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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Good but Not Perfect

When Metal Slug was released back in the arcades it was one of the best gamesout, it had beautiful hand drawn graphics, insane addicting gameplay, and moreframes of animation then a Disney movie. But most importantly Metal Slug was2-D, you don't find that often in a platformer. Unfortunately, having an exact arcade port of this game is nearly impossible due to the limitations of thesystems 2-D capabilities. However SNK hasn't done a bad.
Fortunately, even with the limitations of the system SNK was able to keep the gameplay intact. Metal Slug plays just like the classic series Contra. On yourown the game is fun but you get the best gameplay experience with two people.However, there is one problem that plagues the flawless gameplay which is causedby the limitations of the Playstation. When too many sprites come on the screenthe game tends to slow down ruining the gameplay a little bit but the most anno-ying thing is the loading points, there is nothing more worse than a load promptfreezing our play in the middle of an adrenaline rush whe you are in the midst ofbattle in this game however if these few factors can be overlookid then you willfind the gameplay true to the arcade.
Every sprite and backround is here with no cropping or loss of detail and you can't distinguish a screenshot from the Playstation version with any other but you surecan tell the when it comes to movment, each and every frame rich sprite and backround has ben cut drastically and animation while not bad is somewhat choppy. Thisis bad when a game is known for it's flawless animation, if you can put this asidethen you will find the graphics highly detailed but not in smooth movement.
All the music and sound effects are here, they are arcade perfect and there is notreally much more to say about that except that the sound is flawless.
Just like the arcade the control is dead on, intuitive, and easy to get into.Response times are perfect which is essential to the games twitch gameplay. Justlike the sound department this is one of the areas that Metal slug hasn't changedin at all.
Taking all of the Playstastion limitations into consideration Metal Slug isactually a good game. Otherwise there is not much to say at all about it. Lthoughit is plagued by a few problems I recommemend that you pick this up if you are a fanof any incarnation of Metal Slug.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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