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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

One hell of a great game!!!!!

Metal Slug came out in the arcade and everyone fighting over who should play it first. People were also wishing that it would come out for playstation so that they would not have to wait at smokey, dark arcades lining up just to play this great game. It has finally come out for playstation, was it worth the wait? Oh yeah! It's well worth the wait! It's a two player game. You get to control cool characters. There are six missions on story mode, a training mode to practice and improve your survival skills, a picture gallery where you can view some very nice pictures, and last but not least, a hidden extra game call " Another Story ". You can alter the diffculty level, lives etc in options mode. Set the standards to how you like it. Easy or hard. It takes place during some war, and your main objective of the game is to kill the badies and save prisoners of war or P.O.Ws for short The graphics are really good. the characters, soldiers bosses are drawn very well. Very detailed and very cute. If you were to stand very near a ledge, you'll see your character looking down, balancing on one foot and mucus coming out of his nose. Also, once you've completed a mission, you'll see your character either laughing a sinister laugher, acting very tired, or drinking from his water bottle. Also, it's cool if you kill a soldier with your knife as you can see him spilling his guts! The background is also very detailed and colourful. I'd give the graphics a ten. The music and sound fx is also very good. The music is ideal for this humourous game. You can hear the badies screaming when you kill them, and you can also hear the guns firing and knife sounds! I'd also give music and sound fx a ten. Now we come to the weapons. There is a wide range of weapons which you can use. From a basic handgun to shotguns and rocket launchers. SOOOOOO COOOOOOOL. Kill your enemies with this wide range of artillery. This gets a ten definitely. Lastly, gameplay. Now, this game is highly addictive. With all those weapons, music and graphics, nothing can get better than this! A ten yet again. So, why wait? GO get a copy and try it yourself!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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