Chrono Trigger (PlayStation)

Is catching the rat (arris dome) required to progress?

  1. Have been stuck here about 2 hours. Cannot catch rat! Am getting frustrated. (At my age, I'm allowed😋)

    Please help, thanx
    RetroHolly - 4 months ago - report


  1. Been raising levels hoping speed will increase, but deny seem to help. Suggestions?

    RetroHolly - 4 months ago - report
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  2. Unfortunately, yes. Your characters need to know the password, so you actually have to grab the rat.
    I haven't done it in awhile. But here's a few tips:
    1) You can approach this from two entrances. If you are struggling too much with one route, just enter the area from the other side. Maybe it'll work better from that direction.
    2) Run through a few times and memorize which way the rat turns.
    3) Hold down the run button the whole time, and tap A repeatedly when you get close. Or set the movement so that you run by default so you don't have to hold that button down.
    WildWesley - 1 month ago - report
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