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Walkthrough by Parrotshake

Version: Final(ish) | Updated: 02/21/2018


*******************************   MooN    *************************************

************************   Remix RPG Adventure  *******************************

************************** Walkthrough by Parrotshake *************************

************************* Copyright Bob Johansen 2007 *************************


Moon is an anti-RPG, if you will. It's the first game by Lovedelic - released
in 1997 -  who were at the time a small Japanese developer made up of some guys
who worked on some of Square's better-known SNES games - Chrono Trigger and
Super Mario RPG, as well as Live-A-Live and the Hanjuku Eiyuu games, none of
which were released outside Japan.

Instead of producing a regular RPG, as might have been expected, they instead
produced this ingenious title: basically an adventure game set INSIDE a
stereotypical console RPG.

Moon is full of neat ideas, in addition to being funny as hell and having
quite a bit of depth. I'd go on more, but really I just signed up to write an
FAQ - check out Wyrdwad's review here on GameFAQs for more info. I defy you
not to want play this game after reading it! :P

Getting a hold of the game might be difficult though. If you're in Japan and
can find it used, great. Otherwise, your best bet is buying it from a Yahoo!
Japan auction  or amazon.co.jp, via a proxy bidding service (I used rinkya.com)
- these can be a bit pricey, but it's totally worth your while.

Let's get on with it. Any questions, shoot me an email at
captain.parrot@gmail.com and I'll be glad to help.


Credits & Copyright info


Fake Moon/Beginning translation

1. Castle & Town
 - 1a - Love Points
 - 1b - Soul Catching

2. Rainbow Rocks
- 2a - Love Points
- 2b - Soul Catching

3. Central Area - Main character's house, Burning Hall & Adder's House
- 3a - Love Points
- 3b - Soul Catching

4.   Eastern area - Desert, canyon & restaurant
- 4a - Love Points
- 4b - Soul Catching

5. Tropical Forest
- 5a - Love Points
 -5b - Soul Catching

6. West of forest - Restless old man's cave, Fireworks factory, American house
 & Windmill
- 6a - Love Points
- 6b - Soul Catching

7. Mushroom Forest & Haunted House
- 7a - Love Points
- 7b - Soul Catching

8.  Professor Hager's Laboratory & Technopolis
- 8a - Love Points
- 8b - Soul Catching

9. Item list

9.1. Chips

9.2. Name Cards

9.3 - NEW! Mysteries of Moon

Ending translation.


It's possibly unusual to have the credits at the start of a walkthrough, but
in this case the whole thing wouldn't have been possible without a LOT of
help. There's only so much you can figure out by observation and trial and
error before you're gonna need to understand some of the clues. I got quite a
bit of info from a babelfish-mangled Japanese walkthrough (thanks to whoever
wrote that!), but some of the finer points eluded me. So here goes:

Thanks to Wyrdwad for writing the review that got me hooked on trying to find
this game. Also, for his "Which Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Character Are You" LJ
quiz, which made me want it even more - If you're considering playing the
game, you might want to check it out, as it has more info on most of the
individual characters than I'm going to give here. Find it at:
http://www.geocities.com/moon_remix. Beware of Spoilers though.

Thanks even moreso to Wyrdwad for his great translations of the beginning and
ending parts of the game itself, as well as translations of some of the
monster names. And the section on training Tao is almost directly ripped from
his sadly unfinished FAQ. Thanks, finally, to him for offering to keep an eye
out for a copy for me while he was in Japan (to no avail, but still).

Duo Maxwell's FAQ on GameFAQs was also helpful on a few points. Many thanks.

Thanks to GameFAQs users BTL and Xristo702, 2 other intrepid young go-getters
who are playing through this thing without a working knowledge of Japanese.
We've helped each other out a bunch, and by the time I get around to updating
this they'll probably have made some contributions of their own.

One R.Hoshino, who emailed me out of the blue after having read an earlier
version of this FAQ has been a great help. As a native Japanese speaker with
a very good grasp of English and a genuinely nice person who is a great fan
of the game, with their help I've been able to create the new "Mysteries of
Moon" section, and answer a few nagging questions I and possibly a few others
had about a few things, as well as add some info on Made*Zuma, Nikka and Pokka.
Many thanks.

Thanks especially to universquall for helping me obtain a copy of the game.

For now, this thing can ONLY appear on GameFAQs in it's entirety.
If you want to steal some of it I'll be surprised, but go ahead.
Just give credit where it's due. If you're pinching any of the translation
parts, you might wanna ask Wyrdwad.


This is where the characters section I can't be bothered finishing right now
goes. The descriptions in the FAQ proper should be enough to get you by. They
just don't contain much backstory, is all. You'll do fine.

The Hero - The main character of Fake Moon. A real jerk :P Concerned only
with gaining levels

Granny - The kindly old woman who takes you in early on it the game. Her
eyesight's not too good, and she seems to have you confused with her long-lost

Tao - Granny's dog. Seems to enjoy peeing on things, and burying stuff at

Moon Queen - The weird-looking woman who appears to you when you sleep. She's
in charge of love in Moon World. there may be more to her than meets the eye.

Mutsujiro - The Moon Queen's right-hand man... if he IS a man. Hosts a TV
program showing how many monsters you've caught, and otherwise doesn't appear
'til near the end of the game. Despite this, he's a character I like a lot.

King Love-De-Gard - The laid-back monarch of the land of Love-De-Gard.

Chancellor - The King's Shifty looking right-hand man.

Ibri and Fred - The Castle guards. Each have their own passions outside of

Noji - Noji is the weird looking wooden kid hanging around the castle. I
believe he's a visiting dignitary from some magical toy planet.... or

Gase - Gase is the homeless dude hanging around town square. Madly in love
with Flora.

Yoshida - The talking purple bird that hangs around town square. Seems to have
a bit of a drinking problem, but he's all for self-improvement. Yoshida will
eventually be a good friend, and part of some of your more interesting

Flora - Flora runs the flower store in town square, and stays above the bar at
night. A real sweetheart.

Baker - Self-explanatory, really. The Baker is shy, maybe even a little
paranoid. One to keep an eye on perhaps?

Curio - The sleazy shop owner. Has some really interesting stuff for sale.

Wanda - Wanda runs the bar at night, and sleeps all day. She's a sympathetic
ear for all the townsfolk's problems, but maybe she has problems of her

Eco club: Femi, Umi and Momi - You'll bump into these guys in a few places.
Have their own secret underground base, where they do..... stuff. Mostly play
with action figures, it seems.

Nikka - The old man who lives in the house beyond rainbow rocks. Until you
arrive, anyway, and he's inspired to run off and follow his dream... of
digging holes for no real reason :P

Pokka - Pokka's the guy out front of the abovementioned house, attached
to the signpost. Why? Because he woke up one day and decided he really wants
to be attached to the signpost.

Punpun - The big flower out front of the house.

Bird Man -   Hangs out at the canyon playing guitar and watching the birds.

Kris -  to be continued..........

(A billion thanks to Wyrdwad for this)

NEW GAME - Play time 0:00

(Enter your name [Note: for the sake of keeping this simple, all translations
of game dialogue are going to use the name "Shuya," because that's what I chose
for myself!])

Guards: "The King awaits."
Chancellor: "The King awaits."
King: "Ohh, you've come at last, legendary hero."
  "There is an evil dragon who lives in the 'Dragon Castle', and..."
  "...it ate up the moon that sits in the night sky."
  "There is no one who can defeat this dragon... but you."
  "You are strong and wonderful, and thus I must ask of your assistance."
King: "To reach the next level..."
  "...you need 300 more experience."
Chancellor: "The dragon is a difficult opponent. Take heed, and defeat it

 "I suggest you beat up upon the creatures of this land and gather experience
Guards: "Good luck."

"Mad Dog approaches!"
"Mad Dog wagged its tail!"
"... Nothing happened."
"Hero's turn!"
"Mad Dog ran away."
"Hero received no experience points."
"That was wholly unsatisfying."

Young man (Baker): "Oh, Hero, you're great! You're so cool!"
Old man (Curio): "You definitely won't lose to a dragon or any such thing."
Woman behind counter (Wanda): "Good luck to you! I'm rooting for you!"
  "There are some good things inside the cabinet over there, so..."

