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Hints and Tips by IceMaster

Mortal Kombat II Tips & Strategies
from Icemaster (administrator@icemaster.org)
  Fighting Computer Opponents
   The computer is very easy to defeat once you get used to the patterns
   it uses. To counter this ease of defeat, the computer behaves cheaply:
   it can throw you at all times, and do projectiles faster than
   possible. The inability to block computer throws forces you into a
   pattern of jump kick combos. Why can't you block computer throws?
   Perhaps to force you into more offensive attacks.
   Use sweeps a lot, and sweep multiple times. Time them so they hit the
   feet of the opponent at your fullest range. Otherwise the computer
   will walk through your sweep and throw you. It is possible to beat the
   computer using nothing but sweeps.
   Use early jump kicks a lot. Jump away from your opponent as far a you
   can. Then jump towards them and kick early. The computer will either
   walk right into your kick, jump back, or try to retaliate. Most often
   as retaliation they will do a straight up jump kick that will usually
   not connect.
   Time your jump kicks. If you are far away from the computer, stand
   still. The opponent will walk halfway across the screen then stop. It
   will then start to fire a projectile weapon. At this point walk
   forward a bit then jump towards them. Their projectile attack should
   go under you, leaving them vulnerable to a jump kick then combo. If
   you jump too soon or too late you will get hit.
   Avoid all close in fighting. Don't try to walk up and punch the
   computer unless on a low difficuly setting. They will either throw you
   or punch you then throw you. Only punch the computer as retaliation.
   Walk the computer to the corner. Sometimes when you jump towards the
   computer oppoenent, they will start to walk backwards. Keep walking
   towards them until they reach the corner. When they do, walk back to a
   good jump kick range. Wait for the computer to start to fire their
   projectile, then jump in and do the combo of your choice.
   If you jump in and the computer blocks, walk back a few steps then
   jump away. If you jump back immediately, the computer will hit you
   with a projectile or a straight up hop kick.
   Using which joystick determines some computer actions. Playing on the
   right side usually makes it easier to defeat the computer. Playing on
   the left side allows you to trick the computer into jumping towards
   you. Let the computer walk towards you. When they are getting within
   sweep range, jump away. Sometimes the computer will stand there for a
   moment then jump towards you without kicking, leaving them vulnerable
   to the combo of your choice. Of course playing on the left side makes
   the computer more difficult, somehow.
   If you are fighting the first opponent on medium or less difficulty,
   you can just use the crouching punch the entire round and the will not
   be able to throw you.
  Fighting Kintaro
   Kintaro is actually a challenge to beat. His moves are very powerful
   and he is fast for a big guy. Stay away from that scorching fireball
   blast and you should be OK.
   Use footsweeps a lot, he is a sucker for them. Time your sweep so that
   you hit him with the end of your foot just as he walks into range. He
   will stagger back and groan. Duck, then repeat.
   Jump kicks work sometimes, but don't use them a whole lot. Kintaro
   will most likely block then grab you or punch you. If he does block,
   you can try to jump away and run the risk of the fireballs. Or try a
   standing block. If he punches or uppercuts you, it hurts, but at least
   you won't go flying. Hop kicks work the same way.
   Kintaro is a cocky four armed tony the tiger. If he leans back,
   growls, and flexes, uppercut him. Projectile him. Jump kick and combo
   him. Hurt him.
   Kintaro is easiest to hurt when he hops towards you. It is easy to
   spot when he will do it because he hops in place first. If you see him
   do this, align yourself to be in the best position to retaliate. When
   he hops towards you, uppercut him or whatever.
   If Kintaro spits fireballs at you, duck.
   When Kintaro jumps into the sky, get out of the way. The best things
   to do is jump away and kick. This will usually hit. If you are good,
   you can uppercut Kintaro as he is coming down. If you are trapped in
   the corner, try jumping away from the corner while punching.
   Always do your projectile after you knock Kintaro down. It will
   usually hit him unless you are on the far side of the screen.
   After Kintaro jumps on you from the sky, he will always lean back and
   growl. When he does this you can either walk up and uppercut him, use
   your projectile, or use a jump kick - combo.
  Fighting Shao Kahn
   Shao Kahn, like Kintaro, is a challenge to beat. You can not fight him
   'normally' because he is immune to jump kicks, walks faster than you,
   and has devastating moves. Stay away from his spear, and never get hit
   by his shadow charge.
   When the round begins, chances are Shao Kahn will charge you or throw
   his spear at you. If this happens, jump away from him quickly. If you
   can't jump in time, duck and block, then jump away. You will be forced
   to take blocking damage, which hurts.
   Shao Kahn is a taunter. If he says things like 'You will die' and 'I
   will destroy you', he is taunting you. He is also vulnerable then.
   Walk up and uppercut him, projectile him, etc.
   One tactic to use is to jump right in front of Shao Kahn and
   immediately duck. He will either charge you (in which case you take
   damage), or uppercut you. His uppercut will miss and you will have a
   chance to uppercut him, or do whatever. Repeat this throughout the
   If you do hit Shao Kahn, be sure to fire your projectile while he is
   getting up. He will always get hit if you are at the right distance.
   Another tactic is to go all the way into the corner. Let Shao Kahn get
   close. If he charges, block then uppercut. Follow the uppercut with a
   missle. Then duck and block again and hopefully he will do the same
   The easiest way to beat Shao Kahn is to use Kitana. Let Shao Kahn walk
   close to you then do the fan lift. He will walk right into it. Do the
   jump kick - fan throw - aerial punch combo. Allow him to walk towards
   you again and repeat. This tactic also works well on Kintaro.
  Fighting Human Opponents
   Here are the basic strategies to competing against human opponents in
   Play defensively. Always allow your opponent to make the first move.
   When they do make a move, capitalize on their mistakes. Learn how to
   retaliate effectively to take off the most damage.
   Master close fighting. If you can handle an opponent at close range,
   this will force them into jumping or long range attacks which you can
   counter. Use a series of low punches, rounhouses, sweeps, crouching
   punches, and crouching kicks to throw them off balance. Your opponent
   will always expect you to throw jabs at them, but when you mix in a
   crouching punch or a roundhouse, that will throw them off, and they
   will react hastily. Learning how to block properly (down + away) is
   also very important.
   Never jump. Especially towards your opponent. Unless you are playing
   Baraka or Shang Tsung, it is very easy to retaliate against. Stay on
   the ground as much as possible. Always walk towards your opponent and
   engage them in close fighting.
   Never use projectiles at close to mid range. It is too easy to
   retaliate against at close distance. At mid distance, it is very easy
   to do a jump kick over the projectile weapon. Missle weapons at long
   distance is good of course, unless you are playing a Scorpion or a
   Mileena who can get you with a special move.
   Learn other tactics by watching or playing someone else. Learning by
   experience is the best way to go, and you can pick up different
   strategies that are not listed here.

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