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FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Mike

Updated: 08/26/00

 ____     ____       _____      ________     _______    __
|  _  \  |  _ \     /  _  \    /        \   /   _   \  |  |      __
| | |  \ | | \ \   /  / \  \  /   ______/  /   / \   \ |  |     /  |   
| | |  | | |_/  \ /  /___\  \ |  |         |  /   |  | |  |    /   |  
| |_|  / |      / | |    |  | |  |         |  |   |  | |  |   /    | 
|_____/  | |   /  | |    |  | |  |   ___   |  |   |  | |  |  /     |
         | |   \  |_|    |  | |  |  \   \  |  |   |  | |  | /      |
         | |\   \        /  / |  |   |   \ |  \   /  | |  |/   /|  | 
         | | \   \      /_ /  |  |___|   | |   \_/   | |      / |  |  
         |_|  \  |            \          / \         / |     /  |  |   
               \_|             \________/   \_______/  |    /   |  |  
                                                       |   /    |  | 
                                                       |__/     |__|   
                                   /    |
                                  /     |
                                 /  /|  |
                                /  / |  |
                               /  /  |  |
                              /  /   |  |
                             /  /____|  |
                            /           |
                           /________    |
                                    |   |
                                    |   |
                                    |   |
                                    |   |
                                    |___|                   ____________
 _                                                         /            /
| \                            ________                   /________  __/       
|  \                          |        |                          |  |
|   \     ___  __             |__    __|          |\            /||  |
|   |    /   /|   \       __    |    |   _____    | \          / ||  |
|   |   /   / |    \     |  |   |    |  /     |   |  \        /  ||  |
|   |  /   /  |     \    |  |   |    | /  ___/    |  |        |  ||  |             
|   | /   /   |      \   |  |   |    | |  |       |  |        |  ||  |
|   |/   /    |       \  |  |   |    | |  |       |   \      /   ||  |
|       /     |        \ |  |   |    | |  |       |    \____/    ||  |             
|      /      |         \|  |   |    | |  |       |              ||  |          
|      \      |   __        |   |    | |  |   ___ |     ____     ||  |
|    _  \     |  |  \       |   |    | |  |___|  ||    /    \    ||  |
|   | \  \    |  |   \      |   |    | \         ||   /      \   ||  |
|   |  \  \   |  |    \     | __|    |_ \_______/ |  |        |  ||  |
|   |   \  \  |  |     \    | |        |          |  |        |  | \ |
|   |    \  \ |  |      \   | |________|          |  /        \  |  \|
|   |     \__\|__|       \  |                     | /          \ | 
|___|                     \_|                     |/            \| 
         This logo is a copyright protected by Iron Mike


By Iron Mike
E-mail VF19_Excalibur@hotmail.com
Date August 4 2000       

Copyright 2000 by Iron Mike

Feel free to use this FAQ for your own use and it should not be changed 
in shape or form it will be left as it is. You can post this FAQ on your 
web page but send me an e-mail to confirm that you are allowed to use 
this FAQ on your web page. If I find this FAQ altered and posted on a 
site without my permission I will not be very happy because this is my 
first FAQ and I don't want others ripping off my work, I will send very 
harsh e-mails on that site, and its not fair for others taking FAQ's on 
the web without the authors notice.


                [***] Updates-Version-4.0
                [1] Introduction
                [2] Character Introduction and how to get them
                [3] Non-Playable Characters
                [4] Game controls and options
                [5] Dating system (I need more info)
                [6] Battle system
                [7] Battle strategy
                [8] Coordinates of ATK, DEF, MOVE, Range???
                [9] Walkthrough for Kakeru
                [10] Walkthrough for Eto 
                [11] Secrets (I need more info
                [12] Credits
                [13] Contributor section
                [14] Future plans




[August-17-2000] changed some stuff on Kakeru's scenario

[August-17-2000] I started playing Eto's scenario since I finished one 
girl in Tokimeki memorial but it may take some time to finish Eto's 

[August-19-2000] I added a new sections like battle strategy and secrets 
but I need more info on the secrets section.

[August-22-2000] I'm almost done with the Eto scenario so this 
walkthrough is almost finished, I fixed some of the ASCII art but you 
wont probably notice it. I added this sign "-" to the enemy list.

[August-23-2000] Just a few more stages and I'm done with this game.

[August-23-2000] A little bit more and its finished.

[August-25-2000] I finished the game and the walkthrough, Changed some 
of the character names.


The story of this game is about a mad tyrant who wants to rule this 
planet by turning people into stone and a young boy and a mysterious 
swordsman is here to put an end to his stupid plan. (If you turn all the 
people into stone there won't be anything left to rule) Anyway the two 
main characters here are the young boy Kakeru and Eto the mysterious 
swordsman that travels from town to town to free the people from the 
madness of Lucifon.


[Character Introduction and playable characters]

WARNING!!! I only have bits of info on the characters

Kakeru: Range1    Type: Infantry    

Specials: Wave slash
          Light wave slash
          Meteor shower

The hero of the game you play as him.


Eto: Range1   Type: Infantry                

Specials: Green giant attack, (isn't he the corn advertisement on TV)

He joins you on your journey automatically. But there's more about this 
guy than you can imagine. 


Natasha:  Range3   Type: Magician
Specials: Phoenix attack

Kakeru's childhood friend.