Cabinet: "Hero searched the cabinet."
  "Hero found an item!"
  "Received 'Legendary Helmet'!"
  "Received 'Legendary Armor'!"
  "Received 'Legendary Shoes'!"
Cabinet: "Hero searched the cabinet."
  "Nothing there."

(Leaving, the hero gets knocked backwards by something... hmmmm...)

Young man by fountain (Gase): "Hey Hero! Good luck!"
Young woman (Flora): "Heee!! It's the Hero!! Oh - my - God! Tee-hee!"

THE ONE WHO UNRAVELS THE SEAL (?) - Play time 1:18

Sign: "When the rainbow is in place, the world will be revived."

"Slime approaches!"
"Hero's turn!"
"Hit Slime for 1 point of damage."
"Slime's turn!"
"Hero suffered 1 point of damage."
"Hero's turn!"
"Hit Slime for 1 point of damage."
"Slime's turn!"
"Hero suffered 1 point of damage."
"This is getting us nowhere."
"Hero calls upon the sacred power."
"Hero has stopped the Slime."
"Hero receives 5 experience points."

(smashes rock)

"You are being held back by an extremely powerful surge of evil."
"Hero changes his armor."
"Donned 'Legendary Helmet'!"
"Donned 'Legendary Armor'!"
"Donned 'Legendary Shoes'!"
"The Holy Rainbow Arch has appeared before your eyes!"
"You've made the surge of evil vanish!"

(rock moves)

THE BURNED VILLAGE (?) - Play time 8:27

Girl (Daia): "Those terrible thorns... brrrr..."
  "Hero, please, save me, somehow!"
Monster (Perogon): "Chikuchiku! Chikuchiku!"

"Perogon approaches!"
"Hero's turn!"
"Hit Perogon for 62 points of damage."
"Perogon has taken on a strange form."
"Perogon has divided!"
"Hero's turn!"
"Missed Perogon A."
"Perogon B's turn!"
"Hero suffered 58 points of damage."
"Hero's turn!"
"Missed Perogon B."
"Perogon B has changed its form!"
"The Perogon's illusion has vanished."
"Perogon's turn!"
"Hero dodged, and took no damage!"
"Hero's turn!"
"Critical hit!"
"Hit Perogon for 142 points of damage."
"Hero has stopped the Perogon."
"Hero receives 78 experience points."


Robot: "Pi, pipi pi, pi, pipipi pipipi pi"

(airship takes off!)

"Rasmaelda approaches!"
"Hero's surprise attack!"
"You sure did a heck of a lot of damage!"
"Hero is gathering his power."
"Well, let's try using the ultimate magic!"
"O- ME- TE-!"
"Hero has stopped Rasmaelda!"
"Hero has achieved the highest level!"

Dragon: "You've done well to come this far."
  "I already knew you would come."
  "You are foolish, though, to stand up against ME..."

"Dragon approaches!"
"'To think that I could be defeated by any one of you humans!'"
"Hero's turn!"
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hero's turn!"
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 points of damage."
"Hit Dragon for 9999 poin--"  HEEY!!

...cut out those video games, and get to bed already!!


(outside the castle)

Curio: If this keeps up, it seems the world may be destroyed...
Baker: Then they're true? ... The rumours, I mean...
Gase: The ones about the moon being eaten?
Curio: Well, whatever the case, it looks like that guy's gonna go fight it.
Baker: Guess that means we can all rest easy, huh.
Gase: Hmph... coward.
Flora: Aww, don't say things like that about poor Baker.
Baker: It's OK... no matter what, I...
Gase: All the people of this town... they're just too bloody timid...

(inside the castle)

Talk to guard on left:
  Ibilly: Hey, you say something?
  Fred: Nope, not a thing!

Talk to guard on right:
  Fred: Ibilly, you called?
  Ibilly: Nope, my lips are sealed!

(inside the throne room)

...ime for journey.

Talk to minister:
  Minister: Yes, how may I help you?
  King: I didn't say anything.

Talk to king:
  King: What?
  Minister: Hmm? I didn't...

(in the town)

Curio: If I make some "character goods" of that guy, maybe I can sell them...
(dog walks by)
Baker: How about you try making a picture postcard or something?
Curio: Hmmm... well, there's certainly no better way to score a hit on the
        younger crowd, is there!
Baker: Score a hit? I think that might be a bit difficult.
(hero runs by, chasing the dog)
Baker: But then again, what do I know about the tastes of the younger crowd
        these days?
Curio: Well, don't you think I'm right on the money with this one?
Baker: Hmm?! Well, no, I actually don't.
Baker: But you sure are ambitious, Curio!

Flora: Somehow, it seems like things are gonna get more boisterous around
(hero runs by, chasing the dog)
Gase: Yeah, but I wonder if that dumbass chasing the dog around will really
        be able to defeat a dragon...
Flora: You always look at things like that, don't you, Gase.
Flora: I hate negative people.
Gase: Meh, you can hate me if you want. It's not like I'm thinkin'
       my feelings about you 're gonna dry up or anything.
Flora: That's really cruel of you to say, Gase. Really cruel. (sniff)
Gase: What, you cryin' now? ... I'm tellin' ya', all women are just plain
Gase: DON'T CRY!
(hero runs by, chasing the dog)

(outside of town)

Sign: Castle and castle-town, this way.
Back of sign: (The letters are too small to read.)

(grandma's house)

Grandma: Who's there...? Is someone there?
Grandma: Oh, Tao, don't bark like that!

Grandma: Could this be Shuya? Are you Shuya?

Choice: "Yes." or "Who's that?"

"Who's that?":

  My sweet little Shuya, you've finally come home...
  Where HAVE you been all this time?
  Please don't leave your granny alone like that again...
  Ahh... I knew something good would happen today!
  Well then, come here, come here! Let's hear all about it!
  (goes to rocking chair)
  The people of the town all said you died, Shuya.
  But... well, I always believed in you... that my little grandchild would
     return home...
  ......humnumnum... Shuya... welcome baaa... humnumnum...
Seems that your grandma fell asleep!

Talk to her again: ...humnumnum... Shuya...
  Welcome back... you finally came home... humnumnum...

(Shuya, seeing no other options, goes to bed... but he has a dream!)

Shuya... oh, Shuya...
Welcome... to Moon World...
I truly believed that you would come...
I am the one who will show you the way.
Do you know? What the most important thing is, here in Moon World?
That would be, Love.

(Erm, I'm going to stop here -- there's lots more dialogue to translate, but I
definitely think I'm done for now. Sorry!) (:

==  1. CASTLE & TOWN ==

== 1a. Love Points ==

Granny - This is pretty much your first objective and it's a piece of cake.
Simply talk to the old woman when you get up in the morning. She'll give you
cookies (which she'll do every morning after you stay there - comes in handy)
and a bit of cash. Go to the bakery in town and buy her some bread or a
croissant, and bring it back to her (+1).

Chancellor - Head to the castle during the day and speak to the Chancellor.
He's in a panic over having lost an important book (apparently it's just a
comic book he was reading!). Go up the left-hand corridor and hug the left wall
until the question mark appears. Pick up the book and return it to him (+2).

Wanda - Go into the bar at night, order a drink and sit down and listen to
Wanda's tale of lost love. In the morning, to the right of the bakery, you'll
find the ring she was talking about (only after triggering the event). Return
it to her (+1 and "Moon Trips" MD). There'll be a second part to this after you
meet Florence.

Femi - While you're at the bar at night, go upstairs and look at Flora while
she's asleep o_O You can also find an MD in her room if you look around a bit.
It's a nice tune, and comes in handy for later. As soon as you go outside
you'll run into Femi. A conversation ensues which I unfortunately don't
understand at all, but at the end you get (+1). Rad.

Curio - You've probably checked out Curio's shop at some point, but he sells
some different stuff during the night. Go to the downstairs door and take a
look at his stuff. When you try to leave, he'll offer you a "special bargain"
for 1000 neka - it's the chip of the Kakunte people, which unless you read
Japanese you won't understand, I guess. Regardless, buy it for (+1)

Baker - Apart from at the start of the game, you never see the Baker unless
you actually go into his shop. Reclusive? Secretive, even? If you want to find
out why, hang around the bar on the night of the day of echo (the one that
looks like this, kinda - )) - ). The Baker will get real drunk and go back to
the shop, forgetting to lock the door. Go on in after him and prepare
to be amused/horrified. (+2)

Ibri the Guard - Every Sunday/day of the sun, Ibri will fly a model airplane
on the castle terrace. Go talk to him and watch. Do this 3 times - doesn't have
to be consecutive Sundays. (+2 and unlocks a later event with Noji).

