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FAQ by Kythlyn

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 04/03/05

Pop'n Music 6 (Playstation)
Secrets FAQ and Track List

Written by: Ari Margo (Gamefaqs: Kythlyn)
Version   : 1.06

Copyright 2004 Ari Margo

This is a free document that is not intended for commercial
use. It is free to be distributed FREELY. It may NOT be used
to make money in ANY FORM. I give my permission
for this document to be modified and improved upon in a tasteful
manner as long as my name remains on the document. Most of the
information contained here was either discovered directly
from the game or obtained via one of Konami's Japanese
websites translated through Altavista's Babelfish. I
created this to spare other Pop'n fans the trouble
of deciphering poorly translated Engrish since no other
FAQs were available for this game at the time of writing.
This FAQ was NOT designed to be very in depth. It is
merely to give importers enough information to get the most
out of the game. If you need more in depth information about
the Pop'n Music series in general, there are very detailed
FAQs for other games in the series already available at 


Table of Contents: 

Section 1: Track List
Section 2: Secrets and Modes
  1. How to unlock secret songs.
  2. Special Options
  3. Difficulty Toggle
  4. Challenge Mode and Extra Stage
  5. Instant Give-up
  6. Omake
  7. Expert Mode

Section 3: Closing
  1. Version Information
  2. COntact Information


The list below contains all the songs in the game. There is a
HUGE number of songs (91 Normal songs, 61 Hyper versions and
18 Extra versions and a total of 104 unique songs). At the time of
the game's release, no other music game ever had so many songs.
When you begin the game, 50 songs will be available. The rest must
be unlocked. See the secrets section for more information about
unlocking many of the secret songs. The songs that are not in that
section can be unlocked in the Extra Stage section of Challenge
Mode or in Expert Mode.

This list does NOT provide the real names of the songs, but
the name that you will see when selecting stages, which
represents the genre of the music.

Before you begin play, you may want to go into the options menu and
change SELECT to SHORT CUT. This will replace the normal Pop'n
Music 6 menu screens with a much more simplified version. This will
make navigating the game's menus much easier. If you are good at
reading Katakana, you might want to use the NORMAL mode.

Songs with marked with an * are not available by default
and must be unlocked (see secrets section). In addition,
there are specific requirements to play the more
challenging HYPER and EXTRA versions of the songs (once
again, see the secrets section). See the EXPERT MODE section
for information on how to unlock the secret songs from
EXPERT MODE for normal play.

Pop'n 6 uses a new scale of difficulty to rate each of the songs.
The songs range from 1 to 10 stars, with 10 being the most difficult.
If a difficulty is not filled in, then that challenge level does not
exist for that song.

