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A virtual rush for dedicated speed freaks.
In this high-tech, high-velocity motor race, anything goes as you maneuver your ship to outdrive opponents through a super-fast, ultra-smooth arcade environment.
Zoom around nine futuristic courses at supersonic speeds. Defy intelligent opponents who actually compete against you with built-in race tactics and lethal shooting weapons. And uncover a host of surprise features--like bonus hidden ships--that feed your need for speed.
Combining racing thrills, science fiction, and shoot-'em-up elements, CyberSpeed is a lightning-quick experience that takes you to the very edge of technology. Not to mention, your seat.
- Choose from eight striking ships, each with its own pilot, racing characteristics, and country of origin.
- Optimizes the PlayStation Game console's advanced engine for an incredibly radical ride.
- Texture-mapped polygon racetracks run at an impressive 30 frames per second.
- Race to a CD-based techno soundtrack, including ear-warping special audio effects.
- Between races, you're presented with a snapshot of the future: tomorrow's twisted television commercials.
- Accrue powerful resources, which you'll use to add weapon systems, turbo boosts, and other race-winning paraphernalia.

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#34 lowest rated PS sports game (#213 on PS, #5558 overall)


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#33 hardest PS sports game (#271 on PS, #9756 overall)


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