Fred - Meaning the other guard. A couple of nights a week - specifically day of
tear, neka (upside down peace-sign thing) and crescent moon -  Ibri goes to
the bar, leaving the other guard to his own devices. Hang around on the balcony
above the doorway to the guards' quarters and wait. Ibri will leave first, but
stay there. A little while later, Fred will leave too. Now follow him to the
throne room and get ready for a show.... (+6!!!)

Yoshida - Your activity level will need to be a little higher than it probably
is right now to do this - being able to stay awake for at least 1 1/2 days is
essential. Follow Yoshida back to his cage (behind the bar) at night and talk
to him. Pick the first option in the conversation and you'll agree to accompany
him to Bali Bali Island. Come back around dawn and he'll be ready to set off.

When you get there, and after listening to the Made*Zuma's story
you'll be participating in a cool little mini-game. Just listen to the
recording, then play your instrument at the appropriate moments.

You'll have a little drink with the monkeys and pass out, waking up in
your own bed. There's be a bottle of the suspicious monkey liquor beside your
bed. Hang onto it, you'll need it to finish the game. (+2)

B-Hab - This is one of the more complicated ones in the game. You'll never even
see B-Hab unless you know where to look (well, you might see him at midnight
university, but I guess you won't recognise him unless you've done this).

First things first, buy the magnifying glass from Curio. Now use it on the
reverse side of that sign just outside of town. This is B-Hab's first clue.
He's sending you on a treasure hunt.

I can't read the clues, so I'll just tell you the locations you have to go to,
in order.

1.Rainbow Rocks: On a rock, due south of the tree with Wanda and Florence's
initials on it.

2. Burn's cave: Behind the yellow MD box

3. Fireworks Factory: Examine the big Japanese characters on the outside.

4. Tropical Forest: The fisherman's cooking pot.

5. Eco Club HQ: You may not have already been here. It's possible you'll need
to get love from the 3 members first (Femi, Uni and Momi - see respective
entries), which is a piece of cake. Now head to the windmill near the American
house at night. The old man won't let you inside, but that's not to say it's
not possible.... you'll need to sneak in when the mill is turning, so he won't
hear you over the noise.

Now you're in, open the refrigerator and the chest of drawers in this order,
fridge, drawers, fridge, fridge, drawers.... again, you'll need to do these
while the mill is turning or he'll wake up and throw you out. Now go outside
and check the drum. It's empty now, and you can descend to the Eco Club HQ.

Examine the table. They'll also tell you about a treasure they've hidden in
Tropical Field next time you visit... the location will be displayed on the
screen behind them (enter the tropical forest from your house, and head due
south, pretty much. It's in the bushes).

6. Canyon: The sign with the birds on it.

Finally, head back to the sign you used the magnifying glass on in the first
place and check the trees adjacent to it. you'll get B-Hab's treasure (worth
900 neka if you sell it) and (+1).

 - After getting your own place and sleeping there once -

Granny - You might want to do this as soon as you get your own place, as it
will be triggered immediately after this has occurred and until you do it
you can no longer stay at Granny's house. Seems a monster has died outside
Granny's house and it's restless spirit is haunting her and making her ill.

From her sickbed she requests that you take care of Tao, and train him. You'll
need to do this during the day while Tao is sitting outside, and you'll need 6
bones to do it. You can buy these for 10 neka from Curio, or find them in a
couple of places (in Tao's secret hiding spot or the trash can outside Kenji's

Show Tao a bone, and you'll be given a choice: "SIT!" (top) or "Never mind"
(bottom). Choose "SIT!", and Tao will do one of several different actions.
You'll then be presented with two more choices: "Alright, good dog!", (top) or
"No, bad dog!" (bottom). If he sat, choose the first. If he didn't, choose the

Tao will learn to sit the first time he successfully does it, and a new command
will open up: "LIE DOWN!". Repeat the training process, this time only telling
him he's a good dog if he lies down. He'll have to lie down TWICE before he
remembers this one.

Finally, a third command will open up: "CALL!". This time, you should only tell
Tao he's a good dog if he barks and a bird flies by. He'll have to get it right
three times before he learns it.

Once he's learned all three commands, talk to him again, and choose the third
option ("CALL!"). He'll bark, but this time instead of calling a bird he'll
summon the monster's soul outside! Catch it and Grandma get batter. You'll get
some neka and can once again stay at the house (+4)

 - After unlocking the Kakunte fishing spot -

Noji - Noji is the weird wooden kid that you'll see around the castle (the one
that looks kinda like Geno from Super Mario RPG, if you've played it. Maybe
some kind of Easter Egg, as the 2 games share the same character designer?).

If you talk to him, pick the bottom response, then the top one, then
the bottom (if I recall correctly) and he'll give you his toy car (can be used
to gain information about him, like a name card).

Basically, he really wants to see a Gamestation (much like the one your
character was playing Fake Moon on at the beginning, and not unlike the one
you're possibly playing Moon on now..... which begs the question, what do the
citizens of Moon world play on theirs?.... whoa :P) and you've promised him
you'll show him one if you find it.

You can fish for these at the secret kakunte fishing spot in the Mushroom
Forest. Catch one, show it to Noji and hang onto it for later (+1)

 - After beginning work on the rocket (handing over at least ONE piece, I think)

Gase/The King -  If you look at Gase after you've completed the rocket, you'll
notice he looks a bit different. He and the King have actually switched places.
If you hang out in the castle courtyard during the day of tear, neka and  moon
- I think (Gase visits the King every second day or so, at any rate), "Gase"
come visit the "King", but the Chancellor will chase him off.

Here's where you come in.

As soon as the Chancellor appears, shake the cat-shaped bush. He'll come and
yell at you instead. With your distraction, the King and the bum can switch
back. (+2  from the King).

Gase -  A few days after the above event has occurred, hang out in the town
square and wait for Yoshida to approach Gase. Walk close by and you'll overhear
them talking. Now you can search the trash near Curio's shop and find Gase's
love letter to Flora. Give it to Flora, then give Gase her response. To trigger
the conversation, you may have to talk to Yoshida and Gase while they're
conversing the day before, or whatever.... I know it took me a while to trigger
it (+2)

 -  After completing the previous Yoshida event -
    (to complete this one you must be level 28)

Yoshida - Yoshida wants to go to college, but he doesn't want to go by himself.
After the Bali Island event, speak to him at night in his cage and he'll ask you
to come with. Go and sleep at your house (NOT Granny's) at NIGHT and he'll come
for you. Sit through the lesson, and then repeat the process 3 more times. The
fourth lesson won't happen unless you're level 28 or higher. Pretty complicated
for a lousy (+1)

 - After clearing the first Noji event and Ibri's airplane event, and
     completing the rocket -

Noji - Hang out in Noji's room at night and his Father will appear (I think
asking him to come home). Now if you hang out in the castle courtyard on any of
the nights Ibri goes to the pub (I think - I did it on the night of tear) in
the early evening, Noji's Dad will come in his ship and take Noji home. Ibri
will turn up and they'll exchange a few parting words, then Noji will leave for
good. (+2 from Ibri).

= = 1b. Soul Catching = =
Some of the names of these monsters may be incorrect. Hopefully my
descriptions do the job anyway.....

Sly (the slime) - This'll be your first catch, I'm guessing. Catch him when he
appears. Day only, I think. Piece of cake. (+2, 100 neka)

Kiradol - This is the red bat. He'll appear at night. (+2, 150 neka)

Neka Frog -  The big dead frog thing by the entrance to town. Throw 2 or 3
coins in the fountain. It's soul will appear off to the left (+2, 150 neka)

Mr. Pitch Black - This is the thing that looks like it's wearing a beret in
Curio's shop. Go into the upstairs shop at night. It'll appear every time he
Curio takes a toke on his pipe. (+2, 80 neka)

Harp Flower - It's corpse is in the flower shop. Appears randomly out by the
rainbow rocks at night. Can be quite difficult to catch as it only appears for
a second or so at a time. If you hear a harp sound, stick around and hopefully
it'll pop up (+2, 500 neka (I think)

- After you've unlocked and stayed at the new house -

Heavy - This is the one that's making Granny sick.  Explanation on how to
catch it above (150 neka).

