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All the latest weapons technology can't mask the fact that space combat is cold, violent and intense. Blink and you're hit. Blink again and you're a smoldering carcass floating lifeless through the abyss.
Now you've been handed the ultimate space fighter the Earth has to offer. The Starfighter Geosword - with a weapons bank that can pulverize a few Class 12 planets let alone incinerate a swarming alien armada. But all that technology, all that firepower doesn't mean squat if you don't have the guts and skill to shoot. This is war. Survival depends on your trigger finger.
- Join Starblade Alpha. Gun down wave after wave of Red-Eye armada's spacecraft. Find and destroy the Red-Eye power source and head home
- Engage in 10 missions. Blast a galaxy of enemy fighters as you negotiate dense asteroid fields
- Beautiful 3D polygon graphics. Choose from textured or non-textured polygon game modes

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