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by ragnarok_totg

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Takegami Guide by ragnarok_totg

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/17/19


Playstation One

Secret of Takegami
by ragnarok_totg
version 1

Takegami is a secret and the only male character in this feminine centric game. Getting him as a playable character involves doing a few actions across three arcs of the game until he shows up in a special stage in Disk 2. With or without him, the narrative and FMVs will not really add or change anything to the main story of the game. However, his Guardian is arguably the Darkness Dragon which completes the Eight Elemental Dragons. Hitomi's Guardian, Hokuryu; as far as I know will not evolve into anything else despite the game making you believe that he will.

Some actions involve Talking. To enable this action, make your character stand next to the character you want to talk to. With your character, Press Circle to open the Main Character Menu, choose the third option to open the Master's Actions Menu then choose the third option to Talk. Be aware that the Talk option will only be selectable between two designated characters who have special dialogue between each other. Meaning, this option does not work with everyone and it takes a lot of trial and error to know which characters can talk with another. The good side is that you will get a random reward.