= = 2. RAINBOW ROCKS = =

 = = 2a. Love Points = =

Rainbow Arch Generator - Remember in Fake Moon where the Hero donned his
legendary armor and the rainbow arch appeared? Turns out it's up to you to make
it happen. You'll find Professor Hager's rainbow arch generator behind some
rocks to the left. Flick the switches in the order displayed on the sign you
walked past on the way to create a rainbow (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
indigo, violet). The Hero will turn up and don his "legendary armour"
... with hilarious results. (+1)

Momi - There's a tree off to the right with Wanda and Florence's initials
on it. All you have to do is look at it and Momi will pop out from behind and
say a bunch of stuff... again, no real idea what it's about but at the end
you'll get (+1)

= = 2b. Soul Catching = =

Kuidaore - This one will appear behind the signboard. (+2, 150 neka)

Thousand Earthworms - This one's down and to the right of Kuidaore. The worm
thing. When you approach, it runs off toward town. So before approaching it,
block it's passage with the rock. (+4, 160 neka)

Semi Circle - No idea why it's called that. This thing looks like a fly.
You can hear it buzzing before you see it. It's usually on a tree at the
bottom left, night only, I think. Catch it when it appears.(+2, 200 neka)

Elmo - This is the snail thing who's corpse is next to the Rainbow Arch
Generator. Took me a long time to figure this out, but it seems like I'm the
only one. You need to wait for Tao to pass by in the early evening . Talk to
him and he'll bark. Apparently the barking is what draws Elmo out of hiding,
though he's off screen when it happens, so it's difficult to make the
connection. Alternatively, you could just fluke it (+2, 80 neka)

Slako -The red slime. She's a little shy. Usually you'll find her under a
tree (maybe nighttime only) near the rainbow arch generator. Sneak up on
her without letting her see you... if she turns and looks at you, turn away
quickly or she'll disappear. (+2, 180 neka)

Dog God MaiMai - You can do this early in the evening, when Tao is out
walking. Hang around near the first trees you come to, kind of in the centre
(just south of MaiMai's body). Tao will take a leak on one of the trees and
when he leaves, MaiMai's spirit will appear for a few seconds to smell it.
(+2, 140 neka)

Kovon - Follow Tao to his secret hiding place in the early evening. Hang out
there until he leaves (don't forget to grab the items he has buried) and wait
around. Catch Kovon when he appears.(+2, 3 neka)

Ovon - After catching Kovon, stick around for 10 seconds or so. Ovon will
appear. It's huge! (+2, 300 neka)

= = 3. CENTRAL AREA ==
Main character's house, Burning Hall & Adder's House

== 3a. Love Points = =

Nikka - Talk to the guy in the doorway of the house just past the rainbow
rocks. He'll say a bunch of stuff, then take off, leaving the house to you.

Pokka - The guy attached to the signpost out front. Listen to each of his
stories once (choose the top, middle and bottom option once each). (+1)

Punpun (?) - This is the plant outside your house. After having spoken to it,
can collect an item from each of it's 3 pistils that have popped up in various

There's one near town where you started out, one in front of Prof. Hager's lab
and one outside the exit of the Mushroom Forest. Each time you return one to
Punpun you can warp to the location it came from (one way only). Return all 3
items. (+1).

Burn - Talk to Burn at any time and he'll play snippets of 3 songs. Identify
them correctly (and even if you don't know, you have a one in 3 chance, so you
may well pull it off by sheer dumb luck like I did) and get (+1). If you have a
good MD collection you'll do better, no doubt. You may only have to get 2 out of
3, not sure.

Adder -  You can't pass through to the Mushroom Forest without completing
Adder's trial, and again for the non Japanese-enabled the first part can be
tricky as hell.

Basically there are 3 parts to this, all memory games. The good news is, if
you become frustrated you can leave and do other stuff and pick up at the
phase you left off at. It's only the first one that'll give you any trouble
anyway, most likely.

In the first part, Adder will say a sentence and it'll appear on the screen
for an instant. You'll have to repeat it to him from the 3 (extremely
similar-looking) options. Could take you a while. You'll have to do it 9 times
to progress  >_<

Only 2 or 3 characters change in each sentence, so it's best to remember
(and possibly write down) which ones they are, and look only at them each time.
I did this, but lost the bit of paper I wrote it all down on before I managed
to add it to this walkthrough. Sorry!

Part 2 involves Adder making an odd sound and then 3 mini-Adders making sounds
too, one of which is the same and 2 of which are slight variations. Pick the
right one a few times and move on.

The third phase has Adder with his back to you with music playing, and when the
music stops he'll spin around and pull a face for a second. Again, from the 3
options you'll have to choose the one that's identical to the one he pulled.

Not real hard.

After completing the trials, Adder will release the soul of the creature that
was blocking your way and achieve enlightenment, or something. Go back inside
and talk to him (+2)

= = 3b. Soul Catching = =

Straw Raincoat - This is the one in your new house... odd name. Possibly an
incorrect translation, but cool nonetheless. You need to catch the swarm
of little ones to make the soul whole again. USE a piece of junk on them.

You can find "junk" in a few places. Gase will give you some if you show him
a name card (anyone's will do) ..... A dud firework will work just as well, or
just any crap you may have caught while fishing. (+2, 150 neka)

Hey Boy - This is the one dead in Burn's cave. Enter the cave from the right
and wait until Burn finally pulls off his guitar lick (it's random and can
take a while). When he does, the soul will appear.  (+4, 80 neka)

Sid Vicious - This is the one blocking the path behind Adder's house. Clear
Adder's trial to make it appear. (+2)

= = 4. EASTERN AREA = =
Desert, canyon & Wildcat restaurant.

= = 4a. Love Points = =

Flowers -  You'll notice some wilted flowers on the ground in the desert. Play
the MD you found in Flora's room (no. 34) and walk up to each of them. This
will bring them back to life. You'll get love when you've revived them all.
(+3) NB: If you were wondering what that flower-shaped item is in Curio's
shop, it's a translation flower - eating it allows you to talk to the flowers
in Flora's shop, which is where the hint for this event is given. You don't
have to do this, but in case you were wondering...

Bird Man - This one's simple enough, and can significantly contribute to (or
decrease -_- ) your funds. Basically, bet on the bird you think is going to
show up next. This is also instrumental in catching the souls of the 2 nearby
monsters. When you've correctly predicted all 4 birds - and hopefully won some
cash - you'll get (+2)

 - After handing over 4 pieces of the rocket
(You NEED to do it before handing over the 5th piece (I think))

Kris - After you've handed over 4 pieces of rocket, you'll find Kris out front
of the restaurant promoting her new single. She wants to perform at Technopolis
and needs something to wear. You need to give her the white dress from Curio's
shop (worth 700 neka).

She'll give you a copy of her single if you can beat her at 3 games of paper,
rock, scissors, followed by another kind of game where you have to guess which
direction she's going to face (or she has to guess which direction you're
going to face if you lost paper, rock, scissors).

She's quite predictable, and will almost always go for scissors in the former
and "up" in the latter. Not too hard. (+2 & Kera Ma-Go MD - cool song)

- After handing over 5 pieces of the rocket -

Kenji - After the previous event, Kris will take off to do her big show at
Technopolis. At any time if you come back to the restaurant before handing
over the 5th piece of rocket, you'll find a frustrated Kenji running the place
solo and a drunken Hero passed out in his own filth. After handing over the
5th piece, Kris returns to work and the Hero will be gone.  Kenji will be so
relieved, talking to him will get you (+1).

= = 4b. Soul Catching = =

Droll, Electric Catfish, Tie Fighter - These monsters are all in different
locations in the desert but all caught in the same way. See those things on
the ground? Not the flowers, which you have possibly revived by now, but the
stumplike things? At night they become platforms, allowing you access to the
rocky plateaus above. Scout out where the monsters' souls appear and come catch
them at night using the platforms (in Tie Fighter's case, he flies around all
over the place. Just a matter of timing).

