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Reviewed: 06/06/05

The best FF game ever? I really don't think so.

Final Fantasy three. Actually Final Fantasy 6. Said to be the best FF game of all time. Maybe the best game ever to some people. With all of this good info about it and all of the good reviews, I knew that I had to try it. I had already played through FF7, 5, and 8. I was ready to try something new in the Final Fantasy franchise. Well, I got something new alright. Something that I wasn't really looking for. This game went into a new direction and the direction was downward. Now, don't get me wrong, this was an okay game, but compared to the greatness of FF7 and FF5, it was sad. The graphics were definitely not up to standard, and the story was just too confusing. They did do some things right though, like the music and characters. Overall, this was and average game and I'm about to tell you why.

The music is great. Enough said. No other Final Fantasy game (besides FF7) has a soundtrack this good. There are many good songs including the battle theme, which I found very enjoyable. The world map music was good and is the only thing that saved the world map, (since the graphics for the map was undescribably horrible). Boss battle music is a treat also. Overall, the music is perfect and you will be humming to the tunes way after you're done playing.

Wow. I really expected more from Square. The graphics in this game are pretty bad compared to Final Fantasy 5. The Character models are okay, but that is not enough to save it. The world map... oh my goodness. Looks like something from Final Fantasy 1. Seriously. I thought that I was playing a different game the first time I went on the world map. They're really that bad. Now the towns, totally boring and non-creative. Most of the towns are rip-offs of other towns from recent FF games. The one good thing is the amazing amount of color that is in this game. It is very good in the color department and that's why I didn't give it a lower score.

Most of the people who have played a Final Fantasy game know the routine. You get hurt. You attack. Attack until win. Then heal. It's pretty simple and Square did an okay job on that, but when they come up with a weird battle system it's either really bad, or really good. This one is pretty much in the middle. The have now, a really weird and really confusing battle system called the "Esper" system. You equip espers... you know what? I really didn't understand the whole system so it would be kinda hard to explain it to you huh?

Now for the story. The magazines have said that this has an epic tale with so many plot twists that it will keep you wanting to play until the very end. Ya right. This story is a pretty pitiful excuse for a Final Fantasy game. Please don't hate me, it's an okay story by it's self, but it doesn't deserve the "Final Fantasy" name. You control many characters throughout the story which is a very good thing, because variety is the key here. The characters aren't bad either. You mainly play as Terra, a girl who was born with the power of magic. She has just escaped from these bad guys who controlled her with a slave crown thing. She now has amnesia. O-kay. That's different. Anyway, Locke (a thief) decides to help her since the bad dudes are chasing her now because they want her magic to control the world. Yip-ee. In other words, it gets way more boring from here. Overall, the story is pretty bad, but okay if you only play through the first part and then stop.

Not much here. Once you play through this game you will want to play a game that actually makes sense. Now if you want to play some side quests... oh wait I forgot. THERE IS NO SIDE QUESTS. Thats great. Anyways, there is only replayability if you enjoy this battle system. Which most people wont.

*No side quests
*Bad battle system
*Great music
*Okay characters
*Nothing else.

When you get done with this game you will feel incomplete and unsatisfied. You will wonder to yourself "Why didn't I play Final Fantasy 5 or 7?" At the end of the game you will want to just get it over with instead of having fun with it. No one will have a good time with this incredibly bad battle system. Totally rent this game and if you buy it without trying it first... well you deserve to be smacked!!!

With FF5 on the Playstation. You can get it for about $20.

Rating: 6

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