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Reviewed: 03/02/02 | Updated: 03/02/02

One of the best RPG'S Made.......Finally gets a PAL Release, Also a little review of FFX Demo


One of the best RPG'S Made.......Finally gets a PAL Release. Everything about this game is fantastic. The first time i played this game, i thought woaah what a game, and i have waiting until the PAL release and its finally here. Ok lets put the review into sections now:-

Graphics 9.5/10

The first thing that caught my eye was the old school graphics, and still are on the buildings and objects etc. They are clear and sharp to see and are not jagged on the buildings. The only thing that is disappointing is the world map graphics when you are on a chocobo, but i guess it was only on the Snes. The graphics are fast and fluid and never have slowdown. The battle backgrounds are amazing for its time, they are nice to look at. The spells and monsters are also good to look at and are eye catching. The graphics are very good for the time('94) but are very dated now

Sound/Music 9.1/10

The music is fantastic, i like the battle music reminds me of FF9 very much. And when it comes to town/world map music they are also great to listen to. The only let down is the sound effects because they sound jaded, and not too good, but again its the Snes. Repetive like all of Nobuo Uematsu work, but theres enough here to keep you away from the mute button.

Game Play 10/10

The good part of the game is here, the battles are fun, fast and fluid. I like the idea of Espers and Relics. The boss battles are sometimes a huge challenge, and leveling up your characters is great fun and has high replay value. I like to find secret and rare items and this game has it.
The gameplay is Very good theres lots to do and your never bored. There are loads of characters to chose from and they are all a good range of characters.

Story 10/10

This is the best part of the game. The story is fantastic and is very easy to follow. You can never get bored of just pressing X all the time because you will be wanting to watch the story. The story from the Empire to the end is fantastic. Theres a lot of quest to be taking part in, two world to explore. BRILLIANT.

Price: £10!!
Bonuses: Playable demo of FFX
Buy/Rent: Must buy for FF6 and FFX demo (ffx demo is a bit disappointing) Read a review of the FFX demo

FFX Demo

The demo is far too short, and not properly PAL Optimized. Still good, you get to explore two levels. You get to control a number of characters including Auron and Yuna. The graphics are amazing, and the battles are fast and suffers no slowdown.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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