This will need to be done over a few nights. Be aware of your activity limit,
as the platforms recede before daylight and there's no way back down until the
next night. Packing an octopus or 2 (the teleport item that the old guy in the
cave sells) will get you out of trouble if you get stuck. Also, one of these
platforms leads to a secret fishing spot. Everything you catch in here is
worth big bucks, so stop by if you're strapped for cash. (+3 each, 200, 150 and
200 neka respectively)

Mogramagra - The mole-type thing. You may have noticed it digging around in
the desert, but it only actually surfaces in one spot, at night - the bottom
left-hand corner (where the electric Catfish's corpse is). Go in before
sunset, as the platforms thingies will pop up at night and you won't be able
to get in. Catch it and either wait 'til morning or teleport out with an
octopus kiss. (+3, 170 neka)

Birdon (Burden?) - This one will appear at the canyon the first time you
successfully predict the blue bird. (+2, 150 neka)

Sad Mile - This one will appear at the canyon late at night any day you've
seen a black bird.  You don't have to actually PREDICT one (though you should
eventually to get love from Bird Man) -  just hang out during the day and see
one fly past. (+2, 80 neka)

 - To the right of the canyon -

Natsuki - This one flies along the bottom of the screen periodically.
Just watch it one time and position yourself to catch it the next time.
All about the timing. (+2, 150 neka)

Isuchi - The one on the right. Stand by it's corpse until you automatically sit
down and it'll appear, then only approach and attempt to catch it when it turns
it's back to you. Thanks to BTL for pointing out that sitting is what triggers
its' appearing, by the way. I caught it without really noticing it looks like a
chair (+2, 150 neka)

Scene -  Appears in 2 or 3 locations in the area. You can't reach it when it's
in the middle , so just hang around until it appears on the ground to the left,
near the entrance to the area. (+2, 130 neka)


= = 5a. Love Points = =

Umi - Head down to the very bottom right corner of the forest to find the
fishing spot. Talk to Gamakatsu (the fisherman). Turns out the fishing hole is
polluted because of the dead creature in the water. Catch it's soul with your
fishing rod and the water will return to normal.

I haven't already explained fishing, so I'll do so now - you'll need the rod
from Curio's shop, and bait. These are the little purple squid you can buy from
Curio (10 neka), but they're also available for free in the forest if you're
quick enough to snatch them away from the fisherman - just follow him early in
the morning to see where they appear. They only appear a few mornings a week -
day of neka, tear and... something

Anyways, after you've done the above there'll be a fishing contest every
Sunday morning. Entry is 100 neka. The first time you enter, Umi from the eco
club will turn up and you'll have a conversation worth (+1).

Gamakatsu - You'll need to WIN the fishing contest. This involves catching 5 or
more fish within the time limit.

In my previous version of this walkthrough, I had this to say about it:

"Pretty random, and harder than it sounds. Persevere and you'll get (+1)"

Having played the game through again, I'm convinced that's overly generous.
The fishing contest is in fact a torturous, arbitrary waste of time that will
make you want to heave your Playstation off a cliff into the sea, the
incessant high-pitched blip of the lure bobbing in the water ringing in your
ears and forevermore haunting your dreams. Or something.

Seriously though, for the one lousy love point you get, you may want to
skip this one unless you have your heart set on doing EVERYTHING and getting
to Level 30. The first time I tried it I managed it after about 8 attempts.

This last time, it took over 60. Your experience may vary.
Save at your house at nightfall on the day of echo so you wake up early
on sunday, and be prepared to wear your reset button out.

= = 5b. Soul Catching = =

Shadow Bird - During the day, you'll notice the bird's shadow flying around in
circles in tropical forest. Walk Southeast from there and you'll notice a
trail of red feathers in the corner.

Walk into the trees until you see the question mark, and pull it's corpse out.
Now go back and stand in the centre of the circle it's shadow makes. It'll
land after a few rotations and you can catch it. (+4, 250 neka)

Tommy - The kind of oval-shaped thing in the forest. You'll hear it when it
pops up. Approach step by step, quickly turning to face away from it when it
notices you and starts shaking. If you get too close it'll freak out and
disappear, so take it slow. It's easy enough. (+3, 150 neka)

Lord Happa - I think that's it's name.... The green slimy-looking thing in
the forest. Follow it around for a while and catch it when it becomes solid.
(+2, 80 neka)

Hana-Chan - This is the flower-looking thing. I'm not sure if there are any
special conditions for catching it, as both times I've done so it's been hanging
around towards the bottom of Tropical Field and I've just had to chase it down.
Piece of cake (+2, 200 neka)

Shellfish Whale - It's mentioned above - catch it from the fishing hole.
(+2, 200 neka)

= = 6. WEST OF FOREST = =

= = 6a. Love Points = =

Restless Old Man - This is the old guy in the cave. He's having trouble
sleeping. That blue vial that Curio sells at night is chloroform. Give it to
him so he can finally get some sleep. (+1). After this, you can catch the soul
of the creature in the cave and when the old guy wakes up he'll sell you an
item that, when eaten, will return you instantly to the last place you slept.

Tamaya Heiki - If you read Japanese you probably don't need this walkthrough,
but if you can't (like myself), you may have missed a few things. The
fireworks factory being one of them. This part is ESSENTIAL to finishing the
game, at that.

The fireworks factory is the big pipe-looking thing a screen to the left of the
old man's cave. Hang around in the late afternoon and a dud firework will be
thrown out... run into it and it'll explode, and you'll end up inside. This is
the only way in, and you have a 3-second window at that particular time every
day. No wonder I couldn't find it.

Anyway, once you're in there you can chat with Tamaya Heiki. Choose the second
option, as the first one will send you back outside. Like it's not hard enough
to get here! At this point you'll be asked to assemble a firework. This is a
puzzle that gave people a lot of grief apparently. It can be solved using
Tao's chip (see above).... if you can read it.

Anyway, just enter the numbers in this exact order and you'll be sweet - 5 7 4
8 2 1 3 9 4. You've just created the ultimate firework, the "Hundred Shaku
Ball Of Good Happiness" or something. You'll need this to complete the game.

Mamas - Go into the American house at night and open the fridge. You'll
receive the black badge (which you'll need for later) and (+1) from Mamas for
taking it off her hands.

Daia - When you come to the house for the first time, check out the blue thing
protruding from under the bed in the parents' room. Now if you come back a few
days later, it'll be Daia's birthday and everyone will be gathered around in
the living room.

Suddenly, the Hero will turn up outside and attempt to slay poor Perogon. It's
up to you to save the day. Go into the parents room and check out the blue
thing again. Then go touch the fireplace. I don't want to spoil what'll happen
next, but trust me when I say it's pretty cool (especially if you think back
to Fake Moon...). When the whole ordeal is over, you'll get (+4).

NB: Apparently if you don't do this quick enough, Perogon will be killed and
you can get the (+4) from soul-catching him or something. I say apparently
because I've never tried it. HOW COULD YOU?!

Old Man in the windmill - Go inside and talk to the old guy. No matter what
conversation choices you make, you'll eventually be thrown out of the mill and
the old guy will never let you inside again (there IS a way to get back in,
covered above in the section on B-Hab). To get love from this guy, you just
need to turn up and knock on the door with MD 25 playing. He'll appreciate the
Shamisen grooves and rock out some. (+1)

- A week or so after the Perogon event -

Papas - The incident with the hero has inspired Papas to get back into his
writing.... if you go into the parents room after Perogon's run-in with the
Hero, you'll see him frantically working at his desk. Come back about a week
later and he'll finally be finished and retire to bed. You can check out the
comic book he's written about the event and get (+1)

- At least 14 days after the fireworks event -

Tamaya Heiki - All you have to do is walk past the Fireworks Factory and
overhear the conversation. (+1)

= = 6b. Soul Catching = =

Dream Starman - This is the one in the Old Guy's cave. Give him the chloroform
and he'll fall asleep (discussed above). As soon as he does, the Starman's
spirit will appear. (+2, 100 neka)

Gentle - This is the one by the fireworks factory. He'll appear in the late
afternoon for a few seconds after the dud firework is thrown out (see above).
(+2, 80 neka)

Perogon - Not sure about this one, as I never let Perogon die. I'll do some
research, maybe. (+4???)

Mr. Value - This is in Daia's room in the American house.... it literally
looks like a McValue Meal. It will only appear if you have at least 525 neka
on you at the time. (+2, 5 neka)

One Block Tofu - This guy's body is in the bushes off to the right of the
windmill and you can't see it. He'll appear on the left side of the mill at
dawn. (+2, 80 neka)

Yukinko - This is the red one near the bottom of the screen. Read the sign
attached to the windmill and it'll appear. (+2, 160 neka)


= = 7a. Love Points = =

Kakunte Tribe - When you get to the forest, you'll find an injured Kakunte out
front. Go into the forest and grab the mushroom by the entrance. Go back and
give it to him. He'll get better and you can now freely converse with all of
them, and after completing another task for them you can use their secret
fishing spot - essential for finishing the game (see below). (+1)

If you talk to Florence a whole bunch of times he'll give you a chip which
contains a hint on how to complete the task in question.

