1. Joey Elardy Art Director (5000FT, INC)
  2. John Daud Artists, Level Designers (5000FT, INC)
  3. Ted Hagler Artists, Level Designers (5000FT, INC)
  4. Britt Johnson Artists, Level Designers (5000FT, INC)
  5. Barry Feather Associate Producer (3DO)
  6. Darion Lowenstein Associate Producer (3DO)
  7. Julianne Stewart Lead Artist, Lead Level Designer (5000FT, INC)
  8. Steve Meiners Lead Programmer (5000FT, INC)
  9. Don Ferrone Music (3DO)
  10. Scott Gilliland Producer (3DO)
  11. Tim Page Producer (5000FT, INC)
  12. Ed Gwynn Senior Producer (3DO)
  13. Robert Lamb Technical Director (5000FT, INC)


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blueberry Buttface, Cosmic!, Doumah, Guard Master, KFHEWUI, LordAndrew, and shimarin.

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