*=Secret Song

GENRE              RIVAL                        CHALLENGE
                                       Normal  |  Hyper   |  Extra     
*STAGE 1*                                      |          |
                                               |          |
EVER POP           Higurashi         *         |****      |
TECHNO KAYO        Pino              **        |*****     |
POP BEATS          Boy               **        |*****     |********
JAZZ VOCAL         Green             *         |*****     |
MARCHING           Dino              ***       |******    |
COUNTRY            Rolly             **        |*****     |*******
ONDO               Pop'n All!Stars   **        |****      |
SAZAE SAN          Nyami             *         |***       |*******
POSITIVE remix     MZD               ***       |          |
NEWS               Boy               ***       |          |
HEART              Judy              ***       |          |
GIRLY              Rie-chan          ***       |          |
J-TEKNO            Shollkee          *         |**        |
JODLER             Clara             ***       |******    |******
SYMPATHY           Sumire            *         |***       |
US HARD ROCK       Shark             **        |*****     |
*KIDS              ANZU              **        |****      |**********
*KUNG-FU           Dragon            *         |          |
*J-dance           Judy              **        |****      |
*TROPICAL          Troppie           **        |******    |
*MIND              Boy               **        |*****     |*****     
                                               |          |
*STAGE 2*                                      |          |
                                               |          |
MELO CORE          Otoko-man         ****      |******    |**********
ROCK'N'ROLL        Pepper            **        |******    |
LIGHT FUSION       Kika              ***       |*****     |********
MODERNISM          Mebae             ***       |******    |
MOODY              May               **        |******    |********
SCOTTISH           Yard the 6th      ***       |*****     |
ENKA remix         MZD               *****     |**********|**********
FUNK ROCK          Shark             ***       |          |
SAMBA              Nawomi            **        |          |
MASARA             Harlt             *         |          |
MUSICAL            Hotaru            ***       |          |
SUPER EURO         Elle              ***       |          |
ROMANCE KAYOU      Techno Stars      *         |***       |
STREET             Jyun & Shingo     **        |****      |
*FOLKY             Shollkee          **        |****      |
*80'S POP          Dick              **        |******    |
*SKA CORE          Fat Boy           **        |          |
*SPIRITUAL         Ageha             **        |***       |
*SWING             Sanae-chan        **        |******    |
*SCAT              Inuchio           *         |****      |
                                               |          |
*STAGE 3*                                      |          |
                                               |          |
SKA                Hone              ***       |********  |
SOUL               Jessica           ****      |******    |
NEW ROMANTIC       W.B. Rose         ***       |******    |
HIP ROCK           Roku (Kanji)      *****     |**********|
TRANCE             Tran              ****      |********  |
DIGI POP           Timer             ****      |******    |**********
K-EURO             Yun               **        |*******   |**********
SHOGUN             Nyami             ***       |******    |
LESSON             Mimi              *****     |          |
FRENCH POP J       Sanae-chan        ***       |          |
POWER FOLK 3       Ash               ***       |          |               
GIRLY remix        MZD               ****      |          |
NEO ACO remix      Reo-kun           ****      |          |
CUBAN GROOVE       Vantain           ***       |******    |********
SPY                Secret D          **        |****      |
ANIME HEROINE      Space Maco        ****      |******    |
HEAVY METAL        Dami-yan          *****     |          |
POWER FOLK         Ash               ***       |          |
DRAMATIC           Gyorgy & Era      ***       |******    |
POWER FOLK 7       Ash               ****      |**********|**********
*REGGAE            The Mockey        ***       |******    |
*SPANISH           Roma              ***       |          |
*FUNK              Milly             *         |          |
*HOUSE             Mimi              **        |******    |**********
*OI PUNK           Uowo              ***       |******    |*******
*GIRLS POP         Yuri-chan         ****      |*****     |
*BLUES             Warudoc           **        |*****     |
*CLASSIC 6         Harmanov          *         |****      |******
                                               |          |
*EXPERT COURSE SONGS*                          |          |
                                               |          |
*CELT              Poet              **        |          |
*FRIENDLY          Poet              **        |          |
*MAGICAL GIRL      Megumi            *         |          |
*SKY               Poet              **        |          |
*G-POP             Rie-chan          **        |          |
*J-GARAGE POP      Kelly                       |*****     |
*ANIME HERO        Toru Kamikaze               |****      |
*ANIME HERO R      Hiroshi Jingu     **        |          |
*SENTAI            Akagi Takatuki              |****      |
*EURO QUEEN        Koko              **        |          |
*PARA PARA         Tamako                      |******    |
*POWER ACO         Makoto                      |**        |
*POWER FOLK 2      Ash               ****      |          |
*POPS remix        Rie-chan          ***       |          |
*MONDO POP         Sugi-kun          ***       |          |
*SOFT ROCK         Rie-chan          **        |          |
*NEO ACO           Sugi-kun                    |****      |
*NIGHT OUT         Judy              **        |          |
*COQUETTISH        Rie-chan                    |*****     |
*HI-TENTION        Lisa                        |*******   |
*LIVE              Poppers           **        |          |
*JUNGLE            Bamboo?           ***       |          |
*BRITPOP           Donna             ***       |          |
*SPECIAL ENDING    Rave Girl         ***       |          |
*PASSION           The King                    |*****     |
*LATIN ROCK        Antonio           **        |          |
*GROOVE ROCK       Pepper            **        |          |
*HEAVY ROCK        Fat Boy           ***       |          |
*OKINAWA           Mayumi                      |*****     |
*KANGTONG          LingLing                    |******    |
*HORROR            Smile             **        |          |
*FRENCH POP        Belle             ***       |          |
*CLASSIC 2         Harmanov                    |****      |
*PERCUSSIVE        Mr. KK                      |          |********
*BONUS TRACK remix Sanae-chan        ****      |          |



There are many Secret Songs in Pop'n Music 6. Actually there
are more secret songs than default songs! They
can be unlocked by the many methods in this section.

