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The "Tales" series has grown into a very popular RPG with the support of fans. This "Fandom" is a wonderful special disc that the Namco Tales development team will deliver to all the fans who support the "Tales" series. Fans will be pleased with the content such as "Khao Venture" where you can enjoy the dream compilation of Tales characters beyond the frame of the series, and the puzzle game "Kremel Lab" with Tales characters! A fan disc made by Tales development staff! Worth a look even if you're not a fan!

Mini Games Introduction:
An adventure game by Tales characters that has been developed with excitement and drama based on the system of "Kaodora" which was popular on the limited-time site "Tales Web".

The story is completely original, newly written for this disc, and will have a wide variety of side-stories, including character secret stories that were not told in the main games, with unexpected twists. Also, of course, the lines are full voiced, newly recorded by talented voice actors! A dream compilation of popular voice actors that transcends the boundaries of the series will be realized. of course! A new character only for "Fandom" will also appear!

"Crystal Detective!"
The new character "Primula" from "Fandom" is an amateur detective that tries to solve a particular case in cooperation with "Kiel".
By the way, the setting is Minz University, a little before PS "Eternia".
For some reason, "Kiel" is arrested on suspicion of fraudulent examination. Primula, the director of the detective department (unofficial) at Minz University, who believes in the innocence of Kiel, is about to begin an investigation.

"Memories of Jewels"
Memories of Jewels is a story set several years ago.
Brother and sister "Chester" and "Amy" visit Tortis village for the first time.
"Cress, these two are brothers and sisters who lost their parents." Said the villagers warmly. However, Chester does not seem to be obedient to Cress and the villagers, whereas Amy behaves like an honor student.
Unable to see eye to eye with her grimacing brother, Amy actively strives to get to know her fellow villagers. At that time, a certain incident occurs.

The story unfolds while nurturing the friendship between Chester and Cress as well as the feelings of Amy for Cress.

"Lilith: I'll do my best!"
Stan's younger sister "Lilith", who appeared in PS "Destiny", is doing her best to take care of her brother "Stan" who has a bad cold, and to take care of all the housework of Aileron after losing her parents at the young age of 17. She is a beautiful young lady who has begun to blossom, which has attracted the attention of a suspicious-looking man who seems to be stalking her!

Moreover, she seems to have a talent for sword skills, probably because she is a big sister. For that reason, the popularity of Lilith is quite high, and in addition to PS "Destiny", she has appeared as a strong enemy in PS "Phantasia", PS "Eternia", etc.!

In the episode "Lilith: I'll do my best!" Of the Khao Venture recorded in "Fandom" this time, the unknown secret of "Lilith" is revealed. This episode involves various characters revolving around the encounter between the Sordian "Dimros" and Lilith.

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