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Reviewed: 03/05/02 | Updated: 03/10/02

A thief in a world of magic and evil...

Gameplay : 9 - The Gameplay is the second best I've ever seen! There seems to never be a dull moment in this game! It tops all in the Final Fantasy series. The control is easy to understand, except most new people may have a trouble with 'Blitz'ing (a special move one character has in which you must press different directions on the controller fast or fail the command). The Battles aren't in the Upper Mid to Lower Hard, some require strategy and careful planning, while others seem to be rush in, press the attack button fast, and easy victory. The only thing keeping this from a 10 is the constant battles, every 4 steps I seem to encounter enemies. Each character is unique with a set of their own abilities, yet most character seem to have been forgotten until the near end of the game once you are through with their introduction.

Story : 10 - When you start a new game you are introduced to Terra, a woman being controlled by the Empire searching for ''Espers'', creatures that teach you magic. She later finds Locke, a thief looking for treasure in a cave, and thus starts the brilliant story that is FF6. No other game I've played has a better one.

Audio/Video : 7 - The graphics were good, for its time. They don't seem up to par with todays game graphics, but then again graphics don't make a game. The FMVs though are beautiful, the sound is a bit odd at times though (like Kefka's laugh). Each character has their own set of images, examples are laughing, wounded, and surprised. The thing bringing this down to only a 7 is the sound.

Replayability : 9 - There are several things that would make you want to replay this game, picking one option over the other can make or break you later in the game. You might lose an item, lose an esper, or even lose a companion...

To buy or to rent? - To buy, you'll not be able to finish this your first time within a day or two. And if you rent whenever you want to pick this back up again you wont have it.

In summary, if you want games with realistic characters with beautiful almost lifelike backgrounds and music that seems to flow, you'd hate this game. Yet if you like the key elements to a game: Story, Gameplay, and Replayability get this if you don't already have it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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