Marlene: Range2   Type: Archer

She's the girl on the intro that is listening to Neptune and Lucifon's 

Sail; Range2   Type: Barbarian

Talk to the priest in stage 1 and his father will tell him to join you. 
He gets chosen by one of the dragons.

Nereid: Range3   Type: Magician
Specials: Sand tornado projectile 
          Sand hurricane
In stage 2, she's chained on the wall, free her from captivity and you 
can hire her from Tholnes

Sarah: Range2    Type: Magician
Special: Spinning bubble gums? I don't know the name of this move
She's the girl in Sonia a very powerful magician early in the game and 
when you've reached Blaze she joins you permanently.

Pandora: Range1   Type: Infantry

The flamingo dancer in Seabose 

Mayfair: Range2   Type: Archer 
Specials: Flaming arrow

Mayfair has a twin sister but too bad you can't hire them both in 

Claris: Range2   Type: Archer

Twin sister of Mayfair their both archers you can either hire Mayfair or 

Bianca: Range1   Type: Cavalry
Specials: Shredder

The only female Horseman in your party, she joins you as you try to 
leave Romboni


Beylitt: Range   Type: Monk
Specials: Light punch

She's one of Lucifon's commander, you'll meet her on the island where 
you got shipwrecked she joins you when Zam saves you from the island.

Sayla: Range1   Type: Ninja
Specials: Rushing gale

The only female ninja in your party, this girl when her level is high 
enough to go on the front line she is the best choice to finish off 
those annoying magicians. (A very useful girl if her level is high 

Jeana: Range1   Type: Grenadier 

This girl is pretty stupid to be a grenadier this type of class is not 
very useful their just good for clearing out boulders and tree's.

Helene: Range2   Type: Medic

The only girl with the healing powers, I think she's the sister of Lear

Lear: Range2   Type: Archer

You will encounter this girl as an enemy archer in one of the battles.

Rosalind: Range5   Type: Artillery
Special: Cannon barrage

This girl is not very useful due to her move but she's got the longest 
range of cannon men in the game.

Santos: Range1   Type: Ninja
Specials: Big ninja star attack

Same as Sayla if his level is high enough he can be very useful.

Neptune: Range1   Type: Infantry

Pierre: Range1   Type: Grenadier

Rabbit: Range1   Type: Grenadier



[Non-Playable characters]

Lloydon: Talk to him and he will save your progress, the only guy in the    
game with glasses

Tholnes: He recruit's men/women for you to hire, bald guy

Mano: Girl in intro, and she's the one who gave Hardis the amulet

Marian: The girl you meet in Sonia 

Rhynus: Green haired boy

Romboni King: Ruler of Romboni

Zam: The sailor who saves you from the island

Burn: The priest in Sonia
Hardis: One of the commanders (this guy should get a haircut)

Lidia: Girl with blonde hair and a raven head on her shoulder

Lucifon: The guy who tries to conquer the planet by turning people into 
stone, big boss of the game.

Billy cane: when Zam saves you from the island he's the guy on the 
rowboat spinning his special bow. (If any one of you had played Fatal 
fury and King of Fighters series you'll notice this guy buy his clothes 
and stick.) 

Iori Yagami: another SNK character he flies a dragon in this game, again 
if you have the King of Fighters series he's the guy who has a grudge on 
Kyo Kusanagi. (This guy can kick Lucifon's ass if he were one of 
Kakeru's friends when his Orochi activates I hate to see what happens to 

Genjuro: Another SNK character he's an infantry on this game. A rival of 
the legendary Haomaru

Haomaru: He's also in this game but I can't figure out whether its 
Genjuro or Haomaru?


Game controls

{INSIDE CASTLE} controls 

D-pad = Move 

X = Cancel

Circle = Action Button = Interact 
Triangle = Display option 

Square = N\A

L1, L2, R1, R2 = N\A


Here's the meaning of the options in the same order in English. 

<Select speed> [Frog, Bee and Rabbit] Never select the rabbit speed 
because its too fast.

<On and Off> Voice over ON-OFF

<Background music> On-Off music

<Character status> Check character status

<Use extra points> Use them to increase ATK, DEF

Battle field Controls

X = Cancel Move

Triangle = Option Screen

Circle = OK Button

Square = Look at map

R1 R2 = Switch character

L1 L2 = input command

Here's the meaning of the options in the same order in English. 

<Status> View status of characters in battle

<Background music> On-Off

<Reset> Reset game

<Battle scene skip> Skip battle scene

<End turn> End your turn

[Dating system]

The dating here is pretty simple all you have to do is pick the girl you 
want to date with. Some dating will require you to answer their 
questions, if you answer correctly the girl will either blush, if 
answered incorrectly the girl will leave with a horrified look on her 
face. (I suggest you reset your game and try again) I don't know what 
happens if you please the girl on all of the date's. (I think something 
will happen in the endings of each character you date?)

List of girls you can date



[Battle system]

The battle system of this game is simple, you have 9 men/women fighters 
in one character and for example 5 dies that character is weakened and 
if all dies including that character he/she is DEAD. The battle of this 
game consists of turns, if your turns are finished that means game over. 
The percent meter on the Upper left corner of the screen is for your 
advantage if that meter indicates for example –10% your attack weakens 
due to the ground your character is on so you better watch where you put 
your characters. 

