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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 06/08/03

A Very Cute yet Fun Tank Blasting Game

Pop'n Tanks allows you to take control one of many SD tanks into 1 on 1 battle against an opponent. One can play in story mode to face all enenmies in progrssive order or have a quick battle or use your saved tanks in custom battle against a friend.

Gameplay: 9
Take hold of your tank and battle foes, which in turn allows you to visit "Tank world's" factroy to buy new parts for your tank. The game is very fun, with easy to use interface and fun gameplay. The two player battle with your own customized tanks allows alot of fun and boosts your ego (if you win). With Story mode, you play as 1 of eight chracters in a quest to beat all the others. Quick battle allows a quick instant game of fun, using and against anyone of your choice. Even the tank World has features suck as "tank news" or Battle Entry to allow your tank to be the best.

Sound/Gameplay: 9
The graphics are ere clear and colorful. Animation in the game is very well done, Each tank has a multitude of colors in its scheme, and the cutesy graphics server to add more to the theme of fun in the game. The mutlitude of terrain is also done well, such as the bright blue water or multi-toned sand. a sight to behold. The sound is also well done, with great sound effects and appropiation. Each blast of the tank is clear and loud, from the splashing in the water to rumbling when over sand, each effect is well done and sharp.

Control: 9
The control is very well setup, such as X being the super duper blaster cannon or square as the normal cannon. The controls are very responisve and easy to use, having great layout andinterface that allows concentration into the game, not figuring out the controls.

Replay Value: 9
Replay value is incredible in this game, you can play over and over again to gain new parts for your super tank you want to build, or just have a quick fight in the quick battle mode. The face off against another human opponent with your very own tank is just super fun. Useful for deciding who has the better tanks etc. for a quick boost to the ego as well. A great game indeed.

Rent or Buy:
This game deserves to be bought. Renting does not allow the player to get the most out of the game, such as tank customization and try out all the modes. The renting in a weekend does not serve this game justice. Buy this game to have a great "blast".

Rating: 9

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