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Reviewed: 06/28/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

God bless slowdown and loading times..

Note: As much as it pains me, I am forced to give my favorite game of all time a score of just 9/10, mainly because the Playstation version suffers from loading times and slowdown.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me praising me for giving the game the title of ''best game ever'' While there are still some of you out there who dont like this game that much (Sunshine), I still think it is the greatest game of all time. While Final Fantasy 7 dealt with a stupid storyline and a somewhat confusing and complicated materia system, Final Fantasy 3 had the best storyline ever and some of the coolest things to come from a RPG. Overall, the game is better than even Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, and far better than that Zelda 64. Final Fantasy 7 was good, but once I beat it, I had little interest in playing it again. I did not care for the characters (especially Cloud), while I worried about what happened to the charcaters in FF6/FF3. This is why Final Fantasy 3 is the greatest game ever. While it does have its flaws (What game doesn't?), it is still my favorite game.

Why do I like Final Fantasy 6 better than FF7?

First off, the storyline in Final Fantasy 7 was TERRIBLE. I had no clue as to what was going on half the time, nor did I care about what happened to the charcaters in the game. While FF7 featured the worst characters ever to grace the series (I hated Cloud and Barret), FF6 had some awesome charcaters each with their unique abilities and personal problems. For instance, Terra was dealing with being half esper and half human, and throughout the game she had to deal with this problem that has haunted her throughout her life. In contrast, I could care less about Cloud and his stupid problems with Seiproth. While it was cool to see Cloud give Sepiroth the Black Materia, the storyline quickly got old by the second disc (just like the storyline gets old in WCW :) Also, in Final Fantasy 7 ANYBODY can steal (as long as they equip the Steal Materia), which sucks because the fun of FF6 was having the right party available at all times (for instance do you want Locke's stealing abiltiy or Cele's runic ability?) Also, the music in Final Fantasy 6 is FANTASTIC!!!! Talk about Wonderful music (which my main man Sunshine cares a lot about), FF6 has great music!!! The airship theme is catchy and great overall, and each music in each part of the game is unique and great. It definetly has the best music ever. FF7 also had great music but the music in some places was very annoying and didn't sound good at all. Also, Final Fantasy 7 seemed to care more about graphics and FMV scenes while FF6 dealt with the two most important aspects of any RPG: storyline and gameplay. While I love Final Fantasy 7 (even with all of its flaws), it still cannot match the power that is FF6. I personally think that FF7 was overrated and is not the greatest RPG ever. FF7 is still one of my 10 fave games of all time, but FF6 is at the top of that list. That is why FF6 is better than FF7.

What are the flaws in this game?

Of course, like every other game, FF6 does have its flaws, albeit minor. For one, your charcaters walk hideously slow until you get the sprint shoes equipped. That is a problem in the early going, since you can't purchase the sprint shoes until you get to South Figaro (about an hour into the game). This does not affect your walking speed on the world map, but does effect your walking speed when walking in a town, cave, dungeon, anything not related to the world map directly. Another flaw is that some of the charcaters are not that great. While FF6 does have the best charcaters overall in a video game; Umaro, Strago and Relm are not that great of charcaters in my opinion. Despite these flaws, FF6 is still the greatest game ever.

Is the game too big?

One of the biggest complaints in Sunshine's review is that the game is too big. No, it is not. The game could probably fit into one CD (actually it can because SquareSoft alreasy released it for PSX). There are two worlds that you must defeat, the World of Balance and the World of Ruin. And for all those complaining about the Fanatics Tower and Phoenix Cave, just remember that YOU DON'T HAVE TO TRAVEL THROUGH THEM!!! It is OPTIONAL!!! After getting your airship back, you can go straight to Kefka's tower. While it is great to get the Phoenix Espers and all of the extra secrets, you don't have to. So don't complain about FF6 being too big, becuase FF7, Zelda 64, FF8, and Xenogears are all bigger than FF6.

Why is Kefka so easy?

I have no clue. After all, Kefka is a bad guy, and for being the final boss he sure is easy. I have never had a problem
beating him. Now, about the three bosses leading up to him....

Should I buy the Super NES version?

This is a very difficult question. Unless you don't have a Playstation, you should probably get the Super NES version. The major difference is price. FF6 for the Anthology cost only 40 bucks (and it comes with the second greatest RPG ever, FF5!!!!!) The only problem with the PSX version is the long loading times. Just realize that you can get FF5 and FF6 for PSX less than you can get FF3 for the Super NES.

Story (10000000000000000/10)

The storyline in this game is unreal. You start off the game as terra, a former member of the empire who was under control by kefka (the main enemy)by wearing a slave crown. Then she fights an esper and is transformed into some weird thing, and the adventure begins! Over the course of the game, you will
find out about each individual character's history, including Cyan's dealing with his family's death, and Sabin and Edgar's little feud about why Sabin chose to do what he did (you'll have to find out for yourself) Unlike Final Fantasy 7's storyline, which although I beat twice I have yet to understand, Final Fantasy 3 storyline is easy to understand. Truly the pinnacle of RPG storylines.

Music/Sound (Infinite)

Please someone please get me the soundtrack to this game!!!! The music in this game is fantastic, with excellent sound effects rounding up the score. Each charcater each has their own unique theme song, and each is great. The music in each event is well done as well and captures the pace and the emotion that the event is trying to convey, which is unlike the previous games in the series. Also, unlike the previous games in the series, the same music doesn't repeat itself (unless they are showing an event with a certain charcater and they play his theme music). Truly the best soundtrack ever in a video game.

Graphics (9.9/10)

The graphics in this game are in my opinion better than Final Fantasy 7's, considering the platforms they are on. Everything in this game is screaming with graphical detail. My minor complaint is the characters are too small. Overall, I like Chrono Trigger graphics better, but who cares? No complaints here.

Gameplay (10/10)

The gameplay is also outstanding. learning magic in this game is a breeze. To learn magic, you must equip an esper. Each esper's magic has a different ''learning-rate''. The learning rate basically means that when you gain magic points after a battle, you multiply the magic points gained times the learning rate of the magic. Also, as an added bonus, each esper has a ''Level-up bonus'' Basically, all it means is that when you level up, whatever esper you have equipped's ''level-up bonus'' is enforced. So if you gain a level with the Bahamut (HP plus 50%) esper equipped, you will gain 50% more HP than you normally would had you not equipped it. Truly an outstanding concept. The only flaw is your charcater's walking speed without the sprint shoes equipped (be prepared to spend a lot of time walking putt putt until you have the sprint shoes quipped). Otherwise, oustanding gameplay.

Added bonuses to the game include some new modes, plus slowdown and loading times during battles.

Control (10/10)

Control in this game is perfect. Excellent control all around, and the control also makes good use of the L and R buttons too!

Fun Factor (infinite)

This game was truly made by someone of a higher power. It's that good. Sure its expensive (50-60 dollars) but hell, its worth it. Trust me, if you've never played Final Fantasy 3, you've never played the best game ever created. Final Fantasy 7 and 8 doesn't even come close. The only games that come close are Chrono Trigger, Final fantasy 5, and Star Ocean 2. Buy this game now! Buy a super nes also, its worth it to play a game like this.

And that's the bottom line, because SMcFadden said so!!!

Rating: 9

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