Description of character type:

Infantry: Move-3   

Horsemen: Move-4

Archer: Move-3

Monk: Move-3

Barbarian: Move-2

Magician: Move-2

Grenadier: Move-3

Cannon men: Move-1-2

Dragon master: Move-6


[Battle strategy]

Dragon: The only easy way to kill these stupid things is by using a very 
powerful magician after attacking it with magic use your best infantries 
to finish it off. (But whoever hits the dragon last and dies he/she will 
get more experience points)

Magician: Magicians have very high attack power but low defense the best 
way to kill them is by using ninjas if they are available since they 
have 5-move points.

Golem: Pretty easy to kill these things due to their move just use 
magicians, barbarians, archers and anything that has a space of 2-attack

Barbarian: Barbarians are hard to kill because of their defense and you 
can't use 2-spaced attack because they can counter, your only safe 
attack is to use a magician.   

Infantry: The easiest way to kill them is by attacking with magic, 
archers and last a very strong infantry to finish it off.

Monk: Monks have very high attack power and average defense so it's the 
same attacks with the infantries.

Ninjas: They can move almost everywhere but very low defense so better 
kill them fast or they will go to a nearby pond to heal, if your 
magicians level is high enough you can kill them with one attack.

Artillery: The only safe way to attack them is by using a high level 
ninja because if you use an infantry and can't reach them they will fry 
that infantry or whoever is near its range if its their turn.

Archers: Same with the barbarians your only safe attack is by using a 
magician and a strong character to finish it off.



[Coordinates of extra attack, defense and move]

These extra points are very useful, the only way to get them is on the 
battle map, they are scattered on the map so its hard to find.

Example: If the points is 5=across and 9=down upper left corner.
Put your cursor in the upper left corner and count one block as 
indicated on the example coordinate <5=blocks right> and <9=blocks 
down>.If you did it correctly and counted properly you will be awarded a 
Move, Attack, and defense. 

NOTE!!! I am using short cuts to make it easy to read.

 |                                 |
 |  Legend=URC-Upper right corner  |  
 |         LRC-Lower right corner  |
 |         ULC-Upper left corner   |
 |         LLC-Lower left corner   |
 |         LA-Left across          |
 |         Ra-Right across         |
 |         D-down                  |
 |         UP                      |
 |                                 |


If anyone of you out there got a RANGE plus be sure to e-mail me because 
I never got one and I finished this game three times already.



Ulysses=put cursor in the URC <2-LA 6-D> 

Lavinia=put cursor in the ULC <10-RA 4-D>

Trianon=put cursor in the ULC <2-RA 8-D> 
        Put cursor in the LLC <11-UP 5-RA> 
        Put cursor in the ULC <12-D>
        Put cursor in the URC <13-D>

Karape= put cursor in the ULC <6-RA 1-D>
        Put cursor in the URC <URC>
        Put cursor in the LRC <4-UP 1-LA>

Romboni= put cursor in the LRC <9-UP 1-LA>
         Put cursor in the URC <1-D 3-LA>                      

Michelle= put cursor in the ULC <6-RA> these adds one point of MOVE!!!
          Put cursor in the ULC <8-RA>
          Put cursor in the ULC <13-RA 2-D>

Tasta= put cursor in the LRC <8=UP but blow up the rock>

Dragon= put cursor in the URC <6=LA 1=D> I found two MOVE points now so 
pick the character you want to add a MOVE wisely.  


After reading the above info about the game your ready to play the game. 
If you want to watch the intro go ahead its quite amusing.



When you start your game you will see Lucifon talking with Mano, and 
while they are talking, Marlene is listening behind the curtain, after 
that long chit chat the scene goes to Kakeru as an infant and as he 
grows up he is humiliating Natasha. Again Mano and Marlene are listening 
to Lucifon. Back to Kakeru 12 years old and it looks like someone beat 
him up. Back again to Lucifon and he's meditating and shows his palm to 
Marlene and Mano. Now Kakeru is 15 years old and he has a sword, after 
the chitchat he leaves his house and meets Natasha leaning on a tree, 
after talking Natasha gives Kakeru a small doll she made herself. 
Lucifon is giving orders to Lidia,Beylitt and Hardis.

After that long chitchat you're in control of Kakeru go look for extra 
points there's only one point in this castle. After looking go talk to 
the people and Burn the priest, after that go to the upper right corner 
of the castle, go upstairs and talk to Marian, after the scene she 
corner's you on the wall and Rhynus comes and finds you talking with 
Marian and gets angry and leaves. I wonder why he's angry now after that 
go to the church and talk to Burn and he will introduce you to his son 
Sail after that Sarah comes and talks to you both. Now leave the castle 
and Sail will join you, now Sarah say's goodbye I think now she leaves 
the castle. After that funny pics you arrive to another castle which is 
Raymond, when you arrive save and get the points enter the palace and 
talk to the king and his guard comes and informs the king that enemy's 
are approaching, after that you meet Eto and a scene of Sail and Kakeru.     

(1) battle: Ulysses going to Raymond 

This is your first battle and it's easy. If you turned the battle scene 
off the battle will be faster but you wont be able to see the special 
moves of characters.