Florence - Talk to Wanda back in town after having met Florence - you may
have to have heard Kenji's story about Florence's trip to the moon, which you
can hear by eating at the Wildcat restaurant. Not sure. Wanda will give you
the ring you found for her earlier to give back to him. Do so (+1)

In the basement of the Haunted House, you'll find Dr. Hager. If you go up the
the second floor, corridor on the left and touch the robot thing there, you can
then go back down and get him out of his prison and he'll return to the lab.
This event is also necessary to complete the game.

After you've done this, you'll need to chase all the little springy things on
the second floor back into the Grandfather clock. When this is done you can
proceed with the next bit.

Whisper - That'd be the ghost. After you've repaired the clock, head to the
right. You'll notice the hallway has changed a bit. Go to the room on the end
and Whisper will be there, along with the souls of the 5 creatures around the
house. When you complete this task, they'll be released and you can catch them
(see below).

Now go back into the central room and stand in front of the photo of the man
eating. After a few seconds, the mouth will open wider. Try to walk away and it
will suck you in. You'll need to do this 3 times, and each time the ghost in
the picture will request a different item, so stock up on the following:

1st time: Grandma's cookies
2nd time: Bread
3rd time: A Tadpole (you can catch one at the Kakunte fishing spot)
- I think he actually requests caviar, but close enough, right?

When this is done, you get (+2) and the souls of the monsters will be released.

= = 7b. Soul Catching = =

Yorori - The first one you'll see in the entranceway into the forest. It'll
appear on the rocks early in the morning. (+2, 180 neka)

Iwatarou (Wyrdwad has it as "Fat Rock Vassal", which is a much cooler name) -
This is the one in the Mushroom Forest proper. Hard to miss. It's soul will
appear near it's body when you approach, and it's really big. Wait until it
has appeared in it's entirety, then go for it.  (+2, 200 neka)

Tottoteluri - This is the big Coelacanth thing on the blue platform in the
forest. You'll need to save this one to complete the game, as doing it unlocks
the Kakunte secret fishing spot.  You need to save the ailing Kakunte person
before they'll trust you enough to ask for your help (discussed above). After
you have, talk to all the Kakunte you can and while you're walking around,
collect one of each mushroom, then at eat them at night in this order:
Black, gold, red, green & white.

After the cutscene, go to tropical forest and touch all the little fish. You
should be familiar with where they are by now. Make sure you touched every one,
and head back to the mushroom forest. Collect the mushrooms again, and eat them
again at night in the same order. There you go. You can use the fishing spot
and you get a MASSIVE (+8)!!

One-Eyed Elephant - This one's one of my favourites, for no real reason. He's
just cool-looking. The one-eyed elephant sleeps all day & night on the high
platforms around the exit of to the Mushroom Forest, but occasionally changes

He'll do this much more often during the day, so hang out at the bottom right
of the screen and wait until he tries to move to the low bottom right platform.
You'll have to catch him mid-flight, so timing is important. (+2, 160 neka)

Haunted House - Note: The following 5 creatures' souls won't be hanging around
until you complete Whisper's event (above).

Gajillow - He'll be hanging around in the doorway of the bathroom. You can't
catch him, however, until you go in and wash your hands. Come back out and grab
him. (+2, 140 neka)

Little Don - He's the one bouncing around in the main room on the second floor.
Catch him when he lands. (+2, 150 neka)

Rock (aka Mr. Two O'Clock) -  This one is in the hallway where Whisper was with
all the souls before you completed his task. If you look at it's hat, it has a
clock with the hands at 2 o'clock - there's your clue. It appears at 2 o'clock
(or whatever the equivalent is) on your timer at the top left (+2, 120 neka)

Nijidess - He'll appear next to the pile of dirt in the basement at night after
Nikka is asleep. (+2, 160 neka)

Pampoo - This one's a bit tricky. Pampoo is the flying one that appears outside
the Haunted House. You can stand there all freakin' day (like I did) and he
won't come down. You need to go aaaalllllllllllll the way back to the castle
terrace and look at the Haunted House through the telescope. He'll come to you.
(+2, 500 neka)


= = 8a. Love Points = =

Professor Hager -  To even get into Hager's lab, you'll need a badge. To get to
Technopolis, you'll need a better one. There are a few ways of doing this. The
black badge is obtainable in 2 ways. For the first, and cheapest, just do the
Mamas event at the American house. The badge is in the fridge. Odd, I know....
the other way is to donate 1000 neka at the donation box which pops up in
Tropical Forest mid-morning every day. No real reason to do this, unless you
have too much money..?

If you show the black badge to the King, he'll give you the GOLD badge, which
gives you access to both the lab and Technopolis. He'll need to be seated on
his throne when you do this, otherwise he won't look at it.

While you're around, you should show the King's name card to Yoshida, then
show it to the King, this time in his room at night. He'll  give you a
letter to give to Professor Hager telling him to start building a rocket.

When you get to the lab, give the letter to the Professor.

He'll need 5 parts from you to build the rocket (which you need to complete the
game). Two of these - the Gamestation and the refrigerator - can be fished at
the Kakunte fishing spot. One is the bottle of monkey booze (rocket fuel),
another the Hundred Shaku Ball Of Good Fortune firework. After handing over
these 4 pieces, don't forget to trigger the Kris event (see above).

The 5th is Robi's electronic brain. We'll deal with that in a bit. After
handing over all 5 objects, the rocket will be complete  - you can go to
Technopolis, get in and finish the game if your love level is 23 (?) or higher
(+3 from the Prof.)

Take a look at Hager's while you're around and remember those room numbers.

Robi - Robi is the kinda bronze-coloured robot hanging around at Technopolis.
He's a robot (duh), but he's starting to develop human emotions, and he really
doesn't like it. Robi's room number is 113, and if you go up to his room while
he's there on day of Echo or day of Sun, he'll ask you to remove some of his
circuitry. This is accomplished by completing a notorious memory puzzle
(which I didn't actually have any trouble with, go figure).

You'll see a circuit with 3 points, and lights will flash at those points in a
random sequence. Now you have to remember it and input them in the same order.
First 3 points, then 4, then 5, then 6. Crap! Anyway, when you're done, Robi
will be blissfully mindless and you'll have his CPU, an essential component for
the rocket. (+1)

Genghis Khan game - This refers to the arcade game in the rocket room. Why it's
called that, I doubt I'll ever know. Completing all 5 stages of the game will
get you (+1). It's easier said than done. Basically hold circle to make the
rocket rise, let your finger off to make it drop and get to the Moon without
crashing. The sensitivity is adjusted between levels. It's horrible :P

Reeman (Laymen?) Clan - Those creepy dudes in suits hang out (no pun intended)
in room 119. Head up there late(ish) in the evening and you'll find them. They
always travel in groups of 3, and there are 12 in total.

Wait in the room until the instant all 12 of them have appeared, then as
quickly as you can talk to every one of them before they go to sleep or leave
 - not as easy as it sounds, because apart from all looking identical, they
move around quite a bit. Pull it off and it's worth (+4)+

Kris - After setting up the Kris event (see above), visit Technopolis on a
night the club is open (all of them except for day of Sun) and watch her
performance - it's pretty cool. (+2)

Sacrifice Animals - All the monsters who's souls you'll catch in Technopolis
are members of a band called the Sacrifice Animals. Yeah, no kidding. Once
you've rescued all of them (see below for details on how), they'll play a show
in the club. Watch and enjoy. (+2, Sacrifice Animals MD)

Psyche - Psyche is the DJ at Club Techno. After completing the above 2 events,
talk to him in the club during the day (+1)

 - After completing the rocket -

Lady Techno - A few nights a week (moon, tear and neka), Mayor Robo and some of
the Reeman guys will be chatting in the VIP room (the little walled off section)
of the club. Listen to their conversation, then meet Lady Techno in the VIP room
during the day on day of echo and listen to her story. (+2)

Mayor Robo - After the above event has occurred, go into the VIP room again on
one of the abovementioned nights and listen to the Mayor and the Reeman guys'
conversation. (+1)

= = 8b. Soul Catching = =

All the monsters in Technopolis are members of the band "Sacrifice Animals"
(see above). Hence the rock and roll names, I guess.