One way to unlock songs is to play them in Expert mode
(see the Expert mode section).

Another method of unlocking songs is by time-releasing them.
In order to time release the songs, you must play Arcade
the timer advances is when you are actually playing a song.
Navigating the menus does not count. Watching the staff
roll does not count. Only actual gameplay counts. Once
enough time has elapsed, the secret songs will start
becoming available in their appropriate stages.

Here are a few of the time releases (thanks aechris): 

4 Hours 30 Minutes : Kids
5 Hours            : Oi Punk, Tropical
5 Hours 30 Minutes : Mind, Girls Pop
6 Hours            : Classic 6, Blues

Songs can also be unlocked by meeting specific requirements.
Thanks again to aechris for making these accurate translations
and submitting them for the FAQ. 

Select Fat Boy and clear Rock n Roll on your 1st or
2nd Stage to unlock Funk in Stage 3. 

Get 70000 or more on Romance Kayou on your 1st or 2nd
Stage to unlock Spanish in Stage 3. 

Select Dami-yan and clear J-Tekno on your 1st Stage to
unlock Skacore in Stage 2. 

Select any Pop'n Stage character to unlock Kung-Fu in
Stage 1.

Get a 49+ combo on any song on your 1st Stage to unlock Folky
in Stage 2. 

Get a 38+ combo on Samba on your 2nd stage to unlock Reggae
in Stage 3. 

Select Judy to unlock J-Dance in Stage 1. 

Get less than 33 bads on Sazae-san on your 1st or 2nd Stage to
unlock House in Stage 3. 

80's Pop
Get at least one "8" in your score (80000, 92800, etc.) on your
1st stage to unlock 80's Pop in Stage 2.

Select Tran and clear Sympathy on your 1st stage to unlock
Spiritual in Stage 2. 

Select Sumire and get 80000 or more on your 1st stage to unlock
Scat in Stage 2.

Select Sanae-chan and get a max combo ending with a 3 or a 7
(82093, 99877, etc.) on your 1st stage to unlock Swing in Stage 2. 

Get a total score of 250000 or more in a game of 9-line on Normal
to unlock Kids in Stage 1 of your next game.

Select 6-Boy on Normal mode and get a border clear on any stage
to unlock Mind in Stage 1 the next time you play Challenge mode.

Girls Pop
Get 90000 or more on either Samba, Yodel, Anime Heroine, or Musical
on your 1st or 2nd Stage to unlock Girls Pop in Stage 3.
Get a 250+ combo on your 1st stage and a 300+ combo on your 2nd
Stage to unlock Girls Pop in Stage 3.

Oi Punk
Clear US Hard Rock for your 1st Stage and Melocore for your 2nd to
unlock Oi Punk in Stage 3.

Select Uowo to unlock J-Dance in Stage 1. 

Classic 6
Get 85000 or more on Yodel on your 1st stage and get 90000 or more
and a 60+ combo on Romance Kayou on your 2nd stage to unlock
Classic 6 in Stage 3.

Get 100000 on your 1st stage and a 500+ combo on your 2nd to unlock
Bluesin Stage 3.
Get exactly 66666 on your 1st or 2nd stage to unlock Blues in Stage 3.
Get a max combo of exactly 6, 66, or 666 on your 1st or 2nd stage to
unlock Blues in Stage 3.

The third way to unlock songs is by entering secret codes.
When you enter an unlock code, the secret song will be
available on its appropriate stage in Arcade mode. If you
play the song once it will be forever unlocked in Free
mode, whether or not you clear it.

The secret codes must be performed on the Title Screen
where you would choose a mode. If you are successful you
will hear a sound effect. Then when you play in Arcade Mode,
the song will be available one time only on its
appropriate stage, and then permanently in FREE Mode once
you play it.