NOTE: In each character you only have 9 men/women including       
character, if you lose 8 or all that character is DEAD. You can take 
that character to a healing pond and after one turn he/she is healed,               

Enemies: 3-infantry units    Turns-15                      


Your now in another castle do the routine check for points and in the 
top theirs three house force your way into the room and release Nereid 
the magician go to the bald guy and hire her. Now leave and you will 
meet Caron the horseman and he is carrying Natasha, she tried to follow 
you I think. After the scene Natasha is in bed and Kakeru is sitting 
beside her, after that talk to her and she joins. Now you have 2 

(2) battle: Raymond going to lavinia 

Enemies: 2-infantry units     Turns-15
         2-barbarians         Healing pond-1


Now you're in Lavinia do the routine check for points save and go to the 
bald guy and hire whoever you want, but if you choose the girl there is 
a scene. After doing all that save and get out of the place, Eto will 
stop and I think Eto told you to rest here tonight and leave tomorrow. 
Now here Kakeru wakes up at night and takes a walk, there he finds Eto 
talking with Natasha after the scene Kakeru goes back to sleep. Another 
scene shows raven lady Lidia and Lucifon giving orders to Hardis and 
Mano giving Hardis a necklace and he leaves with a dragon.

NOTE!!! In every town there is a heart I don't know what this is for, 
you can leave it or take it.

(3) battle: Lavinia going to trianon

Enemies: 2-barbarians    Turns-15
         2-infantry      Healing pond-1

This is your first tough battle but if you use your magicians properly 
this battle is a piece of cake.



This place is called Trianon and this place is inhabited by elves and as 
you enter you will see Marlene on the ground I don't know what happened 
here son I cant explain it. You should know the routine by now after 
doing all that goes talk to Sail and a scene of Kakeru, Sarah and 
Sail.(I wonder why Sarah is here????)After the scene she joins you but 
you will be asked a question pick the first one. Go talk to Marlene and 
she will talk for a while and she joins. Another scene if you talk to 
Marlene near the well you will be asked a question pick the first one, 
another pic shows Marlene standing near the well and Kakeru is there 
with her. (Won't it break Natasha's heart if she sees Kakeru talking to 
another girl.)

(4) battle: Trianon going to Seabose

Enemies: 2-barbarians     Turns-22
         2-magicians      Healing pond-1

This battle is a little bit tough because of the narrow places. But a 
lot of extra points.
(If you go to the town in the middle of the battlefield you will meet 
Mayfair and she goes to seabose.)


When you enter seabose you have another recruit but save first and go to 
the bar and you will see a girl dancing on the stage, her name is 
Pandora after talking she talks to you upstairs and joins. (I don't know 
what there talking about.) After doing the routine check for points your 
ready to leave, go talk to the captain choose the top, but when you 
leave Sarah will say good bye and stay behind. (Sniff Sniff too bad I 
kinda liked bubble gum lady because she is the only strong magician on 
that level.) When your onboard there are scenes of them traveling, you 
get off on Karape another island. Not much to do here except for points 
and scenes. First talk to Eto he leaves and you can find him talking to 
Natasha another scene of them talking (doesn't that piss you off seeing 
them talking.) Eventually you can barge in and stop their conversation 
you will be asked a question pick the first one. After that go to the 
window of Mayfair and another scene unfolds Eto going in the room where 
Mayfair is sleeping. You cannot hire anyone here but talk to the ninja 
in red suit he leaves but he is in the other town. Save first and 
another battle.

(5) battle: Karape going to Rombani

Enemies: 3-horsemen        Turns-18
         2-magicians       Healing pond-1

This battle is easy if you know how to use the magicians.


In Romboni save and go hire either the ninja or the guy with the beard. 
After that check for points and talk to Natasha and Eto is hugging her, 
(time for you to butt in) interrupt their conversation by picking the 
first question. After that talk to Marlene (I don't know why Marlene is 
sad but talk to her for comfort, I hate to tell you this but I hate 
ELVES!!!) after doing all that go in the palace and talk to the king. To 
tell you I don't know what their talking about I just went in because I 
cant get out of the place, go out and get ready for battle make sure you 
use the points before you leave. 

(6) battle: Romboni going to Michelle

Enemies: 3-dragons      Turns-20
         3-horsemen     Healing ponds-2

This battle is easy except for the dragons.


There is not much to do in Michelle only a new character. But first save 
and hire either Sayla the ninja or the magician, after that talk to 
Natasha and a scene of her talking to Kakeru (at last her heart is back 
to Kakeru Yipeeeee) after the scene go talk to Nereid and she is sitting 
on the floor looking depressed talk to her for comfort, but I don't know 
why she's sad. Anyway leave and introduce your self to Rosalind the girl 
with the orange hair and she tries to shoot a cannon at your face, nice 
work on the introduction, after the scene she joins. After doing all 
that save and get ready for battle.

(7) battle: Michelle going to Hobbit

Enemies: 2-ninjas         Turns-20
         3-magicians      Healing ponds-2


After that battle your headed to Hobbit. You should scout the place 
because there are tons in here including the hole on the ground go talk 
to Eto but the door is locked a scene will show Eto kissing Bianca (what 
the hell is he doing) go to the door again and this time a scene of you 
and Marlene. (I don't know why she's hugging Kakeru) after those scenes 
talk to the girl in green clothes and you will hear an explosion now 
after the scene you can hire her from the bald guy, choose whoever you 
like and save. If you go to the heart you can pick two girls this time 
after the date get ready for battle and a hard battle.

