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Reviewed: 03/03/02 | Updated: 05/21/02

Out in the UK at last was it worth the wait?

At long last Final Fantasy VI (Six) gets a UK/European release. The game came out for the Super Nintendo in 1994. Its the best Square RPG (Role Playing Game) since Final Fantasy VII(seven). Now on with the Review;

At the time these where ace now there poor and blocky. But the screen still blurs when you go into battle which I like. The characters are small and some how mange to pull some 'cute' faces. When you get on a chocobo the screen goes on a slant which is about as much 3D as your going to get here. The graphics are 16 bit as were all the SNES Games.

The sound is good but not great. Sometimes the sound effects are just bleeps and bumps which ruin the sound for me. On to the music, The music is very good Nobuo Uematsu has out done himself. Theres music here Which is in later (And previous Final Fantasy games) like the short but sweet 'Prelude' and 'victory fanfare'.

The story follows Lockie, Terra and friends around the world of gaia beating up Bad Guys and solving puzzles. The story is told by in game characters or a moggle (small white 'pet') All in all the story is long exciting and keeps you guessing to the very end. You will always want to find out what happens next.

The gameplay is slow but it has to be for this sort of game. Theres enough here to keep you playing for 50 hours plus. You will want to get a 'Perfect file'. And all characters up to level 99. The game is played in a 2D top down view and sometimes you get lost behind buildings and such. Theres plenty of places to go and things to do. The game is progressed by talking to key characters and battling bosses.
When you meet a key character most of the time you get to name them which is a nice touch.

Final Fantasy X Demo:
This is a really good demo and shows what the Playstation 2 can do. The battles are fast, And the graphics are the best i have seen in a game. Sadly though the demo is not PAL fine tuned and has some slow down, nothing major though. The music is good as are the sound effects. The demo lets you explore to game places, a big city (think midgar) and a country pathway. It also lets you summon summons. Overall the demo is a big let down, and does not allow you to use/look at the sphere graph system which sounds very interesting.

Overall Final Fantasy Six is one of the most enjoyable games ever released theres enough here to keep you playing for a long time

Rating: 9

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