Pop'n Controller

Left  White  = Button A / Button 1 / L2
Left  Yellow = Button B / Button 2 / L1
Left  Green  = Button C / Button 3 / D-pad Left
Left  Blue   = Button D / Button 4 / D-pad Up
Red Button   = Button E / Button 5 / D-pad Right
Right Blue   = Button F / Button 6 / Triangle
Right Green  = Button G / Button 7 / Circle
Right Yellow = Button H / Button 8 / R1
Right White  = Button I / Button 9 / R2

FUNK         - 333344449999 
SPANISH      - 68736468 
SKA CORE     - 4968
KUNG FU      - 9696777
FOLKY        - 4444444449999
REGGAE       - 36363636
J-dance      - 128946376  
HOUSE        - 86282282811
80's POP     - 88888888881122
SPIRITUAL    - 498314
SCAT         - 491363636
SWING        - 3337777777
KIDS         - 111196969696 
MIND         - 133133
GIRLS POP    - Hold 1 and press 2, hold 6 and press 7,
               hold 3 and press 4, hold 8 and press 9. (Thanks aechris)
OI PUNK      - 3131313131313131
TROPICAL     - 16771677167777777 
CLASSIC 6    - 999969999699996
BLUES        - 666626666669

2. Special Options

There are 4 gameplay special options that can be adjusted on the
options menu. They can also be adjusted after entering arcade mode.
To change the options in arcade mode, hold down the select button
on the mode select screen, and press the appropriate keys. They
can also be changed on the title screen. Press both yellow buttons
(B and H) to toggle a menu and then follow the on screen instructions.

High Speed: The notes scroll faster. There are four levels to this
setting. Press the left or right blue buttons (D and F) to adjust the setting.
The choices are off (slowest), X2, X3 and X4 (fastest).

Mirror: In this mode, the note patterns are completely reversed. The A
row will be on the I row and the I row will be on the A row. B will swap
with H. E will swap with G. D will swap with F. E will remain unchanged.
This can be toggled on and off with the left yellow button (B).

Hidden: In this tricky mode, the notes will actually vanish before the
reach the bottom the the screen, making the game much more challenging.
This can be toggled on and off with the right yellow button (H).

Random: When this is on the note patterns are randomized. Songs that you 
thought you mastered can be much more challenging with this on. It can be
toggled on and off the the right white button (I).

3. Difficulty Toggle

Press the select button when choosing the song you are going to play. If
a HYPER  or EXTRA version is available, the text will change color. Check the
song list to see which songs have HYPER and EXTRA versions. If you are in
SHORT menu mode, the text will change red for Hyper and green for Extra.

4. Challenge Mode and Extra Stage

In Challenge Mode you have to choose two challenges for each round of play in
order to earn bonus points and hopefully unlock an Extra Stage.
There are a large variety of challenges that can be selected with the blue
buttons (D and F) and the green buttons (C and G). The left blue and green
buttons control the left column and the right blue and green buttons control
the right column. Highlight the two challenges you want and then press the red
button (E). The number of points you will earn for the challenges appear on
the right side of the screen. You will only get these points if you both
complete the challenges and the stage. You will get additional points
depending on the difficulty of the song you select. If you earn exactly 50, 75
or 100 points (or certain other specific numbers) or over 125 points after 3
stages, an EXTRA STAGE will be playable. The higher that number, the more 
special Extra Challenges will be available. If you fail to get that number of
points, you will instead be awarded with an image in the Omake Gallery once
you clear Stage 3.

When playing the EXTRA STAGE your groove bar will be different than usual.
Instead of trying to fill the bar by the end of the level, you will instead
have to prevent the bar from emptying. If at any point your groove bar is empty,
the stage will end in failure.