(8) battles: Hobbit going to Blaze 

Enemies: 2-magicians    Turns-18
         3-infantry     Healing ponds-2

This battle is hard due to the sand but you'll get over it, and if you 
go to the town on the lower right corner you will meet Helene. (I don't 
know what she's doing there.) 


Nothing much to do here in Blaze just scenes and points but this is a 
port town and when there's ports there's boats. First check for points 
and after that the scenes, go talk to Sail and a scene of you three (why 
is Sarah here????) after the scene she joins you permanently. Next stop 
is Eto talk to him and you will see a scene of Eto standing beside 
Marlene sitting on the crate. (What the heck first with Bianca and now 
Marlene this guy is a maniac.) Anyway it's your turn talk to Natasha 
sitting on the bench and a scene of her talking to Kakeru. (Good thing 
Eto's not talking with her anymore) After that another scene a lot huh 
anyway talk to the guy with a blue hair in one of the houses, at the 
scene I don't know why he's making facial expressions after that talk to 
Helene she's in the same house but if you talk to her twice she moves 
back to the wall and Eto barges into the house. (I don't know why but I 
suggest you don't talk to her twice). After all those save and use your 
points and hire whoever you want and talk to the captain pick the first 
option and say goodbye to Blaze. It's been a while since you saw these 
two Lucifon and raven lady Lidia are chatting and a scene of Beylitt 
picking on Hardis (I think?) after the scene of Beylitt and Harding it 
goes back to Lucifon. (Where is raven lady?) Another scene of Marlene 
inside the ship and she's talking to Kakeru, after that a red dragon 
attacks your ship and its your duty to protect Natasha and the ship.

(9) battle: Blaze shipwrecked on Island

Enemies: 3-cannons    Turns-8
         2-dragons    No healing ponds

Your characters are already in place some of them are not there, be 
careful about the dragons because there's no healing ponds but don't 
worry about your turns your just there to hold them off.    


Now your stuck on the island when you wake up a girl is holding you, and 
do you notice that girl its Beylitt what is she doing here. After the 
scene she will follow you, talk to all your party members and last to 
Eto. (Oh no why is he standing near Natasha) After that a scene of 
Natasha, Kakeru, Sail, Marlene and Eto chatting. Next morning Kakeru and 
Eto gather wood for shelter while the females gather food. 

Another day and still no ship, nothing much to do here just scenes and 
dating go to the heart and pick the girl you want to date, after dating 
the scenes talk to Marlene and you will see her picking an apple after 
that talk to everyone and Eto last and its your turn to lookout for 
ships passing by. Still no ship and its already night time and everyone 
is asleep when he's done his turn to watch he goes down automatically 
and goes to Beylitt and Marlene who is chatting on the scene after that 
Beylitt leaves go to Sarah and you will see a scene of Sail and Rosalind 
sitting on the beach side talking (dunno what their talking about 
though) after that you'll notice a bush moving and its near the cabin an 
ugly spider comes out and attack's you a question will be asked in which 
you fight or shout for help. (pick the first one and you'll hear a sword 
clash) after picking the first one twice Sarah and Beylitt comes and 
fries that sucker you'll see scene where Sarah, Beylitt talking to 
Kakeru and behind the scene is the fried sucker. Anyway go talk to 
Natasha and Eto is there with her, I don't know why she's crying on 
Eto's shoulder but it sure did piss off Kakeru.

Now you're awake talk to everyone except for Eto save and go to the 
heart, after dating talk to Eto and he will see a ship coming and a 
scene of Lloydon in front of Beylitt (maybe he's saying she could join 
us?) but anyway the captain offers you a ride, after that Eto is talking 
to Kakeru in a scene. The ship stops at Tasta save and check for points 
and talk to the weird looking person that looks like a cat she goes to 
another house and a scene of her scared and Natasha comes and stops you 
and a few chats he shows Natasha the doll she made for him. Next look 
for Eto and you will find him with Sayla a scene shows that Eto is 
holding her arms. (What the hell is wrong with this guy now he's 
flirting with Sayla and it pisses me off, first Natasha Marlene Natasha 
and now Sayla sheeesh this guy cant stay on one girl) Anyway you can 
hire the cat woman or the cannon guy, choose whomever you want and get 
ready for battle. 

(10) battle: Tasta going to Death Valley 

Enemies: 5-infantries   Turns-21
         2-ninjas       Healing pond-1

This battle is easy if you just remove those stupid rocks on the way.

[Death Valley]
After that battle Natasha gets kidnapped by Hardis and Kakeru isn't very 
happy about it, maybe Hardis kidnapped Natasha so he can Lure Kakeru to 
his trap I think? When your in Death Valley nothing much to do because 
there's nobody to talk to all the villagers are turned to stone, save 
and talk to Eto then go to the temple and you will see more people in 
stone and a scene of Lidia butting in on your wondering why the people 
are turned to stone, after chatting she fights you and some of your 
party members isn't here so it's a tough battle.

(11) battle: Death Valley going to Dragon

Enemies: Lidia                  Turns-20
         3-infantries           Healing ponds-2
         3-giant rock monsters
This battle is tough your only way of killing her is to not to go head 
to head with her first use your magician and second use Sail if his 
level is high enough to attack and last Kakeru and Eto do the pounding.


