the fight.
Note 1
Beside choosing the topic sequence as above, focus on the committee work as the
topic will also trigger the fighting event.
Note 2
Losing the fight will not affect the main storyline of the game.
After losing the fight, the gangsters threats Shujin that they will report to
their boss.

October 4
Shiori approaches Shujin and tells him that those gangsters have brought their
boss. Shujin knows things go serious and starts going around campus to collect
items. There few places where Shujin can get items:
Science Lab
Literature Room
School Hall
Besides that, trigger certain events can let Shujin learns new moves in the
After collecting items, go to outdoor stage to face the battle. After defeating
him, the boss realizes that this matter is caused by the three gangsters and
gives them a lesson. Then he carries them away. Shiori then thanks Shujin for
helping her.

October 6
When Shujin comes out from the classroom, he finds that the three gangsters are
helping Shiori sticking posters. It seems like those rascals have learned
lesson from their boss and they treat Shiori as their big sister. However, this
makes Shiori feels uncomfort in front of Shujin.

October 7, October 8, October 9
When Shujin is hanging around the campus, he can meet Shiori at the following
Outdoor stage (50% of chance)
Other places except outdoor stage (20% of chance)

Mio Kisaragi
September 26
When Shujin visits Literature Club, he will meet Mio.

September 27, September 29, September 30
When Shujin is hanging around the campus, he can meet Mio at the following
Literature Club (60% of chance)
Other places except Literature Club (40% of chance)

October 1 later
When Shujin goes to the school hall, he finds Mio is watching the stage
practice by the Drama Club. Shujin discovers that Mio actually can memorize all
the dialog of the actress. Seeing Shujin knows her little secret, Mio feels a
bit embarrassed. Talk to her about the dialogs and then this year's performance
from Drama Club. When Shujin asks Mio whether she likes drama performance, Mio
tells him that she likes both and she had a problem choosing them when she
entered this school. As Shujin continues the conversion by asking her why she
decided to choose Literature Club, Mio tells him that she chose Literature Club
because of her weak body.
After some understandings about Mio, something has happened on the stage. The
actress has sprained her ankle and she cannot carry on as an actress of the
drama. Seeing Mio has memorized all the dialogs, Shujin suggests Mio to give a
try because of her interest on drama. Both of them go to the backstage to meet
the teacher in-charge. After recommendations from Shujin and Mio herself, that
teacher arranges a test for Mio.
Shujin can phone Mio at night to know her decision, provided he got the phone
number from Yoshio.

Day 2
Shujin goes to the school hall to find Mio. After talking rehersal and the
pose, Mio requries practice on the decisive pose.
Mini Game
Player needs to follow the display and press the equivalent buttons within the
given time to follow the pose showed by the teacher. If player misses for 3
times, the game is over. After some practising, Shujin's practice level will go
up, from beginner, intermediate and expert. However, Shujin can only level up 1
level per day.

Day 3
When Shujin finishes expert level practice, Mio has learned the decisive pose.
Everyone in the stage gives her a big hand as congratulations

Day 4
Mio comes to Shujin's class and asks him for help. She wants Shujin to take
part in the drama because one of the student is hurt and the drama has to start
due to there children in the school hall. Shujin promises to help and he plays
as the role of one of the six heroes. After the performance, the teacher is
impressed with Shujin's talent and wants him to join the club but he then
leaves because of important matter. Mio praises Shujin's talent and thanks him
for helping the club.

Day 5
When Shujin goes to the school hall, the teacher tells him that Mio has left
and returns to Literacture Club.

October 9
Mio and Shujin goes home together and she tells Shujin that she decides to
enter drama university after graduation.

Yuina Himoo
Between September 26 and September 30
When Shujin visits science lab, he can meet her there. Shujin looks at the
cannon at her back and she tells him that it is her research to be showed
during the Culture Festival. Besides that, Shujin asks her about her recent

Before October 1
When Shujin is hanging around the campus, he can meet Yuina at the following
Science lab (60% of chance)
Other places except science lab (40% of chance)
Each time Shujin finds Yuina, ask her about her research development to build
up relationship.

October 1 and later
When Shujin approaches the lab, he sees Yuina comes out from the lab with
anger. She is unhappy that her laser cannon demostration is rejected due to its
hazardous and she is fed up with the club. Thinking of Yuina's problem, Shujin
suggests her to join Computer Club to fulfill her interest on researching.

Day 1
When Shujin visits Computer Club, Yuina has made her decision and she feels
that it is better than Science Club.

