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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Amazing storyline, in-depth characters, not as good as the SNES version, but this will amaze even the most biased fan...

This Is the 2nd best game ever to be released!(second only to Final Fantasy 5 of course). It has a wonderful storyline with diverse characters and a whole new system of game play. There is a bunch of things to do in this game and even more fun things to do than just defeating bad guys. It wouldn’t be proper to miss this game.

Graphics: 10/10
The wide variety of characters, the huge cast of characters and the even larger cast of enemies are all detailed and extremely well done. The characters have a lot of different animations to fit their facial expressions and to fit the mood of the situation. There is also many different types of swords and magic spells that have a different animation as well. You can even change you party member to look like the perfect Imp. The colors and the designs are detail to the last drop which makes the game look great. There is a ton of different enemies each with their own special effects for their attacks and the attacks are unique from your own in some cases. There is even some of the best backgrounds I have ever seen for the sixteen bit world and now to be released for the thirty two bit world only makes it better. The battles look really well made also with a unique characteristics for everyone. The entire game has made a lot of different attacks for the slots, special attacks, and even the rare attacks when your are almost done. Each of them are unique to their won design and look real great. The battle background are extremely well made and have a lot of detail to them. It looks very natural and realistic too. The cast of characters included the half human half esper Terra, the treasure hunting thief Locke, the rebel king Edgar, the muscle bound martial arts Sabin, the mercenary who own allegiance to no one Shadow, the noble knight who defends Doma with only the help of his blade Cyan, a master lore mage to the enemies Strago, the lost child of the Veldt Gau, the gifted artist who captures more than the essence of the picture Relm, the artificial Rune Knight from the Empire Celes, the free spirit dancing moogle Mog, the high flying carefree spirit Setzer, the mimic that beats equals them all Gogo, and the gigantic abominable snowman Umaro. Each of them has lots of different moves to attack with and is useful for all sorts of situations. The towns are marvelously done with a lot of good detail and very well shading. The special effects are tremendously well made and look amazing. This game speaks well for itself and is one of the best yet for the PSX even with the 3D dimensional graphics of those other games. It doesn’t get better than this so far. The full motion videos are phenomenally done. It has the best maker of FMV behind it and looks tremendously well made. The quality of the game’s graphics might never be able to be matched again. And even if you didn’t like the blue status screen and it irritated the crap out of you that didn’t really matter there is more for you to choose from and change. The game even had different graphics for when you rode a chocobo which gave you a new perspective to look things at.

Music/Sound: 10/10
The music and sound are very inspirational and sound very good. It is the best for the Final Fantasy series and has a lot of different tracks on the game. Each and ever one of them are fully composed and sound excellently made. It there is a unique theme to each mood that the game wants to show and it is excellently done. The music also fit the atmosphere of the game perfectly. From main character themes to the evil of the Empire each fits perfectly into the magically. There is no second guessing as to the mood that should be portrayed. There is a lot of emotional themes to the game and each one o them is fulfilled. The sound effects for the game are perfect as well with a tone of different sound that are brilliant. From the wide variety of magic spells that you can use to the individual attack of a main character they should the attack almost perfectly. The different sound effects are also put into the overworld to provide a more realistic experience. Everything from the clanging of MagiTek armor to the slightest Chocobo squeak can be hear with out a doubt. The sound and music for the full motion videos are amazingly well made and are absolutely perfect and looks even like it can’t be done any other way. This game has an all new list of tracks that are unique to the game except for the Final Fantasy theme. The music gets you into the rhythm of the game and isn’t distracting at all. The themes fit into the game like they were suppose to be there and that is what Square is known for. The quality of the sound and of the music can’t be matched or compared to this game

Replay Value: 10/10
This game has hidden character from all around the world and they are for you to find. There is several different side areas and the one that you complete effect the ending. This leads to the conclusion that there is more than one ending. The game has lots of different weapons, relics, esper, armors, helmet, shield, and many other items for you to find. There is even a Coliseum for you to place you all sorts of items down so you can pick up a newer and better one. There is tons of different moves such as Gau’s Rages and Strago’s Lores for you to learn and a lot of different items to pick up. You can find secrets to the game that use a lot of thinking and is very creative in this game. You can even play the game over and it is still fun. The replay value is one of the best yet even for a short RPG.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game has all new ideas and creative views that was used again in Final Fantasy 7 because it was so popular. The wide cast of character is the largest ever for any Final Fantasy game to date. It develops each and ever character thoroughly unlike some other games that done tell you a thing about the characters in the game except that he or she is the hero. The game system in this RPG is the most unique of its kind. You could build your magic but equipping certain espers. The longer it took the better the spell. Each spell served there own purpose and was all unique to the effects on the enemies. You also gained levels in a unique sense because the equipped esper also gave you certain pluses like more overall HP at you next level gain. This game you more control of how you wanted the characters to be whether is was a dominating Magic and Attack user or a pathetic party member with the lower stats possible. This game also featured relics which protected you against elements and other special features. You can mix and match to have the ultimate fighter. Also there is a Coliseum type place for you to fight for different items. The game featured a lot of side character involved in the game but not a main contributor of the savior of the world. This game’s creatively is in a class of its own. An octopus that followed you around the world just to make you miserable, or a swordsman that had two sides to him. There is a lot of storyline that progresses in this game as well. The game has a lot of characters that you control and each of there abilities is for you to choose so you can lead them off into battle. By far one of the best games ever made is right here. You might almost never get tired of a game with high expectations that actually came through. This is also the only RPG to give you a two player mode. The second player can control certain characters in the game making them use certain magics of certain attacks which was very unique. The entire game was customizable to fit your whims. The control for this game is marvelous. The fluid movements and the easy access commands are well made and the best ever. The game play is more than enough to convince you to get this game or even buy it for yourself. Truly the 2nd best game ever made, but the load times are a killer like I said in my other review and that hurt the game somewhat.

Storyline: 10/10
This game deserves a definite plus in terms of storyline. You start out with a mysterious young woman named Terra who has little control of her own mind, and a ruthless emperor named Gesthal with his wicked second in command Kefka. LAter along the game you meet up with a huge cast of characters each with their own special abilities and strengths and weaknesses. The game focuses on one character at a time on several occasions and it reveals more about their background as you progess through, like why Locke has swore to protect Celes or Terra's mysterious origin. Like all RPGs you have the main villian, that being Kefka, with his own personal vendetta to take over the world the party's quest is to stop him. But its much more complicated than that as you add more characters to your party and more bosses are slayed, each path opens two new doors. In fact there are times when you can choose between three different scenarios, meaing while you do one thing the other two scenarios are happening at the same time, but you can still play the other two scenarios. Overall Square has most certainly outdone themselves in this department.

Overall: 10/10
This game seem to be really good and had a lot of high expectations for it. The expectations set were far below what this game showed. There was millions of people lined up to get this first release and even when the people purchased the Super Nintendo or Super Famicom version it still sold out of copies. The graphics were the best to have ever been made and no to date has matched its quality and essence. The music was the best ever composed by the great Nobuo Uematsu. It fit the game perfectly. The sound effects were another great quality to add to the long list for this game. Every sound was heard crystal clear. The game play was simply the best ever. No game can match what this game has done and is the best to ever appear. It probably is sold out were ever you go but this game shouldn’t go unplayed. Even if you have to get the sixteen bit version go for it. It guarantees not to disappoint.

Rating: 10

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