Flip - Flip is the first dead monster you'll see upon arriving at Technopolis.

His spirit is hidden behind the transporter to the left (at night only, I
believe). Just walk behind there and the catch icon will appear (+2, 120 neka).

Keith - Keith's the one outside the club entrance. His spirit will appear at
night when the club is in full swing, rocking out to the music. (+2, 100 neka)

Beck - Room 369 at night (+2, 100 neka).

Jimi - Room 895 during the day (+2, 120 neka)

Eric - Go up to room 302 (Lady Techno's room). Turn the stereo on and then use
the remote control. Now wait 'til the music REALLY cranks up (about a minute)
and he'll appear. (+2, 120 neka)

Honzo - Go up to the Mayor's office (Room 871) about the time day turns to
night. The Reeman Clan will all be there and soon start filing out gradually in
their trademark groups of 3.... except the last group remaining, which,
unusually, has 4 members. One of them is Honzo in disguise. Go talk to them to
find out which (+2, 130 neka).

= = 9 - ITEM LIST = =
Fishing Rod - Buy it at Curio's for 400 neka. For fishing.... -_-

Fishing Bait - The little purple squid things. 10 neka a pop at Curio's, or
free in tropical field (see above)

Translation Flower  - Buy from Curio, if you want. When eaten allows you to
talk to flowers. You probably don't need it if you're reading this, but if
you're a completist or something, go nuts.

Frilly Dress - Buy from Curio. You'll need to give this to Kris before she'll
perform at Technopolis.

Chloroform - Buy from Curio. You can use this to put the restless old guy in
the cave near the American house to sleep.

Bones - 10 neka each from Curio, or free in the restaurant's garbage, or Tao's
secret hiding spot. Used to train Tao (see above).

Magnifying Glass - Again, bought from Curio. This is used in the B-Hab

Black Badge - Used to access Prof. hager's lab. Found in the fridge at American
house, or as a reward for donating 1000 neka to the laboratory.

Gold Badge - Used to access Prof. Hager's lab and Technopolis. Exchange the
black badge for this with the King.

Tako-chu ("octopus kiss") - Sold by the restless old guy in the cave for 30
neka. Instantly warps you to the last place you slept.

Monkey Liquor - From the Bali Island event. Part of the rocket.

Good Firework - Part of the rocket (see above).

Gamestation - Can be fished for at the secret Kakunte fishing spot. Part of the

Refrigerator - Can be fished for at the secret Kakunte fishing spot. Part of
the rocket.

Robi's CPU - Complete the Robi event. Part of the rocket.

White Arrow - Apparently the official strategy guide doesn't even have an
answer as to what this is for. It's not actually useful for anything, but if
you show it to Ibri the Guard when he's drinking at the bar, he'll give you
a bit of background on it which is VERY interesting.... see Mysteries Of Moon,

Eco Club's Treasure - Found in Tropical Forest. Redeemable for cash.

Crown - B-Hab's treasure. Redeemable for cash.

Mushrooms - Different-coloured mushrooms found in the Mushroom Forest. Various
uses (see above).

Bread, croissants, cookies - All replenish a small amount of your activity
limit if you're in a pinch. Bread and cookies are also used in Whisper's event
(see above).

Fish - Various. Can't really be arsed listing them all. Eat to replenish a
small amount of your activity limit, or sell them for some extra cash
(particularly the ones in the desert). The tadpole is used in Whisper's event
(see above).

Various letters - Letter from the King to Professor Hager, Letter from Gase to
Flora, Letter from Flora to Gase, etc. All described in greater detail above.
Sorry for getting lazy :P

Pollen items - Obtainable from the Punpun's 3 pistils (3 in total). Give them
to Punpun to open up the warp ability corresponding to the area where you
found tem. (+1) love when you return all 3.

 = = 9.1 - CHIPS = =

This walkthrough is pretty much targeted to the non-Japanese speaker/reader,
like myself (actually it's mostly for my own amusement as I don't think too may
people are playing this obscure 10-year old Japanese game.....) so I won't go
into too much detail on these.

You can decrypt them on the machine in Hager's lab and get some clues about the
game, which presumably you won't be able to read..... for collection purposes,
here we go.

Curios's shop -  The "bargain" he sells you for 1000 neka at night.  About the
Kakunte people.

Florence - Speak to him a whole bunch of times in the forest. Tells you what
order to eat the mushrooms in so as to be able to rescue Tottoteluri (I

Nikka - Digs it up in the haunted house. Might be about the rocket.....

Tao's secret hiding spot - It's about the ultimate firework.

On the ground in Hager's lab - It's about some of the rocket parts.

Main character's house - The alien dude will drop it off one night. You can
claim it from Pokka in the morning. Also about rocket parts.

Bali Bali island - again, something about the rocket.

Secret base of the eco club - Talks about the mysterious white arrow and the
hero. Except it's scratched.....

Tropical Forest fishing hole - You can catch it by fishing. About the secret
base of the eco club.

I think that's it.

 = = 9.2 - NAME CARDS = =

Again, of limited interest  if you don't speak Japanese. Show someone's card to
another character to get some info on the person pictured. You can generally
obtain someone's card by showing them a few others, with some exceptions.
You'll need the King's to complete the game. Which is neat, because it's easy
to get.

King - Talk to the King when he's in the throne room during the afternoon. Show
it to Yoshida and then show it to the King again to get the Letter to Professor

Chancellor - Show him the King's card.

I think the following can be obtained in any order -

Ibri's card

Fred's card

Flora's card

Wanda's card.

Granny's photograph - It's on the table by the World map at Granny's house.
Probably the first one you'll get.

Gase's Junk - Gase doesn't have a card, but if you show him some other folks
cards he'll give you this thing. You can use it to soul catch Straw Raincoat
(see above).

Hero Poster - Available for the ridiculous sum of 2000 neka from Curio

Noji's toy car - Not a name card, but works in the same way. You'll get this
when you promise to show Noji a Gamestation.

== 9.3 - Mysteries of Moon - ==


 - The White Arrow -

Dug up in Tao's secret hiding spot and depicted in the scratched chip you
find at the Eco Club, the white arrow is an enigma - you can't really use
it for anything - but if you show it the right person it actually gives
the story of the Hero an intesting twist and makes even this jerkiest of
characters seem more sympathetic.

The white arrow's role in this context may be familiar to you if you've
played Okami... Here's a cut & paste from an email from R.Hoshino
explaining it -

"General phrase explanations first: Shira-ha-no-ya (white feathered arrow) is
used in a set phrase in Japanese. It is said originally that arrow is used to
show who was chosen for a "sacrifice"...The chosen one's house would be
stuck by the arrow.

Today the word is still used for chosen ones, but this time
not so dangerous. We can use it when a president chose someone for a
project leader. The important thing is: chosen from "above" for a special task.

OK, now go back to Moon. The story behind the white arrow is not much told.
Yet it seems it was Chancellor's plan to make up a Hero. Hit someone with
the white arrow (possibly it had some real "spell" in this world), and turns
him into the Hero. You should know who was the poor chosen one... Only some
people know that the boy is the Hero. Others just think the boy is dead."

Crazy, right? When the boy (Granny's son) is chosen to become the Hero, he
puts on the armor, which is cursed, and causes his to lose his memory and his
mind. So it's all the Chancellor's fault!

 - The Ringleader -

You know when you go to the midnight university with Yoshida, and there are
some other characters there too? Gase, B-Hab, Bird Man, Yoshida (obviously)
and at the bottom left, a guy in red.... who doesn't seem to appear anywhere
else in the game.

This is Dancho (circus master) - from the circus which was cut from the finished
game. In the concept artwork section of the official guide, there's an enormous
circus tent and a picture of Dancho standing next to it. The circus never made
it in, obviously, but Dancho himself did, after a fashion. Nifty.

As an aside, there's also concept artwork for both a male and female version
of the main character, so initially the option was going to be there to
choose, it seems. There you go.

