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Secrets FAQ by IceMaster

Mortal Kombat II Codes/Secrets
from Icemaster (administrator@icemaster.org)

   Random Select: Press UP and START at the Choose Your Fighter screen.
   Be sure to have the selection box positioned at its default icon.
   Disable Throws in VS Game: Hold DOWN and HIGH PUNCH on both joysticks
   after selecting your fighters. A message will appear saying throws are
   Display Top 15 Players: During attract mode, pull down on either
   Oh Maw: After doing the Dead Pool Stage Fatality (see Basics page),
   hold DOWN on the joystick. You will hear Dan Forden say "Oh maw".
   Drop Opponent off Tomb Spikes: Right after doing the Kombat Tomb Stage
   Fatality, hold DOWN on both joysticks. The body will slowly slip from
   the spikes and fall to the ground.
   Play Pong: Play 250 Battles in a row. The message "You have reached
   the outer limits of the tournament. Now you both must face a challenge
   from your past..." will appear and you will get to play Pong, first
   player to get seven wins.
                                 Bugs Kept
   Do Reptile's Tongue Fatality on The Armory stage and watch the floor.
   This is a glitch and does not involve a secret room or character.
   Sub-Zero can do the first half of his Freeze-Uppercut Fatality
   indefinitely. When you defeat your opponent with Shang Tsung, morph
   into Sub-Zero and do the perma-freeze fatality repeatedly until you
   are changed back into Shang Tsung. Then morph into the fighter of your
   choice and do your favorite Fatality on a frozen victim.
   Defeat your opponent on the Dead Pool stage near the corner. Then jump
   over them and do the Dead Pool Stage Fatality. The victim will go
   flying the wrong way and splash into the wall.
   With Kitana, beat Shao Kahn by letting time expire. When time is about
   to run out, catch Kahn in the fan lift so that he is off the ground
   when time runs out. You will hear the sound of him exploding, and then
   the machine will freeze.
                                  The End
                          Shao Kahn's Rule is Over
          Once again, You are the Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior !!
                               Where is Kano?
                              Where is Sonya ?
                              Where is Goro ?
                               Who is Smoke ?
                               Who is Jade ?
                                Friendship ?
                                 Babality ?
                CEAMR ODSE NTO EXITS (Ermac Does Not Exist)
                 EMRO BATMOK OT MEOK (More Kombat To Kome)
                   SRUEP GHIH MIPTAC (Super High Impact)
             THREE RAE ON STNIIIAAME (There Are No Animalities)

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