When you enter you'll be encountered by Troll a dragon master and after 
a little chat you'll be in control of Sail talk to everyone and Sail 
will be awarded the rank of dragon knight he was chosen by the dragons. 
After that scene you go back to Kakeru save and date a girl but some of 
them are sleeping. Talk to Jeana for a scene she asks Kakeru for a 
goodnight kiss you will be asked a question, "yes" top "no" bottom do 
pick whatever you want. (But remember Natasha never kissed Eto!!!) Now 
leave the place and Kakeru will go to sleep, now talk to everyone and 
leave but you cant you'll have to leave two characters behind. (But 
don't worry they will be back!!!) After choosing the character get ready 
for battle.

(12) battle: Dragon going to Dwaral 

Enemies: 4-barbarians    Turns-20
         4-infantries    Healing ponds-2

Remember to get the extra move on the given coordinates but for an 
easier location on the middle of the Dragon town.


There are a lot of extra points here so be sure to get them all, save 
and talk to Sayla she will ask you a question (Dunno what to answer) 
after that go date a girl and after dating talk to Marlene and a scene 
of her whining about some thing anyway pick the first answer and look 
for her again and now she's leaning on a tree pick the first one again 
and this time she cries and hugs Kakeru. After those scenes get ready 
for battle.

(13) battle: Dwaral going to Poe

Enemies: Harding     Turns-20
         8-dragons   Healing ponds-2

After you finish that hard battle Natasha is free from captivity and 
Lucifon using Lidia's body to send Hardis to his death and after that a 
scene of Lidia floating and Natasha on the ground.   


Nothing much to do here save and get the points, after getting the 
points talk to Natasha for a scene of her crying (can anybody tell me 
why?) go date a girl and your ready to leave just go in front of the 
steering wheel of the ship and press the interact button. Your now 
onboard the ship and Eto is steering and everyone else is laughing after 
those scenes your headed to Dino.


Save get points and use them, talk to Rosalind for a scene and she's 
whining about something after that go talk to Natasha she's with Eto but 
this time on the scene it looks like Natasha is running away from Eto. 
Date a girl and leave for battle.

(14) battle: Dino going to Marx

Enemies: 4-magicians    Turns-20
         4-monks       Healing ponds-2

You should give all the points to Natasha because she missed a couple of 


If your going to save Beylitt is blocking the door of the house talk to 
her twice and she will be gone in no time, Sayla is in here too (I 
wonder why) anyway save and look for points. Look for Natasha and Eto 
for a scene and when you find them a scene will take place (what the 
hell is this I thought she's had enough of this guy) after that scene 
save and date a girl before you leave the place.

(15) battle: Marx going to Liesen

Enemies: 5-ninjas       Turns-23
         4-barbarians   Healing ponds-2

On the 16th turn Lear will come to help you, finish off those cannons 
behind the tree and be careful of attacking the magicians guarding the 


When you enter the ruins a scene will take place Sarah and Beylitt are 
arguing and end up fighting Sarah casts a fireball attack but Beylitt 
dodged the fireball, but a glowing light appeared on her chest and she 
dies and you will see Lloydon holding her in his arms. (I wonder why she 
died?) Nothing much to do here save get points and talk to Marlene and 
she's arguing with Eto she will leave your party (I don't know why) use 
the points and get ready for the last and easy battle.

(16) battle: Liesen going to the castle of Lucifon

Enemies: 4-archers     Turns-25
         3-dragons     Healing ponds-1

Lucifon's castle

Now your in the castle of Lucifon there are no extra points here save by 
talking to Lloydon and talk to your party and enter the palace by 
talking to Eto, when you enter a scene of Lucifon sitting on his throne 
and chatting with Kakeru and after talking your party members are inside 
the palace talk to them and last to Eto a scene of them tuning to stone 
and Natasha is slowly turning Kakeru cant do anything but watch the 
scene changes to Natasha crying. (I don't know why Lucifon slashed 
Lidia's cheek) any way after those scenes I don't know what became of 
Kakeru. (I'm guessing the story that Kakeru was put in the dungeon and 
Marlen dressed in Eto's clothes and a scene of Kakeru shouting Natsha's 
name) after all those chit chat your back in Raymond and this time your 
playing as Eto. (Thought you finished the game, nooooo you need to play 
this game twice to actually finish the game)

Eto scenario

When you start a new game your playing as Eto but the scenes have slight 
difference because some of the scenes are in Eto's point of view.


You'll start in Raymond as in the first game anyway here you meet Eto 
(but its actually a grown up Kakeru) after Eto introduces himself a 
scene of Kakeru hitting Sail on the head (I still cant figure out why 
Kakeru hit's him) after those scenes your going to battle.

(17) battle: Raymond going to Ulysses

Enemies: 3-infantry   Turns-15


Save and do not save Nereid let Kakeru do the saving talk to him and he 
will go there automatically hire exactly the same characters you hired 
in Kakeru's scenario. Get points and leave for another boring battle but 
you will be stopped by Caron and he has Natasha with him you'll be taken 
directly to Natasha's room and a scene of Kakeru sitting on a chair and 
watching Natasha if she wakes up. She joins and she becomes available on 
the dating list. 

(18) battle: Ulysses going to Lavinia 

Enemies: 2-infantries    Turns-15
         2-barbarians    Healing pond-1


When you arrive save get points and date a girl, talk to the girl with 
blonde hair for a scene then she becomes available on the hiring list. 
Leave and Kakeru will stop you saying you'll rest here for the night. 
Eto goes out of bed and wonders around and there he finds Natasha a 
scene will take place (notice Kakeru is not there?) in the morning save 
and get ready for battle. A scene of Lidia, Lucifon and Hardis on a 
dragon, same scenes in Kakeru's scenario.