There are many exclusive challenges that only appear if you get enough
points (see the song list to find out which songs are there). To select them,
press the select button twice (once to switch to HYPER and again to switch to
EXTRA difficulty). Once you've played an EXTRA STAGE once, whether or not you
clear it you will be able to play it in EXTRA MODE (which was formally a ????
on the FREE MODE list). Keep in mind that playing a NORMAL or HYPER song in
the extra stage will NOT unlock an EXTRA song for FREE MODE. So if you're
trying to fill up your entire song list in FREE MODE, then always pick a
song you have not yet played. It does not matter if you lose. You can only
play 1 EXTRA Stage per game in Challenge Mode. If you want to unlock all 17 of
the challenge mode EXTRA stages, you'll have to get the right number of points
17 times. The 18th EXTRA stage (PERCUSSIVE) is only available in Expert Mode.

Here are a few brief descriptions to help you navigate the menus. The default
selection (which says NASHI in hirigana) means that you don't want any
challenge for that column, and you will receive 0 points.

MAX (COMBO)##: Try to get a combo that is larger than the number shown
               before the song is over. The choices are 50, 100, 150, 200,
               250, 300, 400 and 500.

BAD ##       : Try to get less than the number of bads shows. The choices are
               100, 50, 20, 15, 10 and 5.

NO BAD       : Do not get any bads or you will not get any bonus points.

ALL GREAT    : Do not get any goods or bads or you will not get any bonus

ALL GOOD     : Do not get any greats or bads or you not get any bonus points.
               In my opinion this is IMPOSSIBLE.

Hi-Speed X2  : This activates High Speed 2 during certain sections of the
               song. Be warned that if you already have High Speed on from
               your game options that this will stack and be that much
               faster! I recommend turning such options off before trying this.

MINI POP     : The notes will be much smaller than usual.

SUDDEN       : This activates SUDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will appear towards the bottom of the screen).

Dance        : The rival character will dance on the main screen to blind you.

Ninja Pop HS : Hi Speed with blinking horizontal notes.

HIDDEN       : This activates HIDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will vanish towards the bottom of the screen).

HELL         : When this is active in the game, you'll notice your groove meter
               flashing. During this time correctly played notes will barely
               fill the meter at all, but missed notes will be much more

FAT POP      : The notes will be much bigger than usual.

CHARACTER POP: This turns all of the notes into your rival's head. It can be
               tough if you depend on the colors of the notes to guide your
               hands because instead of having blue, yellow, green, red and
               white, there will be only 2 colors depending on the character.

Hi-Speed X4  : Just like Hi-Speed X2 but even faster.

Ojama        : With this enabled, whenever you start playing well your rival
               will activate its OJAMA, which is basically some sort of visual
               distractions. Some rivals have REALLY challenging OJAMAs.

ROCKET AND   : This will add High Speed 4 and a distracting vertical visual
Hi-speed x4    effect at certain points in the song.

Wiggle POP 1 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.

EXCITE       : This can add a lot of challenging distractions as you play.

Wiggle POP 2 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out a lot.

Hidden +     : In this mode you barely get to see the notes before they
Sudden         vanish. Very tough.

EXCITE +     : Excite mode plus Ojama. Lots of distractions.

Wiggle Pop 3 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.
               High Speed will also be enabled. 

Hidden +     : This is rediculous. Don't bother even trying this unless
Sudden +       you have practically memorized the song your are playing.
Hi Speed      

##,###       : Get more points than the number shown. The choices are 
               50,000, 60,000, 70,000, 80,000, 90,000, 95,000 and

               For 25,000, you need to get LESS than that many points and STILL
               CLEAR THE STAGE with a FEVER combo (full groove gauge).

5. Instant Give-up

If for whatever reason you decide that you want to quit playing a
song before it is over, just press start and select.

6. Omake

To unlock the various images in the Omake section, play through Challenge mode
over and over again, each time choosing a different player character. You can
select your character after choosing ARCADE MODE by pressing the yellow buttons
(B and H). Please note that if you get an EXTRA stage you will NOT unlock a new
picture in the gallery.

7. Expert Mode

In EXPERT MODE you will have to play a set of four songs. After choosing Expert
Mode you will be on a screen where you can select a course. If you are in
NORMAL MENU mode the list of songs will have some icons to let you know if a
song is going to be NORMAL, HYPER or EXTRA difficulty. In SHORTCUT MENU mode
if the text is yellow on a red background, the song is NORMAL. Red text on a
black background indicates a HYPER song, and green text on a black background
warns you of an EXTRA challenge. 

