Assistant (Gray Matter)Jamie McNeely
Assistant Producer (Gray Matter)Derek Tam
Associate Producer (ASC)Luciano Manente
Character Models (Gray Matter)Alex Brian
Character Models (Gray Matter)Brian Foster
Character Models (Gray Matter)Yi Zhao
Cinema Scenes (Gray Matter)Brian Foster
Cinema Scenes (Gray Matter)Alex Mark
Concept Art / Storyboard (Gray Matter)Paulo Bugatto
Concept Art / Storyboard (Gray Matter)Ian Lloyd
DesignGray Matter
Environments (Gray Matter)Brian Foster
Environments (Gray Matter)Mike Sneath
Environments (Gray Matter)Paul Stafford
Environments (Gray Matter)Yi Zhao
Executive Producer (ASC)David Klein
Executive Producer (ASC)Howard Schwartz
Game Animation (Gray Matter)Ian Lloyd
Game Animation (Gray Matter)Alex Mark
GUI programmer (Gray MatterGlen Rhodes
Music and Sound (Gray Matter)Mark Kerr
Original Concept (ASC)David Klein
Original Design (ASC)David Klein
Original Design (ASC)Luciano Manente
Original Design (ASC)Howard Schwartz
Producer (Gray Matter)Rob Anderson
Programmer (Gray Matter)Spencer Craske
Programmer (Gray Matter)Mark Johnston
Project Leader (Gray Matter)Mark Johnston
Textures (Gray Matter)Grant Corless
Tool Development (Gray Matter)Mike Coons
Tool Development (Gray Matter)Alan Penford
Tool Development (Gray Matter)Tony Yui
Video Editing (Gray Matter)Dennis Mohr
Writer (Gray Matter)Calvin Campbell


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