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Reviewed: 11/04/03

Final Fantasy VI does the series justice. It does.

Every once in a while, a game comes along that really revolutionizes the gaming industry. This was that game, a couple of years ago. Arriving under the SNES platform, this did wonders to the regular console, before Playstation of course. I wasn’t as lucky to play this game under it’s first release on the SNES, but I was just as lucky to have access to it under the PS release, under the Final Fantasy Anthology. As a FF fan, this goes down easily as one of my favorites.

Story- 10/10

Without giving too much information about the game and plot, the story was an A plus in my book. Being a huge fan of espers and summons, and character development, this was the game for me. Although this game doesn’t exactly feature one main character, it adds to the storyline. As the game progresses, you experience and gain a wide variety of characters, that teach you new things. Each person has their own drive to why they are fighting the good fight. But let me get into the story. You start with a young girl named Terra who doesn’t really know as much about herself as say you and I, who later meets up with a cunning and smooth thief named Locke. The emperor Gestahl and his aid Kefka, are working on the underside of things. Though seeming like a cliché at first, Kefka has a plan to rule the world, and the team of heroes must try their best to fight him off, and take him out of control. Much more is added to the story than that, and Kefka has his own unique motive. Good storyline, A+.

Gameplay- 9/10

The gameplay has come along way since other SNES RPGs, as each character you get has their own technique or skill to use in battle, to give you an advantage against monsters. Cyan has his sword techs, Strago has his lores, and Sabin has his Blitzes. Without dwelling into each technique, they are uniqe to say the least. To my knowledge, this was one of the first games that you could choose just which characters to have in your party, instead of having a constant party that you couldn’t alter. Another game that comes to mind is Chrono Trigger, which I believe was before this. Experience is given partly different, as when you equip a certain esper, or summon, you can gain different skill points as you gain a level. While one esper might give you a leg up in your defense, another might boost your speed. I was not aware of this, but a two player mode is featured in this game, in which a second player can control characters. Later in the game, there is a coliseum that allows you to bet items, and win better and stronger items or weapons, in battle. The new airship controls are unique, and while at first hard to get used to, once you do, you’ll be flying all day. I gave Gameplay a 9, because though it was really awesome, I’ve had better. But that doesn’t take away from it.

Graphics/Sound- 10/10

For the Playstation version that I played, this game owned in sound and graphics. Even though 3D is fun in it’s own right, I am still a big fan of 16 and 32 bit 2D graphics. I loved the graphics of the Espers and magic spells, and I loved the attacks. The sound effects were good, and In my opinion, this game featured one of the best sound themes I have ever heard on the 16 or 32 bit games. The songs give you a dramatic or energetic feel, and they are catchy enough o stay in your head for days. I am a big fan of music in RPGs, because if I am not satisfied with the music of a game, I just mute it and play some music of my own. A clean audio sound is demonstrated, and a nice visual for the graphics is shown. This is a big deal to me, and that is why I gave it a 10.

Play Time/Replayability- 9/10

Roughly, this game took me about 40-50 hours to beat, but I wanted everything. In this game, I made it my goal to level everyone to level 99, and be ready for the always intimidating final battle. This game was so good, that I think on a given day, I would play it again. In fact, I plan on playing it again. See, because one time you beat the game, you can use a certain amount of characters that you really like, but maybe next time, you could focus on others that you don’t know as much about, and basically master everyone’s techniques and the such. There are many things in this game that are optional, that I didn’t do, that I would gladly go back and do, playing a new game. 9 points out of 10, easily.

Overall- 10/10

Overall, this was a very good game. The storyline was really good, and I loved the graphics and sound. It is definitely a must have, and don’t hesitate on buying it. This is a very popular game, for good reason, and I like it for my own reasons. (Just for those of you who think I am a fanboy, because I’m not). So, take my word for it. Because Ironman does not lie.

Rating: 10

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