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Reviewed: 03/05/02 | Updated: 03/05/02

The RPG that truly started the legendary series is released in the UK...but how well does it fend after all of these years?

This is my first review, or maybe I should say 1st re-done, I had finished this when all of a sudden my computer crashes, but I'm back to give you a better review than on.

By todays standards the graphics are well and truly dated, but in it's time back in 1994 this game wowed thousands over the world with its use of Mode 7 (Snes way of generating 3D images without actually doing it) the graphics were amazing but are somewhat dated today. However don't let the graphics put you off because they seriously aren't bad at all. Personally I prefer them to blocky 7's.
The character Sprites are very cute and show their emotions regulaly throughout the game, from the famous shock, to the cute lil blush it's all here and very well executed.

One of the games strong points, if you've played Final Fantasies 8 to 9 you'll notice that this is where it all started. Characters have Classes, that differ from character to character, e.g. Locke-Theif Terra-Magic etc. It's all here and I have to say the magic system has been executed very well on this game.
You see in order to learn magic you have to equip Espers. Espers are the the Summons of the Final Fantasiey 6 universe that have important roles in that game, that will be explained later on. In order ton learn the magic you have to equip the corrosponding e.g. Ifrit can teach fire as Shive could teach you Ice based attacks. It's been thought out very well and adds alot of depth towards the game. That and the fact that their are around 20 or so Espers that will teach you different'll be here for a while ;)
The latest feature of this game however is the fantastic Relic system. Relics give characters certain advantages in battle and can dramaticly change the outcome. e.g. True Knight works like 'cover' in Final Fantasy 7 defending one who has fallen (you can even get up to to characters defending one at a time) how about the sprint shoes? These shoes let your speed increase double your average running speed. There are alot of relics that have different advantages, some are really useful, but come with a price. Another well endowed system for you to play about with.

Music/Sound effects:9
Atmospheric, compelling, stroke of genius, the games sound combines all of these elements and produces some of the most addictive tunes to date, just listen to the world map music for the first time and you'll be hooked. I have a friend who whistles and hums it quite often...every peice of music in this game has been constructed with love and fits the mood and atmosphere for each location, listen to the main theme and the opera scene, or even the the dramatic battle music! You'll understand what I mean.

Story/Narrative Structure: 10
This is where the game truly shines, with all of the above paragraphs you see all of this rolled into one, and rightly so. I'll explain a few of these without spoiling the plot for you.
You play Terrea a girl under forceful influence by the Empire. with her powerful magic she was deemed essential to their plans of capturing Espers for their own evil deeds. However the slave crown which has her undercontrol is later removed thus begins a new adventure, why did the empire choose her, what's this special connection with the espers, and who is she? all of these are revealed later on throughout the game. As you'd expect from a Square game they will all be revealed with orginality and care, so you'll be okay with the games Story. Several other characters are introduced and presentd well throughout the games progression, Locke the Thief,even though he has the steal ability he prefers to be called treasure hunter. He has a sad past, and feels the need to protect the characters in the game. He could be touted as the lead male potronagist, since he does alot of heroic acts, but the other characters just as good. Edgar King of Figaro, his castle has a feature that is a stroke of genius...he's the Zidane of the party, enjoys the company of women, but in far less Juvenile way.

Bonuses: The Playstation version features addition tht were not avaialble to the Snes one.

Thearte: You can veiw the FMV sequences in the game, and even unlock a hidden one.

Gallery: Veiw some Concept art of the game, you start with a few but the rest is unlocked once you complete the game. It has some nice anime type drawings, definatly worth checking out.

Secerets: The game comes with it's own array of secerets, you start with one, and thet lets you veiw the first half of the games Monsters stats, steals, and weaknesses. The rest is unlocked once you complete the game.

Final Fantasy X demo: One of the main reasons you probably purcahed this game right? For the FFX PAL demo that was released with it. The demo consists of two areas, Zanarkland and Besaid island, however don't go expecting a fufilling experience. The demo is very short and only lates you have a drop of what is said to be a fantastic have been warned.

Final Word
I petetion for every RPG fan to buy this game, I feel it's important that you shoud see where the series took off. It's still amazing by todays standards, and some unforghettable scenes that you won't see anywhere else, and for £9.99 it's a mass robbery!. Buy this game, and live the legend of Final Fantasy.

Final Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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