There are specific methods of unlocking the secret expert courses. For the
most part, they all involve either clearing the default expert courses, or
unlocking the secret songs in the game. Here are the specifics, submitted once
again by aechris:

Play the Parquets course once to unlock the Sana course.

Mickey Masashi
Once Funk Rock and US Hard Rock are unlocked and available in Free Mode,
the Mickey Masashi course will unlock.

Pop'n Stage
Once House and Folky are unlocked and available in Free Mode, the
Pop'n Stage course will unlock.

Once you clear any two CS6 songs, the World course will unlock.

Once you clear Power Folk 7, the Power course will unlock.

Once Girls Pop is unlocked and available in Free Mode, the
Girl course will unlock.

Once you clear Hip Rock, the Rock course will unlock.

Once AC6 songs, Blues, and Girls Pop are unlocked and available in
Free Mode, the Secret course will unlock.

Once Blues is unlocked and available in Free Mode,
the Gambler course will unlock.

Hell 5
Once all AC and CS songs are unlocked and available in Free Mode,
the Hell 5 course will unlock.

In EXPERT MODE your goal is to survive all four songs without your groove bar
ever completely emptying. Each time you clear a stage your groove bar will be
refilled a little bit. Any songs played in EXPERT MODE will be unlocked in
FREE MODE. Keep in mind that if you play a secret song in EXPERT MODE that is
HYPER, then to play it in free mode you will have to select it from the HYPER
list because if you were to go into Normal Mode the song would not appear on
that list. Try to play all the expert courses up to stage 4 to unlock as much
as possible in FREE MODE! There are many songs that can only be unlocked in
this manner! As far as I know, there are no secret codes for those songs.
Refer to the chart below to find the secret Expert Mode songs.

Here is a list of the Expert Courses:

*=Secret Song

These courses are all available by default:

D|Song 1          D|Song 2         D|Song 3         D|Song 4           CHALLENGE

N|*CELT           N|*FRIENDLY      N|*MAGICAL GIRL  N|*SKY             *
N|*POPS remix     N|*MONDO POP     N|*SOFT ROCK     H|*NEO ACO         * * *
N|*EURO QUEEN     H|*PARA PARA     N|SUPER EURO     H|K-EURO           * * *
H|LIGHT FUSION    H|POP BEATS      H|SOUL           H|TRANCE           * * * *
H|EVER POP        H|JAZZ VOCAL     H|DIGI POP       H|SKA              * * * *
E|MOODY           E|K-EURO         E|MELO CORE      H|HIP ROCK         * * * * *
N|*SOFT ROCK      N|SHOGUN         H|MOODY          H|K-EURO           * * *
These courses must be unlocked (press select to switch to them):

D|Song 1          D|Song 2         D|Song 3         D|Song 4           CHALLENGE

N|*G-POP          N|FRENCH POP J   H|*J-GARAGE POP  E|COUNTRY          * * *
N|SAMBA           H|SCOTTISH       H|*OKINAWA       H|*KANGTONG        * * *
N|*LIVE           N|*JUNGLE        N|*BRITPOP       N|*SPECIAL ENDING  * * *
N|TROPICAL        N|SCAT           N|HOUSE          N|FOLKY            *
H|*ANIME HERO     N|*ANIME HERO R  N|*HORROR        H|BLUES            * * 
N|GIRLY           N|*FRENCH POP    N|SYMPATHY       H|GIRLS POP        * *

SECTION 3: Closing

1. Version Information

1.00 : First Version
1.01 : Fixed grammatical errors.
1.02 : Small fixes.
1.03 : Added secret song requirement translations, time-release numbers, the
       Girls Pop unlock code and the secret expert course requirements.
       Thanks aechris for filling in all the blanks! Hopefully this is the
       final version of the FAQ. I am very happy if you have enjoyed!
1.04 : Finally got the star rating for Percussive. Thanks Knochenschleifer!
1.05 : Fixed a typo. ...yes, just a single letter.
1.06 : Fixed several typos.

2. Contact Information

If you want to contact me for any reason, I can be e-mailed at:
gamefaqskythlyn AT gmail DOT com

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