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Reviewed: 07/23/02 | Updated: 07/23/02

It took 8 years for it to see the light of day in Europe... I wouldn't say it was worth it...

So. 8 years ago, a SNES game, named Final Fantasy 6 was released in the States. It was named FF3 though, but no-one cared about its name. For it was a great game for its time, and it can still hold its own against many of the newer games.

So, when this game was released on the PSX in England, it looked like PAL gamers everywhere would get to experience to 'glory' that is FF6. And most enjoyed it. And some hated it with a passion. And some were disappointed.

And I'm one of the disappointed.

But why? This review will explain why I was disappointed with something that has been hailed as 'one of the greatest game ever'...

A dark stormy night unfolds...

The storyline is simple enough. An evil empire has revived the ancient art of 'magic', and plans to use it to take over the world.

A young magical girl, named Terra is under this Empire's control, and is rescued by a daring thief named Locke. He, and the king of a technologically advanced area, named Figaro, convince Terra to fight against the Empire which had controlled her before.

A small rebel faction, named 'The Returners', wish to stop the Empire's plan dead in its tracks. Lead by a man named Banon, it looks like his plan to stop the Empire now has a chance with Terra's magical power.

But the real danger doesn't lie within the Empire's plan. It lies with an insane man, named Kefka. Sadistic, and not willing to listen to words of reason, Kefka eventually... well, you'd best find out yourself. Basically a wonderfully executed, slightly cliché story (but less cliché then it is now)

I've probably gone on too long about the story anyway.

The gameplay is very enjoyable. This is the third game to use the 'Active Time Battle' system, meaning you have to make choices quickly, or the enemies will use attacks on you.

At the start, only two characters can use magic, until a scene later in the game, where you will gain your first 'Esper'. This Esper has magical powers inside of it, and by equipping it, you can eventually learn their magic powers. And by getting as many of these Espers as possible, you can learn a wide array of magical powers.

But this system is highly abuseable too. Every character can become a magic-pumping death machine (although you'd really have to go out of your way to do this) and you can get through the game using only two magics (bad programming allows almost any enemy or boss to go down)

Apart from that, the gameplay doesn't get boring so easily.

But the music is where the port shows its inferiority. The SNES versions had some of the most emotional music in a FF game. (and I can't speak ill of the sound effects either) But now, the music seems to be nothing more than a few 'beeps' and 'bops', and the same applies to the sound effects in this game.

And the load times are AWFUL. You can wait up to 5 second for the menu to load, and if you forget to do something in the menu, loading it again will be a pain.

And of course, the PAL version got the ever-so-lovely PAL borders. (which makes everything seem flatter)

The bonuses in this game aren't exactly worth screaming over. 3 FMV's and some pictures are Square's attempt to say ''We may not have done well on the game, but we have the PRETTY GRAPHICS!!!''

*sigh* This could've been a great game if Square had just put some more effort into it. I know I liked the story, but the SNES version has these too. And 3 FMV's and some pictures doesn't make up for a painful playing experience.
Go for the SNES version instead.

But the game IS only £10, so if you want, go out and buy it. I'm not stopping ya.

Overall Score: 7/10

Rating: 7

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