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The most realistic game of baseball gets juiced for '97!

NEW! 3-D graphics put you right on the diamond!

NEW! Multiple camera angles. Not a bad seat in the house!

NEW! Scenario mode. Put a sin on history with these classic baseball moments!

NEW! Play day or night games!

Over 750 real Major League Baseball Players. All the Stats, all the ratings, and all the photos!

Inproved batting system lets you call the shots! "Suh-winggg, battah!"

Training mode. Sharpen your skills before you hit the field.

Play out a Season, jump to the Playoffs or head right to the Championship!

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#77 lowest rated PS sports game (#465 on PS, #10997 overall)


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#19 easiest PS sports game (#165 on PS, #5910 overall)


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#109 longest PS sports game (#725 on PS, #14553 overall)


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