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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A pretty good anime/dating/RPG game

Mitsumete Knight is more or less a dating game,but with a few RPG elements addedin it though.Anyways on to the review!

Story 8/10
Your a mercenary(with your little pixie friend Piko)that travels to the kingdomof Dolphan.Unfortuanately there in war,so you help out.Hm...kinda simple,eh?There'sprobaly more,but this is as much as I can understand.

Graphics 9/10
There pretty good to the most.The special event cg's are nicely done,and there'sa crap-load of them(I have at least 31 out 60-70 in the omake section).Detail isgood also.Depending on what you say to a girl,her expression is gonna be eitherhappy,sad,bored,blushing,or really ticked off(actually,most dating games have thisfeature).Oh,and the girls are cute to.

Sound 9/10
The music is okay,but the voices is what I like the most(I can hear japanese alot better than I can read it).The vocal song you get at the end(if you get a girl thatis)is really good also.

Gameplay 9/10
It's kinda like Tokimemo.When your not dating girls(only on weekends and holidays),yourat home trying to raise different statisics.You pick a session,and depending on the amount of days you get(ex:If your on Sunday,and there's a holiday on Thurs,you stop your session on that day,and you caneither choose to continue the session,go to church,date or arrange a date with a girl,or choose adifferent session for that say only.)and how good you do,you get a certain amount of stars(maximum of 6 untilyou level up)for that stat.Sessions take hp away though,so make sure you sleep a few times.Also,you don't get a set amount of hp's,so you can get 999 hps really fast if all you do is sleep.On to fights now.First,there's warbattles.You get a 4 types of troops(mage,horse,soldier,and arrow men),and essentially it's like paper-rock-scissors.Simple,eh?Second,there's one on one duels,which sadly,are pathetically easy.There's a shield icon that goes up(it goeseither really slow or fast depending on your stats)and when it hits the top,you can attack,defend,or use a super attack(only when the sword bar is fully charged,and plus you have to actually acquire a sp attack first).Pretty simple to,eh?Problem though,is that the real fast enemies can wail on you while your charging up.It's still really easy though.There's also medals you get depending on your accomplishments,which I think(I'm not sure about the next part)helps you get more menfor war fights,and a better chance at getting the girls.Well,I didn't explain the dating part to much,but it's almost the same as Tokimemo(which should give you the basic idea).

Rating: 9

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