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by Blake00

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Translation Guide by Blake00

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/02/2018



English Translation Guide

Author: Blake

Version: 1.0 (01/06/2018)

E-mail: d_blakeley@yahoo.com

Website: Blake’s Sanctum (If link doesn’t work Google it)

News & Updates: http://blakessanctum.wordpress.com

Game Tour & Translation Video: HERE

Civizard - Majutsu No Keifu is a Japanese PlayStation 1 remake of the famous classic PC game Master of Magic. This port contains completely different graphics plus remastered music compared to the original game and is very fun to play. However sadly no English version was ever released rendering the game rather unplayable outside of Japan.

Because of this problem I have created this guide to help translate all the important Civizard menus and command options while also adding additional PlayStation controller commands to screens where they are not stated to help with navigation. This will allow you (and experienced MoM players in particular) to start a game and play it with some proficiency, however the extra detailed and complicated areas like Spell/Building/Unit descriptions have not been translated at this point in time as there's simply just too many of them and I do not read/speak Japanese. I recommend you use the Google Translate App (which has a special camera mode) on your phone to translate these extra areas and also consult the Master of Magic Wiki for more information in English. Many important parts of Civizard are thankfully still in English such as numbers, some buttons, and best of all the rename your Wizard/Hero/City screen also supports English characters. Hopefully one day this guide may inspire someone to properly patch/hack some or all of this great game to English.

Disclaimer: I realise some of the translations are not completely accurate. This is because I prioritised using English words/names/commands from the original Master of Magic game first so that established MoM players could transition over to Civizard easily. If I could not find a matching word in MoM I instead then used a Google translation or a Japanese speaking friend’s translation of the Japanese word, however even then if I felt the translated word no longer made sense in English I changed it to something I felt was more accurate.