How do you open the mysteriously sealed door in the arris dome?

  1. I'm in the arris dome after charging the pendant and having the gate sealed. The path to the mysterious sealed door ends one step before the door. I've tried every possible way and even more stupid ways to get in front of the door. Every path ends at a pipe(or something like that) and the door is on the other side. I even went back and charged the pendant again and still can't get to the door so pushing the button doesn't work. Please help! I'm disable and playing old ps games helps distract me from the pain. Strangely it works pretty well. Thanks

    User Info: rufustbones

    rufustbones - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. If you're asking how to get to the door all you have to do is press L1+R1+X on the computer right next to the door to make the missing tile appear like what you had to do earlier in the game.

    User Info: chronotrigger95

    chronotrigger95 - 9 years ago 5   3

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