Day 2
Shujin comes to Computer Club and talk to Yuina. She does not like the theme,
i.e. computer games. Shujin can play the game created by her and gives comment.
Yuina then has aspiration and courage to develop a new game.

Day 3
Yuina comes to Shujin's class and invites him to play her new game.

Day 4
Shujin can meet Yuina in Computer Club and asks her research.

October 9
Yuina and Shujin goes home together and she tells him about the research.

Yukari Koshiki
September 29
Shujin knows her when Yoshio introduces Yuko Asahina to him.

September 30
When Shujin goes to Tennis Club, he finds that Yukari likes knitting and asks
her about it. He then tries to knit and Yukari grabs his hands to knit.
However, she feels it is very embarrassing to teach a guy to knit in such a
way. Later there is a mini game.
Mini Game
This is to test Shujin's knitting skill. Player has to knit a cloth within 1
minute that is longer than Yukari's work. The pattern for pressing the buttons
are R1, SQUARE, L1, SQUARE, R1... If player presses the wrong button, press X
to cancel the faulty part.

October 1 and later
Shujin can meet Yukari at Tennis Club.

Yuko Asahina
September 26
After Shujin leaves the classrom to the corridor, he is bumped by her. She
immediately gives a reason and leaves.

September 27
When Shujin on the corridor outside his classroom, he is bumped by Yuko again.
She gives another reason before leaving Shujin.

September 29
Shujin gets to know Yuko through introduction by Yoshio.

September 30
When Shujin decides to go to Yuko's classroom, he meets her at the corridor and
she tells Shujin that she is busy.

October 1
Shujin goes to Yuko's classroom again and meets her at the corridor again. She
is also busy that afternoon and leaves. However, Shujin goes to her classroom
for sneak peek.

October 2 and later
After Shujin visited Yuko's classrom on October 1, Shujin visits her classroom
again and he finds that Yuko is doing some cuttings. Selection on any replies
will make her unhappy (but will not affect the main storyline). After that Yuko
leaves the class and a teacher comes to find her.

Day 1
After the event on October 2, Shujin goes to Yuko's class and she wants him to
becomes her partner of practising comedy dialog.
Mini Game
The game is simple. As Yuko speaks along the way, press CIRCLE button on the
correct timing for Shujin to give odd expression. If Yuko's finger up and
throws eye contact, that is the timing. The objective of this game is to make
all audience have a big laugh.
If the audience's response is not good, Yoshio will help Shujin.
After the practising, Yuko leaves the classroom and the teacher comes in to
find her.

Day 2
After last day's practice, Shujin comes to Yuko's classroom and they continue
the practice. If they get very good response from the audience...

Any day (After getting very good response from the audience)
Shujin as usual comes to Yuko's classroom for the comedy dialog heat
competition. This time Yuko and Yoshio are partners. If their performance is
very good, Yuko will go and huge Shujin.

October 9
Shujin goes home together with Yuko.

Miharu Tatebayashi
She is kind of like hidden character. To see her (randomly), the following
conditions should be met:
Shujin goes home alone between October 1 and October 4
Mio has joined the drama performance, Shujin will meet Miharu at Literature
Yuina has joined Computer Club, Shujin goes to science lab and Miharu will be
October 4
Shujin receives a letter from her and he goes up to the rooftop. However,
Miharu does not admit she wrote that letter.
At night Shujin receives message from her.
To receive phone message from her, the following conditions are met:
Shujin has received the letter
Shujin saw her before
October 9
(After Class Mode only)
Miharu is on the rooftop (if her appearance's conditions are met and Shujin has
no other girl's events

Minori Akiho
September 26, September 27
When Shujin is hanging around the campus and he will meet Minori at the
mid-court of the school.

Between September 29 and October 2
When Shujin goes to Concert Band Room, he will meet Minori. Shujin talks to her
about the new song. After that they talk about Saki Nijino where Minori tells
Shujin that Nijino is her ideal type of woman. Next they talk about Soccer Club
and Shujin discovers Minori's wish. Later, they also talk about waitinglist

Day 1
After the above conversation and Shujin meets Minori. When he talks about the
new song, this makes Minori leaves the room.

October 3
After the class, Shujin talks to Yoshio. Later, he goes to Concert Band and
sees Minori expressing her problem.

October 4
As Shujin visits Concert Band, he sees Minori is on a rehersal where she is

October 9
(After Class Mode only)
Shujin goes home with Minori together.

Mie Kuribayashi

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