(after boarding the rocket)

(*NOTE: The word "kiban" is used frequently in this ending. This word does not
actually appear to exist in Japanese, and is made up of the component kanji
"strange" and "tray." It is used to describe the "chips" scattered around --
the stone tablet-like microchips that contain data on various characters.
However, the word "chip" is not used here, so in the interest of preserving
some degree of translation accuracy, I'm going to use the word "kiban" as-is
during these translations.)

(first transmission from Dr. Hager)

Respond please, respond please.
This is Dr. Schutein Hager.
Please listen carefully, Shuya.
With this rocket...
...the satellites can only guide you as far as they're instructed.
They've been programmed.
They'll break if they're tampered with in any specific sort of way.
So basically, you're our test-ape.
You're the test-ape sent to ride in my rocket.
So please, behave as a monkey should.
Or really, just behave.
Stay in your seat.
What the...?
Communications systems... fail... ing...

(second transmission from Dr. Hager)

Respond please, respond please.
This is Dr. Schutein Hager.
Please listen carefully, Shuya.
Along with that all-too-human explosion back there...
...it seems our main communications system has been destroyed as well.
So, for just such an occasion, I prepared a reserve communications antenna.
If anything should happen to this, though, I'll lose all communication with you
And so, this seems to be the extent of possible communication...
I wonder if this transmission was received...
I'm definitely pushing the limits of what a human can do, given the vast amount
of distance involved.
Whether or not there will be any dangers for you to face, even I do not know.
Be vigilant, Shuya!
The Super Soundwave Radar... has...
...an obstacle... of some sort... ...be vigilant... be... vigilant...

(rocket encounters an asteroid belt)

(rocket is saved by the final satellite, then again by a fireworks ball
from Tamaya Heiki)

(rocket encounters Adder, who then gets trapped in "the milky way", presumably)

(first encounter with Florence)

Hey, been a while, Shuya...
Your journey should be at an end soon, huh.
But, the end of one journey... is usually the beginning of a new one, eh?

(second encounter with Florence)

Life is like a dream, over the course of one night.
Waking is sleeping... birth is death...
And all kinds of things disappear when they appear...
and appear when they disappear...
It's the same for me as it is for you, Shuya...

(third encounter with Florence)

If you look all around you out here in space,
dying is just the taking away of birth.
Life rolls on and on... so effortlessly.

(fourth encounter with Florence)

And then, in the end, you're waking up from a dream...
I wonder when it counts as travelling through a separate dimension?
I wonder if you, Shuya, will be able to open the door...
... Well, it's about time for you to get off at the terminal.
Perhaps we shall meet again, on some distant wayside...
I bid thee farewell, Shuya.

(air begins leaking out of the rocket, but the Kakunte pop up and sacrifice
themselves to repair it)

(finally, Shuya is welcomed to the moon by a horde of UFOs carrying giant

(Shuya lands on the moon)

Mutsujiro: You came, Shuya...
  Everyone was waiting for your arrival...
  Seems you've gathered enough love to conquer even space itself...
  In short, that means your love level is...
  ...you're a (insert your Love Level here)?!
  That's AMAZING!!
  Well then, the chief awaits...
  Please, proceed to the Moon Castle...

(on entering the moon castle)

Mutsujiro: It's a curse...
  Please save the chief, Shuya...

Moon Chief: Welcome, Shuya...
  Welcome, Shuya...
  Here, the invisible boy Shuya shall end this visiting dream.
  And thus...
  ...this is also the hero SHUYA's last dungeon...
  ...the Dragon's Castle...
  Please save us, Shuya.
  Soon, the hero will come to kill us.
  Please save us, Shuya.
  Soon, we are to be buried here as kiban...
  ...the kiban in which the story of the two Shuyas is told...
  Which story's ending are we to meet with?
  The future in which SHUYA defeats the dragon?
  ... or the future in which Shuya opens the door?
  Who will decide our future?
  That... all depends on your love.
  ... And so, Shuya, please proceed to the wastelands of the moon.
  Buried in its mountain of kiban is a door of light that we cannot currently
  Since you have gathered enough love to traverse space and come here, you
   should have enough power to open this door.
  Please, use your love, and open the door...
  ...restoring the radiance of the moon.

Mutsujiro: Shuya-saaan, I will guide you to the door.
  Right this way, please...

(at the door)

Mutsujiro: At last, you will open the door for us, right, Shuya?
  According to the prophecies of these kiban that are scattered here...
  ...the only one who can open this door is the invisible boy full of love,
  ...and when this door is opened... it is said that the moon's radiance
    will once again shine forth.
  Well then, please, stand in front of the door...
  OK, if you would, pleeeeease open the door, Shuyaaa!!
  Good luck, Shuya-san...
  Hooray, hooray, Shuya!!
  What's going on?
  Are you telling me you CAN'T OPEN IT??
  Shuya can't open the door!!!
  This is... not good.

(examining the chips [kiban] located at the door)

Top left chip: DATA [Details on the Life of Wanda]
  Hostess at the bar. Sleeps during the day, wakes up at night.
   Never sets foot    outside of the bar.

Left-middle chip: DATA [Details on the Life of Baker]
  Every night, bakes a new bread-man. The next morning, places his former self
   from the night before in his store display.
  ... Every week, on the Day of the Echo, he forgets to lock his door.

Middle chip: DATA [Details on the Life of Flora]
  Runs the flower shop. Possesses a gentle heart that dearly loves flowers.
   Lives in the upstairs room at Wanda's bar.

To the right of that one: DATA [Details on the Life of the Chancellor]
  His everyday lifestyle includes a lot of stress and complaints, and he exists
   solely for the sake of the "Hero's Story" told in the kiban.

Bottom-right: DATA [Details on the Life of the King]
  A carefree king who goes to feed the birds every morning. Secretly consults
   with Professor Hager for further development of the rocket.

To the right of that one: DATA [Details on the Life of Florence]
  Eats a golden mushroom and visits the moon. Shortly afterward, returns to
   Earth and gives a kiban to Shuya.

(on returning to the Moon Castle)

Moon Chief: Why?
  I wonder why?
  The door remained undisturbed...
  Does this mean that even Shuya's love cannot open the door?
  ... Perhaps Shuya's love is too inexperienced for the task.
  ... Perhaps it is too soon for you to open the door.
  The door was not opened...
  It was not opened...
  ... Could this too be a fate written in the kiban?

Mutsujiro: I'm terribly sorry, Shuya...
  It's really just that you can't open the door.
  Seems the future may turn a bit ugly...
  I wonder what will happen now...?
  Ohh, ohh, I hear the footsteps of the hero SHUYA...

(back at the rocket)

Yoshida: Whew... I got pretty plastered...
  I'm a little dizzy...
  ...this is the moon, ain't it!
  Alright, everyone who lives here on the moon...
  ...first time I've seen some o' you...
  The name's Yoshida.
  Shuya-haan!! Shuya-haan!! (note: mispronouncing "Shuya-san")
  Where the heck are ya'?!
  ... what the--?
  WAAAA!! What the hell ARE you?!
  Whatcha think yer doin'?!
  Ack! (x12)
  ... This is dangerous... I don't like where this is goin'...

(back at the Castle)

Moon Chief: And so it's come to this...
  It's come to this...
  The time has come for the tale of the invisible boy to end...
  Looks like we'll be seeing the end of the hero's tale, too...
  We have read the future told by the kiban...
  Even if we were to hope for the invisible boy to save us...
  ...haven't we already reached the point of no return?!
  We are too late...
  It's too late...
  Why is it that our fate is not mentioned in any one of the kiban...?
  ...the time is now...
  ...the time for it to be revealed...

Yoshida: Shuya-haan!!
  It's the hero! The hero's come!!
  ... And he's reached the highest level!!
  He's too much for us!!

Mutsujiro: Good-bye, Shuya...

Yoshida: Byee, Shuya-haan...

Voice of Moon Chief: Shuya...
  (insert your Love Level here)...
  ...this is the end of the story of the hero and the dragon...
  ...ahh, and perhaps the end of ALL stories...
  ...no, no... the story of another Shuya, told by the kiban, has not yet
  ...if you should hold within you more love than levels...
  ...you may have the power to change the fate written in these kiban...
  Please do not forget... Shuya...
  ...when a door appears before you once again...
  ...you must open this door, with the power of your own love...
  Open the door...
  Please, open the door...
  Open the door, Shuya...

Mom's voice: HEEY!!
  ...cut out those video games, and get to bed already!!


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