(19) battle: Lavinia going to Triannon

Enemies: 2-barbarians    Turns-22
         2-magicians     Healing pond-1


Again you're in dead elves village and when you enter a scene of Marlene 
on the ground and the other elves she will join you and she goes out of 
bed. Look for them and a scene of them talking and hugging Kakeru (dunno 
why) save get points and date a girl after doing them talk to Sarah and 
she joins your party.

(21) Battle: Trianon going to Seabose

Enemies: 3-horsemen     Turns-18 
         2-magicians    Healing pond-1


Seabose is a pretty boring place nothing much to do here just hire, 
date, and get points go to the bar to hire Pandora and a scene of her 
dancing again and she will take you upstairs again and she joins you 
again. Go talk to the captain to leave and a scene of the party onboard 
the ship again.


Another boring place nobody to hire here except for Santos but you can't 
hire him yet. Check for points date a girl and talk to Natasha for a 
scene, go inside Mayfair's room for another scene and leave.

(22) battle: Karape going to Romboni

Enemies: 3-horsemen     Turns-18
         2-magicians    Healing pond-1



When you enter you'll meet Helene again talk to Kakeru standing in front 
of the door, talk to Natasha for a scene and Marlene. Date a girl and 
check for points and go meet Bianca by leaving and a scene of her 
talking leave again and a scene of Lucifon doing a Haoh shoh koh ken on 

(23) battles: Romboni going to Michelle

Enemies: 3-dragons     Turns-20
         3-horsemen    Healing pond-2



Save when you arrive and get points, talk to Marlene for scene (blah 
blah blah) talk to Natasha & Kakeru for a scene in the fountain. Go to 
Nereid for a non-sense scene after that talk to Kakeru and he's fighting 
with Rosalind save date a girl and leave. 

(24) battles: Michelle going to Hobbit

Enemies: 3-magicians     Turns-20
         3-artilleries   Healing pond-2



When you enter a guy with two swords is attacking Marlene (for what 
reason I don't know) I think the guy injured her. After those scenes 
save and get a lot of extra points. Go talk to Bianca for a scene and 
she will attack Eto (dunno why?) but she gets beaten by Eto you will be 
asked a question pick the first one for "Yes" and second for "No". 
Anyway save and use your points get ready for battle. 

(25) battles: Hobbit going to Blaze

Enemies: 3-infantries



When your in Blaze save and get points after doing them go to the blue 
haired guy for a scene, after talking go to Helene (dunno what 
happened?) and go talk to Kakeru, Natasha and Kakeru will leave go to 
Marlene for a scene near the docks, date a girl and go talk to the 
captain to leave. Its been a while since you saw these two and Beylitt 
is picking on Harding because he failed (I think?) anyway when your 
onboard the ship Marlene & Eto are chatting (I don't know what their 
chatting about though) after those scenes a red dragon attacks and 
Marlene is reaching for Eto's clothes. 

(26) battles: Blaze going to Island

Enemies: 2-dragons      Turns-8



Shipwrecked again talk to all characters and last to Beylitt another 
scene of the campfire and chatting. Next morning Eto & Kakeru chop wood 
for shelter and the others gather food, after those scenes save and talk 
to everybody and Marlene for a scene on top of a tree. Date a girl twice 
(but different character) and talk to Kakeru 3 times, when its nighttime 
another scene of Marlene & Beylitt talking. Talk to Kakeru and he will 
leave with Marlene & Beylitt follow them and (I think their fighting) 
when you talk to them the screen flashes. (You can't get this event 
unless you got the Sarah spying on Sail & Rosalind scene) go talk to 
Natasha after those events for a very long conversation, she will ask 
you questions and scenes of her crying on Eto's shoulder, talk to her 
again to sleep. In the morning save and date a girl and talk to 
everybody and last to Kakeru an event happens the captain is there to 
give you a lift to Tasta. 


This is where the fun starts for you people it's boring for me because I 
finished this game 3 times. Save and get points first talk to Beylitt 
but the music changes (dunno why?) and after talking find Kakeru before 
you hire anyone and he's with Tanyan after the in-game voice over go to 
Sayla and you will be asked a question pick second for no and first to 
watch the scene. After the events go find Kakeru and he's with Tanyan 
and Kakeru is cornering her on the wall (maybe picking on her because 
she's a cat?) Natasha will go in and stop you. Now you can hire Tanyan 
date a girl use your points and save and as you leave Kakeru and Eto 
will split up and you'll choose the characters you'll bring, after 
choosing Helene will join you.  

(27) battles: Tasta going to Dragon 

Enemies: 4-dragons     Turns-25
         4-ninjas      Healing pond-2

When you beat all of the enemies Harding will try to kidnap Natasha but 
fails because Eto is there to save her in the in-game scenes Eto and 
Harding clashed sword, eventually Eto wins but Harding is still alive 
and escapes with a dragon.



When you enter a dragon is standing in front of Eto and Kakeru and the 
rest of the party is here save and don't bother looking for points 
because there aren't any. Now at night you can only date those who are 
awake. (I didn't have time to check who are awake because it takes time) 
Talk to everyone after dating and Jeana for a scene (I hope you hired 
her instead of Rabbit) anyway after the scene talk to Kakeru for a few 
times and he'll be with Jeana leave and rest. In Lear will join you and 
pick 2 characters to escort Pandora.

