1. Raymond O'Connor Actor: Agent
  2. Troy Christian Actor: Chops
  3. Jason Logan Actor: Grand Yak
  4. Charles Schneider Actor: Hell-Job Slideshow Model
  5. John Snyder Actor: Lloyd
  6. Derich Whitliff Actor: Mark
  7. Michael McCoy Actor: Roadie
  8. Doug Credit Actor: Roadkill Proprietor
  9. B.T. Taylor Actor: Snooky
  10. Dustin O'Halleron Actor: Stage Diver
  11. Kalen Ockerman Actor: Stage Diver
  12. Bobby Baracuda Actor: T.V. Christian
  13. Roland Rodstrom Actor: The Neighbor
  14. Jason Ebs Actor: Toby
  15. Mike Husky Actor: TT
  16. Rich Atwill Actor: Yak Dancer
  17. Bob Van Dusen Actor: Yak Dancer
  18. Brenda Ballard Actress: Player's Mom
  19. Lisa Freeman Actress: Sheila
  20. Mary Chamberlain Actress: Yak Woman
  21. Loretta Lee Actress: Yak Woman
  22. Sally Adler Animation Supervisor
  23. Dominic Watkins Art Director
  24. Benita Allen Assistant Director
  25. Barry Jackson Background Illustrator
  26. Phil Hayes Background Layout
  27. Mike Bell Character Animator
  28. Greg Tiernan Character Animator
  29. Brad Vandergrift Character Animator
  30. Chris Miller Character Design / Character Animator
  31. Liz Lord Color Modeling
  32. Justine Whitehead Color Styling
  33. Gore Verbinski Creative Consultant
  34. Bill Sheehy Director of Photography
  35. Gwynn Adik Effects Animator
  36. Dan Wanket Effects Animator
  37. Jonathan Her Executive Producer
  38. Anne-Marie Mackay Executive Producer
  39. Tony Shiff Executive Producer
  40. Bert Snow Game Design and Creative Direction / Script Writing
  41. Bob Ferry Game Programming
  42. William O. Hardling Game Programming
  43. Ching Lu Game Programming
  44. Geoffry Meek Game Programming
  45. Russell Miller Game Programming
  46. Vernon A. Miller Game Programming
  47. Sally Sweitzer Lead Vocals
  48. Mark I. Weltner Lead Vocals / Guitar
  49. Hati Habberstock Live-Action Line Producer
  50. Gary J. Sadler Media Production and Computer Graphics
  51. Rob Surette Media Production and Computer Graphics
  52. Thomas C. Talbot Media Production and Computer Graphics
  53. Rob Cairns Original Music / Sound Design / Musical Director
  54. Howard Woffinden Producer & Live-Action Director
  55. Declan Whitebloom Production Assistant
  56. Mike Fritz Script Writing / Actor: Engineer / Voice Talent: Blimp Announcer / Nail That Riff Co-host
  57. Mark Sheret Sound
  58. David Jaffe Sound Programming
  59. Allan Miller Sound Programming
  60. Julius O. Smith Sound Programming
  61. Amy Darsa Still Photography
  62. David Wasson Visual Designer & Animation Director / Character Design / Color Styling
  63. Suzanne Listro Voice Talent: Aero Studio Door
  64. Michael Gough Voice Talent: Copa Costanza
  65. Jerry Sroka Voice Talent: Counselor Skruggs
  66. Michael Stanton Voice Talent: Evil Stu the Biker Thug
  67. Stu Levin Voice Talent: Feebie Old Yak
  68. Michael Leopard Voice Talent: Nice Stu the Biker Thug / Bartender
  69. Robert Doqui Voice Talent: Slim


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Hardkoroff, and oliist.

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