(28) battles: Dragon going to Dwarral  

Enemies: 3-monk        Turns-18
         3-barbarians Healing pond-NONE

Your only healing pond here is Helene so better make good use of this 



After that no healing pond battle when you save in Dwarral, Beylitt is 
chatting with Lloydon but she will leave when you talk to them. After 
saving go look for points and if you talk to Helene she will ask you a 
question (I don't know what she wants?) go talk to Kakeru and he's with 
Marlene and she's crying on Kakeru's shoulder? . After those scenes go 
to Natasha and if you pick the "first" answer She will kiss Eto and if 
"second" no scene. Date a girl and if you pick Natasha, Marian will be 
there and Natasha will be angry (don't know why Marian is there?) 

(29) battles: Dwarral going to Poe

Enemies: Harding      Turns-17
         6-dragons    Healing ponds-2 

(Watch out for Iori and he's on a dragon his attack is 220 but his 
defense is 60)   

After the tough battle a scene takes place And Eto saved Hardis from 
getting whacked by Lidia. (And I think she's possessed by Lucifon) but 
after the commotion Harding leaves again. (I don't understand why did 
Eto let him go?)



When in Poe save and look for points and a lot and make sure you get 
them all, talk to everyone and again make sure you get all the points 
and after checking go to the ship and interact with the wheel and leave. 
Scenes of them onboard the ship and your headed to another island and is 


When you save Lloydon will join your party (not very useful) Talk to 
every one and Natasha for a scene and she's running away from Eto after 
the scene Sarah and Beylitt are blocking the talk to them and an in-game 
voice over will take place. (Don't know what's the meaning of the event 
though) use your points and save before you leave.    

(30) Battle: Dino going to Marx

Enemies: 4-monks       Turns-25
         4-cannons     Healing pond-1


You cant save unless you talk to Beylitt, and when you talk to her she's 
with Lloydon and a scene of Lloydon's broken glasses and as you can see 
on the scene Beylitt is blushing. (I think she like's Lloydon) after 
that you can save, talk to Marlene for a scene if you talk to her twice 
she asks you some questions. Get the points and date a girl but some of 
them are not on the list. 

(31) battle: Marx going to Liesen 

Enemies: Hardis        Turns-25
         6-monks       Healing pond-1

Try and lure Hardis near your magicians to finish him off. And at turn 
16 Pandora will surprise the enemies from behind. (that why she 
requested an escort) 



When you enter an event of Sarah and Beylitt fighting (Beylitt doesn't 
die here) but no scenes just voice-overs. After the event don't talk to 
anyone or do anything just save (last time I didn't save I got stuck 
from Liesen) talk to Lloydon a few times to save. Find Kakeru and he's 
with Marlene talk to them and they both leave, find Marlene and a short 
conversation takes place she will leave your party for a while. If you 
go to the dating spot the two girls you dated most are the only one's 
that are on the list.

(32) battle: Liesen going to Rhimelin
Enemies: Lidia         Turns-22
         4-barbarians  Healing pond-NONE

This is the second last battle you fought and better get ready on the 
last one.


[Last battle]

after battle save and use your points and there's an extra 10 attack 
point inside the cabinets use them and save before you go inside. Same 
scenes but when all of them are turned to stone Marlene will come to 
dispel the magic and a few words from Lucifon and the last battle 

(33) last battle:

Enemies: Lucifon       Turns-99
         Lidia         No-healing pond

You need to use pure strategy to actually finish this battle, the trick 
here is you let them come to you don't go head to head with them, try 
and attack them from behind by using your dragons and put your magicians 
in front. I added a last battle strategy if you want to finish the game 
without cheats.  
[Last battle strategy]

Here's a map on where to put your characters and which ones to attack.

                                                      d         X
O              O                                  X  
O             O  m                                X  X
O             O  m     g                                          X
O             O  m      g                       L  X
O              O                                            X      L 
O                     g    
O                                                   X             X
O                                                    X
                                                  d          X


Half way through battle it should look like this and the "d's" should go 
around Lidia without getting hit and attack magicians and infantries, 
Lidia takes one step at a time and also the other enemies so try and 
finish off some magicians and infantries with your dragons. If you 
managed to kill all the golems with your magicians, Lidia,s your next 
target and the only ones that can injure her badly are the magicians 
when shes low on characters finish her of with an infantry or anyone 
that's near. Lucifon attacks if you killed Lidia and I hope you managed 
to finish off 3-dragons he can counter attack with magic so better send 
a strong magician to injure him and give him everything you got. If your 
attacks are successful and managed to finish him get ready for an hour 
of ending.  

Tip: If you still cant beat the game by using the strategy above I 
suggest you ask help from Mr.Gameshark.



Thank you: For Gamefaqs for an excellent site for videogame FAQ's.

Thanks to my mom for fixing some bad grammar and spellings.

Thanks to my brother for confirming me the names of the characters. As 
everybody calls him "Laguna" or "LagunaFF8" he has walkthroughs of 
Legend of Legaia, Athena: Awakening from the ordinary life, Sonata, and 
a Final Fantasy 8 Weapons Upgrade. Be sure to check it out. 

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